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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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3/9/2016 4:44:50   
Lava Knight

Hi. After thinking and comparing this class to it's rare and ac counterpart, I think Legion Blademaster Assassin needs a tiny buff. Don't misunderstand now, the skills are fine, it's just one of the passives being off. Legion Blademaster Assassin has a gimmick, and that's the lower the health, the higher your skill 1 hits. One of the rank 4 passives states "Increases damage output and damage taken by 10%". What's wrong you may ask? It seems pretty okay considering that damage taken is understandably a good thing but only a 10% damage output boost? I think it would be better, even if only slightly, with either 20% or 15% boost to damage output and still keeping the 10% damage taken. That way it stands out even more since it will go permanantely rare. The original Blademaster Assassin is really powerful and has really great passives as well as skills. That small boost to damage output would be really helpful in terms of balancing. There will be those who disagrees and says that Legion Blademaster Assassin is agood as is or even that it's very powerful. But when you compare the Reanimation boost to Death's Dance, it really isn't a big difference. Either boost the damage output even more in the reanimation skill o just add a small 5 to the 10 damage output in the rank 4 passive. Trust me, even that isn't enough to satisfy most but for the sake of a more balanced experience, I feel like this change would be beneficial. I have seen videos of Blademaster Assassin beating the Legion version with ease while the other party doesn't even stand a chance. I hope you guys agree with me on this one.

Sincerely, Lava Knight.
Post #: 51
3/19/2016 6:04:14   
Mr Chimp

Blood Titan is by far one of the most useless classes in the game.What it does many other classes do better.Weapon damage should be bumped up to 170% or something, cuz titan.Life Drinker's bonus damage based on HP missing is either nonexistent or so weak it's completely irrelevant. The last skill's damage reduction doesn't work.Crimson Shield's CD should be lowered, since right now blood titan sucks at the only thing it can be good in, tanking, thanks to the long cooldown on it's taunt.The rank 10 passive should trigger atleast as frequently as Glacial Warlord's SkullCrusher or make it a solid 10% buff to all stats.

Berserker is another fairly irrelevant class.I think you should add a mechanic similar to "Chaos Blight".For every hit(skills included) the berserker lands,increase it's Damage and haste by 1%(stacks up to 30).Increasing it's auto attack damage to 150% would help the class as it's its main damage dealer for the most part and decrease auto attack's cooldown to 1.7 seconds.Breaker needs a complete rework as it's a worse auto attack right now.Forgone Conclusion has great thematical potential, so i would say it should increase your Damage, haste and crit stats by 25% but also apply a moderate DoT on you as compensation and synergy with Blood for Blood. The third skill is alright, just increase it's damage scaling similar to DoomKnight. Broadside should deal 100% weapon damage, be able to crit and applies a debuff on you which decreases your hit chance by 5% or something like that. For a rank 10, something generic for berserkers. Like 20% damage and/or haste and maybe +5% damage taken.

Chaos Shaper is a meme at this point as it's literally useless in every aspect of the game, and considering how hard it is to actually get i would say it deserves a buff.Or two. Or a rework. The skills just don't hold up to today's standards as they barely offer any CC which was the class' main upside when it came out. I think the last skill is okay, but make it so it deals more damage based on the amount of buffs that are applied to you or debuffs on the enemy.

I think you should buff all of the base class upgrades(Warlord,sorcerer etc).

Glacial Warlord is in a really weird spot right now, not to imply that it was ever top tier, but it lives in the shadow of Glacial Berserker. It's gimmick was having the highest autoattack damage, which is no longer the case thanks to the already mentioned G Berserker. Maybe bumping the damage to something crazy and fitting of the title Glacial Warlord, like 200%(also increase the AA CD to 3 secs).Pummel should be able to stack Frozen Heart like it used to.Chilling blow needs a rework if im honest, it's just a warrior stun. Frostbite should have more interactions with frozen heart based on the amount of stacks, for example: 1 stack of FH=increased incoming damage on the enemy, 2 stacks=Reduced haste and 3 stacks=stun. Warcry is literally useless since it barely heals at all and has a gigantic cooldown for what it is. Maybe make it a buff that increases you and your allies damage and defences by 25%(maybe with a small HoT too). SkullCrusher is fine, but it would be cool if it interacted with the 3 stack stun, making it deal 5x(added ontop of SkullCrusher's bonus) the damage and comsuming SkullCrusher and stun.Also the rank 4 passive should no longer reduce luck by 25%, as that not only takes away alot of damage potential, but is actively contradictory to Frozen Heart, Glacial Warlord's bread and butter.I don't know if this was intentional or an oversight, can't say i hope for either.

Ultra Elemental Warrior was really good when it first came out and was well worth 2400 AC's thanks to it's high damage capabilities. Now that the actual combos have been removed and its yet another RNG based class, it's really mediocre as it suffers from insane mana problems, without compensating with guaranteed damage. The broken rank 10 doesn't help either.

Legendary Hero has a lot of room for improvement until it does justice to it's name. It's really not good at anything other than being a really clunky meat shield. The main idea of stacking your tanking skill for more damage is really good, as it promotes you actually do so, but attaching the heal to the nuke was an interesting to say the least idea. I think moving the heal to Stolen Thunder would make it...useable. Good rank 10 tho props

Sentinel used to be an alright class when it first came out but for some reason it was nerfed into oblivion."Adrenaline Rush" is a death wish to use in battle,as it deals more than half your health over time.You could either make it deal less damage to the caster,maybe even act as a tank skill which draws the enemy's attention to you or you could make it boost ALL of your stats by 50%.That would be a fair trade off. It's first skill is literally auto attack 2. The second skill needs an overall buff to both it's damage and heal, as it's good at neither right now. The nuke should be brought back to what it was, right now it's really underwhelming and borderline useless. The passives are also really weird.

