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Reputation Farming Guide

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12/20/2015 16:49:49   
The ErosionSeeker
*insert cheesy pun here*

Reputation Farming Guide

With the recent release of reputation many people have been asking "How do you rank up so fast?!?!?". This guide is to help those people. At the moment there are quite a few places that incorporate reputation. These places include Dwarfhold, the Evil side, the Good side, Yokai, Vampire and more!. So, lets begin.

If you have trouble killing any monsters or need help with any of the quest, you can always make a post in the =AQW= Lets Party thread found within AQWorlds General Discussion. However, due to the nature of most reputation quest factions, oftentimes it is not necessary to find parties, or even full rooms. See below for more details.

Table of Contents:
Basic Tips:
These are some ways to make farming less slow and more accessible for older computers. They may not be necessary at all if you have some sort of futuristic supercomputer.
  • Play on low quality with no sound (Options -> Visuals -> LOW, Sound effects -> OFF). Low quality graphics = reduced strain = less lag = faster farming
  • Join a server with fewer people, if possible. This also reduces lag.
  • Clear your cache, it also helps reduce lag by reducing the number of things your computer needs to handle at once
  • Hide pets.
  • Use simple items with little to no animation. Caladbolg is cool, but skipping frames isn't.
  • You can even go as far as turning off capes and helmets. Do not unequip them because you will need the stat boosts.
  • Pace yourself. You probably won't be able to go from Rank 1 to Rank 10 in a day, set some goals, only do a certain amount every day to avoid burning out.

Breakdown of Reputation Requirements
  • 1-2: 900 Rep
  • 2-3: 2,700 Rep
  • 3-4: 6,400 Rep
  • 4-5: 12,500 Rep
  • 5-6: 21,600 Rep
  • 6-7: 34,300 Rep
  • 7-8: 51,200 Rep
  • 8-9: 72,900 Rep
  • 9-10: 100,000 Rep
Rarely will you ever have to farm a faction starting from Rank 1 (most typically drop you off between Rank 4 to 6), but in total, you will need to gain 302,500 Rep in order to get a faction to Rank 10. This number seems daunting (doing the same 400 Rep quest would take 757 times), but as mentioned above, if you only do a little bit each day, it'll add up and finish soon enough.

What class should I use?
You will oftentimes need different types of classes to handle the different kinds of reputation farming. You will need a multi class and a single-target class. The following are some recommendations on either. There are more than the ones listed, but these are a few choice classes that make your farming experience much less painful. Out of these, Scarlet Sorceress requires the lowest effort to acquire, although it's not always the most efficient. Perhaps get SS, then grind out the factions for the other ones suggested!

Learn how to play them by following guides around the internet or by asking in the =AQW= Class Discussion threads in AQWorlds General Discussion.

Advanced Tips:
  • Learn your skill keys. Skill 1 corresponds to keyboard button numeral 2, 2 = 3, and so on. Not only is this more efficient than clicking the skill icons, but it is also less strain on the hand.
  • Know how you are farming. As many locations involve repeatedly defeating low-HP monsters, it is better to use something like Shaman than it is to use Elemental Dracomancer. There are some exceptions, which will also be detailed in their respective post positions.
  • When possible, room-hop. This means typing /join place-100000, using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Copy the /join text, and then when you clear the room, press Enter, Paste, Enter to quickly join a new room. This is oftentimes faster than waiting for the room to respawn (especially when farming alone), and gets you to your goal faster.
  • Know what you're farming. Exploiting type weaknesses can let you finish significantly faster than if you are not using them.

  • Make your farming count for more! Use 2x Reputation Boosts, farm on Server Boost days, or equip items that grant more Rep per turn-in.
    The following are a short list of items that improve Rep rewards. For best results, not using the weapon from these sets allows you to have a static weapon, or use one that grants boosts against monster types:
    • Equipping any piece of the Arcana Invoker set grants +15% more Rep
    • Equipping any piece of the DoomKnight Battlemage set grants +15% more Rep
    • Equipping any piece of the Set of Awe grants +25% more Rep, Exp, Gold, and Class Points
    • Equipping any piece of the Light and Dark Sun Mage sets grants +25% more Rep, Exp, Gold, and Class Points
    • Equipping any piece of the Archfiend DoomLord set grants +25% more Rep, Exp, Gold, and Class Points (and the aforementioned damage boost)

  • Invest in a teleporter multi. If your quest-giver or the monster is in a location that's difficult to access, consider registering a new account (or several), placing him or her in position, and then you can use /goto to quickly handle quests.

  • August 1st~Guide Started!
  • August 7th~Added Upper City Quests
  • August 15th~Added Reputation Rewards per Quest (Thanks Mecha Mario)
  • August 17th~Added Links to All Quests (Thanks to Zyrain), Also added all the Daily Quests.
  • September 5th~Added Evil and Good Reputation Guides. Took some ideas from Awesomeosaurus for Good Quests. Added two lines between each section, thanks Zyrain! Finally, added some quests for non members for good and evil, thanks to Azjurai. Formatting updates.
  • September 6th~Added alternative ways to complete evil quests thanks to Lord Coxy.
  • September 7th~Corrected Skele-tongue quests, thanks Moneybags!
  • September 20th~Rank Picture Update
  • September 26th~Yokai Section Started
  • September 27th~Added "Best Challenge" rep quest to Yokai, thanks to Lady Azjurai for providing the strategy for the quest.
  • September 29th~Removed Ryoku Rep, no longer in game.
  • September 30th~Refined Yokai farming method a little.
  • October 2nd~Corrections made to Yokai rep, thanks to Lady Azjurai.
  • October 3rd~Added farming tips, thanks to .Shadow//
  • October 4th~Added the non member quest for Yokai Rep, thanks to BlackFlameWarrior. Noted that Best Challenge is member only.
  • October 7th~Updated rank 10 picture.
  • October 17th~Typos and a link added thanks to Mecha Mario.
  • October 24th~Made corrections to "Bone-afied" quest, thanks to Ghost of Chaos
  • January 5th~Updated Good method
  • January 9th~Added the new Yokai quests along with their methods.
  • January 13th~Hag quest added thanks to popular demand.
  • January 16th~Added the new Yokai quests along with their methods.
  • January 17th~Updated Good method (Thanks to Lord Qkidm). Also, a slight update to the Dwarfhold method (Thanks to Omega1000)
  • January 19th~Added another method to Dwarfhold (Thanks to Indestructable)
  • January 22nd~Added the brand new Yokai Daily Quests.
  • January 29th~Added the brand new Evil and Good Daily Quests.
  • February 26th~Created the Vampire Rep section. Added the fastest methods and daily quests.
  • February 27th~Formatting updates and typo corrections.
  • March 5th~Removed storyline related yokai reputation quests since they are now one time only. Lycan section started. Vampire Daily Quest numbers updated.
  • March 6th~Updated Vampire farming method.
  • March 8th~Re-added some Yokai methods that where not actually removed.
  • March 9th~Guide posted for approval
  • March 13thish~Guide Approved! (ish because I wasn't sure what day it was.)
  • March 20th~Added the new Daily Rep Quests for both Lycan and Vampire. Thanks to Tokijin for taking the time to update the wikipage.
  • March 21st~Updated methods for Good and Evil so they provide the fastest way. Thanks to lagged.
  • March 23rd~Correction made to Yokai farming method. Thanks to Jonzee_Boy and drakath569.
  • March 26th~Corrected typos in Good Rep. Thanks to lagged.
  • March 28th~Updated rank 10 picture.
  • April 25th~Removed suggestion to farm Big Bad Yokai for non member, it is a members only quest. Thanks to Lord Qkidm for the correction.
  • May1st~Mythsong section started. Added fastest farming method and daily quest (they happen to be the same thing). Thanks to CodeM for corrections through out the guide.
  • May 8th~Updated Mythsong section with member/non member farming methods.
  • May 10th~Minor update to Mythsong farming method. Thanks to Frost_Bones for the idea.
  • May 24th~Updated Rank 10 picture
  • June 25th~Thanks to Coolboipai for link fixes.
  • July 1st~Thanks to Silver Lion for the note about Guardian Shadow
  • July 12th~Thanks to Black_Cloak for suggesting the addition of two quests to tie in with "Radiant Lamps"
  • August 1st~Guide turned one year old!
  • August 22nd~Arcangrove section added.
  • August 23rd~Edited format of guide.
  • August 24th~Made guide correction through out the guide. (Thanks to those of you who PM'ed me)
  • September 27th~Added the daily quest for Cloister and Mudluk
  • September 29th~Updated Rank 10 Pictures
  • October 12th~Thanks to Zyrain for suggesting to link Arcangrove dailies to their wikipage.
  • January 10th~ Added the Sandsea section to the guide.
  • January 12th~ Added methods to the Sandsea Section. Thanks to Outlawed for the outline of the section.
  • January 30th~ Added two more daily quests to the Sandsea Section. Thanks to coolboypai for reminding me.
  • June 4th~Corrected typos in Lycan Area. Thanks to Lord Coxy for pointing them out. Skyguard and Doomwood sections added.
  • June5th~Thanks to Jason3 for taking the time to type up and compile the code for the "quickest method" of the Doomwood section.
  • July 9th~Thanks to Jason3 for typing up the "Daily Quest" section of the Doomwood section.
  • July 31st-Thanks to Lord Coxy for letting me know about the "Alternative Method" in the Doomwood section, as well as the quests for the Skyguard section. He also pointed out a typo in the Vampire Section. Added the members only icon, credit goes to the wiki for making it.
  • August 1st~ Guid turned two years old!
  • August 6th~Fixed typos pointed out to me by Monstrocon. Thanks to KIALA WORIOR for pointing out two quests that weren't marked as member only.
  • August 14th~Thanks to missileman for pointing out a typo in the Sandsea section. Added Horc and Troll sections.
  • November 4th~Thanks to hattqv for the information regarding Horc and Troll. Also added a note regard TMBG Event, thanks to Drakath191 for the suggestion. Thanks to User for the rank 10 updated pictures.

