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=AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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10/9/2016 2:45:29   


Feature & Functionality Suggestions Thread

This is the thread where you can suggest new ways and ideas of gameplay!

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  • AQW  Post #: 1
    10/9/2016 8:09:22   
    Bailey Hudson

    Oke, i start now. (Edited)

    1. An Auction House.

    I think after Sever Re-write goes LIVE and on Phase 2 which probably next year 2017, there should be an Auction House working in-game and in this Auction House were few items could be sold and bought from there excluding Achievement items (Cardclasher) , HeroMart items (Great Theif) and others.

    It should be in Yulgar, were majority of the game player-base always hang out, chats with their friends etc and there should be a required level for the Auction House. Example; Required level 35 to use open Auction House (At the moment, it's level 65).

    The cost of Auction an item should be 100 AdventureCoins and after an item is bought from Auction House, I'd like to see the player himself/herself goes there then retrieve his acs/golds. The Auction House should look like This.

    2. Guild War and Better PvP.

    There should be a Guild War ranking which like every Friday at a specific sever server time there would a ranking (AQ.com/rankings) list with the top 10 best guilds for the week, it should consist of Guild Name , Leader , Active Members , Wins , Loses , Ratio. Guild Table Form

    On the rankings for Guild Wars.

    1st = Emblem Crown

    2nd = Emblem Crown

    3rd = Emblem Crown

    and 4th to 10th would be having no trophy symbol/emblem but their Position Numbers.

    In addition, guild wars should have room limit in it to make it fair so that members count wont become a huge factor in order to win. So there wouldn't be any problem/complains like "your guild members were many than mine" etc

    Also, some little changes which the Guild itself needs

    *To hire.
    *To kick
    *To promote
    *To demote
    *To mute (or furthermore, to punish or to turn OFF the guild chat when there's unnecessary spams)
    *To motd
    *To accept guild wars
    *To change guild name ..and probably others they can think of.


    *To hire
    *To promote (From duffer to Guild member only)
    *To demote
    *To motd
    *To kick (when power is given by leader)

    For the PvP side, It also needs a ranking just like the Guild War but the only difference which it should be is; Table Form (Points = Battle Points)

    AN example of how it should work the WinRate

    To join/participate any of the Battlegrounds, there should be an hotkey assigned as "P" for it to show on the screen to Choose

    Battle Points
    Weekly Arena Ranking is sorted by Battle Points which can be obtained by participating arena battles. This resets every session along with weekly ranking. Each game you win earns you more points while each lost one give you half points. Amount of points vary depending on the type of arena, as follows:

    Bludrut Brawl (8v8)

    600 Battle Points per won
    300 Battle Points per lost

    Champions Arena (5v5)

    300 Battle Points per won
    150 Battle Points per lost
    If player leave during a match, it counts as a loss on your weekly points.

    *PvP damage formula adjustment: no more 1-shot, only 10% damage output, base amplifier varies depending on target level; also affects heal over time

    *Auto teleport to battlefield once arena queue is full in 5 seconds (if you are in queue). This include Guild Wars, all members will be teleported without member confirmation.

    *Add a command /queuecount - Type in the chat to see all arenas queue status Penalty for leaving on-going match. Battle Points will be deducted by 1000.

    Rewards for the PvP (Weekly Tournament Champion Arena) sever automatically resets and gives the rewards to the players would participated and was able to join the Top 10 best in the week.

    The weekly ranking should resets every week, therefore everyone in the server has the chance to win the prizes. Only the top three can obtain the best prizes and the rest still get extra 100 AdventureCoins.

    Arena Warlord Title
    800 AdventureCoins

    Arena Champion Title
    500 AdventureCoins

    Arena Knight Title
    200 AdventureCoins

    Note; The system overrides your previous title! If by any chance you get lower rank or reward (Battle Points) in the weekly leader-board Tournament, you will lose your current title.

    P.S: Players should be able to check their Ratings on their Character Page, especially, when the player wants to see his/her BP (Battle Points) plus his ranking number but couldn't find it on the Top 10.

    Colors used on the Arena title should be the player name color as a reward given, thus a player will. And, on every Fridays sever alerts on all the severs when both the Guild ranking and PvP weekly champion arena tournament resets after rewards are given automatically!

    Members whom participated the tournament, there should be a small VIP Crown on top of their name to show he/she is has upgraded his account But still having should have the Arena title name color.

    3. Limited Free AdventureCoins giveaway!

    For this, idea/suggestion of my this should be added to all the LIVE severs thus, every 30 minutes on the Sever time, sever should randomly pick a the lucky winner to have ACs (every 30 minutes). A scenario/example could be like;

    A player on Sever Artix and other player is also on Sever Cysero. Every 30 minutes there would should be announcement of ACs given to the one of the players online as a lucky winner. The amount of AdventureCoins should be only 100 or 200. A picture of it. The Lucky player who wins will see "[Sever] Congratulations, You have won 100 AdventureCoins as the lucky winner" on the chat panel.

