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=AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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12/19/2015 16:43:53   
The Arcane

Existing Class Suggestions Thread

Which classes are currently underpowered and require buffs? What ideas do you have to see them improved?

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  • Be thorough in your suggestions - don't suggest any buffs or nerfs without a specific reason why.
  • This thread is for existing classes. Post your new class suggestions here.
  • AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 1
    12/19/2015 17:54:01   
    The ErosionSeeker
    *insert cheesy pun here*

    Royal Battlemage is the big one.
    Used to have a fairly small niche in big instant nukes, was still pretty bad at its job, and now completely obsolete with Cryo, and with Blazebinder and the Shaman buff, the "fast big multi" role is also taken.

    Much of the problem is due to its agonizingly long cooldowns, all of which could be reduced if the damage gets toned back a little. With Shaman being as crazy good as it is, making the cooldowns a third of what they are now while halving the damage makes for a fair but strong class.
    Enchanted Blade should be changed, because even though it's a cool concept that translated well to Chaos Slayer, the skill isn't very useful, and its long duration makes it a pain to use.

    Out of the strong classes that don't have a heal, all of them have some good method of survival. Dracomancer effectively has 4x its actual amount of HP, while Horc Evader can boost its dodge several times and survive by not getting hit. Spell Shield is an awkward skill that doesn't stop hard hits (those that you would actually want to stop), and so is redundant. It should be a "real" source of damage reduction like Dracomancer Scales, or it should do what it does now but also heal.

    I'd also like to see RBM be capable of hitting more than 3 enemies at once. Right now, there are only a couple of classes that can hit more than 3: Chaos Slayer, Troll Spellsmith, PHL, Blademaster Assassin. The only one out of these that can actually nuke 4 enemies at no cost is BMA. That should change.

    If RBM could hit like 4/5 or even 6 monsters in the same room, it would fill a better niche.

    The Collector just needs its last skill fixed. That's the only thing holding it back.

    Arachnomancer could stand to have warrior regen instead of rogue.
    Because it is a class for boss fights, chances are its dodging is rarely going to go off. Even when it does, the benefit is very little for what it is. If it was changed to warrior regen, it would have more MP to sustain Venom Fangs (ie the class stops being use skill 5 and AFK for half a minute), as well as use its other skills. Right now it's stuck in a position where after you do the 2523242 combo, you have to spend all your MP on Cocoon, which isn't fun.

    Evolved Shaman should have mage regen. It's stuck in a fairly bad position where it is now, its heal isn't strong enough to sustain against 3 monsters, and for almost everything except challenge bosses, it is now inferior to regular Shaman. Mage regen gives it more chance to use its other skills, solving the same problem that Arachnomancer has.
    DF AQW  Post #: 2
    12/19/2015 18:39:26   
    wolf nightmask

    I think before amping up classes, bugged classes should be fixed first (like warrior, not letting prepared strike sustain for 5 seconds)

    Otherwise, here's my current suggestions:

    - Blood Titan needs to be more tanky. Increase heal and then damage resist with longer sustain.

    - Dark Legendary Hero needs to have better damage and increase nuke and heal power a lot more with a lot less stacks. This class was designed to be a special class for Legends, and because of its dysfunctional heal and nuke, it is never used.


    - Increase Doomknight's damage and fix its heal and stacks.

    - Increase Master Ranger dodge rate to match that of a Blademaster's with full thief enhancements.

    - Bring back how you could make combos work with Legendary Elemental Warrior, the class simply is based on chance now and not skill.

    - For Undead Goat, make it so the stacks don't fade so fast. As of now, if you miss a stack of Deep Rage, you lose all your stacks because the time it lasts is EXTREMELY short. Please buff.

    - Increase damage/strength for Skyguard Grenadier.

    - Increase damage by a small amount, dodge by a big amount for Unlucky Leprechaun.

    - DECREASE heal cooldown for MechaJouster. The class is very poorly balanced right now.

    - DECREASE mana cost for Chaos Shaper.

    These are all the suggestions I have as of now for classes. Please consider them, because a lot of these improvements would create an amazing balance in many ways of combat.

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    Post #: 3
    12/19/2015 19:56:43   
    Bella Flux


    The class needs a major buff on its third skill (Energy Arc). Despite having a fast cooldown (3 sec), the damage itself and the DoT are both ridiculously low. I suggest to increase the cooldown (5-6 sec) and increase the damage itself and the DoT, to make it a formidable and useful farming skill.

