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[Lore] The Vampire's Secrets

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12/31/2015 11:32:50   


"I'll save you, little boy!" Artix rushed through the courtyard, towards the dining room, where he saw one, two, three... what? Four? He thought he had killed almost all of the vampires here! But this was one entire clan, he was happy that he also got to save one of their feeding victims. These vampires were some of the worst of their kind, they targeted children! That little boy would be so happy, knowing that he would be free of their influence.

Artix jumped through the window, like an action hero, and slammed full into the youngest of the vampires, a little girl. "How dare you take on the form of such an adorable little girl, you filty vampire!" He slammed his axe downwards, and the little girl screamed. She then tried to run, but Artix effortlessly caught up to her. He killed her, freeing her soul, and absorbing her thankfull spirit orb into his collection.

Next he saw the boy, about as old as he had been when the green mist came to his little village, that fatefull day, many years ago. He sprinted towards the boy and thrusted his axe into the boy's stomach. The 'parents' were watching, terrified, horrified. Next thing Artix saw however, was the boy punching him. Artix didn't try to block, and instead, cut of the vampire boy's head and absorbed the next spirit orb into him.

The parents were coming out of their shock, and they decided that they'd protect their lifes. He saw an orb flying towards him, and ducked, the orb missing him only by a few hairs. He fired a light ball at the 'father', who had shot the orb, and he disintegrated. "That'll teach you to try and keep a little boy as a pet!"

The boy Artix was saving looked horrified at what was happening. Not that Artix saw that. He absorbed the spirit orb and then looked at the mother, who was also disintegrating. "So you turned your 'wife' and 'children'? What kind of vampire are you?" He absorbed the last of the spirit orbs and turned to the little boy, slowly walking towards him.

The last boy's fists bounced harmlessly of Artix's armor, and tears streamed down the little boy's face"What? What have you done!?! Mama? Papa? Brother? Sister?" Tears streamed down his face, and Artix was at a loss of words, he just saved this boy from these horrible undead, he was expecting gratitude, not anger, and certainly not directed at him.

"What are you talking about? Those undead were dangerous, they were praying on you, not trying to help you or anything." He summoned the vampire's spirit orbs. "These undead were forced into that form! They were mindless monsters, even if they used to be your parents, when they were turned, they died."

"Mama and papa and brother and sister were not mindless monsters! They were my parents, I know they were vampires, but they were also kind, and even loved me!" The boy stopped hitting Artix and turned away. "Hey, boy! It's dangerous out there." The boy turned back, and then kept walking. "I am not afraid of the vampires there."

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1/11/2016 3:32:21   

Chapter 1

The boy shot up, he was sure he had heard someone, though in these woods, something might be more appropriate. He slowly walked to the side of the little open spot he had spent the night, well, a part of twenty four hours, in Doomwood, you don't spend the night sleeping. He looked around and saw a group of three people clearing out the camp he was stationed near and were now heading for his spot. He laid down again and acted as though he was sleeping.

"Hey, this is something I haven't seen. A child in Doomwood, without his parents." A male voice said. "Well, we had heard that a boy went missing after his parents were turned." A soft female voice answered. "****, that was Artix telling about some of his adventures from years ago, do you know who we were talking to? I don't think that a boy would survive that long if Artix just let him go." A far harsher voice answered. He opened his eyes and saw three people looking at three people standing over him. "Oh hey, the little boy is awake." The soft voice said, he tried to see who spoke, but they all wore helmets which made it hard to find out. "What is your name little boy?" The male voice said.

"Skenim... Skenim Morke." Skenim said with a small voice, he then stood up. "Who... Who are you?" The people in the armor looked at each other. Now that Skenim was loooking more closely at them, he could see the man wearing colors similair to the vampire knights, that would mean that he most likely was a death knight, which was something he hadn't seen in a long time. Most death knights he had seen came walking through here, not looking for something specific. Then there was the first of the women, she was wearing a light armor and she seemed to reflect the light that did touch her armor with a bit too big an intensity. That would be a paladin, that was understandable, paladins were sent in often. Then the last one, that was an uncommon one, not many people got to see a guardian, they were mostly relegated to guarding the towns from dangers...

"...Boy? Are you listening?" Skenim looked at the male surprised. Apparently they had been explaining who they were while he was making his observastions. A little embarrased he looked at them. "Sorry, it is just that..." "...Yeah we get it, we are a bit on the weird side." The guardian said. "That is not an excuse to stop listening though." He looked at them and they were laughing. "Alright," The death knight continued. "I am Oreus, the woman with the hard voice..." He motioned to the guardian. "...Is Orama. And then the paladin is..." "Don't go telling him I'm your former partner, that was something that only happened in your dream. I am Loriana, nice to meet you, Skenim." The paladin said, stopping Oreus' monologue. The other two just nodded, and then they took off their helmets.

