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RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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6/29/2019 7:26:24   


Hit Recovery
If a combatant takes damage of 1/12 health he becomes dazed for 2 seconds reduced by Endurance
AQ AQW  Post #: 276
7/3/2019 17:13:52   
Vongola the Wise

I personally think that the problem with AQW was that it was a fashion game. Because the items' value is either only design or rarity, and that means there's no incentive for a player to wear anything uglier (or DIFFERENT). There's a massive amount of items in the game that players no longer wear because they're "out of style." No one wears armor from Dwarfhold anymore nor does anyone pretend to want to be werewolves. I think that cosmetics is a big problem because, I would argue, that kids these days don't understand the fantasy archetype anymore and don't realize how cool it could be if you were a Dwarf, Vampire, or a bearded Wizard. Most players begin to develop their fashion sense when they see that someone professional happens to be wearing Dage items (which are gotten through grind) or from the anime they've watched (usual consensus of this isn't like Dungeons and Dragons; cool characters aren't generic Dwarves or Wizards they're edgy anime characters with dual swords and whatnot) -- in other words people develop certain fetishizations of what is cool and what isn't while they seem to ignore this original, humorous and imaginative world meshed with sci-fi and fantasy elements inspired by various popular culture. I think it's a disrespect to AQ's identity. I think the solution to maintaining this immersive world is to have to force players to wear fat ugly armor, while that may not seem ideal at first people will adopt to it and we then realize that true value exists in stats not appearances (those who played the original AQ/DF would understand). In the end players will develop affection for these items, and this will reinforce a change in their paradigm of what's cool and what isn't. When players wouldn't have any choice in what they want to look, we would arguably have more Werewolves-looking players than what we used to have (I've never seen anyone in AQW dressed as a werewolf except for comical reasons)

While you may argue, this also somewhat ruins the game (i.e. it's kind of stupid that you'd have to give up a certain piece of armor which looks cooler than the next stronger armor). I think there ought to be reforms in the categorization of armors and classes.

The cooler the armor/weapon/item looks, the higher level requirement it is. For those with subjective tastes, there should also be SOME cosmetics involved but not to the same extent as it ruined AQW. Also heavy armor sets should belong to warriors, berserkers, paladins, deathknights. Robes should belong to mages, necromancers, clerics. Coats should belong to rogues, pirates, Shadowslayers. Also to expand on this new system I would want to add a certain algorithm (armors that reminisicent goodness should belong to Paladins, armors that reminiscient of evil should belong to Deathknights, generic armors should belong to warriors, armors that reminisicient what it feels like to be a Berserker should belong to Berserkers -- armors that seem appropriate to where they should belong).
Also there should also be some alternatives to what you get to wear, if you don't like how x armor looks then you can use y armor as an alternative which has the same stats. To make the game mechanically more complex, we should also put different builds/pathways for a class such as if you want to go for this certain build then you would have to wear x armor and another build with the y armor -- we've seen the absurd amount of items AQW had and this idea should be perfectly plausible.

In conclusion I believe that with this system that it gives the thematic archetypes that this fantasy game has more context and a bigger emphasis on roleplay. No longer would we have players whose classes have certain roles that correspond to the lore but is ruined by his appearance (for example his class is barbarian but he happens to be incredibly skinny and wears elegant pink robes). While I admire Artix for having this clever idea of having this game where players can choose to be whoever they want, I personally don't like the cause it has because players develop weird fixations of what to wear and usually their ideas are antithetical to the game's themes. And perhaps this whole suggestion is a bit too late for an already established game like AQW. That's fine, but I hope they return to their roots in the original AQ.


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 277
8/4/2019 17:33:59   

Make some way to get rares other than epic item donated of awesomeness - very good way to get money
Not many people will complain as having rares isnt too much of a deal unless you are illegally selling your account - people like to flex but that doesnt really matter, having a fair chance for people who didnt play at times or were unable to play at times is more important

For example items/classes like chronodragon knight or chronocammander or a rare like vindicator of they

I suggest using a limited quantity shop or make a limited time shop (example 72 hrs) - this will greatly increase the number on the game and definitely make a lot of money for the game, aqw can then use this too improve the game itself and other games. Literally would be one of the greatest things aqw/ae could do in my opinion.
Post #: 278
8/9/2019 10:38:28   

Why not make implement a monthly (or however frequent you would like, i'm not sure about the timing) event where there will be a huge boss where guild members have to cooperate and kill it? And by killing it, guilds can earn guild points and awesome rewards (this will be the part where you guys as developers come in). Players can ask for help from fellow guild members or their friends (maybe this can be reinforcement feature?). Otherwise, guilds are just there for show and it feels a bit plain.
Post #: 279
9/17/2019 15:38:23   

