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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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11/13/2017 10:22:34   

Dragonlord seems really under powered, taking into consideration that classes like Necromancer, Legion Doomknight, Chunin and a bunch of other classes exist AND that its a bonus for having an upgrade in another game. All the classes I mentioned do something really well (solo or farm), meanwhile Dragonlord doesn't do anything well except farming low level creeps (only two at that) or trying to push his luck to solo anything over 10,000 HP.

The skills offered by this class are extremely sub par, cleave provides no functional benefit other than attacking two units, and costs 20 mana. For this skill, I think increasing bonus damage and decreasing the mana cost by 50% and POSSIBLY adding some sort of bonus (like a stack based damage bonus) will make this a great nuking skill for bosses and great for farming. CD is fine as it is at 4 secs. This skill really needs to either be reworked completely or replaced.

Heated blade is okay-ish, but once again no real benefits in farming or a solo battle. The mana cost can remain the same, but the "light damage" dealt need to be increased to moderate/high and the debuff needs to be changed to something more substantial. Again, being "front line soldiers", perhaps dragonlords could use this skill to deal additional damage per stack or even apply a high DoT.

The heal is utterly useless at 35 mana 10 sec CD and minimal health gained back. Needs to be completely reworked for sustain. Could be reworked into a magical/projectile based attack so you dont need to close to an opponent. Could provide a resilience buff, but thats not necessary, just a sustainable heal would do. Could be renamed as "dragon's bite", apply DoT while healing you.

Dragonlord's final skill is about as good as it gets. I think the only thing about this that should change is the "damage dealt is inversely proportional". Please remove this as DL currently struggles to maintain mana AND health in long engagements. As a final skill, damage dealt should be substantial and a apply a devastating debuff (which it does). The debuff can be useful if other skills get reworked for DoT or stack type bonuses, would synergize with the class' skill set much more than it does at the moment. Could be changed to a mixed damage type instead of magical or physical for higher damage potential.

Passives are fine.

In summary, DL isn't efficient at doing anything, let alone excel in anything. The first three skills MUST see some sort of change to increase the class' ability to farm effectively as well as be used in drawn out conflicts against more powerful opponents. Dragonlords deserve better than this.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 226
11/14/2017 9:47:37   

Horc Evader Class Suggestion
So the main point of the Horc Evader is to dodge. One of the ways to get mana is when Horc Evaders are struck in combat.
I think this should be changed to "Gains mana when dodge" because the mana of Horc Evader goes low fast and you can't send your pet into a rage. -_-
Post #: 227
11/14/2017 13:02:21   
Warmonger DragonJax

Please please buff Timekiller. It was very weak when it was released and still is kinda weak. It needs a significant buff to even be respected among its peers-Thr Chronoclasses
Post #: 228
11/25/2017 10:34:33   

The evolved shaman has long cooldowns and its cure is not efficient in comparison to the shaman class, I would like you to check it out because it is the evolution because it has less survival
Post #: 229
11/27/2017 22:59:21   

The images below will show you the slight skill changes and adds to the class, It felt so out of date compared to the new chrono classes we now possess, and with Archpaladin and other stronger classes.

Class skills Image and why and what they do


Passive skills adds and changes, And full explanation

As stated the class itself is outdated, and voted one of the worst chrono classes now, Lets change that and make it worth owning in 2017! I would really LOVE to see this tested and maybe implemented. The class was my fav when it first released! As of now i do believe its a GREAT time to try and rework some of the older pay to play classes and make them more worth the money we spent on them!

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Post #: 230
12/2/2017 15:33:44   

I really want them to buff the PaladinSlayer class. I know that it is an old an a rare class but using it is no fun. It is very weak for soloing and PvP. It has a Rank 10 passive which rarely activates too. I would like them to buff or change the skills for it and buff it so it makes atleast 50% more damage to Paladins/Healers because the name suggests it is strong against Paladins but against which ones? In PvP it has no effect and there are no Paladin monsters in the game that are weak to the class. It would not bother me too much if they did nothing about this but a change would be appreciated!

