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RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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3/5/2020 18:15:50   

Since adobe will be gone when the year ends, you will transfer the game into new provider app. So I realized why not to take my time and have suggestions!

Disclaimer: I think what I wrote here is on the right thread since I believe this is belong to "Features" and "Functionality". Also, I'm not good at English, I only knew the very basic, I hope I can still express it smoothly, at least.

1) Put gun and Bow animations.
-When we equip a gun-type item, then the auto-attack animation should be also a gun that's shooting.
-When we equip a bow-type item, then the auto-attack animation should be also a bow that shoots an arrow.
-Because that would make sense on the game. Equiping a bow weapon but the attack is a sword animation? Equiping a gun weapon but the attack is a sword animation? Doesn't make sense right? So I hope it will be implemented.

2) A dagger weapon but attack like a sword.
-When I equipped a dagger, for example, I use blinding light of destiny, when it attacks, it vanishes the other weapon, so it attacks like a sword and not a dagger. It doesn't make sense.
-So I hope when using a dagger, then we should see the 2 weapons attacking.

3) Realistic places.
-The places should have animations too if it has to be (for example, like in the pyromancer location, the lava should flowing), (the snow should falling), (the river should flowing), etc.
-Just put a new another feature "map animations on or off" since I believe it will "again" make lags for people who have very slow and old laptops like me >:/

4) Class skills and animations should sync in.
-For example, the last skill of the Light Caster 'Burned by Light' when we click the skill, then the animation will show up, the damage numbers popped out, but the skill animation duration is long enough, so I feel that it's not realistic. So make it more shorter duration.
-Also, if there is a skill that the animation duration is long, like the LC's last skill, then the damage should be continuous, that would be realistic, I don't know if it should be continuous critical, or maybe just a continuous HoT?
(5th skill animation image: https://i.imgur.com/AfuGNuZ.png)

5) AQW account security
-Have a second type of security (optional for players), every time you log in into your account there's a code that sent to your mobile number.
-When you want to change or remove your mobile number that linked into your account, then it should send another permission that proving you are the one doing it, like confirming a link that send to you via email.
-I thought this kind of idea, is because: We want to have the fullest security, what if someone knows your password and then logging in and deleted all your items than keeping it since he can't fully control your account.
Q. Then how will someone manage to know your password?
-For example when you are in a computer shop, and someone is watching what you are doing. What if that public computer shop has a keylogger. Anything could happen, so it's better that you are fully secured.
Q. What if my phone is lost, or my mobile sim card broke, then I cannot open my account and receive a code.
-I think it's up to you guys what will you do about it. Hmm... I think, go to 'account management' and then remove your mobile number and wait for the link that you will be receiving via email.

6) Levels are rising, leveling is harder. Maybe until 2025 it would take 24 hours to level up.
-Please make the level up ranking easy? My god I'm level 89, and it takes me 5 hours to get to 90, I use EXP boost 20 mins only one time, and after that I go back to normal exp. But still, you should make it easy. The game is getting harder and harder as time goes by so no doubt if people leave -_- maybe every year the players are getting smaller and smaller because of farming and leveling that went very hard, which is not fun, even if you ask players.
-I think you don't need to touch the level 1 to level 50 EXP? Just edit the 51-100 exp and the upcoming levels. Because my god, it's hard. Make it easy. Very easy.

7) Sometimes, do this.
-If there's a boss like on a release or event, sometimes make it harder so that no one can solo it thus we players seek for help and then the teamwork is there, talking, having fun! Because, anyone who have stronger classes can do it individually, because we want that players have teamwork, they socialize so that the game would be more fun.
-Just sometimes, okay?

8) Spawning time and farming
- When farming, the monster's spawning time took longer, thus it would take us x2 of the time the supposed estimated days that the farming should be done. For example, when farming Legion Revenant, it should take us like 15 days, or lesser, but when the spawning is longer then the estimated days that it will finish would be doubled lol. Just an example.

9) Room Glitch, Spawning time, Farming
-After your aqw rework, then the issues like glitch will be fixed right? I think just let it sit there? So that you don't need to adjust the monster's spawning time again? Because to be honest, there's no problem with the spawning time, it's just that when we are farming it would take us long. It's better that the monster's spawning time is the same as what it should be right now, because that makes the game more realistic. So the only thing we should do since we don't want to touch the spawning time...
-Just let the room glitch, don't fix it. Actually, it's like a secret functionality of AQW, that there's a trick to make the spawning easy.

10) Before the Adobe Player will go, I think it's time for you to hear our words, our complaint, ideas about the new rework of AQW? Especially for the old players, they must have a good ideas in their mind. Just give us a link through design notes, where we can write our ideas/complaint.

