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RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions

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11/1/2017 8:33:31   

I would like to suggest a Better Item description In-Game!

One Example is the Weapon!

It would really help us out a lot if there was a good set description and stats of the Item, one being the Bonuses they give out, instead of having it text with the item description why not make another box panel containing the stats of the Weapon? Seperate from the lore version of the item :D

Detailed Spell Information

Again I would like to suggest a Better in-game item Description and Spell Information In-Game, kinda a hassle going through aqwwiki just to know it's value where many players can easily overlook
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11/1/2017 8:50:32   

Suggestions for minecrafting quest items (metals) to stack only once. so that we can get all of the metals in a week... ive been doing Mine crafting and i never had copper, or barium or aluminum for 2 weeks. doesnt sound coincidence for me...
DF  Post #: 152
11/1/2017 19:51:22   

ok, ive been gone from the forums for YEARS, and now that im back playing aq, im a little disappointed there hasnt been much progress functionality wise, heres what i was hoping aq would have had by

1 picture previews in bank. i have HUNDREDS of items in the bank that i havent touched in forever because i just use it to keep my bag with 10> empty spaces, but when i feel like changing up my look, i dont want to go through 10 items at a time just to remember what they were.

2 rare drop indication. so let me tell you a story, this happened not too long ago, i was farming Tibicenas for the runes of awe, because i still havent gotten it after all these years. i was farming last week, killing tibicenas with a small group of players, all was going well, he was dropping a bunch of items as usual like the shards, armors, and other boring stuff, and i was pressing no on each of them so they wouldnt clutter my screen, then some higher level players got on and the pace was getting quicker, we were melting tibicenas' health bar every few seconds, and i was having trouble picking up, so i didnt notice that on october 26, at 2pm server time, the runes found item dropped for me, and i accidentally pressed no on the .3% drop. i screamed in the library i was in when i saw what i did, and punched myself in the face. there has to be some kind of indication so we can know when we get that rare drop. please, if anything is taken from this post, make this happen.

3 fix the chunin class? please? its a little underwhelming, i put a post in the QandA about it, so you can know what im talking about

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11/2/2017 19:46:58   
Dog food

I have some small suggestions that would put a big smile on faces

- Allow us to have more than 1 item in our inventory just like you can in DF. I see no reason why not and this would allow us to keep the same gear we like with different enhancements. No one likes swapping enhancements back and forth.

- Add a teleport to boss on old maps, especially big ones like citadel or lair. You could save minutes everytime when you need to farm items from the Grand Inquisitor for Nulgath gear.

- Some new releases get the NPC with quests set at the top-right whereever you go in the map, this would be handy to have in older maps
Post #: 154
11/2/2017 22:51:25   
Warmonger DragonJax

If by any chance you guys could buff Timekiller. It is the most underwhelming and unusable calendar class and frankly seems to be weaker than free classes. Atleast putting it on par with other calendar classes in the game would be excellent.

The other suggestion is to reduce the number of ac tagged items and increase the number of items purchasable in gold which is worth buying because so many items goes unpurchased due to the gold looking like the currency for members and ACS for the non mems.Also it brings into picture inventory management therefore allowing you to get more people to purchase bag space and bank space.
Post #: 155
11/4/2017 23:57:05   

thought of 2 more things,
1. can you change the item drops so they stack on the side and dont take up the whole middle of the screen? like have them stay in one area with a number showing how much you've accumulated? it would really help with being able to see whats going on in situations like trying to get in your bank while you have a stack of the item in there, and the window is in the way of the button, it will also save time pressing no on EVERY SINGLE ONE. it will fix the glitch where it goes off screen too where you cant see them
2. when your choosing servers, how about a little function where it will tell you how many of your friends are on in each one, and when you hover your mouse over it, it will tell you which friends. im pretty sure this will fix server traffic at least
AQW  Post #: 156
11/5/2017 10:53:21   

I suggest that you make the item drops automatically sync with the one in the bank.

example: If you already have Sword A in the bank, Monster A won't drop Sword A already. And another one is if Monster A drops Treasure Chest, when you accept it, it should be sync with the one in the bank to lessen the hassle of taking it out in the bank to the bag for you to accept it.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 157
11/5/2017 10:57:01   
Dog food

Please get rid of the blasted nulgath runes..