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AQW  Post #: 231
12/10/2017 8:27:01   

I have been upset about getting the timekiller class since it released, but even more so now that most new classes completely blow it out of the water. I think the buffs/debuffs should work without disconnecting the player constantly, and the skills should hit for considerably more damage to even be low tier viable. It's almost as bad as rustbucket (bringing me to my next one).

This class used to be godly (those were the days), now it is a mere shrunken shadow of its former self and it could at least be buffed to the point where it's not a gimmick meme class.

Starlord needs the biggest buff of the three, as it does little damage, the stun is a pitiful length and the mana use is through the roof. No brainer here, just improving those aspects will greatly help.

Guardian is just a little lacklustre, it could do with some skill tweaks to be a little more interesting and effective.

Dragonlord was my favourite class for a long time. Historically it was a pretty hard hitting general use powerhouse class. As each year went by, it got weaker and weaker and less useful compared to the increasing number of much stronger classes. I'd love to breathe some life into this one. The heal being increased either by a flat amount or healing a lot more if you hit a high crit or something. The first two abilities (not including auto attack) could be buffed a little too, damage wise and adding an effect onto the first.

Evolved/Prismatic clawsuit:
This is a fun class, but is plagued by large mana issues. Perhaps adding something to help with mana as a rank 10 passive would make it fun again.

Post #: 232
1/1/2018 22:59:51   

Paladin slayer
i forgot i even had it after all these years, and when i tried it, i was reminded why.
the DoT from the decay does 72 without the buff from dark grip, which makes it roughly 200. please increase it
dark energy does honestly nothing, so why not change it to a healing skill similar to vindicator of they's second skill?
dark grip would be okay if it can be done more consistently.
undead power same thing as above
honestly if you reduce the cooldown of dark grip and undead power, this can be a very good support class.
also, please be more descriptive as to what the skills do, because theres no details at all.
only people who were lucky enough to find these now out of stock booster packs had the chance to get this class, and this is all we get?

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AQW  Post #: 233
1/31/2018 16:59:11   

Please buff the doomknight overlord and most other special offer classes. I don’t think it is fair that a class that requires money to be spent is worse than a class that takes 2 hours to farm (like chaos slayer). Please take this into consideration. Thank you!
Post #: 234
2/19/2018 10:26:02   

Buff deathknight class, its just horrible I did everything like combos and enhancement and its still nothing. the dot is horrible since the class damage is focus on its dot. I suggest to buff the dot and and remove the consume stacks of death chill, for that the high dot still ongoing while on death shroud mode to regain health and to make a potential to solo any bosses. I love the way it names of the class its so badass. I hope the team will take notice of my suggestion and to make a deathknight strong once again.
Post #: 235
3/3/2018 9:35:38   

Arachnomancer: one of my favorites, but overshadowed by stonecrusher, arachnomancer needs a sustain ability. I have a few suggestions: venom fangs heals a small amount on use (since spiders bite prey and drain their liquid innerds). heal while opponent is cocooned, or just have more health restored upon dodging. ALso, mana costs are pretty high. The 2 skill should be 10 mana, not 12, the 3 skill should be 18 mana, not 23, the 4 skill should be 30 mana, not 35, and the last skill should be 30 mana instead of 27 since it's very good. Please buff

Cryomancer: frozen tears should be 30 mana, not 40. It should also have better health restoration, or have the frozen defense last the full 14 seconds. Then nerf the damage output of deep freeze by 20% maybe.