11) House features, issue/s.
-Have house items emote like you can sit in the chair, sleep in the bed. Because that would be fun while your friends are talking, and you are doing other amazing things.
-The house floor items aren't good, like when you put a floor item there, it doesn't look real because you can walk through it, so fix it, thanks.
-Please make a feature like you can move the house items in any angles, that would be so cool :D
-When deleting the house items, put some image previewer so we can see what Item we gonna delete.

12) Please when we are in character customizer in yulgar and or in any places like houses that have it, can you have another feature like when we are choosing colors to the helm, wings, armor etc, to make them blend in to the color that we want, please put a dropper 'thingy'? So we click the dropper and we click it to the costume we want, then we can get its specific color thus all the gears are in the same color and it is accurate.

13) Put online/offline status in the Character page? So we will know if that player is online or not. A small circle is good with green and red status anywhere near the character page.
(Example image: https://i.imgur.com/u0cM4RR.png)

I think that's all I can think for now. :D


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Post #: 301
4/2/2020 15:05:40   

They should add a stack counter to classes. I was farming Scarlett Sorceress and I had a really hard time keeping track of the stacks of the 5 skill because of how large the animations were, and I think that it would lead to overall more efficient play. Maybe in the upper right corner of the skill you're stacking, it will have the number of stacks and will display 'MAX' in orangeish letters so that you don't waste time using it, when you could be using other skills. This would also lend itself to furthering the complexity of classes as we go forward in this game, allowing more classes with more stacks and inter-skill interactions.
Post #: 302
4/7/2020 5:35:12   

One thing that I really think might be a good idea is to have some sort of functionality in which we can convert member items to non-member items. Of course, there will be ACs charged for it, and I think one can have a limit of how many items they can convert from mem to non-mem (let's say 3 max). I think it will be a good idea for AE to generate income, for players to convert some items they want to non-mem to use after membership expires, and won't decrease the incentive to upgrade a lot as there's a cap to how much items we can convert from mem to non-mem.
Post #: 303
4/10/2020 17:43:42   
1percent drop

Ability to turn off flashing white animation when enemies are struck in combat.
This can be implemented with the "turn off animations" option in the player settings. There have been multiple occasions when I've farmed bosses in large parties and the boss is flashing from every single player unleashing its DPS on it. It becomes extremely uncomfortable to stare at a screen that's flickering bright white for what could be up to 2-3 minutes (Desolich). Please consider this function to help people that can't handle the flashing. :)
AQW  Post #: 304
4/12/2020 14:57:48   

Game-breaking bugs:

Fix lag and reduce disconnects, especially on Sir Ver. Sir Ver should have little or no lag and few or no disconnects due to the fact only people who support the game play on it and it has fewer than 10% of the server cap that play on it.

Game-enhancing features to current content:

Increase gold cap to 5 million

Introduce 40,000 or 50,000 AC package for $100

Make it so you don't have to get runes to exchange diamonds for contracts or contracts for other items so you don't have to go inside the Nulgath area to kill MOBs for runes

Game-enhancing new features:

Sepulchure's Master DoomKnight Armor, Sepulchure's Master DoomKnight Helm, and Sepulchure's Master DoomKnight Cloak (all three in Item Set Suggestions and Armor Suggestions)

Add a new daily quest that requires Desolich (the level 99 version with nearly 9 million HP) to be defeated for a token. Call it the Desolich token. It will be used in obtaining gear, including the abovementioned Supulchure's Master DoomKnight Armor, Helm, and Cloak. It should stack to 25.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 305
4/18/2020 4:18:25   

Saving and loading outfits. An option that I think would be beneficial would be the addition of being able to save and load outfits. If you're like me and you have a great taste in fashion sense you probably have multiple different goto equips you use in game. It's a hassle going through the whole inventory trying to pick each set over and over again, especially if your bagspace is maxed out. Theres two different ways I can think about going about this, either have a "/" command such as /saveoutfit "outfit1", /loadoutfit "outfit1", and /outfitlist, which then lists your outfits you have saved. Another way is an additional bag slot after the miscellaneous items with your outfits shown just as if you were to be viewing an item.
AQW  Post #: 306
5/16/2020 2:02:51   
Jiminez Burial

Item bonus transfer

The ability to take a bonus from an item you own and apply it also to another item for a cost. Example would be taking the 51% damage bonus from 'NSoD' and applying it to the 'Blade of Ashes'. This would either cost a few million gold, or would require an item be farmed. This would result in greater visual customisation without losing the objectively beneficial bonuses. Ideally this would not remove the bonus from the original item. Making it so an item can have multiple bonuses (having a damage bonus as well as resource bonus eg gold/rep/xp/rank) would also be appreciated.

