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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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12/30/2016 3:04:51   

Although I love Dragonslayer general to bits (I may be the only one...) it still needs a small tweak to make it more reliable and therefore really make it feel like a tier two class. If Drake Tongue is going to pull in the aggro of pretty much every enemy in the room for 10 seconds it would only make sense that the damage and haste buff last just as long; 1 second can make a world of difference seeing as how that would allow us to continuously loop the boost against dragons and truly make it effective against them which was the intended purpose from the get go! Now moving on to Ancient Rites, I feel this skill is very lack luster on both the offensive and defensive side of things.. I can understand that Drake tongues first buff must have increased the classes total average outgoing damage on the offensive side but since most monsters don't hit that hard to begin with (looking at you dragons!) I don't see adding 50% more of the incoming damage to the players auto-attack working that well outside of PVP. Then when we talk about the defensive side of things (Hard Iron + Absolute Resolution) the total defense of the class is increased to 65% which although respectable, end up hurting the offensive side of the same skill because you are receiving LESS damage and therefore dishing out less from the 50% damage added to your auto-attack. I would suggest increasing the Hard Irons defense buff to 50% (75% including passive) and a damage buff of 75% (100% including passive) along with the HP regaining property's to remain. Said improvements would really make this class shine AND stand out as the #1 Dragon slaying class!

Id like to thank AE for the tweaks made to ArchPaladin and I may be getting greedy here but I feel that the Stun on Sacred Magic: Eden should be made to effect undead 100% of the time seeing as how the undeads ultimate goal is to be set free from is ungodly shackles and getting a glimpse of paradise should really rattle there bones! The 20% chance
to stun should then be moved to effect everything else... Thank you for taking your time to read this post!
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1/1/2017 0:55:59   

Chronomancer Buff

Chronomancer is very similar to ChronoCommander, if both classes were adjusted to do the same amount of damage then their only difference would be the passives and rank 2 skill. Despite these small differences, the classes are not the same as Chronomancer's skills steer it towards the more offensive side while ChronoCommander's skills steer it towards the more defensive side. This should be the case however it is not. Chronomancer was released in 2011, at the time it was a very good class that could do heaps of damage, but due to power creeps over the years, Chronomancer became less used and when ChronoCommander came out, it basically had the same skills as Chronomancer but there was one key difference, it could do MUCH more damage. ChronoCommander's release put the seal on Chronomancer's grave and it began to collect dust in player's banks everywhere. With the rewrite coming it would be the perfect time to revive Chronomancer, so here are my buff suggestions that will bring it up to par with ChronoCommander.

Temporal Strike

Increase the weapon damage so it is the same as ChronoCommander's equivalent skill.

This skill does around 30-40% of the player's auto attack damage. ChronoCommander's equivalent skill does around 100% of the player's auto attack damage. There is a very large gap between the two classes so the damage on Temporal Rift should be increased to help close it.

Rift Inversion

Remove the drawback that prevents Temporal Rift from being applied for 6 seconds, ChronoCommander doesn't have this drawback so neither should Chronomancer.

Increase the amount of haste gained and duration of the haste buff.

This skill is literally useless. The haste buff only increases your haste by 15% and for the next 6 seconds, you can't do anything except auto attack because you can't get stacks of temporal rift.

Rift Collapse

Damage at 4 stacks of Temporal Rift: 150% -> 240%

According to my calculations, Rift Collapse deals 150% of the damage the player has dealt in the past 10 seconds while ChronoCommander's equivalent skill seems to deal around 275% - 300% of the damage the player has dealt in the last 10 seconds. Since Chronomancer will have a haste buff allowing it to do deal damage quicker it will not deal exactly as much damage as ChronoCommander, but it will be close.


Increase Spring Forward's buffs to 10%


Greatly increase the DoT damage

Cooldown Time: 16 seconds -> 40 seconds

Yet another skill that is useless. Using this skill consumes half your mana for a DoT that you can easily out DPS with your auto attack. The DoT should be increased massively so this skill would be worth using again but the cooldown time should be greatly increased as well to balance it out.

