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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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1/4/2016 2:23:49   

They should also improve chi blast instead of a 100% accuracy stun yourself hit that costs so much mana and cooldowns long they should make it a tiny damage amount skill which would activate the rank 10 passive ancestor favor instantly.
For the record the cooldown would still remain the same and it would be cool that the 5 skill activates the rank 10 passives making it more urgent to get the class points to rank 10 because many players only get to rank 5.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 26
1/4/2016 12:37:02   

Ok so as you (probably) know, AQW has one of the most unbalanced pvp for now. I know not all classes should be good for pvp but a couple of them needs buffs and nerfs.

Blaze binder, artifact hunter and cryomancer are completely broken. These classes should be nerfed. I know blaze binder is a tier 2 class but it's way too powerful in it's current state compared to-

Legion paladin, archfiend, paladin, doomknight, dragon shinobi, dark caster, etc.

Blaze binder-
First skill mana cost removed (buffing mana at the cost of defense, slight mana buff though).
2nd skill- Hit debuff removed, Turned into a massive haste debuff. This will make blaze binder less toxic by make 3 players unable to do anything for 8 seconds which is purely unfair.... no longer stuns, stun+hit debuff was already madness. last skill should can't be dodged, But the first one can. Also the 4rd skill, fire in your skin should now deal damage to all enemies in a certain range instead of the classic burning ward, that's boring and unoriginal.

Artifact hunter-
This class has WAYYYYY too high DPS and Tankyness. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to kill someone that:
first skill crits for 2k damage every 4 seconds, has a shield that reduces dmg taken by 50% and reflects some of it, AND THAT HAS A 500 HEAL OVER TIME. This class is insane in pvp, it's released for a year and rare yet it's extremely popular. please make the first skill's cooldown longer, and the last skill have some slight risk when used.

This class needs skill and decent mana usage to bring out full potential but.... You don't need skills with this class to stomp in pvp, You have a 9k nuke with a 4 seconds stun, enough said. Change the last skill from scratch please. It's not fair.

Archfiend. Seriously, why would you guys buff the already fairly OP blademaster assassin and overlook this heck of a trash class? please? 1. You deal minimal damage even with last skill activated. Your heal is weak and doesn't proc often. Your cooldowns are insanely long and you have a terrible hit rate. These downfalls make this class pure trash at the moment and deserves more.

auto attack :1.75 seconds cooldown, 110% damage (deals intellect auto attack thingy)
Nulgath is known for his awesome weapons, so now an archfiend can use the auto attacks to full potential too ;D

1st skill damage increased, cooldown decreased
2nd skill cooldown decreased to about 8-10 seconds and damage increased
3rd skill cooldown increased and applies fiend leech directly, and crit buff is 100% guaranteed proc and higher mana cost
4th- Cooldown decreased, damage increased, debuff duration decreased to 3-5 seconds and mana cost slightly decreased.
This will make archfiend cooler and better fit to those rank 4 passives.

I will make another post for the rest of the mentioned class later, Hope ya guys enjoyed! :D

More changes! (8 Jan 2016)

Ok so here, are more buffs.
Doomknight and Paladin. Seriously, these two classes are tier 2s an are pretty darn useless. Paladin is slightly underpowered while doomknight is completely underpowered. I would say make doomknight's last skill hit for a skill that hits for about 2000 and cannot be dodged, still has the same effects. First skill dot increased for extra heal, void strike is bs. The tooltip makes no sense, please remake that skill into something else. Thank you. Paladin needs a buff on last skill, that's all.

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AQW  Post #: 27
1/7/2016 2:15:00   

pretty sure we can all agree archfiend needs something to stand out more. even the description for the last skill is wrong. it says it deals heavy damage and weakens them, but it barely does any damage. the cooldown on it is a pain, the second skill does too little damage for its mana cost and without an effect isnt that good. its healing is very unreliable and its crit boosting skill isnt guaranteed.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 28
1/7/2016 7:56:59   

VoT needs a buff now that Collector's available. In fact, all old classes should be on par with the newest ones.

What if we buffed the pet classes by making the pets mini tanks that took damage instead of the player? Also every old class needs a Shaman Style buff.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 29
1/14/2016 8:58:15   

I probably have said this before in the old thread but I haven't elaborated it much. I am going to repeat it again and share new ideas that I came up in terms of polishing this class.

Buff Archfiend.

I agree as much as the person after and before me that this class is really underwhelming. It has lived in Arachnomancer's shadow for a long time as they both have similar jobs as a pesky debuffer; the only difference is that the latter has better everything except that Archfiend's defense nerf can be applied immidiately on cast which is not much of a perk really. I can only view this class being better from the amazing spiderman at a Bludrut Brawl situation where fights lasts no longer than 8 seconds and you want to melt the opponent(s)' defence immediately, implying they doesn't dodge them. In short, I can say that Archfiend is basically a secondhand Arachnomancer.

So, what are my ideas for this guy?

I am going to stick to the "annoying debuff support that makes other people lives miserable just like Nulgath with his quests" theme for Archfiend.

