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RE: =AQW= Existing Class Suggestions

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3/13/2017 8:14:53   

A bit of buff on Eternal inversionist's Caricature's damage would be splendid.

Oh, and this is a wild one, but what if Oracle instead gained mana only on crit hits made on all enemies in the screen?
I guess it makes the class have a kinda sadistic nature but w/e.
It would also be a cut above originality if Foresight can be casted on allies. Imagine the cancer when Oracle and ArchPaladin do the grand nuke combo.

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AQW  Post #: 176
3/14/2017 11:41:08   

Doomknight Overlord:

The issue with this class is currently it is difficult for solo player to find full groups or create groups as not everyone has a network of friends to join with.
In order to make the class achieve its full potential and become remotely self sufficient; my suggestion and to this point plead is to remove the Doomknight Overlords group dependency.
I have been playing as the class for years and it has become very difficult to make use of this class, I mainly still use it over other better classes because of my loyalist nature to the faction, but still the class dependency is a bane.
On top of this groups are buggy in AQW, you may invite 2 or 3 people to a group and if one leaves during the process the group is disbanded, or if you invite more when a person leaves the group the slot becomes taken and you cannot invite a new member and recover the lost benefits.

So yes, I'm begging that the classes group dependency is removed.

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Post #: 177
3/14/2017 19:26:18   

Chaos Shaper Class Revamp

Chaos Shaper is probably the oldest of the old when it comes to promotional items for buying membership, and back when it came out, I would say it was pretty amazing.
But as time went on, and more and more classes came around, Chaos Shapers skills became too weak and chance based to sustain anyone, and not to mention Death Grip
apparently being bugged to ALWAYS backfire, even on successful crit.

This class deserves a revamp, as it isn't rare and anyone who spends money on the game can acquire it. I want to propose changes that make it less chance based, but still
contains the chaotic risk/reward nature of the class, as well as beefing it up to be more sustainable.

Now seeing as we already have Chaos Slayer, which revolves around randomness, I want this to feel more controlled, you are Shaping the Chaos, after all.

Updating its Mana Regen model would do it a great service, Using the common model now that many classes share would boost it up a bit.

Now I think this class falls short on its Stats. Its stats are... not ideal for a class with skills that deal magical damage. Updating them to follow a similar path as
Mage, Lightcaster, Pyromancer, Etc would boost the power of those magical skills. Or we could change the skills to physical, to make that 110 STR and 105 DEX not useless.
I will propose that this class goes full Fighter and Lucky like the recommendations in-game state, while also updating the skills to be more powerful and effective.

1. Chaos Shaping
Replaces Auto Attack
- Deals 130% base damage, with a 2.2 Attack Speed.
- Applies "Shaped Chaos" that stacks up to five, and powers up the rest of your skills. Each stack grants 1 extra mana per auto-attack, for a max bonus of 5 mana. Shaped Chaos lasts 8 seconds unless reapplied.

2. Chaotic Timeline Alterations
- Deals 175% of your base damage, costs 15 Mana and has a 6 second Cooldown.
- Applies two effects, Fast Forward to the player, and Matrix to the enemy. FF increases haste by 3% and gains 3% per stack of "Shaped Chaos". Matrix decreases the enemies haste by 5% and increases by 5% per stack of "Shaped Chaos".

3. Unstable Miasma
- Deals 130% base damage, costs 25 mana and has a 12 second cooldown. Gains 5% more damage per stack of "Shaped Chaos."
- Applies the effect "Choking Chaos" to the enemy, stunning them for 4 seconds, and "Blinded" reducing hit chance by 20% for 10 seconds.
- Has a 20% chance to Backfire, dealing 250% base damage to the enemy, and applying a small DoT to yourself. DoT to self increased by stacks of "Shaped Chaos".

4. Overpowering Chaos
- Deals 150% base damage, costing 30 mana, and has a 20 second cooldown. Always crits.
- Applies "Overpowering Chaos" to you and your enemy. Consumes stacks of "Shaped Chaos" and gives you a HoT of 150% base damage, and a damage buff starting at 20% and gaining 5% per stack of "Shaped Chaos" used. On the enemy it applies a 200% DoT to the enemy, and reduces damage they deal by 20%, 5% added on per stack of "Shaped Chaos" consumed. All effects last for 12 seconds.
- Has a 15% chance to backfire, and reverse who takes what effect, but if it does, Haste and Dodge Chance are increased by 15%.

Rank 4 Passives
Flow with the Madness: 15% bonus hit chance and 10% bonus damage.
Ruthless Madman: Haste is increased by 20%, but you take 15% more damage.

5. Call of the Mother
- Deals 350% base damage, costing 35 mana and having a 15 second cooldown. Never misses but has 15% lower crit chance.
- Consumes all stacks of "Shaped Chaos" and applies "Mothers Blessing" on the player, allowing "Chaos Shaping" to apply "Decaying Soul" to the enemy, a stacking DoT that starts at 100% base damage and increases by 20% per stack, up to ten stacks, for 10 seconds. Shaped Chaos can still be applied during this. Applies "Mothers Wrath" to the enemy, reducing defense by 10%, 5% added per stack of "Chaos Shaping" applied.
- If it backfires, it consumes 50 Mana, and applies "Burnout" to the player, stunning them for 3 seconds, and denying 'Shaped Chaos" from being applied to the player for 8 seconds. It also applies "Regathering" to the player, giving them a minor HoT for 10 seconds, and restoring 20 mana when it fades. Has a 20% chance to backfire.

Rank 10 Passive - Devoted Chaos Shaping
Backfires happen 10% less often. But the player takes 10% more damage.

I personally believe these changes would make Chaos Shaper a very risk reward class and a powerful array of skills that would bring it onto the scene.