Retro's Update Log:

  • 27th of July: I am now the new owner of the Guide. Added the Chronospan Faction.
  • 28th of July: Added ThunderForge Faction and finished the Minor Factions.
  • 30th of July: Thanks to Meeyeen for a DoomWood quest addition.
  • 3rd of August: Added new SpellCrafting Factions in.
  • 15th of August: Added a newer (alternative) method for TheSpan, with thanks to GatlingRobot and Zyrain.
  • 23rd of August: Added Swordhaven Faction.
  • 24th of October: Got a cool banner ^.^! Thanks to .Shadow//!
  • 15th of November: Added a note about Blacksmithing's rank cap, thanks to Van Fanel.
  • 3rd of April: Finally, FINALLY got around to updating this thing...Ugh... I apologize for the wait...

I would just like to finish this with a big well done to Beo, who has done an amazing job with most of the guide and I am happy that I am now in ownership of this. I would also like to give a huge thanks to both Technomancer and Zyrain for helping me to tweak this guide, a lot. *Gives Zyrain the look >.>*


  • December 20th 2015: Guide transferred to The ErosionSeeker. Embersea section updated to accommodate zone changes, BrightOak section added, updated older factions, eg Twisted Paw and Sanguine are no longer "must have party" monsters. Mentioned +Rep items, advanced farming tips, and more.
  • December 21st 2015: Additional BrightOak method thanks to Rosaxx50, WingBane & Vaderz Granny for mentioning Light/Dark Mage sets' extra +rep%
  • January 30th 2016: Mythsong faction updates, minor updates.
  • February 17th 2016: Beastmaster faction revisions thanks to Vanexsa, solved formatting error thanks to DarkFireKiller
  • February 19th 2016: Starting quest guides for Dreadrock Citadel
  • February 21st 2016: Dreadrock Citadel hub town quests filled out
  • February 27th 2016: Loremaster Faction updates thanks to Wizardlife
  • February 29th 2016: Additional minor updates thanks to Wizardlife
  • March 11th 2016: Terrarium/Collection quests added, thanks to advice and stats from Wizardlife
  • March 21st 2016: Skytower Aegis added
  • March 21st 2016: I am reminded that the BLoD quest chain gives you a buttload of rep, thanks to polot38
  • April 29th 2016: New Chronospan farming methods discovered, credit to Wingbane
  • June 4th 2016: Bacon Cat Faction
  • June 11th 2016: Death Pit Arena Faction
  • July 15th 2016: Death Pit Brawl Faction, Eternal Faction
  • July 16th 2016: Throne of Darkness classes added to list
  • July 18th 2016: Minor fixes, updated guide approved! Champagne corks for everyone!
  • July 30th 2016: Pet Tamer faction is now farmable
  • September 19th 2016: Lorestockapalooza's Kimberly quest for big big big rewards
  • October 11th 2016: Mysterious Dungeon, although I'm sure there will be better things later
  • October 16th 2016: Hey look, they buffed the Mysterious Dungeon quests
  • December 17th 2016: Glacera rep added, although it probably doesn't mean anything because the war will likely have better quests
  • December 31th 2016: Glacera rep finalized, small Elemental Master fix
  • January 13th 2017: Minor updates to Good/Evil factions, Glacera faction, thanks to Wizardlife
  • February 17th 2017: Dreadfire Keep factions added, small text fix to Glacera
  • March 24th 2017: Chaos Militia faction added. New Chaos faction quests are baaaaaaaaad.
  • April 14th 2017: Monster Hunter faction added.
  • April 21th 2017: Monster Hunter faction improved.
  • April 28th 2017: Monster Hunter faction improved... again!
  • July 18th 2017: Zognax access stuff fixed, thanks to Fxmybrute13
  • September 10th 2017: You know what, that Crownsreach quest might actually be not that bad.

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    12/20/2015 17:33:20   
    The ErosionSeeker
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    Evil Reputation
    If you are bad to the core, you really want those awesome evil items then! But how do you get to Rank 10 you say? Well I will show you!
    Note: Before starting you must have completed the first chapter in the storyline and chosen to align with Evil.

    The Quickest Way
    • Youthanized - Gravelyn: This is the easiest quest out of them all. Even though it does not reward much rep, it is the fastest for both members and non members alike. Simply go to Swordhaven (/join swordhaven) or Newbie (/join newbie). Wear a multi class, kill any slime until you acquire the Youthanized quest item. You only need 1 quest item for 250 rep, making for a very fast rep grind.
      Reward: 250 Evil Rep

    • Dangerous Decor - Gravelyn: Head over to the SleuthHound Inn (/join sleuthhound). Go up into the main lobby and then up again, then head left. You will find a chair and a table here, defeat the chair until you have collect the four chair quest items, then defeat the table until you collect the two table quest items. Afterwards head down one room and then right. Here you will find a bookcase, defeat it until you have collect one bookcase quest item. There is also an alternative way. If you head into the main lobby, then head two screens right and kill the tables, two screens up and kill the chair, and three screens left while killing more chairs, and at the third screen you will end up in a room with a bookcase and a chair, kill them and you are done!
      Reward:1000 Evil Rep

    Daily Quests
    • Become the Desterrat Moya (daily) - Knave1: Kill 10 Cruor and 10 Crux for 2500 rep. It's a daily, but it's not bad! Note: this quest can be done regardless of being good or evil.
      Reward: 2500 Evil Rep
    • Inquisitor Inquiry - Gravelyn: Another good quest for non members. It rewards well and is easy to complete. You need to collect seven inquisitor contracts. These can be found from the Inquisitor Guards, which are all over the Citadel (/join citadel). The best place is up one screen from Murry, there will be two Inquisitor guards which you can alternate kills on. Gather the needed items and head back to turn in this quest.
      Reward: 2000 Evil Rep

    • Sea No Evil - Gravelyn: Go to Skull Punch Island (/join voltaire), then fight your way all the way to "The Bay of Skull Punch Island". If you don't feel like fighting your way there, use /goto on someone who is already there. Kill the Fishbones and collect five Fish Head quest items.
      Reward: 4000 Evil Rep

      • Slithering Shadows - Gravelyn: This quest is a must for ranking up in Evil. You are to collect five Shadow Scales. Head to the Fourth Floor of Bludrut (/join bludrut4) and start killing the Shadow Serpents. they are located in every room, so it doesn't matter where you fight them. Once you are done, simply head back to ShadowFall and turn in the quest. For those willing to drag out Evil faction to 30 days, each completion of Slithering Shadows gives you 1x Shadow Skull, which can be merged for Deathknight Lord, a decent AoE 3 class.
        Reward: 6000 Evil Rep

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      12/20/2015 17:38:53   
      The ErosionSeeker
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      Good Reputation
      As a hero for Good, you represent the Alliance! Maintain balance and gain reputation using the following.
      Note: Before starting you must have completed the first chapter in the storyline and chosen to align with Good.

      The Quickest Way
      • Tomb With A View - King Alteon: Kill 5 Skeletal Vikings or Warriors by hitting up /castleundead. The rep is pretty fast for what is a very easy set of battles, so this isn't so bad.
        Reward: 600 Good Rep

      • Rumble with Grumble - King Alteon: Bring back one Grumble Fang after defeating the Grumble in the Sewer (/join sewer). After killing Grumble you can head back to the Castle (/join castle), then run up the stair and go back to Alteon and repeat. Another way you can do this, which is faster, is to have one person waiting in the throne room and another person waiting at Grumble. This way you can just /goto each of them when needed.
        Reward: 1000 Good Rep

      Daily Quests
      • Prevent the Return (daily) - Knave1: The good counterpart to Becoming the Desterrat Moya, this quest asks you to go to Doomwood Forest and just slay a bunch of undead. Note that although it asks for a Cryptkeeper Lich item, you can also get it from the Doomwood Soldiers, and you can quickly jump to the bottom of the Light Temple anyways. Nice and simple. Note: this quest can be done regardless of being good or evil.
        Reward: 2500 Good Rep
      • Battle Under Battleon - King Alteon: The best part about this quest is the fact that it is a non member quest. Not only that, but it is VERY easy to complete. You must collect six skeletal army contracts from the undead at Battle Under (/join battleundera). Now, even though the quest says to go to Battle Under, I found it faster to just join Castle Undead (/join castleundead). This way, you don't have to go to any other screens. The first thing you see will be three Undead Warriors. Just alternate killing them and you will get the contracts very fast. Then just head back over to Castle (/join castle) and turn in.
        Reward: 2000 Good Rep

        • Note: Once you have reached Rank 4 Good you can do this quest together with Tomb With a View. This way you complete more then one quest at once. Tomb With a View is generally slower than the Slime quest, though.

