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RE: Is MechQuest being updated?

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1/6/2017 19:31:55   

Hmmm....Endless energy blade marathon. 5 on foot battles for in any area in GEARS University... besides the commons for food and refreshments, dorms, locker rooms, classrooms and bathroom breaks.

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DF  Post #: 51
1/8/2017 4:35:22   


Well, popularity shifted from MQ to DF to AQW to AQ3D

AQ then it went to DF, the early stages of MQ gave so much to the players that honestly i was overwhelmed.
Then AQW came along, and, well we speak of that no longer.

It's true from a standpoint AQW has a better model with membership fees and such, but a part of me dislikes it so, i bought a 1-year membership and never used it, you go through the premium servers and most people are already in there groups, so i felt left out, the end.

MQ on the other hand,

Mechquest had problems; it wasn't a game for a casual playerbase.
I played it (obviously) quite a few years ago, and had forgotten a lot of it. But coming back years later, and analyzing it, unlocking each area was a grind; too many levels, too many long battles.

Woah, woah, woah,
Lets not get hasty here, one of the old beta players here (quadruple digits!) and Mechquest founder (not DF founder but hey its something), gameplay was way simpler.
WAY simpler, a while back Baron Dante asked a question, and i answered it and then some.
Part of it involved MQ (although his question didnt involve this game) however i drew parallels to it and kinda wanted to flex the old noggin.

See back before we had flashy mechs we had simple mechs, HEADS didnt do damage. BODY? whats that? the shadow E-Series was once the only Mech to have a body part, non-customizable.
Things changed, as they often do, as they often should, however something occurred:
Bigger Weapons
Better weapons
Ticklish Zorbo was probably a warning sign but we barely paid it any attention.
Entire guides are built to get around areas that are otherwise impossible unless specific equipment is had, the vampire planet comes to mind, yes the battles are long, but dont blame the makers, blame us the players that time and time again learned how to overcome.

I will give you this however:
ITs kinda difficult to start off, when it first began the pizza place was the only area you could do quests......
Nowadays there is so much content you can basically do whatever.
This is quite similar to any long lasting AE game, AQ has so many areas but has implemented a tutorial that helps new players out a bit more, DF has split into multiple "Chapters" this allows you to see where you are and whats left to do (rough estimate).

MQ was one of AE's more ambitious games, how many vehicles did they say the starship could hold?
They ended up implementing only one. never took up space (to my awareness)

The moon base holds record of a rare type of weapon that has not seen the light of day: 0 cooldown Ammo oriented, once ammo is out you need to un-equip then re-equip (eventually replaced by the ammo weapons we all know and love) quite ambitious, bu had the flaw of being useless in quests that did not allow you to unequip items leaving an empty attack button.

The statue next to the museum, the various blacked out planets.... it was once a game of curious wonderment.

I truly enjoyed it.
I leave my star captain room as is as a mausoleum to my fellow Wolfblade, champions through and through, nay, ALL G.E.A.R.S house have always been champions through and through.

After playing the whole game i can honestly say i was very confused, somewhat satisfied, but i had to accept the loose ends due to lack of staff, and then lack of updates due to...well you know Ash.

If it were to ever return (not likely, however not impossible) my suggestions would be this:

A) First off, the original assignment was to expand territory willing to fight the SS, we lost an ENTIRE planet, tat was a big victory for SS, but we never got past a handful of planets, im not saying a couple dozen more, but another smallish handful woulda been nice, especially if they "Traded" with one another and had political relationships. Perhaps something simple like that world portal in AQ? (another highly ambitious idea, cool but i dont think its been expanded upon)

B) Greater explanation of things, what happened to the artifacts found in the Western planet, weren't there more? Second, why was the creation of a synthetic Dragonoid never a possibility? Sure it would take a ton of metal and powering it would require crystalized dragon breath, but that is why i said Synthetic, if memory serves me correct wasnt there a robotic like dragon released in DF during a thankstaking war built by Voltabolt? couldnt by some time warping means, the schematics happen to fall in our hands? always wondered, woulda been cool see an Syntehtic Pie throwing Orange Dragonoid fight a giant Skeletal dragonoid.

