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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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6/25/2016 12:56:06   

Master Ranger is arguably one of the most difficult reputation classes to earn, particularly as a free player. Every quest that is offered for Master Ranger as a free player offers only 150 reputation and below. As a result of this reality, I figured it would be in my best interest to cogitate a plan for the substantial improvement of this class. Master Ranger is in need of a buff that does not simply involve an increase in damage, but more so an inclusion of various effects that include buffs towards the user and debuffs on the enemy. The following paragraphs will provide further insight on a potential resolution for Master Ranger:

Mark for Death is typically consumed once another skill is used. Although this may appear to be a detrimental discrepancy, it would be wise to augment the other skills so as to justify the need for Mark for Death to fade. In addition, the 25% total damage resistance that is obtained by stacking Mark for Death five times is legitimate, but somewhat unsatisfactory. Therefore, I suggest that there should be an effect that increases your evasion by 10%, and it will equate to 50% once Mark for Death is stacked to five. The increased evasion will serve as an additional defensive mechanism that will allow for an increase in the stamina of the class. In essence, Mark for Death will provide you with a total of 50% extra evasion and 25% damage resistance when stacked five times.

For Scorching Arrow, an additional effect will be added that only activates if Mark for Death is in effect. This effect will be a 40% damage resistance debuff to the enemy. In other words, you will be able to score 40% more damage to the enemy with your Damage Over Time and all of your other attacks. This effect will last as long as the duration of the Damage Over Time effect, which is 10 seconds.

Explosive Bolt is going to apply an effect to each target that only occurs while Mark for Death is active. Explosive Bolt will stun each target it hits for 4 seconds. The purpose of this effect is to allow the user additional time to apply other effects while facing multiple enemies.

When Mark for Death is in effect, Vampiric Shot will apply two debuffs to the enemy, decreasing both their critical striking chance and their dodge by 30% for the duration of the heal.

Despite the fact that the Mark for Death stacks fade each time you use another skill, you are only required to use Mark for Death once to apply the additional effects of the other skills. In this way, you will be able to apply each of the effects simultaneously, and maintain a consistent performance. Although some may argue that the 4 second stun on Explosive Bolt may be a huge menace in pvp considering that Explosive Bolt only has a 3 second cooldown, the already low damage output of the class that remains especially weak without full Mark for Death stacks will provide a bit of a balance. Players will have to decide whether they want to spam their stun consistently, or raise stacks for more damage on their attacks. In pve, if you were to fight against Deseloth the Final at the Dragon Challenge location, your typical rotation would be the following: apply Mark for Death once, then use Explosive bolt to stun Deseloth the Final and the two other dragons in the room (that is, if the attack does not miss), utilize Mark for Death once more, follow up with Vampiric Shot to activate the heal and debuffs on Deseloth the Final, and then stack Mark for Death up to five so as to maximize your evasion. Every time you are ready to use any of your other skills in a farming situation, it is best to begin with Explosive Bolt so as not to risk being hit several times due to the loss of your evasion from Mark for Death. Remember, Mark for Death still gets consumed after using it with your other skills. If Mark for Death is not applied, Scorching Arrow will still apply its Damage Over Time effect, Explosive Bolt will still score a bit of damage, and Vampiric Shot will still heal you, but the additional effects that have been discussed will not activate. It is important to recognize that you only need to use Mark for Death once in order to apply the additional effects of any one of the other skills. Consequently, you must use this rejuvenated Master Ranger with more caution. I look forward to seeing this idea implemented in Adventure Quest Worlds.

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Post #: 101
7/3/2016 6:27:34   

I think I've already talked about this before, but if not, here it goes.
Pyromancer was easily the best class at it's time, and having dragged it out of my bank after almost a year and using it again, I can see why. Honestly speaking, this class has the potential to easily be a top tier soloing class with a few minor tweaks, which would boost this class like crazy. So here's a breakdown on the changes to each skill.