I'm not sure about how active this forum is, and also don't know whether there is a specific template of how i should post a suggestion, but nevertheless hopefully this doesnt get ignored :)

So i've grinded the j6 saga on multiple accounts throughout the past years of playing AQW (since march 2010) and i love how you can get the hyperium space ship as your player home, however i do feel like something is missing from it, for example, where the turret room is, or where it would be if it was the actual hyperium location, there is a direction arrow (the golden arrow which shows that there is a screen after it if you go through it) but in the hyperium house even though the arrow is there, you can't even get to that side of the screen since there is a barrier that doesn't let you cross. I'd love to see AE implement a room so you can actually go through that barrier, or just expand the home itself so its more like actual hyperium. Since the j6 saga is quite long and probably the most trial and error saga out there, the house kind of feels like a bit of a let down since there is only 3 rooms (excluding the spawn room) so i would love to see this barrier in screen 2 being removed so that we can actually progress further down the ship, it would also be nice to see an armor customization room where the elevator would be in the hyperium location.
I hope this doesnt drown in the suggestions lmao

Thanks in advance,
Ketameme :)
Post #: 280
9/21/2019 9:38:41   

Hello Guys!

Is it possible to get the item after you finished the quest and got disconnected? It's kinda depressing when you really farmed hard for that item and suddenly you didn't get it because you dced.
Post #: 281
9/24/2019 2:06:08   

AE should really update their advertisement banner, even a 10 year old could design something better...


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Post #: 282
9/28/2019 19:53:17   

I suggest AQW add a Battle Royale, where you land on a map and you're there with 100 players and last player to stay alive wins.

Maybe you can add an NPC that drops good loot in case you want to loot up.
Post #: 283
10/3/2019 13:10:46   


Unidentified 74
Swindle says "Piece of environment toss"
AQ AQW  Post #: 284
10/3/2019 22:13:14   

A little story I'm telling AQW is kind of weird, because I'm not done yet, but there is still a lot to write, but I don't know how to be a developer would accept, so it's kind of bad finished because there is so much that ends.

illustrated images!!!

Enemies are "plaga" style capable of wiping out any level 50-70 player.

Maliguino Spirit


Enemies Titans capable of wiping out any level 80-90


Skull Mount

Titan 2

Final Boss

A deserted and dark place with little clarity on what to see, WestWeek was
haunted city call that scared any unknown traveler,
there were legends that spirits of defeated warrior heroes, one of them said
that every 500 years the soldiers would emerge to discount their fury on all
that passed or talked about this city or legend. And this year this fury
would be released, but there was some problem in the ritual, the power that emerged
it was 3x stronger than normal and its aura was so large it could be
View across battleon.
Artix and Alina saw this aura and notified everyone saying it would be long days
and hard on mere soldiers, enemies with the strength of titans capable of tithing
dozens of cities, higher class soldiers were startled by this
notifications because they had not seen received such a scary news
like this. After the notification there was an urgent battle cry, everyone was
expecting something worse but only heard a loud and dark urge (FOR REVENGE !!!)
after that a tremor that divided battleon in two part and an aura that covered all
the sky, nobody left and nobody came in and there was only one passage, the arrival arrival
of the cursed.
Alina decided that all heroes from the weakest to the strongest should be united
without rivalry between kingdoms, thus forming a unique force, Artix brought together the
paladins to help. Thus began a long and painful battle.
Thus all the intriguers and heroes declared war on the cursed.
With all hatred to be started an endless war ...

Paladins, Legions, Nation, Heros, have created a unique marge for all
could be protect, each armor, sword, cloak, helmet, provided a
protection to combat each enemy.

Next week

After a week of fighting, the cursed began to feel a grudge, a hatred
pure, an heir of the warriors was coming, wanting revenge those who
defeated them all saw a huge shadow covering half battleon and
realized that a giant hand was approaching to sulk the right side,
when it came all battleon turned to one side, dragging all enemies
and heroes to one side, artix managed to secure everyone in a safe place after
few minutes another hand approached and raised the other side, thus leading
battleon to the skies, this made flying enemies like, harpy, dragons
and birds to be approached, some with super strong equipment with prey that can
pluck anything from the enemy. On the horizon you could see a face, a face
destroyed and devastated by war, a face that frightened even the most heroes
strong of the world, a cursed soul emerged into the world and was capable of destroying
all battleon
Artix in response to all this decided to create items capable of destroying a god
, valuable items given to destroy enemies (temp iten), Alina summoned a wizard
powerful with a power capable of destroying an entire kingdom, this magician was
risen so that they may cross the border and reach the face of the cursed