      • Skele-Tongue - King Alteon: Defeat Jacksprat in the Graveyard (/join graveyard), and bring back one Big Jack Sprat Skele-Tongue.
        Reward: 4000 Good Rep

        • Brace-r Yourself! - King Alteon: This one is a little time consuming to do, but that is fine because it is a daily quest. You must collect eight Raider Bracer. These drop from the Cyclops Raiders. You can find them in two places. The first being at Mobius (/join mobius) in one room up, left, and then up again. There you can alternate killing them. Alternatively, you can find them at Relativity (/join relativity) in the second room or the map. Just kill them and then return to the Castle (/join castle) and turn in.
          Reward: 6000 Good Rep

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        The ErosionSeeker
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        Dwarfhold Reputation
        And my axe!

        The Quickest Way
          Dwarfhold Prison
        • Lodestone Locator - Mick Guyver: Equip a class best suited to dealing 1000 damage to 3 enemies. Join /stalagbite, defeat the 3 Balboa, return and complete the quest. One kill, 175 Rep. Easy.
          Reward: 175 Dwarfhold Rep

        • Mock the Lock - Mick Guyver
          Reward: 150 Dwarfhold Rep
        • Explosives 101 - Mick Guyver: You can pair these two quests together with Lodestone Locator for some bonus rep every once in a while. It's not too big, but it adds up over time.
          Reward: 150 Dwarfhold Rep

        Other Tactics
          Dwarfhold Keep
        • Radiant Lamps - Ironfist: Bring back three Vials of Glow Ichor, dropped by Glow Worms in the area.
          Reward: 100 Dwarfhold Rep
          • Note: When you do the Radiant Lamps quest, you can leave the quest box open and just kill the Glow Worm in the area. This way you don't have to move and you can always accept the quest over and over again with out having to go anywhere.
        Daily Quests
        Daily reputation is always the best. If you plan on going up I strongly suggest that the first thing you do everyday is all of the Daily Quests.
          Dwarfhold Keep

          • What's mine is yours - Lister: This is one of the most frustrating daily quests, so it may not even be necessary. While you playing you must collect the gems that hover above the track. You will need to collect thirty gems in all. You will not do this in one run through, you will have to do multiple runs until you have collected thirty.
            Reward: 1100 Dwarfhold Rep

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          12/20/2015 17:56:45   
          The ErosionSeeker
          *insert cheesy pun here*

          For non-members, it is best to just only do the Daily Quests. Together, they grant a large bounty of 4300 Rep. The non-member quests are very sparse, although the Shogun War has introduced a few new sources.

          The Quickest Way
            Yokai Grave
          • Who is the Greatest? - Neko-Mata: This one you may need to have a party or strong single-target class. You have to defeat O-dokuro. Then obtain the drop and turn it in. It is easiest if you have one person at Neko-Mata and one person at O-dokuro so that you can /goto them when you need.
            Reward: 2000 Yokai Rep

          The Quickest Way for Non-Members
          Accept the Shadow Samurai quests, they're 3 to a room and quite plentiful.
          Daily Quests
          • Shadow Embargo - Kunoichi: This is one of the easiest, and best, ways to gain Yokai rep. Do this quest every day and you will be done in no time. You must collect five Shadow Canvas from the Shadow Creepers at Bludrut. Accept this quest, and then proceed to head over to the second floor of Bludrut (/join bludrut2). Here you will find a Shadow Creeper in the first room. Just kill this guy five times, or head into the room to the left and alternate killing guys. All you need is five and then you are done!
            Reward: 2500 Yokai Rep

          • Fearsome Forest Fabrics - Nekomimi: If you are a non member, do this quest! It may no reward as nicely as Shadow Embargo, but it is as good as it gets! You must collect five Spools of Spider Silk Thread and four Patches of Suede. You can collect the Spider Silk from any black spiders, which can be found at Cellar (/join cellar), Marsh (/join marsh), Willow Creak (/join willowcreek) and Greenguard East (/join greenguardeast). Then you can go and collect the Patches of Suede from the leatherwings, which are located in Guru Forest (/join guru) or Pinewood Forest (/join pines). I suggest using GreenGuard East for the spiders, since they can be found one screen up (north) of where you will spawn (assuming you use /join). And for the leatherwings, I suggest using Pinewood Forest because there is one the minute you join the map (assuming you use /join). Kill each and return to Nekomimi to turn in the quest.
            Reward: 1800 Yokai Rep

          • Three Water Chestnuts - Mitsu Bishi: Collect three Bushels of Water Chestnuts. They drop from the Kappa Ninjas and the Funa-Yurei. Although the quest recommends you go to Yokai River (/join yokairiver), I suggest the you head over to Yokai Ferry (/join yokaiboat). It is easiest there because the first, and only thing you encounter, are the Kappa Ninjas. There are two in the first screen, so all you must do is kill those two until you get the drops. Then head back to Akiba (/join akiba) and turn it in.
            Reward: 3000 Yokai Rep

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          The ErosionSeeker
          *insert cheesy pun here*

          I did not farm for... gold!

          The Quickest Way
          • Twisted Paw - Safiria: Do this in a group and use the people as /gotos to make things go quicker. Kill Twisted Paw and turn in the quest then repeat. Twisted Paw is a Chaos Monster, so use the Chaorrupter. The drop from the quest can clutter your screen, so consider keeping it to prevent it from dropping again.
            Reward: 400 Vampire Rep

          Daily Quests
          • A Twisted Mess - Brysin: To do this quest you have to kill Twisted Paw. This takes a while, but all you need him to drop is one Twisted Equipment. Once you have that just go and turn the quest in.
            Reward: 1000 Vampire Rep

          • Dogfight - Brysin: Nice long quest to start of your day! You will have to prove your worth by killing lycans. Five to be exact. Most of which can be found in Lycan (/join lycan). the Lycan, Lycan Knight, and Dire Wolf are in Lycan. Twisted Paw and Chaotic Lycans are located in Safiria's Caste (/join safiria). All of these can be soloed except for Twisted Paw, which you might need a group for. Again do this in combination with the other dailies and even along with some non dailies so you complete more then one at once.
            Reward: 2500 Vampire Rep

          When there's awoo, there's a way!

          The Quickest Way
          • Sanguine - Constantin: Like Twisted Paw, Sanguine is a Chaos Monster. The Chaorrupter will serve you well.
            Reward: 400 Lycan Rep

          Daily Quests
          • Sanguine's Territory - Faopaw: This is the exact same quest as the one that Constatin provides, except it gives more reputation. Again, just go kill Sanguine. You will need a group to kill him. Members should do this quest to gain rep quicker.
            Reward: 1000 Lycan Rep
          • Bone Roam - Faopaw: This quest will take a while to complete, but luckily it is only a daily quest and awards nicely. You have to collect four items for this quest, each one from a different monster. Start in Darkovia Grave (/join darkoviagrave). Head through the graveyard and kill a Skeletal Fire Mage, Rattlebones and Blightfang. Once you acquire the items the last monster you must fight is the Lich of the Rock, located in Darkovia Forest (/join darkoviaforest). He has quite a bit of health so make sure to bring some friends for this quest. Once you defeat him, all you have to do is turn in!
            Reward: 2500 Lycan Rep

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          12/20/2015 18:01:51   
          The ErosionSeeker
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          Hey wait a minute! This isn't a faction!
          Not necessarily, but /collection and /terrarium offer an alternate way to farm rep for (almost) any faction. However, given that it's a bit slower than most new factions, this should be used exclusively for older ones with worse quests.

          What is different about this zone is that you need to turn in a single Super-Fan Swag Token A to Malorie for 5000 rep. Although the below values are listed as their C or D Token values, keep in mind that you have to convert them to A Tokens for rep rewards.
          Each A token is made up of 20 B Tokens.
          Each B token is made of up 10 C Tokens.
          Each C token is made up of 10 D Tokens.
          Each A token is worth either 200 C tokens, or 2000 D tokens.

          That's not too bad though, because you don't even need 100 turn-ins to get it. A Tokens stack up to 100 by themselves, which can be stored for massive rep rewards when combined with a 2x Server Boost, a 2x Rep Boost, and a +% Rep boosting item.