I did a quick search for nulgath rune in the design notes to see the reason for them and found this:

Since Friday night, changes have been made to a number of the quests in-game (including many of Nulgath's farming quests) to optimize how they interact with the servers. These changes are not designed to increase the quests' difficulty. Each altered quest has had 1 monster drop added to it.

Many of the Nulgath quests have had one of the following items added to them: Nulgath Rune 1-9. Each Nulgath Rune has a 100% chance to drop from its monster. None of the other items required for the quests were altered.*


You didn't increase the difficulty like you said - you increased the frustration way more than needed. Please at least add the rune to a monster in the area. Chucking a rune for the Nulgath quest on a monster locked behind a puzzle is a pain in the ass - now we have to join a new map, goto a player already there and go back to elemental map. Foolishness.


Book of Lore suggestion - currently we only see 8 badges at once and this is too slow to scroll thru, especially when it's bugged and this will only get worse with more badges.
I made a quick image with 24 badges shown and a scroll bar up and down and badge info on the right. Pretty simple suggestion which makes the BOL badges easier to use.

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You guys know the show button in DF that let's you equip another weapon's appearance over the once you have equipped? this allows you to wear the strongest gear around with your favourite looking gear.

AQW has been a dress-up style game from its beginning but this changed when they introduced dmg/rep/etc boosts on gear. Players like me who prefer power over looking cool got rid of their now useless gear and only collect the best boosting gear. I suggest AQW introduce a show button that equips a weapons appearance. I have over 90 pages of cool looking gear in the buy-back shop mainly from the point I sold all my useless stuff. I made a lot of ACs tho :p

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11/6/2017 18:23:59   

You could put an option in the sharing charpage on facebook or another social network. More not the player's charpage link but the set the player is using as a photo. Because this is better for you to share with your friends. Only the link does not look good ...
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11/7/2017 1:04:24   
darkknight skull

There needs to be more bosses like Binky in that bosses should have various skills and use a combination of them to keep the players on their toes. Bosses these days seem to generally just be hp sponges. Even challenge bosses just tend to have more hp and hit for more damage when compared to regular bosses with a few exceptions. With classes like archpaladin that could solo the likes of Desolich when given enough time, bosses with merely a large amount of hp and damage cannot exactly cut it. Rather than compensating for the stronger classes being released with boss with more hp and damage, I believe that giving bosses interesting skill sets similar to classes would bring more enjoy-ability and encourage teamwork. Additionally, this will encourage a lot more creative party compositions and help mitigate the trend of just having stronger and stronger classes being released by giving more worth to classes with niche skill sets and passive abilities. Basically, I'm suggesting that bosses should be more elaborate rather than just having them being nothing more than a head strong monster that just hits the player until it dies. I am fully aware that certain bosses do have a unique skill that they could use, but most of them have only one skill that they spam over and over again.

Most of this is just wishful thinking. There might be some problems or limitations with my suggestion that I have overlooked.
Post #: 160
11/8/2017 19:54:54   

What if we had other kinds of stat boosts apart from damage? Imagine dodge boosted items, health boosts, accuracy boosts and crit boosts?
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 161
11/13/2017 20:17:53   

Defensive Gameplay
Add Defense-boosted equipment against different creatures (Human, Undead, Chaos or all), description would look like: "Reduces 25% damage against undead monsters!"
Factions in Combat
Use factions to influence how a weapon affects combat.
If I am Good and use an Evil weapon, I get to use its benefits (30% damage to human monsters) and at the same time experience its liabilities as a Good player (Damage taken increased by 30%).
If I am Evil and use a Good weapon, I get to use its benefits (30% damage to undead monsters) and at the same time experience its liabilities as a Evil player (Damage taken increased by 30%).
If I am Chaos and use either weapon, I may get to use its benefits (30% damage to all monsters) and at the same time may experience its liabilities as a Chaos player (Damage taken increased by 30%).
If I am Good/Evil and use a Chaos weapon, I may get to use its benefits (30% damage to all monsters) and at the same time may experience its liabilities as a Good/Evil player (Damage taken increased by 30%).
If I am Neutral, these bonuses will not work.