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AQW  Post #: 52
3/20/2016 19:28:31   

Blood titan is a big one. One of the most represented tanks in the game but undeniably weak.
Love caster was also a huge disappointment for those who bought the armor for 2000 acs. Please do what you did with the arcane dark caster (originally going to have legion doomknight's abilities) and give it new abilities that make the class worth it.
Post #: 53
3/21/2016 19:28:33   

A Also, the real reason why the class isn't great isn't because the class has no AoE, it's because even when you use it correctly it isn't even great at ANYTHING. IT NEEDS A SLIGHT TO FULL REVAMP. It's also a dragon shinobi wannabe for now, and isn't great for anything. Also the name change was terrible. Please change it back. Also it's starting to annoy people. Asking players to suggest but nothing even happened for what, 5 months? Anyways, blood Titan also needs a buff. It's one of the few tank classes and E. Draco is way better and deals more damage. Archifiend needs a buff. It's over 1337 times harder to farm than stone crusher and SC is over 666 times better too. Crit buff? SC gives it with a haste buff. DAMAGE BUFF? Arach does it better, and stone's perms 40 is also better. Fiend leech heals for nothing. Now back to AcDc class.
DBSK has more dos, unless you're at 1.2k+ dot levels. The heal is better. The mana regen is better. Acdc isn't balanced. It's straight weak. Also I'm not sure why blaze binder's full 4K+ plus damage combos plus like 50% hit debuff hasn't been nerfed. It deserves a nerf, it's ridiculously OP.
And now dragon knight. Now that you have CDK and Ultra OK, DRK is plain useless. It deserves more, it's way too dependent on RNGesus and dice rolls. Also, rank 10 1% chance to active passive are useless now. Stat buffs are simply better.
Paladin and Doomknight.
Tier 2 classes, that when you compare them to blaze binder and stone crusher, it's like putting an ant vs God. They deserve revamps, and no nobody will rage at old classes getting revamped. They both have low mana regens, low dmg, and aren't great at anything.
Dragon slayer. One wise man once said "it's useless to buff numbers of the skills if they aren't good or are useless" perfect example for this class. It actually needs to be a decent dragon killer, like undead slayer.
Deathknight- The class could use a number buff. It isn't good at anything and nobody gets it because it isn't good.
Horc evader- give it Mage mana regen. Then horc evaders won't have to have massive pain controlling mana and health bars. This also doesn't make horc super OP, since they can't get health back anyways. This will make their mana regen better.
Thief of hours- why was the heal removed? The class wasn't even good. Soloing? Nope. Pvp? Forget it. Everybody knows how to deal with it. It doesn't deal damage and it can't do much other than making 2 mins and longer duels that end in defeat.

and also for adc.
Skill 1? Dragonshinobi wannabe.
Skill 2? The only original thing?
Skill 3? Troll spellsmith pls.
Skill 4? Dragon shinobi.

Buffing the numbers won't make this class a better designed one.
Edited out a couple of weird mistakes.

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AQW  Post #: 54
3/22/2016 3:52:25   

Evolved shaman- The first and second skill should deal more damage. Refreshing rain must heal more. Anything which is "evolved" is supposed to be better than the original. but shaman outclasses evo.
shaman in every way right now. Before the buffs came out, evo. shaman was like ten times stronger than shaman.

Dragon Shinobi- Heal cost must be reduced to like 75 mana at least. and the last skill should have a higher dot like around 400-500. Its mana cost should also be reduced to around 20 mana

Evolved Leprechaun- Dodge from the last skill should be increased and its cooldown decreased to like 30 seconds. Anyways, this class is pretty fun to use so buffs don't matter much.

Archfiend- Don't even get me started on this thing. Please buff it asap.

Troll Spellsmith- Must have a better way of getting mana back. The first and second skill must be unmissable and the second skill a guaranteed crit with around 1500 to 2000 dmg. I might be asking
Too much but the class needs this.

Necromancer- This class used to be a beast in the past but is pretty much outclassed right now. The heal must be higher, around ldmk's, and the last skill shoul deal 250 to 300% damage.
AQW  Post #: 55
3/23/2016 20:21:07   
suhail abtu

I would like Defender class to be buffed. This has always been one of my favorite classes but right now it has no place to fit in in AQ, its weak in PVP because of the nerf to Retaliation and it has a terrible cooldown on it's heal. Plus I realized that the abilities do not work together very well, so I'm suggesting a major change to be done to the class. Please click on the new abilities to see what I came up with for a skill icon.

Old Defender Skills looked like this
New Defender Skills look like this

Commanding Strike
Mana: 10
Cooldown: 3s
Deals 75 120% weapon damage and forces the target to attack you, while applying Crushed, reducing the targets's outgoing damage by 15 10% and increasing incoming damage by 10 5%. Lasts 10 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

This ability felt useless. All it did was do minor damage and force the target to attack you. Since most of your battles will be solo, this skill felt useless. Giving it a stacking debuff will allow this ability to be used frequently and making it usable when fighting with or without other people.

*NEW*: Shield Bash:
Mana: 20
Cooldown: 4 6s
Deals 75% 245% weapon damage to up to 2 targets in melee range and applies Crushed, reducing it's damage by 15%. If Crushed is applied, consume crushed and stun the target for 1 second for every stack of crushed consumed. Max. 3s.

As it stands, this ability is overpriced, crushed is a weak nerf (compared to other skills like weaken, which reduces damage by 40% and heals you, all for 15 mana), so increasing it's damage and adding a stun makes it worthwhile in solo's, and in PVP. Also adds a bit of strategy and fun instead of mashing abilities. 6s cooldown is a bit small for a stun but you will not be using it every 6 seconds, because in order to max out the stun, you will need to stack crushed 3 times, which has a 3s cooldown. So you will be using it about once every 12s. Unless ur satisfied with a 1 second stun.