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3/25/2017 16:30:40   

Dragonlords to Dragon Archer- with ranged auto - Dragon Warrior- with a taunting auto - Dragon Rogue- With a dot dealing damage over time on auto - Dragon Priest - with a 150% on auto - Dragon Mystic with a mass hit auto - Dragon tamer- multiple hit auto with the second hit being like 50% as much as your damage"cause of pet" -being about to trade in a rank 10 dragonlord your own choice of class thats basically improved starter classes but with dragon themes "allowing a dragonlord to choice only one" excluding the dragon archer and tamer who isn't exactly one of the first starter classes. Dragon tamer giving a battle pet "not equipable but a passive of sorts that gives a lil pet that follows you and does small amounts of damage or healing "like df dragons" also it would make it so you can't equip other pets"but are able to turn that spell on and off outside of combat", and giving a bunch of skills that would seem dragonish like breath of fire - like 150% weapon damage or dragon scale - healing based on current health and giving 10% defense for a short time, or pet shield "lose your pet for the rest of this fight but gain 20% increased healing, damage and defense and take no damage for 5 seconds and a small hot" Dragon archer being a bit of a sniper ish class with stuff like "flame bolt - deals 200% weapon damage" "Dragon reach-Auto attack- a long ranged shot that only works with a bow or gun" "Dragons escape - heals based on your damage and health with a small hot and shields for 20% of damage for 5 seconds" "Dragons rage- A multiple person spell that can only be used once in a fight that deals 400% of weapon damage with guaranteed crit but applies a dot to dragon that drains 90% of their health over the course of 60 seconds" "rank 4-a passive that increases healing by 15% and a passive doing 10% more damage" "rank 10 passive that increase the first hit in combat by 500%" and allowing the dragonlord to trade in his class "at a price" to swap between them never allowing more then 1 of these classes at a time. Dragon Priest being the healer of course with a single group heal and a skill that allows the group around them to generate more mana for them "anti solo class in a way the more people with you the faster you gain mana based solely on the people fighting with you, the ones your healing, giving 10% more mana for each person that your heal hits but decreasing how much you heal based on how much your mana is going up like for each stack of 10% you heal 2% less" Rank 10 passive making the generation go up to 20% per person but the healing lowered by 5% per stack" Dragon warriors auto can taunt has dragon rage "^check archer for info" "a shield skill lasting 20seconds that aggros everything in the room to only attack you but makes it so they can't hurt you and the dragon warrior unable to hit anything in anyway for as long as the shield is up" and Chomp skill "ability that will heal for 200% of damage done but only doing 100% weapon damage" no crit ever Rank 10 passive adding 10 seconds to the shield. Dragon rogue having the same dragons escape skill as the archer "check above for info" but a passive at rank 10 that makes it capable of applying a dot that deals 300% of the rogues damage over 20 seconds" Rainbow dragon skill- makes the rogue unable to be hit for 5 seconds and heals the opponent and rogue by 200% weapon damage over the course of the skill, "freedom- a skill that improves haste by 200% for 15 seconds" - and make a huge quest like to get the ability to get the new classes being unique to each of them and make a new boss for the final quest being a master dragon slayer" require for all the other quests that the dragonlord travel the world and kill each and every dragon their is "cause they are corrupted" and save a child of each "unique drop to that quest line that drops a egg from each of the boss dragons you have to kill that the dragonlords will take and raise in a safe place away from corruption. Then after dragonlords do this for the starlords as well "not as separate classes but variations of mechs which just looks like armor with a techy look to it but gives all the different types of classes their own unique skills and a constant haste buff at rank 10, cause their mechs they should move faster" "not allowing anyone to have more then 1 improved verification class not starlord and dragonlord" and then Awe class for aq members which is not multiple different classes but a single that allows you to invoke the powers of your awe equipment "again being very unique not allowing you to have this and either of the other improved classes" "also yes if you don't have all the awe stuff for the class you have to go get before you can get the class, which aq members can get easily" the invoking skill allowing at rank 10 passive to make your armors buffs twice as strong "the rep gold class and exp, 50%" and make their stats "of the current enhancements on those equipment" twice as strong and unable to ever be removed only improved by upgrading your awe rep by percents based on rank (rank 1- 10%, rank 2- 20%, etc)

P.s. yes I wrote this based on my own experiences and only write so much about dragonlords cause thats the only one i wanted lol I only wrote ideas on the other ones because not one game should be improved that would make everyone mad that did the other games and that their was no chance of it if the other game members classes didn't get a upgrade aswell. "all of the class upgrades requiring you to get that class to rank 10 before you can obtain the upgrade and no member requirements for aqw to get the classes" Also a nice idea for in game would making people who never played those games able to get the beginning classes "not the upgrades ever" but have to pay a very large ac price like 5k or 10k.

No i don't expect this to happen Id love it if it did but its a ridiculously large amount of stuff :P and those classes would be some of the best in the entire game.

Post #: 179
3/25/2017 20:36:43   

Loved using the Ninja class years ago, but now it's pretty much useless. It can't solo because no healing, it's not very useful for mobs since it's single target, and the shadowblade/shadowburn combo isn't very useful for them, either. It used to be alright in PvP, but it gets wrecked nowadays.

I think it's hard to do a lot of changes to Ninja to make it good without revamping the whole class, but if it healed on dodges like Rogue does, that would at least be a massive improvement since Ninja is good at dodging. Even among similar older classes like Rogue and Horc Evader, it feels lackluster
AQW  Post #: 180
3/27/2017 10:06:33   

Would like to see currently rare classes merging into one mega class, along with various suggestions. Then once finalised, release it for us to hunt for with various quests
Post #: 181
3/28/2017 18:51:02   

I would like to chime in on the Dragonslayer General class. Overall, this is my most favorite class. I just really love the animations, the theme, the looks, etc. The best part, for me at least, is that it functions very well as a team tank! It draws enemy fire and doesn't afraid of anything. It does have one very glaring flaw though; mana management.

I was fighting the Shurpu Ring Guardian with one of my friends (to get that cool red Flame Warrior armor. It matches the Dragonslayer General's powers to a tee.), and I found that even when crutched up by a Stonecrusher and using the Blade of Awe mana enchantment, I was still bone dry on mana at all times. I then went to fight the Onyx dragon in the lair and then Unfluffy in DeadDragon, and was still dry on mana, even despite the mana proc on the first power.

What I propose is to, first, lower the cost of his two meatiest powers by 10. Drake Tongue would have a cost of 15 mana, and Ancient Rites would have a cost of 25 mana. This alone would go a long way toward making it a bit more sustainable.
Furthermore, the mana proc on the first ability should apply to all enemies, but be souped up versus dragons. While we're on this power, I'd add a minor stacking HoT, just to supplement the next ability's taunting effect, nothing too extravagant.
Finally, Dragonslayer General (and all tank-type classes really) should gain a little more mana on receiving a hit than they do. As it stands currently, I only gain three (3) mana when hit. That doesn't really help out enough to warrant making yourself a big target for everyone nearby.