Sear: Increase mana cost to 15, reduce cooldown to 3/4 seconds, remove damage, make Scorch stackable, increase DoT damage with each stack. Max stacks of 4.
Withering Blast: Change to single target, reduce cooldown to 10 seconds, increase DoT duration to 10 seconds, damage increases with more Scorch stacks.
Burning Ward: Reduce cooldown to 15 seconds, increase duration to 10 seconds, keep small heal but add in an HoT (5 ticks in 10 seconds) with a base heal of 100+, heal increases with more Scorch stacks
Flame Orb: Reduce cooldown to 20 seconds, damage increases with more Scorch stacks

This will easily make it a top tier soloing class. Pyromancer deserves more love.
AQW  Post #: 102
7/5/2016 22:32:34   

Is it me, or does Omniknight really feel.....off as a magic class? I mean, every single part of it screams physical class, it just doesn't make sense as a magical class.


Just switch it to a rogue/fighter class.......really doesn't fit as a magic class it even uses fighter mana regen for crying out loud.
Post #: 103
7/15/2016 15:48:50   

Evolved /Prismatic ClawSuit

This is a list of suggested improvements for Evolved ClawSuit. The aim is to make the currently slow and clumsy class into a great all-around and exciting soloer.

My suggested improvements would be:
  • Switching mana regen to Mage model
      Mage mana model will allow great flexibility with the mana regeneration and compliment the high damage output.

  • Switching Nice and Naughty AOE to long range
      Long range on these two attacking moves will give the class the desired versatility and allow convenient targeting and stacking, both in PvE and PvP.

  • Raising Naughty mana cost to 30
      Higher mana cost on the main damaging skill will balance it's high damage and the mana regaining potential and add a reasonable challenge.

  • Boosting Holiday Cheer HoT by 300%
      This is to make the HoT strong enough to allow the class keep on it's own, especially in long solo fights.

  • Boosting Frostburn DoT by 300%
      Since it requires pre-stacking, this will make an occasional decently strong and interesting move.

  • Adding passive boosts:
    • +10% incoming damage reduction
    • +20% hit chance

      Incoming damage reduction will make the class less squashy and allow it to last a bit longer, while boosting hit chance will add to the overall quality.

  • Arctic Stamina:
    • Reducing mana cost to 30
    • Increasing incoming damage reduction to 50% and outdoing damage boost to 100%
    • Increasing duration to 10 seconds
    • Increasing cooldown to 60 seconds

      These changes are to make Arctic Stamina an important 'special occasion' skill, rarely available but strong. In boss fights this will give opportunity to switch from defense into offence, stack Naughty and activate the so needed Heal-over-Time, thus prevent stacking at low health in a long fight with no remedy.

    These were my thoughts of improvements for Evolved ClawSuit.

    Thank you for reading and Battle On!
DF AQW  Post #: 104
7/25/2016 4:13:09   

Personally, I like Abbysal Angel as it is except for one thing. Three out of 4 of it's skills target you rather then the enemy and so if you use any skill bar one when a foe dies it target you and ruins your flow. I'd suggest having all skills target the foe rather then you but I'm not sure if that is possible whiloe keeping it's skills as is.
DF  Post #: 105
7/31/2016 12:33:07   

So,there are a few classes that need buffed,some nerfed (alot of change is needed actually),so ill give 3 top needed buffs and nerfs.
Buffs:3-master ranger. Personally,i dont like this class,but it definitely deserves a buff for all the worl needed. If death mark didnt fade after EVERY move,it would be viable. Allso,the AoE skill should not be AoE at all. Maybe a 15% enemy damage reduce would be efficient.
2-royal battlemage. I cant even look at it without SLOW echoing in the distance. Cut cooldowns by 20 to 25%,maybe a small HoT with the shield skill. Boom,its playable (wisdom increase changed to wizard or haste wouldnt hurt.
1-Thief of Hours. My gosh,i cannot understand why it was made. It literally excels at nothing. Pvp,no chance. Pve,why try. Solos,maybe mana elemental. This class is so out of touch with what it was attempted to be,im done talking trash about it. Just double the damage..literally 2x as much,and increase the HoT to 200,or make sonic piledriver non-stack and a 1 hit HoT. The stacks are pointless and brutal to wait for...
Now,onto the nerfs. 3:artifact hunter. Birthday classes have faltered in usefulness over time. This class not only breaks that stream,but is almost unstoppable in pvp. Ultra omniknight is easily outshined in most cases other then solos,thats even a close one. Get rid of the shield completely. Its not comparable to the class style and is TOO easy to use to ruin a doomwood win. Speaking of which, the 1st skill...4 second cooldown and its good to go
.2-Legion Blademaster assassin. Man,it was a tie for 1st,but this class has only 1 niche over others other than the overall dodge with AoE increased healing (reasonable in my book) and its skill 1. EVERY fight with a legion blademaster assassin ends in loss over a 4 to 6k panic crit...need i say more? Other then 40% damage nerf at max,i need to say no more about it.
1:Blaze binder. First of all,keep in mind this isnt biased since i have AH and BB,but even being a tier 2,its unstoppable in 98% of pvp matches,even bludrut. It was higher then LBMA because blademasters even struggle with this tediously OP class. If you want a class to be balanced,dont make EVERY MOVE hit your target. At least the last skill should be crittable,but non-guarantee. And that heal...its about time it gets nerfed not heavily,but slightly with condition changes. Maybe longer cooldowns. Seriously,i stopped using it because of how much i despised the imbalance of the class. Well,that was tiring,but hopefully word will spread and AE will fix the wrong doings and one-sidedness of selecting whats good snd what isnt. Either way,ITS TIME TO STOP :P
Post #: 106
8/6/2016 0:45:28   
The True Hero