Mana: 25 15
Cooldown: 5 8 seconds
If the target is a monster, deals damage based on the amount of damage that the monster enemy has done in the current fight. Deals moderate damage to players. Block your opponent's next attack within 3 seconds, reducing it's damage to 0 and returning 50% of the damage done plus 50% of your weapon damage.

Rank 4:
Passives are cool :)

Defender's Oath
Mana: 30
Cooldown: 30 20
Heals a friendly target for a small an amount equal to 450% of your weapon damage. Also applies Safeguard, absorbing all incoming damage up to an amount based on 174% of your attack power reducing all incoming damage by 50%. Lasts 8 seconds.

This skill was what held the class together. It gave allowed it to survive, but not as well as other classes that were released in the same time period. Making the cooldown less, changing the buff to cutting the damage by half, and increasing the heal would really help the class tank the boss. With the crushed buff, you will be taking 80% less damage. Though crushed does get consumed with the stun, and takes a while to get crushed back to 3 stacks.

*NEW*: Rank 10 passive:
1% Chance to apply invincible, reducing all damage to 0 and making you immune to stuns for 4 seconds.

The class right now has a very bad kit. The attacks consume too much mana for a minimal effect, making the class start off weak and end off even weaker as the fight drags. The first and second skill don't contribute much other than the fact that they can be spammed for extra damage, but that leaves you with low mana pretty quickly. With my additions, the class can now use the first attack every 3 seconds or so to deal extra damage, and you always have the option to use shield bash for some good damage and a stun. The stun combo requires 30-50 mana in total, and can happen every 6-12 seconds. Reducing Retaliation's mana cost allows you to use it consistently during the fight without fear of having to save a quarter of you'r mana until later on during the fight. A warrior type class should always have the ability to consistently deal damage without fear of mana, leaving you relying on you're AA throughout most of the fight. I would like to see this class return strong, you can't defend people when almost everyone else is stronger and talkier than you. This would be very heartwarming to many oldschool players who would like to use the classes they grew up playing. Thanks for reading! :)

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Post #: 56
3/24/2016 12:07:36   

For StoneCrusher (merge) I had this sort of crazy idea to, give the merge side of it an additional name.
As had did with some classes such as:
AC version...Merge(rep) version
BattleMage ... Royal BattleMage
Ranger ... Master Ranger
SoulCleaver ... Exalted SoulCleaver
ArchFiend ... Legendary ArchFiend

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AQ Epic  Post #: 57
3/27/2016 9:27:35   

the thing is that Berserker is kinda overshadowed by so many classes as well as Bard

if they were converted to Non-Legend i bet they would be used more

but the problem with that is that AE probably will not do anything about it, and if they did then beta bezerker will seem kinda pointless unless it gets some kind of bonus.

bard is overshadowed by oracle with its op heals and good buff! (and high crit chance)

i miss using berserker, im still holding on to my berserker class after all these years from my first membership! but lets see if AE will do somthing about these classes.
AQW  Post #: 58
3/28/2016 6:05:13   

I saw a post in this thread about UOK skillset change, and that insipred me with thinking up a new skillset for UOK.
I mean, for starters, it would function really well with Mage mana regen.
As far as the skills go, I'll touch upon Omni Blade later, but for now, Grand Sweep should have a stackable DoT to go along with the definite crit, transfer the damage reduction skill to Omni Blade. Slight(+2) mana cost increase to compensate for the DoT.
Let Inverted Light only apply Resplendent Aura, and Invictus straight up apply Destructive Aura, with each replacing the other. This would create a much easier Aura replacing method. Mana cost of Invictus should be increased to 45 too. Again, the buffs from Invictus should be transferred to Omni Blade.
As far as Omni Blade goes, if above changes are implemented, it would be applying the buffs from Invictus and the damage reduction of Grand Sweep, so pretty much 10 times as useful as it is now, although 10 times 0 would technically be 0(meh). No need for the stack consuming Damage or Heal, which is totally never required. And of course a mana and cooldown reduction too.

Not to toot on my own horn here, but I do believe this skillset would place UOK on par with LDmK as a soloing beast, as people do consider it a bit low than LDmK due to the tedious nature of having to change Auras. Also I'm pretty confident this would get UOK the love it deserves.

Oh and tone down the animations a little, the lag is deadly.

Anyways, if you guys do implement any of these changes, which I'm hoping for in the rewrite, thanks in advance.
AQW  Post #: 59
3/28/2016 20:56:30   
AQW Legacy

employee/developer as the class featured an AoE only concept. The very problem is simply that the class' final skill is very obsolete and with this being a rare and special AE/AQW Anniversary
class, the class should have a buff to its final skill which has potential to make the class balanced in favor of those who have this class which was AC exclusive for a 2 years.

There are multiple classes that need buffs.
Here is a popular class that had much higher expectations, and with all the other classes in the game you will see why the class didn't meet these expectations based in modern day AQW.

Remember, classes make up an enormous quantity of AQW in game content!

This class is regarded with AoE skills only, but the problem with this class is its inability to effectively use its 4TH SKILL AT ALL (final skill)! Players use this skill when they know there about to feign in PvP!
This class' 5th skill needs to be changed up to par up with all of these new classes with a 4th skill (it's final skill) that is an insane nuke. Examples with nukes that degrade Chunin's supposed "NUKE"
include Blaze Binder (this class has a final skill with 100% hit chance AND an insane DoT on top of that.), Evolved Dark Caster (a final skill which hits up to 3 players with massive damage and
it being a 100% crit and hit chance and DECAY this makes this skill so popular and unfair to Chunin class users), and last BUT NOT LEAST the original BladeMaster Assassin class(the final skill has a nuke
that can hit up to 6 players and applying DECAY AND A NASTY DoT!) Now how is that fair!? Here are the changes that this class needs to not MATCH the power of these given class skills but simply
PAR UP to the current power in the game:


The 4th skill and the final skill known as Chi Blast deals damage to ONLY 3 TARGETS which deals 360% weapon damage and applies a SELF-STUN for 4 seconds. Costs 40 MANA POINTS.
Now, when analyzing this skill, it's clear that this skill has no usage unfortunately today in AQW, not in bossing, not in farming nor PvP. This skill is actually quite bad with all due respect
due to it only hitting 3 targets and dealing 360% damage. This CLASS' VERY CONCEPT is to be an AoE. This class should offer a FAR BETTER FINAL SKILL and to fix and buff
this skill to balance the class in the favor of the class being able to utilize its true playstyle of a NINJA, and this brings the class to the objective of buffing its final skill "Chi Blast" completely.