    The healing based on how much you dodge isn't very reliable nor sustainable. I suggest to increase (Fifth skill: High Energy Arc) the returning part of the damage dealt as HP if the target is affected by Pulse Compression (First skill)
    AQW  Post #: 4
    12/19/2015 20:06:41   
    Aura Knight

    One of the first classes players earned was Dragonslayer and while its name suggest it should be good against dragons, its skills don't support that.

    The bane of scales ability is useless unless fighting a dragon or if you're in a PvP battleground. One way to make this better would be if it applies a damage reduction to all monsters but a much larger one against dragon-kind. The 16 second cooldown of the skill now seems too much. Since it has a focus ability, which forces monsters to be focused on you, giving it a shorter cooldown would make it a more useful skill. If the cooldown is lessened, perhaps the mana cost could be higher. Maybe somewhere between 20 or 30. Possibly more. And the new effect could be a 25% damage reduction to all monsters for 5 seconds and against dragons, a 50% damage reduction for 8-10 seconds.

    The impale skill doesn't seem too bad. But perhaps it could be better if it had a chance to do either the stun or the DoT. Against dragon-kind it could apply some poison which deals 300% weapon damage over 12 seconds. The stun would be more effective against dragons. Against anything else it could last a lot less. The poison DoT would only work against a creature that is classified as a dragon. The stun effect would last 5 seconds against dragonkind and 2 against anything else. With these changes, the mana cost of the skill could increase to 45 and the cooldown to 17 seconds. The effect that stuns deals 0 damage but is guaranteed assuming it gets applied. For the poison DoT to work, the dragon has to be damaged by it.

    The scorched steel skill of this class is nothing more than a mini-nuke. I think it should be kept as is. But perhaps it can apply some other effect as well. A haste reduction to a draconic foe or a crit chance increase to the player maybe. You draw power from a dragon's fire and empower your attacks for a short while. If this effect is applied, the cooldown for the skill should be a bit more than the 6 seconds it is now. The mana cost could possibly increase or decrease depending on which would make it less broken. And the skill would deal more damage against dragons than other monsters. Against regular monster it would deal 150% damage and against dragon, maybe 250% or 300% damage.

    The passive abilities, aggression and resolute could use some tweaking as well. Aggression now lets you deal an extra 10% damage with physical attacks which is nice but not good enough of a damage boost against dragons. I think increasing this ability to 15% or 20% would make the class a lot more powerful. And the more power it has, the faster it can deal with dragons. Or any other foe. The resolute passive is a 10% damage reduction right now. And while it's always nice to be able to take less damage, maybe it could be a bit more. 20% seems like a decent amount. The class doesn't have a heal so taking a bit less damage is quite helpful.

    Now the fifth skill on dragonslayer is one I've never liked. While it does give you more damage when fighting against dragons, I don't think the amount is worth the use of the skill. Instead, I think this last skill should be a shield of sorts. I think dragonslayers should be more tank-like because you'd need a strong defense to deal with things like dragons. At this time I have no idea how the shield should work. But maybe you can steal a dragon's defenses, making them easier to hit for a short while, while increasing your own defenses. I have no idea if or how this could be applied.

    And now the last skill, being the rank 10 passive. Right now it is a 10% endurance increase. And while that's fine, I also want this class to have the ability to deal massive damage once in a while, so against a dragon, the class has a chance to channel the power of a dragon and deal a massive strike against other dragons. A CFTFD ability is what I want. It can only work against dragons and happens rather infrequently, but when it does it'll be quite useful.

    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 5
    12/20/2015 9:13:53   

    One of the starting classes "Mage" 's AOE skill Explosion isn't powerful enough for farming, and it's Arcane Shield isn't really that viable either.
    I'd like to see Explosion get buffed so it's easier for beginners to complete the Chaos Storyline, and for us players to have a reason not to delete Mage and replace it with classes like Blaze Binder and Chaos Slayer

    And i'd also like to see the evolved "forms" of Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Healer get their own unique skills, because there's no difference, they just have different names and I think it's really unnecessary to have rank 5 Mage/Warrior for Sorcerer/Warlord if they have the same skills. The classes are member-only so they should be something members can actually use, instead of walking around with Mage class that has a different name.

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    Post #: 6
    12/20/2015 10:08:00   

    UOK - While it is a pretty powerful class, I think the last skill could be utilized better if it just switched Auras which would save a lot of mana for the class.