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11/15/2017 20:40:07   

Imagine if AE released an item that made it so any gld item could be made into an AC item.
Like. Say you spent 1000 AC's on an AC Token then you bring an armor and the AC token to a merge quest and turn the item for gold into the AC item.
I'd love to turn a few classes or armors that I got for gold into AC varients.
And you wouldn't lose money, as you'd have to spend AC's to get the AC Tokens.

No one loses out.
Free Banking and AE gets money.
Post #: 163
11/16/2017 2:25:25   
Nightmare AQW

Allow a single member's only piece of equipment to be equipped on a non-member character for a 1 time fee of 2-5k ACs.

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 164
11/18/2017 5:37:21   

A lot of people having a hard time looking for specific item in their bank because of a lot of stored AC items...
My suggestion is : Add a Filter Bar in bank, This will help people find their item more easier.

There are some newbies that goes to high level maps...
My suggestion is : Make new tab in Map then it will guide newbies where they can go according to their level

Many players including me, getting so much lag from different places...
My suggestion is : Make a new button in options that has these things
-Show other player's effects
>Skills Effect (You cant see their skills)
>Armor Effect (Remove the animations on their armor)
-Show other player
>Transparent (Make other people transparent)
>Invisible (You cant see other people)
>Visible (Show other people)
>Party (You can only see people that is in your party)

Stop Attacking Button
A button that will stop me and the monster that is attacking me to stop attacking
Note: This wont work on monster that has the same AI as the Dark Makais at tercessuinotlim...
This will help the players from walking to another cell in room.

Thats all thank you!

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AQW  Post #: 165
11/20/2017 14:51:04   

I would first like to introduce myself as a 'veteran' of the game: Upper the 3rd, Sunnystcloud and Fatty the 4th. I have been playing this game sporadically for the best part of 7 years, now coming up-to my 8th on January 20th, 2018. Regardless, I wish to bring forward the conjecture and 'idea' that in order for there to be a positive collaborative environment between both team and community, there needs to be a system in place. I wish to explain this in detail. However, I wish to explain why a system should exist. I thus, will state a suggestion, a 'rationale' as to why a system like this should exist. AQW's initial release was in June 2 2008 and was the first AE game to be wholly multiplayer. It was also the most collaborative game between AE and the community. Produsage was prominent primarily during the early years, however as the years go by the lack of associative activities are on a decline. I wish to use a simplistic example such as the Suggestion Shop. There hasn't been an implementation in a 'few' months(?). Another, the drawing event.

A 'system' would work best because community ideas and suggestions can be exercised more without impalpable effects such as being unnoticed or rejected with poor feedback as there is often a time gap between communication. In order to effectively reduce communication delays and efficiently, I propose the idea of having a Discord or commutable platform in which information such as suggestions for the story or features can effectively be conveyed. Another suggestion to this system which I believe would positively effect communication and game-play would be to selectively seek-out volunteers. I for one believe that garnering the best of AQW would improve many key aspects and functionalities often displaced by the community.


Patrick, Upper the 3rd

P.S: I wrote this in under 20 minutes and as a result some ideas are poorly expressed.
Post #: 166
11/22/2017 8:23:01   

More stackable items. Would be less time consuming if in quests like the ones for NSoD or Nulgath Larvae elemental quest could stack more, turning them after. It's pretty annoying to just farm for those, then type /join XYZ, then repeat. Would be much easier if you could just stack the quest items till you can turn out the quest like 10-15 times for example, then after that to return to the same routine. In NSoD let's say, about the essences, allow the stacking like 10 times more, the malignant to be 30 for example, instead of 3, and the empowered to be 500 instead of 50.
AQ  Post #: 167
11/23/2017 22:06:30   

Greetings to all.

This is the 4th part of the suggestions.