1. To buff the skill there are two perspectives the playstyle of Chunin offers. It is a quick AoE class which reduces targets' haste and ability to crit. Since this is the case, the class' final skill
should either be a mini-nuke SIMILAR to Legion BladeMaster Assassin class' final skills' concept in that it provides debuffs and a reliable AoE attack. Not only this but Chunin and Legion
BladeMaster Assassin are similar in that they both are classes that are "ninjas" and benefit from fighter enhancements nicely! So if this route was followed, Chunin class' final skill should be a
mini-nuke with a playful and fun cool-down which should attack 3 or 4 targets and providing MORE DEBUFFS instead of a stun. This would really match the class' playstyle and definitely provide
Chunin class owners' the rightful and COMPLETE skill experience these class owners need. More importantly, the class should not offer a SELF-STUN on its final skill because it destroys the
entire purpose of applying the de-buffs from "Tsunami Strike," "Paralyzing Wind," and "Spinning Dragon". So in the end this move would be a mini-nuke with fairly moderate mana cost and
fairly moderate cool-down to accompany the class' concept of being a fun AoE. If this route for some reason is unappealing, a mini-nuke with SELF haste and strength buffs would be
the way to go, but the idea of Chunin class is to be a quick ninja with AoE abilities so an offensive AoE is what should be achieved of this class and expected today.

2. The other right in balancing Chunin with a number buff is to remove the SELF-STUN on "Chi Blast," its final skill, and to keep the targets at a limit of 3 monsters/players. However, the
twist in this number buff route is to make this skill a guaranteed crit skill to the 3 targets. To continue the physical theme of the skill, the mana should be kept at the costly mana cost that it is
due to its theme of "focusing chi into a quick brutal attack, hitting up to 3..." That said, the skill would be distinct from the Evolved Dark Caster class with it's final skill which is MAGICAL and deals
320% MAGICAL damage to 3 targets. This way, the class' are kept distinct in terms of physical and magical damage output and a new de-buff for the Chi Blast final attack of Chunin should be
implemented because a small chance to stun with you stunned for 4 long seconds makes this tool very unreliable. That said, based on the Fighter and Luck enhancements Chunin class
benefits from, (Strength/Endurance and Luck) this number buff route would mean guaranteed crits to 3 targets with a 30 or 32 second cooldown (since Chi Blast is 25 seconds, a nuke of this caliber
offering guaranteed crits which would be the second route of buffing and balancing this skill should be 5 seconds higher to maintain its balance) The suggested weapon damage to BALANCE at
such a move would be an increase to 420% weapon damage which would be around 1,400 points of damage (non-crit for a level 65 player with beneficial fighter/luck enhancements) in game
but whatever the CRIT numerical value is, it should be adjusted accordingly to buff and balance this skill so it can actually be used as a reliable and efficient tool in this special and nostalgic AE/AQW
anniversary class!

I urge that the final skill of Chunin class be buffed to make this class useful for its niche. It's niche is already established; a fun and exhilarating AoE with simplistic de-buffs. But being that this
class had been made 4 years it is by no means any designer's fault of this class being OUT-OF-DATE TODAY. It is with high regards that it would be appreciated that this class be buffed, especially
its final skill "Chi Blast" which should be a go to AoE skill of the class but currently isn't even a viable option in any of the categories of bossing, farming, or PvP. Other changes that would make the
class slightly balanced would be to change the 3rd skill "Spinning Dragon" to a melee ranged skill and reducing its mana cost by 5 mana points considering that the skill is hefty in mana cost (30MP)
but it is coherent for 2012 being that it provides a 50% chance to negate the next attack. Another OPTION that could be accounted for reliable DPS would be a 1.85 second auto-attack. ALL OF THESE

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Post #: 60
4/1/2016 2:32:12   
Zero X Machina

These are my suggested edits to the New Dark Caster class. Please Buff it or give the players an option to get some of their AC back.

Post #: 61
4/3/2016 15:00:00   

I have an idea for a Necromancer Revamp, just to turn it into a farming class.

Weapon damage - 90%, 1.0 Speed
Special effects - Necromancers gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP


Auto Attack

Rank 1: Summon Minion - No changes needed.

Rank 2: Weaken - Reduce the Cooldown to 2 seconds, and make it three targets.

Rank 3: Command Undead - I know it was supposed to be a mini nuke, but its damage would be great for farming, so make it hit three targets as well, and reduce the Cooldown to 4 seconds

Rank 4: Passives should stay the same.

Rank 5: Necro Blast - Does heavy damage (twice as much a Command Undead) and put a DoT on the enemy. Possibly a go-to mana regen, with a cooldown of 10 seconds. This one can be single target.

Look, i took out infect, because with my new necromancer, mana probably wouldn't even be a problem anymore. Also, if my changes were applied,
the class would be feared as it was before, and just as an added perk it could be a great help in farming, since there aren't a lot of Top - notch
farming classes like DBSK and Blaze Binder. I really look forward to these changes, or at least a buff for Necromancer at all, because since I got that
class, it's been collecting dust in my inventory. Also just because I don't think Shaman cut it as an effective farming class, since when i spam skills
2 and 3 my mana disappears out of nowhere. But with my Necromancer idea, mana wouldn't even be a problem anymore, since the class doesn't even need
a lot of HP.

