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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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4/12/2016 19:11:33   

I would purpose the following changes to Paladin to make it more powerful as well as tie in more with the history of paladins.
Click here for google document showing the changes

I tried to focus more on the element that paladins are suppose to be fighting for good and thus the elimination of undead. As such, logically they would have reservations about hurting another living being.

I also tied the heal to the current health of the user to add in a sense of stamina and will power other than a flat cost (mana) or effect (hyper stable weapon such as unarmed).
Post #: 76
4/12/2016 19:39:02   


Darkside- small buff? because it's not very viable at farming anymore.

This got me thinking. As someone who uses Darkside as my main class, I'm very familiar with where it has a plain lack of ability. Here are some small tweaks I think would greatly improve the viability of Darkside as a farming class.

Blood Boil - Fine.

Dark Power - This is the most important skill for Darkside, but it's useless against even decently levelled groups. I recommend just a small to moderate increase in damage, as well as expanding its range to 5 or 6.

Blinding Pain - Increase range alongside Dark Power.

Renewal Spell - Reduce cooldown, to 25 seconds instead of 30. I feel this would allow for a bit more breathing room without making it spammable, which is not something we want.

I feel these changes will help Darkside keep its utility as a farming class.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 77
4/13/2016 14:47:25   

This is for the blaze binder class, there should be a battle-pet that comes along with the blaze binder class, I was thinking that the "dark fire (attack 5)" would summon that pet AKA like a small fire elemental pet, this pet will FIGHT, and will give you a 30% evasion boost for 10 seconds, and can be used again every time the 5th move is used.
AQW  Post #: 78
4/19/2016 20:17:25   

Horc Evader class
It should be made an evasion based class i mean it has evader in its name
It should gain mana like rogue based classes
AQW  Post #: 79
4/22/2016 19:00:40   
Aura Knight

The one class that could have potential for being a good soloing one is soul cleaver/exalted soul cleaver. The concept behind the class is rather simple but maybe simple can be effective. The class works in a way similar to berserker in that the less hp you have, the more damage one of your skills deals. And this is great. The problem with the class lies in its cooldowns. The class does have a heal but I feel the cooldown on that is a few seconds too high. The mana cost on that isn't much of a problem though. Right now, the soul leech skill on the class has a 17 second cooldown. And while that skill is very similar to the weaken skill on necromancer, having that high of a cooldown doesn't really make it all that useful. Sure, the class works better when you have lower hp, but if your hp drops too low you might be defeated before you get a chance to re-use the heal. I'm assuming this was taken into consideration because the next skill is a guaranteed stun. However, there are monsters in game immune to stuns, so in those fights, that skill is practically useless. Maybe instead of just a stun, that skill can also blind certain monsters, lowering their hit chance for a short time. Right now, that skill, soul snare, is a guaranteed 4 second stun with a 35 second cooldown. I'd say that cooldown is a bit too high. Especially for how short the duration on the stun is. I'm horrible with choosing numbers but what if the cooldown was changed to 20 seconds? The mana cost can stay the same I guess. With the class already having a decent mana regen model, staying with full mana is hardly an issue. The rank 4 passives could stay as the are I guess. At this time, I can't think of any changes to those. The fifth skill could use some adjusting though. While it does give a pretty decent damage boost, the duration of that boost seems a bit on the low side. 12 seconds just seems a bit small even if the damage boost is 75%. It has no mana cost, but does take a chunk of your hp to use. Maybe if the cooldown were lowered than the 45 seconds it is now, it could be better. And for the rank 10 passive, that shouldn't exist. Or at least, have its effect changed. Instead of being an insta-kill for the player, why not force the player to go down to 1 hp, but make them invulnerable for a short while, and cut all cooldowns on skills in half for that time? This way you can act as a pseudo-tank. And if you're at 1 hp, your first skill is bound to do quite a lot of damage.

So, to sum it all up,

Soul Leech cooldown changed from 17 seconds to 15 or maybe something a bit lower.
Soul Snare cooldown changed from 35 seconds to 20 or 22. I don't think it needs to be higher than 25. And a potential addition of an extra effect so it can be used against monsters immune to stuns
The cooldown on the rank 5 skill (blood price) could be lowered to anything lower than 45. I'd say 30 or 32 seconds could work.
The rank 10 passive either needs to be removed completely or altered to something more useful.
And while I can't think of any now, possible changes to the rank 4 passives.