One last little thing, the Dragonslayers (and Generals too) are supposed to be the experts on killing dragons, but this doesn't translate very well in game. They have little extra effects and such that are very nice and fun, but these don't necessarily make them the best for killing dragons. Just as a flavor type thing, it'd be swell if the Dragonslayer classes had a little extra oomph versus dragons, be it in the form of a souped up auto-attack against dragons, or modified power damage on dragons, or what have you.
I think all of these changes would make the Dragonslayer General class very desirable in any team setting, and a must-have when dealing with dragons (looking at you Ultra Akriloth).

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Post #: 182
3/29/2017 6:52:13   

Short and simple.

Range increase on some skills of all Chaos Slayer classes.
Particularly Chaorruption and Pandemonium.

Or just the former.

Also, don't you think there oughta be something a bit more unique to every Chaos Slayer class aside from just appearance?
AQW  Post #: 183
4/16/2017 7:23:20   

ArchFiend class

This class seriously needs to get changed/buffed. I've seen couple of people writing stuff for it, but i didn't see anything "balancing". Everyone's wish is to make their favorite OP as much as Void HighLord or something, which is absurd.

My suggestions on the class are the following:

1.Mark of Death's cooldown, mana cost and DoT damage should go a little bit down. - Why would i want an already outdated and weak class to get it's damage nerfed? Cause if you lower the cooldown to 5 or 4 seconds, lower the mana cost to 10 or 12 you also need to cut something off its damage as a repay. The damage of the DoT is fairly high but the initial hit is what is weak. If you lower the cooldown that will compensate and the overall DPS will increase.

2.Fiendish Strike - this ability is a joke. Everything to it is a joke. The mana cost of a what it seems an average ability is as high as the class' ultimate (5th) ability. That's simply wrong and must be fixed. My solution here is, the damage is more than fine here, the haste buff is a nice little bonus, but that's not a reason for an ability as this, to have such a high mana cost. Remove the haste buff if that is what you see as "balance". The cooldown must be lowered to at least 10 seconds. Anything above 10 seconds is just insane for such an ability.

3.Fiend Frenzy - nothing to look at here, perfectly set ability. I am more than happy with it. The cooldown, the effect, mana cost. Perfect.

4.Abyssal Contract - i also think that this ability is balanced at its maximum. The cooldown is legit for such an effect, the backlash of 25% increased damage to you is brilliant and the mana cost is also legit, if not low. So you might want to either keep it as it is or increase the mana cost to 60. That's my vision of it.

Lvl 4 passives - 20% crit damage, 12% crit chance - love it, seems good for a class that can't really do as much damage by it self so their are just 2 neat boosts.

Lvl 10 passive - i think that the current passive is somewhat underperforming, since this is a support class, i either see it removed but all other abilities being buffed to compensate that or adding something more useful in combat.

In conclusion - I see this support class in need of desperate buffs. After all its the first Nulgath class and it's such a disappointment (when it comes to fulfilling the class fantasy that is.)
Post #: 184
4/17/2017 21:00:54   

Hi, i got a suggestion for all who cant buy a membership in the game.
Why not make the Bard class a non-member item?
i think it will be a good idea for new players who wanna star with a rep class thats is easy to get.
and also for those who wanna have another experience with one of the oldest and coolest class from aqw.

Thanks for reading :) xx.
Post #: 185
4/24/2017 16:21:09   

Ranger Buff

Ranger is a decent class, but it is fairly low on the damage side and it can take too long to get stacks of Marks! up, and using any other skill will consume those stacks. My suggestion for a Ranger buff would be to prevent stacks of Marks! from being consumed when using other skills, but to increase the cooldowns to balance it out. If the following changes are implemented, Ranger will be able to deal damage more consistently.

Mark For Death

Cooldown time: 1.5 seconds -> 3 seconds

Increase the time it takes for stacks of Marks! to expire

If the current cooldown remained, Ranger would be able to build stacks way too fast so it was increased for balancing purposes. The current time it takes for Marks! to expire is around 5 seconds, so the expiration time should be increased or else you will lose stacks too easily.

Scorching Arrow

Cooldown Time: 10 seconds -> 14 seconds

Stacks of Marks! are no longer consumed when using this skill.

Not too much is needed to be changed with this skill. The DoT is decent and it already has a fairly long cooldown.

Explosive Bolt

Cooldown Time: 3 seconds -> 6 seconds

Stacks of Marks! are no longer consumed when using this skill.

This is the big damage skill and it will be slightly more spammable due to Marks! no longer expiring.


Ranger Secrets: No change needed

Target Vitals: Crit chance 8% -> 10%

Vampiric Shot

Increase the HoT

Using this skill will still consume stacks of Marks!

The current HoT is not enough to sustain the class. Stacks of Marks! will still be consumed when using this skill as you should not be able to continue dealing large amounts of damage while healing.

These are my suggestions for a Ranger buff, I hope they will be considered.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 186
4/25/2017 8:12:49   

[surge : barrier] on <chaos slayers> sometimes doesn't block damages. i have some option for this :

1. remove the barrier. so there's only [surge : heal].

2. fix the barrier and back to normal life.

3. fix the barrier, reduce both [barrier] and [heal] effects, and fuse them in one time! (recommended)

such an honor to write this.
you are welcome, anyway.
AQW Epic  Post #: 187
4/29/2017 15:01:47   

FIRST ISSUE: Mana regen models

This ties into the prevalence of the lucky enhancements over every other one. It's not that lucky itself is particularly overpowered, as it provides much less in terms of raw reliable power than others, the primary issue as far as I'm concerned is that every class runs out of mana too quickly when using their abilities and, outside of CRIT, has no reliable method of regaining it. The added reliability of having mana means that lucky dramatically outperforms every other enhancement. Unless regen models are looked at, then even after being nerfed lucky will still be the go-to enhancement unless others are buffed to ridiculous proportions.
It feels awful having to stand there doing nothing for 10 auto attacks or more while trying to get mana without crits. You are locked out of all your spells and there is no longer anything you can do but watch your character whack at the enemy on-screen, and if that enemy is a boss likely get annihilated whilst wishing you had lucky enhancements for the crit regen to save yourself.