    The Collector - The last skill needs to be fixed ASAP

    Pyromancer - Aside from a few bugs that have to be fixed, the cooldown for the nuke is too long, and even worse is that it can miss, or it doesn't crit at times. Either reduce the cooldown, or make it an unmissable attack with an increased (100% anyone?) crit chance. Also, Burning Ward would work better if it also applied an HoT to the player

    Undead Goat - Deep Rage should be lasting for atleast 10 seconds so that it doesn't just fizz out if even one hit misses. Also, a DoT that applies and increases with power with each stack of Deep Rage would be a nifty addition. And lastly, the cooldown for Goat Siphon would be better off if reduced a bit, as it functions as both a nuke and its healing skill

    Evolved Shaman - Remove all AoE attacks, make it mage mana regen, increase HoT of Refreshing Rain, little increase in damage of Furios Gale wouldn't hurt, increase the duration of Elemental Grasp to 90 seconds and presto, you've got a beast of a soloing class

    Shaman - Elemental Embrace should apply to the player/be an AoE attack, increasing the duration of Elemental Embrace to 90 seconds wouldn't be too bad, and make the Auto Attack an AoE move, like Chaos Slayer without Chaorruption has. Oh, and mage regen model if you want to create a seriously OP class. And if you do plan on sticking with Warrior regen model, atleast decrease the mana cost of Dry Lightning to 30.

    As far as classes which I haven't used yet and which the people above have missed, from what I've seen/read, Sentinel's self-DoT is too high to let it be sustainable, Necromancer needs a serious revamp (it was the best class around since its release, uptil around 3 years ago and now it's pretty much outclasses, not chill) and lastly Clawsuit's mana cost is too high for Warrior mana regen.

    That's all for now, thanks.

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    AQW  Post #: 7
    12/20/2015 10:47:20   

    The class it's cool, his look is awesome and it's a little bit fun to play with it.
    Why is it "alittle bit" fun to play with?...

    -Insuficient mana regeneration. What players want is to use their skills with more availability of mana and annoys them to have to wait a while before they can continue using their combo.

    - Small amount of damege dealt. This is not a starter classso its power should be just as strong or even a little more strong then Starter classes which can deal around 2.5k damege at lvl 65 just like warrior, Rogue, Mage or Healer, even Dragon Slayer. this class can't even reach 2.3k damege. I've done a small experiment.

    If my character were Characher lvl 65:

    With (136-136) DPS lvl 64 enhancements:
    1.- Auto attack: 230 non-crit/753 crit.
    2.- Jackhammer: 518 (It doesn't miss but it also can't crit).
    3.- Plasma Bolt: 245 non-crit/ 801 crit.
    Arc Lightning: 138 non-crit/452 crit & 276 max non-crit/1130 Highest crit.

    With (-6 - 278) DPS
    1.- Auto Attack: 1.65K (rarely) crit with maximum weapon DPS with 278 DPS maybe...
    2.- Jackhammer: 1.3k (rarely) with max DPS maybe.
    3.- It's based on spell power.
    4.- Arc of Lighting: 1.1K (rarely) with max DPS maybe, on one target. And 2.1k (rarely) with max DPS maye, only if attacking 4 targets the forth target will gain the max amount of damege.

    *I don't know how much damege it can deal with lvl 65 enhancements for legends.
    For this reasons i suggest to buff the skills:
    2.- With more damege, 270% weapon damege instead of 225% or it could also be 250%
    3.- With more damege.
    4.- With way more damege so it can be decent against one target. Or else it'll be useless. It doesn't tell how much weapon damege it uses but what i do know is that it deals an incredibly small amount of damege against one target.
    Rank 4 passive skills:
    - Ground, will all damege taken decreased by 15% instead of 10% because this class can't heal and 10% less damege it's just not enough while fighting in PvP or really powerful monsters such as the monsters from the /TowerOfDoom *deepest room*
    And for the class; adding a new passive skill wich increases his crit chance by 20% would make it better for the mana regeneration and the power rate.

    Animations: The class's electrical animation looks cool, but what if you add to:
    Add to Jackhammer (First Skill), this cool animation: "A lasser shooting weapon comes out of his back and pulverizes his foe". This would make a "Skill name change" to Jack Pulverizer so it can make sense.
    It will be great if you make the class's armor drop (just the armor) and a color custom enforcer armor for legends.

