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RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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1/2/2019 3:56:08   

Add a way to disable battle effects or players
If we were able to disable those laggy battle effects, more people would be able to play, and people with bad computers would have a better time playing Adventure Quest Worlds. Disabling players is another thing to bring up too. If you disable other players, people who love the effects but have bad computers can still see their effects. Other players also get in the way of quest items and map arrows, so having an option to disable them would be amazing.

Many players like to combine different armors, helms, capes, etc to create different 'outfits' they enjoy. They usually change them often and add different enhancements to each armor set. Having an option to combine different gear into an 'Outfit' would be amazing. Joining /bank, or even using a bank pet and switching out outfits is a big pain, and this can be solved easily. You guys can do this by just adding an item called 'Outfit' and maybe letting us rename the outfit. This 'Outfit' item would bring up a menu like the bank, and allow 1 item of each armor type (Helmet, Cape, Sword, Armor, and Class). But make sure this doesn't lower your inventory slots, so players could abuse this and make it a backpack. Be sure to still add the inventory slots like the things are still in your inventory. When you click on this 'Outfit' item and press equip, it will equip the entire outfit!

I know recently you guys mentioned trading as an option in the future and I have a few ideas on how to avoid exploiting with this. I would make it so you cannot trade AC items at all. This is because of protecting people from trading items for money (AC costs money). Then I would make it so you cannot trade an item that requires a Prerequisite unless the other person has the prerequisite. Ex: Having a Veteran player buy an NUE Necronomicon for a Level 1 player so they can get the Necromancer class. The Level 1 Player must have Doomwood Rank 10 in order to receive the item. I think Seasonal Items that are not AC should definitely be in the trading system, otherwise, there would be no point.
Post #: 251
1/4/2019 17:31:10   

Enhancement Shop suggestion
Hello, i just want to suggest a revamped Enhancement menu created by me.

1- You can select multiple items/or all at once to enhanced all of them at the same time with 1x selected enhancement per time, quick and easy.
2- The enhancement types are separated each with his proper tab(swords, classes, helms and capes).
3- When an especified tab was selected, both item tabs(inventory and shop) will change together, you can only select items 1 tab for enhancement (swords for an example, if 1 sword was selected, you cant change the swords tab to select the helms/classes/capes tab).
4- You can switch from Inventory items and Bank items tab, but you can only select 1 tab for enhancement(inventory or bank, cant select items from both tabs)!!!
5- The final price is based on the number of selected items.
6- You can compare the previous enhanced item with the new enhancement with only 1 item selected.
7- You still can buy and hold enhancements and select the quantity you want to buy.

Maybe its sound a bit confused because im not too good with english language.
If i have missed something, please notice me to fix.
*i used the total price with a random number just for an example*

Here is my Enhancement Shop concept:

Ty, by: Nana Deviluke(aqw)

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Post #: 252
1/6/2019 14:14:42   


Spectral Embodience
Awe Enhancement, passive ability, infinitely functioning close range(allies) aura. +3% attack/spell power -5% to be critically hit
Imbue a weapon with a power of an Outsider for even a touch of which to initiate a burst of ghostly prominence surrounding the wielder.
AQ AQW  Post #: 253
1/11/2019 12:05:21   

Escalating Odds System.

This idea (inspired by most nulgath quest) is for quests that are "You may also receive, at random". E.g. Void Shogun Farming Quest, Void Spartan, and the infamous Nulgath Demands Work for the unidentified 35. What I am proposing is to improve on the RNG system that we have in game right now. It will also incentivize more players to farm for quest line like these. The change I am proposing is to have an increase of a set percentage every turn in. For example,

If Void Spartan Armor has a 5% drop rate, and let's give it an increase of 10% each turn in.

1st turn in: 5%
2nd turn in: 5% + 10% = 5.5%
3rd turn in: 5.5% + 10% = 6.05%
4th turn in: 6.05% + 10% = 6.66%
5th turn in: 6.66% + 10% = 7.32%
So on and so forth.

The numbers are just used for an example but you get my point. A different item might have a different increase. Such as all weapon from that quest increase by 10%, armor increase by 5%, helm and cape increase by 15%. Maybe it will be a good idea to cap the drop rate once it reaches a certain percent.
AQW  Post #: 254
1/23/2019 12:15:08   

Improved Capes!

