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RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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1/7/2017 21:46:06   

In AQW when you open your bank and click on an item in your bank, you need to be able to see what that item actually is just like you can in your inventory.
Post #: 51
1/12/2017 12:36:23   

the non member voucher should have a better drop rate. that is all i have to say.
Post #: 52
1/13/2017 4:40:45   

DUAL WIELDING(can be for members only)

Why: Because of this, that link says "Dual-wield Swords & Shields"
The only "Dual Wielding" I've ever seen are these and these.
I wanna see/have REAL dual Wielding,
-Blinding Light of Destiny and Necrotic Sword of Doom EQUIPPED AT THE SAME TIME!!

I don't mean "merge" these two weapons in a "merge shop" but just be able to "equip" both weapons at the same time, cannot work with Unarmed(obviously), "Bows" and "Polearms" because these wapons still uses 2 hands, "Staffs/Staves or Wands" because it'll look weird I think, and "Daggers" because it's already 2 weapons.

It doesn't always have to be Swords with Shields, what about wielding a Mace and Axe, Sword and Gun, Gun and Whip, Sword and Sword; but they will not have the Dagger combat animation they either keep their respective combat animations or have a new combat animation depending on what type of weapons that are being Dual-Wielded.

To use Dual wield there will be a "Dual Wield" button between the "Enhance" and "Equip" buttons.
AQW  Post #: 53
1/16/2017 21:00:08   

Can we have an official AQW character generator? I've seen generators online but I was wondering if AE could make an official one for character pages? More so just for me to dress up characters with items in the game

If this is ever implemented, could we also have the option to hide the equipment labels, names, text, etc.

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Post #: 54
1/19/2017 7:43:31   

Ok, here's my idea:

So, you know that sixth slot next to your class skills? Now, I know there are some items that can be placed in that slot. But PERSONALLY, I never do because the item is always used. I think it a waste.

What if there was a new type of item, let's call gthem Artifacts after DF's Artifacts, that gave you a effect or skill in that slot? And then what if you could level up that skill or effect to make it more powerful by empowering the item?

These could be passives that help out current classes, or actives that do something cool.
DF  Post #: 55
1/20/2017 12:54:03   

I have been playing AQWorlds for 6 years, and the one thing I hate the most is low-leveled characters waiting in the same room a boss is being fought in, until it's health drops low enough for them to jump in and take the loot from the kill. For players like me who fight and do all the hard work it's frustrating, just today I soloed Ultra Akriloth and a lvl10, lvl15 and lvl1 were all waiting for his health to drop below 10k just to get the kill and the loot.
And they did do it btw...
So you might be asking what my solution is? I don't know how hard it is to implement, but I think there should be a way to prevent those people from getting loot, maybe a simple equation of fight time to kill time and relative damage could be useful, meaning, it takes the time you fight compared to the time it took to kill, and decides whether you should get loot, and if you didn't fight enough time it moves to the damage equation, where it calculates your relative damage, meaning the damage you did compared to total boss HP, and then it makes the decision again, so that if a high-leveled person comes far into the battle, but does the most damage and most of the work he can get the loot.
Another problem I have been getting, and I'm sure a lot of other people are too, is the fact that some bosses can kill players, and sometimes these bosses are far away from the area respawn point, and by the time you get back to the boss everyone else already killed it and you lost your loot. A simple solution is that if you have all necessary quests completed, you respawn in the boss room if you died there, so that you can easily get back to the fight you worked so hard on.

Thanks if you took the time to read this.
Post #: 56
1/21/2017 0:10:43   

all weapons should have bonus to stats, like +30 haste or +3% crit chance or something. all the cool and hard to get equipment have no bonuses (barring AFDL, NSoD, BLoD and a bunch of other stuff), and at this point, AQW is looking more like a dress-up game. what's the point of farming for Juggernaut or Legion items if they have no advantage over stuff like the Default Sword or Mage Robes?

Also, I don't see the point of unstable weapons, aside from a few crit based classes. I'd love to use Nulgath items but the damage range is a huge turn-off. Maybe, all weapon can change its damage range depending on the class equipped, like if you have Chaos Slayer whatever weapon is equipped, so long as you are a Chaos Slayer, they become unstable. Same thing with caster classes and stable/fixed weapons.
Post #: 57
1/22/2017 2:24:30   

An Item Transfer System

First off, I know, this is a topic often asked and discussed
"will there be trade in AQW?"
and the answer has always been NO.