These changes are mostly number tweaks but it is all that would be needed to make Chronomancer a good class again. I hope these buff suggestions are considered.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 152
1/4/2017 1:01:21   

vindicator of they and collector, Petrifying skill needs to be fixed, in my opinion, after being petrified monsters should not be able to do anything, however in my case (most of the time) , after petrifying the target , i use the last skill, the monster can dodge it, i understand of it misses but dodge seems weird

Glacial Berserker- this new class needs to have changes to the skill cool down time, the class only has 2 skills that does damage and it does not have auto attack, the long skill cooldown and only two attack spell makes the class very difficult to use. The animation on the last skill is way tooooooo long please reduce it by 2-4 seconds
thats all, i hope to receive some feedback/comment regarding my concerns.

have a great day :)
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1/5/2017 4:45:04   

Elemental Dracomancer

I think this class needs to be changed and turned into an offensive Spellbreaker.

Base Stats: Shaman Model
Gaining mana: Rogue Model

Duradun's Punch(Changed from Auto Attack)
• OG: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.
• Changed: A powerful attack empowered by the Earth Prime Dragon, has a small chance to "Smash" the opponent's Armor.
Note: Weapon Damage(unchanged): 110%, 2.0 speed. Has a 15% chance to apply Smashed increasing the damage the opponent takes by 5% stacks up to 50%, doesn't fade.
Note: Every time Smash is applied is consumes 10 mana.

Mana Drain(Changed from "Duradun's Scales")
• OG: "Gathers mana from nearby ley lines and increases your damage resistance by 75% for 6 seconds."
• Changed: "Gathers mana from nearby ley lines and cuts all mana cost in half" for 8 seconds.
Note: Also drains opponent's Mana if used in PvP.

Astialo's Wings
• OG: "You gain the speed of a flying dragon, causing moderate damage to your target. This power also DOUBLES your attack speed and cuts all mana costs in half for 8 seconds."
• Changed: "You gain the speed of the Wind Prime Dragon DOUBLING your attack speed and dodge rate for 10 seconds."

The OG says gain the speed of a flying dragon then shouldn't it increase dodge rate as well?
Give it dodge rate + Shaman's Base Stats(for more WIS = more dodge) + Rogue's Mana Model
= Survivability, which this class lacks, I know Scales is supposed to negate a lot of damage but in the long run your HP still gets chunked so I removed it so that this class won't be to OP in PvP, being able to dodge a lot and negate 75% damage sounds too OP.

Aren't Elemental Dracomancers supposed to draw the powers of the Elemental Prime Dragons? It doesn't really feel like it's using the Earth Prime Dragon's power.

The Passives, Ssikari's Breath and Lliath's Torrent will remain unchanged.

But If you people prefer a more simple change then just scratch what I said and just add this Description to the class an turn it into a unique ability(like StoneCrusher's unique feature): "10% of Elemental Dracomancer's Crits are converted and added as HP."
Since long survivability is the only thing this class lacks.

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AQW  Post #: 154
1/6/2017 6:53:34   

I have an obligation to concoct a suggestion for the improvement of Thief of Hours class. Considering that Thief of Hours and Chrono Assassin class are relatively similar, this suggestion will also apply to Chrono Assassin. I am hoping that AE will find the following suggestion of use to them, and that they have not already decided upon a meticulous impetus for the class's improvement:

I believe that it would be intriguing to add an effect (debuff) to Thief of Hours' Temporal Insanity known as "Gain Time" (although the name can be changed at will). This effect will cause all active and applied debuffs on the opponent to receive doubled durations. Gain Time will last just as long as Temporal Insanity itself, 6 seconds, and it will automatically cause any debuffs from other players, whether they are already active on the opponent or are applied during the 6 second duration of Gain Time, to last for twice the amount of time.

This is the only suggestion that I will attribute to Thief of Hours. The reason I chose to add this particular effect is due to the fact that it would be of great utility for other players to be able to witness increased potency in their effects when fighting in a team boss fight. It is relatively customary for Thief of Hours, a time based class, to utilize an effect that involves altering the time, or "duration", of other effects. I figured that it would be within the best interest of Thief of Hours users to rely upon a consistent effect that could offset the discrepancy of being unable to apply Temporal Insanity to certain bosses. As a result, if Temporal Insanity fails to activate on Ultra Blood Titan, Binky, or Undead Raxgore, bosses that are all immune to Temporal Insanity, Gain Time will indeed activate. Thief of Hours class, due to its lack of self sustainability, is more effective in team boss fights, and is therefore inclined to provide additional support, or "time", to other players fighting the boss.