AQW has become a place to display rares and show dominance recently, as far I have observed. Hats, armors, pets and swords are just fine, but capes can look extremely absurd while doing certain actions:

example#1 (wholesome though)



This has been triggering me since day 1, isnt there any way to center the cape so it doesn't move side to side?
AQW  Post #: 255
1/27/2019 19:42:24   

Would it be possible to maybe add an option of accessory capes?
the way it would work is one cape would be an armor equip and another would be an accessory, this would open up a lot of different combinations of outfits and make the game a little bit more enjoyable
i also previously made a suggestion for class loadouts on a the armor suggestions forum and user ShinyZoroark seems to also have the same idea.
I hope these get through to the team, like i said they're not much but they're enough to keep players coming back and thinking about what they can make next.

Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you soon.
AQW  Post #: 256
3/10/2019 5:46:11   

This is more of a house item suggestion (category which does not exist), but it is mostly for functionality sake.

Could we get Enchanted Nulgath Nation Playhouse? Basically a house item that is a miniature Enchanted Nulgath Nation house,
or something else, that gives Enchanted Nulgath Nation House's Quests.

I have decorated my house (Shadowfall Fortress) with love and care (and max 125 items), and it is a PAIN to switch houses,
whenever I want to use the Enchanted Nulgath Nation House's Quests.

So, a house item that is made by merging Enchanted Nulgath Nation House,
would make it possible for all of those quests to be accessible in all houses.

Please give this suggestion some thought, players would definitely love it.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 257
3/10/2019 13:11:10   

not sure if someone already suggested something like this but here it goes.

what i hope would get implemented is that in shops you can buy a number of items instead of just one or maybe to not make the shop auto close . especially when buying potions
AQW  Post #: 258
3/11/2019 1:07:39   

Howdy y'all!
Here's a few things that I've read throughout this thread that along with some of my own thoughts that could be improved on...

Inventory Search
If the bank can have one, why can't our inventory?

Item Drops
I've seen some people suggest that we should have dropped items go into a separate tab or separate inventory, instead of how they currently appear on our screens. This way, we can maybe "decline all" the mystic parchments dropped and other random drops that are very common.

If this is impossible to do, it would be nice if the drops were at least a little smaller on the screen so I can see more of them instead of going off the page after five or however many drops are allowed on the screen.

Another cool thing would be a Non-mem/Mem Tag on your item drop or even a Rarity/Drop Percentage Tag would be cool to see.

Daily Quest Timer
Currently seeking Barium from Mine Crafting quest, so it would be cool to see if I have five hours left to wait for the quest to come back, or five minutes!

Items Shouldn't Drop If They're Already In Your Bank
Seriously? I keep certain items in my inventory like "Legion Fenrir Lore Scroll" because I absolutely hate having to decline them all the time. So let me bank this along with other items and they should not be allowed to drop if the item already exists in my bank.

If this isn't doable, I would like to be able to add an item to an Auto Decline List so I don't have to decline them all the time! Then you should be able to take the item off the list if it become's a requirement for a quest you're doing.

If THAT isn't doable, maybe just a Mass Decline Option???

Mass Quest Turn In
This might be pushing it, but having to accept a quest, wait a second, turn in quest, multiple times is actually starting to hurt my wrist. Especially when farming for Tainted Gems using the cubes method. There should be an option for a mass turn in while still having the single turn in option.

Screen Shortcuts
It would be cool to jump to bosses like /join djinn-boss
Sometimes there's no other players to /goto and saving the few clicks would be nice!

More Hotkeys!
I enjoy pressing "I" to open my inventory or "O" for options and "L" for current quests. I saw someone suggest "R" for rest and I couldn't agree more. I use a trackpad, so anything to avoid clicking makes me happy

You should also be able to choose your skill bindings. I naturally have my hand on ASDF so it would be cool for my skills to be there too!

I tried to keep it short and sweet! I hope others will find this agreeable so we can all keep enjoying this gem of a game!


Just thought of another idea!

Sell Option for Dropped Items
When there's a drop, you can choose to say "Yes", "No", or "Sell". This would skip a lot of clicks because you can already open up a shop on any screen because of the Game Menu button.