  • 1st part: RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions IV Page 2

  • 2nd and 3rd parts: RE: =AQW= Feature and Functionality Suggestions IV Page 5

    Guild System:

    The current system that AQWorlds has for guilds is not very complete, so I want to give a few ideas so that belonging to a guild is worthwhile and is also important in the game, besides encouraging players to create or join guilds.

  • Things that have a guild currently in AQW:

    1. Well actually creating a guild is very easy and you also have to be member, that I do not see necessary (I do not know what others say).

    2. Spaces for members that have to be purchased only with ACs (I do not see it necessary)

    3. Ranks that have only the utility of promoting or despromover, being the highest the leader's

    4. You can leave the guild on your own, which I think is good, although I think there should be a requirement

    5. The current chat does not help much communication between members

    6. A panel showing certain characteristics of players such as: Name; Level; Rank in the Guild; and connection status (online or offline)

    7. And nothing more.

    All this can be improved to give a better experience to the player, that is, to us so that we feel more comfortable when it comes to being in a guild.

    Ok let's go.

    Note: to enter in a guild you need to have the level 15 or higher

    • How to create a guild?

    1. You need to complete the missions with '' Elise (The Guild Recruitment Officer) ''. (Explained below)

    2. Be level 50 or Higher (To create the guild and accept the basic missions)

    3. Can be created being mem or non mem

    4. The cost is only on gold and the fee depends of the type of insigna and if you are non-mem (you need to pay all the fee) and if you are member (you can purchase a member version fee is reduced to the half).(Please extend the gold limit from 4m to 15m or 20m)

    5. You have to have the story completed at least until the 9th Lord of Chaos.

    6. You need at least one of the 5 Legendary Items that are;
    • BLoD (Blinding Light of Destiny),

    • NSoD (Necrotic Sword of Doom),

    • BoA (Blade of Awe),

    • AoA (Armor of Awe),

    • ODA (Original Dakrath Armor), to prove your value to being a leader

  • Elise's Guild Creation Shop

    In this shop the only thing to buy are the insignia, which are required to accept the missions of elise to create your own guild, and those insignias are:

  • Bronze Guild Creating Insignia; cost: 5m (non mem), 2.5m (mem).[To have a Guild with Basic Functions]

  • Silver Guild Creating Insignia; cost: 10m (non mem), 5m (mem).[To have a Guild with Advanced Functions]

  • Gold Guild Creating Insignia; cost: 15m (non mem), 7.5m (mem).[To have a Guild with All Functions]

  • Elise's Missions

    Elise is the woman who is in battleon next to '' the central battleon tower '' and she is in charge of giving you the missions.

    The missions are in 3 levels [Basic (level 50), Advanced (level 75), Master (level 100)], those levels all have 5 missions to complete.

    Basic Missions (Level 50); one of the 5 Legendary Items, and Bronze Guild Creating Insignia

    Quest 1. ''Learning The Basic of a Guild'':


    Well hero you need to learn how to manage a guild from the basics, because guild will be dissolved if you don't know how to do that.

    When completed:

    Ok i hope you understand the basics

    Items Required:

    All the basics learned x1 (You need to read the explaination that she gives to you of the basic functions of a guild)


    0 Gold
    0 Exp


    Guild Fragment ''G''
    Quest 2. ''Why a Guild is so important'':


    You know the importance of a guild because it seems you do not know.

    When completed:

    I hope that you understand why is soo important a guild for you.
    Items Required:

    Knowing the importance x1 (You need to read the explaination of the importance of a guild)


    0 Gold
    0 Exp


    Guild Fragment ''U''
    Quest 3. ''The strength of a leader'':


    If you want to be the leader of your guild, you need to demostrate your power beating 3 these lords of chaos (Escherion, Kitsune and Kimberly) by yourself.

    When completed:

    Cool you seems pretty powerful [Player Name], but this only beings.