Chaotic Slayer
Surge: The Surge: Barrier skill needs to either be removed or block all damage. The cooldown should be lowered to 13 seconds, and mana used increased to 30.

Retaliation: Either raise the damage cap or remove it entirely, but it does only a fourth of the damage received.
Defender's Oath: Increase the heal, and lower the cooldown to 15 seconds.

Summon Minion: Decrease the DoT. The mana used should be decreased to 35, and the cooldown increased to 20 seconds.

Font size tag removed. The maximum font size allowed in this forum is three. -Laos

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AQW  Post #: 107
8/6/2016 15:45:21   
Aura Knight

I believe dragonslayer general should actually be more useful when fighting non dragons. While the class appears to be decent at fighting dragons, against anything else it doesn't seem all that impressive. Because of this, here's 3 suggested changes to skills.

First off, we have the basilisk strike skill. Because it's nothing more than a damage ability, I think it should be doing a bit more damage. 200% seems okay but dragonslayer has a skill that does more damage than that. I suggest changing the damage to 250-300%. Or I guess it could be between that and stay 275%. The mana sap abiity should always be active here but have it be 15% chance to sap 20 mana. When fighting a dragon it could apply petrify, which lowers dragon's haste by 20% for 3 seconds. A change to the cooldown would be to increase it to 5 seconds and put mana costs at 15 instead of the 12 mana and 3 seconds the skill currently has.

Next we have the drake tongue skill. Because of the suggested increase to the basilisk strike ability, I think this skill can get away without doing damage on its own. The skill would still force target to hit you but while focus is applied, a portion of the damage is reflected back at the opponent. This is seen as a DoT which I'm hoping can be similar to the impale skill on dragonslayer, but with a twist. If used against dragon it increases your haste and damage by the same amount as originally intended. I haven't thought about how to change the mana costs or cooldowns to compensate for the changes.

Third skill to take a look at is piercing wyvern's eye. The change I'd suggest is a slight increase to the damage. Making it 150% instead of 130%. Rest of the effect can stay as is. But against dragons, it could negate their evasion chance for a while.

The rest of the skills seem to be okay. The class should be great against dragons but not weak against everything else.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 108
8/7/2016 4:33:17   

A lot of people had ideas for Thief of Hours because it is kind of underwhelming as a rep class. I personally never played the class to experience it first-hand, but I've been convinced that this class needs some treatment. My suggestion will solely be based off the profession's flavor text:

"Students of the Way of The Clock style of martial arts, these monks are trained to manipulate time magic to steal hours from their foes and use them to increase their own time to study and perfect their fighting style."

Not much to say other than this class is a melee chronomancer that uses both their dexterity and time shenanigans to avoid damage.

Mana Regen Model: Rogue (On hit; more on dodging and landing a crit)

Precise Strikes
Rank Needed: 0
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 2
Type: Physical
Description: Deals light damage on each attack. Increased training on patience and dexterity enables Thieves of Hours to immediately perform a counterstrike on the attacker whenever they dodge an attack.

Additional Details: Deals 85% Weapon Damage on every auto-attack. When dodging an attack, deals 120% Weapon Damage to the attacker (uses the DoT counter, thus doesn't recover any mana on every proc).