C) No gears games.
Yeah it was great, but the forums became hostile, yes i wont hid my innocence, the last one was a great loss to the wolfblade, but it always felt counterproductive ya know? you have a spy in the school, and three "Elite" mech-fighting houses squaring off against each other every other year, the strategies they learned, the equipment they stole, kinda makes you wonder why we didnt just simply fight another prestigious mech fighting school, perhaps some strange school of Zardwarts that focuses on magic based mechs? I dont know.

D) Pay off my student loans, i'd like that perhaps if a counter was had people with OCD would have at least played long enough until the counter was at zero, but alas, another loose end.
Also what happened to the Starship that was taken over by ghosts durign the mysterious johnson quest?
In theory, wouldnt it have been impounded? In theory couldnt someone buy it?
Sure since its systems are glitched it may not serve as much other than an awesome rec room/ place to store some extra mechs (careful when changing mechs a ghost might inhabit the next one you try on!) but that wold been cool.

In the end, much like most of AE's games, i still play, rarely but i still play.
A great pride swells up when im reminded of past exploits i had with the fighters of old, my favorite instances being Starship Trickortreating, but alas, life goes on, just like the stars in Lorean space.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 52
1/10/2017 17:23:36   

Wow, its been 9 years and close to 10 years since I started playing MQ. I just logged in and I am sad to see how progress has came to a halt for the game. It is sad to see the state it is in currently but all great things must come to a end at some point in time.
AQ DF  Post #: 53
1/14/2017 5:37:00   

I would really love to see a final Mechquest update allowing players to access GEARS Games quests and seasonal quests whenever they want. I know there's 0% chance of that happening now though. :(
Post #: 54
1/15/2017 19:16:56   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

Would it be feasable if someone else could take over the game and update it? It was bad enough when Warpforce met it end and now MQ has too..
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 55
1/16/2017 6:02:50   
Plasma Charge
Legendary AdventureGuide!

It would be very difficult for a single person to keep MQ going in any notable way.
I've not been involved with the game in quite a long time, but I often recall being frustrated by how difficult it was to even add the smallest things to the game.

Even assuming that someone wanted to just add new items to the game, the time taken to make a single weapon is quite high compared what you'd want it to be.
When I was making weapons they could often need to be passed through to 3-4 members of the MQ team just to have them ready to be put into the game!
E-blades are nice and quick to make but you can't exactly just release new e-blades every week unfortunately.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 56
1/16/2017 13:59:43   
Lord Noonien Soong

Nice to see you again after so long, Plasma Charge.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 57
1/17/2017 3:18:09   

I remember some of those things... The Shadow E-series strikes a chord in my memory. I recall buying one and regretting it...
And all the blacked out planets. I stopped playing around the time the hundred floors quest came out. I wasn't playing much by that stage, and never seemed to have the time to do it.
Like many of AE's more successful games, the discussion on the forums was an integral part of the experience, which I did miss out on. That's something that really seems to lack in some of their later games. There's a reason I lurk in the DFGD...
Even now I'm finding that I don't have the time to play through all the new content, especially with this DF war in the middle/end of my holiday period.
DF MQ  Post #: 58
1/17/2017 4:28:04   

@Shiny Its not bad, with its 0 turn cooldown period it's an interesting mech, however when certain weapons try to force a cooldown the entire weapon systems gets nerfed (biggest downside).
Interesting buy, however you'd best stick to some of the other shadowsythe tech.

You didnt miss out on much, the threads started well out first, but it slowly stopped, only increasing during events, wars created great highlights whirlwinds of discussion, but the coup de grace was the gear games.
You have not seen discussion until you join into a Gears Games discussion thread, trash talking (of which i did partake, not my proudest moments i must admit) strategy and pure simple grinding, think DF has it bad?
MQ gear games had THREE separate wave counters, for the longest time Wolfblade had a perfect win streak, then in the final games we lost, with MQ practically dead we shan't recover our pride from that loss....
my only enjoyment was an enemy mech that was in a war which i suggested to be added into the game as playable was eventually added.
that mech:
The shadowscythe Trog, i saw it and thought it locked great asked if it would be added into the game as a playable mech, two days later it was.