Necromancer: DEAL LESS DAMAGE TO YOURSELF PLEASE. and thank you

The Collector: a fun class, but the animations for the 2 and 4 skill are boring. The 2 skill could have the ripple effect that eternal eversionist has, and the 4 skill should be the red spiral, not the red skulls. Otherwise the 3 and 5 skill are great

Witch: don't make it a copy of healer. That's boring. How about making it a wizard based class. Skills:
Dark pulse: 25 mana, 5 second cooldown. deals moderate damage to all nearby enemies, and lowers hit chance by 30% for 6 seconds
Mirror Shield: 35 mana, 20 second cooldown. apply a shield for 10 seconds, reflecting a portion of incoming damage back to the attacker
Thunderstorm: 20 mana, 5 second cooldown. deals high damage to up to 4 nearby enemies and either applies stun for 3 seconds or electrified
for 6 seconds, lowering haste by 20%
Passives: Increase int by 15%, increase luck by 15%
Devil's pact: increase haste by 30%, increase damage output by 50%, heal for a moderate amount, and increase damage taken by 75%
Rank 10 passive: touch of good still left: small chance to heal self and allies upon hitting oponent

MechaJouster: a 42 second cooldown to heal is way too long. Lower it to 15 seconds, at most please.

Evolved Shaman: lower cooldowns overall by 2,2, and 5 seconds respectively, starting at freezing flame ending with refreshing rain. Also, the damage and heal feels very lacking at times

Shaman: it's already pretty good, but scorched spirit feels like it should be an enemy debuff, either to damage or haste

Evolved Leprechaun: please lower the cooldowns and maybe increase the damage dealt. It kind of sucks right now

Void Highlord: who had the idea of nerfing scarlet sorceress, but not void highlord? Which is easily capable of soloing desolich

Rustbucket: geez, just put it out of its misery already

Barber, pumpkin lord, classic pirate, beast warrior: all of these classes can be unique, but instead they're shameful copies of other classes. Just like witch, which I mentioned earlier

Archfiend: Lower cooldown of Mark of Death to 5 seconds, and reduce mana cost to 12 mana. Reduce Fiendish Strike's mana cost to 25 mana, and reduce to 12 second cooldown, and make it increase haste by 20% instead of 10%. Reduce Fiend frenzy's mana cost to 20, and lower cooldown to 10 seconds. Reduce Abyssal Contract's cooldown to 25 seconds, and lower mana cost to 30. Also, reduce healing from fiend leech slightly, but make it a 6 second Hot, so 3 ticks. Ex: I'm at level 71 with full wiz enh, and fiend leech heals me for 250. The new heal should be 200, but 3 ticks of it healing for 600 total

Ultra Elemental Warrior: pretty balanced, but maybe double the healing from earthen blessing and lower the cooldown of stoneskin. Otherwise, this class is great, but not op

Basically, I think it's well agreed that daimon class is one of the most balanced classes, since it deals fair damage with a fair heal. Try to make daimon the goal for most of these classes

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Post #: 236
3/12/2018 11:15:45   

Exalted Harbinger

I think the "Soul Rend"s attack animation should be the new great paragon blade attacking to enemy, just like the Void Highlord class, since it's logo is the great paragon blade.
Post #: 237
3/12/2018 17:12:36   

Arbiter's Wrath could again have 10 seconds instead of 8. With those 8 seconds you can not use Armaggedon with Arbiter's Wrath activated, the effect ends before you can use Armaggedon again. And that has greatly diminished the power of Void HighLord, a class that we kill to get, a hard to get item, receive this nerf is unfair

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AQW  Post #: 238
3/24/2018 13:21:51   

The verification classes (guardian, dragonlord and starlord) are too underpowered and obsolete. they have to be nerfed to match today's standarts

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 239
4/5/2018 10:06:33   
Doom Blades

Doom Knight Overlord needs a buff and a (minor) Skill Re-Work. The party Only Requirements for the 'extra' Boost for power is laughable compare to the other classes that just Nukes on the the Mobs and bosses. Why pay cash for a mediocre class (Granted that it looks nice as well as the Action Figure).