Blink Strike
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 10
Cooldown: 5
Type: Physical
Description: Teleports to the enemy's back and deliver a sucker punch. Deals moderate damage, and dodges the next attack thrown at you. This skill have a long range.

Additional Details: Deals 170% Weapon Damage. Applies Poof! to yourself, dodging one attack. Poof! lasts until consumed or 3 seconds.

Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 27
Cooldown: 18
Type: Magical
Description: Goes into a tranquil, focused state, increasing resistance to damage, but prevents dodging (even from Blink Strike). When the meditation finishes, gains health and attack damage based on the number of attacks taken while in meditation.

Additional Details: Applies Renewal, reducing incoming damage by 40%. Renewal lasts 10 seconds. Upon fading, heal yourself by 30% of max hp + (10% of max HP x the number of attacks taken while Renewal is active) and gain 8% Weapon Damage on attacks x the number of attacks taken while Renewal is active. Damage Boost (Retaliate) lasts 6 seconds.

Deja Vu
Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 15
Cooldown: 21
Type: Magical
Description: Distorts time to aid you and your allies in battle. Everytime you or an ally scores a critical hit, fragments of the attack is felt again to the victim. Additionally, everytime you or an ally dodges an attack, they will be healed by the reeling time.

Additional Details: Applies Deja Vu to yourself and up to 5 allies. When landing a critical hit, deals 50% of the critical damage done by the attack 0.5 seconds after it procs (using the DoT counter). When dodging an attack, heals the dodger by 7% of max HP (this completely stacks with classes that have rouge dodge models). Deja Vu lasts 12 seconds.

Spatial Awareness
Rank Needed: 4
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 0
Type: Passive
Description: Dodge chance increased by 10%

Additional Details: n/a

Monk's Logic
Rank Needed: 4
Mana Cost: 0
Cooldown: 0
Type: Passive
Description: Hit chance increased by 10%

Additional Details: n/a

Temporal Insanity
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 40
Cooldown: 20
Type: Magical
Description: Wraps your target in a swirling torrent of time, confusing the target and causing it to hit itself when it tries to hit or cast a spell on a target. Lasts 8 seconds. Temporal Insanity doesn't effect certain monsters.

Additional Details: Applies Temporal Insanity to a target. All of their outgoing attacks are negated; instead, they will be hit by an attack corresponding to their intended damage (using the DoT counter) every time they try to auto-attack or use a damaging spell. Non-damaging and self-buff spells are unaffected; damaging spells that have a 100% effect proc rate are bounced, but the effect are ignored - only the damage is done. Temporal Insanity lasts 8 seconds.

What I feel about this suggestion: This makes ToH a relatively high skill-cap tank that needs to time Blink Strikes just before any problematic attacks (Generic PvP ultis or even Ledgermayne blast!). Just to be clear that despite the name, you don't actually "blink" to the target; just the attack animation. Renewal adds that extra durability when soloing, and Deja Vu makes an excellent bossraid / bludrut utility. Temporal Insanity is just an an upgrade and rewording of the previous ult: now it's pretty much a soft CC in form of single-target burning ward. All in All, my suggestion for ToH makes it a challenging class to master and mana-manage because a lot of these spell combinations are actually counter-intuitive, but it could be rewarding when dodging certain junk thrown at you; even though you lack in damage, you excel in durability, utility, and disruption.

Have a nice day y'all :)

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8/8/2016 3:02:36   

Well, I just received Dragonslayer General. But I read something that shocked me, on it's last ability Ancient Rites, Foregone Conclusion is a buff inside of it among one other, and an additional third if another ability buff is in play.

Why dose this bother me? Berserker Class. Or Beta Berserker in my case. This class's last ability has become a single buff among many in some new class's arsenal. The dynamic of racing the clock to heal up, unreliable but fun to play as. It came to my attention the older classes will need updates even more than before. I would hope, when it's beneficial to the company that revising some of the older content will make them money. The newer classes have been made wonderfully, for fill class fantasy, and complete the roll they are meant to.

I have limited experience, though I believe I can offer insight on how the class can be improved, and feel more fun to play.

- I believe this functions well where it is. During Foregone Conclusion's haste buff, it can be used more. It also reduces enemy damage, which makes it valuable as a party and gives meaning. I would only say to possibly test a lower strength buff so 5 or so mana could be taken off in cost, and used in other abilities.