Auto Attack
Keep it the same. But, increase Fiend Leech proc chance. Archfiends desperately need it for survival.

Mark of Death
Mediocre DoT won't make you an outstanding support class. I suggest that with every stack add a debuff that increases critical damage taken. This is because with max stacks plus the 4th and 5th skill, it will be the perfect time for your party to rain upon death on the unfortunate target.

Fiendish Strike
Mediocre damage and range and offers next nothing to the team but hey, at least it deals damage. This skill is pretty bland in my opinion. To spice things up I suggest that this skill removes the target's current buffs on hit. This will differentiate Archfiend from Arachnomancer and carve himself a niche as the "Anti-Fun" hero at PvP especially Bludrut Brawl. A range increase is also needed because it's pretty eh now. Sure it still kind of useless in PvE but imagine all the dispelled Burning Wards...

Fiend Frenzy
This skill is in a desperate need of a buff. I mean, it have a 70% chance to do literally nothing when fighting alone. I am honestly also not a fan of chance-based skills which a lot of AQW classes have. Even if it procs, it doesn't give that much of a buff (it's a short buff as well) to allies to pay off the buff chance. So, here are a couple of suggestions for this:

- Make it a normal rally skill; use it, everyone gets fiend-frenzied. Cooldown and Mana Cost increased to compensate the auto 5-man steroid. Buff time also increased but shorter than the cooldown so it can't be looped over. This will make this skill viable when setting up big damage with parties.

- Reduce the bonus crit chance to 20%. To be fair, 5 people with 30% bonus damage can be pretty broken. So I have soften the numbers a bit to balance the skill. And the best part...

- Allies affected by Fiend Frenzy can proc Fiend Leech when casting a spell. This makes Archfiend a legit team support if all they do is spam buttons (Ninja, Necromancer, Card Clasher, VoT, you name it). The proc chance will be the same as Archfiend's, and the heal amount will be the same as Archfiend's when they proc Fiend's Leech to support physical-based classes. It's an interesting mechanic and I like it.

Nah, keep it the same. Even as a support class, they are probably needed in a pinch.

Abyssal Contract
The only decent skill on the arsenal currently, and its still worse than Arachnomancer's 5th skill. It not bad, but it's kind of annoying if it miss with its massive cooldown. I suggest that this skill cannot miss a-la Jackhammer. Also remove the "deals massive damage" on the description because it isn't. Now we have a solid support.

So all in all we have a brand new Archfiend which is not just a worse version of Arachnomancer. It is more useful in PvP with the new 2nd skill and PvE with the new 1st and 3rd skill, while the 5th skill buff is the icing on the cake.

These are my suggestions for Archfiend, I apologize if there are any offensive and/or inappropriate words that breaks the forum etiquette, and have a nice day.

Also happy birthday Nulgath.

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Post #: 30
1/16/2016 18:39:58   

Kmon guys!
(No damage, agonizing cooldowns, insta killed, etc)

Horc evader- Buff the mana. Change it into wizard mana regen. This will help the class deal with its mana probs and not make it super op because dodge mana regen would give it a heal, which would make it impossible to kill.

Legion paladin. So I had these cool changes posted over facebook (nova dh).
Bit lazy, will post them later.
This class needs some changes because the damage is either too high or insignificant, and you can't control that. BUT if you guys aren't going to completely rework the skillset, here's some suggestions-

1. extirpate's effect stacks, 10% and 5% damage dealt and taken respectively. Make it so you can stack it or loop it, and slightly reduce the cooldown. This gives you more control over the class.
2. Heal either don't change it or make it heal more but can't crit. (also heals more people could be nice)
3. Either 1. Make it undodgeable. 2. make the skill can't crit but not affected by damage resistance This will stop the class being "HU3HE211E298HE I CWIT U SKWUBZ SU HURD I WHANE SHOTTEH U!" or "Darn it, I'm useless, this class is pure trash!"
4. last skill : no changes.

Add a rank 10 passive please. Here's a cool one(s)

1. Axe throw or something (not good at making names)
Every 10 seconds your auto attack can be commanded to deal a ranged strike by pressing 1. deals slightly more damage and applies a 2 second stun. only useable if legion light of destiny is equiped.

2. purified calad

Causes your next auto attack to deal increased damage and apply a haste debuff. (must have purified/golden calad equipped)

also, the rank 4 passives are jokes compared to other classes.
shadowknight plate : damage taken reduced by 20%
Health increased by 20%.
Something more like this please, thanks.

Dragon shinobi needs a dodge increase rank 4 passive instead of endurance, for the mana regen's sake. also rework the skillset if ya guys want to because the class is strategic but the desc says it's aggressive. (reason why you shouldn't is because this is one of the few strategic classes) Also increase skill 1's damage by a little and make the spinning dragon effect proc on every 3rd consecutive kunnai or whatev you call it.
This makes the class less idiotic based on how fast the enemy can kill you.

Royal battlemage. This class either one-shots or die. Literally. And it can't one-shot anymore.
So here's the buffs: under enchanted blade, auto attacks are empowered and reduce the cooldown of skills by 1 second. this gives the class more sustained damage and the cooldown reduction only helps tbh.