I do have doubts this class will be changed but no reason not to mention any ideas for those changes.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 80
4/25/2016 13:05:18   

For the class archfiend, the second skill should also be able to do a group heal, OR you could add for the auto attack, that each time it strikes, it heals 10% of the damage done.
AQW  Post #: 81
4/25/2016 20:39:56   
Aura Knight

One thing that would improve darkside is if the dark power skill were guaranteed to hit. The class relies on stacks of dark power so if the skill misses, it loses its edge in battles. Maybe even having the blinding light skill guaranteed to crit could be an improvement as well. However, the crit damage would be a bit on the low side. Maybe similar to that of the first skill on blaze binder. A slight damage increase from the first skill would help as well.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 82
4/26/2016 0:01:35   

In Response to Alina's Design Note Post, Concerning the Concern with Ultra Omni-Knight, and a Re-Work;

Imagine Ultra OmniKnight as being someone who "Bursts" Out of the sky, into our realm, to help out. Bare with me.

He came to help the Chaos war, but is extremely hurt and heartbroken, because he got something wrong in his calculations with time in space (universes), and arrived too late.

But he was getting strong, in other worlds, to once help with the chaos war.
He was then torn when He saw the state of King Alteon. Ultra King Alteon, as fully taken over by Chaos.
He heard of our plight, from far away, but was never from this world, of course.

I say this because, I was reading the description yesterday, while sitting in Dragonheart, listening to the music of the map. I was sitting at the end of the map, on the far right circle, next to Avatar of Desolich, while reading the class description. (if you would like to do the same and ponder his state, maybe you have a better idea though)


"You've fought enemies across "multiple" different "universes", learned to "harness" the unstable "energies" from their worlds required to stop them, and earned the right to call "yourself" an Ultra OmniKnight"

I think he should remain a physical based class, but with the ability to perform moves, that "look" magical, or act as magic. Think Victor von doom in the Tony Start series of Iron Man Armored Adventures, how stark refers to Victor Von Dooms "Magic" as just "super advanced science" or Thor science, if anyone gets the reference.
He learned it by grit, "harnessed it", but he's still a "down to earth" physical player, so to speak, with these abilities through his time in space. "hint: Universes".

Then for a show of his power, I began thinking of Ultra Alteon Himself. The way his animations, display his power, and the feeling of strength you get from him. Remember his pauses?, and how he moved to new moves?, and they were large area attacks and grand. But it took him a while to move into his next stronger phases?.

Maybe, make this class something of that type, and each skill, in itself representing a whole world of power, not elemental, but something new, characteristic of the world he was battling on, when he learned it/(picked it up). He should definitely be a "good" character, maybe the anti-thesis, in a sense, but not directly, of the way Dark Caster is. But for good guys or good players.
Keeping in mind, harnessing powers, but for good, to take down the bad. As his description originally implies. But with the "option" of an area attack.

Maybe even, the skills could be "recollected memories of actual battles",
and it could flesh itself out through the way the skills work or do damage or affect the enemy/maybe "map" effects, for that entire room. (Maybe new coding and a prolonged waiting period for this kind of an OmniKnight.)

For example. A skill could perform a passive ability and a power-up in itself, with a damage component. Such as, how a ninja skill, can both posion and do 150% damage in one skill, or how a class can perform a DoT or HoT, and would do a sure crit or also stun in one skill.

Each skill, could perform two or more actions. "Omni -knight".
Justification being, he's reenacting a battle he had on that world, correlating to that skill.

In the end, for a finishing move, maybe a combo, to perform a skill, he put together to save Alteon from Chaos, when it was only partly taking him over.
Like a Purge, or Clarification move. But sense he can no longer use it on Alteon, when used against the enemy, if would do something else, or maybe turn the enemy good for a while, i don't know.


I hope this makes sense. If I need to clarify, please ask. If anyone else gets it, please clarify for others, and take it from there.

Whatever in mind, his moves should not be evil though, but good. Though the skill names could either be memory names, or the names of actual worlds.

First First Victory, Second Victory, Third Victory, Fourth Victory. idk

The Super Purge, could be the only Area Attack. Think Ultra Elemental Warrior in a sense. Maybe, if all of the skills are successfully pulled off " in a certain amount of time/window, with other variants in place,", Think, Majin Vegetas Final Jump in the Sky Red Self Destruct attack, "Which was Beautiful", in that one Dragon Ball Z game.
Ultra OmniKnight wouldn't self destruct though, or maybe... hm, why Not ... o_O.... just thinking now.