Gain Time will encourage players to make use of more potent classes for team boss fights, including those such as Arachnomancer, whose two defense debuffs (Foreboding Arachnid and Toxic Adrenaline) will last for 24 seconds as opposed to the usual 12 seconds, Chaos Slayer, whose Enigma and Pandemonium effects will last for 20 seconds as opposed to the usual 10 seconds, and various damage over time classes such as Dragon Shinobi, Arcane Dark Caster, and Infinity Knight, whose strong Damage Over Time effects will last for twice the normal duration.

It must be clarified that Thief of Hours, while it can increase the duration of other debuffs with Temporal Insanity, cannot double the duration of another player's Temporal Insanity. For instance, if I use Temporal Insanity on a boss, and another Thief of Hours, or perhaps a Chrono Assassin, uses the same effect, I will not be able to double the duration of their Temporal Insanity, and they will not be able to do the same to me. In this way, there will be a relative balance in the ways of the skill. Also, this suggestion does apply to Chrono Assassin class, which also uses Temporal Insanity.

I am gratified to be able to share this idea with AE, and I am confident that it could quite possibly be taken into account in the future to come.

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Post #: 155
1/6/2017 23:24:22   

I know it is still early to be posting suggestion for Light Caster but here are my thoughts.


0) Auto-Attack
- make it deal magical damage

1) Lingering Light
- reduce to cooldown of Lingering Light to 2-3 secs
- change In The Spotlight to increase damage taken by 5% and stack to 30 (same total but easier to stack)
- increase duration of In The Spotlight to 10-12 secs

2) Light Blast
- reduce mana cost to 15 and increase cooldown to 4-5 secs
- change it into aoe (3-4 targets)
- make Blinding Light reduce haste or outgoing damage instead
- remove the need for Blinding Light to stack, make it 15-25% instead

3) Illuminate
- reduce the cooldown to 8-10 secs

4) Passives
5) Burned by Light
- they're fine

Not ALL the above tweaks are neccesary, they are just examples, 1 or 2 of the suggestions would be fine.

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AQW  Post #: 156
1/9/2017 1:47:34   

Royal BattleMage

Rank 10 - A simple Haste buff?

Faster attack > more mana > stuff.

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AQW  Post #: 157
1/9/2017 10:00:06   
Doxus the OverLord

Change auto-attack to:
Touch of Light
Deals 100% weapon damage and inflicts a DoT capable of stacking up to 10 times.

DoomKnight OverLord
Change its mana model to mage. It has serious mana issues. It's worst by the meaning of mana than PHL but it's better than it by the meaning of damage.

Paladin HighLord
Change its mana model to mage. It has serious mana issues.

Legion Paladin
Change its mana model to mage. It has less mana issues than the two classes above, but it still have and I think it shouldn't have.

Infinity Knight
Change its mana model to mage or let it regen mana as DeathKnightLord do, by DoT'ing and make higher DoTs return more mana.
The mana issues here comes after using the high DoTs of the class its first time. It seems it will not be able to sustain its mana while restacking for delivering high damage again.

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Post #: 158
1/11/2017 3:06:41   

Ultra/Legendary Elemental Warrior combos returned please... Unless the devs are working on making new combos or trying something new with the class then I guess we players can wait and if there really is something new being done to the class then I guess the players should be informed because a lot of us got bummed when the combos were taken away.

I've made complicated suggestions about Necromancer but I think I've thought of "small" tweaks that will not make the class too OP or make it unrecognizable. I've made a few options...

Option 1: Don't double the damage that Infect does when Deadly Frenzy is active

- Using Infect after casting Summon Minion is a must because Summon Minion will slice almost half the Mana you have but casting Infect can kill you because when Deadly Frenzy is active together with a Full Wizard Enh Necro will do over 1K damage and your maximum HP is only 2k... I know some people go Full Lucky with Necro but come on 1k damage to yourself? At least Summon Minion's damage is a DoT which is manageable because of Weaken.

Option 2: Keep the Double damage of Infect but make it restore 50(or more) Mana

- Using Infect while Deadly Frenzy is active doesn't seem to increase the Mana it returns it just doubles the damage it does to yourself. Since Infect's description says "Infect yourself, damaging your health to restore mp" It loosely translates to "convert your HP into Mana" so I thought, making Infect do more damage should restore A LOT of Mana too, Summon Minion costs a lot of Mana and kinda forces you not to restore Mana with Infect at the same time, because Infect will cost 1/2 of your HP.