You will find this mentioned in nearly every single class I discuss in this post

: Transform crit-based regen on classes not intended to run lucky into something else, or provide a secondary means of regenerating mana other than a tiny increase when hitting or being hit. Something sustainable.

Every X hit, regain 1/4 or 1/3 of your maximum mana This alone would be useful in mitigating reliance on luck for classes that should ideally be using other things, regen could be toned down but adding anything at all on top of the small regen from standard combat things would go a long way to making more flexible paths for enchantment. This should be reserved more specifically for fighters I think.

Chronocorruptor Model Chronocorruptor has an interesting mana regen model, despite being overall lackluster as a class (I have it but have never enjoyed playing it, didn't pick it up until after its nerfs and it didn't feel fun to me). Granting increased regen based on a status effect from one of your spammable abilities also provides reliability. Of course, you may want to look at the spammable ability and tone it down to justify the increased mana regen and overall accessibility to stats other than crit.

Mana stealing abilities Throw this on to some of the self-healing spells that do damage or some other ability on the classes that need a little nudge to get into a good spot. Having an ability that does damage and returns mana on use might verge on too powerful and would need to be adjusted but many classes are so weak that such a huge change would probably only bring them in line with newer releases and make them actually fun to play. Even without restoring mana, many classes have an ability that just being free of cost other than its cooldown would do a lot for their abysmal state. As well, since the ability actually returns mana, the return doesn't need to be huge on top of existing mana regen models, since it pulls out on mana drain it could add just a bit more regen.



(Looking only at the classes that I own. I could easily take a look at the kits and reception of other classes with some research but as it stands I'm sure many of them are already touched upon in this thread in some way! Even though by the looks of it many suggestions are a bit over the top. Plus this post is huge enough already)
I am aware that some of the classes that I touch on are... less than common, but I feel like it would still be worthwhile to take a look at them. There is a lot of missed potential!

Chaos Shaper

This class has an alright kit to play, but suffers from an extreme case of MANA STARVATION. One rotation of spells is the limit to what this class can do. Why does it have three out of four spells that cost 30 mana? As it stands, even with consistent crits the most it can manage it one rotation and then one extra spell. You miss out on the randomness of chaos its kit is supposed to represent if you cant even cast the spells!

-Reduce the mana costs on its three standard abilities. 15 each would be reasonable, but even 20-15-20 would be a huge improvement over the current situation. Nuke can stay costly, I personally like the gamble to it.

-Give it a new way to regenerate mana other than on crits. Maybe for a rank 10 passive, give each of its spells a 40% chance to cost no mana? or a 25% chance to refund the mana instead of take it away? That would play well into the chaos and randomness theme it's got going on.


Cardclasher is by no means weak. But it only has incentive to use the first half of its kit. Raise the stakes doesn't do enough to justify using it in combat. As such, clash is also useless and just serves to drain your mana. I think Cardclasher is fine in terms of mana, although with the incoming nerfs to lucky that may change, in which case tossing a bit of mana restore over time onto the tapped version of vitality would be all it needs.

- Raise the stakes doesn't create a meaningful enough risk/reward! Especially with the fact you need to stack it and each stack costs more HP than the last. Recommend making it just a single stack spell. Have it duplicate one of the cards currently out, be it on yourself or your enemy, 50/50 chance. Tapping will then activate the standard effect on one target, and double the effect on the other. To go along with this the damage to self should be increased. Perhaps 300-400 self damage?

-Clash would need to be touched on as well with the changes to raise the stakes. Maybe a cheap form of damage that increases based on how low your health is. That would keep the whole stakes are high idea it has to it without adding extra power. It would actually be usable!

Evolved Leprechaun

Why does it use the rogue regen model? It feels and plays more like a hard-hitting warrior than a rapidly attacking rogue, despite the kit seeming to be variations on the rogue kit with some more critty goodness. It just doesn't dodge enough. I wouldn't recommend increasing the dodge chance on it but I would recommend changing the way it regenerates HP. I remember in the post on release they were imagined more as a pack of piranhas, consistent high-ish damage over the highs and lows of other classes. They lack the ability to survive and make use of this consistent damage.

-For Amharach and every spell like it: GIVE US A VISUAL TO USE. With the combination of lag and haste increases it is difficult to track when to use the second spell in any rogue-like class' kit even if I'm counting in my head. If you ever decide to make debuffs and buffs visible in AQW like you have in AQ3D that would really fix this issue.

-Regen model. Evolved Leprechaun needs a way to restore their health. They don't dodge enough to make use of the rogue dodge regeneration unless you run a weird enhancement set on them and even then they dodge much less than a rogue would, and lose out on damage against large targets after the halfway point anyway. They like crits, make them heal when they crit! Maybe for a small percentage of their crit damage rather than a flat amount, something like 10% of how much damage you do on a crit. It would make the rank 10 passive that quadruples your crits feel even more effective on the rare times you get it.

-Otherwise I think evolved leprechaun has an excellent kit that would be really fun to play if it were actually viable for PvE, which changes such as those above would accomplish. It probably won't ever be viable for PvP and that's fine, different classes should do different things.


Outside of the very common mana regen issues that all non-luck intended classes suffer from, Defender is alright. It's designed to help its team and it does that well, all it needs is a bit of a bump to the numbers on it and it will be fine.

-Slower, heavier basic attacks. Their job is to be defending in heavy armor!

-Mana regen model: Give the defender more mana when it's being hit by a taunted enemy! Reward them for protecting their team by giving them the resources to keep doing so. Adds a bit more thought to the kit, as when they start to get low they will need to weigh the increased mana regeneration from continuing to get hit and hoping they will be healed up in time against allowing the enemy to shift targets, surviving more easily but gaining less mana.

-Defender should be tankier! Either drop the increased crit from the Veterancy passive and replace it with flat damage resistance, or give the defender a rank 10 passive that grants them around 30% damage resistance against enemies under the effects of commanding strike.

-Retaliation doesn't feel like it does enough damage in smaller fights. Instead of something like the total damage a monster has dealt, have it be that the defender gains the retaliation effect when you activate it, and after being hit 3 times retaliation is consumed and adds 50% of the damage taken while it was present to the defenders next attack.


Chunin is so close to being an awesome class! I love that it's dodging comes from weakening the enemy, it is extremely valuable in large bossfights because of that and really makes it feel like a ninja field commander making their allies more difficult to hit.

