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RE: =AQ= [FGC] Farming Guide Compilation Discussion/Requests

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8/23/2016 14:13:02   

You can try using Celtic Wheel + Osiris Misc for extra INT to try and use the Pyromancer spell, once you run out of MP, just unequip them both and equip again, you should have your MP back.

I don't know if this will be faster than hybee though, you'd need to test it out.

On another note, I won't confirm it for you, as I haven't tested it out myself, but I heard that for lv 150 warrior characters, it's faster to get the temp DB against essences and farm Fear Drake instead of going for Hybee.
AQ DF  Post #: 51
8/24/2016 6:21:40   

Thank you, Brasca! I'm doing 1 million xp per hour on Am-Boss, which seems insane compared to how I remember farming. Is this a decent speed for my level?
AQ  Post #: 52
8/24/2016 7:32:41   

@Above. Honestly? I don't know, I just know of good farming spots according to the level because other people told me after lots of testing, I myself am bad quite bad at farming, so I don't know if that's a good or bad or okay speed.
AQ DF  Post #: 53
8/24/2016 9:49:34   
big E

I've noticed, as a general rule, that a good farming spot is one which lets you hit your XP cap in under an hour. Can't say if this applies across all levels and builds, but it's been true for me with a number of characters. Granted, farming usually favors Mages (especially now with Zardnado and Caecus), but that rate should be obtainable with a Warrior as well.

As Brasca said, Am-boss is always a good grinding spot. Although I noticed that the Dragon Heads in the 10th anniversary quest are great for taking you through the early 100s. Each head is one level higher than the previous, so at level 101, only the first one will be high-level. At 102, you can fight the first two before fleeing, at 103, the first three, and so on. Try it out and see if that's faster. Either way switch to Queen Hybee (or DB against Fear Drake) once you hit 106.
AQ  Post #: 54
9/3/2016 0:23:10   

Level 133 pure FO warrior at am-boss currently. What level should I stay till?
Post #: 55
9/3/2016 5:58:25   

Probably until 145, only at 146 Queen Hybee will surpass it.
AQ DF  Post #: 56
9/3/2016 11:44:25   

Whew wow ok thanks! I was originally thinking 136 or something. Much thanks!
Post #: 57
9/6/2016 13:14:59   

Current Farming Place: Am-Boss/Tyrant King.
Build: Pure Warrior
Notes: Lvl 132. Looking for more stable/safer alternatives to Am-Boss. I don't like too much fiddling with equipment during combat. It's ok if the spot is a little less efficient, but should be better than Tyrant King 130.
AQ  Post #: 58
9/6/2016 13:54:35   
big E

I'm pretty sure he's the best spot at your level, unless you fancy the Zardnado or Caecus with an all-proc weapon. (The latter gives a bit higher rewards at least at 135, but requires equipment switching; the former should be doable with an Ice/Light armor but I doubt it's faster).

Still I've found that Horde + Shield of Sands works well enough against Am-Boss that you don't need to change your equipment around, even for a PW build. All you need to switch is Wind+Earth miscs, unless you're happy tanking out one of the elements or using Cyclops Eye.
AQ  Post #: 59
9/7/2016 14:38:01   

To add to what Brasca mentioned about farming Caecus as a warrior. I just bought the Pyromancer Bloodmage and Amulet of Drakonnan for my warrior and it seems to work quite well.

Equip the Amulet and cast the skill/spell from the armor. On the next turn, unequip the Amulet to drop your MP to 0 for HP damage, but equip Fairy Godmother to MP heal. Maybe equip Pendant of the'Galin and Attack or something. Then eqiup the Amulet again and you have enough MP to cast the skill/spell.

It seems to let you kill it in 2-3 turns, same as a mage. I'm sure someone else can improve it even more, but I'm happy as is.

edit: well, 2-3 castings, more like 3-5 turns since you alternate attacks

edit2: dying a bit often, may have posted a bit early Alternating between Eye of Osiris and Void Visor would probably help that.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 60
9/7/2016 15:22:49   


Just tested it...