Either way, go to DragonHeart, to the Avatar of Desolich map, to the far right circle, sit there, read the description. Think about it, then go to the Ultra Alteon map, and if you need to, battle him, to get an idea of his skill style, how he battles you, and the overall power you feel from it and presence.
See if that is the Ultra OmniKnight to you, if not, I totally understand, everyones vision is different.
But don't think evil, think, "What if this was for good", when looking at Ultra Alteon's Moves. What would that look like?. And maybe, it would be for a different class, and not this one.

I wrote this yesterday, I copy and pasted it, but there may still be typos. I looked over it again though before posting, and edited some things.
Post #: 83
4/26/2016 8:57:41   


Why is Evolved Shaman too weak if compared with the Original Shaman? Ok, Both Shamans were buffed. But Shaman was more buffed than the Evolved, so now the original is better than the evolved version. It's pretty illogical. Evolved shaman has a lot of debuffs and the original not. But when I was soloing some bosses while testing both shamans yesterday I could notice: Solo a boss with Shaman is so much easier than with it evolved version. Shaman can solo very fast, and I'm not talking about the Dry Lightning, but about the Ancestor's Flame and the Hydrophobia. Evo Shaman has a lot of mana problems, while the original shaman only has that problems if the skill Dry Lightning is used. Shaman's healing can beat its Evolved version... Why? If at least the Evolved Version get some mana costs reduced in their skills: Freezing Flame, Furious Gale and Refreshing Rain. And the Freezing Flame's cooldown increased a bit to avoid spamming and the DoT's duration increased in more 2 seconds, the Evolved Version maybe could be balanced with it original version. What you guys think about this? I already asked about this in the Twitter but I got no answer. Sorry if my grammar has some errors, English is not my first language.

Freezing Flame: Increase the cooldown from 6 to 7-8 seconds, increase the DoT's duration from 4 seconds to 6 seconds.
Furious Gale: Reduce mana cost from 20 to 15 MP.
Refreshing Rain: Reduce mana costs from 20 to 15-13 MP. Increase the HoT's ticks' cap, from 100 (I was using lv 64 full wizard enchants) to 150-160.

I think if "Evolved" Shaman has the buffs/balancement above, it could be in pair with the Original Shaman.
Post #: 84
4/26/2016 17:40:25   
Aura Knight

To compensate for the rather unimpressive heal that evolved shaman has, perhaps the effect of Furious Gale could be changed to lowering enemy damage rather than their haste. Not a huge decrease. Maybe 25% or 30% lowered damage output. This would help you survive a bit longer. Of course the problem of survival could also be dealt with by simply making the heal and HoT just as powerful as that of shaman's after the latest change to that class. I still think the class would be improved if the AoE aspect of it were removed. We've already got shaman for AoE and it's even great for soloing. With a name like evolved shaman, that class should be better.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 85
4/28/2016 16:31:34   

Evolved Shaman Changes:

This class is not far behind from Shaman but now I'd like it to be at least at Shaman level or stronger. First of all, the haste increase and haste debuff should stack without having to wait for it to wear off (and yes this is really how you use Evolved Shaman). The class is great at soloing but this one requirement holds it back. Also, Furious Gale should stack the healing as it gets stronger too. Shaman already has a ridiculous amount of heal and this just adds on. Elemental Grasp should be AoE. This is so it would be an Evolved Shaman rather than a weaker variant. Damage increase on all abilities. Make it be Shaman Level and make it better. And finally, more haste. The buff should be stronger.

I like Evolved Shaman a lot and it tends to be a very powerful class even without the buffs. Its problems is that it doesn't have the damage to deal until it gets started. I had no mana problems whatsoever and I think most people don't know that the haste can stack with the above conditions. Hope this was helpful.
Post #: 86
4/30/2016 23:15:19   

honestly we really need to rework all of the classes introduced through other games. this includes guardian, star captain and dragonlord. the guardian is the only one who actually sorta follows lore. dragonlord is the best overall class but doesnt follow lore whatsoever.....and star captain is sitting there kinda like nintendo.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 87
5/4/2016 17:23:24   