I'll be accepting any necessary criticism and suggestions.

Shaman also needs a major improvement in mana regeneration

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Post #: 62
4/4/2016 15:25:57   

Please temporarily disable UOK's 5 skill until it gets fixed. It is very annoying to go almost all the way through a boss fight, only to have someone who isn't aware of the glitch to throw away 900k damage by using the skill. I've also seen people threaten to abuse the bug maliciously to try and troll other players, which would be stopped by disabling the skill.

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AQW  Post #: 63
4/5/2016 9:15:03   

Royal Battlemage!

This class must have been suggested a couple of times, but its in need of an update.

Overall the class is pretty strong and has some decent effects:

I think to make this class more useful it needs LOWER COOLDOWNS! The class is not really used alot and this is one of the reasons why, as it can do really high attacks, you have to wait around 15-45 seconds for them to load again which is a serious problem. At least reducing the time could help more.

Another suggestion is giving it a Heal or HOT, this will be useful because when you are waiting to these attacks to load you will most likely take a sufficient amount of damage making you lose a battle. With this it can keep you healthy while you wait for you attacks to come back. Also the class armour has a very strong tank build which looks like it can withstand serious amounts of damage, but when using it you lose alot of damage.

Can you please sort this class out?!

Post #: 64
4/5/2016 14:37:29   
Aura Knight

Ultra Omniknight Class Changes Suggestion

Weapon Damage: 150%, 2.0 speed 2.3 speed
Description: You've fought enemies across multiple different universes, learned to harness the unstable energies from their worlds required to stop them, and earned the right to call yourself an Ultra OmniKnight!
Special Effects: OmniKnights gain mana when they strike an enemy in combat (more effective on crits) or are struck by an enemy in combat


Omni Attack

Rank Needed: 0
Mana Cost: 0 Mana
Cooldown: 2 Seconds 2.3 Seconds
Type: Physical Physical/Magical
Description: Deals spell damage and has additional effects based on Inverted Light's aura.

Grand Sweep

Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 20 Mana 16 Mana
Cooldown: 6 Seconds 8 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Swing your sword in a large arc, crushing anything in its path. Enemies hit by your attack are critically stricken and become Crushed, weakening their damage output for 4 seconds 6 Seconds .

Deals 75% 80% weapon damage.
This skill is guaranteed to crit. Cannot miss but cannot crit
Reduces enemy damage output by 35%. 40%

Inverted Light

Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 45 Mana 50 Mana
Cooldown: 20 Seconds 18 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Magically enhance your sword with powerful auras. Deals a moderate amount of spell damage and calls upon the power of light applying Resplendent Aura, a Heal Over Time that grows stronger as you auto attack more. If Invictus is active, you instead call upon the power of the shadow and apply Destructive Aura on each auto attack, increasing your damage output with every strike.

Recovery and Devastation stacks up to 20 35 and fades after 12 seconds if not reapplied. Resplendent Aura also increases the dodge chance of 2 of your allies for 6 Seconds
Resplendent Aura and Destructive Aura fades after 90 60 seconds if not reapplied.


Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 30 Mana
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Your will is unconquerable, as are you. Draw upon the empowering forces of multiple universes to increase your haste, crit chance, and crit damage for 10 seconds 12 Seconds . Boost to you and 2 others. The boost on others is half of what it is on you. And it lasts for half the time on others than it does for you.

Increases Haste by 30%
Increases Crit Chance by 20%
Increases Crit Damage by 10% 15%

Aura Specialist

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive Ability
Description: Haste increased 10% 12% and spell damage 20% 25%
- Ultra Armor

Ultra Armor

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive Ability
Description: Incoming damage reduced by 25%.

Omni Blade

Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 40 Mana 50 Mana
Cooldown: 35 Seconds 45 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Channel the aura enhancing your blade and instantly release the power accumulated from your attacks in one concentrated strike. If Resplendent Aura is active, consumes stacks of Recovery and massively heals the user. If Resplendent Aura is active, places a shield on the player that nullifies all damage for a few seconds. Works similar to Safeguard on Defender Class or even the last skill on Mage. If Destructive Aura is active, consumes stacks of Devastation and deals massive damage. If Destructive Aura is active, it becomes a nuke that consumes all auras and has a chance to stun opponent for a few seconds
Notes: This skill does not deal damage if no aura is applied. Deals light damage if no aura is applied. And places the effect of Pure Omni on the player which increases dodge chance for a short while.

Homing Blade

Rank Needed: 10
Type: Passive Ability
Description: Increases accuracy by 30%

AQ DF AQW  Post #: 65
4/5/2016 15:56:19   

Well there are lots of classes that needs to be buffed or nerfed... Too many even. But i will talk about the classes that really need to get buffs.

Archfiend: I like the design of this class however it still needs some rework to be actually usefull in game.
Mark of Death: Make enemy take 36% extra damage while reducing the debuff by 6% with each stack. Rest stays same. This makes it a good supporting skill and gives more options for player.
Fiendish Strike: Reduce mana costs from 28 to 20 and cooldown from 14 to 10. Also add 1 second stun. That skill is just awful...
Fiend Frenzy: Stays same. It is a strong skill which is currently a straight downgrade to Stone Crusher, but alright, maybe SC will get nerfed some day.
Abyssal Contract: Reduce Cooldown from 50 seconds to 40. And increase damage this skill does by 2x. The desc. Says it is supposed to do massive damage which is currently between 1600 and 1800 on crit. Also the cooldown is way too long what makes it pretty much useless against Arachnomancer.
Rank 10 passive: Increase activation threshold from 10% to 25%.

Royal Battlemage: This one will be very simple, reduce cooldown of Explosive Shield from 45 to 10 seconds. This will allow you to loop the shield so you won't die in 5 seconds. And it will also add a damaging skill with low cooldown what is of course very handy for this class.