- I have looked in many guides and talked to many people, and played this class for an effective 25 levels of my account's 40. The only thing I have heard, and found to my own conclusions... Don't use it. Unless you get to 100 Mana, don't, it's a waist of an ability slot. It doesn't do enough damage, and doesn't add to any Berserker fantasy. Frankly, I don't know what to replace it with. But I have seen these new classes come out, and they all have managed to fit the theme they are presenting.

Blood For Blood
- Very fun to see the big numbers. But, I'd recommend Making it an almost exact copy of Life Drinker from the Blood Titan class. Minus the heal on it. I say this because seeing that big nuke is nice and fun. But I believe this ability could be the filler Broad side should be. lower cooldown, and still having the scaling damage at lower HP would make a gradual feel of doing more damage while low on health. And while really really low health, the ability would almost pay for it's elf, letting you swing wildly hoping Foregone conclusion will heal you back up.

- The Haste buff would increase how often this ability is being thrown out there, so it might be best to add another second of cooldown. (4 instead of 3 ) And I would not know where the right ammount of damage is, so it's not a guaranteed full health bar.

- Feel good where they are.

Forgone Conclusion
- What was previously unique. The Beserker's mini game that makes the class fun and exciting. I honestly think waiting 12 seconds for the heal is a bit long. That and a 30 second cooldown is hard to wait though, because then you press it again... ANd got another 12 seconds to wait before your heal. For soloing, you got 42 seconds between your heals. Even Dragonslayer General has 25 seconds instead of 30. I'd say adjust the numbers, so HP is rising and falling, at a quicker pace. This way the Adrenalin for the player, and the character never stops pumping! Even if it requires changing the reduced damage taken Passive, and Breaker % reduction value.

- Insert New Skill here-
- I can't say I am brimming with ideas for this. Things that fir Beserker fantasy? Being Angry! Some sort of rage inspired smack down. We are missing an exciting nuke with my changes in mind. What do Beserkers get angry at? Well for sure one thing is agreed on, people who hit them. It makes them wanna hit back harder. I'd imagine an ability that marks a target, and a % of the damage that target deals to the Beserker, is used in an attack against them 10 some seconds later. I'd not know what direction to take this. A taunt would make him useful for tanking big hits in parties and dishing it back out later. Then letting a main tank heal to full, and resume his job. Maybe a small set heal based on attack power if it resolves during Foregone Conclusion? In any event I am sure the ideas of professionals would shine here.

This post is my plea for returning to old obtainable classes like you have with Evolved items and classes. I know you guys are busy, and don't often return to old things, especially if it would not make you money. But I'm sure slapping 2k AC's and adding it to the shop, during an event that applies to it would help the financial conundrum of games.

Help Zyrain Kenobi, you're my only Hope!
Post #: 110
8/12/2016 12:15:52   

Since chaos slayer is not bad aoe farming class , i noticed few bad cons, the effect applied by a enigma (couregious) is really unnecessary and annoyng , because when you try to apply pondemonium and if effect (couregious) is already applied , it makes enemy hit 500%!!!!!! more damage.... i think it needs to be removed , so you basically can be one shoted by a boss or a group of mobs if you farming (this effect makes you unable to farm for a few secs) , if you try to avoid using skill u just loose your damage ... also second skill damage should be increased from moderate to good. Thank you.
Post #: 111
8/26/2016 0:55:35   
Aura Knight

I think the effect of burning ward on pyromancer should last a bit longer. Or the cooldown on the skill reduced. That skill is crucial to survival and if it runs out while it's at half its cooldown, you're vulnerable, and while it is only for a few seconds, those few seconds can be the difference between victory and defeat. The heal from the skill isn't too great but it does help. Having faster access to it can be a good thing. Also, the cooldown on the fifth skill would be better if it were lowered. In return, the mana cost could get an increase. And the class could do with a slight haste buff to help with the longer cooldowns on skills, if they can't be altered.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 112
8/29/2016 12:58:26   
Summer Rae

Hi guys, can you please buff Chronomancer class so it can be at least relevant to some of the other classes. It has no mana regen skill and overall it's not a good class. I think that as the first special calendar class it should be one of the best classes in the game but that is not the case, it struggles with almost everything solo, pvp, farming. A lot of the skills use way too much mana and the effects are very basic and not good at all. The matrix effect kills the class even more. Please buff the class so it can be useful.