Option 3: Lower Summon Minion's Mana Cost

- I don't think this will really solve the "killing yourself" issue but at least it won't force you to restore Mana with Infect, and it will still keep Necromancer's strategic playstyle.

Option 4: Rank 10 Passive
- Become a Lich: When you die(or when you kill yourself) you hold on to 1 HP and you channel for 5 Seconds(invincible during channel) after channeling your END is increased by 50%, all your HP and Mana is restored and your Minion does more damage, lasts for 60 Seconds. You can only die(permanently) when killed in this form. /powerup during channel, equips This but with a Skull face(temp Helm).

- I know i know I've been insisting on this kind of Rank 10 Passive for Necromancer but please read the reason why I want this passive and I think the class needs it. Summon Minion + Infect = Tons of damage to yourself you can survive but barely and you won't survive this deadly combo when fighting Bosses that deals over 300 damage, now some of you might b thinking that "Why even use this combo at all?" At the start of the battle you don't do this combo but when you really want/need to do damage you HAVE to use Summon Minion and earning the Mana for that skill while trying to deal damage with Command Undead is a real pain, so the moment you use Summon Minion your Mana will disappear and the only way to restore your Mana is to hope that the enemy crits(and you survive of course) or use Infect(and survive because 800-1k dmg).

- If Necromancers really are Masters of Dark arts and Undeath then becoming Undead should be as easy as pie for them.

Of course the Options can be combined ^_^

Merged double-post. Please do not double-post, it is considered spam and only clutters the page. Next time use the button to add in any additional information to your post. For more information, please read the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Posting Behavior. ~Rickyb20

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AQW  Post #: 159
1/23/2017 9:20:06   

Here's a no brainer.

It is about the class void highlord, it is insanely hard to get, which im fine with. BUT THEY MADE THE CLASS SINGLE TARGET. This makes the class useless and is not worth farming for at all. Im fine with getting the rotos (except they shouldnt make it daily) but they have to make it the same as the test version was or better
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 160
1/24/2017 1:42:49   

Hi, I have the Cardclasher class and I think it should be buffed. I feel like the raise the stakes ability really brings down the class because when I go to see the forums or when people talk about the class, in general, they say that they don't use the ability much. I think the debuff of raise the stakes should be hindered a bit, or the ability should be changed overall. There are classes that can be bought for 10 dollars worth of ACs, and for a 25 dollar class, I think that it should be stronger.
Post #: 161
1/24/2017 21:50:49   

I just got Drakel Warlord class and I'm loving the heck out of it. But there's something bugging me, the "Strengthened Strike" skill says it deals 200% atk power but I don't see any difference when I use it.

Is it a bug or did the devs just mistyped the description?
AQW  Post #: 162
1/27/2017 0:30:18   

Original Leprechaun class revamped

I want to make a request to buff the original leprechaun class a little bit because it is getting outdated (well it is outdated) also it cant be used to farm. (I love this class so I equip it when farming and also to show off :))

first off, leprechaun is a rare class, but i think it is getting old and rusty so I want to make it shine just like the old days.

Irish Blessing
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: N/A
Description: Instantly causes 30% 50% weapon damage, and applies a poison dealing additional damage over 10s. Applies blessed to the user.

(Blessed: increases all stats by 7% for 15 seconds and has a chance to heal the user by 7% of its maximum hp. Stacks up to 3 times)

(Note: the poison deals 100% weapon damage.)

Opportunity Strike
Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 10 Mana
Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Type: N/A
Description: Deals damage based on how much time is left on Irish Blessing. (less time means higher damage)

(Note: Opportunity Strike deals 100% weapon damage if Irish blessing is not present.)

Sgian Dirg
Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Type: N/A
Description: Deals moderate damage, and applies Lucky Streak, causing your attacks to do more damage the lower your target's HP are (if below 40% 50%) for 20 seconds.

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive
Description: Dodge chance increased by 15% 20%.

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive
Description: Critical strike chance and critical damage increased by 15%.

Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 40 Seconds
Type: N/A
Description: Increases your haste and chance to dodge by 35% 45% for 20 seconds.

Blessing of the Leprechaun
Rank Needed: 10
Type: Passive
Description: Increases damage output by 15%.

Overall, I gave it more sustainability and some powerspikes. Also, a rank 10 passive has been added.

(Note: this isnt the only old and rare class that needs some buffs.)