          The Quickest Way

          • For Science! - Kid Drakath: All you have to do is go to /collectorlab and squash some bugs for a chance at 30 tokens. The tokens seem to drop fairly frequently, so this is a very good quest for its cost. Unfortunately, the zone is Legend locked.
            Reward: 30 C Tokens / 750 Rep
          The Quickest Way for Non-Members
          • Flying... and Falling - Terrarium Catapult: Kill 10 dust bunnies in the room with the catapult. It's just that simple, but at 569 hp, you may want to use a class with a good AoE attack.
            Reward: 40 D Tokens (100 Rep) to 40 D Tokens + 8 C Tokens (300 Rep)
          • Bleak Despair - Collection Hamster Wheel: Just 4 items that drop fairly frequently, shouldn't take more than 4 kills. Beat Dust Bunnies for maximum efficiency, pump fist when bonus 4 C Tokens drop.
            Reward: 20 D Tokens (50 Rep) to 20 D Tokens + 4 C Tokens (150 Rep)

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          The ErosionSeeker
          *insert cheesy pun here*

          As of 2016/01/29, 2 new quests have been added to make this faction significantly easier to grind. Strap on your guitars, and get ready to rock 'n' roll!

          The Quickest Ways
          • Kimberly - Lorestockapalooza:
            Even better than the others, just beat Kimberly for a whopping 2000 rep. It's repeatable, and it's about 10 hp per 1 rep! Even better than the Guardian Spirit!
            Reward: 2000 Mythsong Rep

            • Sugar, Sugar - Great Godfather of Souls:
              Super simple. Go in with a class that can AoE for 2 and kill 10 Stingers. After getting 10, join another instance of the room, complete it, repeat.
              Reward: 800 Mythsong Rep

              Orkestra Temple
            • Requiem in P - Don Giovanni:
              All three of these quests are essentially the same, however, if you have a class that can multi-target 3 (slightly tougher) monsters, this quest can be a bit faster.
              Reward: 800 Mythsong Rep

            Daily Quests
            • Bad Reputation - Jon Jett: Even though this is a daily quest, it rewards a nice sum of rep. You will need a small group to complete this quest. You will have to make your way to the French Horned Toaddragon. He is not very hard and will only take a minute to kill. Once you retrieve the Toaddragon quest item, head back and turn in the quest.
              Reward: 1500 Mythsong Rep

            • Victims of Circumstances - Jon Jett: This quest is easy and great to combine with the Non-member/Member farming methods listed above. Depending on which method you put it with, you can either kill Tune-a-Fish or Beatles. I recommend Tune-a-Fish because it has the least health out of the three monsters which drop the quest item.
              Reward: 1500 Mythsong Rep

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          The ErosionSeeker
          *insert cheesy pun here*

          Set aside your hog warts, it's time for some real magic.
          With the Chaos finale, this faction becomes slower to rep due to the introduction of Chaos Sprites, and once more with the Linix!
          After the 2015/12/18 buffs to Shaman, this faction is very important if you do not have or cannot get Blaze Binder!

          The Quickest Way
          Accept almost every available quest. None of them require the same quest item, so there is no competition between quests. Since all of the quest-givers are very close to each other, effectively treat their tasks as one ~15 kills quest for ~1500 rep.
          • The Necessary Sacrifice - Rayst: This quest goes hand in hand with Gorillaphant Poaching, giving you a good amount of rep in a short amount of time. After accepting the quest, head right from Rayst and kill the Seed Spitters. Every time you complete the quest, just head left one screen and turn in.
            Reward: 150 Arcangrove Rep

          • Gorillaphant Poaching - Rayst: As stated above, this and The Necessary Sacrifice go hand in hand. The strategy is the same as above, except it is killing Gorillaphants instead of Seed Spitters.
            Reward: 150 Arcangrove Rep

          • Pleased to Meat You - Blakk: Add this quest to mixture, it will go well when you are doing the daily quests and while you do Gorillaphant Poaching. Farm in the same area as stated above, once you have the quest items, head back to Blakk and turn in the quest.
            Reward: 200 Arcangrove Rep

          • Thyme and a Half - Reens: Another low rewarding quest, but can still be added to the mix if you so choose. Just like ArcanRobe, this quest requires you to kill Seed Spitters.
            Reward: 150 Arcangrove Rep

          • Mustard and Pretzel Root - Reens: Fairly low reward, but you're going to be slaying Gorillaphants and Seed Spitters anyways, so why not tack on an extra bit?
            Reward: 120 Arcangrove Rep

          • ArcanRobe - Moonwrath:This quest is a very simple quest, not very rewarding, but you can add it to the mixture listed above. You just need to kill Seed Spitters to get the quest items, and since it will be done in the same area stated above, you will have no problem.
            Reward: 100 Arcangrove Rep

          • Ebony and Ivory Tusks - Moonwrath: This quest goes great with Pleased to meet you, especially since the turn in point is in the same room. Plus, when you combine it with The Necessary Sacrifice and Gorillaphant Poaching, you complete four quests at once!
            Reward: 200 Arcangrove Rep

          Daily Quests
          • Elder's Blood Potion - Reens: This is a long daily quest to complete, but is very rewarding. You must kill 50 Gorillaphants. Kill them in the area to the right of Rayst. Do this with the quests listed under The Quickest Method.
            Reward: 800 Arcangrove Rep and Elder's Blood Potion

            • Note: Don't actually complete this quest! Just use this to let you stack Slain Gorillaphant to 50 for more turn-ins of Gorillaphant Poaching at once.

          • Sparrow's Blood Potion - Reens: The requirements for this quest are only dropped from Seed Spitters. This quest will also take a while, and should be done with the quests listed under The Quickest Method. Remember to kill the Seed Spitters, it can be easy to forget and just alternate between the Gorillaphants.
            Reward: 600 Arcangrove Rep and Sparrow's Blood Potion

          • Viper's Blood Potion - Reens: This is the easiest of the three dailies to complete. The quest items can be dropped from either the Gorillaphants or the Seed Spitters and it does not take long to complete. Do this with the quests listed under The Quickest Method.
            Reward: 900 Arcangrove Rep and Viper's Blood Potion

            These next two quests aren't really time-efficient, but if you finish these quests but not actually complete them, the last minute on a 2x boost can be used to quickly gain a lot of rep.
          • Scales and Tales - Ewa This dailies quest will take you to the Mudluk part of Arcangrove (/join mudluk). Here you will have to Swamp Lurkers and Toaddrakes until you complete the quest. When you are done, talk to Paddylump and accept the daily quest, then return to Cloister and turn in this quest. After that, go and complete the next daily quest provided by Paddylump.
            Reward: 1500 Arcangrove Rep

          • Omnomnoms - Paddylump: Accept this quest after completing Scales and Tales. Proceed to Cloister and kill the Kerasus and Acornets until you have fulfilled the quest requirements.
            Reward: 1500 Arcangrove Rep

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          *insert cheesy pun here*

          Assassins of the dry dessert thrive in this area. It will not be easy getting to the top.
          Essentially an Arcangrove-like faction with beefier monsters.

          The Quickest Way
            Djinn Gate
          • Gedoz, Geddout! - Crulon: Beat Gedoz the Malignant one single time. Way faster than gathering a ton of Sandsea stuff.
            Reward: 200 Sandsea Rep

          • Quest for Resources - Crulon: Kill 2 Harpys and 2 Lamias. Gives an extra 5 Unseen Essences.
            Reward: 100 Sandsea Rep

          • Armor of Zular - Crulon: Got 100 Unseen Essences? They drop from Harpys, Lamias, and Gedoz in bunches. Free 300 rep every time!
            Reward: 300 Sandsea Rep

          Daily Quests
          • Delectable Desert Desserts - Bastet: This is quite a long quest, so I suggest doing this daily quest along with the other daily quest before you actually start farming. You must defeat Cactus Creepers (in the Sandsea [/join sandsea]), Snow Golems (in the second room of Mount Frost[/join mountfrost]), and Stingers (in the second room of Beehive [/join beehive]). You must collect 7 Cactus Figs, 4 Powered Snow Sugar, and 5 Pots of Honey, respectably.
            Reward: 800 Sandsea Rep

          • Oil Spills - Bastet: This quest is just as long as the other daily, so do them together as stated before. For this quest, you must defeat Buper's Camels (in the Sandsea [/join sandsea]), River Fishmen (in the River [/join river]), and Scarecrows (on the Farm [/join farm]). You must collect 3 Buper's Camel Lard, 5 River Fishman Oil, and 8 Corn Oil, respectively.
            Reward: 800 Sandsea Rep

          • The Scarab Sandwich - Bastet: This quest is probably the shortest daily, and thus yields the lowest amount of reputation. You must collect ten Dried Scarabs, eight piles of sand, and one Witches Pointy Hat. These items can be found in the Sandsea (/join sandsea), and the Marsh (/join marsh) respectively. The piles of sand are place through out each room in the Sandsea, and respawn if you exit and enter the room again. The Dried Scarabs can be found by defeating the Desert Vases within the Sandsea.
            Reward: 700 Sandsea Rep

          • Lore Style Surf and Turf - Bastet: This quest is by far the longest quest to do. The reason it takes so long is because it requires you to defeat Nessie, and to get to him you must do solve the puzzles in the Natatorium (/join natatorium). Alternatively, you can always access Nessie by going to the Story tab in your Book or Lore, then clicking on "Arcangrove", and then click on the second tab in Arcangrove. This will allow you to click on the "Replay" button to the right of the word "Nessie". This will take you right to the room and you don't have to solve the puzzle. If you are luck you can find a group that is already farming Nessie and /goto them. If not you must work your way in. You must also defeat Twistedtooth (/join pines), a Grizzly Bear (/join citadel), and a Rock Lobster (/join stairway). Once you have acquired all the ingredients for the quest, go and return them and claim your reward!
            Reward: 950 Sandsea Rep

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          Darkness, Paladins, the undead, all you could ever want for a perfect story of chaos!
          You want to use anti-undead weapons here.