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Post #: 113
8/30/2016 11:21:24   

Class: DoomKnight

Suggestion: Buff the healing effects of Soul Steal to be more similar to Legion Doomknight's Soul Siphon. The Current healing is quite miniscule, and it barely helps at all when your health is about maybe 500? I personally generally sit around 2-3k HP max and the heal isn't even noticeable. It seems more like the passive heal that Ninja classes get rather then a actual healing skill

Current: A quick attack that applies Dark Wound on the target, dealing 100% of weapon DPS over time per stack, immediately healing you for twice this amount once stacked. Lasts 8 seconds, can be refreshed, stacks up to 5 times.

Suggested: A quick attack that deals 250% damage on contact with no chance to crit applies Dark Wound on the target, dealing 100% of weapon DPS over time per stack, immediately healing you for twice this amount once stacked. Lasts 8 seconds, can be refreshed, stacks up to 5 times.

Sugeestion2: Just had this Idea and I think its a solid one:

A quick attack that applies Dark Wound on the target, dealing 15% of your HP Total in DPS over time per stack, immediately healing you for twice this amount once stacked. Lasts 8 seconds, can be refreshed, stacks up to 5 times.

Explaination: It deals 15% of your HP on contact and Continues to do 15% for the 8 Seconds and stacks up to 5 still, however it now heals you for 30% of your total health each time it hits.

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Post #: 114
9/12/2016 2:48:41   

I think I can say for all the people that have gotten the 2016 calender that it needs to have a buff.
This could be increase of its overall DoT or something because so far its like the worst calender
Class that has ever been released as after all the stacks have been applied it does up to 15k but
only lasts like 8 seconds or so dealing nowhere near as much damage as the other calender classes do.
Please buff the DoT or give it at least give it a haste of some kind or remove the mana regen debuff needing
The first move to get mana because after placing all stacks it takes forever for it to get mana again.

Please do something about the power gap between this class and the others.
AQW  Post #: 115
9/18/2016 7:17:00   

I think the barber class should get an unique moveset instead of the rogue moveset.
Post #: 116
9/21/2016 23:41:55   

I think UOK's Inverted Light should either have a reduced cooldown or be unavoidable and non-crittable. The aura it applies lasts a really long time, but if it expires against a high-damage enemy and misses, you're basically guaranteed to die because the cooldown is so long. I personally prefer the reduced cooldown because it won't really buff the class outside of making it easier to land Inverted Light, since quickly switching between auras will just result in less damage and healing.

This isn't directly class-related, but status effects applied to enemies that aren't targeted (e.g. Chaos Slayer's Enigma) really need to be displayed. At the moment, it only works the second time you apply effects, but if you use an AOE buff/debuff skill on enemies that just spawned or are in a room you just entered, they only show for the primary target. This makes farming multiple enemies with Chaos Slayer a huge pain since you can't tell if an enemy has Courageous applied if it isn't one of the 3 you're hitting with autos or if it also has Anguished, which cancels out the damage reduction. Another issue is simply the amount of words popping up, which sometimes hide the "Courageous!" message. I think it should be made more visible, perhaps by giving the enemy a special animation (something like the force field from Arcane Shield or the red flashing from Deadly Frenzy), which would also help in a group scenario in case another Chaos Slayer comes in the middle of the fight and you can't switch to a different class. This should be able to make the class easier to play without lowering the skill floor by too much.
AQW  Post #: 117
9/23/2016 20:35:10   


Arcane Strike: restores 15 mana instead of only 10.

Reason: I figured since I'll suggest shorter cooldown moves the class would need more mana.

Enchanted Blade: makes your spells NEVER miss instead of only boosting your accuracy.

Reason: This makes BattleMages somewhat more useful against dodge classes in pvp.

Arcane Fire: cooldown changed to 5 seconds. ALWAYS reduces damage, regardless if Enchanted Blade is present or not. Also applies a moderate DoT. Damage reduction duration must be around 12 seconds so you could re-apply it.

Reason: this is a 45 mana move so you can't really spam it... Reducing target damage makes you stay alive for longer and should not be limited to Enchanted Blade gimmicks. The damage over time just makes the class even more threathening when killing undeads.