Chunnin- I heard this class was really old. Please buff it and get rid of it's mana problems, so it can farm smoothly. =)

Deathknight- skill 3 or the high damage thing can't be missed, so this class won't have a super hard time doing anything.

That's it for now, thanks for reading.

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AQW  Post #: 31
1/18/2016 21:01:43   
Doom Spectrum

Class: Archfiend
Reason #1: Despite it's prior buff to the 5th skill, the class's 25% increased damage intake is holding the class back majorly, although the HoT (fiend leech) is fairly useful, it doesn't seem to help when fighting larger bosses.
Reason #2: The class claims to have "awesome power," yet the highest that I've hit was 5.2K, and that has only happened once out of the day that I've experimented with the class.
Reason #3: The classes 4th move doesn't seem to be applied very often, out of 6 times of using this skill, 'fiend frenzy' has only applied once. It's 30% increased critical strike chance is hardly useful considering one of your rank 4 passives already increases your critical strike chance.
Mark of Death: I feel the DoT for this move should be able to be stacked higher for increased damage on your DoT. Another suggestion to this move is possibly allowing the move to increase your damage slightly with each stack.
Fiendish Strike: This move appears to be fine despite the lack of anything besides just pure damage. Perhaps it should give you a slight heal based on how much damage you do with that skill.
Fiend Frenzy: Increase the chance of activation with this skill, its practically useless with just the critical strike chance boost as well, so maybe add in a damage buff.
Abyssal Contract: Decrease the cooldown time, increase the damage done with this move, and perhaps even add a slight HoT to help with the 25% more damage intake.
Fiend Leech: Increase the chance of this skill activating.

Honestly, I didn't believe anyone when they said: 'It's not worth buying this class with acs.' Now I know that they're right. And if you want me to be completely honest, it's not even worth farming. There are so many other reputation classes that are much better than this class.

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AQW  Post #: 32
1/19/2016 15:12:59   

I think it would be more fitting to make Archfiend into a DPS or Tanking/Survival class

then give Archfiend's current skills to a new Void class (Void Cleric?)
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 33
1/20/2016 15:12:57   

Dark Caster
Currently stacks of soul crush and soul burn replace each other. Instead however make it so the stacks don't replace each other (you can alternate the skills while still keeping the stacks) which would make it much better to use and actually do damage

Last skill is completely useless in most cases. Make it so that it is 100% crit and never misses. Or if not, at least get rid of the stun for something else. It costs way too much mana, long cooldown, stuns you, and doesn't even do good damage because it never crits. this is a really useless skill...paralyzing wind does more damage (because it can crit), less mana, less cooldown,and hits all the enemies, so i don't get why chi blast is even there for a rank 5
Post #: 34
1/24/2016 7:26:09   

All I have to say is that I think TimeKiller and ChronoCorruptor really need a buff.
Both are really outdated at the moment and if you take a closer look at all other calendar classes hitting 100-200k's, these classes eat mana and dish out a small 10k if lucky.
And with ChronoCorruptor it's about chaos and "Luck" which I get,but if you deal a 6k with Shiftburn, the highest damage you can do is around 50k. Which is laughable.
Post #: 35
1/29/2016 3:19:57   

Cryomancer could use with a cooldown reduction on the last skill, and a little mana cost reduction over all.
AQW  Post #: 36
1/29/2016 20:54:38   

To whoever who wants to buff cryomancer, just no. It is just not acceptable to buff a class that can oneshot. It's like putting rengar back to his "auto-win" state: 68% win rate.

Master ranger:
This class is heavily outdated. Bad mana regen and it's hard to stack the stacks tbh.

AQW  Post #: 37
1/31/2016 0:45:55   

Card Clasher needs its "Deal" to be completely balanced. 33% for Red, 33% for Blue and 33% for Green. The extra 1% may go to either one. One of my favorite classes ever.
And have all classes able to have Battle Pets attack animation.

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Post #: 38
1/31/2016 22:32:12   

Can we buff Paladin Slayer Class? I tested it and really, the damage is awful for a class who doesn't have heal. First of all, the highest Crit for that class is around 1.3K. The dragon killed me in less than 2 minutes. Mainly because the damager was not constant, the DOT is really low..... like 43 damage. Secondly, the only way to to heal is using Mana Vamp enhancement and the only way to gain mana is to get hit or land a Crit. The problem with that is that you barely get crits with this class, secondly if you keep getting hit you will die really fast in PVP. Specially 1v1. I am really disappointed that the class is designed like Vordred. Who is so a super cool character. I mean, even Artix could not kill him the first time, but this class reflects none of the qualities of Vordred. I mean a little buff would be fine. At least so much that it can compete with Blade Master Assassin, which is really OP, even after the update.
Post #: 39
2/1/2016 20:18:55   
Aura Knight

While this is a new class, I think stonecrusher could be a bit better. The skill I can't seem to like in it is the third one that places an HoT and reduces damage done to the player. I think the heal should be a lot more than what it is now or the damage reduction should be increased. As a tier 2 class, I assumed the class can keep the player alive long enough. Against certain fights, that skill is almost useless because some monsters deal way more damage than you can heal back or even protect against using the shield. What could make this skill better is if it reflected half the damage back on the target and if the heal were maybe doubled what it is now. The HoT is around 40 or so. I'd say if it were at least 100 with a magnitude activation making it 200 or something, it would help the class survive more in fights. The only reason the class seems to be doing so well is because the last skill is always activating the sinkhole effect, which reduces monster haste and crit chance. Without it, I don't think it would be able to solo the things is can and while it isn't meant to be a solo class, as a tier 2 class it should be able to hold its own against most things.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 40
2/7/2016 21:49:04   

Made "buff archfiend 2.0" From the ideas of all the other "buff archfiend" around.

