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RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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9/15/2018 12:39:06   


Reduce run speed to 1/1.15.
Pathfinder skill - increases upon each player character step indefinitely, granting plus 15^(1/(level+1))-1 percetages movement speed with every level.

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AQ AQW  Post #: 226
9/15/2018 16:14:42   

Currently we have a few items that offer damage increases against certain /all types of monsters (e.g. deal +15% damage to dragons).

Would it be possible to see items that offers damage reduction against specific types (i.e. take -15% damage from dragons).

This could increase diversity in strategies for new bosses, without needing to raise the level cap.

It could also serve as a means to assist lower levels who struggle against certain monsters.
AQ AQW  Post #: 227
9/15/2018 22:12:20   

I'd like to suggest that the drop rate for the "Lost Key" during the "DeathKnight Loot Chest" quest be 100%, please? The fact that it's already a random chance of getting any of the items is already a grind but to make the "Lost Key" item to have a drop rate that feels like 60% is too tedious. This quest is just unnecessarily long because of Ivoliss' health and the quest item's drop rate is too low, so please put it up to 100%.

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AQW  Post #: 228
9/17/2018 2:09:09   
lady hkr

Character Page badges for verified MQ, AQ classic, and DF accounts, perhaps? Everyone only knows that I am a verified Dragonlord because I use the class primarily on Non-OP PvP and nothing else.
AQW  Post #: 229
9/17/2018 7:09:23   
Captain Kuchiki

For as long as PTR has been a thing (years), one really has to wonder at what point Boosts will stack on live.

Oh, and on another note - Buying Potions in Bulk to their caps is needed. Especially with how there are quite a few quests that require you purchase multiple potions as part of their completion requirements.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 230
9/20/2018 1:56:10   

Stacking item glitch "fixed", more likely removed.
Why to remove a great feature, if you can stylish it to make it one of the most useful and used feature of the game.

Do you know the Runescape´s (game) paper bank?
¿When you have like 100 swords in the bank, and you want to place those on your inventory?
So you only need to set the amount of swords you want to send to your inventory, and those will be converted into paper.

That feature could work as well for AQW, improve the bank style so it is more sophisticated, so players can put in it as many items as they want to.

Order for example:

1. you kill an enemy
2. it drops a sword
3. you take the sword
4. you kill an enemy
5. it drops a sword
6. you take the sword (it will be converted into paper, so now all next swords the monster drop will be converted on paper if you take them)

(continue the example with more complexity)
7. you send the sword to the bank, only keep the paper
8. you kill an enemy
9. it drops a sword
10. you take the sword
11. you equip the sword
12. you kill an enemy
13. it drops a sword
14. you take the sword, it converts into paper

The idea must need to add a new type of bag, only for paper, and a limit amount of papers by item, just like bag space.
every item that is not Misc. Items, will be placed here after you got that item on your main bag.
Misc. Items will need to increase its max stack to 100.000 or so, because the stacking glitch allowed for it, (most quest are Misc. Item based)

This way the farming items will not be a problem again (about lag because duplication).

Note: There are hundred of better ways to fix bot using, removing the stacking items glitch only provoked two things:
1. Players quit the game:
For example me, I don´t play the game after the "fix" and I won´t back, because stacking item was the only thing that allowed me to not get crazy while farming for hours and hours).
2. Players using even more bots:
The farming players, the ones who get every ending-game items, are those who use bots, its a rate of 99 vs 1 about manually farming vs bot farming, so removing the glitch does not make a big difference for the bot players, they will manage to over come it, while manually farming players will just quit farming because the very few features the game have to help players boosting the farming process (moderators makes it even and more tedious over time by removing its best unintentional features)

Post #: 231
9/21/2018 16:09:20   

No Monthly Fees
It seems like AQW is in decline with how many are playing it. Not necessarily just poof, but over time. I think a good way to solve this is to get rid of monthly payment. Give AQW a Guardian feature similar to your other games, wheres its a one time payment for access to Legend Items. You keep track of the last day Legend Status was active so past members would also get Guardian without having to pay again. Doing this, I believe will attract quite a few players back into playing.
AQW  Post #: 232
9/21/2018 23:33:05   
Juan Tipo