    Items Required:

    Chaos Lord Escherion Beaten x1
    Drooped By Chaos Lord Escherion
    Chaos Lord Kitsune Beaten x1
    Drooped By Chaos Lord Kitsune
    Chaos Lord Kimberly Beaten x1
    Drooped By Kimberly


    0 Gold
    0 Exp


    Guild Fragment ''I''
    Quest 4. ''Making Friends for your guild'':


    Now you need to make friends to your guild, you can try finding those in Yulgar, Battleontown, Battleonsp or anywhere else. You first need to find for now 5 members because although you do not believe it, some of the biggest things can come from very small places, you also have to start with something. If you want people to your guild try chatting with them and try to chat with them and then you can make friends with them and invite them to your guild and if they accept YAY! and if they do not accept hmm, you will have to look elsewhere.

    When completed:

    Excellent you seems very sociable, i like that.

    Items Required:

    New member for your guild x5 (For this send the invitation to friends to a player who has at least 15 or higher)


    0 Gold
    0 Exp


    Guild Fragment ''L''
    Quest 5. ''The Contract and materials'':


    Well we already have everything you need to be a common leader, now we need to create a guild house, as it is basic level will be small, and to be in an instant its creation, workers will need a simple object '' The hourglass of salvation '', this object is very difficult to obtain since it has the power to prevent the effects of aging and the only one that could have one is the Chaos Lord Iadoa, so you will have to defeat it until he gives it to you, also now I'm going to need you to give me your badge to finish this mission, you did not keep it?

    When completed:

    Perfect now you have your guild house in addition to the knowledge, first made a view of the house and after invites your friends with a level greater than 15 of course, but this only begins you will find sometimes some problems that will bother you but do not give up [Player Name] I trust that you will be a good leader for your guild.

    Items Required:

    Hourglass of salvation x1 (Chance is of 10%)
    Drooped By Chaos Lord Iadoa
    Bronze Guild Creating Insignia


    0 Gold
    0 Exp


    Guild Fragment ''D''
    Char.Page Badge ''Guild Leader''

    After all this you already have your guild house to invite your friends, check it out and enjoy.

    Guild and Guild System Additions and Functions

    Well now that we have a guild it is time to indicate what can be done with it, it has the following things:

  • Guild Members:

    The guild members are an importarnt part in a guild for that the limitation of members for all guild in AQW, member or non-member is 300 members (All category), 200 (Expert category) and 100 (Basic category), also each guild when it is created depending on which way it was obtained (mem and non-mem); It is created by missions for members, the initial capacity of members is 45 and if it is created by the method of members and if is created by the method of non-members it would be with 30 spaces for members.

  • Guild House Shop:

    The house of the guild can be seen better or if you want you can change it (that if with a cost of time for the change of house), in this shop you can buy decorative objects for your guild (like: flags with the logo of your guild, carpets, furniture among other things) or useful objects (such as bank for the guild, mission table for the guild, room for personalization of characters for the guild, etc ...), a good guild has style and utilities for its members .

    Note: Purchases can only be made by the guild leader.

  • Ranking of Members:

    The Hierarchy Ranks:

    Are those ranges in which a member of lower rank will have to follow some rules while the one of higher rank will not have as many restrictions.

    Those are:

    Guild Master: He is the one who controls everything that happens in the guild as well as managing it all and being of great respect since he is the leader of the guild.

    There are 2 ways to be a Guild Master:
    1. Being the creator of it.

    2. Obtain it by means of a Guild Master who gives you the rank by demonstrating that you deserve it or simply because he wanted to give it up.

    Things a Guild Master can do:
    1. Buy decorations or utilities in the Guild House Shop

    2. Give the rank that he want to any member of the guild and remove it

    3. It is the only one that can create ranks in the guild with a name and he can give and take away.

    4. It's the only one that can change the name to the guild

    5. It is the one in charge of giving the permissions at the time of having a possible war of guilds.

    Master: He is the right hand of the Guild Master of the guild in addition to being the second with more control about it, he is the one in charge of the problems that happen in the guild and act accordingly that is the case.