(copy pasted from my thread in the starsinc web)

1. weapon damage changed to 120% and deals magical damage.
Auto attack speed set to 1.85
Helps with mana, and to get the class "in theme". Nulgath is known for his weapons so....

2.Death mark.
Damage increased to about 500 (crit) at level 65 with full wizard enhancement. dot is same, mana cost reduced to 10 and cooldown reduced to 5 seconds.

Making this skill more effective. Not much to say.
This allows it to stack faster, and deal slightly more damage.

3. Fiendish strike
Damage increased to 1000-1400 at level 65 with full wizard enhancements.
cannot be dodged. Always crits.
Same thing with range. cooldown reduced to 8 seconds and mana {increased} cost to 32

4. Fiend frenzy
Now has a 100% change to crit buff allies and you for 30% extra crit over 8 seconds.
Cooldown increased to 12 seconds, mana cost to 20

5. Passives unchanged. Fiend leech turned into something new: occurs every 4 seconds. Causes the text to appear and the next skill you use will heal you for about 500 (wiz 65 enh).

6. Final skill! Abyssal Contract
"The Archfiend draws power from the darkness, sending all his foes and himself to the abyss. Removes all buffs and negates dodge chance and applies decay. Each kill restores power to the Archfiend"

Cooldown changed to 30 seconds. mana cost unchanged.
No longer deals damage. Hits all enemies in the room, and can't be dodged. Removes all buffs, negates all dodge chance to enemies hit, applies decay AND INCREASES THEIR HIT CHANCE BY 40%. Also increases the damage they take by 75% or 100% (You team's choice) and incoming damage by 35%. (for 15 seconds)

Special effects: when an enemy affected by this skill dies, restores 20 mana and 20% of your missing health to yourself. Refunds cooldown (of this skill) by 5 seconds too.
rank 10 passive: No changes
This makes the skill more game changing now. You have to be careful using using it, and decent timing can change battles. This gives the class a higher skill cap and makes it better at supporting, pvping and farming.
This shouldn't make the class super op since it still has cooldowns to deal with.

About stonecrusher: Tbh, the haste buffs are overkills... I mean, you get over 50%. There is no point at this rate seriously. And it's kinda weird that the class doesn't have a rank 10. Maybe a cool rank 10 could be to increase the haste cap to 70%?

Removed off-topic comment/discussion. ~Rickyb20

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AQW  Post #: 41
2/11/2016 19:59:47   

Blood titan

Needs resistance From elemental embrace/grasp

Players are quick to stun Blood titans, stuns which are certain or probable work about 99% (out of every player i encountered with stun capability a Darkblood storm king missed stun chance once)against blood titan regardless if u evade or not

It needs a farther skill reach for the heal due to players running away incessantly Everything else about class is fine, except when being mobbed in brawl and stunned in
the midst of all that lag.
Blood thief needs a slight damage buff, its a shame it misses alot.

Blood thief skill dropping it 1/5 of hp is bad

i brawled with about 4500 hp non mem
i had 100 hp and it ate 1000 hp thats 1/4 of total
Post #: 42
2/12/2016 23:28:04   

Witch, first of all... Happy Birthday Nulgath. AQW love you. Honestly I am not quite a fan but I love you too.

Well, about my ArchFiend idea...

The purpose of this suggestion is to make ArchFiend a critical based support class with a little party sustain in its ''huge moments'' but the speciality relying on criticals. The ArchFiend can now nearly guarantee critical damage with its Dark Bargain. Abyssal Contract has a way more damage increase but only works on criticals, so it can stack buffs when the party needs damage and when it is waiting for cooldowns it can apply Mark of Death to the enemy ensuring heavy damage over time.

PvP: Not suitable.
Farming: Not suitable.
Soloing: Suitable and fast compared to most supports.
Group: It is OP.

And my Arachnomancer...

Thinking it can do %2000 DoT now and loop it, this is like nearly doubled Imminent Doom which you can further buff. The Arachnomancer supports the party but Arachnomancer is not a full damage support like Archfiend, it support more with debuffing but gives nothing about critical chance unlike the Archfiend. Power of Arachnomancer comes from supporting the party damage and adding its own damage on top of that.

PvP: Decent.
Farming: Not suitable.
Soloing: Barely suitable.
Group: It is OP.


Mana Regen: Warrior

No longer has a chance on every skill to get Fiend Leech.
For Archfiend: Mark of Death always gets a Fiend Leech.
For Party: Attacks to the enemy while it is under the Abyssal Contract has %25 chance to get Fiend Leech effect.