Lower all dragonlord class Crit% by roughly 7-8%
and increase its strength stats no need for evolve rewrite it
u have rewritten grenadier and shammy
and increase damage to mana ratio by 70% so it would have better chance in pvp its decent now i had bad build but no crit 960 with curse blade with dual powersaws one luck 2 thief plus a mystery piece
level 65 i found pvp build for every class i evade too much some time even my level 29 leppy pwned a 65 dragonslayer up close no hacks all clean he underestimated me i evaded too much no luck saf server no lies all real no potions nothing just noob ammy and my skill
-- D Dash Elite

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Post #: 88
5/15/2016 6:58:45   

For exalted soul cleaver, you should make the rank 10 passive ability this:

Dage is supportive to his legion, and will "Kindly" fuel it for the drive of victory, you should feel lucky to receive this "Kind" gift.

Note: applies a MASSIVE HoT for 2 seconds, equal to your max Hp.
AQW  Post #: 89
5/19/2016 11:19:01   


Chaos Rift Strike: Change the damage from "light" to "moderate" like for ChronoCommander.
Split Causality: Make this skill to either give you a defense boost and a heal based on the amount of damage you've taken under the stacks of Chaos Rift, or a Heal over Time based on the stacks of Chaos Rift.
Time Collapse: Remove the Unstable Rift effect.


Chi Blast: Remove the effect that will stun you.
Post #: 90
5/22/2016 4:56:22   


Dark Energy should also weaken the enemy and steal HP equal to the amount of damage dealt. Kind of like Soul cleaver and Necromancer.
AQW  Post #: 91
5/25/2016 13:20:24   
Abyss dragon

Is it possible to improve or make a better animations for Evolved Dark Caster?

Evolved Dark Caster: Can u increase the amount of targets that can be targeted by 1 on Overshadowed, Onyx Combustion and Soul Scourge, i want this since the most of the new maps have 3 or more targets in rooms.

The HOT on Stygian Pact need to be increased, when facing a enemy/opponent who deals 200-500 damage the HOT does not recover enough HP.
AQW  Post #: 92
5/26/2016 13:20:29   


Venom Fangs:
I should also weaken the opponent by 15% and heal you equal to the DoT's done to the opponent(s).
AQW  Post #: 93
5/29/2016 5:39:57   


The problem with its mana build, 2 things:

It can't have rogue mana build because thats just OP. Since it dodges 90% of the time if not more, it would be gaining 400-500 hp for every hit it took which is insanely OP.

BUT warrior build sucks because it relies on Horc taking hits, which means 90% of the time it's not getting mana back from an enemy.

I think that the auto attack should simply be made faster to compensate. Change it to 1.5 auto attack and 75% damage (perhaps even 80%? A small DPS buff) , it does the same damage as 100% 2.0 but regains mana 33.33% faster. Which is a decent enough buff but not enough to overflow this class with mana.

CHANGE: AUTO ATTACK 2.0 cooldown --> 1.5 cooldown, 100% damage --> 75 or 80% damage

I do think Enrage costs way too much as well but with this change one might be able to sneak one into a fight, unlike now where its completely unthinkable to use in a serious boss 1v1 or for farming.

Next class in need of change is Deathknight Lord.


We've already heard how this class is 'underpowered'. It is.

OPTIONAL CHANGE: Add an non member AC version of this class in. Might be not so viable now but with a good buff that makes it good not horrible like it is now or overpowered like BlazeBinder or Artifact Hunter, it would definitely be a nice thing to sink some coins into.

OPTIONAL CHANGE: If we're willing to buff this class, at least 1 more new animation would be so great. It seems like all the new classes are getting some awesome skillsets, at least the AC ones (i.e. not this class) so with an AC change it would be something refreshing to see.
Suggested animations would be Harvest Bone literally pulling a bone from the enemy. Not some gruesome spectacle but just a dog bone grabbed in DKL's gauntlet so fans of warrior classes legitimately have some cool things to look at.
Perhaps the coolest addition I would suggest is to make your hand glow with a red aura or something. JUST SOMETHING.
Although new animations aren't even that important. Perhaps replace Cerement's boring animation with the Infect animation from Necromancer, the green skull animation that makes sense for a self buff animation.

A) Although it's cool that Harvest Bone doesn't deal damage (uniqueness is nice),the stacking takes way too long and for not particularly strong DoT.
Since Harvest Bone doesn't give mana back, it wouldn't be 'broken' to change the cooldown to 2.0 seconds and change mana to a 5 cost.
If the cooldown won't be changed, change the max stack to 6 times, and buff the DoT and stacking effect to other skills accordingly so that it takes shorter to stack up to full capacity.