Doom Knights are known for their destructive powers (In DF for example) but In AQW they just struggle with defeating mobs. Doom knight Overlords Aren't Support classes Period. They are the damage dealers. They should be the power house that they should of been.....I said my piece....with a side of ranting

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DF AQW  Post #: 240
4/27/2018 13:37:28   

Lycan and Master Ranger Class needs love too

I would suggest giving Lycan Class:
-Better descriptions, this beast needs respect.
-Improvement on Visual
-Overall skill effects/function is fine just need to give better skill informations.

For Master Ranger Class:
- tbh it's dying, tho the attack animation is barely keeping it alive.
- sooner or later, it'll be the same as Rustbucket class
- the skills needs to be buffed or i would rather recommend changing it.
Post #: 241
5/4/2018 13:39:09   
G Man

I also agree, the verification classes could use a touch up/update...

These are my thoughts


Pulse Compression: Change to an effect that lowers the targets outgoing damage. Say maybe... 10-15% The class mana regen model is that of Rogue, if the target is attacking less, it doesn't play into the mana and health regen of the class. Lowering the targets outgoing damage will help everyone, and still play into class' regen model...
Increase CD to 10 seconds, and bump nerf duration to 8 seconds.

Pulse Dilation:
Lower cost to 20, Keep large damage effect if Pulse Compression is in effect, but if it's not in effect, change the 3 second stun into a small HoT ('Dunno what to call that effect), say 50-75% weapon damage per tick for 8 seconds. A 3 second stun is hardly worth 25 mana and 10 seconds of cooldown, AND no damage, personally. Plus, the class could use a bit more survivability…

Energy Arc
I feel that it could also apply an.... "Energized" buff to the player, increasing haste and dodge, (Maybe 10% to haste and 15% to dodge?) for... 5 seconds which would work well for the class. I mean, you ARE pulling in multiple targets, you need to be able to somewhat survive. And haste will help with cooldowns, allowing you to attack, and use skills more frequently, making the fights end sooner, and/or helping survivability.

The passives can remain untouched.

High Energy Arc:
Lower CD to 10 seconds Remove the "Does less damage per bounce" (adjust damage as needed). Keep the restored health aspect. Make the skill do more damage, and restore extra health with "Energized" active, removing "Energized." Again, you're attacking multiple targets, which generally doesn't work too well with dodge based classes, more damage, and a boosted health regen could help with the fight(s), ending it(them) sooner, and keeping you alive.

Add a rank 10 passive..... let’s call it.... "Mechanized Armor?" that passively reduces incoming damage by 10%? I don't know what else would really fit in this class, so maybe a little boost to the survivability would be useful?


Guardian Rage
Can remain the same.

Allow buff to apply regardless of hitting the target or not. Lots of classes nowadays have a similar skill that does not require a hit to apply the buff. Plus it feeds well into the class, and is not too terrible of a buff. I mean, it’s only a crit chance boost, there’s no guarantee that you’ll even crit during the duration of the buff...

Guardian Light
Change skill to a purely defensive skill. Keep 50% damage reduction, and add a small heal per hit effect. (Static 5% HP restored per hit for the duration of the buff) The class lacks a traditional heal skill, or a vampirism type skill that is common among classes these days, and it’ll help the class’ survival side, which while not terrible, it was sorely lacking.

Passives can remain untouched

Guardian Blast
Remove AoE effect, add a moderate DoT (Say.... 75% weapon damage per tick for 4 ticks)
This being the only AoE you couldn’t kill mobs really fast, more than likely resulting in death, or close calls. Making this a not really useful skill to use. (Depending on the situation) With a reduction in hits, (as you are not attacking multiple targets any more) lower mana cost to 25.

Add a rank 10 passive.... "Guardian Dragon's Rage?" That is a medium% based chance to do a large% DoT on any skill, or attack. Say.... 10% chance to do a... 200%? DoT for 1 tick?

Dragon Lord

Can remain mostly untouched, maybe a slight damage buff.