    Things a Master can do:
    1. Buy decorations or utilities in the Guild House Shop with permission of the Guild Master

    2. Can Give and remove the rank below his and only in hierarchy ranks that to any member of the guild, it can be with or without the permission of the leader. (But we all know how it should be or should be)

    3. Can give or remove a rank created by the Guild Master.

    Captain: They are the ones in charge of controlling all the small problems of the guild and also that no officer is causing trouble.

    Things a Captain can do:

    1. Can Give and remove the rank below his and only in hierarchy ranks that to any member of the guild

    Officer: They are members of the guild with a little authority.

    Things a Officer can do:

    1. Can Give and remove the rank below his and only in hierarchy ranks that to any member of the guild

    Member: They are the guys who join to the guild and make it more bigger and get more pride.

    Things a Member of the Guild can do:

    1. Only can talk in the guild

    And the Hierrarchy will be this:

    Guild Master > Master > Captain > Officer > Member

    The Non-Hierarchy Ranks:

    These ranks the only restriction that has, is that its range can not be greater than the Master and Guild Master.

    Excluding these 2, they can be greater than the captains or be like a member of the guild but perhaps with a change in the name.

    Those are:

    Treasurer: Is the one that takes care of the incomes that come to the guild.

    Things a Treasurer can do:

    1. Handle the gold that reaches the guild

    2. Buy things with the gold of the guild bank

    3. Takes care of the tax rate in the guild.

    Diplomat: Is the one in charge of the relations that his union has with the rest of the guilds in AQW and that they do not find conflicts. (His Rank is Higher than the Master)

    This is the only rank that not hay any privilege, but has the most important work, not fall into conflicts with others guilds.

    Ranks Created By the GM: Here fall the other ranks created by GM own and its rank can only be removed by the GM.

    Note: A Single guild member can handle many ranks created by the GM, one non-hierarchy and hierarchy rank.

  • Guild Gold Bank:

    In this bank is where all the money of the guild is kept, and the gold is obtained for the donations of the members and tax rate, this bank has no limit in the gold capacity.

    Things that can be done with the gold of the Guild Bank:

    1. You can lend money to a member to spend it on a mission or get an expensive item

    2. You can buy Guild Boosts

    3. You can Build a better guild house

  • Guild Own Shop:

    In this shop members of the guild can buy objects from the guild itself, which are created by excellent craftsmen (players who create weapons, armor or sets in the suggestion tabs) and they cost gold (gold sent to the gold bank) with a limited number of units.

  • Guild Own Items:

    they are the articles created by great artisans, but for a guild to get hold of them they first have to buy the units, which go from 1 to 300 Units.

    They are expensive since a guild is the one that buys them so you have to make sure you have enough gold. This is an auction, so to speak, and one week before the sale, the prices of the sets will be shown.

    And they can come in multiple versions:

    Normal Version (without the Guild Symbol) : (Object description) x1 Unit x gold

    Design : Original unchanged

    Normal Version (with the Guild Symbol) : (Description of the object with the symbol of [Guild Name]) x1 Unit x gold

    Design : Original with the symbol of the guild in parts that you want to put

    Custom Version (without the Guild Symbol) : (Object description) x1 Unit x gold

    Design : Original with the ability to change the color of certain parts of the object

    Custom Version (with the Guild Symbol) : (Description of the object with the symbol of [Guild Name]) x1 Unit x gold

    Design : Original with the ability to change the color of certain parts of the object including the symbol of [Guild Name].

    Version Color Change (without the Guild Symbol) : (Description of the item) x1 Unit x gold

    Design : Original with the modified color.

    Version Color Change (with the Guild Symbol) : (Description of the object with the symbol of [Guild Name]) x1 Unit x gold

    Design : Original with the modified color of the object including the [Name of the Guild] symbol.

    Note: These articles work the same as the Ac that is to say that they have free space in the bank but with the difference that they have a white stamp with the letters GI (Item of the Guild) and can be selled. (If you want to sell it but I doubt you will recover it again)

  • Guild Alignment:

    The guild can ally with some of the sides that are in constant conflict in AQW that will have its consequences depending on what they choose.