Target deselect hotkey

Having a keyboard hotkey that deselects the current target. Not having to use the mouse to deselect a target would be beneficial primarily for farming. We have hotkeys for other things such as bringing up the inventory with 'I', and showing the classes of everyone in the room with 'U', so can we please have one to deselect self/target. Ideally the key would be 'Q', 'W', 'E', 'R' or 'T' since they're underneath the ability cast keys.
Post #: 307
5/20/2020 20:16:55   

Lifetime Membership

I made this suggestion all the way back in 2008 not knowing it was going to eventually become the model for AQ3D. But I knew that at a certain point, subscription fees for membership were going to become a diminishing value proposition to customers. Continuing to ask people to pay for content they've already paid for or lose it forever is basically asking people to leave your game, rather than stick around and continue to support it. Customers are savvy. They don't want to pay continuously in hopes new content comes along that they want, or in order to avoid losing content they've already paid for. The value proposition isn't in their favor. And in any case, the later on in a game's development you go, the fewer new customers that subscription attracts, because you're asking them to make that value assessment against newer games, many of which now have lower costs of entry. The further down the line you get, the more prohibitive a subscription model becomes to recruiting new players to fund new content. Even die-hards aren't getting the content and the experience they could have if the game were still growing and more people were around to enjoy the content with.

Artix now has a new opportunity to grow this and other games again. AQ3D has introduced Battleon to a brand new generation and audience of players. In order to get them to come to this one and find out what they missed out on, several things need to occur. One of those things is to offer them a better value proposition for becoming a member: One that allows them to keep the content they're paying for. For the existing members, you could also offer a free upgrade to lifetime if they have been subscribed for a time equivalent to the dollar value of the lifetime membership. At this point, they've already paid for the content. They should be allowed to keep it. Then going forward, new items and perks can be sold in addition to the regular content that gets added for members. In this way, as each new generation of gamers can come along, pick up the game and help pay it into the next phase of its life. True ports to platforms like mobile and Steam need to be a part of that transition as well.

What cannot happen is for AQ Worlds to keep the same monetary model and thrive. Twelve years later, I now own 1200 games on Steam and I have upgraded to Dragon Guardian in AQ3D. I still have not spent dollar *one* on AQ Worlds. I am asking as a fan and supporter, please consider adding this feature.

AQ  Post #: 308
5/20/2020 22:43:14   
Elric Gremory

Just an idea of beeing able to equip weapons as customes (just like dragon fable and AQ3D). Imagine having the NSoD with 51% more dmg and keeping it equipped for ever 'cause u have many other cool weapons but u don't wanna give up the dmg bonus.
Post #: 309
5/31/2020 14:44:26   

I want to suggest something to you. The game is very good and I have liked to play it since Kivii was created by me. But I think, the game has lack of competition. I mean there is nothing to do except events, at least for me. You can create minigame. Fight minigame. What is that?
The game has PVP but doesn't have rank.
You can integrate this system to game.
Every player should have stats about pvp.
For example,
If I type chat /stats Kivii
It shows that
Win = 10
Lose = 10
Winning Ratio = %50
Prevent to illegal farm Pvp, it should show just 1V1 Strangers. I mean Dumoose button.
If you do that, believe me it will be great. Competition is good everytime.
Post #: 310
6/7/2020 18:51:54   

Hey I was wondering if someone could make the Legion Skullseeker Pet quests more reasonable. They have been considerably nerfed for some reason and the pet is now completely useless for receiving legion tokens. This is a big disappointment to people that bought the pet.

Here is a link to the pet's quests http://aqwwiki.wikidot.com/legion-soulseeker-pet-s-quest

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Post #: 311
6/8/2020 10:40:56   

I will suggest three suggestions related to the guild panel.

1) As many know, the status of where a member is located (servers) by the guild panel takes approximately 60 minutes or more to identify the member. I suggest that one (Refrash) be added to the guild panel, as well as (guild leader) clicking on (Refrash), you will know in real time where each guild member is located.

2) There is a guild that does everything to keep all players active, but many end up going offline or stop playing, taking up space in the guild. I suggest adding a tool that can identify access to the guild panel; when the player logs in to AQWrolds, they will be registered in the guild panel, where the last access was granted, for example:
# - Name: OLX
# -Rank: Leader
# -Level: 100
#- Server: ESPADA
#- Registration: at (13:00 AM) or only on Date 3/5/20.
That way, the leaders or the person responsible for the guild will be able to control those who are no longer connecting to AQWorlds.