    Make Arc of Light's (third skill) lighting animation more clear to see.
    (i) I don't think it'll cause lagg truble more then Pirate's last skill.

    *The idea it's not to make the class over powered, that would ruin it. The idea is to make it more fun and exciting for the client.

    Thanks for your attention and i hope for the fun of others that this idea work. :)

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    AQW  Post #: 8
    12/20/2015 18:06:58   
    Aura Knight

    Of the four starter classes, it seems warrior is the least impressive. While it does have decent enough power, it can never sustain itself in long fights. So here are a few suggested changes to the class.

    First, I think the base damage of this class should increase. Instead of 100% damage I think it should be 120%. Warriors should be powerful so it makes sense to have it do more powerful auto attacks. Because of this possible change in power, maybe the cooldown for the auto attack could increase slightly. 2.5 seconds perhaps? Or if the 2 seconds is fine, keep it like that.

    The first skill in the class is a damage skill that deals 150% damage. With the suggested change to the auto attack, this skill becomes a bit useless in its current state. Maybe it can have an added effect which lowers opponent's haste or even damage by a bit. It could be an effect that stacks. With each hit opponent damage decreases by 5% and this stacks 5 times. And the more times it's stacked opponent's haste is reduced by 3% for each stack. Fully stacked ability would give opponent a 15% haste decrease and a 25% damage reduction. By taking less damage this allows the warrior to last longer in fights. Mana cost for this change would increase to 25 and cooldown would change to 5 seconds

    The second skill is the stun. I think this skill should deal no damage and last 5 seconds. So far, warrior deals more than enough damage from its auto attack and first skill so having a damaging stun skill is pointless. The mana cost for this would change to 45 and cooldown to 15 seconds

    The third skill would guarantee your next 3 auto attacks to crit. The skill itself would deal no damage but it would apply an effect that reduces the damage you take by 40% for a few seconds while also powering you up. The mana cost for this would be 55 and cooldown 12 seconds

    The passives at rank 4 seem to be the same as on dragonslayer. But instead of the 10% damage increase and 10% damage reduction, maybe have those be 15% and 20% instead. Thanks to the third suggested skill change, you're already taking less damage and that's without the use of the first skill's ability. With the class already being powerful you don't need that much of a damage boost.

    The fifth skill is one I would change entirely from what it was. Since it's obvious warrior class suffers during long battles, maybe a skill that increases defenses while also reflecting damage could be better. This skill would be a mix of defender's 5th skill as well as the burning ward ability seen on pyromancer and blaze binder. While normally warriors don't have magical abilities, a skill that reflects damage would be most useful since there's no actual heal in this class. For this skill, the mana cost would change to 60 and the cooldown would be 40 seconds

    And now we have a rank 10 passive. For a short time your crit chance and haste are tripled. Because there's no heal in this class, it makes sense you'd want to win fights faster and with such a passive it could be possible.

    And I think mana regen model should be changed to that of berserker class. While it would make sense to have warrior class have warrior mana regen, I think that mana regen is never good enough for any class. By focusing mana regen on crits instead of any hit, you regenerate more mana and can use skills more often.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 9
    12/20/2015 19:35:11   

    A change i would like to see is that flame dragon warrior skills change to ranged attacks, that small change can make the class really useful to pvp and farm.

    Skyguard Grenadier needs a huge buff 2, maybe some shorter cooldowns and better mana regain.

    Darkside class should have either more damage or more haste also.

    Ranger stacks should not go out when 1 of the skills are used.

    Beast master debuffs should increase highly, as they have practically no effect on the enemy.

    Archfiend is useless as arachnomancer buff is higher and has a faster cooldown, and the damage deal by the class is miserable.

    Blood ancient class should have reduced cooldowns also.
    Post #: 10
    12/20/2015 20:17:51   
    Aura Knight

    I too think archfiend class could be a lot better. Only somewhat decent thing it has it the damage increase and even that isn't all that impressive. If it could do more damage it would be worth the effort obtaining it. I tried the class once but after getting arachno, I got rid of archfiend. The class skills make it seem better than it actually is. Maybe it needs for a better heal effect from that one skill. It's been so long since I used the class that I'm afraid I forgot which one gives some health back.