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AQW  Post #: 163
1/27/2017 22:52:32   
Paulus Xiphos

Please do something about Cryomancer and Royal BattleMage Classes.

Cryomancer only works great for people above level 50, who can deal massive damage with any class. Cryomancer is a horrible Caster class because it loses mana far too quickly and does not even have a reliable method to regain. I mean, come on its a Mage class it should have the Mage Mana Regen model not the WARRIOR who the heck thought of that? Pyromancer, the Fire counterpart is hailed as among of the strongest classe. I chose Cryo over Pyro despite the fact that I'd have to farm 41 days for both classes... Cryo is horrible I can't even spam the skills. Even if its awesome for PvP, some people would rather enjoy exploring the beautiful world of Lore rather than full-time fighting other players.

I expected the Royal BattleMage to be an extremely buffed up version of the Mage Class, which is great at spamming skills and the Fireball + Ice Shard combo. It would have been great, if not for the AGONISINGLY SLOW cool-down. And the Arcane Strike, its ARCANE Strike so it should be based on the Spell Power like the DBSK. It's useless to activate Enchanted Blade unless one of the really slow skills are active. Oh yes, and the SHIELD. It lasts long before the skill cools down... what kind of shield is that? People farm for the RBM so please... why are the skills so ripped-off. Sorry but I really expected much from the class.

Both of these classes are hard to obtain. So its only right that they should have the spamming skill of the Mage Class. Change the Mana Regen model of Cryo and make the cool downs of RBM quicker... and improve the shield. Please.

I've been a life-long Caster Class user since I began playing. I work hard to master every of those magic-wielding classes, except the Necromancer. Personally I don't like dark magic.
AQW  Post #: 164
1/28/2017 2:47:07   


Mana Problems
Option 1: Lower Mana Cost of "Fiendsish Strike" and/or give "Fiendish Strike" a Mana Vamp. Reduce the Mana Cost of "Fiendish Strike" to 25 or 30 or give it a "small" Mana Vamp(that also works in PvP if possible), why? Because this class has serious Mana problems, all it's skills have Mana Costs equal/higher than 20 Mana.
Option 2: Give the Auto Attack a Mana "Vamp"(like really STEAL Mana), why? Because of this quote: "You may look at this auto attack the same way you would look at the AA of any other spellcaster, but you’ll learn that the power of the Archfiend can turn any attack into something fearsome." I know Mana Vamp isn't very "fearsome" but being able to "steal" Mana from other players during PvP will become a game changer and of course "fearsome".
Option 3: Use both Options.

Unreliable Regeneration
"Fiend Leech" is an OK regeneration skill but sometimes it won't just pop, and since "Abyssal Contract" puts you in danger when there are other monsters in the room, I thought that instead of increasing the damage The Archfiend receives by 25% for 15 seconds why not "Absorb" 25% of the damage received and turns it into HP. Since it's not good to make deals with evil then I guess this change puts more meaning to the name "Abyssal Contract".

Make it a "Leader" Class
I call Paladin Highlord, Doomknight Overlord, Naval Commander etc. as "Leader" classes because they get stronger with more Party Members. I re-read the Design Notes for this class and it says these: "They're at their strongest when they're fighting with a team," "they are most effective when they can use one of those loyal minions as a meat shield." Because of these quotes it makes perfect sense for this class to be a "Party/Leader" class.
example: Fiend Frenzy will apply to 10 people with a full party(this is just an example tho)

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AQW  Post #: 165
2/6/2017 8:57:57   
Paulus Xiphos

I'm really wondering why Ultra OmniKnight's Auto Attack is based on spell dmg while Royal BattleMage's Arcane Strike is not. Come on its Arcane Strike for a reason. If its changed, RBM can do more dmg per attack and using Enchanted Blade will actually have more significance. Also, the class really needs a major revamp in skill cooldowns (and costs?). Arcane Fire should be reduced like 6 seconds less, Arcane Devastation too. Explosive Shield has much more issues, it takes too long to cool off and the shield lasts like what, 10 seconds for a skill of 45 sec cooldown? The cool down should be lessened and the shield should last longer and maybe a HoT based on spell power would be a really great addition. People farm for that class and its supposedly the class for Swordhaven. I doubt anyone would stay with a class that suffers from long cool down, high mana, weak auto attack and no method of healing. Give players a reason to actually farm for it not just throw it off for something more powerful like Necro or DBSK.