You can keep the AoD equipped and use a mana potion, no need to take the extra dmg then. (a lvl 150 for example heals of 1k MP)

That said yeah the dmg taken is brutal light and ice are not the armors strong suit. For that turn you heal MP you should either/or change armors, put a defensive misc on or heal HP if a pet is healing MP.

It does all eat in to farming speed however...thou less so than a death.

edit: @ below

Honestly it's a short list.

From a previous post I made:

White Knight Z at the very least 40/54 (old lean system)
High Communicant's Zeal: 38/59 (old lean system)
Pegasid Rider: 48/48


Pegasid is easy enough for guardians.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 61
9/7/2016 15:59:21   

Potions are an interesting idea; I usually forget about them. Unless I messed up the MP calculation formula, it looks like Eye of Osiris doesn't give you enough MP to cast a level 150 spell. Keeping it equipped and hoping he uses Light occasionally would've been pretty nice. Changing armors wouldn't take up any more time than changing misc. like I suggested. I wonder what the best Ice/Light armor would be.

edit: Pegasid Rider is a fantastic suggestion. I hit my gold cap today and only died once.

< Message edited by admahu -- 9/8/2016 13:18:07 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 62
9/8/2016 2:20:43   

I've tested Caecus as warrior using the armor skill. At lvl 135 it's about equal to Am-Boss - Gives a little less EXP and more gold. Both take 2-7 rounds to beat. Caecus requires lots of clicking around though, so now that I have a bit more HP and don't need to swap any equipment for Am-Boss I prefer it. Might be an alternative for others.
AQ  Post #: 63
9/26/2016 12:48:01   

Hey guys I'm kind of new to the forums but Ive been playing AQ for years. not sure if anyone looks at this anymore but I have recently come across a monster that gives some pretty good xp. To get to him go to the guardian tower talk to nimrod and select quests. do the first one which is called the arena challenge. It has to be the arena challenge under nimrods quests you can't just for to the normal arena upstairs in the guardian tower. The first monster you encounter is the one we want its name is Hayu and its a scarecrow. The gold isn't great but the level 135 version gives 2380000 xp per run which is pretty awesome. he only deals wind damage has about 6.5k health and is pretty easy to take down. imm level 143 now and he still seems to be the best place to farm before queen hype am boss was getting really boring.
Post #: 64
9/27/2016 20:02:27   

Farming Place: Places to get most updated best gear
Build: Pure Warrior
Notes: Level 85 (Guardian) ATM. Literally just got back into the game after about a year or so, and I really just want to get to max level asap.
Post #: 65
9/28/2016 10:35:55   

You should farm tyrant king for now then switch to am boss at 90

Post #: 66
10/12/2016 14:10:48   

Wrong place i guess, delete :)

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AQ  Post #: 67
10/29/2016 9:32:13   

adventurer Pure Mage level 68 but i don't know where to find good places for xp.
Post #: 68
10/29/2016 10:23:52   


Level 26-84 : Drakath the Undead Dragon
Equipment Needed: Darkness Armor or Pyromancers Robes, Darkness Shield or Celtic Wheel, D-Burst Spell.
Strategy: Spam D-Burst spell. Drink potions to recovery mana when necessary.
* Against Drakath the D-Burst spell will default to fire damage. Once you can acquire Pyromancer Robes, you should.
* At level 45 you can grab the Celtic Wheel shield and use it to increase your intelligence (and therfore your damage). The wheel cannot be upgraded using the shop item upgraded, but it's fairly quick to obtain and worth the time.
* When you reach level 50 you will need potions to defeat Drakath for several levels. Set a minimum HP level and always drink a HP potion if you reach that minimum. If you are above your minimum HP cast the D-Burst spell. If you are under the required MP to cast the spell, then drink an MP potion.