Next week

The barrier that could not be passed into the hands was broken, thus
managing to make whatever the cursed unleash the kingdom of Battleon,
releasing caused it to fall from a very high height thus causing
destroy almost the whole kingdom. With the ground destroyed and the enemies shaken
and weak, they only had to destroy their king.
Artix and his colleagues were too weak to face their king, so
it was up to the adventurers to go ahead to finish him with the wizard's help
the power was given to break any curse he sent,
A scary sound from the king said, "You will pay for all this
we are here to take our place of merit, you broke us and
renamed, each death will be a victory for us and their destruction will be
an honorable revenge "

After the defeat

"Our allies will not fail, we will come back only stronger and more
prepared for this kind of combat, were lucky to have help from these
your friends but next time you won't escape you asked for mercy
and I will not give, Vengeance prevails !!! "

At the end of the war, Artix announces the end of the battle but not the end of the war.
and let everyone be safe because they don't know when he got there
celebrate the victory!

BattleON will return to what it once was, people helped rebuild

Rewards will be given to warriors, all armor and items will be made.
exclusively to the adventurers of this legendary journey
AQW  Post #: 285
10/4/2019 11:57:34   
Sunny swag

Hello everyone and the AQW team!

I had 2 ideas for the game functionality to make it even more exciting, fun and easier!

1st idea: item preview, before buying
I was thinking, if we could create function for us to test and preview the item with our current set of outfit, it would be a big help to many people. Instead we having to buy it, then wear it to findout if it suits, we could just get a preview instead.

2nd idea: Saving looks option - replacement of enhancement menu in inventory
If we had an option to save our looks instead of re-equiping everything, it would save a lot of time and make things so much easier! I've never seen anybody using the enhancement option in the inventory when we just directly buy the enhancement when its needed. So instead that, if we could add a "skins" option, that would be x10 times more useful!

I hope these ideas can be used for further development of the game.

AQW  Post #: 286
10/7/2019 9:23:14   

Not sure if this is the place to post this.

Damage to a certain type(s) of monster or to all in a set should stack, but should not stack with the same type if its an item with an item outside the set. Examples:

The full Arch Doom Knight set (armor, weapon, helm, cape) should be 105% to humans and dragons.

The full Archfiend Doomlord set (armor, helm, cape) should be 45% to all monsters

The full Archfiend Doomlord set should NOT stack with the NSoD. It should be either 51% (NSoD) or 45% (AFDL) to all monsters

The full Arch Doom Knight set minus the weapon should stack to be used with the NSOD to be 51% against all and 80% against humans and dragons.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 287
10/9/2019 14:28:30   

Hadija Lowa Dog (GooD)


In the game there are many abandoned items that few players use, some even have very high values ??to buy,suggest some to put in the wheel for exchange.

List Itens

There are still many items that are literally abandoned in the game and it would be a good idea to put them on the wheel as the wheel has common items among players.

< Message edited by Igorsantos2009 -- 10/13/2019 14:50:43 >
AQW  Post #: 288
10/17/2019 11:36:56   

Hello, this is my idea

Every since the 10k chests for Quibble's shop released, it got me wondering if we shouldn't find a way to allow players to have access to older quibble shops....

My idea is to allow players that have one or more items of a older shop to have access to the entire shop, maybe we turn those shops into a 10k chest, or maybe we just let them buy the items.
This is why i think it would be a good idea.
1. Back in the old days, inventory/bank space was a hard thing to organize, so now and then we'd have to sell items to get some space.
2. It would be nice to have all the Quibble shops being accessible at any time, not just the new ones.
3. It would bring a bunch of older items that pretty much no one has back to the game and it would make for a lot of nice item sets :)
4. It would be nice profit for the company and a very nice "gift" to older and to some extent newer players aswell.
5. It makes IoDAs more valuable;

I honestly feel like it would be a nice thing, i guess because of the Items of Donated Awesomeness it would sound like a bad idea, but actually, people would just use the IoDA to get items from shops they don't have access to already, which because it's like getting one item to have access to more items, just makes buying to IoDA more attractive to all the players :)

I also think that this kind of puts a stop the general hierarchy of specific rare items that the game has now, becuase of the large amount of items that would come back to the game...
It's also kind of fair to the players that used to have certain items but sold them because their inventory/bank were full, which happened quite often back in the days.

Please consider my request, since i think this would be a giant success and would make most players very happy!
Kind of like the Buyback situation, but actually a lot better :)
Post #: 289
11/4/2019 10:50:09   

Character gender change, for ACs

Put it in Account Management, near the name change option.
Post #: 290
11/4/2019 17:47:40   
Gentius Maximus

Implementation of an "Armor Set(s)" System.

Basic Placement

A tab at the bottom left of a players' inventory that sits beside the current Gold Amount, with a decal
image that is an overlay with the inventory decals of "Weapons", "Armor", "Helms", and "Capes".