Have a Black Friday Sales in AQW!! Would make players come back definitely
AQW Epic  Post #: 233
10/8/2018 22:27:15   

Average Mystery Quest
Long ago in the vacuum of space before the Eternal Dragon of Time came to be there existed an ancient primordial dragon and his many descendants called the Origin. They coveted and protected the Average element of which all elements of Lore came from. For these beings aimed to keep balance within and around Lore through all aspects and dimensions. One of them, however, desired the Average for himself Myroar required all the primordial dragons to combine their life force to seal away the maleficent primordial. Myroar had acquired a power known as Mystery, enabling him to utilize the most untold universal power beyond even the Average. An element not from this universe or any other realm. The quintessential power of which they entrusted to the emerging races of humanoids on Lore after it crystallized and fell from the sky in the form of a meteorite following the climatic battle. Since the power was so great that it could only be handled by a primordial dragon it has since never been handled or manifested. To channel this power you would need to construct a weapon out of the remains of a primordial dragon itself. The humanoids that received this power would live forevermore as the Timeworn. The ultimate force of balance.
However that all changed after the current age with the appearance of Myroar. He has broken free of his prison and has not finished what he started. Myroar wants the entirety of time and space to himself, the Timeworn have sent word to the Hero. It is now or never.
You’re to forge the primordial Conflict, a weapon of untold power. Built to bring balance to Lore in the direst time. It is off to Origin Tower, the home of the Timeworn.
Quest Details
The Timeworn ask you to confront Myroar in battle whilst he is in a weakened form after escaping his prison. They give you a simple sword which has some of the power of the Average within it, courtesy of the meteorite.
Myroar defeats you, however in the nick of time you’re saved, it is then decided that you will have to face the primordial dragon in a battle realm stuck in a time loop. In order to defeat Myroar, you will have to construct the legendary Conflict, a sword construct of a primordial dragon. The only weapon capable of channeling the Average and fighting off the power of Mystery.
Since whenever you die you will simply revert to your former place one could hope to retrieve parts of the last living Origin Myroar in order to construct the legendary sword.
One Last Time
This is the original quest to make the tier one Conflict.
You must retrieve the following. (All 1% drop from battling Myroar)
Primordial Stonewrit
Primordial Lost Blade
Primordial Lost Runes
Primordial Lost Hilt

Well That Didn’t Work
After constructing the Conflict it comes to your attention that you need to master using its power.
You must retrieve the following.
500 Essence of Origin
500 Blood of Origin
500 Scales of Origin
This can be combined in the Merge Shop for the following.
Timeworn Vestments
Timeworn Hood
Timeworn Vesture
You will receive the following.
500 Exalted Essence of Origin
500 Exalted Blood of Origin
500 Exalted Scales of Origin
This will award you the Evolved Conflict.
Tier 3 Quests
You’re almost ready, but you know have to face your greatest challenge yet. To understand the Average you must first master each and every element, understand its power.
500x each elemental of each element of Lore.
Awards you the Understood Average
To face the greatest threat you must first face the Mystery. There are rumors the Mysterious Stranger possesses such power. Confront him, fight him. Until insanity rewards you with knowledge of the Mystery.
Fight the Mysterious Stranger until he drops the Understood Mystery.
You’re now ready to forge the Primordial Conflict and face Myroar. (Combine Understood Average, Understood Mystery, Evolved Conflict)
(Quest Ends)

> This will lead into a proper Dragon faction rivalling Good/Evil/Dage/Nulgath.

The following will be the stats for the Conflict blades

- Conflict (15% damage increase to all monsters)
- Evolved Conflict (30% damage increase to all monsters)
- Primordial Conflict (35% damage increase to all monsters)
AQW  Post #: 234
10/12/2018 12:39:58   

Few Things about the user interface on the game, since lets be honest, it is a glorified flash game. I suggest a preview on the bank wich has probably been suggested already, server merge and accountability on what is being done on each account in the reward system, i have been disconnected numerous times by simply having alot of turn ins being done or for farming for a long time and having to accept the drops all the time, wich is good in most cases but awful if you get disconnected and could not accept the item drop OR because you couldn't since the items keep on raising off the screen, wich is an annoyance. Having a bigger count on the Artix Server would be nice, since in "Rush" hours the server is constantly full with 2000 players.