Explosive Shield: mana cost changed to 35. Cooldown changed to 15 seconds. Instead of transfering damage to mp, it simply reduces damage taken by 70% and reduces mana costs for 10 seconds. Also gives you a heal upon usage, the heal should be around 20x your level (I'd say it'd be a moderate heal), so a level 65 would heal around 1300 non-crit :)

Reason: BattleMage right now is a tank class that has no heal/sustainability for long fights. If you are against undeads you'll be facing horde after horde so this makes no sense... This fixes that and also gives the class a comparable bulkness to the likes of Blood Titan and Elemental Dracomancer. The heal should restore most of your health and the damage reduction is another way to mitigate damage, so we don't have to give this class a heal over time.

Passives are cool. Maybe change the Wisdom to Intellect, or give it a rank 10 passive that increases Intellect.

Arcane Devastation: mana cost changed to 60. Targets are ALWAYS weakened regardless if Enchanted Blade is present or not. Now guaranteed to crit.

Reason: the move has DEVASTATION in the name!!! We have to make it somewhat better! There are classes out there that can dish constant 4k+ damage without even sweating, so I think it's pretty fair to get a big crit for 60 mana. Weakening the target makes you deal more damage with your other skills, which is very welcome as well.

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Post #: 118
9/24/2016 15:10:55   

Out of the vast majority of the starter classes, such as Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Healer, Rustbucket, and Dragonslayer, the one in which I can envision increased effectiveness is Ninja. My proposal for the improvement of Ninja class is not complex by any means, and I am hoping that AE will have an incentive to implement this idea if there is no better alternative:

Every time that Thin Air is used, it would be nice for the developers to add two additional effects that will last just as long as Thin Air. These effects include the following: a 50% increase in hit chance, and a 50% decrease in all mana costs in the class. The reason I am in support of these additional effects, is due to the fact that Ninja not only expends its mana rather rapidly, but it often fails to land Shadowburn feasibly while Shadowblade is inactive. This discrepancy is responsible for the incompetence of Ninja class. The 50% increase in precision will allow the user to land Shadowblade more consistently in pvp and in team boss fights such as those against the Primarch or the Mutated Void Dragon, and it will increase the reliability of Shadowburn so that the user will not only stun pvp enemies more frequently, but will also regain mana at a larger frequency due to the decrease in the lethargy of Shadowburn. The 50% decrease in all mana costs will reduce the speed at which users of Ninja will consume their mana, and it will increase the value of the 20 mana received from Shadowburn, seeing as every skill will then cost less than the amount obtained from Shadowburn. Please regard this post with significance whenever the opportunity is given.

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10/2/2016 13:55:54   

Change the rank10 passive on Eternal Inversionist from 40% incoming spell damage reduction to 15% all incoming damage reduction.
Eternal Inversionist is a farming class so Spell damage reduction isn't really critical for it since only 1 monster has any spell attacks(Blood Titan).

The proc chance on the heal is also too low for EI to be survivable since the heal is so weak that it can't really survive for long against any mobs that have moderate HP or large HP sponge bosses.

The 3rd skill on the EI also seems to be bugged in that the debuff values aren't what is actually been advertised in the skill description.

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10/11/2016 14:11:26   

Class: Evolved/Prismatic Clawsuit
The mana costs of this class are quite high. Particularly the cost of Arctic Stamina is so high that it's not usually viable to use. I suggest reducing the mana cost of arctic stamina by 15 and the other skills by 5 each. A simple little buff that allows it to continue working the Frostval magic.

Class: Berserker
I think the broadside skill should essentially remain the same but do more damage, it feels much too weak for the mana cost, hitting nowhere near a satisfying amount especially amongst newer classes that far outshine it. Perhaps make this skill do ~50% more damage.

Class: Timekiller
I honestly think this class needs a large rework. It has a nice big hit with its last skill but the rest of the skills hit very low, use a lot of mana and heal pitiful amounts.

Class: Necromancer
Perhaps somehow increase the mana regen of this class or give it a bit of extra damage resistance in the form of a rank 10 passive or something. Lowering the self DoT may be just as good.

Edit: fixed the wording and a couple of typos.