    I would like to see ranger have a bit more power. It isn't the easiest class to earn since the rep quests from Sandsea are way less than most other factions. The best thing about the class is the auto attack that can hit from anywhere. Maybe the class would be better if all damage were doubled.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 11
    12/20/2015 21:19:27   

    Yes it seems like the harder classes to farm are the weakest ones
    Post #: 12
    12/21/2015 18:29:46   

    Hey, I see your point of view. However, please hear me out - Warrior is the least impressive, but also the easiest, most straightforward class to use. As someone who has never played any kind of RPG game in the past before aqw, all I knew was "double click monster to attack" when I first started playing aqw. Warrior is simple, and the best class for someone who has never played any kind of RPG. I didn't even know what status effects were! In short, warrior has its ways, of being sustainable with its autoattack compared with the other starter classes. I would highly recommend warrior to any players who have never played RPG games, or any games with mana, skills, etc.

    However, I do agree with you on warrior needing some buffs, but not increasing its complexity in any way. (I even think that on the character page, warrior should be suggested for those who have never played an RPG game before, but that's just me) I agree with your suggestions on the skills, but bringing back decisive strike to an "extra attack" skill, however just a stronger one.

    Hope my input is valued!

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    Post #: 13
    12/21/2015 19:27:36   

    Archfiend class changes:

    I think the class should have a total reset, still with the idea of a debuffer. The class should be the opposite to bard class. These are my ideas for the class:

    Auto attack: a common attack, this should be 1.75 sec cd and 100% weapon damage, as will be the main way or regenerating mana.

    Mark of death: This anavoidable skill should deal no damage but debuff 4 enemy targets with 30% less damage and 20% less haste. This skill is similar to bards drums of war but mirrored.

    Fiendish strike: A low damage skill that will add a medium/high dot to 3 targets.

    Fiend Frenzy: The idea of the skill was great but i would make crit chance buff a 20% buff, and instead of being random making it 100% chance, but the effect duration should be of 5 secs.

    The rank 4 passives are fine the way they are now

    Abyssal contract: This skill should remain the same but change the cooldown from 40 secs to 20 secs.

    The rank 10 passive is fine the way it is also.

    Changes are big but that will make the class really useful for pvp, farm and team boss killing. I dont see anyone using archfiend these days, the class was totally erased by arachnomancer and bard, it has no use in game and its pretty hard to farm and mem only.
    Post #: 14
    12/22/2015 17:54:39   
    Canis Arcanam

    I have some suggestions
    1st; fix description bugs and incomplete descripitions.
    Artifact hunter: Mirror(3rd skill): it says 15 sec CD,but actually it is 10 sec (with destiny is only 6 sec,but the max haste is 50%, so it is impossible be 15 sec Colldown).
    Blaze binder:Burning skin(3rd skill):in descripition says Heal over time for 6 sec,but actually lasts for 12 sec(6 ticks).
    Elemental dracomancer : Crushimg water(2nd skill): it would be better know how much % stun chance it has.
    And much more

    2nd; Rank 6 to Rank 10
    It's almost useless rank up to rank 10,so i suggest add a passive which evolves every rank for all classes.
    Rank6 : +1% for all primary atributes( dex,str,int,wid...)
    Rank 7: +3% for all primary "
    Rank 8: +6%
    Rank 9: +10%
    Rank 10:+15% (it isn't stackable)
    So it will be usefull to rank up and also level up, because the passive will be even more effective every time you level up ,your primary atributes increase.

    Those 2 suggestions are for 2 classes

    Ultra elemental warrior:
    The classe was nerfed because was considered too strong due his high DPS ,but nowsdays there are lots of classes with much higher DPs , so there is no point on keeping the huge nerf that this classe sufered.
    Also, the rank 10 passive,blizzard, is bugged(i suggest to increase the chance to 50%).

    BladeMaster: it's quite polemic suggest an improviment to BM...
    Blademaster is a good class, but now is being knocked down by a big number of classes, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to kill a blaze binder, Shaman,Artifact hunter,VoT ,BMA and others now, those classes are good in other of things(solo,farming...), not only doomarena,but blade master its only good at doomarena and now is being killed a lot (70% of doomarena's match).
    Where is the fun in being knocked down with no chance of winning ?