-Chunin has weird tradeoffs. Why does it have a passive that ONLY increases the damage it takes? It already is designed to be taking on multiple enemies. With paralyzing wind always hitting one extra enemy over your other skills you wont be able to debuff as much damage from the extra target. On top of that, chunin already is delicate and has no means through which to restore their own HP. Why does the rank 10 passive increase mana costs on all abilities when it is active? It's supposed to be a rare treat and not a nail in the coffin. You gain stats but are punished for using them. Get rid of the extra mana costs and make the r10 passive actually usable.

-Chunins unfitting regen model: Chunin needs lucky enhancement because without it, they run out of mana quickly and then die. They gain mana based on their own HP when they hit an enemy. On top of all the debuffs chunin is constantly under, the fact that they cannot reliably use their spells to stay alive means that they are doomed once mana runs out. They should be getting mana for every time they successfully negate damage from an enemy with paralyzing wind or spinning dragon on top of their existing mana regen. Something needs to be done if you want them building anything other than lucky. Maybe you could tack it on to Ninjas Gambit? Would make it feel more like a gambit, gaining health when you negate an attack by making them miss, dodging, or having it be reduced to 0, but taking more damage if you fail to do that.


This class is all over the place and completely unusable as it stands. Down there with the original Dragonslayer class.

-Their heal is too small, even at extremely low health. You could use this ability at less than 10% health and have it be undone immediately with a single strike from a properly leveled opponent. Doesn't even refund A SINGLE TICK of adrenaline rush damage. It either needs a huge heal increase or an extreme reduction on cooldown from 6 seconds to 2. Or some more moderate combination of the two. Extremely weak.

-Adrenaline Rush is suicidal. Yes, the ability is strong. But there is not a single spell in the game that is worth losing over 1000 health to use. Four ticks of 390 damage each? What on Earth? Two of those and you're dead from full, even if you use your healing ability whenever it is up. That's not even factoring in the damage you're taking from whatever you are fighting. Even cutting the damage in half would still leave me dubious over whether or not the ability is worthwhile to use.

-The usual mana regen model issues Total HP mana regen is cool, but throw on something that makes it more effective when you are low HP if you want the class to be stabbing itself to death every time it uses its third spell. This would be a good place to apply the ever 3rd hit model, just have it only be when the Sentinel is below half health. They need the stats from tankier enhancements in order to have a hope of surviving their own self damage, but they will quickly run out of mana and not even be able to use their nigh-useless heal to stave off death any longer. Even if you buffed the heal and nerfed the self DoT, their current mana regen model will fail them and leave the class just as abandoned as it is presently.

Chronocorruptor EXTREMELY WEAK

Apparently it used to be really good, now it's essentially unusable. I've got a few different ideas on how to fix it. As a side note, the class itself is also very, very ugly.

-STILL MORE MANA ISSUES: Earlier I said chronocorruptor has an interesting mana regen model. Interesting doesn't mean functional. You need to be constantly applying chaos rift in order to even regen anything at all, and even then you don't get back much. Use any of your spells other than the EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE shiftburn and you a) lost all of your stacks and b) Can't apply them again for 6 whole seconds. That means that if you want to regain mana consistently you just have to stand there smacking and spamming your first spell for a very long time, and the rest of your kit locks you out due to either high costs or preventing you from reapplying your stacks. Something needs to be done to increase Chronocorruptors ability to regen mana. I would recommend giving a hard increase to how much you gain per attack while under Chaos Rift, as well as adding the standard amount for when you ARE hit under the effects of chaos rift.

Why do your abilities prevent you from reapplying stacks? Consuming them is more than enough drawback. You cripple yourself for a resonable buff from your abilities.

Very expensive spells. As if the terrible mana regen wasn't enough, Chronocorruptor spells are super costly. Shiftburn is a whopping 50 mana! On top of that your stack consuming abilities, while not only completely gimping your mana regen, also come with a hefty price tag. Make Chaos Rift Strike free, reduce the costs of the other spells. Heck, make chaos rift strike replace basic attack and just throw on a light, spammy, mana restoring spell instead. Saves you the effort of spamming a spell and would at least make the whole stack prevention thing not completely murder you if it really must stay.


Although no longer the best in show in terms of farming classes, still an overall excellent class. All it needs is a change to lead it away from lucky enhancements so that it can get the most out of its spell-based kit.

Spell-based regen! Pull darkside away from spamming lucky enhancements by making stacks of deep rage improve mana regen from attacks. You don't need to fully remove crit regen, as wizards do use it, but you should cut reliance on it. Make each stack of deep rage give you one extra point of mana per auto attack, so thats 5 extra mana per auto attack at maximum stacks.


This class is very uncommon and has a relatively simple kit. However there is one simple drawback which makes it pretty much useless. Surprisingly, mana shouldn't be an issue if this problem is fixed, as Dark Conversion offers a nice health-for-mana tradeoff

-Unable to stack spell effects. Dark Caster is essentially locked out of half of their kit. Their spells rely on stacks, but have fairly long cooldowns for those stacks to apply, and you cannot cast your other spell during the cooldown because it would remove all the stacks of the first one! This results in a lot of sitting there, and a ton of the power of the kit being inaccessible. Allowing a caster to use all of their spells and activate both stacks with Legion strike would turn this class from very very weak into usable in most situations, if not the best in show at anything.

Ranged auto attacks This is Dark CASTER, not dark-person-who-hits-you-with-heavy-objects. It would be cool if they actually attacked primarily through "spellcasts." The same could be said for several other mage-like classes, including the starter mage class itself.

Reduced font size on "FIRST ISSUE: Mana regen models" and "SPECIFIC CLASSES THAT ARE WEAK". Please refrain from using a font size of over 3. Any larger and it is considered spam. For more information, please read the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Posting Behavior > Do Not Spam. ~Rickyb20

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4/29/2017 17:37:12   

ChronoCorruptor Buff

ChronoCorruptor has a good toolkit. It has a decent heal, nice buffs, a stun, and a nuke; however, this class has some drawbacks that can make it really annoying to use. Here are my suggestions for a ChronoCorruptor buff.

Chaos Rift Strike

No changes are needed with this skill.

Split Casuality

Remove the drawback that prevents the player from gaining Chaos Rift stacks for 6 seconds but lower the amount of haste you gain from using the skill.

