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RE: =AK= All Classes Discussion Thread IX

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3/19/2017 18:22:51   

Whats the max for Akira? Does it just scale indefinitely?
DF  Post #: 326
4/24/2017 19:21:54   

soo... did anyone have the mana rates fixed on the entropy armour? from verly fix? because i don't see a difference

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Post #: 327
5/17/2017 17:32:29   

Coming back from a long hiatus (7~ years)... what are the top 5~10 armor classes in-game? I got ChronoZ and Archivist from a friend.
AQW  Post #: 328
5/17/2017 18:04:49   



#1 is still doomknight.(which will never change)
#2-10 is a bit debateable, but among them are definitely pyromancer, dragonlord, master soulweaver, and a few of the calendar classes.

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DF  Post #: 329
5/18/2017 1:32:18   
Fire alandry

Ascended chickencow is great armor if you want high damage, but it requires DA and hard work/DC.
Ranger is incredibly powerful against most of the bosses, and you can get it pretty easily.
Togslayer has short animations and a very high damage, so you can use it as your main class for most of the quests. You can wear this armor always, but you can train it only during frostvale.
The Atealen classes are also very good, and you cam get them without a lot of effort, but only if you have a DA.


I am Alandry, the fighting scholar- an imagination mage and elementalist.
I always happy to help and glad to learn.
DF  Post #: 330
5/19/2017 20:24:12   
dark garuda

ChronoZ's an absolute beast of a class, albeit complicated. Definitely worth your using.

On Doom Knight, controversial comment but in one way it's not the strongest. The Doom Knight triggers on a handful of bosses which spring a nasty surprise and balance the fight... those aside, they roll over everything.

But quite a few things roll over everything.

If you show the Arnice Magica/Ruby Spike with Ancient Exosuit or especially Pyromancer, you clown car through everything before you at least as easily. And they're unaffected by the DmK 'enrage'. Since there's several ways to make yourself far too powerful for the game's content if you choose to use them; perhaps Doom Knight has an even higher ceiling but at that point it's not very relevant in play, and occasionally it does get cut down to size which is unique among the imbalanced strats.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 331
5/19/2017 20:36:33   

Once you master Pyromancer, you can't die.

I genuinely think that in the right hands it's the 2nd strongest armor in the game, only weaker than the purposefully broken DmK.

I play a defensive Pyromancer, so while boss fights may take a tiny bit longer, I am never afraid of dying...because it takes more effort to actually die at this point for me XD So yeah, I really recommend Pyro!
Post #: 332
5/19/2017 20:45:31   
dark garuda

Oh, no doubt. Pyromancer's strong period. But gifting it with the Arnice is just silly, because it basically replaces all of Pyromancer's weaknesses (primarily burst damage) with strengths, whereas Pyromancer's strengths are much more difficult to pass on to other classes with the use of shows and trinkets (show %HP on hits are pretty good, but defensive trinkets are damnably poor overall. Only the Bubbles one from Wanderland is worth its salt, unless I'm forgetting something).
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 333
5/19/2017 20:48:25   

Personally I use the Anniversary Fire Scythe that I got a few months ago, it helps me with my burst damage well enough. I also have the card trinket you get from Ravenloss, the one that specifically boosts overall HP.

Post #: 334
5/19/2017 22:45:55   

@friendofafriend yeah, i can see pyromancer being a really high ranking class. i'm pretty sure it IS the strongest dc class as well. the only things it really has any trouble with is enemies that have a really high resistance to fire.

also, anniversary fire scythe?
DF  Post #: 335
5/19/2017 22:51:03   
Baron Dante

@FriendOfAFriend: I'd say Paladin does a better job at not dying though.
Paladin's Shield skill should be better, except for Magic-using monsters, which are a huge minority.
Lava Fountain is the better stun due to multiple hits. (But otherwise fairly identical) Pyromancer has a secondary 1-turn stun, which is nice
Paladin's Blind can very easily be cycled (and against undead, it's more effective, not that I'm really taking that into account), while Pyromancer has the better effect.
Paladin also has a loop that gives you over 100 Darkness resist if you have proper equipment.