    My suggestions:
    Blade of fury: reduce mp cost to 10, reduce CD to 6 sec, reduce the # of targets to 2.
    Why? Blade of fury is a close ranged skill so there is no point in hanving more than 2 targets, the reduction of CD and Mp is to improve the classe.
    Passive rank 4: 15% evade and 20% crit strike damage : remove the crit strike dmg and add 10% crit chance
    Passive rank 4 : 10% dex: add +10% damage (just like rank 10 passive)
    Nukiushi: remove the stun and reduce MP to 25, increase the damage to 425% instead of 400%
    Why? Stun is almost useless for evasive classes,also there is a bug, if you stun someone from a quite long range, you wont be able to attack your target with close range skills,even worse, if you use server or blade of fury ->skills bugs and you have to wait the CD time to use them .
    Uke nagashi : increase the Mp to 25 , increase the duration to 20 sec , reduce the CD to 20 sec, remove the crit chance effect and add a new one : Spectre!(ill explain) for 6 sec.
    Server: be a mid range skill ( just like onxy combustion from ledc), unvoidable with 0 damage
    If espectre is active server will do the damage you recived with a limit of 2,500, whattt??
    For example: a dracomancer hitted you twice and spectre is on, 1st hit 1000, 2nd 2,000, the next serve will do 2,500 ( if scales are on: 625 and it could be reflected), if Spectre fade before you use server , server will do 0 damage, so you have to use during those 6 sec, Dots do not count.

    thanks for reading
    Post #: 15
    12/22/2015 18:28:18   

    Adding some classes to the bugged classes list:

    Unlucky leperchaun: 3rd skill makes 50% dmg instead of 125%

    Artifact hunter: shield is 6 secs intead of 4 as its said on description

    Blaze binder: 4th skill stun is 4 secs intead of 2 as said in description

    Bloodtitan: last skill gives no defence and 2nd skill dmg is not affected for the user hp as its said in description

    Blood ancient: 4th skill heal is not affected for the amount of hp on user

    Chaos shaper: last skill backfire activates even if you get the nuke

    Sentinel: i dont know if it is a bug but the 4th skill dot on user got a lot higher than what it used to be and its pretty impossible to use it that way
    Post #: 16
    12/25/2015 7:22:20   

    Ultra OmniKnight's (Omni Blade) is somehow, useless.
    just saying
    AQW  Post #: 17
    12/25/2015 8:43:00   

    Adding to what Zephyrion said, and I can't state this enough, it is in fact completely useless.
    It is much simpler and more mana saving to switch Auras without it. Plus the damage it gives after Destructive Aura is just the equivalent of around 3-4 Auto Attack crits. And the icing on the cake, that only happens if it crits, which it doesn't do quite often, atleast for me.
    As far as the heal Omni Blade gives for Resplendent(idk if spelling is correct) Aura, sure, it can save your life if you have really reall low health, but that NEVER happens once Recovery gets fully stacked, and I say this with absolute conviction, NEVER. Even I have been using UOK for the past month or so, mainly for solos, and only once have I ever really needed to use Omni Blade. That's once out of approximately 100 battles.
    Not chill, definitely not chill.
    And I know I've given the suggestion above, but I just needed this rant to be let out.

    Since I haven't given a detailed fix for this, here's what I propose:

    First of all, reduce the mana cost of the skills. Grand Sweep doesn't require any changes but Inverted Light shouldn't be more than 40, Invictus should be at 25, and Omni Blade needs to be reduced to 30. Too much mana is wasted when consuming Auras and then reapplying. (40+45=85, leaves just 15 mana, Warrior Regen isn't that great after all. And if you're trying to cast Destructive Aura, make that an extra 30 mana).
    Now, the skills are great, and I know that the Rank 10 Passive of UOK gives it 30% more accuracy, but you can never trust the RNG, as I've come to know since I've had Auras expiring due to Inverted Light missing now and then, or dying because I couldn't switch Auras because Inverted Light missed again. I don't think RNGesus likes me too much. So it would be great if you could make Inverted Light have a 100% hit chance.
    As for the skill, here's what I propose.

    Say if Resplendent Aura is active, and the player uses Omni Blade, the skill will consume all stacks of Recovery (not the Aura keep in mind), heal the player as it does now, and switch to Destructive Aura with 0 stacks of Devastation (and Vice-Versa but with the high damage for Destructive Aura). The 90 second time limit would still be applicable, so if the player used Omni Blade at around 30 seconds after casting Resplendent Aura, he will have 60 seconds left on the Destructive Aura.