    Thanks for reading!

    < Message edited by Bailey Hudson -- 1/7/2017 20:53:47 >
    Post #: 2
    10/10/2016 19:28:50   

    Merge the Troll Bloodtusk Chaos Lord and Horc Bloodtusk Chaos Lord in the Book of Lore's Story section into 1 button that just says "Bloodtusk Chaos Lord", since both buttons take you to the same screen anyway.
    AQW  Post #: 3
    10/10/2016 22:03:23   

    To be personally honest, I don't have many suggestions for improving overall gameplay and functionality, but it WOULD be nice if there were a way to turn the unique faces/heads of some armors on or off. There's probably tons of people who have an armor they like, save for the face, or feel as though the unique face doesn't look quite right with their new hat or helm. If nothing else, it would be a boon to AQW's more fashionably-minded players, for sure.
    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 4
    10/11/2016 13:49:33   

    I would like to suggest, if possible; the ability for the 'summon' feature in private parties to allow the person being summoned to bypass the /goto requests of the person who is summoning. This would be very convenient for people who want to allow certain people to go to them without it being available to all, and I believe it would see much use.
    Post #: 5
    10/12/2016 19:43:00   

    It would be nice if large wings didn't look horrible in combat. I think they should use their running form while the player performs an attack, instead of staying in their idle form, which often ends up causing wings like Eternal Death Wings to look like the player's using them to hit the target instead of the actual weapon.
    AQW  Post #: 6
    10/13/2016 0:44:42   

    Make animations show hero actually punching or kicking instead of using blades such as martial arts in attacks.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 7
    10/16/2016 14:05:50   

    The AC selling of a farming item can become really gruesome if one over-farms, for example I was farming akriloth scale's for the "greater oblivion blade + 15", I had about 982 and after defeating akriloth I recieved 67 scales,and after using the thousand I needed for the blade i had to sell the rest of the scales one by one. So I believe a "Bulk-Selling" Option should be introduced in AQW

    Reduced font size on the words "Bunk-Selling". Please do not use a font size over 3 as it is considered spam. ~Rickyb20

    < Message edited by Rickyb20 -- 10/16/2016 14:28:42 >
    Post #: 8
    10/18/2016 18:52:52   

    Here are my ideas:

    Idea#1: Figure and Heromart Cosmetic Buff, This has got some reasoning behind it actually.

    A few months ago the Doom Lord Sepulchure Helm was released and it has a damage boost, it really bothered me however that the original helm it was based off of Sepulchures Helm doesn't have any boost at all along with the entire rest of the DoomKnight Overlord set. I personally think that if I pay more than 50 dollars for a set of gear than it shouldn't be re-released at all and let alone with a buff. I love the concept of armor/weapons increasing the damage passively for your character such as the DoomLord Archfiend Armor however I feel as if having these extra sets with bonus's takes away from the value of my previously purchased gear.
    Some examples of a Buff to the Heromart Figures and Classes are:

    [Buff Example#1]: 15% Damage Increase against Human Based Enemies and 5% boost to Rep,EXP,Gold, and Class EXP
    This Buff would go toward DoomKnight Overlord and is based around the Sepulchures Doomknight Armor Passive Buff and would apply to every piece of gear in the set

    [Buff Example#2]: 15% Damage Increase against Undead Based Enemies and 5% Boost to Rep,ExP,Gold, and Class EXP
    Whereas the other went for DoomKnight Overlord this buff goes for Paladin Highlord and is based on the Blinding Light of Destiny and would also apply to every piece of gear in its set.

    I'm certain that these buffs would increase the value and usability of the gear that costs literally the same amount as an entire years subscription.

    Idea#2: Automatic Bank Placement, When you get an item that's already in your bank the game simply yells at you stating "Check to see if you have inventory or if the item is in your bank" however when you go to your bank to add the item to your inventory the game puts the accept item box right over the transfer to inventory box making all the potential time and effort wasted. If the item is in your bank it should automatically be transported there.

    Idea#3: De-Member-Ification-Gear-Thingy, Some of my Non-Member friends have really liked certain sets of gear or items that are member only, I believe that there should be an extremely expensive and time consuming way to make an item usable if you are a non-member.

    An example would be:

    *Fights Vath and he drops his armor* player wants to use armor but it's member only so what do they do? Bring it to Warlic and have him offer the player a very expensive quest with the completion requirements being:
    3 Million Gold and 3 Pure Chaos Essence (Dropped from Drakath or some new boss with a 1 or less percent droprate)
    and the reward being to choose one member item in their inventory and obtain the Non-Mem version.