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10/14/2016 4:46:49   
the duck

hello I would like you guys gave a remake of the rare classes and adding more strength in them for other players to want thus making the players fight more for not perdam a good class in main the darkside giving a buff in renawal spell for players to around and almentando the chance to activate the passive rank 10 more not only in it but not old classes and giving one rare chance sometimes to get such classes over almost impossible and dificultoso so almentando the number of buyers of the same making a lore equal to necromancer so for her so that much more difficult and without daily quest but rather complete the obrigodo the attention carefully jose william.
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10/16/2016 11:27:00   
Doxus the OverLord

Evolved ArchPaladin buff

I'm suggesting a buff to the current class.
This is due to make more the definitive the role it plays.
As my 1st impression from DNs, I was thinking it would be a damage class, but its actual state is more for a tanking one than a damaging one.
So, here we go:

Solo purposes:
1. Recover 5 mana on hit. Don't matter if the attack landed hitted or not.
2. Increase damage output to undeads by 5%. Stacks up to 100 times. Effect lasts 8 seconds if not stacked. (110% weapon damage, 550% if undead)
Rename it to: Arch-attack!
Farming purposes:
1. Deals damage up 6 targets at same time. Long range. (55% weapon damage, 100% crit)
2. Deals damage up 6 targets at same time. Long range. (110% weapon damage, 100% crit if undeads)
Rename it to: ArchPaladin's Light-blow
Tanking purposes:
1. Deals damage up to 6 targets at same time. Long range. Calls aggro up to you, no matter who's hitting the monsters. (80% weapon damage)
2. Deals damage up to 1 target. Long range. Calls aggro up to you, no matter who's hitting the monsters. (130% weapon damage)
Rename it to: ArchPaladin's Protective-blow

1. Stay its debuffs and remove the max DoT limit or increase its limit. I think that something arround 10 stacks will make it like 400 per tick with DoT so, along with the debuffs, this is nice.
2. If removed the max DoT limit, the debuff can be lowered from 2% to 1%.
3. I really wouldn't like to see its debuff removed.
4. Lower its cooldown to 4 and its mana cost to 5.

Hymn of Light
1. The heal itself is good.
2. Maintain its characteristics and just lower its mana cost from 40 to 30.

Righteous Seal
1. This buff is amazing. Please, don't change it.
2. Just lower its cooldown from 25 to 20 or increase its effect from 10 to 12 seconds.

Sacred Magic: Eden
What to say about a nuke that isn't 100% crit? Buff it to crit 100% times.
Next, ways of increasing its damage output:
1. Increase the damage by increasing the stacks of Commandment from 5 to 10 (according to the new cooldown).
2. Lower its cooldown from 60 to 45 and make it not consume the stacks of Commandment.
3. Make it not consume the stacks of Commandment and not debuff for locking Commandment skill.
4. Lower its power output, remove its stacks limit from Commandment and make it not consume Commandment stacks. This way you'll hit more than as actually you can, but you'll need to stack more.

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10/16/2016 14:10:06   

PaladinSlayer should be buffed imo. It is outdated and will easily lose to a paladin (why call it paladinslayer if it can't even stand a chance against a paladin)
AQW  Post #: 124
10/16/2016 21:14:32   
Aura Knight

Some changes I'd like to see to archpaladin

On the commandment skill, I think the cooldown needs a slight decrease. Maybe by a second. So a 5 second cooldown would be good. But, increase the mana cost. Anywhere from 12-15. The class doesn't really have trouble with mana so this change wouldn't hurt it. And either remove the DoT or make it a bit stronger. I'd like it to be about as powerful as the one from abyssal angel. Without the effect that doubles it.

Because you're being forced to do lower damage for 10 seconds, I think righteous seal's initial damage should be slightly higher. Enough to where the 10 seconds of lowered damage doesn't hurt you much. Mana cost could stay as is or maybe be increased a bit. The cooldown should be shorter. If the effect lasts 10 seconds, why can't the cooldown be 18-20 seconds instead of the 25?

And sacred magic: eden has a very high cooldown making it practically useless in many situations. Plus, it's not like the damage from this is always amazing. Perhaps this is due to a bug not making it always crit. Mana cost is actually okay at 75, but the cooldown should be lowered to somewhere between 45-55. I would actually want it to be cut in half personally but that might be too drastic a change.

edit: I completely forgot to say that the range on some skills should be a longer.

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