    Also, just so that mana doesn't get wasted, since it does run on Warrior regen model, if the player uses Omni Blade without any Auras applied (happens a lot to me, lagging and all you see), it stuns the monster for 3-4 seconds.(Only if you guys want to)

    Thanks in advance

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    AQW  Post #: 18
    12/25/2015 8:59:01   

    Glacial warlord and jouster aren't as good as they used to be. For instance;

    -Glacial warlord's first skill doesn't always give frozen heart, which makes the class essentially useless in pvp, because you rely on that skill for all your other skills.

    -Glacial warlord's skull crusher doesn't activate as much anymore, which was the whole point of the class, as the skills it has right now don't actually have high dps, but are there to support you and keep you alive till the next skull crusher.

    -Jouster isn't as viable in pvp anymore.

    -Jouster's charge skill doesn't give you that boost in damage as it did before, which doesn't let it keep up with the classes to this day.

    -Jouster's auto attack doesn't have the bonus damage on the first strike anymore, which was a cool thing it had.

    -Glacial's skull crusher isn't a single strike anymore, but a small 2 to 3 second buff which boosts all your attacks and heal. the downside to this is that it activates less, which again, lowers the dps of the class.

    -Glacial warlord isn't viable in pvp anymore.

    -Jouster had a lot of it's skills increase in mana, which is a setback to a class that didn't deserve it.

    < Message edited by Sambud -- 12/25/2015 9:01:36 >
    DF AQW  Post #: 19
    12/27/2015 2:27:24   

    Mindbreaker should be changed to just an AC class. It's kind of weird how it is currently a mem only AC class since people need to spend quite a bit of money (12k AC package) to obtain the class so they should not need to continue paying just to use the class.

    Buff the starter classes a little

    Necromancer's "Summon Minion" and "Infect" skills should damage less of players health

    Master Ranger's "Marks" skill should boost the other skills a bit more

    Shaman's "Elemental Grasp" skill should have mana cost reduced to 45

    Troll Spellsmith's "Energy Arc" and "Frostflame" should have their cooldowns reduced by 5 seconds

    No class should have more skills, just to add more fun ;D

    Thats all from me :D

    < Message edited by DarkPhoenixDrag -- 1/5/2016 0:29:12 >
    Post #: 20
    12/27/2015 4:39:39   
    Warmonger DragonJax

    The Only Calendar class I ever got is timekiller and it feels weak every time I use it and this no viable way of using it.I don't know exactly what is wrong with it but at least put it on par with the other chrono classes or slightly below.Can somebody else tell why it is not viable,please.
    Post #: 21
    12/30/2015 7:37:18   
    Artistic Crow

    (Ranger buff)

    +stagger. (stuns firts enemy hit). Will make the class better in pvp and will help you build up early stacks.
    + bonus dmg when hitting from far away (more dmg the further away you are). Will make your pvp better as well as increasing the unique fact that it is ranged.
    +dot dmg. (around +100dmg per tic at max stacks)
    +heal on last skill. (around +50 per tic at max stacks)
    +dmg on 4th skill. (just slightly buff it with around 300 dmg or so)
    -dmg when hit from area of effect skills
    Make the class into a Crit based class or warroir based class instead of a Dodge based one. It makes no sense that a ranger would need to Dodge when attacking from safe distance.
    Alternativly removing the stacking system replacing the first skill with something else.

    Alternativly making the 1st skill deal 100% weapon dmg. making the class have much more dps

    This buff would make the ranger much more viable and a big counter to most Ranged mage classes and some melee classes like Collector. There is really not a big counter to high hitting mage/ranged classes in BB or pvp.

    The shaman buff was good for its farming and soloing potential. But its not really that good against BMS. there is also no real counter to shaman (or any multi target dmg classes)

    Ranger would have the range advantage wich it lacks at the moment. But it would still be countered by classes with stuns and debuffs like VoT or pretty much any single target burster.

    Replacing The rangers rank 4 passive that increases its dexterity and replacing it with a Crit dmg buff or simply adding the fact that you deal more dmg when far away would be better. i Personaly use the class with warrior enchantments to make the hot and dot stronger.

    Add the stagger effect to the autoattack, or at least making it so it has a chance to stagger. (or add it as a rank 10 passive)

    The hot is ok, but can be too low when fightning stronger bosses/monsters. (right now 200 with warroir enchantments). you also have to stack up the 1st skill, This pretty much Drains all your mana. So a small boost in the mana regen or a small reduction in man cost would help.