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AQW  Post #: 166
2/19/2017 13:51:08   

After running around with Chaos Shaper for an extensive amount of time, i've come to notice the class is extremely lackluster and can work against the player more often than it probably should. The manae regen is bad for the high mana costs and the Death Grip Skill is awful in almost every aspect. I have a few ways of changing the class for the better.

1. Reduce all skills mana cost except Chaotic Touch by 10

2. Reduce Twist Time cooldown by 4 seconds

3. Make Chaotic Touch Deal damage.

4. Increase Chaotic Focus passive to 15%

5. Turn Regen model from Warrior to Mage (This class can be extremely spammy and trying to take advantage of that is impossible with the warrior regen.)

6. Change Death Grip entirely. 1. Increase the chance for Death Grip to work in your favor. ( It feels like it has a greater chance to backfire, because when I tried fighting the red dragon It backfired 5/7 times i used it.) 2. Remove the DoT and instead make Death Grip have a chance to deal damage to you based on a small portion of your health. (15% of maximum hp.) The DoT is extremely annoying and can be worse than simply hurting yourself if you consistently use Death Grip.)

I really hope they change this class into something good soon and not just be another class nobody ever touches.

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DF AQW  Post #: 167
2/23/2017 1:32:58   


Weapon Damage: 120%, 2.3 speed

DoomKnights gains mana when they:
-Strike a enemy in combat (more effective on critics)
-Are struck by an enemy on combat


Auto Attack
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 0 Mana
Cooldown: 2.3 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Soul Steal
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 10 Mana
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A quick attack that applies Dark Wound on the target, dealing 100% of weapon DPS over time per stack, immediately healing you for twice this amount once stacked. Lasts 8 seconds, can be refreshed, stacks up to 5 times.

Soul Crush
Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 10 Mana
Cooldown: 4 Seconds
Type: Physical / Magical
Description: A quick attack dealing physical and magical damage, improved by the number of Dark Wound stacks on the target.

Void Strike
Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: A strong attack which deals weapon damage plus an amount derived from your current HP and MP.

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive
Description: You deal 15% additional damage with physical attacks.

Rank Needed: 4
Type: Passive
Description: Damage taken reduced by 15%

Blood Offering
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 25 Mana
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: If Dark Wound is on the target, the caster will take additional damage per attack for 10 seconds, but will add some of the amount taken to their next autoattack. Otherwise, applies a 3 second stun.
Note: Deals 18% weapon damage.

Doom Strike
Rank Needed: 10
Type: Passive - Small chance to activate on melee swing.
Description: A darkness attack for about 50x your weapon damage.

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AQW  Post #: 168
3/4/2017 2:48:17   

I think Defender should be revamped, to make the upgrades feels kinda worthed. Because it costs me $20 or so....
I didn't mean to be rude, but I just wanted the class to be worth the price that's all.

Below are the recommended suggestions:

-Changing "Commanding Strike".
No change in mana and cooldown, but in damage output and effects.
"Deals moderate damage, and applies "Commander Rally" to friendly targets and "Overwhelmed" to your foe. Commander Rally increases damage output, haste, and healing received while Overwhelmed will decrease opponents defense and damage output. Effects lasts 10 seconds.".
Damage is based on 150% of weapon damage.

-Changing "Crushing Sweep".
No change in mana and cooldown, but in damage output and effects.
"Deals moderately high damage, and applies "Withered" to the target. For 12 seconds, every successful attacks landed on target will apply "Defender's Mark", a stacking effect which increase the damage taken. Can stack up to 10."
Damage is based on 200% of weapon damage.
Defender's Mark increase the damage taken by 30%, for a total of 300% on maximum stacks.

-Changing "Retaliation"
Renamed into "Piercing Strike"
No change in mana and cooldown, but in damage output and effects.
"Deals high damage to the target. If the target is a monster, damage will be increased based on the amount of damage that monster has done in the current fight.
Damage is based on 300% of weapon damage
Uses "Grand Sweep" animation from Ultra Omniknight OR "On Guard" from Warrior

-Changing "Defender's Oath"
Mana Cost changed to 25
Cooldown changed to 15 seconds
Heals a friendly target for a moderate amount. Also applies Safeguard, absorbing all incoming damage up to an amount based on Attack Power. Lasts 12 seconds.
Amount heal is based on 200% weapon damage.