Fiend Leech now heals for %50 weapon damage each tick and lasts 10 seconds. (A little more than the StoneCrusher heal. I did not want the class to specialize in heals.)

1. Order: Attack
0 mana, 2 second cooldown
Archfiends rarely do their own bidding. Their living blades do the job better with added benefit of not getting the ArchFiend's hands dirty.
Damage: %125 weapon damage

2. Living Assistant
35 mana, 20 second cooldown
Summons a ''Betrayal Blade of the ArchFiend'' and makes it fight for the ArchFiend. If the blade is already summoned, the ArchFiend deals %50 more critical damage for 20 seconds.
Living Assistant: For 20 seconds, ArchFiend deals %50 more critical damage.

3. Mark of Death
5 mana, 4 second cooldown
Marks the enemy and makes it take more damage, while dealing a moderate DoT that raises its power when it reaches more stacks. Has a %100 chance to get Fiend Leech.
Damage: %150 spell damage
DoT: %250 per stack up to %1250 at 5 stacks (roughly the same with Legion DoomKnight's Imminent Doom DoT).

4. Dark Bargain
25 mana, 15 seconds
Pact with darkness eats %33 of the maximum health of the ArchFiend but gives a buff to all allies that empowers their damage and critical chance but diminishes over time. Removes all stuns from allies and makes them immune to DoT's for 4 seconds. (Actually gives 3 buffs.)
Dark Bargain: Buff that increases damage for %25 and critical chance by %35 for 4 seconds. Makes the allies immune to DoT damage. (Reduces DoT damage taken by %100.)
Dark Promise: Buff that increases damage for %25 and critical chance by %35 for 5 seconds.
Dark Prize: Buff that increases damage for %25 and critical chance by %35 for 6 seconds.
(Buffs fade one by one so a diminishing buff is possible.)
(Yes, you read that right, %75 damage and %105 critical chance.)

5. Abyssal Contract
30 mana, 30 second cooldown
Binds the enemy's soul to the abyss (now single target) and negates its evasion chance for a short time. The enemy is also affected by the Abyssal Contract, making them take %150 more critical damage for 8 seconds. Each ally that lands an attack or spell can get Fiend Leech which heals them. Negates all buffs in PvP. Does not deal any damage. ArchFiend is also affected by Abyssal Contract. Applies Decay to the enemy. Does not damage the enemy and the Archfiend. Guaranteed hit.
Abyssal Contract: The enemy takes %150 more critical damage for 15 seconds. Now attackers have a %25 chance to have Fiend Leech for the duration.
Abyssal Deal: The ArchFiend too takes %150 more critical damage for 15 seconds.
Negates all buffs.
Abyssal Binding: The enemy's evasion chance is completely negated for 15 seconds.
Decay, Cannot Heal: Prevents healing for 8 seconds.


-Dark Desire (Rank 4)
Critical chance is increased by %15.

-Might of the Underworld (Rank 4)
Critical damage is increased by %20.

-Fiendish Kindness (Rank 10)
When your enemy is below %10 health, your next Mark of Death executes the enemy immediately. (Chance is %100. Since all have a skill to reduce the enemy effective health, %10 as a rank 10 passive is not that much to begin with.)


Mana Regen: Mage

1. Auto Attack
0 mana, 1,5 second cooldown
Spiders have multiple limbs and Arachnomancers are trained about how they move, it applies to their fighting style as well.
Damage: %75 weapon damage.

2. Spider Swarm
10 mana, 3 seconds
Deals no damage but makes a moderate DoT that stacks up to 5 times. Makes the enemy slower and weaker with each stack.
Venom Fangs: Deals %250 DoT damage. Lasts for 8 seconds Stacks up to 5 times.
Numbing Poison: Slows the enemy by %3 and decreases its damage by %3 for each stack. Lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.

3. Trap Weaver
35 mana, 8 seconds
Physical / Magical
Deals damage based on the stacks of Venom Fangs and applies Web Miasma. If the enemy has any stacks of Venom Fangs its haste is reduced. If the enemy has 5 stacks of Venom Fangs, the enemy takes %50 more DoT damage for 4 turns. For the duration you take more damage. Attack is unavodable and a guaranteed critical strike.
Damage: Damage starts with %150 of spell damage and increases by %50 more spell damage for each Venom Fangs on the enemy.
Web Miasma: Applies a %750 DoT. Lasts 8 seconds.
Widow Trap: Enemy haste is reduced by %75 for 4 seconds.
Webless: Arachnomancer takes %50 more damage.
Webweaver: Arachnomancer has a Heal over Time that heals for %50 weapon damage with each tick for 8 seconds.

4. Arachnophobia
15 mana, 30 seconds
Makes the enemy feared for 12 seconds doubling all active damage over time effects. If Numbing Poison is applied to the enemy, if the enemy has any stacks of Numbing Poison the enemy is stunned for 3 seconds. Does not deal damage. Guaranteed hit.
Arachnophobia: The enemy takes double DoT damage for 12 seconds.
Panic: The enemy is stunned for 3 seconds.
Fear Monger: Enemy takes a DoT equal to %600 of spell DPS for 12 seconds.