    The 4th skill can hit 4k easily when going full luck. But at rangers current state its the only "real" dmg it has. And the fact that you have to stack up first to use it makes is not so viable.

    I apologize for any miss Spellings or any wrong grammar made.

    If you have any other ideas you wanna share please send a message :D

    If you agree with what i have stated or NOT agreed. Dont feel shy to tell me :3

    AQW  Post #: 22
    12/31/2015 2:50:17   

    the least that could be changed about archfiend would be the second skill. the others are pretty good. but that second skill is useless. its manacost is high for such low damage.
    DF AQW Epic  Post #: 23
    1/3/2016 8:34:47   

    Archfiend/Legendary Archfiend:

    With the upcoming Evil Tournament, now is the PERFECT time to Buff Archfiend. Here are my suggestions. (Note: I don't think all these should be implemented, maybe just pick the best so it is not OP)

    Up the Heal Chance/percentage/add it to Auto Attacks as well: Archfiend's survivability both with or without a party is ABYSSmal. It's better with a group but it should be able to stand on it's own.
    Add a heal over time to Mark Of Death: a dot harming the foe and HOT to heal you helps in my eyes.
    Fiendish Strike: A few things: one, make it able to reach anywhere in the room and hit any/all foes. Not close to them. This gives it more synergy with Abbysal Contract. Second, up the damage. It needs to go from Moderate to heavy, MAYBE Super Heavy. Thirdly, and this is a MAYBE, add a effect to it. Not sure what.
    Fiend Frenzy: make it a garanteed chance to empower you AND your allies and you are good. You get a useful crit skill on your own aand together you all have more power. HOWEVER, if possible can we make it so it does not target yourself but the enemy? I've lost count of how many times I've died because i used it in between attacks, targeted myself, and did not realise my skills were not working due to me being a friendly target.
    Abbyssal Contract: COOLDOWN NEEDS NERF. Above ALL else nerf the cooldown please for the love of evil. 50 seconds is almost a minuite and waiting for a minuite to recharge is not fun. mana cost is fine though if you do the other bits a buff on this may be in order, just the cool down. Maybe, MAYBE remove the 25% damage to yourself, or make the boost 100% like Archanomancer.
    Rank 10 Skill: I don't know if it's just them not working, but a 1% chance of Instant Death while a cool idea and befitting the power of a Archfiend, it's USELESS and is just a gimmic. make a better Rank 10 please. Maybe one that taps into Abbysal power for a major damage boost?

    Note: all of these together would probably make Archfiend OP, so just take some of the best ones unless you feel like you can take all in which case DO THAT MUHAHAHAHHAHAHA)

    < Message edited by megakyle777 -- 1/4/2016 3:49:57 >
    DF  Post #: 24
    1/3/2016 20:30:11   

    Class: Evolved Shaman

    Reason #1: It seems strange that Shaman is so much more useful in-game than Evo Shaman

    Reason #2: I massively disagree with the calls to make it a solo class. Its current function is in PVP, where it's incredibly strong against Rogue regen, and in high HP bosses. Why not buff its skill effects so that it doesn't much affect PVP battles, but can make it more useful as a support for those long boss battles? And encourage people to party up against tough bosses?

    Reason #3: Thematically speaking, the Evolved Shaman understands that not all enemies can be defeated alone. He/she has the wisdom to know that supporting other fighters can be just as useful in winning the battle, or the war. *Ahem*

    Suggested Changes

    Freezing Flame: Make it a one-target skill. No increase in damage. (i.e. nerf to make the other skills stronger)

    Furious Gale: Have it also boost nearby allies so that their speed is increased too. Perhaps up to four allies, same as Evo Shaman's heal. Or three enemies, as Freezing Flame would have. It would become a good support ability, without much affecting the 1 vs 1 PVP.

    Refreshing Rainfall: No change, as I think increasing this would make the class too powerful.

    Elemental Grasp: Buff it so that all spells cast against the target also make Evo Shaman's spells more powerful. Perhaps make it so that allies' spells increase Evo Shaman's damage by ~2% per spell. Evo Shaman's spells should still increase the damage by 10% per cast. Again, if it's a 1v1 fight, this won't make any difference to the Evo Shaman or opponent. But in a group situation, it will be a useful boost against enemies.

    Elemental Storm (Passive): Change it so that there's a small chance of increasing allies' damage alongside the Evolved Shaman's.

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