One of 2 changes implemented:
For Harvest Bone,
1. Cooldown 3.5 seconds --> 2.0 seconds, 8 mana cost --> 5 mana cost
2. Stack maximum 10 --> 6, but buff DoT and stacking effect accordingly

B) The only sources of damage DKL has are his auto attack and his Curse of Grimskull. His other damaging skill... has an 18 second cooldown. Since he's a farming class, it makes sense to buff the damage of his AoE skills. Buff Curse of Grimskull's damage to 'high damage'. Right now, at level 65 it does less than 400 damage on a noncrit and that's just not worth it at all. It should deal at least 800 as virtue of being his only real source of skill damage, and for farming at that.

CHANGE: Curse of Grimskull damage increased by 100%

The biggest problem is that this farming class is also a tank. Farming is about putting out as much damage as possible. Tanking in AQW is almost useless because if its balanced to be equal to damaging classes, it's better to have a character that can solo a boss in 2 minutes than one that can do it in 5. So it needs to have at least fairly decent damage.

Even the buffs I suggested weren't soloing buffs. God no. DKL shouldn't be great soloing any bosses but my 2 changes do 2 things:
1. Expedite the stacking process and thus the speed at which you can output damage instead of spending ages trying to defeat weak mobs.
2. Increase DPS. It's a decent buff. Given haste, in 5 seconds one would expect DKL to land 3 auto attacks and 1 CoG. Adding the little DoT damage it does, it deals around 1500-1600 damage in those 5 seconds with no crits. 400 more damage for no crits is an approximately 30% increase to DPS.

I'll keep doing class suggestions. I love AQW but I have certain gripes with it about balance and the lack of activities. I'll keep posting class suggestions if I can at least prove that the staff members are monitoring what I say and thus I'm not wasting so much time for nothing.

Signing off, RoaringDragon

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5/29/2016 13:23:09   
suhail abtu

Remake Dragonlord with slightly different mechanics. Dragonlord should be a battle pet class now that we have that feature. Here is my idea of what a remade Dragonlord Class might look like.

Dragonlords gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to "their own" HP total.
Deals 110% weapon damage with each auto attack

Auto attack:
Cooldown: 2

A basic attack, taught to all adventurers

Dragonlord only deals 110% weapon damage if they have a battle pet equipped, otherwise, they deal damage similar to necromancer.

Dragon Amulet:
Mana: 20
Cooldown: 16

Summon a dragon to fight by your side and grant you it's power, empowering your next ability used within 4 seconds.

Summons a dragon that looks like this but color custom. (skin color custom to Base, Nails and horns color custom to Trim, eyes color custom to accessory). Applies Dragon Amulet to you, which is a buff used by your other abilities. Dragon amulet lasts 4 seconds, and is consumed by your next ability.

Mana: 20
Cooldown: 4

Deals 150% weapon damage to 2 targets in melee range. and applies scorched steel, reducing their hit chance and dodge chance by 8% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. When empowered, this ability will deal 175% weapon damage and stun both enemies for 2 seconds.

This is a combination of Cleave and scorched steel. When you have dragon amulet on, it will stun both enemies for 2 seconds.

Mana: 35
Cooldown: 10

Deals 50% weapon damage plus an 5% weapon damage for every 1% HP you are missing. Heals you for the same amount of damage done. When empowered, you will heal for 150% of the damage done.

Maximum damage you can do is 545% weapon damage if you are missing 99% of your HP. Maximum healing you can do with your amulet is 817.5% weapon damage on the brink of death. NOTE that the combo takes 55 mana to get the maximum heal, and you have to be at 99% HP.

Passives: Increase damage done by 15% and reduce damage taken by 10%

Cursed Blade
Mana: 20
Cooldown: 8

Deals 100% weapon damage plus 5% for every 1 MP you are missing to two targets and applies cursed blood, increasing the damage they take by 20% for 12 seconds. When empowered, this skill deals 50% more damage.

Similar skill, deals 100-500% weapon damage or 150-750% weapon damage if dragon amulet is active.

Rank 10: Random chance on when using Dragon Amulet to apply Dragon Rage instead, a buff that lasts 10s and empowers all your abilities but does not fade.

This is basically a super version of dragon amulet that lasts 10 seconds but does not get consumed by your abilities, meaning every skill will be empowered for the next 10 seconds.