Other than that, i guess a few game breaking bugs could be corrected, i prefer being disconnected than farming for XP or what ever, only to turn off the game and return with nothing there because apparently it was not saved for some reason.
I have been a recurring player for the last 10 years and i am looking forward the new birthday event and will give you more of my hard earned cash, but please do try to not innovate but to keep up with the world in therms of conveniences and modernizations without going out of your way and the game-play's point of view. I love this game and will always be coming back, but its declining and AQ3D, in my opinion, isn't the next level.... or at least it is still yet to achieve that level.

Thank you AQW team for everything, and i'll be here for every new release, BattleOn!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 235
10/17/2018 14:24:59   


Deletting sellback items.
AQ AQW  Post #: 236
10/17/2018 15:07:56   

Suggestions For Mobile AQW

1. Reduce the Grind. As it stands, AQW is not very mobile friendly. Mobile games generally support being on for very little amounts of time and still being able to do something as that is what most mobile players do. Most of AQW
is centered around being on for long stretches of time farming away for items, exp, etc. The simplest suggestion is to increase the amount of rewards gained. Nulgath in particular is an impossible feat for mobile users
as the time it takes to do most if not all of his stuff would be wasted as a lot of it is based on killing enemies repeatedly and hoping you might get the reward. Nulgath could have his stuff nerfed
with the mobile users in mind, but that would then irritate a lot of the older players who worked hard. AQ3D is designed somewhat with mobile users in mind,
AQW was not. All of the challenge items, most of the core ideas would need to be changed to make it accessible to people playing on mobile, as no one wants to spend thirty minutes grinding EXP to only get like, 20% of your work done,
or do a long quest and only get like 30% of the items in 1 hour. No mobile player will wait that long, and AQW isn't really about doing the story, if you want to keep playing for awhile you're going to be grinding out those items.

2. Auto-Pickup, Auto-Delete. These two simple features would make farming items for mobile (and pc) a lot easier. It is tedious to constantly spam click on the item you need to pick up for whatever you're doing,
and simply letting those pop-ups run amok on mobile would probably be incredibly annoying, if not laggy. It could work similarly to how the treasure chest keys that members get every mouth do. It is an item that drops to your inventory, and does not give a YES or NO prompt.

3. Auto-Questing. A controversial topic, but it makes sense to include for mobile users. It would be a great quality of life change for basically everyone, and it would be a decent way to monetize.
On one hand, it would make farming things easier, as you could let the game run itself (this would have the benefit of reducing/eliminating botting).
Monetizing it wouldn't even be that hard. Non-members get say, 50 free auto-quests per day. (lets face it, 10-20 is too little, as you need to repeat many quests many times every day.) and members get an extra 50 auto-quests,
but you could then take it a step further and let people pay for extra daily auto-quests. It would make the company money, reduce the amount of players who bot, and alleviate the ailments that both mobile and pc players will/do have.
It doesn't even have to be like botting, it could just be like crafting in AQ3D. You spend one of your auto-quests and the game takes a specific amount of time to complete it, time being decreased by player level (about .5% per level), and not giving any EXP,
to help avoid low levels simply doing that all day. On the auto-quest speed thing, say you wanted to have the game automatically do the "Nation Recruits: Seal your Fate" quest. It would calculate the amount of time it would take to kill 25 of the enemies in the map (say about 4-7 minutes.) and then how long it might take on average for a Gem of Domination, adding about another 3, making it take between 7-10 minutes, reduced down to 6 by level 80.

General Changes That Would Be Nice.