Flame Dragon Warrior: Probably one of favorites. But for god sake PLEASE make first and second skill ranged. It is a good farming class but is impossible to use if all your AoE skills have melee range.

Soul Cleaver: Still a very good PvP class but it can be good at PvE as well if the cooldowns could be reduced. Also, your rank 10 passive randomly kills your self for nothing... What?
Soul Leech: Reduce Cooldown from 17 to 12.
Soul Snare: Reduce Cooldown from 35 to 25.
Rank 10 passive: Works same as before but will increase allies damage done by 75% and reduce damage taken by same amount lasting 8 seconds on activation.

Jouster: Not sure if anyone remembers it existence... But whatever that doesn't mean it can't be useful.
Thrust: Reduce mana cost from 16 to 13.
Magnetized Precision: Reduce mana cost from 20 to 16.
Auto Repair: Reduce cooldown from 42 seconds to 25. (Waiting 42 seconds for heal will put you in your grave at least twice...)
Charge: Reduce mana cost from 39 to 29 and cooldown from 32 to 26. This skill does apply a haste buff but doesn't seem to apply the damage buff as the desc. says. I guess a good damage buff would be 30%.

Well this is it. I know there are many other classes that needs to get buffed but i picked ones that i think need it most.
Thank you for reading this and i hope those forgotten classes will make a grand return.

AQW  Post #: 66
4/5/2016 17:14:04   

Alright, Ultra OmniKnight's confirmed getting a rework and Alina wants to hear our opinions. I've already posted general opinions in the discussion thread, so I'm going to suggest my idea of a new kit itself, here. This is going to be more conceptual, so I'm gonna avoid using explicit numbers as much as possible.

Ultra Omniknight

Mana Regeneration: Gains mana per hit landed, especially on crits, relative to their own HP. (Berserker model)
-The class relies on its own auto attacks to both deal damage and sustain itself in battle. It's not meant to tank hits, and already has the damage to sustain its own mana with this model. Dropping low on HP with this damage would also be cohesive in the sense that mana regen will increase, allowing for you to more reliably heal back up. Or, if played correctly with the kit I'm suggesting, you could skillfully increase your own damage output by constantly having the mana to do so, but with the risk of dying soon after.

Auto Attack: Omni Attack - deals damage and has additional effects based on your current Aura.
-I find no problem with this; brings the class's aura and auto attack focused kit together as is.

1. Exitosus ("Destructive", "Fatal", "Lethal") Aura:Buffs Haste and Crit Chance by a static amount. Omni Attack gains stacks of Destruction per hit, increasing damage dealt.

2. Exsurgo ("Rising") Aura: Buffs Defenses by a static amount. Heals on every Omni Attack.

3. Certus ("Certain", "Definite") Aura: Makes all attacks guaranteed to land. Increases Evasion on each Omni Attack.

4. Omnipotence: Has additional effects depending on current Aura or Dualis. Does not consume current Aura.

-No Aura nor Dualis: Meh damage attack
-Exitosus Aura: Further increase Damage
-Exsurgo Aura: Significantly decrease enemy damage output
-Certus Aura: Guaranteed crits for a very brief time

-Dualis: Exitosus + Exsurgo = Decent Damage attack, heal for damage done.
-Dualis: Exitosus + Certus = Really high damage attack.
-Dualis: Exsurgo + Certus = Burst Heal + increases healing effects.

Rank 4 Passives
-Ultra Berserker: Increases Haste by 20%
-Aura Specialist: Increases Spell Damage and Healing Effects by 20%

Rank 10 Passive
-Dualis: Upon switching from one Aura to another, you activate Dualis, depending on the current and former Aura. Dualis gives Omnipotence more additional effects for a brief time. There can only be one type of Dualis at a time, and there is no "Dualis" for using all three Auras in quick succession. Dualis combos are in the Omnipotence description. This works sort of similarly to how Ultra Elemental Warrior originally did.


This version of UOK still focuses on its Auto Attacks, but has some more synergy within its skillbar, and a bit more freedom to choose how you want to go about things. Upon switching Auras, the stacks gained from the previous Aura shouldn't immediately fade, giving you a brief amount of time to capitalize on your current Aura, with the buffs of the last one, or even setting yourself up to deal as much damage as possible with Omnipotence.

Here's an example situation:

I'm attacking with Exitosus Aura up, and max out all of its stacks of increased damage, then immediately switch to Certus Aura to guarantee hits, gain back some mana, and then activate Omnipotence. At rank 10, Omnipotence will be significantly increased in damage by the latent Exitosus Aura, guaranteed to land, thanks to the Certus Aura, guaranteed to CRIT thanks to the original Omnipotence effect with Certus, and deal incredibly high burst damage on top of it all thanks to the Dualis of the two Auras.

This would be the only way to absolutely maximize your damage at a given time, as activating the Auras the other way around would fail to maximize damage stacks in time and your Certus Aura would be out of the picture entirely.

The reasoning behind all of this, is to make Ultra Omniknight not only something that has all of its skills in working order, but something that is COHESIVE and allows you to choose your own playstyle without being limited to "Heal or Damage" and no smooth transition in between. It's the freedom of having those smoother transitions that give this version, IMO, a lot more playability and fun to be had, overall! I take a lot of my inspiration from the original Ultra Elemental Warrior (who I also hope gets its combos back after the rewrite), so I hope this suggestion sounds like it makes some sense! Thanks for reading and considering!
AQW Epic  Post #: 67
4/5/2016 18:33:24   

Since Chrono DragonKnight costs cash and is a Calendar class (not to mention to have such large damage), I'd like to suggest that it should have some Dragon-Time related skill animations. It's kind of a downfall to have such a great class but no animations at all.
AQW  Post #: 68
4/5/2016 18:42:33   

I have an idea for the Ultra OmniKnight remodel.

I decided to give it another consistent damage source other than its Auto Attack and that Grand Sweep, which barely does any damage at all.