3) Since the guild slots have been changed to (100 slots), it would be really appropriate to add a room that supports (100 players), I have a few rooms to suggest.

# - / join Noobshire
# - / join Party
# - / join Recruit
# - / JOIN Tarven
# - / join Castle

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AQW  Post #: 312
6/8/2020 16:17:33   


I Would like to suggest an extension of the map (/ join Beehive) or a continuation of Mythsong's history, so that there are new items related to bees. They have an incredible role in the world, it would be nice to have them close to us at AQWorlds.
AQW  Post #: 313
6/12/2020 12:13:40   

Hello !!

I came to suggest the items needed to complete a mission (Void Knight Sword Quest), as one (Quest Item) that can be accepted in the inventory, in order to accumulate a larger amount, for the reason of disconnecting and having to start the missions again.

Pet: Nulgath Quest Ceremonial Void Blade

Required items:
Slugfit horn x5
Dropped by Slugfit (Monster)
Arašara Silk x1
Dropped by Arašara
Makai's Fang x5
Dropped by Dark Makai (Level 25)
Imp Flame x3
Dropped by Fire Imp (1)
Aquamarine from Nulgath x5 x3

~~ Olx BattleOn !!

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AQW  Post #: 314
6/12/2020 14:47:13   

I have a suggestion regarding the UI :

When an item drops the black box containing the item name and yes\no options should be movable with the mouse

When your farming for a rare drop regent like the unidentified 13 or something and you get it but when you click yes, you realize you already have one in your bank. So you get to your bank while still keeping the box there and navigate to the unidentified 13 in your bank. Now here's the problem...... The unidentified 13 drop box is covering the 'to inventory' button and your left with no choice but to click no so you can get the unidentified 13 to your inventory. This can be solved if you were able to simply drag the drop box away from the to 'to inventory' button. You would be able to get that banked unidentified 13 to your inventory and then click yes on the drop box.

If it were something not as rare as an unidentified 13 then you would just click no, get the item to inventory and then when the item drops again you would get it plus the one you were forced to decline. So no problems there.

I hope this sounds clear enough.


This actually happened to me and then I farmed for the whole day and another unidentified 13 didn't drop :(
Post #: 315
6/12/2020 21:13:41   


I have a suggestion:

Add an expansion for (Set background) on the Char page. The background is too small for the correct display of the personage. To have a good personage structure, the scenario would have to be expanded.

Some (Set background) are misaligned with the character, making them unsuitable.

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AQW  Post #: 316
6/13/2020 8:49:05   

I have been a player since the first birthday event in 2009, and while I was playing the other day, it occurred to me that several events in the game's past (the Golden Onslaught War, the Mirror Realm, etc.) are now solidified into the game's storyline. While it makes sense that the items were not brought back with the map, as they were exclusive to the events in which they were introduced, we have also had several other items from those events (Namely, the Shadowreaper of Doom and Undead Paladin armor) that have returned as farmable items in the new map variant. In addition, we have several variants on Lionfang's Armor (the arctic variant, Xavier's armor, Chaos Lord Lionfang), and yet the original armor has been lost to time. So, I was thinking, since the game is turning 12 years old this year, maybe it could be an idea to bring back some of these old items from old events like the original Golden Onslaught War, to give newer players a chance to obtain these long-gone items, and to give veteran players who may have not had a chance to get them back in the day another chance at obtaining these items.
Post #: 317
6/14/2020 21:13:52   

Server Cap increase (Artix)
I started playing not so long ago, I'm level 27 or something.
When I'm at the main storyline maps it often takes me a while to find players that can help me defeat some of the bosses, maybe adding more player cap would help me and many others with this.

Current Objective tab
After I finished the tutorial, I didn't really know how to continue. It would be great if a sticky tab called "Current Objective" is added to the screen, just like the "Current Quest" tab at the top right.
It would tell you which place to go now according to the storyline, like, you finish the tutorial and then you get "Go to first chaos lord" and a button to go there or something
Post #: 318
6/15/2020 11:21:42   


I came to suggest a change in the guild's message.

When a player leaves the guild association, the message appears: (Player X has been removed from the guild).