1. Allow players to lock an items Color Custom value to a certain color. This would be a good feature for people who enjoy customizing their look, which is everyone.
2. Allow the quest "Nation Recruits: Seal Your Fate" to drop more than one Emblem of Nulgath. You are expected to do this quest a few hundred times. That is bad.
3. Fix the DoT and HoT not appearing bug. Fix the stopping constantly bug.
4. Buffs to old classes that cost real money to obtain. Examples: Chronomancer, Chronocorrupter, Timekiller, Paladin Slayer, and most of the old AC classes including Dragonlord, Guardian, and Starlord.
5. Add the luck stat as a minor enhancement to Fighter, Thief, Spellbreaker, Healer, Hybrid, ETC. These enchants could be way more useful if they had even as much luck as Wizard does. Please don't just straight up nerf Luck and Wizard. Make the rest good.

None of these changes come from a place of just wanting the game to be worse off, or not what was intended by the developers. I just want the game to thrive in its way forward, rather than stumble over its own decisions as they realize they may not work when aimed towards mobile audiences.
Post #: 237
10/26/2018 3:10:40   
Alexei Legisvinicus

I would suggest since Non AC items can't be stored in the bank. Can there be a lock, like when you lock a layer in Photoshop. A lock for your items so you wouldn't accidentally delete or sell it. Please... a locked item for your inventory. Thanks

Sweeping Quests
There are some quests like the bone dust regent where I collected maximum Bone Dust and want to turn them in. It would probably be quicker if there is a button to click like to turn in the quest at maximum depending on your resources. So for example you have 1000 Bone Dust, and there would be a feature in the quest that you could turn in how many times, if you click max it would turn in 40 times and would receive 40 Tainted Gems. Because accepting and turning it in again and again is taking too long. Thanks

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Post #: 238
11/12/2018 9:40:19   


Fixer enhancement
AQ AQW  Post #: 239
11/15/2018 8:02:19   
Madara Lance

I would like to suggest about "Hide Player skill animation button" when clicked (Off) the skill animation will be stop showing then when clicked again (ON) the skill will animation will be back again. The Reason why I want this suggestion is that, There is so many players and there skills make my screen not functional sometimes my chrome stop working because of it. Especially the animation of Void High Lord (VHL), Light Caster, Glacial Berserker, Vampire Lord and etc. Their skill makes my screen stop or make my chrome stop, I wish this suggestion will be implemented in the future. :)
Post #: 240
11/25/2018 3:02:56   

1.Can we get more bosses like fire war akriloth? One where playing with other players is encouraged.
A. Its fun to get other players to help and chat
B. It encourages players to have their friends to play
C. Its a good challenge, maybe throw an ac tagged armor set in for motivation

oh and please make a hide animations button. That would help with laggy boss killing and faming with classes like VHL

Double post merged, original post edited. Please check your PMs if you have not already. ~Shadowhunt

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Post #: 241
11/28/2018 20:50:19   

Feature to Hide Level and Class Display

Make a feature to hide class and level on display so people can hide it. Just like capes and helmets (but in addition it can be hid in the character page too). So if someone want to know they should ask. So it adds more spice in level demography social in AQW (*demography* lol). Inspired from Sword Art Online.

Thank you

*PS sorry for the english

AQW Epic  Post #: 242
12/13/2018 12:43:32   

I'd like to suggest an item tag change

if an item comes by acs and menber, through the payment of acs, the menber item becomes acs.

example: we have the class unluck leprechaun by acs and menber.
I took the menber and would like to move her to acs.
(how to pass it to acs?) in the same way that it was obtained, giving 2k acs.
AQW  Post #: 243
12/15/2018 6:08:46   
Madara Lance

I would like to suggest about "Hide Player skill animation button" when clicked (Off) the skill animation will be stop showing then when clicked again (ON) the skill will animation will be back again. The Reason why I want this suggestion is that, There is so many players and there skills make my screen not functional sometimes my chrome stop working because of it. Especially the animation of Void High Lord (VHL), Light Caster, Glacial Berserker, Vampire Lord and etc. Their skill makes my screen stop or make my chrome stop, I wish this suggestion will be implemented in the future. :)
Post #: 244
12/17/2018 3:01:48   

I'd like to suggest a screen or tab to list the drops you get from farming for example: Archfiend Favor, Nulgath's Approval, Etc. It'd be a tab like temporary inventory where you can scroll and it'll have "Archfiend's Favor x100 or x254 Yes | No" to prevent people from being kicked when pressing yes on two of the same drop and to clean up our screens when farming.
AQW  Post #: 245
12/18/2018 20:36:58   

I'd like to suggest weapon additional damage to specfic race of monsters.