But the reasons? Loopholes such as, The free 200 ACs and other free ACs given in events can be abused heavily with trade.
not only that but transferring items would sometimes lead to real life talks and trades for money i.e I'll pay you 20$ for that Item etc.
you get the idea.

but I have a suggestion, What if, the transfer would be limited? like maybe only 5 Items can be tranferred per player AND
add an AC Fee ? It's not the most well thought out Idea and maybe some people could add some suggestions regarding this but
this feature will definitely make some players happy.


about these Rares
Should the transfer be implemented, it still would be abused, the outside talks, the "I'll pay you in real money" issue
I do not have a clear vision how that could be solved, but I think there should be some verification thingy? or some really
huge AC payment per transfer (which I won't really like much, but better than nothing ay?"

These are just suggestions of mine, they're definitely flawed, but It'd be nice if AE considered some way to trade items.

There should also be a lock option when trading to prevent switching right when the trade was to be accepted, to prevent scammers and the like.

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Post #: 58
1/22/2017 3:35:31   

Are you tired of going on a kamikaze mission against bosses like Ultra Blood Titan or DoomKitten when there is no one there to fight with you? Are you on the other end of that brutal beatdown when you go up against such brutish bosses? Do you seek retribution and vengeance in the form of a good "boss whooping?"

Well rejoice, for I bring you all a solution to your rather "painful" problem. So, often times, I like to challenge that atrocious, heinous, devious, unscrupulous, fiendish little scu....I mean DoomKitten to a fair game of "duel." But this little kitten, prefers the more underhanded method of stopping an individual's mana gain, disabling the spamming of skills and thus forcing many to smash their keyboards and/or screen due to utter game-rage, and it just makes it one of those bosses that are extremely difficult to solo for most players.

The solution however is simple. What if there was a way to switch classes in between boss and mob fights, or in other words PVE (Player vs Environment)? I'm sure 99.99% of the players are familiar with the purpose of the 6th button for potions? (It's quite unfortunate if you're one of those 0.01% though). So what if there was a 7th button? This button will allow you to assign 1 class, that's right, just 1 class to its system. Upon pressing 7 on your keyboard, this system will switch your current class with the assigned class during a PVE fight.

And how will this benefit the fellow citizens of Battleon Town you say? Quite simple. Take for example the fight with that nasty DoomKitten. If you were using a solo class like stonecrusher, legion doomknight or archpaladin.....and this blackhearted little cat stops your mana gain....then you can switch to umm...i dont know...Necromancer? Necromancer has a skill that can sacrifice your HP for MP right? So if you can switch to Necro by pressing 7, gain your MP, then switch back to your solo class by pressing 7 again, you can easily carry on your fight.

Because of this suggested systems massive potential, I highly recommend only 1 class be allowed to be switched at a time. Certainly a player can remove the assigned class and then assign another new class in its place if needed. Also, I have mentioned this a few times already, but again, it should only be implemented in PVE and N0T PVP. We really don't want to upset those PVP fanatics out there by unbalancing the PVP system, now do we? :D
Post #: 59
1/22/2017 11:31:29   

I've been thinking about this "problem" with to much items dropping at the same time. It can be very frustrated for me. My suggestion is this:


As you can see; there are 2 Defeated Makai. (X1) Instead of doing this and let the items slide of the screen, why not stack upon each other? Defeated Makai (X2). Defeated Makai (X48) ... .

This is a dream come true for me, cause everytime I save items on the screen for later. It always ends up out of the screen making me mad :P

More simple way \/

Make the big black boxes smaller so more items can appear on the screen at once! :)

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Post #: 60
1/23/2017 19:26:28   

please bring back battleon npcs, none of them are updated AE stop being lazy
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 61
1/23/2017 23:29:16   

I think there should be a prestige thing, or a level reset. I am level 65 and I can't rank up my classes fast. I think resetting or letting us prestige would be an interesting twist, and it will keep many players interested in playing, instead of playing once every update.

Party Search function would be useful for those of us who love bludrut brawl, It can be difficult to wait hours for bludrut brawl to begin, but if we had a party search for those interested we could get pvp popular again!

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AQW  Post #: 62
1/27/2017 1:38:20   

About rarity

hello, I want to make a suggestion about item rarities. It is as follows:

stat options available for rarities:

5 ~ 20
5 ~ 20
5 ~ 20
5 ~ 20
5 ~ 20
5 ~ 20
*Increment on stats will depend on rarity type

*Can only affect Armors and other items that cannot be enhanced

Rarity Types:

Awesome Rarity: non-rare item available for all players. Doesnt have stat options

Seasonal Rarity: seasonal item. Has 1 stat options

Rare Rarity: Items that go rare. Has 3 stat options.

Epic/Legend Rarity: Items that are hard to get and has gone rare. Has 4 stat options.