5. Toxic Adrenaline
15 mana, 30 seconds
Toxic adrenaline surges through you to bind the enemy in steel like webs. Your enemy takes double damage for the duration while you are also vulnerable to enemy damage. Does not deal damage but completely negates the dodge chance of the enemy. Guaranteed hit.
Cocooned: Enemy takes double damage for 12 seconds.
Poison Overload: Arachnomancer takes %50 more damage.
Easy Prey: Dodge chance is completely negated for 12 seconds.


-Web of Lies (Rank 4)
Haste is increased by %10.

-Blightweaver (Rank 4)
DoT damage is increased by %30.
Damage taken is increased by %10.

-Arachne's Blessing (Rank 10)
Increases STR and INT by %10.

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AQW  Post #: 43
2/19/2016 19:37:01   

I don't know whether I should post this on this thread or the "new classes" thread. Sorry in advance.

A lot of people had suggested Dragonlord changes, and so will I.

Dragonlord is one of those few (kinda) viable classes, but the skills does not fit the lore; it's one of the "take this class' skills and put it in another class" kind of class.

I barely play Dragonfable, so all I know about Dragonlords are that they are elite defenders of the land who tames/slaves dragons (based on the DL's personality) to fight alongside them using the Dragon Amulet.

AFAIK, the popular AQW pet classes' first skills (summon pet) is a risky self-buff that ups offensive potential but lessens survivability. For instance; Necromancer's summon skill applies a DOT on themselves but boosts (doubles?) attack and Horc Evader's summon skill makes you take more damage. Beastmaster's heals you, but it is a support class so it still have paper defenses anyway. And you know what all pet classes have in common? No AOE damage to farm efficiently!

In my opinion, Dragonlord should be a tanky pet class that deals decent AOE damage and soaks up damage for the team.

-(Evolved?) Dragonlord-

Mana Regen: Warrior (gains mana on hit and by attacking enemies with auto attack).

Auto Slay
Rank Needed: 0
Mana Cost: 0 Mana
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Through rigorous training, your blade deals more damage when attacking dragons!
Additional Notes: Deals 135% Weapon Damage to dragons, 100% Weapon Damage to others on every hit.

Like my Dragonslayer post a long time ago, Dragonlord be able to should deal more damage to dragons.

Wyvern Guard
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 30 Mana
Cooldown: 13 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Orders your Armored Wyvern to shield you from attacks while you /rest behind it, but you will do reduced damage. The pet will protect you for 10 seconds.
Additional Notes: Summons battlepet (Armored Wyvern on default). Applies Wyvern Guard which reduces incoming damage by 45% but lowers outgoing damage the same amount. Additionally, applies a moderate HoT. Wyvern Guard lasts 10 seconds.

Spam this skill off-cooldown to sustain yourself while farming or soloing.

Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 13 Mana
Cooldown: 7 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Orders your wyvern to breathe fire, dealing moderate damage to 4 enemies. The attack cannot crit, but ignores all damage-modifying effects in play.
Additional Notes: Deals 200% Weapon Damage on hit. Damage modifications on both the caster and the target does not affect the damage of this skill.

The problem with Blademaster Assassin's old skill that it can crit and can be damage-boosted. By eliminating the critical strike probability, this skill becomes balanced IMO. DragonFire is your main skill to farm or do constant damage in general. It is also effective on PvP as it ignores defense buffs (and attack debuffs on you).

Amulet Shield
Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 35 Mana
Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Reveals the sacred Dragon Amulet to further reduce incoming damage as well as reflecting them back to attackers. Can be casted on an ally.
Additional Notes: Applies Dragon Amulet to the caster or an ally. Reduces incoming damage by 10% and reflects 100% of the amplified damage back to the attacker. For spells, the reflected damage is reduced to 80%. Dragon Amulet lasts for 8 seconds.

OMG what!? A burning ward that you can give to ALLIES? It's kinda balanced because it have a million mana cost and takes 5 years to recharge, as well as reflecting less damage for spells. Besides, the reflected damage isn't as much as you think since it reflects the damage after reduction from your present defense buffs. The mana cost and cooldown justifies the ability to use this skill on someone who is apparently tankier than you, like Lycan or Blood Titan for example, or someone who also have a burning ward like Pyro and AH, just to isolate more salt from the enemy.

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive
Description: Increases all damage done by 15%.
Additional Notes: n/a

The 15% damage boost will NOT be ignored by DragonFire.

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive
Description: Damage taken reduced by 10%
Additional Notes: n/a

Become even more tanky!

Draco Meteor
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 23 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Death from above! Orders a horde of dragons to rain down fireballs from the skies, dealing moderate damage and applying Dragon Burn, a larger DoT to 4 enemies. Dragon Burn ignores all damage-modifying effects in play.
Additional Notes: Deals 115% Weapon Damage on hit. Applies Dragon Burn, a DoT that deals 150% Weapon Damage every second, for 8 seconds. Damage modifications on both the caster and the target does not affect the DoT of Dragon Burn.