I still play once in awhile, but now i simply wallow in my Starship reorganizing the rooms where old trophies once stood.
What i wouldnt trade for another war, another event.
but with the community in tatters, people that thrive on discussion would find little joy so there is that.

Hopefully one day, people will understand how awesome the game really is and return....hopefully

The AE forums were great, but then..AQW came along...everyone knows what happened after that. (kinda wondering why they made any games after AQW? but if you dont go forward you'll never grow)

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 59
1/17/2017 6:34:32   
Plasma Charge
Legendary AdventureGuide!

@Lord Noonien Soong

Thank you!


The Shadow-E series was certainly like a bad purchase for players with smaller arsenals. The amount of time required to buy a mech is even still probably too long compared to how frustrating it can be if you get a bad chassis.

The forums were a super important part of MechQuest, sadly I think only a small percentage of players ever ended up using the forums.


A lot of the discussion in MQGD tended to be about game balance, how to beat X boss or just what items were worth picking up.
The G.E.A.R.S. Games was probably one of my favorite events.
Wolfblade always seemed to have an advantage in the games, as far as I'm aware that was due to their being so many more Wolfblade players than the other two houses.
Coming up to the last G.E.A.R.S. Games Runehawk had some members who put in a lot of effort to try winning the war.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 60
1/17/2017 9:24:36   

@Above: Yes.. The amount of grinding we needed to do to get the credits needed for the mechs was really really high.
Still, Ash balanced it out for each level, and also gave us a quest which was a fantastic alternative to the Knife and Spork method.

I miss the gigantic mecha battles. I really do.

To remain in my mental state of denial about all this, Im just gonna assume that the hero has been FORCED to attend all his/her classes.
Cos, no matter what they did or who they saved, they still didnt attend classes.

Sure, this saving the universe makes the Institute not expel us for probably not showing up once after the first semester, but we kinda need to go back and finish our classes.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 61
1/17/2017 14:12:28   

I member.
I also remember that the Lv 1 mech strategy basically changed the rules, during the asteroid war/event, after that was patched people still worked around it, then we eventually learned to pick up new weapons because chances were they were stronger than what we had equipped.

Eventually new items continued to be better than whatever we had so less discussion occurred, sure geekatron and the pirate chassis created build strategies but once body weapons become a staple it slowly devolved into " use these weapons in this order" a couple of contests did allow people to focus on customizing Mecha for looks instead or defensive/ offensive properties, that was the exception.

The evil dead mech is my favorite aesthetically, but that was the past.

What annoys me is if the players put half the effort into the Westion war, that they give to the gears games, Westion would not have been destroyed.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 62
1/19/2017 0:55:09   

I love the Pirate Chasis! I dont remember if I still have mine or not, but when I got it, I made sure I made it look exactly like the enemy Pirate Snipers!

Oh god. I miss this game. :/

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 63
1/19/2017 2:40:39   

Yeah I miss this game also.

While all I'm thinking would be for a reminder could probably be mini-game idea for a mobile game port with the mechas surfing to racing on hover boards/water skiers/motorcycles/cars. So into those classic competitive race games.

We already got the Vampire Hunter hunter to become a surfer without the handheld coffin and hat to racer that is actually a weapon dealer. The Athurian Wolf would be the cool dude surfer/racer current champion. The Corrupted Lion and the regular Lion mecha would be the buff dude racers. While the Valitroth mecha would probably be the disgraced champion or banned competitor crashing a race course or causing distortions to changing the field/race course with deadly obstacles and enemy legions appearing out of nowhere like mind controlled pirate raiders mechas for one version of creepers.

For the old first build-a-mech prototype shadowscythe would be the waiters to referees with actual arms and their bottom is linear horizontal so that they actually look original factory created service robots.

So porting some epicduel motorcycles to J6 with his motorcycle appearing also to casually enter races.

On the other hand the star captain monthly mechas could be specials to be challenged.

The pirates build-a-mech chassis does seem like the one set of the bare bones to modify to create some generic racers. While the Newbatron is our actual tutorial, default machine with its refurbished machine gun and the updated one is a racer as well. Along with the other mechas as whatever for building stuff up.