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I think it would be nice if magic casting classes had a different auto attack than the other classes. Like, even the Mind Breaker auto attack would be nice in making them feel more mage like.
Beating monsters with a blunt stick isn't very... mage like.
Having different ones for different classes, Like Lightcaster having a light burst, or Dark caster having a dark burst, etc.
Just an idea that would make magic casters more magic-y. And have it restore some bonus mana or something. That'd be cool.
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Aura Knight

Some changes for Ranger/Master Ranger

Current Skill

Mark For Death
Rank Needed: 1
Mana Cost: 5 Mana
Cooldown: 1.5 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Deals light damage and applies Death Mark to your foe. Death Mark can stack up to 5 times unless consumed by a skill or allowed to fade, and reduces foe’s damage up to 5% until consumed.

Increase stacks to 10. And each stack reduces enemy damage by 3% per stack and increases your dodge by 2% per stack. So when fully stacked, enemy does 30% less damage and you have 20% extra dodge. Having more dodge is very useful for an evasion class such as this. Aside from the rank 4 passive which gives more dexterity, no other effect improves the dodge on this class.

Current Skill

Scorching Arrow
Rank Needed: 2
Mana Cost: 15 Mana
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Launches a flaming arrow at your enemy, dealing moderate damage, also burning them with a fire Damage over Time (DoT). Fire damage over time can be increased by Death Mark.

Have it consume 5 stacks. DoT damage can remain the same or slightly increased. A max DoT of around 400 seems pretty okay to me. For the most part this skill functions as it used to. But with the increase of stacks on the first skill, having this one only consume 5 allows you to have another 5 readily available for the other abilities.

Current Skill

Explosive Bolt
Rank Needed: 3
Mana Cost: 25 Mana
Cooldown: 3 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: This arrow has an explosive tip which explodes on impact, dealing high damage. Nearby foes can also be caught in the explosion for minor damage. Damage increased by Death Mark.

Like Scorching Arrow, this one would consume 5 stacks of Death Mark. Damage remains the same as it was but skill becomes single target. Deals high damage and cannot miss.

Passives are okay as they are.

Current Skill

Vampiric Shot
Rank Needed: 5
Mana Cost: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: You fire a magic arrow inscribed with runes at your target, dealing moderate damage to them but also applying a HoT effect to yourself. Both Damage and Heal Over Time effects are increased by Death Mark.

Consumes 10 stacks of Death Mark and the max HoT is double what it used to be because the skill now consumes twice as many stacks of Death Mark. This means it would go from about 170 to 340. Duration on the HoT could be lowered by a few seconds. From 10 to 8, making it only happen 4 times instead of the 5 it currently has.

Rank 10 Passive: Increases endurance by 25%. Having a bit more health doesn't hurt. As for a name for this passive, that I hadn't thought of.

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Eternal Inversionist

0) Inverted Blade
- increase the proc rate of Rejuvenation to 30%-50%
- increase the hot by 100%-200% but reduce the duration to 4 secs (2 ticks)

1) Twisted Viper
- its fine

2) Ancient Wrap
- remove the need for Curse of Ages/Times/Eternity to stack but instead let it reduce enemy defense/hit chance by 30% instantly
- increase the dot by 50%-100%

3) Stasis
- reduce the manacost by 2-3
- reduce the cooldown by 2-3 secs

4) Shifting Sands/Dimensional Strength
- they are fine

5) Caricature
- reduce cooldown by 4-5 secs

10) Eternal Resolve
- change it to reduce physical dmg by 30% or reduce all dmg by 20%

I increased the proc chance of rejuvenation and the heal of Inverted Blade because the survivability of the class is terrible even when facing only 1 monster even though the class was made to face off against 6
Twisted Viper takes too long to get fully stacked, 5 secs for 5 stacks = 25 secs, with EI's 25% haste this translate to 18.75 secs, and that's not even taking into account that some of them might miss
I reduced Stasis's manacost and cooldown because I rarely use the skill because of the high manacost
Caricature's cooldown also felt pretty long to me
As said before, EI's survivability is terrible, with the changes to the rank 10 passive it can survive a bit longer against regular mobs and maybe even solo a couple of bosses.

Of course, these are just suggestions, I don't really want ALL of them to be implemented, as it will make EI a lot stronger, a few of them will do.