          The Quickest Way for
            Yulgar Zombie
          • Free Us, Oh Brave One! - Yulgar: This quest requires you to defeat 1x Dark Dracozombie at the Lair section of DoomWar.
            Reward: 700 DoomWood Rep
            • Note: You must have the Light Tower Sword from the previous quest in Yulgar Zombie to accept this quest.
          The Quickest Way for Non-Legends
            Shadowfall War
          • Minion Morale - Shadowfall War: Kill the undead in the map and collect 15 Un-dead Tags. Once you have all 15, turn in immediately.
            Reward: 500 DoomWood Rep

          • Shadowfall is DOOMed - Shadowfall War: Like the quest mentioned above, kill the monsters in the area. This time you must collect one To Do List of Doom. Once it drops, turn it in and accept the quest again.
            Reward: 200 DoomWood Rep

          • Grave-lyn Danger - Shadowfall War: Once again, kill the monsters in the area. This time you are to collect one Skeleton Key. After it drops, run back and turn this quest in.
            Reward: 200 DoomWood Rep

          Alternative Methods
          With the BLoD in mind, you might want to hold back on trying to get Necromancer and try to get both at the same time. The Doomwood storyline gives you 87,400 rep leaving you needing 237,600.
          If you complete Essential Essences the expected ~800 times you need for 10,500 Spirit Orbs, you should receive well over enough rep to get to rank 10.
          • Essential Essences - Artix Gather 25 Undead Essence from /BattleunderB or by doing the Soul Searching loop from Yara, get 5-20 Spirit Orbs and 750 rep.
            Reward: 750 Doomwood Rep

          • Bust Some Dust - Artix If using the /BattleunderB method, 40 Bone Dust gets you another 5-20 Orbs and 750 rep!
            Reward: 750 Doomwood Rep

            Necropolis Dungeon
          • Doom OverLord Challenge - Grimdusk and Grimdawn: If you've got Chrono DragonKnight or some other way to deal an absurd amount of damage, punching this guy for 2500 rep a kill might be viable. Might not be so simple with nearly 700k hp, though...
            Legends can rank up twice as fast using the Executive quest, available from the same location.
            Reward: 2,500 DoomWood Rep

          Daily Quests
          • Dead Forestation - Lady Speedstyk's: Defeat 7 DoomWood Treant's until you have obtained 7x Treant Trunk Toppled. Then, defeat 8 DoomWood soldiers until you have obtained 8x Soldiers Axe Stilled. Once finished, return to Lady Speedstyk for the turn in.
            Reward: 1000 DoomWood Rep

          • Ecto-Skeleton Armor-Enabler - Lady Speedstyk's: This quest is basically the same as Walking Wounded. Defeat 10 DoomWood Ectomancer's until you have obtained 10x Ecto-Orb Reagant.
            Reward: 1000 DoomWood Rep
          • Mine Crafting - Artix Kill 30 Rocky Balboa from /Stalagbite and get an Axe of the Prospector from the same place for a very fast 750 rep.
            Reward: 750 Doomwood Rep

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          Red Minotaur might give you wings, but Legendship gives you an Airship!

          The Quickest Way
          • Defeat Ultra Exos - Invidia: Powercreep has made it so defeating Ultra Exos is significantly easier than it was before. He's a chaos monster, so don't forget that Chaorrupter.
            Reward: 2000 Skyguard Reputation

          Alternative methods
          These quests are suggested as they are the easiest and fastest to complete without going to a lot of places. Feel free to throw in any other quests you think will aid in your reputation farming. Doing these quest together while fighting only the monsters in the room to the right of Fairfax (as stated below) will yield about 6k every half hour.
          • Propeller Seller - Fairfax: Head to the room to the right of Fairfax and fight the monsters in there. You will need to collect nine Pirate Blades. Once you have them, return to Fairfax.
            Reward: 200 Skyguard Reputation

          • Wells' Embargo - Wells: Go to the same area, right of Fairfax, and fight the monsters in there. You need to collect seven Sky Pirate Claws and five SteamOcto Tentacles.
            Reward: 500 Skyguard Reputation

          • SteamOcta Ahoy! - Alexia: This is a very simple quest. Go and fight the Steamocto to the right of Fairfax. Kill them until you have eight Tamed Octospy. Go back and turn them in once complete.
            Reward: 200 Skyguard Reputation

          • Warlord of the Hair - Barnstable: Like the above quest, this one requires you to fight Steamoctos. Kill them in the room to the right of Fairfax until you have acquired 10 Powdered Bronze Coating. Go back and turn in once you have all them all.
            Reward: 200 Skyguard Reputation

          Daily Quests
          • SkyShip Chase Scene - Invidia: Complete the Chase Pirates minigame. Sticking to the upper side of the screen lets you avoid most obstacles without worries. Then just wait for the timer to run out (which takes ~50 seconds if you didn't get hit).
            Reward: 1000 Skyguard Rep.

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          "Our orcs are different"

          The Quickest Way
            Bloodtusk War
          • Zot Gives Peace - Kagg
          • Sput Makes Sausage?! - Kagg
          • Ghaz Experiments - Kagg
            Accept all three quests. Remember that the other quests Kagg gives also require the same items, so if you try to do them all at once you won't be able to turn them in all at once. However, since they drop from different monsters, you're speeding up completion time by doing so. Because every monster in the Bloodtusk War is chaos-infected, be sure to use Chaorrupter Unlocked to hit harder and kill things faster.
            For best results, also accept the 3 from the Troll side to maximize quest item drop potential.
            Reward: 400 Horc Rep

          Daily Quests
          • Reclaim the Spirits - Zot: Find 10 Burried Fossils across the map, and collect 3 Hidden Fossils from Rocks. Combine this with the other (Daily) Quests and gradually move from screen to screen while you're killing monsters for the other quests to collect the requirements for this quest.
            Reward: 600 Horc Rep
          • Material Horc in a Material World - Sput: Collect 10 Geodes from Crystal-Rock, as well as 10 Rhison Horns from Rhison. Try and stay close to the first Horc/Troll screens (the first ones you see when walking up to the Troll/Horc side of the map). They both have two (Crystal)-Rocks. Slay monsters and attack the (Crystal)-Rock whenever it spawns.
            Reward: 600 Horc Rep
          • Hunter Gatherers - Sput: Slay 10 Vultures, 5 Boars, 5 Rhison and one Trollola Plant.
            Reward: 1650 Horc Rep
          • Orchid Planting - Kagg: Plant 7 Orchid Bulps across the map, and slay 5 Horc Boars.
            Rewards: 1000 Horc Rep

          Just Trollin.

          The Quickest Way:

          Daily Quests

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          Some people may say that this Factions quests DRAG-ON... Get it?

          The Quickest Way for Non-Members
            Dragon Town
          • Dragonslayer Farming Quest - Galanoth: Kill 1 of each kind of Dracolich. This is about twice as good as the old Etherstorm method, and even more with the additional quests below.
            Reward: 300 Etherstorm Rep
          • Dragonslayer General Class - Galanoth: Kill 12 Dracoliches. This requires a Rank 10 original Dragonslayer, so this is optional.
            Reward: 300 Etherstorm Rep
          • Dragon Defender Farming Quest - Pyrik: Kill 3 Dragonslayers and 3 Dragonslayer Generals for another 300 rep. Combine this with Galanoth's quests above in order to get the most out of each room!
            Reward: 300 Etherstorm Rep

            The Quickest Way for
            • Will You Take Omom? - Ang'st: You'll have to get Omom back from the Monsters that stole her: Living Air or Air Elementals. Because these can be found right next to the quest-giver, and because Omom drops fairly often, you can keep farming at a steady pace.
              Reward: 500 Etherstorm Rep

                Note: If you feel it's worth it, and you don't feel like hopping between Firestorm and Airstorm, you could also include the Lightning Balls quest. Note that this might cost you precious farming time. The Lightning Balls are in the *middle* of the map, right between both your quest givers (and quite a few screens away from each). If you do this, always prioritize Omon over Mido's quests. Have a (private) instance of Airstorm ready (copy/paste) so you can jump to Ang'st the moment Omom drops (because he's at the start of the map).