*Items that has been bought via Adventure coins has 2 stat options

*awesome member-only items will have 2 stat options

*rare items that are ac tagged will have 4 stat options

*rare member-only items will have 4 stat options

*epic/legendary items that are ac tagged will have 6 stats options

*epic/legendary member-only item will have 6 stat options

That's all thank you.

AQW  Post #: 63
2/2/2017 1:08:44   

Awe Enhancements for Spellbreaker, I don't know if anyone noticed but Spellbreaker Weapon Enhancement is very strong for Wizard classes but when I looked for Awe Enhancements Spellbreaker is missing...
AQW  Post #: 64
2/4/2017 1:02:54   

I want alternative ways of playing the game, that present a bit of challenge and don't boil down to roleplaying. I have 2 main ideas. First is separate servers with restrictions. Make it so players have to create new, dedicated accounts for this 'challenge server', and those accounts can only log in to that server. Or make it so that an AQW account can have 2 characters attached to it: 1 for normal servers, and 1 for the challenge server (so they can keep benefits of membership and AC). However, the 2nd option there may be too difficult to implement.

The second main idea is the restrictions themselves. A few ideas I have are that only the 4 basic classes are obtainable and usable. I think that this would require a dedicated server. But it would be like going back in time to when all the DPS classes had no self-healing, so they were happy to see a Healer and play together. But this still may be too difficult because it would require changing or talking out all the class related content in the game, and obsoleting many more content like reputations.

Which is why I think the best option is an option in-game or in character creation, or an equipable item, that reduces character XP gain to 0. I think an item like could just go into the live game and that would be good enough. It wouldn't need a dedicated level 1 server, because a lot of content may be unbeatable (or require many 0.002% triggers of Powerword: DIE). And it's definitely something for youtubers and streamers to do with their viewers. The only issue here would be that many maps and items have minimum level restrictions.

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DF AQW  Post #: 65
2/5/2017 23:44:25   
Super Shadab

Can AE PLEASE add an enhancement shortcut? The enhancement button leading to several more buttons, each a category; (i.e., click enhance for an item and it'll have lvl 50+ and under lvl 50 enhancements, both leading to several more buttons, each a category of enhancement.) Clicking enhance, lvl 50 enhancements, then choosing a category, Thief, Warrior, Luck, etc, then it either taking you to the shop or to the NPC that has the enhancement shop.
AQW  Post #: 66
2/6/2017 17:41:44   
Aura Knight

If a certain item is in the bank and we get that same item as a drop, I think there should be a way to have that item go in our bank where the other items are. If the item in question is already at max stacks, it shouldn't drop anymore. Having such a feature would assist those who are still having inventory issues no thanks to some of the high amount of items needed to hold on to in order to complete certain quests or obtain certain items.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 67
2/17/2017 21:03:28   

A feature I think would be greatly appreciated and used A LOT, is the ability to disable fancy skill animations, and set it so you only see generic default attack animations, like what Warrior has.
This would help virtually everyone, especially during group farming sessions.
Post #: 68
2/18/2017 18:44:03   
leo the III

What if you listed how active the servers are so people know when the server is just going to be filed with AFK people in yulgar and battleon. hahah
Jokes aside i do really think this would b a good feature you could see which server has been the most active in comparison to the amount of people ding quests and things compared to tother servers .

Image tags removed. Please do not use image tags as it is considered spam. ~Karika

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Post #: 69
2/19/2017 16:10:51   
Bailey Hudson

Implement Stacks indicator to classes which we have to stacks them so it would be easier for all players when using classes which needs to be stacked like Light Caster.
Post #: 70
2/20/2017 1:22:53   

Vokun Items! why not AC Tagged?

Vokun isnt a very popular thing, you dont see it often, but what got to me is that none of the Vokun items in the merge shop are AC tagged, I honestly think all of the armors should atleast be AC tagged because of how long it takes to farm and how tedious it is.

Please consider this? thanks.

P.S im new to the forums so im not entirely sure if this belongs in this section.
Post #: 71
3/4/2017 3:39:26   
99th Dracopyre

Please updated the quest: "Legion Exercise number 3"
I noticed Legion Exercise number 4 got updated. You can do it rather easily now and at multiple times and those are considered to have the "premium" items in Dage's Exercises.

Exercise number 3 is incredibly tedious now and it takes absolutely the longest time to accomplish. I assume the staff has noticed this as well, seeing as they made the quest items drops rather than quest items so you don't lose them for whatever reason.

I propose to make the drop rates of these quest items 100%. I, on average, defeat nearly quadruple of the enemies than the actual drop I'm looking for.

I know it's a somewhat forgotten quest and incredibly inefficient for Token farming but the item (Judgement Hammer) is worth it, but not much this worth it.