This is a slightly different version of the Dragonlord class, for one, it uses a battle pet, and merged Scorched steel and Cleave, but it also added a new twist with Dragon Amulet. The last two abilities are very similar to the existing ones but have modified percentages. I would really love to see Dragon Lord come back to power and this is probably something anyone else who plays dragonfable is wishing for. An update that takes care of all 3 classes in the guardian tower would really be a sight to see. Thank you for reading
Post #: 95
6/8/2016 9:22:42   

Considering that Elemental Dracomancer has become quite obsolete in the contemporary years of Adventure Quest Worlds, I think it would be wise to include a buff that will significantly increase the damage output of the class so as to offset its weakness of lacking a heal. Furthermore, classes such as Legion Doomknight and Ultra Omniknight, which are both self-sustainable, are currently "out-DPSing" Dracomancer. As a result, Dracomancer has become progressively useless over time. The following paragraph includes a minuscule idea for improving Dracomancer:

Astialo's Wings should include an effect that doubles all critical striking damage. Ssikari's Breath typically scores a 1,397 critical strike when using all level 64 wizard enhancements and a completely stable weapon at level 65. This damage will be increased to 2,794 once the additional effect of Astialo's Wings is implemented. By using the same level and type of enhancements as mentioned before, in addition to a static weapon and the player level of 65, one should be able to achieve a 2,097 critical strike with Lliath's Torrent. This damage will be increased to 4,194 once the effect of Astialo's Wings is used. Astialo's Wings will give the same amount of critical damage as Lliath's Torrent once the effect is activated, seeing as Astialo's Wings and Lliath's Torrent give the same amount of damage when using a completely stable weapon. The auto attack of Dracomancer inflicts a critical strike of 398 when using all level 64 wizard enhancements and a completely stable weapon. This damage will be doubled with the new effect of Astialo's Wings.

It is important to recognize that critical striking chance is not being augmented. The reason for this is due to the existence of Primal Power, Dracomancer's rank 10 passive which converts all attacks into critical strikes for a short duration. With the inclusion of a 100% critical striking damage increase, Dracomancer will be able to inevitably increase its damage output so as to potentially vanquish bosses at a faster pace. Moreover, the increase in critical striking damage will allow Dracomancer to become a more ominous adversary for various classes in pvp arenas. Granted, it may seem unbalanced to be able to score a 4,194 critical strike on a regular basis in pvp, it is important to acknowledge that non-critical striking attacks will do the same amount of damage as usual. Therefore, there is a balance in the damage output. In addition, certain classes are able to maintain a considerable amount of resilience to critical strikes, such as Shaman, Evolved Shaman, Lycan, Blademaster Assassin, Legion Blademaster Assassin, and so on. I have faith that this suggestion is an acceptable proposal, and I am hoping that Artix Entertainment is willing to read this post.
Post #: 96
6/13/2016 16:48:19   

Not a huge suggestion but it is quite essential.

Regarding Abyssal Angel Class, the main problem with Abyssal Angel Class is that, when Vantage Point expires it will attack other monsters if the player wants to hit only one monster due to the Sinned Arrow attacking multiple monsters without the Vantage Point buff

To remedy that, the duration of Flight's (the 2nd Skill) Vantage Point buff should be increased from 6 seconds to 10 seconds.
This should be done so that the duration of Vantage Point will be longer than Flight's cool down.
With Vantage Point being renewed, the Abyssal Angel would be able to target a single monster rather than hitting the other monsters if the player wants to hit only a single target.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 97
6/13/2016 17:27:54   

Abyssal Angel's Vantage Point buff on the Flight skill should make all skills single target, and make the duration longer so that it can be looped.

Removed discussion portion. Please do not discuss in the suggestion threads, as per the =AQW= Suggestion Forum Rules. If you wish to discuss somebody's suggestion, please do so in the =AQW= Discussion Thread. ~Rickyb20

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AQW  Post #: 98
6/22/2016 4:44:10   

Calender Classes

since Chronomancer was first released in 2010, nothing has changed.