Weapon Damage: 150%, 2.0 speed

Description: You've fought enemies across multiple different universes, learned to harness the unstable energies from their worlds required to stop them, and earned the right to call yourself an Ultra OmniKnight!

Special Effects: OmniKnights gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to "their own" HP total.


Omni Attack
Rank Needed: 0
Mana Cost: 0 Mana
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Deals spell damage and has additional effects based on Inverted Light's aura.

Grand Sweep
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 8 6 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Swing your sword in a large arc, crushing anything in its path. Enemies hit by your attack are critically stricken and become Crushed,
weakening their damage output for 4 seconds.
◾Deals 120% weapon damage.
◾This skill is guaranteed to crit.
◾Reduces enemy damage output by 35%.

Inverted Light
Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 45 Mana
Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Magically enhance your sword with powerful auras. Does a small heal and Applies Resplendent Aura.
◾Recovery and Devastation stacks up to 20 and fades after 7 seconds if not reapplied.
◾Resplendent Aura and Destructive Aura fades after 90 seconds if not reapplied

Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 30 Mana
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Your will is unconquerable, as are you. Deals Heavy damage and increases your haste, crit chance, and crit damage for 10 seconds
and applies Destructive Aura.
◾Increases Haste by 30%
◾Increases Crit Chance by 20%
◾Increases Crit Damage by 10%

Rank 4 passives can stay the same.

Omni Blade
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 35 Seconds
Type: Magical
Description: Channel the aura enhancing your blade and instantly release the power accumulated from your attacks in one concentrated strike. If
Resplendent Aura is active, massively heals the user. If Destructive Aura is active, deals massive damage.
Note: This skill does deals light damage if no aura is applied.

Rank 10 passive stays the same.

Post #: 69
4/7/2016 11:32:16   

About Necromancer

I think many players has noticed about it.
And I think probably AQW Team still think little about it.

So this is my perspective.
I hope AQW Team will consider this problem a little more serious.

Honestly, this is a kind of little boring story. So, enjoy.

One time, I play AQW and get bored with my starting class. You can guess what happen next. I begin my adventure to find the best class that fit me. So, I start searchin on wikidot and found that Necromancer is interesting. Consider that my DoomWood rep is the highest than my other rep. After a few monster-smashing and some guide searching, I did it. Finally, I get the only class i dream off (that time). I always remember how hard I try to find the Creature-Creation thing.

And until now I realize something. So, this is the point

While I soloing some bosses (single boy, thank you), I used Oracle and I realize : Oracle (a "budget and hardwork free" class) even more durable than the class i'm looking for, The Magnificent, Necromancer (a "budget(in-game) and hardwork expensive class). At this point, this makes me kinda "lol -_-". This is why.

I think Necromancer is belong to the high damage-dealer class with an ability to self healing. Yea, that's cool. I can say, Necromancer is one of perfect figures among the Classes. THAT what i think BEFORE i battle any of high damage-dealer bosses.

Oracle, somehow, can survive soloing almost all bosses in the AQWorld bacause of their balance health and mana recover. But for Necromancer, You can only heal a small amount of your health, while your mana going down

Okay, I know that it was my problem; that I can't manage to get more useful classes and just realize the facts. But how about the others?
They will see the "perfect figure" of a Non-member Class (probably, if they are fool enough like me -_-) and try hard to get the class. And Finally, they worth for nohting.

I VERY ADMIT that this is just a "little pitfall" of AQW and it seems like something not to be worried. So, this is my suggestion :

Why not we try to make Adventure Quest Worlds a better place? A place where everyone from every background can enjoy playing it. That's all.

I start to think this post probably more similar like a complain, thank you. So, if you (AQW Team) interested on my opinion, I'd like to explain the detail on PM or email. Because I'm afraid you will be more hard to catch the point if if I suggest and complain at the same time.

I hope you apoligize my wrong words. Sorry =D
You will never lose my respect.

AQW Epic  Post #: 70
4/8/2016 22:40:37   

I had some free time. Bothered to take all of the classes and .... suggest...?