Cooldown: 12 seconds -> 15 seconds

This skill has a solid HoT, but sometimes you can get the DoT as well which the player might not want. The cooldown has been increased to prevent this skill from being used frequently

Time Collapse

Remove the drawback that prevents the player from gaining Chaos Rift stacks for 6 seconds but lower the amount of haste the player gains from using the skill.

Cooldown: 6 seconds -> 12 seconds

This skill does a lot of damage, the cooldown has been increased so the player cannot nuke as frequently.


No changes are needed with these.


Using this skill will now have an 80% chance to give the player a haste, damage, and crit buff for 6 seconds, or have a 20% to stun your opponent for 6 seconds AND deal massive damage.

Nuke damage: 627% -> 500%

The haste, damage, and crit buff will now cost mana (currently getting this buff will count the attack as a miss and you will not lose mana).

With this change, you will be getting a buff most of the time, but there will always be a small chance to get a stun and decent nuke instead. This skill will still cost a lot of mana so the player will have to be careful when deciding to use it.

These are my suggestions for a ChronoCorruptor buff, I hope they will be considered.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 189
4/29/2017 19:32:04   


This class has a special place in my heart. I love the concept, I love the spells and the kit as a cohesive unit. Unfortunately, the class isn't able to take down even moderately challenging foes, and with the newest paladin class being added to the game I'm not confident it's even good at slaying paladins anymore. There are also a few aspects of the kit that feel unnecessary and whose power could be redistributed elsewhere. I absolutely adore the fantasy of darkness specifically designed to defeat the light, whose very strikes decay their opponent, and who exerts their dominant and terrifying power over their foes.

Mana Regen

Like many heavy hitting melee classes, Paladinslayer is overly reliant on luck in order to maintain the mana it needs to keep stacking decay and to utilize the other aspects of their kit. Paladinslayer, however, faces a unique problem in that its kit it a strange, tanky-mage build that likes to auto attack. It fits into too many identities for one path to take care of it properly. On top of that the recommended enhancement is hybrid, and there are several levels where you NEED membership in order to have access to that enhancement. It gives you less of the luckys crit, but supplements that with somewhat-useful stats.
I think granting increased mana regen when attacking targets with stacks of Decay, cannot heal will be plenty for keeping the paladinslayer able to use spells, without letting them spam forever.

Decay, cannot heal
This skill is very pricey for one that is meant to be spammed. Also its cooldown is on the longer side for one. Alone it isn't much, and the occasional crits granted by the hybrid enchantments typically sustain you. It's just trying to keep it stacked on top of using any of the paladinslayers other expensive abilities quickly adds up, particularly trying to keep this and dark grip up constantly will very quickly drain your mana pool.
On top of that, this skill seems to have very low accuracy. I have had paladinslayer at rank 10 for a very long time now and whenever I use it i find myself MISSING NEARLY HALF of the decay strikes, making what should take 5 cooldowns to stack take on average 7-9 of them. Paladinslayer lacks any sustain for fights that last that long, and it's not satisfying never being able to hold your decay stacks on a target due to either killing weak ones before you manage to due to how often it misses, or to being killed by a large boss due to sustain.
As I said earlier, hitting decayed targets providing some increased mana regen will give this class some baseline solutions to the mana issue. My one recommendation is that you make it so that the attack is unable to miss. A good trade off would be making it unable to crit.
Also, the DoT at maximum stacks is rather small for something that takes 60 mana to attain, being only at 50something damage. Increasing the rate at which the damage over time increases by roughly 10 damage per stack would be fantastic.

Dark Energy
A cheap-ish, ranged nuke with a mediocre cooldown. Nothing wrong with it.

Dark Grip

This may as well be renamed to Mana Muncher. Even in the design notes post covering the release of Paladinslayer, it was mentioned that this was a spell you would want to keep up constantly. The problem is keeping a 35 mana spell up constantly on top of frequently using your 12 mana Decay, cannot heal means that you burn through a lot of it very quickly. And that's not even considering the fact you may want to use Dark Energy or Undead Power at some point in the fight. As well there is no way of knowing how powerful the haste reduction is (testing suggests the damage increase is 13%, which is very nice). Seeing the numbers would be excellent, but as it stands I think a small cost cut on this spell may be in order, depending on how effective the increased mana regen mentioned earlier is.

Undead Power
A powerful buff that provides considerable dodge and damage increases. Excellent for mitigating some damage for a short time, although the cooldown is relatively long and the duration is relatively short. That isn't an issue when you consider it with regards to short PvP or co-op play where you feel like being relegated to a spooky-looking support, but here are my thoughts on that:

This class has never been particularly good at PvP due to the lack of damage mitigation and frequent misses on its abilities. On top of that it seems to have lost much of its PvE potential due to being saddled with the ability to provide a powerful buff to itself OR an ally. Undead power often benefits other classes more than the paladinslayer. These are the same paladinslayers who speak in all caps and shout about driving fear into the hearts of your foes and how powerful THEY are.
Undead Power is not balanced by how useful it is to the Paladinslayer itself, but by how useful it is to the other classes who the paladinslayer can buff. This is my favorite class and I would absolutely love to see this ability be made stronger in exchange for taking away its ability to buff an ally.

My suggestions for power increases in exchange for no longer being able to buff other players
A) Grant a considerable haste boost to the paladinslayer. This allows them to more quickly stack up decay, and to more quickly regain mana with their basic attacks, making undead power really useful if you're in a pinch and running low on mana.
B) Give the poor Paladinslayer some in-combat sustain! Let them heal for a good chunk of the damage they do whilst under the effects of undead power! Inflicting death and suffering rejuvinates the paladinslayer, allowing them to fight with renewed vigor.

I think that option B would do a much better job at dealing with the major weakness of the Paladinslayer: health sustain. The class is very hard to use unless you have a dedicated healer. Strange, since Paladinslayers are really designed to stop others from healing. An effective healthsteal would be very fitting thematically. Of course, you're welcome to use both suggestions instead of just one.

These changes would turn the Paladinslayer from a neat idea into a functional fighter. Able to perform well solo because it can actually reliably stack decay and heal itself with undead power; and still be valuable to groups fighting bosses due to the ability to use Dark Grip without running out of mana in two seconds.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 190
5/6/2017 13:54:34   

Evolved Shaman

Since normal Shaman was buffed, it "outclassed" the Evolved one. I know both Shamans have different niches, Shaman is better on farming... But is also better on solos and this is wrong. Evolved Shaman should be buffed to the solo's niche. How?