1. There is still no rank 10 passive.

2. has very little sustain, the heal spell is very weak and costly. Max heal is around 600hp

3. Although max damage is good, it is still vastly underpowered compared to the 2015 and 16 classes

4. the concept on stacking 1 ability that all abilities rely on is an old concept, I would like to see the 5th ability to be independant from the rest of the skills and have a 10 second DOT of around 500 damage over that period, if this is applied I recommend lower the mana cost to 30mp

5. Replace the third skill altogether. With my 4th suggestion above, allow the third skill to switch the DOT of the fifth skill to HOT. This will give chronomancer the sustain it needs also without affecting the Temporal Rift stacks which are essential to the class' offense. Maybe even allow the skill to switch the class from a high damage solo class, to a farming class (details below)

6. If no temporal rift stacks are applied, rift collapse should act as either a speed buff or a dodge buff to incorperate some pvp use

7. mana regen is a little too low, allow mana regen for dodge and damage aswell as attacks under temporal rift.

2 sec cooldown

Age your opponent into oblivion (Ranged Auto atack)

Temporal Strike:
5 mana, 2 sec cooldown

Deals Light damage to the target and applies Temporal Rift to the caster, a stacking effect (Up to 4) that other abilities rely on. If 'rift inverse' is active, applies Temporal Burn, dealing moderate damage to up to 4 targets, applying stacks of Temporal Burn (up to 4) (ranged Attack)

Rift Inverse
0 mana, 10 sec cooldown

Inverse the rift you have created and reverse the cosmos. Switch DoT to HoT, single attacks to multi attacks against monsters (up to 4) for 30 seconds. Converts Temporal Rift to Temporal Burn. Mana also regens for damage and crits under this skill. (ranged attack) Requires new animation

Rift Collapse
30 mana, 6 sec cooldown
Physical / Magical

Deals damage based on the damage you've recently dealt while under the effects of Temporal Rift bringing the energy of the rift down on your enemy. Consumes Temporal Rift stacks. If Rift Inverse is active, applies Rift Energy dealing high damage to up to 4 targets, damage based on Temporal Burn stacks. (Ranged attack) If Temporal Rift or Temporal burn stacks are not present, increases haste and dodge for 5 seconds.

Rank 4 passives
Dodge Chance increase by 15%
Critical strike chance, hit chance and haste increase by 12%


30 mana, 15 sec cooldown

Places a large DoT effect on the target (up to 600 per tick based on allignment) over 10 seconds, consumes Temporal Rift stacks. If Rift Inverse is active, applies Rift Stitch dealing HoT to you for 75% of the DoT power for 8 seconds and heals 3 allies for a moderate amount Also increasing Endurance by 25% for the period. Consumes Temporal Burn stacks

Rank 10 Passives
Increase Endurance by 20%
Increase Damage taken by 12%

Rift Collapse has a chance to stun affected enemies for 4 seconds.

I really do hope you see these suggestions as they are 2 years in the making. I feel chronomancer will still maintain a similar damage output but will have much better sustain and solo capabilities against monsters that don't require a massive crit.

With the deveopment of bludrutbrawl and PVP, these suggestions will also add a much needed element to the class. the new skill Rift Inverse allows for a farming element to the class, also allowing chronomancer to be influential in bludrutbrawl but most importantly not over powered. I feel with server rewrite, PVP would become more important to AQW, changing chronomancer to my description would allow the class to be used effectively in PVP.

Rift Inverse also allows players to quickly switch from attacking solo targets to attacking multiple at no mana cost. Also allowing ranged attacks to maintain from solo battle to multi.

Fits with the theme of chrono as you can change time reverse it by reversing your skills with Rift Inverse. The ability the increase haste and dodge chance when no stacks are present allows the player to find brief sanctuary if the player is low on hp and needs to escape or use Rift Inverse to heal.

I have decided to add ranged attacks with the use of Rift Inverse to accomodate the fact that time is not physical and hits everyone. Pun Pun pun. Also in bludrutbrawl, sliding and running of opponents is a big problem for physical classes and puts them at a disadvantage, implementing this ranged magical concept with my 'Temporal Burn' gives chronomancer a fair playing field in PVP.

As this is basically a new class, it can be done as a remodel such as chronomancer (new) or whatever you want.

Thank you as always



The calender class after chronomancer which is actually weaker than its successor due to very inconsistent hit and crits.

Problems with the class

1. sustain is also very low
2. very costly on mana with little regen
3. misses key attacks very frequently
4. a stun at the cost of 60 mana is ridiculous

I have suggested changes to chronomancer which has been posted directly above this thread. This class will follow a similar route but with some key chaotic twists to fit the theme nicely.