Thanks and I hope this will be taken into consideration.


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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 72
3/4/2017 17:50:07   
Phantasm Knight

AQW Gameplay Revamp Ideas


Instead of being for the jump emote, pressing the space bar now causes your character to perform a defensive maneuver dependent on their class. Some of these defensive maneuvers would involve the use of WASD keys in conjunction with the space bar. They would either run off of mana or use a self-regenerating stamina bar located below your mana.

Roll- Your character rolls in a direction specified by pressing a directional key before space bar. During the roll animation, you are very briefly invincible. This window of invincibility must be timed carefully and recklessly rolling can leave you highly open to attack. Classes such as Rogue, Pirate, and Horc Evader would get this kind of maneuver. Not pressing a directional key would cause your character to automatically roll forwards in whatever direction youíre currently facing. Diagonal rolls can be executed by holding down 2 directional keys at once before pressing space. In total, your character can roll in 8 directions.

Block- Either though physical or magical means, your character blocks the incoming attack with a precise and well timed hit of the space bar. The timing for blocking should be difficult to consistently execute. Classes such as Mage, Ninja, Necromancer would have this kind of maneuver.

Hop- Similar to the roll but covers less distance and uses up less mana/stamina. As a trade off, they do not have the invincibility frames the roll has. Hops can only be executed in 4 directions (up, down, left, right) as opposed to rollís 8. When pressed without a directional key, unlike the roll, your character automatically hops backwards. Classes such as Warrior would have this kind of maneuver.

Shield- Your character assumes a defensive position by holding down the space bar. While shielding, they would either move extremely slowly or be unable to move at all. However, they take significantly less damage from attacks. They also cannot attack or use any skills until they release the space bar. Meant for tank classes. When shielding, aggro on the player also increases.

An elemental system of fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark, chaos, and neutral is implemented to weapons, armor, helms, capes, and monsters. Neutral means non-elemental and is not weak or strong against anything.
Light and Dark are only weak to each other. Chaos is strong against light and dark, but weak to itself.

Most monsters will take 25% more damage from an element they are weak to and 25% less damage against ones they are resistant to.

Armors will have one elemental strength and one elemental weakness. Since there are 3 pieces of wearable items (helms, armor, capes) a player has some choice in how they want their elemental strengths/weaknesses. Most players will likely have a full set of one certain element against a certain boss. Careful choices should be made against monsters that can utilize multiple elements.

To keep allowing players to make their appearance whatever they choose, design scrolls are used. Once a weapon/armor is obtained, a design scroll can be made of it. Design scrolls show up under your items tab. When equipped onto another weapon/armor, their appearance can be altered but keeps its original stats and elemental attributes. Design scrolls will be able to be crafted at the long disused Armory shop in Battleon.

Besides the promise of monster skills being added for the rewrite, some bosses could be designed to have movement patterns and attacks. They would move around the screen and players must figure out their pattern and attack when the opportunity arises. When a boss does certain attacks, a red shape appears on the ground, indicating it is where they are about to strike. This gives a player the chance to move out of harmís way. Defensive maneuvers would aid players in this task by giving them an easier way of defending against such attacks.

In addition, certain bosses could have a rage mode when their HP is reduced by a certain amount. Their attacks become more fierce and their patterns change somewhat to keep players on their toes.
A well designed dynamic boss in conjunction with the defensive maneuver system, in combination with satisfying items to farm, could keep players satiated long after the release is out.

These type of bosses should be given additional time to develop, at least 2 weeks and should not be expected on a weekly basis.

Necklaces could gain more prominence outside of PvP by granting benefits not found in weapons and armor, such as attack and defense boosts. Their individual effects could be utilized to set players apart from one another. They would have their own strengths and drawbacks (nothing is 100% beneficial). Certain necklaces could also give you an extra skill in your 6th slot if you donít have anything equipped on it. For example, a skill that greatly increases the damage of your water elemental weapon but prevents you from using your other skills.
DF AQW  Post #: 73
3/5/2017 3:46:01   

Hey there i have a little sugest for reputation we have good , evil , chaos , swordhaven (part of good) , soon new rep for drakath , why not add a shadowfall reputation and some certain items and quest with it? i can make some drawing of armors weapons etc. but it will be cool if so rep would exist :)
MQ AQW  Post #: 74
3/5/2017 9:39:20   

Hope i'm not repeating anyone but is there any chance to get more max inventory spaces, since rewrite is soon? I would easily go for 300 :D. Also i guess free players would really appreciate extra 10 inventory spaces. We are dealing with so many misc items, right?
Post #: 75
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