Your main source of damage. Like DragonFire, Draco Meteor's DoT ignores damage drops from Wyvern Guard or other sources, but the initial damage is still reduced (or boosted). Spam this off-cooldown! The only downside of this that it can miss and uses Pirate's meteor animation, so it's noisy and laggy.

tl;dr My Dragonlord suggestion makes him a tank that deals constant damage in an area, as well as a little supportive potential with Amulet Shield. It also fits the lore more IMO. Like I said earlier, Dragonlord's current skills aren't bad, but it does not fit the lore so put it in another class. Judging from the skills alone, it fits something like an "ancient warrior" kind of class (like the orange-armored dude that fought Kezeroth several million years ago).

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2/25/2016 22:49:14   

I thought DragonLord to be something like...


Mana Regen: Warrior

Class Stats: Hybrid

WEAPON DAMAGE: %125 weapon damage, 2.0 speed

1. Biting Flame
0 mana, 2 second cooldown
You and your dragon make a great tag team, and you use this advantage to outnumber your enemies. Both you and your dragon have a chance to attack. When one of you attack with such fire, it spreads like a wildfire amongst the enemy ranks.

2. Force of Dragons
15 mana, 8 second cooldown
You summon your dragon to assist you in battles if it is not summoned. Applies Force of Dragons to you, getting your skills offensive effects for 4 seconds. Also applies Focus Fire which makes your next attack an unavoidable critical strike and deal %150 of its usual damage but at the expense of it becoming single target.

3. Draconic Tongue
30 mana, 10 second cooldown
Physical / Magical
You breathe fire to the enemies, dealing damage to them and applying a damage over time to them equal to %60 of your weapon damage each 2 seconds for 10 seconds. If you have Force of Dragons, you get Sharp Tongue which makes your next 2 attacks unavoidable critical strikes. If you do not have the Force of Dragons, applies Draconic Preaching which heals you for %75 of your weapon damage each 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
NOTE: Deals %75 of weapon damage. Unavoidable but cannot deal critical strike.

4. Funeral Pyre
35 mana, 8 second cooldown
Physical / Magical
You burn the enemies with flames, dealing damage to them and applying a damage over time to them equal to %70 of your weapon damage each 2 seconds for 10 seconds. If you have Force of Dragons, you get Mourning Flames which makes you stun the enemies with your next attack and if you do not have Force of Dragons, you instead get Ashen Armor, decreasing incoming damage by %50 for 8 seconds.
NOTE: Deals %100 of your weapon damage. Unavoidable but cannot deal critical strike.

5. Shroud of Flames
45 mana, 20 second cooldown
Physical / Magical
Surrounds the DragonLord with flames of ancient dragons, making the enemy Focus the DragonLord for 30 seconds. DragonLord gets Shroud of Flames that reflects %60 of DragonLord's weapon damage as damage when it attacks the DragonLord for 8 seconds.


-Draconic Speech
Strenght and Intelligence is increased by %10.

-Scale Armor
Endurance is increased by %10.
Physical damage taken is reduced by %25.
Dodge chance is decreased by %25.

-Furious Drake
Critical damage is increased by %30.
Critical chance is reduced by %25.

Passives give synergy to critical strikes and DoT's and your HoT which is supposed to keep you alive. You will not be able to deal critical damage non stop but when you do, it will be MASSIVE. The class has Warrior mana regen model, so dodge chance is pretty much useless. You must get slaps to the face to regain your mana. But, your pitiful dodge chance is negated by even less damage coming to you. The class is solely for AoE farming which has quite a bit of damage, and dealing huge crits with its critical enhancing effects. Without your auto-crits it will be hard to crit, but multi target criticals will return a LOT of mana so you can spam anything you like if you do not go too deep.

The class does not enjoy a lot of haste, so keeping an eye out of mana is the best thing. As long as you hit like 3 people, your mana will never be out. The class enjoys AoE combat but fails to keep its mana against one to one battles so I do not suggest it for any PvP scenario. In group play, the class is pretty powerful though. With supports which can give haste to the DragonLord it can make use of its overwhelming critical strikes. KEEP Draconic Tongue. It will buff your critical strikes if you use Force of Dragons. Focus Fire is another great thing. You can focus fire your enemy if you want to take a break from full area damage and for this once deal huge damage to a single enemy if you can afford regenerating less mana for that single strike.

Dodging is another thing, you will not dodge anything at all unless you are super lucky about it so what you must value is Strenght, Intellect and Endurance all the way. Luck, Dexterity and all other stats are pretty useless if you do not want any hit chance. Hybrid Enhancements are highly preferred but Wizard can also work for DoT builds and Warrior for full physical combat but trust me, Hybrid is the best for this one.