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3/8/2017 8:09:33   
you stop

ArchPaladin Balance Changes

First and foremost, I love the class. I love how it's the tankiest class in the game with it's 90% damage reduction (Righteous Seal) and insanely good heal (Hymn of Light + Overwhelming Light). I only have one problem to be honest. The class is too good. Let's face it. If AQW Class Designers keep making classes that are too good and not that hard to get*, there will be a massive power creep in the entire game which could mean either the older classes being extremely outdated, or all of them be updated to keep up.

Going back to the point: the class is too good. Now what do I mean with that description? Quite frankly, the classes these days contain a very similar skillset with the other good solo-ing classes. Here are the things that I've noticed with the modern solo-ing classes**:
1. Buffs and debuffs
2. A reliable heal
3. A nuke (not needed, but most of the good ones have it)
4. Reliable consistent damaging spell/s (meaning little to no Mana issues).

See anything funny here? ArchPaladin has all of the 4 qualities that I have stated. However, there's one thing that ArchPaladin has that the other classes don't (and no, it's not about Righteous Seal). It's the 50 stacks of Commandment, or at least, when ArchPaladin reaches close to 50. So let's analyze the skill right now:

These are the buffs and debuffs that Commandmend gives (copy-pasted from the wiki):
"2% less damage, dodge chance, crit chance, crit amount, hit chance and takes 2% more damage. Lasts 100 seconds and stacks up to 50."

At 50 stacks, this skill gives 100% of everything stated above. The problem here is that after a while, any monster in the game can't hit you and if ever that monster does hit you, you barely take any damage at all***. This takes away any challenge from the monster, if ever it's still alive by the time you hit 50 stacks.

What I propose is to nerf the reduction in damage and hit chance of Commandment, if not fully remove it. Change it from 2% to 1% per stack of Commandment. ArchPaladin is an overpowered class at this point in terms of tankiness. It's unkillable at some point in time and that takes away the fun in playing the class.

Here's another food for thought: at 50 stacks, ArchPaladin can just keep pressing Commandment and not care about the other skills until the time it has to use Sacred Magic: Eden.

*Side note: ArchPaladin really isn't that hard to get. Rank 10 Good is very easy to do as there's a repeatable 1000 rep quest. The other quests are either farming low health mobs or farming one boss. The mobs are extremely doable with any farming class. The only bosses that are hard to farm in the quest line are Binky and Ultra Alteon.

**Examples of modern solo-ing Classes: StoneCrusher, LightCaster, Legion DoomKnight, etc.

***(For those that don't get the math behind Commandmend Stacks) At 50 stacks, the monsters have 100% reduced damage and 100% reduced hit chance. At this point, the monster either can't hit you, or does 0 damage

EDIT: Fixed formatting

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3/12/2017 11:54:40   
Zen Adafty

Please do something about Master Ranger class

I have spent a lot of time to get Master Ranger class, but i think this class is not worth with my effort. And I am desperate, so please give some buff to it, Increase in crit rate or dodge rate will be okay, but some kind of buffs towards the user and debuffs on the enemy as a result of skills is necessary too, moreover a rank 10 passive skill that deal massive damage is also a good idea.

However, how difficult it is to get this class is good reason to provide additional buff to this class.

Thank you for reading!

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EDIT EDIT EDIT I thought of better and subtler ways to change the class without editing so many of the fundamental mechanics. Also maybe give the merge Necromancer AC status, just so it can go in the bank like its AC version?

Summon Minion

I think the main issue with this skill is that for a caster class that doesn't look too much into End as a stat, the DoT is really difficult to keep up with. So many reduce the buff, cooldown and mp cost, and make it stackable up to 3? Increase the DoT and damage with each stack, but don't make the DoT as high as it currently is so people can keep up with it.


Again with keeping up with constantly dwindling health, reduce cooldown and mp cost so it can be cast more frequently. Also reduce the debuff but make Weaken stackable up to 5 so monsters aren't doing so much damage that with Deadly Frenzy you're barely holding on.


A common complaint about this is that it deals double damage when Deadly Frenzy is active, which might outright kill you. At level 55, with Deadly Frenzy on, this skill is dealing 800+ damage so the odds of you killing yourself are higher than whatever you're fighting killing you. So a good way to go about this is to not let Infect be affected by Deadly Frenzy.

Death’s Strength and Death’s Speed

Nothing really to change here

Command Undead

Nothing really wrong with this skill. Could maybe do with a damage buff and a cool animation? :3

But again thanks in advance for reading~

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