"What shall we do?" Orama asked. "I mean, we can't just leave him here, but we also cannot just take him with us." Skenim looked at them. "I will go with you, I can take care of yourself, but I still want to know, why are you, a bit of a ragtag bunch of people, working together?" The three looked at him in surprise. "Oh, did we not tell you? We are a team of rescuers, whenever someone gets knocked out by monsters, we take them to the beginning of whatever quest they were doing in order to offer them a second chance at it, or to offer them a quick way out, so that they won't die." Oreus said. Loriana looked at him. "Are you sure you wish to come with us? Out there, the sun rises, and you seem like a person who has never once left Doomwood, so this'll be a bit weird."

Skenim was happy to go ahead an finally leave Doomwood, it hadn't been his home since... the incident. It would be a good adventure, an adventure, to find a new home.
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1/22/2016 6:08:16   

Chapter 2

Skenim was happy to go with Oreus, Orama and Loriana. He saw how Oreus and Orama went ahead most of the time and did not take Loriana with them, and then when they came back Loriana would heal them back to pristine condition, even when they insisted that it was not needed. One night he followed Oreus when he was guarding their camp and saw Oreus switching out his standard blade for a silver one and held it in the light of the moon. "What a beautiful little thing, isn't it, Skenim?" Skenim looked up shocked. "How did you know I was here? I was sure you didn't see me!" Oreus laughed. "Of course I would know you were here, I am on this team for a reason, ambushers I ambush and weaknesses I exploit. But you still didn't answer my question, is this sword beautiful, yes or no?" Skenim was stunned, they were so much better than him, and yet they took him with them and didn't even look bothered! "I... I think it is nice Oreus." Oreus didn't seem to notice how stunned Skenim was. "Yeah, I agree with you."

Oreus took him back into the camp and leaned in close. "Skenim, I promise that I will take you with me when we do the last fight of this simple quest, let me handle it." Skenim went back to sleep that night, and for the first time with a smile on his face. When he woke up he saw that a werewolf was lying next to him. He shot up and crawled away, before he saw that it was knocked out. Loriana and Oreus were laughing while Orama had a small smile, though when she saw that he noticed it, it was gone from her face. "I told you he wouldn't enjoy it!" But now that he had seen it was used as a prank he too was smiling. "If I had known... Well, it was a good prank." They packed their stuff and went further with their quest, Oreus mentioning that he hadn't expected it took so long, but they had some slowdown, not that he minded it.

"Alright, Skenim, remember my promise from last night? Come on, we're going to go at them in full force!" Skenim looked around the corner to see who 'they' were, only to see a giant werewolf and two even bigger werewolves at it's sides. "Welcome, I trust you wish to regain your friends?" A raspy voice came out from behind the enormous werewolf. "You'll have to regain them by earning our respect, and Oreus, I think you know how to." Oreus smiled and took off his helmet. "Chaney, I did not think you had it in you to ask us such rediculous things. I trust that you have been replaced as the leader here?" A man stepped out from behind the werewolf. "Yes, and if you could hurry up, we might be able to get Lon out here in time for me to be able to heal him back to full strength."

"Alright!" Oreus put his helmet back on and got in a battle stance, Loriana and Orama too. Skenim hid behind them as they charged, well, Oreus and Orama, Loriana summoned something, a giant spear and threw it at the werewolf, and after it returned through said werewolf, it was knocked out. The other two were doing even better, with Oreus taking down the leader in three quick hits, and Orama only needing one, though they both did get a few scratches, instead of Loriana, who immediately went to heal the two of them. Chaney stepped out of the shadows and Skenim saw his face.

"Sir? Why are you with these werewolves?" Chaney looked at him and kneeled to get at the same height. "I'm searching for a cure for my brother, and me in extention, so that we can live our normal life again. These werewolves were trying to get a very, very large army together to attack Amityvale, a town near here. They thought that a pack as large as this, a pack full of people searching for a cure, could be useful, and we did not expect an attack. We were overrun very quickly, but luckily we were able to get the message out that we needed help. I did not think that the guardians would sent their most elite team and a child though." Oreus, who had been listening up until now, coughed and Skenim and Chaney turned their attention to him. "We did not come with this child, we found him here, in the forest, near one of those healing fountains."

Chaney looked shocked. "A child? Alone in Doomwood? Who would let him walk freely here?" Oreus looked somewhat uneasy. "We've been trying to figure that out, but it looks like he's just an orphan." Skenim nodded. "Anyway, we are going to take him to the guardian tower and find out if he is guardian material. And at least we will make sure that he goes to the orphanage there, maybe he can get some training done so that he will never be helpless again."