Removed discussion. Please do not post discussion in the suggestion threads. ~Rickyb20

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2/28/2016 6:27:44   

Add animations to blaze binder class.
Currently only its 1st skill has an animation which is like black/red dark skulls (same as necromancer's weaken) which is nice, but other skills have basically no animation at all, its a fire based class and doenst even have a simple fireball animation and Fire In Your Skin skill has a sword swing which doesnt make any sense, as first of all its supposed to be a magical skill with no sword-swinging involved, more over its more of a defensive skill than offensive. Why cant it have normal fire shield animation similar to pyromancer and artifact hunter
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2/28/2016 15:05:15   

The current last skill of the Ultra OmniKnight Class is useless. My suggestion is when in effect of Resplandecent Aura, the "Omni Blade" deals a Life Steal (with damage and healing amount based on the Recovery!'s stacks) and when in effect of Devastating Aura, the last skill deals damage and apply a DoT (also based on the amount of stacks of Devastation! of course). This is my idea. Omni Blade is a mana waste (the class can do all the work without it) and also is bugged :/
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3/3/2016 17:15:00   

Ultra Omniknight is glitched right now. When I use Invictus > Inverted Light > Omniblade, the monster's hp resets to full health.

Right now I have tested this on Blade Master in the Underworld, Wolfwing in Wolfwing, Chaos Lord Alteon in Swordhavenfalls.

And as a suggestion since i saw the post above me, Omniblade is sort of a bad spell to use even if it wasn't glitched. I am not a fan of "massive stacks then consume trigger" type spells since you spend a long time building up the stacks, then you use it all up, making you weak again.

I also have some change ideas for Onmiknight. They are marked with

Grand Sweep:
Deals a guaranteed crit and hit. Crippling a monster for 4 second, reducing its damage by 35%.
Applies an increasing heal over time if Resplendent Aura is active.
Applies an increasing damage buff if Destructive Aura is active.
The reason for this change is that I felt Grand Sweep is supposed to be the main skill used for the Omniknight, so I shifted the stack generation to this spell.

Inverted light:
Heals you for an amount. Increases heal depending on stacks of Recovery. Applies Resplendent Aura. Replaces Destructive Aura if present.
I released the duty of controlling your aura to Grand Sweep and instead dedicated Inverted Light to Omniknight's healing spell. Now, instead of using this to convert between modes, you use Grand Sweep to do that and this can focus on healing.

Increases Crit chance, Crit damage, and Haste for 10 seconds. Applies Destructive Aura. Replaces Resplendent Aura if present.
I took some imspiration from the darkblood stormking when redesigning this class. You can now swap between damage mode and healing mode with two dedicated skills. No confusion of whether or not you still have your damage trigger active. There were times where I wanted my heal, but Invictus was still active, trapping me in damage mode. Now that damage and heal are in two separate skills and another skill is the trigger, I can easily tell when I am going to go into healing or damage mode.

Omniblade has 3 modes:
No buffs active: Deals a guaranteed crit and hit.
Resplendent: Deals medium damage to a monster. Deals bonus damage equal to 50% of your current health.
Destructive: Deals high damage. Deals bonus damage the lower your health plus stacks of devastation.
My change to Omniblade might be hardest to sell, since the dev notes were quite happy about how the spell allows you to turn the tide of battle. However, in my practical application of this spell, it has been surprisingly useless.
If I am in healing mode, my heals are enough to keep me topped off. I would only ever use the massive heal if I was fighting one of the bosses that can crit for massive damage. And in that case, I would rather keep my steady and reliable heal rather than lose all healing for a single massive heal.
The same complaint is similarly mirrored for damage mode. I would not bother throwing away all of my stacks on a singular spell then go back to dealing low damage for the next few seconds, trying to build up my damage again. To make matters worse, sometimes it misses, wasting the stacks, making the spell feel unrewarding for building all those stacks. And even with the massive build up, even if it does hit, rarely is the damage ever high enough to justify using up all the stacks and reverting to a lower power mode. I would rather keep up a steady amount of high damage than risk it for one slightly stronger than normal hit.

Excess smilies removed. The limit is three per post. Refer to the =AQW= Suggestions Forum Rules for further clarification. Thanks. -Laos

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Doomknight overlord drop party requirement please 4 max damage whole parties keep dropping if last invited person enters then sudden leaves less than 10 sec in party
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3/8/2016 15:29:54   

Evolved Shaman Suggestion:

In case many of you don't know, Furious Gale has some problems. The haste boost is not working properly. The haste boosts requires that the effects need to wear off before the stacks become stronger with Elemental Grasp active. Now Evolved Shaman has really good mana regen once it starts going but it's annoying that you need to wait for it to wear off to get it going. The damage also needs improvement if you want the class to be better than Shaman. All I suggest is that the haste be added on without having to completely refresh it and improve the damage. It will make other players who thought Evolved Shaman was weak think otherwise. The class itself is very powerful in terms of soloing for a very long time (such as killing Ultra Drakath). It just needs to do better than Shaman.

Thief of Hours suggestion:

Here's one I honestly can't believe no one mentioned. This class was once very powerful but now, it's nothing. It used to be a great soloing class and now it can't solo, it can't support, it can't farm, it can't PvP because everyone knows how to counter it. I would suggest bringing the heal back. It was a small heal and this class doesn't dodge as well as Horc Evader so this class needs this. Also, increasing the dodging bonus at least. This would provide this class with much better power and usage.

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