I suggest that it be changed (to Player X left the guild).
And when a guild officer removes you, be exactly the following: (The player X' has been removed from the guild by X'' ).
AQW  Post #: 319
6/24/2020 9:45:44   
Riukii II

Search bar for the Buyback

Something like this: https://imgur.com/Y9PyS6a

I play aqw since 2010, and i have lots and lots of items in my buyback, it's long and difficult to find something. If is possible, would be great!
AQW  Post #: 320
7/3/2020 11:01:52   

So, while grinding through monsters, I found myself remembering the old "Shut Up and Take My Rares" contest. It occurred to me that, while the contest was scrapped, with the current situation of the world, with quarantine lockdowns and everything else, and with all of the game-wide boosts going on pretty much every week, now might be the time to bring back the contest. In addition, the process could be even more streamlined now; with the Item of Digital Awesomeness, the prize could simply be a voucher the IoDA, which would ensure that players could choose the right item.
Post #: 321
7/5/2020 20:08:00   

duplicate Bludrutbrawl map to be created just for non-op, where the glitches will be implemented as actual features of the game, make me pay membership for it if you really want to
Post #: 322
7/7/2020 8:24:55   
Darken 99

With many of the PvP glitches being patched, I'd like to suggest a duplicate Bludrutbrawl map for non-OP where the PvP glitches are still able to be used. These glitches are the core of non-OP PvP and without them it is likely the non-OP community will die out.

Although it is a small community the non-OP community is made up of all paying players. This is because many of the non-OP classes either require membership or upgrades in other AE games such as DragonFable, AdventureQuest and MechQuest. There are also many players spending large amounts of ACs on the wheel because lots of the weapons with unstable damage ranges are now rare.

I know many of these players would stop spending without non-OP PvP and it would be a huge shame to see this community die out after so many years.

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Post #: 323
7/7/2020 12:28:46   

2 Quality of Life improvements:

1. Item Detection
When you try to farm a specific monster or a boss for a new item that was released, you also end up having pre-existing drops that are already in your bank dropping.
What happens is if you press Yes; a notification appears saying that you already are in possession of the said item in bank, and the notification amount is equal to how much
of it dropped on your screen. It's quite the nuisance and gives quite a bit of lag if you pile it up.

The suggestion would be that the item drop detection should also include what your bank contains.
1) You have cap amount of Debris Fragments in your bank = Debris Fragments should not drop anymore
2) You have 24,000 Legion Tokens in your bank (cap is 25,000) = Legion Tokens should still drop but only 1000 more that you can store in your inventory before it stops dropping from quests.

This applies to all types of items, Helm, Weapons, Cape, etc.
Also I'd like to make a quick note that switching to a different tab after searching in your bank for an item in a specific tab causes a blank page at the bank, we'd appreciate a fix
Searching Darkon on the weapon tab yields results, but clicking on the armor tab does not yield results even though Darkon's Debris 180 exists until the search bar is refreshed by closing or erasing/adding one or more letter(s)

2. Item Drops UI
Item drops can come in clusters especially if you're farming mobs like the Skeletons in /battleunderb for Bone Dusts.
This can especially be problematic if the item drop display exceeds past the screen display, your only option would be to click Yes for collective items or click No on each drop manually and have another item drop just to drag the items past your screen downwards.

The suggestion is to add an item drops tab from one of the buttons in the menu below or maybe even near your character profile display.
1) Items that dropped during your log in session will be contained in this tab until you log out or it has been accepted/declined, if a new item drops you can notify the player by having the tab glow or produce a mini (!) mark.
2) Items can be bulk accepted or declined via a checklist on the side of which you can accept everything you checked by pressing 'Yes' or 'Accept' while Trashing all unchecked items by pressing "Decline or No"
3) If items exceeed page limit eg; 30 max displyed in the tab, produce a new page for the item drop list, also allow the player to search for a specific item via a search bar in the item drops tab, the goal here is to keep things neat and easy to manage. So maybe it can just copy the bank UI
4) I understand the value of having the drop shown in your face like "Ta dah!!! here it is!" as AQWorlds has been one of my childhood games and will forever remain a special place in my heart for years to come (Thank you AE). So the old function of items
dropping on your screen can still be kept, you can just add a minimize button for the items that dropped on their top right or even add an option where it just displays items on the items drop list.

They might seem implausible but I'd just like something similar and convenient. Thank you for keeping the community entertained!

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AQW  Post #: 324
7/9/2020 18:35:40   

As others have mentioned, I think it's a good idea to dedicate a server solely on pvp. A server where some visual "glitches"(turned into features) remain being performed while on the other hand patching character split, where you appear in different places for other people, along with disabling damage boosts and any kind of potion/tonic/elixir and the ability to esc(reset auto attack).

Finally bringing guild halls into the game where people can have an HQ which can be customised to their preferences.
Allowing cross server guild chat.
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 325
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