Detailed Layout and Functionality After ButtonClick

1. Opens up an "Armor Sets" GUI within the same GUI menu that shows all the players' items. (Basically the players' inventory section that
shows all of their items except it will now exclude every other inventory tab except for "Armor Sets").

2. The GUI of Armor Sets will by default have a slot count of 5 named "Unnamed Armor Set", that is placed vertically from top to bottom within that tab.

3. Upon clicking Unnamed Armor Set, a side menu will pop up beside the players' inventory (in the same manner as if you were to select an armor or a cape or any other item in your inventory) that will have 4 slots centered in a 4 by 4 fashion, each one will include
an image of the 4 main equipment items; Sword, Helmet, Armor, Cape.

4. Selection of any of these four slots will bring up another side menu (in the same fashion as if you were to apply an enhancement to an equipment item) to the left of the previous tab (with the previous tab still open) that allows you to view items in your inventory of the specified item slot.

5. Selection of an item from this tab will equip that item into the given slot (now closing that tab), and the player can then continue to do the same actions with the other slots that specify a different equipment.

6. Below the "4 slots" in the tab, there will be a text box with the current name "Unnamed Armor Set", which can then be edited
and renamed after the player has completely filled all 4 slots with its specified equipment, and can then continue to the now red check mark at the bottom right of that tab (previously grayed out until player has filled all 4 equipment slots) and click it and it will save the name and outfit into the Armor Set that the player had previously edited it into.

Final Placement

1. The "Armor Set" Inventory Tab after completion of edit, will retract to it's previous GUI of 5 vertical "Unnamed Armor Set". The bottom right of this GUI/Inventory will show the basic "Inventory Icon" that is by default on a players' screen.

2. Clicking this "Inventory Icon" button will bring up the players' regular inventory and retain it's usual appearance, with the new Armor Set Decal still remaining to the Bottom Right of the inventory tab, beside the players' gold amount.

Thanks for reading,

Post #: 291
11/7/2019 17:49:10   

Reuseable enhancements

They should add re-usable enhancements, that like cost 100 diamonds or something, idk what the cost would be, but the idea would be, for someone like me, who, for example likes to use Void Highlord in PvP and PvE, it would be super cool to be able to swap my enhancements straight from my inventory, instead of having to re-enhance my class any time i want to use fighter/luck.
Post #: 292
11/15/2019 9:38:39   


Labirynth house
AQ AQW  Post #: 293
12/2/2019 7:14:22   


Monsters not aggroing on miss.
Monsters aggroing on dodge.
Passive monsters non aggroing on anything.
Aggressive monsters becoming lenient on taking a hit.

Defence physical/magical layers disabling digit of hits triggers like boost and foe mechanic.

Enchantment morphs with negative stats empowering positive.
AQ AQW  Post #: 294
12/7/2019 5:34:02   


New gear slots:
AQ AQW  Post #: 295
12/7/2019 11:18:52   

>There should be a place where you can see some kind of paper where it states that people are recruiting players to join a party with them for whatever purpose like farm a specific item, monster, boss, or finish a story.

>Like a huge billboard and within that are:
-- notes stating the name of the player that is recruiting
-- the purpose of the party or the goal to be done
-- slots available(optional)
-- some kind of requirements like a specific class and level
-- room number that a player should join to meet the recruiter

This is to help those players who plays solo now because they want to but because they cant make themselves initiate conversations with other players or are too shy to ask for help and be called a noob or a weakling. This is also to make the community better by being a way for players to help each other. This will make recruiting easier and more efficient in a way that players will no longer spam messages room to room in yulgar stating that they are recruiting players for whatever reason.
Post #: 296
12/8/2019 0:25:46   

Make an endgame quest that let's you buff your weapons and/or armor with damage buffs. Could involve slaying x number of hard enemies that rewards an item that gives damage buffs. Gets tiring seeing BBoA and NSoDs everywhere. That, and I really wish they'd give overclocked blade of abezeth the damage buff through a quest or merge or something.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 297
12/16/2019 10:27:43   

Is there any plan for Cosmetic Weapon/Cape/Helm equips? We can already do it for Armor, so why not weapon, helm, and cape slots? this would be awesome!
Post #: 298
1/6/2020 10:11:20   

Anyone thought about making some name generators for AQWorlds? For example, you could have a moglin name generator, a horc and troll name generator, a pactagonal Knight name generator, etc.

I'd make some myself but I have no idea how.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 299
2/7/2020 1:56:09   

Long time was suggested the bank preview of items. Suggested that years ago, probably was suggested by others too, reason why finally was implemented. If not suggested, then i will. I suggest a preview to character of items from every shop, before buying it, of course.
Would be nice a feature like this, to preview the item, to see how it would look on you.
AQ  Post #: 300
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