    I feel as though this would give Non-Mems the ability to if they truly wanted to use a set of member armor then they could but it would cost them dearly, not only does this give an even greater incentive to subscribe but it makes players feel far more free in the variety of things they can do and wear.

    Idea#4: Cosmetic Gear Layer, Basically if you want to have the benefits of one set of armor or item but want to look like your wearing another you can, I got this Idea from how in Dragonfable you can hit show on an item and it'll mask said items appearance with the others while still giving you the benefit of the other gear.

    Idea#5: More Crossover Gear and Elder Game Throwbacks, My favorite area in all of aqw is the Chronospan as it references so many of AE's other games.

    Some ideas for items that you could make are:

    Classic Seppys Blade:
    In DragonFable Sepulchure has a different set of gear entirely but the thing that I miss the most was Seppys old simple Doomblade.

    Classic Blinding Light of Destiny:
    Again in DragonFable Artix had a different version of the Blinding Light of Destiny but with white between the Axe-Heads.

    Adding more gear from the other games does a lot for long time fans of the AE franchise and simultaneously intrigues newer fans of the franchise to go and player, view, and enjoy the experiences we got to all those years ago.

    Thanks for your time, I hope you consider some of my suggestions as I spent a lot of time coming up with them and placing them out as clearly as I could here.

    Have a nice day!
    Post #: 9
    10/18/2016 22:32:28   

    Convert Purchased Inventory Slots to Bank Slots, vice versa.
    Pretty straightforward. If I've got unused AC purchased Bank/Inventory slots, I'd like to move them to where I need them... rather than buying more =)
    Edit: I guess this would include house item slots as well.

    Character Page Achievements - Minimize Option.
    Would be nice to have the option to minimize achievements on the character page. Take the character page from original AQ for example, with the option to minimize war battle records that are displayed by default.

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    Post #: 10
    10/21/2016 14:54:00   
    darkknight skull

    It would sure be useful if there was a feature to "Mass Enchant" your weapons. Seeing how the sever rewrite will change the way stats work, I would sure be useful if players could enchant multiple weapons, armors, capes, and helms at once.
    Post #: 11
    10/22/2016 8:13:07   

    It'd be useful to have an auto accept option for monster drops that you can toggle on/off. AQW has so much to do with farming and I just want to accept EVERYTHING. Currently, if farming in /battleunderb for the Blinding Light of Destiny items, your screen will fill up with more "Keep this item? yes/no" options than the screen can take and pressing yes at a constant pace all throughout the farming can be mind-numbing. breathe and open up your minds more often while farming bundled with auto-accept items go hand-in-hand, and makes more happiness

    Edit: A "confirm" key, "cancel" key, and keys for opening inventory/maps/character stats/quests/etc for all the keyboard lovers--everybody has their ways of game-play immersion.

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
    10/23/2016 2:33:39   
    Keeper of the Owls

    It would be nice to collect stack items when the stack is in your bank.
    AQ AQW  Post #: 13
    10/24/2016 7:52:22   

    Inventory Sections Suggestion

    I was trying to come up with something that should help us find the way thorough our inventory and make it more clear and easy to navigate. Especially since we have many different items and tokens, and especially to those of us who farm for inventory-heavy end-game items like Blinding Light of Destiny and Nulgath Nation House.
    Link to image: http://imgur.com/a/YQGyA

    The idea is to divide the inventory into 3 sections:
    • Gear section
    • Consumable and Usable section
    • Misc and Farming section

    Each section will hold different tabs:
    • Gear section:
      • Weapons
      • Classes
      • Armors
      • Helmets
      • Capes
      • Pets

    • Consumable and Usable section:
      • XP/Gold/Rep/Class Boosts
      • Potions
      • Amulets
      • Enhancements

    • Misc and Farming section:
      • Merge-shop and Quest-chain tokens
      • Spell-craft and Alchemy reagents
      • Nulgath misc
      • Legion misc
      • Blinding Light, Sepulchure DoomKnight Armor and Necrotic Sword of Doom misc
      • Armor of Awe misc
    DF AQW  Post #: 14
    10/25/2016 15:59:29   

    A Fps Counter
    Post #: 15
    10/27/2016 0:36:26   
    Aura Knight

    Character pages should show the amount of certain misc items you've got. Things like Legion Tokens, Nulgath Reagents, Undead Energy, etc. Could be in parenthesis next to the items. And also, if you hover over the items in your inventory, an image window should show up revealing what said item looks like. Yes, clicking on things listed in inventories through the character page takes you to the wiki but it would be simpler to have them directly linked to the images. Sometimes you're just curious about what an item looks like only.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 16
    10/27/2016 9:58:56   

    It's nice to farm for cool looking items and all, but when you farm ages for things like Sepulchure's Doomknight Armor, or even less intense goodies like Caladbolg, I would expect them to have a somewhat higher damage capacity than "Plank" or "Rainbow Lollipop". I know that this system is AQW's shtick, and people might say I'm taking this too seriously, but come on. This is the VERY reason this feature exists in DragonFable: being able to EQUIP OVER an item's image over another item. I want my Necrotic Sword of Doom to be doing more damage than a lollipop, thanks.