Heated Blade
Change skill so that it hits 2 targets. Change haste and hit chance reduction to a DoT (HEATED BLADE implies a flaming/hot/fiery blade, and a DoT fits the name much better, maybe a 75-100% weapon damage DoT for 4 seconds?)

Skill can remain untouched.

Cursed Blade
Change the 12% increased damage to 15% increased damage, slightly helping the damage of the class (and other players). Maybe also move the debuff aspect of heated blade over and additionally lower haste and hit chance by... 10%? to the target(s)

Add a rank 10 passive... “Dragonlord's Might?” Which increases crit chance by... 15%?

DL seemed to be centered around the idea of fighting 2 targets, so why not try to make it the best at it? I mean, the multi hitters we have these days are mostly centered around 3 or more targets so I feel that DL should be able to compete with them, by having a bit more damage and survivability.

Now on to a couple other classes…

(Dark) Legendary Hero

Remove attention grabbing aspect. The other skills were not really designed around the tanking aspect of this first skill. There’s no need to pull in damage, if the class cannot mitigate a good chunk of it on its own.

Lead the Charge:
Can remain untouched.

Stolen Thunder:
Can remain untouched.

Passives can remain untouched.

Legacy Crater:
Can remain untouched.

Rank 10 passive:
Can remain untouched.


Sentinel's Strike.
Skill can remain untouched

Active Endurance:
The heal needs to be greatly buffed, it can BARELY keep up with the DoT… (An in may cases, it cannot even keep up with it.) Plus, that's only when you're really low on health when the heal is the strongest.
It should be changed to a flat% (Say…. 25-30% of max HP) self heal, and a damage reduction, (Say... 15%) and not do any damage, it doesn't fit the skills name. And this would greatly help the class overall.

Adrenaline Rush:
And here we arrive at the biggest issue with the class. The sef damage DoT is unnecessarily large. I’d even consider it outright unnecessary. Especially when other classes can have similar buff to damage output, or even have BETTER output without a drawback like a high self DoT. Instead of a self DoT if there HAS to be a drawback associated with the class, then have it be something like.... take 10-15% increased damage for the buff duration.
The DoT is frequently in the couple hundreds if not MORE (As a matter of fact, I just tested the DoT at level 70 with full fighter (as suggested on the DN's and the class description), with Unarmed as my weapon. (Enhanced with level 70 Health Vamp.) and the DoT was 335, bumped to 502 if looped. That's just insane that you're taking more damage form the self DoT than you would take form many monsters' hits. I also tested Death's Bright Blade with a level 70 Health Vamp Enhancement. With that I had DoTs that were often less than 100, yes, but I also had DoTs that were often over 400... (I also had a couple small HoTs.)

Passives can remain untouched.

Skill can remain untouched.

Rank 10 passive can remain untouched

I also feel that the member base classes/base class clones should finally feel like an upgraded version of the base classes.
Some of the stuff I'm suggesting isn't all that great (in both name, and changes...), I know... I wanted them to feel the same as the base classes, but be... better... (Although that's entirely subjective.)

Acolyte (Clone of Healer)

Change Skill name to..... "Lifeline Attack" (I'm not all that great at names...) "Lifeline Attack" does damage equal to your current health. Bump CD to 5 seconds and keep mana cost.
This won't be all that great at lower levels, sure. but it'll do more than 10% of your current HP, and at higher levels it could pump out pretty decent damage, and greatly help the mage mana regen. Especially when it crits.

Healing Word
Change skill name to.... "Greater Restore" "Greater Restore" heals the caster and up to 6 friendly targets for a large amount of HP, and grants battle boosts, increasing damage output by 10%, haste by 10%, and damage reduction by 10% for 8 seconds. Keep mana cost, bump CD to 10 seconds.

Energy Flow
Can remain the same, as it's effects already pretty good. (IMHO)

Pure Hearted and Resolute can remain the same effects, but bump them by 5% to each.
A nice small boost to already good passives, it's pretty fitting for an upgraded version of a class.