Chaney had organised a great buffet, with food that was not only great tasting, but that would also raise their awareness and, as they found out, tasted great too! Oreus, Orama and Loriana did what they said they would, and when they got back to town they went to the guardian tower and had another feast there, with Oreus, Orama, Loriana and Skenim being the honorary guests. Everyone wanted to know where Skenim came from, what had he done and what had happened to his parents that he was allowed to wander in Doomwood all alone? "My parents... I don't like to talk about it but they died in an attack." Most people were considerate enough to not ask anything about them but one guy apparently hadn't heard the last part, as he kept asking for details on the attack. Skenim just did as though he did not hear him.
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4/19/2016 13:46:09   

Chapter 3

Skenim woke up early, even earlier than the night shift would go to bed even. He went outside quietly so as not to wake up his roommates. Outside he looked at the moon, he saw that it was at a low level, sinking beneath the horizon. This would be the sunrise he had heard so much about.

A night guard came to him. "Aren't you the new person? That Sken?" Skenim smiled, that guard was nice. "My name is Skenim, and yes, I am the new person." He smiled, but instead of smiling back, the guard looked shocked, but then regained control. "If I was your kind, I would go inside now."

Skenim was confused, your kind? What did the guard mean with that? He however didn't ask anything, the guard must've been very sleepy, because he heard a weak snoring sound coming from him. Skenim waited until the sun came up.

He looked at the sunrise, entranced and felt his skin tingle. What was that sensation? He walked back inside because he was hungry, that too, was a sensation that he had not really felt before, especially since he had not been really ful until yesterday. He smelled the air and it was as though he was smelling the best werewolf beef his mom had ever made, three times better.

He ran into the dining hall, smelling the meat being deliciously cooked. "That smells awesome!" The cook put his head out of the kitchen door to look at who would be awake at such an early hour and saw Skenim. "Thank you!" He bellowed and practically shook the entire building, the entire building!

Skenim was the first one sitting on the table he had been designated too, together with the other first-year students. Immediately when the others came, it stood out that he was the smallest, and pale, very pale. The two who went to sit next to him were his roommates, he had not heard their names yet, but the one to the left of him was tall and skinny, even skinnier than Skenim himself, the other one was a bit shorter, but still taller than Skenim.

"So, your name was Skenim, wasn't it?" The tall one asked. Skenim nodded, as he had his mouth full with chicken. He swallowed and looked at the two sitting next to him. "You are my roommates, are you not?" The two looked at each other and seemed surprised. "You noticed? I thought you were already sleeping when we came in."

"I went out of bed early today to see the sunrise." Skenim said it with a smile, before returning to his food. "I am Nare, and this is Orel." The taller of the two said, pointing to himself and then to Orel. "Now, we are excited that you have joined our room, since we now finally have a full room, which means that the team-based excersizes won't be that bad."

Nare was interrupted by Orel, who pulled at his arm, before pointing at a big guy who was listening to them. "Oh, look who is watching us, why don't you cut the crap Orenaga? Can't you see that I'm not interested in paying you!" Nare almost seemed to shout, but he had in fact, lowered his voice, he was just putting more force behind it.

The big guy, Orenaga was looking at Nare funny, he wasn't used to having someone push back. "You should now what happens when you don't give at least half of your lunch to me." He pulled his arm back to hit Nare.

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9/9/2016 11:27:50   

Chapter 4

Orenaga pulled his arm back, and wanted to punch it forward, but he couldn't budge it. "That is not nice, even werewolves back home are nicer." Orenaga looked shocked as Skenim held his arm. That skinny guy was holding back his arm? How!?

"How are you doing that? Let go of me, you freak!" Skenim pulled down Orenaga. "I survived for years in Doomwood, years without help from anyone. You. Don't. Scare. Me." Skenim let go of Orenaga and Orenaga fell, and then crawled away, hoping to get away from that monster as quickly as possible.

Skenim turned back to his friends, or rather, the only people he knew by name, who were looking uncomfortable as he sat down. "What is it? Did I do something wrong?" Nare, the one who had done all the talking up to now just opened his mouth and closed it again. Orel just chuckled.

"It seems you found a way to shut him up, at least for little while. I don't think anyone expected you to be able to make Orenaga **** his pants." Slowly Skenim looked around, and he saw that a lot of people looked shocked at what he had done, and then, one tiny boy, even smaller than Skenim started applauding him, and soon more people joined in, mainly those who were looking less than in top shape.

A few people were not applauding and looked relieved when a guard came to get them all for training. "Alright everyone, we are going to train, clear the tables and get to the field. QUICK!" Everyone hurriedly put their plates away and ran to a field not far from where they ate, Skenim just followed Nare and Orel.

When they arrived at the field, Skenim saw the guardians with who he had come to this tower. "Well, you all know us, and I hope you know what your upper limit is, because today, we will break it!"
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