            Alternative Method For
            These quests can be combined and may provide more Reputation, but they do require constant traveling between Firestorm and Airstorm. The monsters you need are all found in Firestorm, but Mido (who gives two of the quests) is fairly deep into the Airstorm map. If you have someone to /goto (ask a friend if they can stay at Mido for a while), this way may be faster than just doing the Omom quest (depending on how fast Omom drops).
            • Clash to a Cure - Mido: Collect 5 Battle Flames from Living Fire, and 7 Battle Gusts from Living Air/Fire.
              Reward: 500 Etherstorm Rep

            • Sulfur Pure - Mido: Collect 10 Sulfur Gas, and 1 Sulfur Core from Sulfur Imps. Try to do these two quests at the same pace to avoid more trips to Mido than you need.
              Reward: 450 Etherstorm Rep

            Daily Quests
            • Musical Crystals - Mido: Collect 13 Tonal Crystals from Air Crystals, and 13 Music on the Breeze from Living Air or Wind Elementals.
              Reward: 1500 Etherstorm Rep

            • We Didn't Start the Fire - Mido: Collect 15 Seeds of Flaming Rage from Living Fire or Sulfur Imps (found in /firestorm).
              Reward: 1000 Etherstorm Rep
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          The ErosionSeeker
          *insert cheesy pun here*

          Fruit flies like a banana, but time flies like this.

          The Quickest Way (Non-Members):
            Time War
          • Time is running out - Kairos: A new quest from the Throne of Darkness saga, kill 10 Tempus Larvae for 1000 rep. That's 100 per kill, which is stellar. A warning, however, that the map has changed so that you must clear all of the monsters per room if you want to be able to move on to the next room. In order to move around the best room set (rooms 3, 4, and 7 on the wiki), you must kill 1 Chronorysa, 2 Time Wraiths, and 1 Neverborn in order to access 3 Tempus Larvae. Use a strong class like Lightcaster, and you're good to go.
            Reward: 1000 ChronoSpan Rep

          The Quickest Way:
          • Defeat Ultra Iadoa - Warlic (Golem): This quest is an alternate quest which takies a riskier approach to earning Rep fast. It requires you to kill Ultra Iadoa only once, but is only recommend with a full party that is set up correctly. However, whenever a 2x Server Boost weekend rolls around while you're a member, be sure to use this to reap awards aplenty because lots of people also think this faction is difficult to rank using other methods. Don't forget, Chaos Lords also receive extra hurt from the Chaorrupter Unlocked, and Iadoa is no different. Just be sure to have a Chaotic Hourglass or Dragonoid of Hours in your inventory to prevent him from using his devastating abilities.
            Reward: 5,000 ChronoSpan Rep

          Daily Quests:
            The Span
          • Who Let The Tog's Out? - Cysero's Orb: For this quest you have to; Defeat General Porkon (1x for Rubber Ducky), defeat a Tog (1x for Tog Whistle) and defeat either: A Rhison, Horc Boar Scout or a Jungle Vulture (2x for Uncured Harp Strings (These creature can be found around BloodTusk)).
            Reward: 1,750 ChronoSpan Rep

          • Flourishes and Furbelows - Tek: For this quest you have to; Defeat x4 Training Globes, x4 Togs and x2 Gorillaphants (Which can be found in Arcangrove).
            Reward: 1,500 ChronoSpan Rep

            Time War
          • Time to Battle On! (Daily) - Kairos: Beat 5x Time Wraith. They've gotten much tougher after a recent patch, but still a nice bit of rep for what the task is. Only worth doing with a rep boost, otherwise you might as well stick to the regular method.
            Reward: 1,500 ChronoSpan Rep

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          The ErosionSeeker
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          I am ThunderForge, hear me roar!

          The Quickest Ways (Non-Members):
            Death Pits
          • The Chaos Eye of Vestis - Logash: This is one of the only two repeatable non-member/non-daily quests, and this is easier than the other one. Requiring you to kill Wrathful Vestis only once, and then offering a decent amount of rep upon completion. This quest is best farmed with a willing party. Wrathful Vestis appears to be undead instead of chaos, so your anti-undead weapons will be useful here.
            Reward: 350 Thunderforge Rep

          • Bone Ladders - Logash: Kill 15 undead Darkbloods. They are undeadkind, although their extremely low HP means that it's fairly easy to defeat them. It may be a bit more tedious, though...
            Reward: 350 Thunderforge Rep

          The Quickest Way:
            Death Pits
          • Rotstone Daggers/Logash's Line/The Drums Of The Dead - Logash: These 3 quests require 1 item return for completion, and the items can drop off a multitude of enemies. However, all 3 quests have an enemy common to them, Rotting Darkblood. This means that you can get a lot of rep from just 1 kill. This is, by far, the easiest quest(s) for farming rep. Too bad it's Legend-only, though!
          • Note: Although there are other enemies that drop the required quest items, they are not worth mentioning as it would take longer to farm separately.
            Total Rep reward: 1,500 Thunderforge Rep

          Daily Quests:
          • Blood for Darkblood - Hindar: This quests requires you to defeat x3 Chaonslaught Warrior/Chaonslaught Caster/Chaonslaught Cavalry.
            Reward: 1,000 Thunderforge Rep
          • Darkblood Life's Blood - Windren: This quests requires you to defeat x6 of either: Chaonslaught Warriors, Chaonslaught Casters, Chaonslaught Cavaliers.
            Reward: 1,000 Thunderforge Rep

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          Swordhaven is an Arcangrove Faction. Lots of small quests that add up to a fair amount. You'll have to accept pretty much every quest in /castle AND /archives, but Swordhaven Faction is relatively easy to rank. Interestingly, every repeatable quest is non-member, so aside from daily boosts, everyone is on even ground.

          The Quickest Way:
          • Arachnid Eradication - Sir Vival:
          • Boy Fiends and Ghoul Fiends - Sir Vival:
          • Apparition Nation - Sir Vival:
            These quests require you to kill: 10x Castle Wraiths/Castle Spiders and 5x Dungeon Fiend. Do these quests in combination with the other quests listed here.
            Total Rep Reward: 450 Swordhaven Rep
            Total Rep Reward: 450 Swordhaven Rep
            Total Rep Reward: 450 Swordhaven Rep

          • Helping Hand for Armors - Valerin: This is an easy quest that requires you to kill only x2 of each monster in the Castle area. Do this quest in combination with the other quests listed here.
            Reward: 350 Swordhaven Rep

          • Beautician Magician - Nialla: Fairly easy quest that doesn't require you to kill anything beyond what you're already doing.
            Reward: 325 Swordhaven Rep

          • Pet Shops and Drops - Guy: This quest is, again, easy, as it requires you to kill: x3 Castle Spiders, x3 Dungeon Fiends and x2 Castle Wraiths. Do this quest in combination with the other quests listed here.
            Reward: 300 Swordhaven Rep

          • Weapons-in-Progress - Jessor: This quest requires you to kill: x3 Castle Spiders, x3 Castle Wraiths and x2 Dungeon Fiends. Do this quest in combination with the other quests listed here.
            Reward: 275 Swordhaven Rep

          • The Strongest Thread - Denara:
          • No Time For Blacksmiths - Denara:
          • The Haunting of Swordhaven - Denara: If you want to add a bit more rep into the mix, these three quests let you earn a bit more rep by again, doing what you are already doing. It slows you down in the sense that it requires joining /Archives, but the reward is practically free, so why not? 8 Spiders gets you 400 rep, 6 Gargoyles is 500, and 6 Wraiths is 600.
            Reward: 400 Swordhaven Rep
            Reward: 500 Swordhaven Rep
            Reward: 600 Swordhaven Rep

          Daily Quests:
          • Putting the Sword in Swordhaven (Daily) - Jessor: This quests is an easy daily that requires you to kill x12 of either: Castle Spiders, Castle Wraiths or Dungeon fiends.
            Reward: 1,000 Swordhaven Rep

          • Toil the Gargoyle (Daily) - Sir Vival: This quest requires you to get up x4 of a specific drop item off a Gargoyle. There are 7 items in total that are needed to complete this quest.
            Reward: 1,000 Swordhaven Rep

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          I have taken over, and it's time for a chaotic new control!

          The Quickest Ways (Non-Members):
            Mount Doomskull
          • Embrace Your Chaos - Loremaster Maya: This is pretty much one of the only none-rare chaos quests which can be repeated (although by the time that you have confronted Drakath there's not much rep needed to be earned). This requires you to defeat 6 of any of the monsters found in this area. Preferably one of the swarms of weak Chaorrupted Rogues. Simple as Pi.
            Reward: 350 Chaos Rep

          • Tunnel this! - Cemaros: Kill 1 Chaos Tunneler. This is better in a party, or for super high single-target DPS classes. Don't forget that Chaorrupter.
            Reward: 300 Chaos Rep

          Daily Quest:

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          The ErosionSeeker
          *insert cheesy pun here*

          Spiders are our friends. At least, until they become bigger than we are and start invading from the underground...