Clear Mind
Change skill name to "Battle Meditation" (If we can get away with that term.) Which reduces mana costs by 30% for up to 6 friendly targets, (not including the caster) and grants bonus mana restoration. The caster receives 10% less damage for the duration of the buff (Keep cost, and duration the same, lower CD to 15 seconds)

Warlord (Clone of Warrior)

Decisive Strike
Change skill to... "Crushing Blow." "Crushing Blow" does 150% damage and makes the target take 15% bonus damage for 6 seconds.
Bump CD to 4 seconds, lower mana cost to 15. Instead of outright damage, I figured having still good damage, and a damage boost would be a good fit.

Imbalancing Strike
Change skill to "Murder Stroke" (look it up) Lower mana cost to 15, lower cd to 6 seconds. Skill does 125% damage and stuns the target for 2 seconds. "Murder Stroke" also has a higher than average chance to crit.
The old skill was far too costly for it's outcome, a third of your mana for 40% damage and a 4 second stun? It was hardly worth using, and isn't worth using at all when most bosses come with a stun resistance these days.... This still won't really be worth it but having a bit more damage than AA with a bonus to crit? That might make the skill worth using...

Prepared Strike
Change to.... "Half Swording" Which makes *all* hits for 6 seconds unavoidable, and boosts crit chance by 15%. Figured instead of buffing only auto attacks, this would be a good all around buff, and with a bump in the buff duration it could help abate getting the short end when there's a lag spike or something. Keep mana cost and CD

Aggression and Resolute can be treated like Acolyte, just a number buff, the skills work well.

On Guard
Change to... (I wish I could say Full Counter, but that could be pushing it) "Counter." "Counter" is a "channel skill" (Which does not allow the usage of any skills, or auto attack), drawing in aggression for the duration, but releasing high damage back at the end. Channel duration is 10 seconds, reducing damage by 75% and you deal back 25 times of the damage you recieved. So say you fought a monster that does 200 damage, so you take 50 damage 5 times (on average) you'd receive 250 damage and you'd deal back 6,250 damage.
Figured this'd keep in line with the idea of reducing damage taken, at the cost of reducing damage, but it'd give a bit of a bonus this time around at giving high damage at the end.

Sorcerer (Clone of Mage)

Change skill name to "Magma Blast" "Magma Blast" Does high damage to a single target (150% weapon damage) and applies a DoT ("Magma Burn") (75% weapon damage per tick) to the target 6 seconds. If "Imprisoned by Ice" is applied skill does an additional 50% bonus damage (To skill's outright damage, and the DoT) consuming "Imprisoned by Ice." Lower CD to 4 seconds, and keep the mana cost.
Figured this is a solid outright buff to the skill.

Ice Shard
Change skill to... "Ice Rune" "Ice Rune" does 50% weapon damage and applies "Imprisoned by Ice" to the target for 10 seconds greatly lowering its damage output (20%), dodge chance(25%), and crit chance(25%). Skill cannot miss, skill cannot crit. If "Magma Burn" is present the skill instead does 75% weapon damage and applies "Ice Realm" to the caster for 2 seconds; affecting this skill only. "Ice realm" reduces "Ice Rune's" cost to 0 and CD to 2 seconds.
Again, this plays into the idea of using the first two skills off of each other, and is a solid outright buff. I figured the "Ice realm" idea wouldn't be too much of an issue, as it's only a buff to one skill, that cannot really be spammed too much, as it's only a 10-ish second buff (The buff can only be applied during the duration of "Magma Burn") for a skill that'll only ever do 75% weapon damage, but it's guaranteed damage...

Change skill to.... "Mana Burst" "Mana Burst" causes the mana to burst forth from your target causing them to take 15 times their current mana (In most cases this'll only be 1500 damage, so not a whole lot, it's pretty useful at lower levels, but not anything to write home about at higher levels...) The skill also restores a small amount of mana to the caster.
Skill costs 0, has a 10 second CD, and restores 20 mana to the caster.
I completely changed this skill, because Explosion being the only multi hitter doesn't really work too well, and I figured some mana restoration would be good for the class if you're gonna keep using the first two skills in tandem.