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DF  Post #: 64
1/20/2017 23:14:45   

How likely is it that this game (as a whole) goes mobile and onto steam.
With or without 3D.

Cos... Im just thinking that with 3D, its gonna look a lot like the Iron Man games which came out when the first movie released. And... I dont know. We kinda lose the point of the game at that sage.

Also, how does one actually get AQ3D on Steam? Cos I have it, and I play Dota 2 (Occasionally, just to blow off steam..... pun not intended). So... shouldnt be a problem right?

The main point is..
MQ Needs some player awareness. So instead of rampaging across the other forums, I wasnt able to come up with any idea. A little help from others?
What can we do to help raise some awareness about the awesomeness that is MQ, in the other forums.

Possibly get enough attention that the player base from AQW comes here, and with them, some of the people in AQW, AQ3D. Etc. Cos we need a little jolt of lightning to wake up properly again.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 65
1/21/2017 1:07:37   


Cos... Im just thinking that with 3D, its gonna look a lot like the Iron Man games which came out when the first movie released.

The same thing occurred to me recently, actually. We don't want a game that looks like Transformers. Because, to be blunt, Transformers looks stupid
One of the problems lies with mecha themselves. They're such an impractical concept- how could we utilise them somehow, while also enabling good gameplay and conserving the quirks and charms of the original game?
I have two answers:
1: Convert them to something practical- which would annoy a lot of people, probably including myself.
2: Or use them in the few manners in which they are actually practical.
Option 2 would mean making the game's focus a pilot of an obscure sort of vehicle for extra-terrestrial exploration (since biped robots on a large scale are useless for most other purposes). It would also probably involve shifting the focus of the main gameplay from battles using the mech, to running around inside technological settings. Then, mech battles would be a little like Titan battles in DF, although probably slightly more frequent.

There's also the option of adding different types of mecha- from nanobots controlled remotely, to fancy spacesuits, to huge space-walkers. And you play as the pilot of not one of the most dangerous devices ever created, but the most difficult to use. Perhaps it would shift a little closer to a Star Trek setup, but I'm sure we could manage to make it suitably different (and more exciting for the playerbase).

Interestingly, 3D would actually speed up the process of weapon creation, for example- in Flash, a rotating animation (such as for a gattling gun) is a huge affair. In a 3D platform, there is much greater scope for technological complexity, in speed-modelled assets.
3D also enables things like tying the visual rotation speed of said gun to the damage output, which could be useful sometimes...
The extra dimensions also enable more of what I dub 'balancing acts'. Animation machines can be easily tied to direct numeric quantities- so it would be a much simpler affair in 3D to balance the damage output of a weapon against heat buildup, and energy usage, without a significant amount of lag (enabling for vastly complex strategy, if that's what you want...)

As for MQ awareness- there are a few options, but the timing is all-important.
AE has a guaranteed market- any projects will be exposed to a certain number of people, most of whom are probably curious enough to look at something new, if only briefly. This has many potential connotations.
For example, Youtube's viewing system means that a video with a brief burst of attention will be displayed on the homepage- to a large number of people. If AE's existing market could provide the brief burst, the view count could draw in a huge number of additional players, in a viral video setup.
But what about the video in the first place? An advertisment isn't going to have that effect.
Ideally, you start work on the game (in whatever form), and use assets that you create to make some form of video that will amuse the target audience- bearing in mind that this target audience also includes people you want to share the video to their friends, relatives etc. even if they are not the target audience.
Therein lies an inherent advantage to 3D- 3 dimensional assets are more versatile than Flash ones.

The Youtube strategy is, of course, a very shaky one. More reliable (but potentially less effective) strategies might involve feeding information to the gaming community of this upcoming game with some unique element. A prime example would be No Man's Sky- the gameplay is reputably terrible, but we all heard about it. Imagine how much of a splash it'd make if the gameplay were fun and varied...

It was (not sure about now... my info on the subject is four years old) common practice in the music industry to set a song up so that it would have a large number of sales in a shorter period of time, then burn out. A mediocre hit makes the artist known to the world. A mediocre slow burn song leaves the artist in obscurity...
It was on this effect that I based the Youtube strategy- it's identical to how songs are marketed.