          The Quickest Way (Non-Members):
            Twilight's Edge
          • Slay the Spiderkin - Riadne: This is the ONLY quest that isn't Legend only, making it by default the best. ("You're my favorite grandson" "But I'm your only grandson!")
            It requires you to defeat a total of 10 of these monsters; ChaosWeaver Mage, ChaosWeaver Magi and ChaosWeaver Warrior.
            The ChaosWeaver Mages have the least HP, and can be found in the Faerie Forest, SleuthHound Inn, and Guru Swamp sublocations of the Weaver War. Squash them, get your rep.
            Reward: 450 Ravenloss Rep

            The Quickest Way for
            • Impress the Arachnomancer - Riadne: Even though there's another set of quests, this is the easiest to do. It requires you to defeat 8 of these monsters in total; ChaosWeaver Mage and ChaosWeaver Magi. It can also be done in conjunction with the above quest for even faster progress.
              Reward: 800 Ravenloss Rep

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            The ErosionSeeker
            *insert cheesy pun here*

            DragonRune Hall factions
            I do believe in Magic, I do, I do!

            SpellCrafting Faction:

            The Quickest Way:
            • At /Spellcraft, you can use Mystic Quills, Parchment, and Shards to craft spell scrolls and get Rep. Refer to the Guide to SpellCrafting for more details.
              For the purpose of ranking the faction to Rank 10, you want to collect lots of Mystic Parchment from monsters to crate Hallow Spells. These have the biggest non-AC rep reward, and so should be repeated to quickly get to Rank 10.
              Reward: up to 2550 SpellCrafting Rep

            Elemental Master Faction:

            The Quickest Way:
              Dragonrune Hall
            • Help Professor Warlic - Warlic: This is the only quest given for this faction, so far, so it is the quickest way. It requires you to kill, at most, 5 enemies, all being different elementals.
              Reward: 100 Elemental Master Rep, Mystic Shards x4 and x4 random item drop specified by the quest.

            • Elements of Research - Warlic: You'll need to defeat more monsters for this quest, but you can do it alongside the first one.
              Reward: 400 Elemental Master Rep

            The fastest way for non-members to rank up this faction is to accept both quests and do them together. Gilead has a room that's guaranteed 1 fire/wind/stone, and another room with 2 nonguaranteed water/moglin waters. Get 1 of each temp item for the 100 rep quest, and then /goto someone at the boss to get 100. Cycle this 5 times and then turn in the 400 for a total of 900 rep, essentially making the Help Professor Warlic quest be worth 180 rep.

            Daily Quest:

            Necro Crypt Faction:

            The Quickest (and only) Way:
              Dragonrune Hall
            • Help Professor Mueran - Mueran: This quest requires you to get x5 Old Bones of either Skeletal Warriors/Vikings. For best results, join /Castleundead and just clear out entire rooms.
              Reward: 200 Necro Crypt Rep and a random x4 drop item specified by the quest.

            Druid Grove Faction:

            The Quickest (and only) Way:
              Dragonrune Hall
            • Help Professor Maedoc - Maedoc: This faction, you guessed it, has only 1 quest to offer you. This quest is by-far the easiest of the trio, asking you to get x5 Geode's off Crystal-Rocks.
              Reward: 200 Druid Grove Rep and a random x4 drop item specified by the quest.

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            The ErosionSeeker
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            Minor Factions
            Are you ready for RNG frustration? It's time to use alchemy to turn that rage into brew!


            Alchemy is a special faction that involves hunting down reagents to create potions and other consumables. For more details, check out this Guide to Alchemy.
            In this faction, you earn rep according to what Runestone you are using for that potion, so here's a list:

              Normal Runestone:
            • Rune of Jera - +300 Alchemy Rep (Always unlocked)
            • Rune of Uruz - +900 Alchemy Rep (Unlocks at Rank 3 Alchemy)
            • Rune of Fehu - +2,000 Alchemy Rep (Unlocks at Rank 5 Alchemy)
            • Rune of Gebo - +5,000 Alchemy Rep (Unlocks at Rank 8 Alchemy)

              Dragon Runestone: (Note: You must buy these for 15 AC's at Alchemy)
            • (Lv. 5 - 15) - +1,000 Alchemy Rep (Always unlocked, if Dragon Runestone has been bought)
            • (Lv. 16 - 25) - +1,500 Alchemy Rep(Unlocks at Rank 3 Alchemy)
            • (Lv. 26 - 40) - +3,500 Alchemy Rep (Unlocks at Rank 5 Alchemy)
            • (Lv. 41+) - +6,500 Alchemy Rep (Unlocks at Rank 8 Alchemy)


            Pet Tamer:
            Daily Quest:
            • Moglin Companions - Aria:
              Like the quest description recommends, just go to /Nexus, kill a bunch of Frogzards, come back and get 1500 Rep a day. As a bonus, you can get a Moglin pet after 30 days of this, which will probably happen as you need to do this a lot of times to get to Rank 10. Consider it an extra reward!
              Reward: 1,500 Pet Tamer Rep

            The Quickest Way:
              Pockeymogs Tournament
            • Gotta Snatch 'Em All! - Aria:
              Defeat a low-level Pockeymog, get 200 rep. It's not pretty, but it's easy.
              Reward: 200 Pet Tamer Rep
              Pockeymogs Tournament
            • Gotta Ge Pockeychew! - Aria:
              While you're at it, every 10 kills is another little bundle of rep. It's not out of the way, so this bonus makes it more like 250 per defeat of a really low-level monster.
              Reward: 500 Pet Tamer Rep


            • Quite the problem - Elder Ironwood: Significantly easier than before due to powercreep, this quest involves defeating the Young Void Giant just once. A single 30000 HP kill nets you 500 rep, which is better than some factions, but it will still be a massive grind.
              Reward: 500 Loremaster Rep

            • Cleverness - Maya: Beat Xan. That's all there is to it. It's gotten much much easier than it was before thanks to powercreep, and now you can powercreep your way to Rank 10 without pulling your hair out!
              Reward: 400 Loremaster Rep

            Daily Quest:
            • Read the Design Notes! - Valencia: Probably the easiest Rep quest ever. Just accept it, and turn it in. Unfortunately, it only gives a tiny 150 Rep. There might be use for this faction later, but as of now, you might as well just do it every day because it takes zero effort.
              Reward: 150 Loremaster Rep


            • Magic Sock it To You - Cysero: I recommend this quest, as it is stable and easy to do, unlike the quests that require Alchemy to complete. For this quest you have to defeat 5 slimes and 2 wolves, both of which can be found in GreenGuardForest.
              Reward: 50 Blacksmithing Rep
              Note: This faction is currently capped at rank 4, and you cannot gain rep from quests when you reach it.


            This 'faction' is more of a minigame. There is just a single NPC, Faith, who has only five quests. Only one of those gives Fishing Rep as a reward (25 Rep and some Bait/Dynamite ), which is just to get you started. This means there is no real farming to be done here. Just clicking and waiting.

            The main use of these quests is for their rewards. Not Rep, but rather Fishin' Chips. On top of the usual Rank requirement and some Gold, this is the main currency used to buy equipment from the Fishing Rep Shop. There are two daily quest (one for Members and one for Non-Members), which give you more Fishin' Chips (20 as opposed to 6).

            Fishing itself has 30 ranks. Every fish you catch earns you some reputation, which will simultaniously increase your Fishing Rank and your Fishing Rep Rank. The title of ''King Fisher'' (rank 30), is equal to Rank 10 Fishing Rep. Which means that, once you've gotten your Fishing Rank to the highest possible, you will automatically have gotten your Fishing Rep to Rank 10 as well. Unlike other factions, you cannot speed this faction up using +Rep items. Do not spend Rep Boosts hoping that you can finish this more quickly.

            Blade of Awe:

            This faction has rep only to ensure people don't cheat to get the Blade of Awe quicker. The quests can be repeated to get the Blade again though.
            Note: due to a design flaw, you cannot get the Blade of Awe simply by completing all of the quests once, you will have to do one of them again if you want to hit rank 6 to actually merge the Blade of Awe. With the Armor of Awe quests, there is now more reason to get to Rank 10.

            The Quickest Way:
            • Find the Hilt! - Valencia:
              Just go to /Swordhavenundead or /Castleundead, kill a bunch of skeletons, find and turn the Hilt in repeatedly to rank up. The undead are the easiest to kill (thus giving you more chances at finding the item). They are very weak so an anti-undead weapon may not even be necessary here.
              Reward: 10000 Blade of Awe Rep

            BeastMaster Faction:
            (Note: This faction is Legend-Only. This isn't really a main faction, because it's really only used to obtain one item)
            • Dark Creature Demands - Faith
              Not only are the creatures from this quest not random spawns, but they're also very accessible through /Lair and /Pyramidpain. Try to /goto someone fighting the Red Dragon and then leave the cavern to fight 2 Light Draconians at once, while the Pyramid of Pain has multiple Golden Scarabs in screens 2 and 3 for 4 total, just join another instance to get the next bunch. They're very fast battles with a multi- or even single-target class, Shaman and Blaze Binder especially shine here.
              Reward: 650 BeastMaster Rep

            Daily Quest:
            • BeastMaster Challenge - Faith: Kill 10 Purple Slimes for a batch of rep. Not a lot to comment on other than to reflect on nostalgia for an earlier time, or just not understand because you registered in 2015 or something.
              Reward: 2000 Beastmaster Rep

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            Northpointe Faction
            Northpointe is yet another Arcangrove-like faction. The quests are fairly spread out, so consider copy and pasting /join northpointe-100000 in order to reach the quests at the start, Faith's quests, and then work your way to the big group of quests at the back right.