Overall, I'm not sure which is better in that regard, but that's not the main point here, which is, of course, healing.

Pyromancer has a weak HP/Mana heal. 300% weapon damage for HP, 100% weapon damage for mana. That's honestly not all that great. At max levels, that's what, 300 HP and 100 Mana? Where if survival is your goal, you probably have like, 3000 HP and 1700 Mana or something. It's really great for low End builds though, but that's not here, I believe. The cooldown is also 16 turns which is a lot.
In addition, Pyromancer has a full heal for both HP and Mana every 35 turns, which is what makes it so unkillable.

Paladin has a weak heal (7%, so ~210 HP at 3000 HP) every 8 turns, 15% heal (~450) every 14 turns, and a 11% (~187?) mana heal every 12 turns. In addition, an increasing passive heal every turn, and after 20 turns, it'll always have 3% (~90) healing every turn. I can't stress how insane this is, for the record.
In addition to THAT, a full heal (at the cost of all mana, but with careful planning, all the healing, including the trinket can be kept up indefinitely) every 20 turns.

The only thing Pyromancer really has over Paladin in this regard is the fact that it regains all mana, so it has a few specific cases, like mana-stealing monsters where it's superior.
But all the same, there are specific scenarios Pyromancer can't really handle. Given an monster with enough offensive power, especially one that can't be defended against can overwhelm Pyromancer. Paladin may still be able to steel through it.

In a similar way, I'd rank Paladin as the 2nd strongest armor in the game. Of course, for most players, it's not exactly the most fun way to play, so stuff like Ascendant with it's insane damage output is going to at least FEEL better, because you never need an unkillable death machine on legs in standard play.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 336
5/22/2017 13:29:49   

Any updates on Chaoswaver, Calendar class or... anything really?
Post #: 337
5/23/2017 8:30:23   

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll stick to ChronoZ until I train some other classes.
AQW  Post #: 338
5/23/2017 10:16:47   


calendar classed to tend to be in the upper ranks of classes anyways, so if you like the feel of ChronoZ, you might want to stick with it. that's really an inherent beauty of dragonfable: as long as it isn't a joke class, pretty much any class can get you through the game, with the right stat build. this means that you have free reign to play as pretty much whatever class you like the feel of the most, and still be able to play/experience the game without TOO much trouble.

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DF  Post #: 339
5/23/2017 10:19:04   

I am aware that things like classes (Calander Classes especially) are released on a "done when it's done" type schedule. That said, we're nearing the middle of the year and aside from some promo art, we haven't seen anything of the SWoT (AQ and AQW not included). Unless we have and I'm just not looking in the right places, which is entirely possible.
DF  Post #: 340
5/23/2017 10:27:33   


i think there was a case of a calendar class not actually being released until may before, but i could be wrong. either way, while they HAVE had some setbacks already, as you know(what with the team getting sick or overworking themselves and all), just remember that they WILL get the SWoT to us when they are able to.
DF  Post #: 341
5/23/2017 11:08:00   
Legendary Nightshade

@Commander_In_Red: Here are Dove's words on that.
DF  Post #: 342
5/23/2017 11:46:30   

If that's the case Tomix only has art. Quite depressing.
Especially when Tomix took a break to work on the classes before, maybe he should do something like that again.
Post #: 343
5/27/2017 13:32:34   

@Baron: Sorry for the late reply never saw this:

Anyways, while what you said is correct, I also take it as Pyro's maybe minorly worse defensive side to Paladin with Pyro being able to steal deal a lot more damage than Paladin which makes the opponent have a harder time killing me because I'm still killing them first, if that makes sense.

Using my 3 turn shield, then my 25% attack damage boost, then weakening the enemy to fire(which usually does a base of 200 damage itself on a good day) and THEN stunning them before applying my 3 DOT effects and boom, not only is my defense so good that they can't really even hurt me significantly to begin with, but I'm doing around 300 damage in DOT's per turn. So while Paladin may be better at PURE defense, Pyro's amazing defense + pretty strong offense is enough for me to still think Pyro is the 2nd best class in the game.