I also despise when I'm farming mobs with Blaze Binder and use the "Fire In Your Skin" skill(HoT) and it self casts, so I cant use another skill to resume targeting the mobs, I'll have to click them instead because I'll be prompted, "You cant attack that target!".

Obviously I don't want to cast the damage skills on myself, so it would be a great convenience if it automatically targets the mobs after I self cast without having to click them.

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Post #: 259
3/20/2019 16:59:00   

Ranking System (PVP)

Top 10 (PVP)
Top 10 (Buyers of ACs/Member)
Top 10 (XP)

And rewards for the 10 but the highest in the ranking earn more than the lowest.

And they could reset the ranking weekly so that other users would have the opportunity.

And every reset you make will be awarded the prizes for the best ranking.

And in the game there would be a menu to see the ranks of the ranking and their respective prizes.

With this new modality, would make the game more competitive and less enjuativo. Do not take literally the type of ranking, there goes of you to choose the type of placement.

I gave only one suggestion from myself and many users. Because that makes the game a lot better.

Trade System

Items banned for trade:

Misc Item
Itens of HeroMart or Promotions

Indication System

When indicating a friend, and he put buy Acs or Member, what indicated wins 10%.
Post #: 260
3/28/2019 16:09:38   

2 suggestions:

Alphabetically sort reputations in reputation list. some people have lots of reputations and it can be hard to find the one you need to check.

auto-send items you collect into the bank, for example: i have some fabric in the bank and i get some more but says i can't get it becuase it already exists in my bank, there could be an option to auto send the collected fabric into your bank instead of being forced to discard it.

I really hope at least one of these can be added into the game
AQW  Post #: 261
3/30/2019 7:15:49   

Add some amulets for PvE use, not just for PvP. They are equippable, thus can hold bonuses of any sorts. This is to allow players to have that aesthetic look they want to their character without a sword ruining the theme of it. These are also still optional to equip, if players dont want an item or two to take some of their backpack space.

Examples are
- having a +51% damage amulet as a quest reward, quest is locked unless you have Necrotic Sword of Doom (can also be applied to Burning Blade of Abezeth)
- an amulet that has a +25% bonus to gold/class points/reputation/experience, unlockable via any item in the Armor of Awe set.
- A mix of both, +51% damage and 25% bonus to gold/cp/rep/xp, which needs NSoD and Armor of Awe for example.
- Additional stats, maybe?


One thing I'd also like to suggest is having titles to be shown in-game. These could be an achievement like "Founder" or "Champion of Chaos" but it could also be wholesome like "invite if need help", "is really AFK", "Let's be friends". Wish it could also be edited like how guild name works but without the $$$.

Both of my suggestions are still rough ideas in my own opinion so if you have some time, give some thoughts about it. Thanks!
AQW  Post #: 262
4/7/2019 20:30:51   

Can we maybe see the bright white flash on enemies when they take damage get severely reduced or ideally even removed? It causes a pretty significant amount of eyestrain, especially when you're farming large enemies like Maloth. It's making this grind for the prince of dragons set a physical pain instead of just a spiritual one!

Additionally, I'd really like to see more keyboard shortcuts implemented. A short list of the ones that spring to mind is provided below:

Bring back ESC closing UIs and dropping targets,

A key to cycle between enemies who are currently targeting you.

One final suggestion I have: When an enemy is dead, you naturally keep targeting its corpse for a moment before it despawns. If you use any of your abilities, you automatically target the next appropriate living target to cast it on, *unless* you simply auto-attack. Is there any way we could see this auto-swap mechanic added to AA, too? I hate having to save an ability on cooldown just to hot-swap while farming.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 263
4/7/2019 20:42:36   
Legendary Ash

Give Adventurer enhancement higher level versions above Lv 9 from Dawn's enhancement shop at /portalundead, put the enhancements into a below Lv 50 shop and an above Lv 50 shop to reduce scrolling.