Travel map -> Zorbaks hideout -> zorbak vs twilly

Quite a lot of clicking through dialogue, but fastest place there is. At your level you probably shouldn't need potions unless you get unlucky. Note that winning will take you to a fight that's not worth the time, so it's fastest to refresh browser, relogin and start again after getting your xp.

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AQ  Post #: 69
11/3/2016 3:08:14   

I'm currently lvl 80 and a Warrior, X-Guardian; My Character Page.
Any suggestions on places to farm exp? I'll give them a shot and see if I can complete them.
AQ MQ  Post #: 70
11/19/2016 16:52:29   

Farming Place: Zardnado
Build: Pure Warrior
Notes: Currently using FATS + Accordion + Thrale's Scorn + SME with Dunamis Guest, trying to find the most optimal setup. I've tried using CIT but if I don't go first or if I just get unlucky I die a decent amount. I've also fooled around with Frogzilla for the ele comp, but I'm not sure if there's any way to consistently kill Zardnado in 2-3 turns with that armor. Anyone have any strategies to kill it as fast as possible? I think if I had Dunamis pet I could get away with Frogzilla + CIT, but I'm not entirely sure. Also been meaning to try out Tyrannochicken Rider as it does more damage than FATS, but Grenwog portrait is currently bugged so that'll have to wait.

< Message edited by Celidion -- 11/19/2016 16:53:01 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 71
11/23/2016 17:03:01   

Current Farming Place: Queen Hybee/Tyrant King.
Build: Poelala mage
Notes: Level 132 and was wondering if there was a beter way to farm since I don't know where to get good spells. My character page should give more info.
AQ  Post #: 72
11/23/2016 18:25:28   

^Am-boss to 146, then back to Hybee.
AQ  Post #: 73
11/24/2016 20:02:50   

Current Farming Place: Travel Map > Darkovia > DracoPyre Legacy > 6. The Hall of Memories > The Past Unravelled Wing > 1. The Past Unravelled > Erebus
Build: FO Beastmaster Warrior
Notes: I've been XP farming here since level 125. Erebus is level 136, 1,029,000 XP, 114,000 gold. It's good because you can keep rebattling him after clicking through a bunch of dialogue. Whatever defensive equipment you use to fight Ultimon can be used against him, but you'll want high damaging or harm/void offensive equipment since he has very low resistances. Despite this, his HP is pretty low, and he can be beaten without health potions, but this may vary since his skill has the chance to control you for up to two consecutive turns. Overall, the fight's pretty short for a boss and offers a good payoff with a usually not too high difficulty.
AQ  Post #: 74
11/30/2016 22:44:17   
orc orc orc

Current Farming Place: Travel Map > Darkovia > DracoPyre Legacy > 6. The Hall of Memories > The Past Unravelled Wing > 1. The Past Unravelled > Erebus
Build: FO Pure Warrior
Notes: Erebus (96) is also a good alternative to Am-boss (100) at levels 90-105. He has low HP and gives a lot of exp. As an FO pure warrior, I find this method more efficient for leveling.

  • Gives more exp than Am-boss (33k vs 19k)
  • Generally an easier fight than Am-boss for FO pure warriors so long as you have a void/harm weapon e.g. Horo-Show series
  • Does relatively low damage
  • You don't need to switch around items as much, unlike Am-boss

  • Gives less gold than Am-boss (3.7k vs. 6.5k)
  • Has quite a bit of dialogue unlike Am-boss, though much less than Twilly vs. Zorbak and the extra exp. compensates for it.
  • Has low resistances and is not advisable if you don't have Void/Harm weapons.
  • Can try to control you for 2 turns. Fortunately the self-damage is minimal but can waste a few turns

I recommend equipping Whispering Raiment on the first turn just for the initiative bonus. This allows you to hit him hard before he uses his SP skill. If you're a guardian you can also deal harm damage with it.

Overall, the cons are fairly minimal so it's well worth it. It's an easy, high-reward leveling method for pure warriors at the aforementioned level range for both adventurers and guardians alike. In my opinion, it's better than Am-boss.

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