Again, like Acolyte and Warlord, the passives are good ones, they just need a bump in numbers...

Arcane Shield
Change skill to.... "Mana Barrier" "Mana Barrier" reduces damage by 85% and causes ALL damage to take from mana reserves for 15 seconds. If mana is reduced to 0, the barrier explodes doing high damage (200% weapon damage) and restores 20 mana to the caster. Change mana cost to 0, Reduce CD to 30 seconds.
Again, just an outright buff to the skill, The other skills do not really play around the tanking aspect of this skill, but I figured that this would help play into the idea of using skills in tandem (Using Mana Burst as needed with this skill for example...) with each other, while also keeping the same idea of the skill...

Renegade (Clone of Rogue)

I'm..... honestly at a loss for changing this class....
Rogue is already a pretty solid class, so maybe just some number adjustments, like a boosted dodge rate on the passive "Elusive," and a little more damage on the DoT from Viper's Kiss.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 242
5/5/2018 0:27:22   

Legendary archfiend. need more damage and survivability also new animations.ty

-if this is already suggested feel free to delete it
Post #: 243
5/6/2018 11:22:09   

Archpaladin started off as a good idea of a class, but it is hardly usable seeing how low the damage output is.

Sure, it works when farming undead monsters, but when it comes to other things, especially soloing high damage enemies, which is what it was made for, there is really no reason to use it over basically any other class.
Post #: 244
5/13/2018 19:52:39   

Greetings Artix, Alina and Arklen. My ID: Syntomeroks, My name is Jehonathan i am from Venezuela and i play your games since my childhood.

since we have now this Event of FireWAR from DragonFable currently i have some stuff and ideas to contribute with AQW:
firts: we have soo many years since the Guardiand, Starlord and Dragonlord classes dont get a rework in Gameplay and Art.

and mi issue is with the Dragonlord beacause im Dragonlord from Dragonfable.

with the items: just 2 o them are Tag AC, Dragonlord and defender class. we should have all items being AC tag (i image the same issue happen with the Guardian and Starlord), and put some new stuff like the new art with the Classic Dragonlord and teh color custom and DUDE the Evolved Dragonlord armor need the Colour version of DragonFable and the SHIELD, we the need things we can add in the shop are the Elemental Orbs that interac with the class and the PET DRAGON we should have that interact with the class en the elemental orbs.

with this we can put all the interactions with the skills.

now the Gameplay:
many years ago in the past the Dragonlord class WAS A TOP TIER CLASS. now is a tier z class, cant compite with classes like Lightcaster, Voidhighlord, Exalted Soul Cleaver, Archpaladin, Stonecrusher even in Solo, Farm, Support or PVP.

currently the set of skills dont fit with the DF one.

my idea with the skill set is the next one:
Auto attack: 125% damage, we can add some sort of extra stacks or debuff againts the enemy like happens with the VHL, SST.
1 skill: we can put the Light, Frost and Fire damage in to one skill combined with debuff agints the enemy.
2 skill: we can put a stun from the shied of the DL.
3 skill: we can put the electric attack from DF wich does AoE damage.
4 skill: we can put there the 10% health that converts in to damage and put some buff for that.

and from the passives:
1: more resistence, dodge and Endurence
2: more output Damage againts enemy (buff)
and for the last passive we can use the Dragon Heart... or we can put a new name the Elemental Dragon Hearth, wich interact with our elemental Orb or Pet dragon (with this we can do someting like the Elemental orbs are our dragon and depending of the color the so some sort of buff, debuff etc)

well that all i was thinking today and here it is.

sorry for me english. and thanks for all those years of Epicness.
Post #: 245
5/19/2018 11:49:36   