The internet has changed the picture for music- but videogames, ironically the newer technology, follow the typical music system. There are review shows, and direct sales and media saturation aren't the only way for a game to distribute itself.
DF MQ  Post #: 66
1/23/2017 0:30:30   


Transformers looks stupid

Correction, it is.
Although that is my opinion, variosu mechs exist which fall into your parameters including a *cough* transforming mech:
Optimal Automorph
This mecha model transforms into a hovering vehicle for moving over tough terrain
It transforms when you move and looks decent.

However in general, the outlandish use of these mechs is what gives it some charm, delivering pizzas on a MECH?!?!? you wind up destroying half the neighborhood. Im amazed that vehicles that need to be piloted by mechs themselves havent become commonplace.

Changing the game too much ruins the things that once made it great.
However at this point, perhaps any change may be a good one, MAY. Not guaranteed. Why did we never get a Mech Burger? like Big Boy meets Robocop, or Lard Lad meets terminator. Or Mcdonalds meets....E.T.? I'm spitballin here.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 67
1/24/2017 5:45:46   

So how about a Inazuma Eleven parody for a modified side scrolling mini game? Given some rockman(megaman) parody as well.

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DF  Post #: 68
1/30/2017 10:12:39   

Personally, I just want some attention to be directed back to this game, and its forums..

Literally any amount, from the main part of AE.

It really does suck that such a large game is now sitting still, like as if the main character finally understood that if their attendance drops any lower, they wont ever graduate.
Ah... I joke, but it hurts.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 69
2/6/2017 21:57:16   
Jet Silver

It truly is a shame what happened to MechQuest, it was and frankly still is my second-favorite AE game after DragonFable. (Good job to Tomix and Verly for keeping that going so awesomely each week.)

The understaffing really killed this great game, and it's such a shame too, but I supposed that's how things go. Sucks that there were quite some plot threads left tangled. Korin is an awesome guy who did a lot but I can't help but feel he wasn't prepared when Warlic left. It definitely led to a slowdown. But I think he found a decent stride later, with the vampire planet and artix purifying a whole zombie planet being AWESOME.

If I recall one suggestion for DragonFable after book 1 was for it to become something of a combination swords and mech game. I wonder if the idea was to move assets from MQ to DF? Maybe a merging of the games/timeline.

I also wonder if AQW was good for AE as a whole. I enjoyed it, but it always kept the same feeling it had in the beta, at least combat-wise, and became something of a dress-up game with plot. Granted I criticize it as someone who spent about 2000$+ on it, so I supposed it succeeded at getting far more money out of me than any of their other games could. But then, I still play Dragonfable while I actively avoid AQW now since the 13 Lords of Chaos finale. But I can't help but think that over-reliance on constant rare items that costed money to get as opposed to gameplay, (what led me to quit,) and the discontinuation of true playable gems like MechQuest and OverSoul are what's been leading AE to its death throes. I honestly hope AQ3D works out, and turns out to be a great game.

But I suppose that's just pondering.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 70
2/18/2017 18:13:49   

I always loved AE games, mostly DragonFable and MechQuest. I still remember my first quests in MQ and DF.

I was away from all AE games because there was this time in my life when all games bored me. And I came back after 2 or 3 years, but this time with my own credit card and bought DA and later SC.

And I've been playing MQ like 3 or 4 days a week, and I wanted to finish every quest in the game. The amount of grinding it takes to finish some of them is really hellish, but I managed most.
Thanks to that right now I have 137,794,472 Credits on my main character (and the number is still rising)... 27 mechs (same here)... but I still own one ugly looking old van...

The point is that I really miss MQ. There is so much that could be done, this game is too good to die out.
I hope they will keep MQ alive until they find some people who can run it.
fixing Frost Viking's Ragnarok activation chance :P

By the way, have any of you beaten the strongest version of Ultra-Tron ?
And all challenges that Korin gives us on planet 51 ?

Meh... I really miss MQ

Post #: 71
2/19/2017 4:34:39   


~original: @monstervet
However in general, the outlandish use of these mechs is what gives it some charm, delivering pizzas on a MECH?!?!? you wind up destroying half the neighborhood.