Freezing Flame
If another skills will be buffed, this one must be modified for the same reason Glacial Berserker doesn't have its 10 seconds stun anymore (stunning is useless for some bosses). Change the chance to stun from 50% to 25% and the DoT's chance from 50% to 75%. Increase DoT's effect from 4 seconds to 6.

Furious Gale
Reduce mana cost from 20 to 15.

Refreshing Rain
Increase its max healing and I'm talking about it's HoT, normal Shaman's HoT is higher than Evolved's one.

Elemental Grasp
keep it.

Also, I made this revamp on its icons, hope you guys like it.

Arcane Dark Caster

Arcane Dark Caster is supposed to be the Dark Caster focused on solos. We know the standard Dark Caster is a shame while Evolved one is very good on farming. Ok, but then, we have LightCaster, the mirror version of the basic Dark Caster... and is even STRONGER than all another Dark Casters! Illogical, right? So, for the same logic reason Evolved Shaman should be buffed, Arcane DC should too. The idea is to buff it's damage and sustain.

Envelop in Darkness
mana cost reduced from 16 to 12, DoT's power increased to at least be equal to LightCaster's burst firepower over the time. Increase its time of effect from 10 to 12 seconds. Also, each stack should apply a very little blind, as the time passes, this additional blind will become significant.

Dark Leech
Reduce its cooldown?

Summon Arcane Shadow Minion
Increase the portion of magical damage, healing and maybe the defense increased by its stacks. Reduce its mana costs from 20 to 15.

Arcane Overwhelming
Increase it's time of effect from 20 to 26 seconds, because the stun already spend 6 seconds of it. So with 26 seconds, the boost will now have proper 20 seconds of effect. Also, during stun's period, a little defense buff may be applied to guarantee some survival.

On this way, I think ADC should be on LightCaster's power level.

Reduced font size on "Evolved Shaman" and "Arcane Dark Caster". Please refrain from using a font size of over 3, any larger and it is considered spam. For more information, please read the =AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Posting Behavior > Do Not Spam. ~Rickyb20

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5/9/2017 19:27:01   

I suggest to give dragon lord a theme. The skills doesn't correlate with the class.

Rework the archfiend class. This class should be more physical and of a damage dealer rather than a support (especially judging from the look of it).

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5/12/2017 16:00:40   
Aura Knight

Dragonslayer Skill Changes

Bane of Scales: Taunts enemy, applying focus directing their attention to you. Reduces dragon's damage by 30% and any other monster has a 15% damage reduction while the effect is active. Perhaps against dragons you can stack both effects for a 45% damage reduction. Helps make the class a bit more tanky.

Impale: Keep the same but the DoT damage the monster takes is reflected back as HoT to you. This adds a bit more sustainability to the class. And if the stun activates, you don't get the heal.

Scorched Steel: Against dragons, deals 300% damage and against anything else deals 175% damage. This is your main damage ability, easy to spam, deals good damage against many things. Maybe make it unable to miss or crit.

Rank 4 Passive: Aggression increases damage and crit damage by 12%.

Talon Twisting: 25% of damage done to you is added to your damage against non-dragons and against dragons, boost is 50%. And like the suggested change to bane of scales, perhaps this can stack too giving a 75% boost to your damage based on how much damage you take.

With these changes, I'm hoping dragonslayer can be something more than just a means to get dragonslayer general.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 193
5/15/2017 14:44:06   

I think doomknight needs the rank 10, but it also needs the old skills back, or get rid of the magic all together and make it fully physical
AQW  Post #: 194
5/17/2017 13:56:18   

Is there any way possible bringing back the paladin slayer as a feature class (AC)? I'd totally buy it the moment it comes out
Post #: 195
5/21/2017 13:16:45   

Within the following paragraph, I will create a suggestion for the improvement of Horc Evader class that I believe is most reasonable:

There should be a passive effect added towards the class that will be titled as "Resolve" once it activates. This effect will serve as a permanent effect that can only be accessed once the user has reached rank 10 (and yes, the "Smell Blood" rank 10 passive will still be there, but unlike this new effect, it only activates once in a while, whereas the new effect will always activate when you get hit as long as you are at rank 10). At rank 10, whenever the user is hit by the opponent once, the user will receive a 60% increase in the following offense attributes: damage, critical striking damage, critical striking chance, and hit chance. These effects will each last for 30 seconds. Every time that you are hit, the duration of these effects will be renewed to an additional 30 seconds, but the effects will not stack.

The intention in creating this suggestion is to seek a method in which Horc Evader could improve its performance in boss fights as well as pvp. In addition, it must be recognized that even though Horc Evader has incredibly high evasion, the user will still take damage after a handful of successful dodges (which is especially unpleasant considering that the class has a warrior regeneration model and has no heal). Therefore, it is only logical for there to be a contrasting advantage to Horc Evader's weaknesses. The increased overall damage and accuracy will allow the user of the class to improve their mana regeneration in combat, therefore maintaining the stability of the class. Although there are some that believe that changing the base mana regeneration to a rogue base would be more practical, I have a firm belief that it is best to add additional effects that can be used to further substantiate the status of the class. Even though an increase in offensive power may not appear to be appropriate for an evader, one must be able to distinguish between a class that is inherently rogue-based (such as Rogue or Blademaster Assassin), and a warrior-based class that specializes in evasion (such as Horc Evader or Chunin). Despite the fact that this warrior prioritizes evasion, he or she must still preserve the attributes of a warrior, which include strength and a warrior regeneration model.