This is just a minor suggestion, and it's the adding of a Rank 10 Passive to the StoneCrusher class.
SC is plenty strong as it is, however rather than giving it a direct stat buff, I'd like to go a different route:

Rank 10 (Passive) - Tectonic Strikes.
Auto Attacks now have a 25% chance to apply Magnitude. If magnitude is applied, your Auto Attacks have +10% hit chance.
AQ AQW  Post #: 246
7/3/2018 8:33:24   

Buff the legacy classes pls

Dragonlord, Guardian, and Starlord

these classes needs to be OP
DF  Post #: 247
7/3/2018 18:34:22   

Why not buff the Chaos Slayer classes. It's supposed to be the "ultimate class" but it's attack speed is slow and the heal is unreliable. So i think that the chaos blade's cooldown should be lowered to 1.5 seconds and Surge's cooldown should be 12 seconds.

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Post #: 248
7/4/2018 12:12:12   

I'd like to make some suggestions about the Skyguard Grenadier Class.

I tried to keep the core of the class the same. You apply short debuffs with your first 3 skills, and upgrade them with your last skill to try and turn the tide of the battle. There were two focuses of the changes:

The first was buffing the upgraded effects that Reactive Grenade gives you, so the effect you choose has alot more impact.

The second was a change to the rank 10 passive into something that promotes using all the skills that Skyguard Grenadier offers, and makes Grenadier move viable in a party.

- Breach (10 mana, 4 second)
Light damage, Applies Off-Guard State to the enemy which replaces any other State: Reduces enemy damage by 20% for 4 seconds.

- Flashbang (15 mana, 8 second)
Moderate damage, applies Blinded State to the enemy which replaces any other State: Reduces enemy chance to crit by 30% for 4 seconds.

- Tactical Gas (15 mana, 8 second)
Moderate damage, applies Gassed State which replaces any other State: Reduces enemy haste by 30% and has a chance to stun for 4 seconds.

- Vanguard (Passive)
Increase Endurance by 20%

- Battle Horn (Passive)
Increase Damage by 10%

- Reactive Grenade (25 mana, 12 seconds)
High Damage, Applies a Strategy based on whichever state was last applied to your foe. Off-Guard Strategy – Assault which taunts the enemy and reduces their damage by 50%. Blinded Strategy – Reposition which refunds a small amount of mana each attack. Gassed Strategy – Reprieve which gives you a small heal over time. Strategies all last 12 seconds unless replaced by another.

- Tactician (Rank 10 Passive)
Changing your Strategy lets you see chances to turn the battle in your favor. Whenever you go from one Strategy to another, your opponent becomes Exposed, taking 150% more damage for 2 seconds.
DF AQW  Post #: 249
7/11/2018 7:48:37   

Eternal Inversionist Suggestions:
The following changes are to remove randomness involved with certain abilities, and iron out quirks in the class design.
The class currently has some odd design choices that don't mesh with its role as a farming class, so this aims to change that.

Inverted Blade (Auto Attack):
Change Rejuvenation to grant a small amount of healing on each auto attack (currently a 15% chance for a 6 second HoT).
This makes the class's healing more consistent and less reliant on luck, but reduces the healing amount slightly at lower levels (i.e. lower haste).

Dimensional Strength (Rank 4 Passive):
Decrease the STR and END buffs from 12% to 10%.
This nerf will be to accommodate for the following buff to the rank 10 passive.

Caricature (Rank 5 Ability):
Change it from a 25% chance to stun for 4 seconds, to 100% chance to stun for 1 second.
This makes the ability more consistent, without increasing the overall average stun duration.

Eternal Resolve (Rank 10 Passive):
Remove the 40% spell damage reduction, and change it to 15% overall damage reduction, OR, a 15% increase to evasion.
Alternatively, it could go for a more generalist route, and grant 5% to Hit Rate, Crit rate, and Evasion, improving quality of life overall.
The 40% spell damage reduction is unfitting of a farming class. This would make it more effective against monsters, hence the nerf to the rank 4 passive.

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