Acolyte- None. (basic class)
Alpha Omega None. This class is fine.
Alpha Pirate. None. (basic class)
Arachnomancer would be better with a luck stats instead of hybrid. Completely outclassed by stone crusher now. Needs a slight buff (luck stats means more of everything arach needs)
Arcane Dark Caster- None. already got buffed.
ArchFiend- seriously...? just... read...the... other... comments...
Artifact Hunter- People aren't showing their hate for this class. It's really op. massive dps and impossible to kill in pvp. needs a nerf.
Assassin- none.
Barber- none.
Bard- slight buff. (rep class, needs a lil more even though it's ez farm)
BattleMage- rework it. The current concept of it just doesn't work. (too high cooldowns, average damage and survival rate)
Beast Warrior- it's a bit op in pvp.
BeastMaster- pretty useless class at the moment. buff.
Berserker- little buff?
BladeMaster Assassin- this class was good and balanced before the buffs, till they decided to listen to the raging keyboard spammers and buffed it into God tier.
BladeMaster- none, other than reducing skill 1's cooldown and increasing skill 2's crit chance buff at the cost of a couple of % of that 80% dodge chance.
Blaze Binder- I've pretty much quit pvping because of this class.
Blood Ancient- needs a buff, inconsistent and too long cooldowns.
Blood Titan- the only "true" tank class that's squishier than... ultra omniknight.
CardClasher- fine.
Chaos Shaper- low base damage, uncontrollable effects, etc. buff it.
Chaos Slayer Berserker- maybe change the skill 3 because of people using it to troll.
Chrono DragonKnight- none.
ChronoCommander- none.
ChronoCorruptor- extremely outclassed by other chrono classes, buffs pls.
Chronomancer- same thing as above.
Chunin- there's a lot of twitter stuff about buffing this class.
ClawSuit- prolly needs a buff... wait does ANYBODY even have this class?!
Cryomancer- one shotting+ a 4 sec stun isn't considered too op? was the balancing team on a vacation
Dark Caster- apparently it's fine. I don't really know.
Dark Legendary Hero- Needs a buff, 0 sustained damage, the stacked last skill barely deals damage, etc
Darkblood StormKing- None. This class is fine.
Darkside- small buff? because it's not very viable at farming anymore.
DeathKnight- deathknight in wow is cool. In AQW it's not only *not* cool but also useless.
Defender- a tank class that's squishier than.... ehh legion paladin?
DoomKnight- I'm not sure which is worse. This or archfiend. If you guys ain't going to buff it, at least rename it into "trashknight" xD
DoomKnight OverLord- fine.
Dragon Knight- needs a slight buff
Dragon Shinobi- arcane dark caster should be called evolved dragon shinobi srsly.. this class needs a buff. Drop the endurance rank 4 passive for a dodge one.
Dragonlord- needs a buff, isn't really got at anything.
Dragonslayer- (evolved) clawsuit is better at dragonslaying than this lol. buff it.
Elemental Dracomancer- none.
Enforcer- basic class, none.
Evolved ClawSuit- a class with bad healing is ok. A class with bad mana is ok. a class with both is not. Fix the mana probs please.
Evolved Dark Caster- none.
Evolved Leprechaun- none (other than maybe more DPS)
Evolved Pumpkin Lord- isn't good at anything, needs a higher HoT so at least it can solo.
Evolved Shaman- call shaman evolved and this the "reg" shaman. This class is soooo bad. the only thing it can do is to annoyastun.
Exalted Soul Cleaver- turn the long cooldown heal into a spammable one, then you'll have a better class that's at least useful at boss soloing
Flame Dragon Warrior- same thing as clawsuit. Fix mana regen.
Glacial Warlord- this class needs a buff(look at evolved clawsuit btw). drop the luck demoting passive into a pure advantageous one. Good old classes are still used (edc and blademaster) bad ones aren't.
Guardian- needs a buff, currently a class that can't do anything.
Healer- none.
Horc Evader- buff the mana regen by a little. (look at evolved clawsuit)
Infinity Knight- nonce.
Legendary Elemental Warrior- make it the old 100% chance to apply again, RNG classes only piss people off.
Legendary Hero- check the dark version.
Legion Blademaster Assassin- this class is broken. guarantee 7000 damage, undodgeable makes this class op. nerf bat needed.
Legion DoomKnight- nothing.
Legion Paladin- one shotting classes just aren't a great design. Also, this class rarely oneshots and the best way to play it now is to not use shadowlight spear...
Leprechaun- nothing to waht I know.
Lycan- nothing.
Mage- nothing
Master Ranger- make it a charge system instead of the stacking one? that fits the theme better (like holding the key then releasing to deal dmg?)
MechaJouster- unviable heal, and bugged passives. Buffs please.
MindBreaker- nothing.
Naval Commander- this class makes bludrutbrawl unplayable each year for 3 months after tlapd.
Necromancer- was once good, now it's trash.
Ninja- nothing
NOT A MOD- buffs, not a good class (but chu gotta use the power of NOT A MOD!!)
Oracle- nothing
Paladin- a tier 2 class? hahahaha...
Paladin High Lord- nothing.
PaladinSlayer- buff it, bad mana and 0 ability to survive.
Pirate- nothing.
Prismatic ClawSuit- check eolved clawsuit
Pyromancer-nothing, other than increasing skill 2's dmg.
Ranger- check master ranger
Rogue- nothing.
Rustbucket- buffs
Sentinel- 2nd use of adrenaline gives you a 600 dot...
Shaman- nothing
SkyGuard Grenadier- not a great class, doesn't excel at anything.
StarLord- buff, no longer viable.
StoneCrusher- nothing.
The Collector-nothing.
Thief of Hours- why nerf this instead of blaze binder? Give the hot back. (removing the hot was a ripoff, demanding refunds!)
TimeKiller- idk about this
Troll Spellsmith- none
Ultra Elemental Warrior- check legendary version
Ultra OmniKnight- you know... the last skill.
Undead Goat- buff the dps, skill 2 is pretty darn useless..
Unlucky Leperchaun- small buff?cause can't do much for now
Vindicator Of They-permastunning. Please.
Warlord- none.
Warrior- none.

AQW  Post #: 71
4/9/2016 11:24:11   

For Legion Paladin:
- remove the dot damage for the skills this will give to the class more survival, the rest of skills was good for now

For Ultra/Legendary Elemental Warrior:
- put again the elemental fussion that was a very good skill and since th class don't have that is't very good
AQW  Post #: 72
4/9/2016 15:49:06   

Is there a way to make existing verified classes AC... And better? They're kinda just taking up inventory space because of how impractical they are right now...
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 73
4/10/2016 13:48:34   

i think shaman needs the mage's mana regen model, but until then, it's not completely fine.

Edited out discussion. Discussion is not allowed in the suggestion threads as per the =AQW= Suggestions Forum Rules. ~Rickyb20

< Message edited by Rickyb20 -- 4/11/2016 16:00:10 >
Post #: 74
4/11/2016 5:07:18   
Starsteels DarkLord

For Royal Battlemage, I suggest to improve the cool downs of skills. The long cooldowns make it impossible to farm properly or solo.

For Legion Blademaster Assassin, I would suggest improving mana regeneration. Blademaster assassin is cheaper and stronger than the legion version. LBMA needs a slight buff too.

For necromancer, I suggest buffing the damage output and heal. It is outclassed by DBSK and LDK right now.

For evolved shaman, I would suggest buffing HoT and damage, shaman completely outclasses it, it is a joke compared to shaman.

And there are WAY TOO MANY classes that you need to buff and improve significantly. Like Archfiend, Death knight, the list goes on.
AQW  Post #: 75
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