    In other words, if not changing damage values to be tiered like most MMOs, I would at least like to see this feature introduced in AQW - for the purpose of enjoying a particular item's look while retaining the actual item's functionalities like unstable or stable damage range.

    Another thing while we're on the same page is the imperviousness of enemies to weapons that are clearly their natural weakness. Again, it miiiight just look silly to a new player why something like a Volcanic Sword doesn't do the slightest bit more damage to a Snow Golem. I'm aware that restructuring on this scale would be nuts to do in conjunction with current plans, but it's something to consider - elemental attributes (or lack thereof) to the players' items and monsters. We could have items that can switch element, too, like DragonFable.

    I think that bosses should also have a wider range of attacks so that tough fights are actually tough (current classes can take down high level bosses in under 3 minutes)

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    Post #: 17
    10/30/2016 12:00:13   

    The Treasure Chest now is AC tagged and can be sold for 1-5 AdventureCoins.
    Post #: 18
    11/2/2016 3:09:40   

    Both the Evolved Dragon Blade and the regular Dragon Blade have, along with the main feature of 50% damage against Dragonkin, a tiny 1% bonus to CP/Rep/XP/Gold, this bonus is ultimately meaningless, since there are much better items to provide better versions of the same bonus.

    My suggestion is to remove that 1% bonus entirely, as it is actually prejudicial to players as they are forced to continuously re-equip their gear as to reset their bonuses, to make up for the removal of said bonus to anyone that liked it, increase the damage to dragons to 51%, so that those weapons match up with the likes of Blinding Light of Destiny and Necrotic Sword of Doom.
    AQW  Post #: 19
    11/2/2016 4:37:35   

    Just a teeny tiny suggestion.

    Make a character page badge for those who obtained the ArchPaladin class after completing the Eden quest.
    Post #: 20
    11/2/2016 10:17:31   

    Since I couldn't buy the BLoD from the buy back because I used it on getting Drakath's armor long, long ago; it would be great if we could just buy BLoD back via the badge in the Book of Lore instead of tediously farming for it again. I know ALoD is supposed to be its replacement but the newly released map called Nostalgia Quest requires BLoD and not ALoD to get the Dual variant.
    AQW  Post #: 21
    11/3/2016 0:52:32   

    Bounty Hunter System

    I came up with an idea I think would be a great way to help new players and reward high-level players.

    What do you do when you're new to the game, you've run into a boss you can't defeat alone, there are no players in the area, and your friends are offline? What if there was a way to request help from another player (or players) who could drop in and help you kill the boss for a certain amount of gold? That's where the Bounty Hunter System would come in. I think the best way to implement a feature like this would be to allow aspiring bounty hunters to have the option to toggle their availability on or off, then have a button, either in the room where the boss is or somewhere in the User Interface Menu, that could be clicked to send a 'quest' to any players looking for work. Then, the bounty hunter(s) could accept (or decline) the quest and be summoned to the player in need. After the boss is defeated, the bounty hunter(s) could turn in their quest for a reward of gold, a chance for an exclusive item only available through bounty hunting quests, or any other incentive you can think of.

    That's just the basics of it, but you could make the system as simple or advanced as you want. Perhaps add a reputation and/or merge shop with various rewards? An area with a Bounty Hunter General NPC (or something similar) who gives reputation quests (Complete this many bounty hunts, turn in this many bounty tokens, etc.)? The possibilities are endless, and I think it would really help newer players progress through the storyline and other areas, while rewarding higher level players. What do y'all think?
    MQ  Post #: 22
    11/4/2016 7:26:34   

    Toggle class animations on/off or make player invisible, the FPS lag is too real.

    Whoops mod delete forbidden suggestion pls.

    < Message edited by Accelerator -- 11/15/2016 1:08:30 >
    Post #: 23
    11/6/2016 14:07:24   

    i think they should bring back limited time shops!! and i remember when they hadd shops that only sold certain amount of each item they should start doing that again !! battleon!!
    Post #: 24
    11/6/2016 15:20:34   
    Hardcastle McCormick

    Windowed mode for the game client would be nice. It's a little obnoxious how there's a bunch of space to scroll up and down while you're playing the game, especially when you're trying to scroll through ingame chat
    Fullscreen mode would seem like a solution, but for some reason it disables my ability to use chat.

    One of the most convenient solutions is to run the game directly from its source: http://aqworldscdn.aq.com/game/gamefiles/Loader.swf
    However this seems to cause slight performance issues for me.
    AQW  Post #: 25
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