Give the below Lv 50 enhancement shops the same design as Lv 50+ enhancement shops where the levels for each enhancement is available even if you have surpassed its level instead of being removed from the pool, this will allow class testers to have maximum flexbility in testing for specific values of stat by isolating changes to one stat only through enhancement combinations.
AQ  Post #: 264
4/13/2019 17:07:48   

I would like to see the limit for inventory space increased. 250 is just not enough for a game based on item collecting, I feel like it should at least be 500 to give players a nice cushion especially for farming. I know you can always just put all your AC items in your bank to free up space but I feel like if you can afford to buy more spaces there shouldn't be a cap of only 250 it should be a lot higher for a game like AQW with over 10,000 items likely in the database.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 265
4/22/2019 19:17:36   

Minor suggestion, but, I would like to see the 'music on/off' toggle to be separate from the 'sound effect on/off' toggle. I enjoy some of the music, but detest the sound effects. And it stinks that when I turn the sound effects off the music follows with it.

Also the 'music on/off' toggle should move to 'options' instead of sticking out like a sore thumb on the screen.
MQ  Post #: 266
5/19/2019 12:44:20   


Divine Intervention
Awe Enchantment
Every time you are hit 5% to cast a heal based on spellpower or if your class can, uses it's direct heal skill instead.
AQ AQW  Post #: 267
5/24/2019 16:31:30   


Adopt feature and functionality of UO skill tree.
Daggers performing two hits.
Battlepets and autoattack acting in the same fashion.
As such, more variable variance of enchant slots solitude of choice and rp justified select stat to spot boni
Slight ingame macroing.
Every strike being able to target one of set of body parts with competitive consequences.
AQ AQW  Post #: 268
5/29/2019 5:12:31   

Why is it, that a person mind their own business, by afking in their OWN house, is subjected to getting kicked out from being afk too long?

Meanwhile, a person who is afking in a PUBLIC ROOM, where people are coming in and out, are they able to afk to their hearts content?

This just plain WRONG!

Many a times when I have been farming there has been people afk, taking up space and being dead weight, to the people being busy while farming!

If a room has a lot of traffic, then that means that it is a BUSY room that people are ACTIVELY using! It is rooms like THAT, that should kick afk players out.

Not when we are all alone, in our OWN houses!

This, REALLY needs to be reversed!
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 269
6/4/2019 5:30:08   

My suggestion is a bar that shows the buffs and debuffs you receive, with some representative image (or not) and the times

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Post #: 270
6/12/2019 1:47:27   

My suggestion is the following:

Allow one to equip a weapon while displaying another weapon, akin to in dragonfable.

Potential ways to implement this:
1. Simply register the previous weapon's range and damage bonus as a bonus affect while allowing one to press a set button to display the image of another weapon.
2. Allow for weapon bonus damage to be persistent since equipping.
3. Introduce another way to equip that allows one to equip damage bonus items without actually equipping them.

Why should this be done?
Simply put, once someone has a damage boosting weapon they will always use it until they get a superior or equal weapon.
Furthermore most package items that look nice do not have bonus damage in order to avoid interfering with bonus damage grinding.

What would be accomplished by doing this change?
1. This would increase the usage of inventory space as people actually use weapons to match their outfit, potentially increasing the purchase rate for inventory space.
2. This would allow for more use of in game weapons which are rendered useless in the presence of damage boosting weapons.
Post #: 271
6/16/2019 9:09:42   

AE could do a miniforum inside the game where people can talk, put and avatar, create threads while they're farming or when they just want to meet some people
it would bring a lot of players back to the game.
Post #: 272
6/21/2019 9:58:49   

Heya people! i got ideas that will make it better but im not sure its already sugggested.


I want a countdown in skill that have been used. Some sort of a timer when the ability is over instead of a texts that says its there and then its gone.

it will look better and can use the skills much clearer.

Also the text box. when i spam the skills. there is a red texts says that the ability is not ready yet. I want to seperate the texts from general chat, party and guild. So we can read better.

Post #: 273
6/23/2019 4:32:11   


Stacking and proc frequency internal landing count based ticking cooldowns
AQ AQW  Post #: 274
6/24/2019 1:01:44   

just return from a 2-3 years break from following and playing the game and i miss alot of content

it would be nice if theres a place in the book of lore/map in game that have alot of map thats separated from other map/one of like Shadowvault

i wouldnt know about shadowfault if i didnt curious check a player i see when im farming revenant class


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 275
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