    Currently there are 6:
    1. Good
    2. Evil
    3. Nation
    4. Legion
    5. Chaos
    6. Neutral

    The advantages that this can bring are (Exclusive for those in the corresponding alignment) :

    1. Items, weapons, etc...
    2. Missions
    3. Guild Boss Battles
    4. Shops or Merge Shops

    The disadvantages that this can bring are:

    1. Enmity with the opposite alignment
    2. Only you can get items of your own alingnment
    3. When you encounter your opposite alienation in a PvP, the damage you do and recives increases by 20%.

    Opposite Alignment:

    Good vs Evil, they have always been contrary and will always remain so, but when a greater threat comes they will work together.
    Nation vs Legion, the constant battles and wars between dage and nulgath gave rise to this enmity.
    Neutral, not wanting to follow any alignment does not have opposite alignments
    Chaos vs Good and Evil, when wanting to dominate the world and keep trying it, an enmity with the good and bad was gained.

  • Guild Boss Battles:

    They are carried out battling a whole guild against a single boss with multiple phases or several weak bosses in a area with 2 rooms. (this due to the technical limitations of the game, I say)

    To make a battle against a boss, it will be divided into several phases, the first being the weakest and the last the strongest.The bosses of multiple phases is done in a single room with capacity for 10 members and after defeating a phase the group that defeated it returns to the center of the guild, waiting for the results of the battles of the following groups.

    The rewards that a boss battle can give are:
    1. Items, weapons, etc... of legendary quality and/or epic
    2. Guild Badges
    3. Character Page Badges

  • Guild Wars:...

    It is one of the greatest events among the guilds that occurs in the case of special wars between opposing alignments or a battle to prove which of the 2 guilds is stronger.

    How would a guild war be waged?

    It develops a battle of a number of fronts (A, B, C, D, etc ...), following the same mechanics of a Bludrut Brawl.

    Bludrut Brawl (10vs10)[No Competitive]

    This is the way you can play with friends of the game or guild to train or whatever you want.

    Guild War Rules:

    1. Each team needs at least 2000 points to win.
    2. To enter the opposite territory you have to beat a new enemy called ''Orb of Protection (A or B)'' (HP:???, DMG:???) , protected by a ''Gheist Fighter (A or B)'' (HP:???, DMG:???) To attack if you attack the Orb and in some cases also is protected by a brawler.
    3. Beat The General of the opposite team is a instant win for your team.
    4. The Damage of all the player are reduced to a 10% (Common Attack), 30% (Nuke Attack), 20% (Common Attack Unavoidable), 20% (Common Crit Attack), The Cure will work at the 50% for the
      players, but if it worked differently for the mobs will only have a 40% effect (Mobs can be cured, and helped with buffs).
    5. If the restorers are on the team, both the General and the members (brawler, gheist) and players, regain their health.
    6. You can respawn in one of the 5th places of the map in 5 secs
    7. No win or lose of Fight Battle Points.
    8. The player with the highest Guild Rank and Fight Battlepoints in the actual front is the one who will become the commander of the team, being the commander increases the player's capacities by 50%.
    9. The players with the 2nd and 3rd Guild Rank and Fight Battlepoints in the actual front are the who will become the captains of the team, being the captain increases the player's capacities by 25%.

    Contribution Points :

    The CP (contribution points) are the points that are earned through actions you take in the war:

    1. For the defeat of each Player win 5 Points and 10 Points (personal contribution).
    2. For the defeat of each Player win (Revenge) 10 Points and 20 Points (personal contribution).
    3. For the defeat of each Brawler win 15 Points and 30 Points (personal contribution).
    4. For the defeat of each Restorer win 10 Points and 20 Points (personal contribution).
    5. For the defeat of each Orb of Protection win 40 Points and 80 Points (personal contribution).
    6. For the defeat of each Gheist win 20 Points and 50 Points (personal contribution).
    7. For the defeat of each Player Captain win 25 Points and 50 Points (personal contribution).
    8. For the defeat of the Player Commander win 50 Points and 100 Points (personal contribution).
    9. For the defeat of the General win 1000 Points and 2000 Points (personal contribution).
    10. Healing 1000 an ally (Player) win 7 Points (personal contribution).
    11. Healing 1000 an ally (Mob) win 5 Points (personal contribution).