            The Quickest Way:
              Northepoint City
            • Monstrous Future and Compass Pointe - Cleric Crystal: This requires you to defeat a total of; Chimera x5, Infernal Goblin x5, Grim Stalker x2 and Wyvern x5. It should be done in conjunction with the rest of the quests listed here.
              Reward: 650 rep (total)

            • Testin' Yer Metal, Whet Your Appetite and Sa Fire Away! - Dufar Deepstone: This requires you to defeat a total of; Chimera x2, Infernal Goblin x4, Grim Stalker x8 and Wyvern x6. It should be done in conjunction with the rest of the quests listed here.
              Reward: 800 rep (total)

            • Ahead of the Game - Faith: This requires you to defeat a total of; Chimera x3, and Grim Stalker x2. It should be done in conjunction with the rest of the quests listed here.
              Reward: 100 rep

            • Fangs for Nothing and Lookin' Flashy - Flash Riventree: This requires you to defeat a total of; Chimera x6, Infernal Goblin x8, Grim Stalker x3 and Wyvern x3. It should be done in conjunction with the rest of the quests listed here.
              Reward: 400 rep (total)

            • The Stars Foretell - Myrini StarEye: This requires you to defeat a total of; Chimera x1, Grim Stalker x3 and Wyvern x5. It should be done in conjunction with the rest of the quests listed here.
              Reward: 300 rep

            • Heal the World and Sage Advice - Reens: This requires you to defeat a total of; Chimera x4, Infernal Goblin x4 and Grim Stalker x10. It should be done in conjunction with the rest of the quests listed here.
              Reward: 500 rep (total)

            Daily Quests:
              Northpointe City
            • Feed the Hungry - Cleric Crystal: This requires you to defeat a total of; Chimera x4 and Grim Stalker x4. Should be done with the rest of the quests, blah blah blah.
              Reward: 1,500 rep

            • Guardians of the North - Magnus Steel: This requires you to defeat a total of; Chimera x4, Infernal Goblin x4, Grim Stalker x4 and Wyvern x4. Should be done with the... Ugh, you know the drill...
              Reward: 2,000 rep )

            • Defend The Weak - Magnus Steel: This requires you to defeat a total of; Infernal Goblin x10. I'm not even gonna say it anymore...
              Reward: 1000 rep

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            The ErosionSeeker
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            This hero's on FIRREEEEEE!

            The Quickest Way:
              Lavarun Altar
            • Defeat Mega Tyndarius - Pyralis If you've completed the entire storyline, then this is the only good option. As a beefy monster there should be multiple people farming him, and as a bonus, if people want his armor, they'll be there too. 1 kill, 500 rep. Repeat until Rank 10.
              Reward: 500 rep.

            The Quickest Way (exploity):
              Feverfew Falls
            • Where There's Smoke... - Blazebalm If for some reason you didn't complete the Embersea quest chain yet, you can keep visiting screen 8 with the quest in order to score 250 each time. All of the quests in this zone get locked out once you complete the zone, so if you want to do this, make sure you didn't complete /Feverfew.
              Reward: 250 rep.

            Daily Quests:
              Embersea Isle
            • Kill It With Fire - Kyron: This quest requires you to take down; Coal Creeper x5, Pyradon x2 and Fyresyn x1. Easy.
              Reward: 3,000 rep.

            • Forged in Battle - Makhai: This quest requires you to take down; Coal Creeper x3 and Pyradon x6. Doubly easy.
              Reward: 1,500 rep.

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            The ErosionSeeker
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            I am the Hero and I speak for the trees
            The trees say killing the Guardian Spirit is the fastest way to rank up this faction.

            The Quickest Way:

            Other Tactics
            If you are unable to find a group for the Guardian Spirit, there is a method available to any player.
            • Unlocking the Guardian's Mouth - Spirit of Aven Greywhorl: This is a Simon Says game, you have to complete a few rounds, but you earn a hefty 1,500 rep each time. This is equal to the amount given by a Guardian Spirit kill, but if you aren't in a situation where you can defeat it, then this is a strong, albeit frustrating alternative. To make this simpler, you can use your chatbox to keep track of the flashing lights. Simply assign them numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and then you can click on the buttons without having to memorize the sequence.
              Reward: 1,500 Rep
              BrightOak Grove
            • Guts for a Greater Mind - Lapis Willowmist: All you have to do is kill 8 Twisted Goblins, which are conveniently located 1 screen away. Before the Elfhame quests, this used to be the best way to get BrightOak rep.
              Reward: 350 Rep

            Daily Quests:
              BrightOak Grove
            • Fungi for a Fun Guy - Aven Greywhorl As few as 1 kill for 3000 Rep. Too good to pass up.
              Reward: 3,000 rep.
            • Catering to Craftsmanship - Zephyr Wildwood You need to beat a couple of Bright Treeants and Wolfwoods for this one. Doesn't take too long, but may not be worth doing any more with the advent of the Guardian Spirit quest.
              Reward: 2,000 rep.

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            The ErosionSeeker
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            Dreadrock Citadel
            Evil is as evil does, and evil does very well in reeling recruits right in.

            The Quickest Way
            Every quest in this faction town is available from the quest panel. Although they are listed under their original NPCs, you can access every quest from the big blue screen in room 2.
            Accept almost every available quest. Very few of them require the same quest item, so there is little competition between quests. Since the big machine at the second room contains every quest, you can /join dreadrock-100000 to turn in quests very effectively.

            Note that not every quest is useful, as some of them require you to go into far-off places for little gain, or are technically once-per-login quests due to needing temp items.

              Dreadrock Citadel
            • The Scythe's Edge - Shakaz: All you need is to beat 10 monsters of any kind. It's just that simple for 40 rep per kill.
              Reward: 400 Dreadrock Rep

            • Forged in Blood - Shakaz: Beat 7 Legion Sentinels for this quest. There are a bunch in the big room 6, so that's easy rep that you don't need to attend to every time.
              Reward: 400 Dreadrock Rep

            • The Abyss Stares Back - Shakaz: Slay 10 Void Mercenaries. A bit worse than Forged in Blood because they're scattered, but still a quest to gain free rep with when doing every other quest.
              Reward: 400 Dreadrock Rep

            • Undead Champion Recruitment - Sirenia: It appears that any monster save for the Legion Sentinel is up for grabs in this quest. Just defeat 6 monsters to complete the quest. NOTE: This quest requires you to own Undead Champion. If you are already a Legion member, great, just spend 50,000 gold. If not, you'll have to settle for the slightly worse quest, as listed below.
              Reward: 400 Dreadrock Rep

            • Dreadrock Gem Exchange - Enn'tröpy: Defeat 9 monsters to gather 3 different types of gems. The bonus from this quest is a shot at 5 Tainted Gems, 3 Dark Crystal Shards, or even 2 Diamonds of Nulgath! They also seem to be frequent drops, so that's great for people without, or even with an enhanced Nulgath reagent farming pet.
              Reward: 500 Dreadrock Rep

            • Knife to the Back - Enn'tröpy: Slay 2 Shadowknights for this quest. There are 2 of them on screen 3, so this is a fairly fast quest that plays well into the other quests around here.
              Reward: 350 Dreadrock Rep

            • Legion Sabotage - Kira: Defeat 12 Legion Sentinels and spend 10 LTs for this. Although you gain LTs through the Champion Recruitment quest, the return-on-investment for this quest is actually kind of low. I would avoid it, but if you have the spare LTs and you want to rank this up as fast as possible, you know what you have to do.
              Reward: 450 Dreadrock Rep

            • The Coast is Clear - Johann: Defeat 22 monsters of any kind. Accept this alongside other quests for essentially free bonus rep.
              Reward: 200 Dreadrock Rep

            • Endurance Tesssssst - Xisor: 40 kills is all that's needed
              Reward: 500 Dreadrock Rep

            • Ghastly Blades - Xisor: Like the two quests above, this one involves killing a large number of monsters. This quest requires 100 kills and an inventory slot, but hey, might as well, right?
              Reward: 700 Dreadrock Rep

            • Glub, Glub - Deathgore: Defeat 8 Fallen Heroes while you're defeating everybody else. Simple.
              Reward: 300 Dreadrock Rep

            • Glub, Glub, Glub - Deathgore: A single kill for 350 rep? Sounds awesome! It's not 100% though, but this is the quest you're probably going to be completing the most.
              Reward: 350 Dreadrock Rep

            • Make a Donation - Augur: Why this quest? 1 million gold is a lot? Well, if you're completing the other quests (and maybe even selling Tainted Gems and Diamonds), you'll probably be making some bank. And if you're going to be hauling all of that gold around, why not put it back into this faction for even more rep? Best used with a rep boost, but you can just turn it in every once in a while.
              Reward: 2500 Dreadrock Rep

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