Now I'm visualising a group of engineers giving the Hero ridiculous tasks as part of the 'testing' process for the new technology... Laughing over their coffee as they watch the Hero try to deliver pizza...
That's a good point though, this was definitely part of why Mechquest was so appealing... especially compared with, say, transformers. The game doesn't take itself so seriously, which gives it a kind of twinkle.
This also ties in with my theory that one of the key factors in writing quality is how much fun the author is having.

I suppose one of the key factors in my enjoyment of the game was the streamlined aspect- Mechquest was (emphasis on was) more straightforward to play than Dragonfable. At the time it seemed like each successive game was an improvement on the last. AQ classic was a little convoluted, and the art wasn't great. Dragonfable was like an improved version of AQ. Then MQ came along, and it really seemed as though it was the next step in the chain.
And then there was a switch in attention from AE's types of games, and they found themselves losing money. Most of Mechquest's problems are related to, or (as in most cases) directly caused by the under-staffing.

In those rare instances where the quests were balanced out, it did feel a lot more high-tech and streamlined. As @monstervet says, and I agree,

it was once a game of curious wonderment.

Unfortunately, those substantial quests were few and far between, and usually interspersed with a huge number of quests, just to unlock a single interaction to further the story. It just wasn't enough.
But I always really liked the interface, and the early NPCs roles seemed slightly more... futuristic than the ones that came later.
And then there was the main appeal for me; it's the future- a University possesses a great deal more power than in present life. The fact that an institution of knowledge was a key player in the storyline implies that, well, know-how is valuable. This is probably what resonated with me the most.

So, I propose several mechanics to improve the gameplay (some only apply to a new version, but eh.)
3-4 types of mech:
1: Nanoscale
2: Human-scale
3: Maxi-scale
4: Space-only size (a starship falls under this category)
The player could use any of these to perform a quest (although nanoscale may be blocked to prevent the player engaging a quest that would take days to complete), as all have their various advantages. A human scale powersuit could easily target a weak point, but can't inflict heavy damage- while a maxi-scale or space-only might have difficulty shooting down a human scale suit, but in one or two shots can destroy it.
Therein we (I keep saying we, but I really should mention that it's whoever the devs are, who might use these ideas) allow the sane players to complete the tasks in a decent amount of time, while also allowing the Baron Dantes to defeat space-scale boss battles in a nanomech, just to prove they can.

And imagine the multiplayer potential- a player playing as each scale would be an incredibly versatile group in certain types of quests (probably custom-made for such teams).

Some general-purpose questline/writing restrictions/reforms;

1: Every quest must, through both the gameplay and cutscenes, further the narrative. Very much like the music breaks in a musical, the gameplay needs to add something to the storyline to function. Otherwise you're left with Footloose grind-ey quests that people dislike, where you could metaphorically have La La Land...

2: A character who doesn't influence the storyline is a superfluous character, and should be removed. (This is a general rule for most forms of writing)

3: If two quests can be combined into one without significant story loss, they should always be. This reduces the impression that the writer is withholding things from you (which is always annoying). Every one of Tomix's releases is substantial, and fills its medium to a large extent. This should be the developers' goal.

4: In-game choices must be somehow relevant. Except in very rare cases of red flagging lampshade hanging, a choice is exactly that. In MQ's case, choosing your houses is a key aspect of the game, and should influence story and gameplay significantly.

I'll add more later, if it's necessary. Or I could create another thread for it if anyone here really sees the need.
DF MQ  Post #: 72
2/20/2017 2:23:34   


By the way, have any of you beaten the strongest version of Ultra-Tron ?

Yep, anything is possible if you have the Zapping Mallet and the Kelvin-Zero (100% chance for cooldown reset) head. That combo is a killer.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 73
2/20/2017 15:24:59   

And I thought that 4 turn stun on Frost Viking is badass... All this non SC time I was fighting through using Riptide..
Post #: 74
2/22/2017 21:06:50   

I guess there is some hope for MQ being kept around and being revamped maybe?
Post #: 75
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