Paladin is definitely in my top 5 though!
Post #: 344
5/27/2017 16:41:23   
Baron Dante

Yeah, that makes sense. And honestly, I'm not much for looking at what classes are overall the best. I just try to find ways to use them effectively, no matter what kind of strange niches that might end up being.
In that sense though, I wouldn't be likely to rank something that's strong overall super high, since you usually want offense or defense from my viewpoint. (This, in turn, usually boils down to "does the boss heal? If yes, focus on punching hard")

On that note though, I enjoy using Paladin casually as well. I did that initially because my character is now kinda tied to the class, but especially after the revamp, Paladin has some decent offensive capabilities, only really limited by being tied to Light. Which... is honestly barely an issue. I think that's important for me to be able to enjoy the class as much as I do in normal gameplay. While it has beastly defenses, it also doesn't take insane amounts of time to get through enemies.

I really need to go back at some point and try to get a better grasp at Pyro. When it was first released, it was pretty much the cream of the crop defensively, alongside being effective, but at some point I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I love DOT based gameplay too, so I should be having fun with it. Then again I need to get back to doing anything with any class again, so hey :P
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 345
5/27/2017 17:12:44   

Haha, yup! I don't know if this means much but I remember the Doom Amulet being super tough for people, I beat it first try with Pyro. Which probably explains why I never understood why people were so angry with how 'hard' it was...

Same with the Manaphage boss, all hail the full MP/HP heal!
Post #: 346
5/27/2017 17:55:17   



I remember the Doom Amulet being super tough for people, I beat it first try with Pyro.

i think the doom amulet was considered "tough" because people didn't realise that you could ignore the shards for pretty much the entire fight. thus making it artificially more difficult for more offensively based classes, which most people seem to prefer. i remember not being able to beat it with MSW until i realised that taking out the orb itself first was the smart thing to do. i actually had to switch to paladin for that. though, that actually made for a fun little point where, due to multiple skills being active that reduced the amulet's boost, it started doing negative damage for a couple turns.
DF  Post #: 347
6/18/2017 10:02:53   

I was trying out some underused classes lately, I gotta admit ECCA (Evolved ChickenCow Armor) is pretty good for a class that was initially released in 2009, maybe I was super late to the party, but I really like ECCA and personally prefer it over ACCA (Ascended ChickenCow Armor), as crazy as that may or may not sound.

I remember before someone mentioned that ECCA was stronger than ACCA, and it's kinda true depending how you look at it.

Has bigger burst damage
Has a heal
Eggteor Barrage is a good filler skill with a cooldown of 1 and plus it hits multiple targets
Skills have high mana costs meaning WIS investment is advised

Has a 1 turn cooldown on Mad ChickenCow Attack unlike on ACCA's Wrath of the ChickenCow it's a 4 turn cooldown
Skills barely cost that much mana, there's 5, 10 mana cost skills and you look at ACCA holyyyy, 55, 40, 30, 25 mana costly skills
Can abuse on-hit special weapons more often than ACCA due to 1 turn cooldown on mad chickencow
Horde is a good filler move
Eggteor Shower is so good, 5 hits on a single target and it does good damage.
Could easily get away with very minimal WIS investment
Weaker blind
Has no skill to hit multiple targets

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Post #: 348
6/18/2017 13:35:02   


i think the doom amulet was considered "tough" because people didn't realise that you could ignore the shards for pretty much the entire fight

Doesn't seem to be the reason in my opinion. Because I always take down the shard, and I found it efficient since it diminish the amulet's healing/damage, and I'm pretty sure the amulet have 180 defense for 2 turns in its kit, so I always use that window to target the shard.
DF Epic  Post #: 349
6/18/2017 20:52:48   


i meant that people would target primarilly the shards when they were around, not realizing that they could simply be ignored until the amulet itself was destroyed. and i wasn't using an opinion there. i was using an estimate based on what people in the forums complaining about the fight during the war. until someone pointed out that you can ignore the shards, and suddenly nobody was having problems with the fight anymore.
DF  Post #: 350
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