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Diamonds & Explosions

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2/13/2016 9:36:57   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

Diamonds & Explosions

Travel Map » Dragonspine » 23: Diamonds & Explosions

Near an out of the way cave not far from Battleon proper. Villagers have reported hearing loud explosions and red flashes from this area.

«Scene: Outside of a cave entrance. The Guardian Tower's silhouette may be seen in the distance.»

«You»: (thinking) I wonder what has everyone so worked up... Best stay on guard.

«A red flash is seen inside the cave.»

«You»: (thinking) I've seen enough magic to know that can't be a good sign. Better make sure it isn't too dangerous.

«Scene fades. You are now inside the cave.»

«You»: Hello? Is there anyone else in here? Preferably anyone alive?

«Another red flash. A strange person with red-highlit black hair wearing a black robe now stands behind you.»

???: Right here! I have to admit you aren't what I was expecting to find.
«You»: GAH! Who are you?
Kalia: Me? Just a traveler, of sorts. You can call me Kalia. I need a favor.
«You»: First, quit blocking the path between me and the way out. I don't trust you, especially since you look kinda evil...
Kalia: Oh, all right...

«After yet another red flash, Kalia now stands facing you.»

«You»: Now then... why should I help you?
Kalia: Hardly. There's two reasons you should help me. First, I'm trying to take care of a problem that could disrupt the balance of the entire world...
«You»: All right, now I'm listening.
Kalia: Second? This.

«Another red flash.»

    1 BATTLE: Uvee
    Full Heal

Kalia: Not bad! Less trouble that I thought you'd have!
«You»: First, I have to admit I wasn't expecting you to summon a monster like that...
«You»: And on an unrelated note, why did you do that?!
Kalia: To make sure you're ready for what I want to do. If you had any trouble with that, you'd have no chance getting back the artifact I need you to retrieve!
«You»: And what is that?
Kalia: Just a little diamond. Well, okay, big diamond. Lots of power in it. You're going to use it to help me fix a problem. Probably make stuff explode, too.
«You»: I want some explanations before I do that. I don't think I can trust you at all.
Kalia: You should. Remember when you helped take out War?
«You»: How could I FORGET?
Kalia: One of his brothers is coming. We can help fix the problems that'll happen before they start if you do this.
Kalia: This gem'll have enough power for you to blast his altar to pieces by yourself.
«You»: And what do you get out of this?
Kalia: Two things: One, I'm helping do what I have to do to keep the world in check. Two, pretty explosions! Big ones! ^_^
«You»: I'm going to regret this, aren't I?
Kalia: Probably! ^_^ Now let's get you down there! By the way, be careful of Fluffy!
«You»: Wait! Don't I g--

«After a red flash, you are now further down in the cave. There is lava nearby.»

«You»: Fluffy? Don't tell me, it's going to be some huge, powerful monster that'll...

«As the Scene pans to the right, Fluffy is a revealed: a small werepup whimpering next to a bowl labeled "FLUFFY".»

«You»: ... Huh. Guess this isn't so bad after all.

    1 BATTLE: Fluffy

«You»: (thinking) I almost feel bad about doing that...

«A Darkness Dragon enters.»

Dragon: Fluffy? I heard fighting an-- You, did you hurt Fluffy?!
«You»: Oh, this is all KINDS of bad.
Dragon: I'd better take care of you quickly. The big guy isn't gonna be happy if I leave that gem unguarded too long, but you have to pay for hurting Fluffy!

    3 BATTLES: Darkness Dragon
    Full Heals after Battles #1 and #3

«You find the gem in a stone dragon's-claw.»

«You»: (thinking) Well... seems Kalia was telling the truth.
???: You... unworthy creature. This power is not yours to use. BEGONE!

    1 BATTLE: Aspect of Destruction
    Full Heal

«The Aspect of Destruction remains darkened and huddled on the ground, defeated.»

Destruction Aspect: You... Perhaps are worthy. You will have a greater challenge. We look forward to seeing what you're capable of.
«You»: Who's "We"?
Destruction Aspect: Us, in here, and the diamond's owner. Use it well.

«It disappears into the diamond.»

  • Take the diamond!

    «The Scene turns blindingly red, and a black and red dragon's-head shape seems to move toward you.»

    «You»: ... a... a... giant... huge...
    Kalia: I take it from the fact that you're holding the diamond that you saw Ser'Mathis?
    «You»: Giant... giant big huge dragon... HUGE...
    Kalia: I know! I saw him once before! It was great! ^_^
    «You»: It was going to eat me!
    Kalia: Nah. All the Avatars have mortals to deal with people they don't like. As for Ser'Mathis, I think you've met his. People have talked about your fight.
    Kalia: Said it left a neat crater in the mountains in Medrovia.
    «You»: ... Xerxes?
    Kalia: Yeah! The Destroyer won't let its power go lightly! He's probably gonna come for you again. It'll be so cool! But I need to get you to the altar first.
    «You»: Right now?
    Kalia: No... I need time to finish unsealing it first. That's gonna take me a little while. Until then, try not to die! ^_^

    «She disappears in a flash of red.»

    «You»: ... Yeah. Easy for you to say...
    Diamonds and Explosions

    Shop Spells
  • Destruction Burst [L. 1, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 130 | 140 G, 150 G]

    Shop Misc
  • Destruction Diamond [L. 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 130 | 140 G, 150 G]
  • Play Again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write up thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

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