Additional damage for Blade of Chaos, a Legendary Weapon dropped by Drakath. Since it's Drakath's weapon for 6 years, how about adding some extra damage to it? Like extra damage to chaos monsters.

Here's a Wiki link for the weapon: http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/blade-of-chaos
AQW  Post #: 246
12/19/2018 11:50:55   

This has been suggested before, but awe versions of the Spellbreaker weapon enhancements.
With the recent level cap increase, I see no reason for this to still be missing from the game.
AQ AQW  Post #: 247
12/22/2018 16:54:50   

Not sure if this is the place to suggest this, but...
Is there any way to change the badges for LQS purchased items/packages to all be:
You unlocked this badge by purchasing one of the limited etc.
Instead of like how Holiday Paragon of Light set says; You unlocked this badge by getting one of the limited etc
I can see it saying getting, if someone won it by ticket ( Khuddar ), it saying "by getting" [ Like Festive ArchMage ], but if you actually purchase it with AC,
then it should reflect that and say: You unlocked this badge by purchasing. Just my 2cents worth..
Peace! and BattleOn!
Post #: 248
12/29/2018 21:30:58   

With newer content release and more grinding and farming to do, aqw should give all players increase in inventory space, gold capacity to several times more than what we have now because of Void highlord and a pet for nation and legion that gives you nicer rewards to get nulgath and dage items compared to free player quest but you must farm the items for the pet. Like this aqw will not lose so much players who find the game not free. Because I survive using membership and buying acs. Without it I find it hard.
Also, for players who already had a membership before, even if expired, Aqw should let them reactivate anytime without paying money. Yes, you should review your membership. Indeed you pay more if you stay longer consistently, but when the content increases, the membership fees do not, leaving older players behind. That's not right

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Post #: 249
12/31/2018 15:06:49   

English is not my native language. Sorry for any mistakes. .

I wanted to talk about Canned Chat.
Can we have more words in Canned Chat?

When i try to help low lvl ppl and they can use only Canned Chat at no chat server.
Sometime they try to goto or i got invite to the map.
I can't use Canned Chat to make him/she understand that map full or map can't join.
Because Canned Chat no word to say that "room full" or "sorry i can't do that" or "i can't goto that map".
Maybe this time to add more word in Canned Chat now?

here idea more words should add to Canned Chat.

-Do you play AdventureQuest 3D? (dat good for promo u game)
-I am so happy.
-I am tired.
-I am need go to sleep now.
-I have to go to the bank.
-Let me change something.
-Let me change weapon.
-Let me change class.
-Let me test first.
-Sorry my internet connection is bad.
-Anyone have Healer class?/Tank class?/High damage class?
-Keep going.
-Wait for me.
-Yes i do.
-I give up.
-I wait here.
-Can you wait here?
-Can I join?
-I can't join that map.
-That solo map.
-That locked zone.
-That member only.
-This going easy.
-I get/got it.
-Click this.
-Move here.
-Ok i got everything.
-Room full I can't join.
-I can't do that.
-Sorry i can't.
-Why you do that?
-I need rare item from this.
-need more people.
-let's party.
-Invite me to party.
-I will invite you.
-No thanks.
-Where npc.
-Where i take up the quest/that quest.
-Can you help me do quest?
-Ok my quest this done/complete.
-This not work.
-This bug/glitches.
-That kind of Bots/trainers.
-Report him/she.
-Are you AFK?
-Where is He/She?
-Where are they?
-He/She don't come.
-They don't come.
-Can we change server?
-Can we go another server?
-I got from boss loot.
-This monster drop anything?
-This monster drop noting.
-Don't waste time for this.
-Did you like that?
-Nice Name.
-Nice Fashion.
-Nice helm/hair/armor/cape/pet/weapon/class
-Sorry my friend list full.
-Sorry guild full.
-Sorry party full.
-Never mind.

(maybe let ppl vote what word should have in Canned Chat)

If can add more words pls do it..

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