    How to win a war:

    As it is done in a certain number of fronts, the victory will be decided in 2 ways by points and by number of victories.

    Note: If there are fronts A, B, C, D, E, it means that there will be 5 bludrut brawl style battles.

    Winning by Points

    To win a war for points: you have to reach 75% of total points to win a war no matter if it is a 1-4 or something as long as that requirement is met can be won.

    If one of the teams manages to win a certain amount of points (without defeating the general) the team will win that many points and so you can continue with the rest of the fronts so that at the end of the war, that is, when they are finished with all the fronts, the sum of points is made.

    Example: 552 (Without beating the general) + 1000 (General Defeated) = 552 points won from the front.

    Winning by Fronts Captured

    If the '' team a '' defeats the '' team b '' means that the front has been captured by the '' team a ''.

    How to win?

    Having 1 or more front dominated more than the opposing team.

    Priority order of ways to win:

    (Total Win) 100% Points + 5-0 Wins > (Win) 5-0 Wins + Point<100% > (Win by Points) 50% Points + 3-2 Wins > (Win by Front Domain) 3-2 P<50% > (Win By points) 75% Points + 4-1 Wins >
    (Win By points) Points<75% + 4-1 Wins

    After all this you can relax in your guild talking with your friends or maybe look for them to do farming.

    Here ends the part of the ideas for a guild.

    Thats all, for now.

    See ya.

    Thank for reading my idea.

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  • AQW  Post #: 168
    12/2/2017 12:32:19   
    Death To RainBows

    Hello, i would like to make a suggestion regarding a quest at /join dreadrock. The Quest 'Undead Champion Recruitment' requires you to kill monsters to get 6 'Dreadrock Enemy Recruited' but it does not guarantee to drop a 'Dreadrock Enemy Recruited'every time you kill a monster. For example you could kill 10 or even 12 monsters only then would you get 6 'Dreadrock Enemy Recruited'.Would it me possible to have every monster you kill in dreadrock to guarantee to drop 1 'Dreadrock Enemy Recruited', kill 6 monster then get 6 'Dreadrock Enemy Recruited', this is a small problem but it saves time on farming legion tokens for us players for who can buy paragon pets. by the way i do not think adding this change will heavy impact paragon pet buys.

    Please and thank you ^_^
    Post #: 169
    12/3/2017 0:56:10   

    so i have a couple more suggestions:
    items that give you a better chance of rare drops, like increasing the chance of getting drops by 1-5%
    FACIAL FEATURES. im tired of all the armors using the same face, right now i use deathstalker just because the face smiles, and before that i used card clasher. please, if anything, i want to get my characters face to smile. or at least more face items that smile.
    AQW  Post #: 170
    12/3/2017 1:29:49   
    Warmonger DragonJax

    What about shared guild resources- Maybe there could be a trade for diamonds of nulgath in exchange for something like voucher of nulgath or something. Or Guild bank where items can be shared only as temporary for a fee to the original owner or boss drops exclusive to guild fights or something. I know all this has huge implications technically and financially but any flexible was to get even a sliver of this ideas through would be amazing
    Post #: 171
    12/4/2017 3:31:15   

    Trade will not be possible...
    Post #: 172
    12/5/2017 3:14:57   

    The ability to lock a CC items colors to specific hexes so that when you make a cool set with perfectly matching CC colors and what not, you don't ruin it whenever you want to make another set.
    It would definitely have to be post rewrite, but the ability to check a little box that locks the items CC hexes would make customization a lot less irritating to deal with.
    Post #: 173
    12/5/2017 10:51:44   

    Option to turn on/off player visibility in the near future anyone? Would make a great function addition and could also help decrease the amount of lag when farming/grinding in large populated maps. Yeah? No? What do y'all think?
    Post #: 174
    12/5/2017 20:02:36   

    I would like to suggest an idea about turning member items to non-member items. To make it fair, players must pay a specific amount of acs (like maybe 2k acs) in order to turn member items to non-member items. What do you guys think?

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