Anti Clockwork:
2 sec cooldown

Attack your opponent from within, further sending your enemy's mind to the chaos realm one attack at a time. Applies a small DoT that increases as you take damage. (maximum should be around 250) (Ranged Auto atack)

Chaos Rift:
10 mana, 2 sec cooldown

Deals Moderate damage to the target and applies Chaos Rift stacks to the caster (up to 10), warping your enemy's mind chaorrupting them with chaos dealing an increasing DoT. (ranged Attack)

Chaos Theory
30 mana, 20 sec cooldown

Completely destroy the cosmos and bend it to the will of chaos, you jump through time in a frenzy attacking your enemy from all angles, increasing attack speed by 150% for 7 seconds, also increasing your dodge and haste by 25% for the period also applying a moderate HoT to yourself based on Chaos Rift stacks, does not consume stacks.

Void Collapse
40 mana, 20 sec cooldown
Physical / Magical

your Chaos Rift stacks are condensed into a black hole that obliterates everything in it's path at the cost of 50% of your hp. Beware, the cosmos is unstable and can't be controlled, nothing is safe from the void. Consumes stacks.
Also applies a small DoT to yourself. If no Chaos Rift stacks are present, chaos reveals the enemy's weakness stopping them from healing for 15 seconds.

Rank 4 passives
Dodge Chance increase by 15%
Critical strike chance, hit chance and haste increase by 12%


10 mana, 40 sec cooldown

The cosmos collapses on itself and chaos rules. You briefly become frozen in time for 5 seconds. You become vulnerable to attacks as you absorb chaos energy from the realm regaining mana until full, you take 150% damage during this time. As you become unfrozen you explode in chaos energy reducing damage intake by 40% for 10 seconds.

Rank 10 Passives
Increase Endurance by 20%
Hit chance increase by 10%

Void Collapse has a chance to stun affected enemies for 4 seconds.

This class has more of a nuke than my design of Chronomancer. As this is more of a 1v1 PvP and solo class. I also added some 8v8 elements like void collapse which can stop enemy healing. But this is mainy a 1v1 or solo class / support class.

The class is not overpowered as the third ability Void Collapse has the potential to do massive damage, it has the cost of over half your hp.

The class skill Insanity is inspired by Arcane Dark Caster as it is a balanced way to regain mana. This class, I feel captures more of the chaos feel than the original does.

Also making this class more reliable while still making it chaotic.

I would really love some feedback on my suggestions. I feel that these classes should definitely be looked at since the people that have them have paid for them. Maybe implementing these new class designs in the New Year's event 2016 would be a way of saying thank you by AE for continued support of their games AQW and beyond.

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the sorcerer, the mage base class upgrade, it should still seem like the mage but be more powerfull, here is my idea for the skills/spells

firstly, the auto attack is called "arcane bolt" it is a magical auto attack so that the damage is based of intellect. description is "just a basic ranged arcane bolt"

the first spell is called incinerate, it does the same as the normal fireball, but also weakens the enemy, decreasing their attack speed and defence by 50%
for 5 sec, the mana cost will be the same but the cooldown will be set to 8 sec.

the second spell is called ice hurl, it does the same as the normal ice blast, but if used while scorched is applied, it will apply a debuff called "cooldown" stunning the enemy for two sec.

the third spell is called arcane explosion, again, it does the same as explosion, but it also gives you ten mana for each enemy hit, (up to 3 enemies) after that it applies a buff/debuff to you called "arcane barrier for 10 sec, wich instead of dealing damage to your hp bar, it deals a portion of all damage to your mana bar instead, while also making all of your apells incabable of doing effects to enemies
(frozen blood, scorched, stun etc..) this spell has a cooldown of 15 sec instead of the normal explosion

the last and fourth spell called "power redirection" deals alot of magical damage and applies the buff "power redirection" to your character, making all damage for 15 sec increase your mana (example: i have 70 mana while having activated the "power redirection" spell, a monster hits me and instead of taking any damage at all, i get mana from it) allthough there is a downside, you can only use your auto attack, if any allies are nearby, it will also apply "arcane flow" wich increases the two nearest allies mana regeneration by 30%.

now for the first passive unlocked at rank 4 called "arcane understanding" increases your intellect by 20%

the second passive, called arcane soul, increases your wisdom and endurance by 10%

for the last passive, unlocked at lvl ten, called "arcane master" increases your luck, wisdom, and intellect by 15%
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