If there are two specific pleas that I would like to make prior to my conclusion, they are the following (these comments are directed more towards the Artix Entertainment team than anyone else):

1.) The most effective way to augment any class in the game is not by changing cooldowns, mana costs, skills, or the entire class, but it is by adding unique effects that will alter the performance of the class. An example of this would be with Timekiller class, which was given an extra 25% dodge rate towards "Compress Time". The reason why I believe this is the best way to improve a class, is mainly because of the fact that you are not simply removing a slight nuisance that exists within a class, but you are providing an essential improvement towards the overall performance of the class. Moreover, by adding the correct effect towards any of the skills in a class, you will automatically create satisfactory conditions for the class so as to nullify any future necessity to change cooldowns, mana costs, or skills. For instance, if I wanted to improve Troll Spellsmith class, I would not simply just make its heal stronger, decrease overall mana costs, reduce the duration of "Energy Drain", or make the critical striking buff of "Weakness Sigil" more potent, but I would instead think of a distinct effect that I can add to any of the skills that will dramatically elevate the performance of the class (though I prefer to save that suggestion for another time). Another benefit to this method is that it allows for far more creativity than the conventional methods of increasing, reducing, and removing. The added effect to Troll Spellsmith could perhaps be a powerful effect that was never seen before in the game, and it could establish a higher standard for the creation of new classes. In most cases, it would be best to think of one crucial effect. However, this simply could not be the case with such classes as Ninja and Master Ranger. This philosophy was specifically exemplified throughout all of my prior class suggestions in this particular thread. Hopefully after having read them, this ideal will be more feasible to comprehend.

2.) The best way to nerf any in game class is not by reducing or removing any aspects of the class, but it is by simply improving other classes. An example of this would be with Blademaster Assassin, which instead of being radically nerfed (although it still received a few changes) was made less effective by strengthening Shaman and Evolved Shaman (both "Elemental Embrace" and "Elemental Grasp" became unavoidable for the sake of countering Blademaster Assassin's high evasion, and these changes do indeed conform to my methods described in the first bullet since nothing was changed in the class, but instead something was added). In other words, the idea is for the overpowered class to be given a weakness by strengthening other classes, so that it can still maintain its prior strength that some players adored so much. Although it may seem arduous to be constantly improving classes, one could also argue that after a class has been improved by use of the method demonstrated in my first bullet, there would be no need to revisit the corresponding class. Even so, far more players would be encouraged by a buff than they would by a nerf.

I hope that the two details I mentioned above will not only serve as a precedent for future class fixing suggestions in this forum, but also for the overall improvement of classes in Adventure Quest Worlds. I understand that dedication is directed towards the efforts of the server rewrite, and I hope that the paragraphs above will serve to facilitate developmental procedures.

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5/22/2017 0:59:45   

I Played this game for 9 years and i really hope and wish that the all the old classes will be remodel or put some effort into like giving them rank 10 passives those who doesnt have, and also changing their skill icon cause all of them looks the same and giving them respect by buffing them and make them par with the new classes these is all i hope as player who played this game since i was a kid, PvP is the only thing that makes me play this game.
Post #: 197
5/22/2017 14:27:28   
Aura Knight

Royal Battlemage Changes

Give the shield effect a healing ability that's 30% of the damage it does to monsters and add a rank 10 passive that increases haste by 20%. The class has power and mana is no issue at all, but it does suffer from being too slow. By adding a haste boost it can become a more useful class and the heal would allow for it to survive longer.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 198
5/26/2017 0:47:21   

Is there any way bringing back old classes? Such as paladin slayer? Or Ultra omniknight? I'd totally buy one of these even if it was AC.
Post #: 199
5/26/2017 3:47:37   
Paulus Xiphos

As far as I know, Ultra OmniKnight won't come back since it's an anniversary class, and was made to commemorate the one-time event. PaladinSlayer comes with the expansion card pack or something from HeroMart and unless they restock you won't get it anymore. Although maybe someday AE would do with these classes like how they passed the rare Vindicator of They skills to the farm-able Collector, but people just don't see that coming anywhere.

I agree with @Aura Knight, Royal BattleMage needs changes, so does Master Ranger. Their current skills just don't make up to their names as Zhoom and Robina's field and as "Combat Wizards".

RBM should be something like a farming class with the option for solo (Enchanted Blade). It should be fun to use, so debuffs and buffs should be activated by skills even without Enchanted Blade, and boosted when it is active. The shield should indeed have a heal along with it, and of course, 45 seconds is just too long for a cooldown. And a haste boost.

I'm no expert in terms of statistics, but here's what I think should be improved for Master Ranger. When you think "Ranger" they are fast, skilled and can kill quickly. Since AQW is a Role Playing Game, this should be the case. In my opinion I think Ranger should be kind of like a free version substitute for UOK, LDK and LC, since ranking up Sandsea isn't actually an easy feat.

DEATH MARK : Damage should be almost equal to Auto Attack, to make DPS better. Also, debuffs on enemy should be connected to getting pierced by an arrow. Stacks to 5, and increases enemy Incoming damage by 10%. "Mark" on the player should also, like, increase Haste by 10%.
SCORCHING ARROW : There isn't anything wrong with this skill, pretty much Master Ranger's main offence skill.
EXPLOSIVE BOLT :This attack's just bad, not good in farming but effective in single combat, but then what's the AoE for? Make it 4 or 5 seconds cooling, but decrease the Mana cost to 15 and make the splash damage higher.
TARGET VITALS : Increase Crit chance by 15% instead of 8.
VAMPIRIC SHOT : The name of this skill doesn't even seem to be connected to the concept of Ranger. Increase the amount of Heal per tick, decrease Mana cost to 20 and the cooldown to 20 as well. Help Master Ranger last a lot longer on the field!
RANK 10 : Add a rank 10, like increased Haste by 20%.

Compared to the other Rep classes in the Chaos Saga, these two are obsolete in the current meta. Please update them!

DEFENDER CLASS SUGGESTIONS - Defenders should live up to their names: Defenders. People who have something to defend are strong. - Heathcliff, SAO.

Auto Attack : Deal 110% damage.
Commanding Strike : Deal 150% damage, and have some kind of Defence buff on the player, since this means you'll be transfixing the monster's attention to you from other players, and that requires Guts.
Crushing Sweep : Deal 150% damage, make Crushed stackable perhaps?
Veterancy : Critical Strike chance and Outgoing Damage increased by 20%, because Veterans know how to fight their battles.
Founder's Mark : Endurance increased by 20%. Not sure about the name (skills were formerly Guardian's) but since it's a Fighter class, more HP should be useful for tanking (especially in the case of Defender).
Defender's Oath : This should be an AoE heal, as Defenders want to protect their comrades other than themselves. And since you'll be the enemy's target most of the time, Heal should be in moderate amount. And as for Safeguard, this will be important for Defenders. The amount of damage absorbed should be 200% weapon damage at the base, and escalates with the number of allies in the fight. Like Heathcliff said, People who have something to defend are strong.
Rank 10 : Something like decreased incoming damage...

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