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Harvest Festival 2015

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11/20/2016 12:02:39   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

Harvest Fest 2015

Return of the Harvest Goddess

Location: Harvest Portal Painting

Once a year, the Harvest Goddess Serenia flies through the skies of Lore. As she soars over the war-torn fields, they are revived and restored to their former beauty. All must gather to make an offering of crops and flowers to thank Serenia for her blessings. Those that are fortunate enough to see her should consider themselves blessed to see such a glorious sight...

«You can skip this scene any time to directly start the Harvest Quest.»

«Scene: In front of the Cider House.»

Kosefira: Hellooo-looo-looo, «You»! You are just in time for my yodeling lesson!
Doofus von Strudel: Go grab a pint of cider at the Cider House! It rules!
«You»: Oh wow-- you must be one of the fabled LEDERHOGLINS!
Doofus von Strudel: That I am! We Lederhoglins like to come out and play this time of year because the cider is sooooo good! Did I mention that this is CIDER?
Kosefira: So, we took your advice, and started looking into a new name for this festival!
«You»: Great! I'm sure you got a bunch of great names!
Kosefira: I thought so too, but no one else did! We held a vote, and "The Harvest Festival" totally wiped out the competition!
Kosefira: It got more than twice the number of votes than all the other options put together!
Doofus von Strudel: It's really sad... I was hoping to call it "International Lederhogling Appreciation Day"....
«You»: It's okay, Doofus! "I" appreciate you!
Doofus von Strudel: Aww, thanks <3 But do you appreciate me enough to donate 100,000 gold to my campaign to change the festival's name to "International Lederhoglin Appreciation Day"?
Doofus von Strudel: You see, PR campaigns like this cost a lot of gold, and I alre-
«You»: Oh, look at the time! I better get together the offering to Serenia!
  • Samurat Returns!
  • BURP War!
  • Harvest Quest

    «You can skip this scene any time to directly start hunting for fregetables.»

    «You»: Hi there, Truffle! How are you today?
    Truffle: Durrrrrrr! weeeet!
    «You»: Why yes, I would LOVE a mug of cider!
    Truffle: Meep! rrrrr..meepity meep, meeping meepness!
    «You»: Whoa, you need to slow down a bit. Let me put on my Truffle Amulet so I can understand you better.
    «You»: Okay, go ahead-- say that again.
    Truffle: I hope you didn't forget about collecting your offerings for Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!
    «You»: Offerings? Why do we need to do that??
    Truffle: To give thanks for the bounty of Nature throughout the world! The last harvest of the year is needed to carry us through the winter.
    Truffle: Go out and gather your offerings, but beware the dangerous Turkeysaurus Rex! It wants to eat the things you need to collect!
    Truffle: When you have enough, you might see Serenia soaring in the skies as she replenishes the land for our last harvest!
    Truffle: rrrrrutta meep meep!
    «You»: Uh oh-- my Truffle Amulet batteries died. Okay, little one, give me that cider to go! I'm off to gather some offerings!
      2 BATTLES - (After every battle, a random fregetables is found. There is also a chance of fighting a Velocigobbler after every battle.)
    «You»: I got some foodythings!
    Doofus von Strudel: Great! Why not relax with a piping-hot mug of cider?
  • Enjoy some Cider! - Full Heal

    «You»: Mmm-mmm! This stuff's delicious! Kinda spicy.
    Kosefira: Yea! We're trying out a new recipe this year!

    «A close up of a barrel behind the Cider House that has a couple of fire orbs and a shattered fire orb on the ground.»

    Kosefira: See, Valencia usually sells lesser Fire Orbs to adventurers, and this year Truffle got us all the broken and defective and "unfit to sell" ones!

    «Scene returns to normal.»

    Kosefira: We've been using a dash of powdered Fire Orb in each drink! It keeps it warm, and really adds a kick to the flavour!
    «You»: err, are you sure that this is the best idea? Leaving all those broken Fire Orbs out like that....
    Doofus von Strudel: Of course it is! What's the worst that could happen?
    «You»: ... I'm not going to answer that
  • >_>
      2 BATTLES - (After every battle, a random fregetables is found. There is also a chance of fighting a Velocigobbler after every battle.)
    «A Nepencreep hops to the barrel of fire orbs.»

    Kosefira: Oh no! Stop it before--

    «The Nepencreep eats the 2 broken fire orb pieces.»

    «You»: What?

    «The eyes of the Nepencreep starts bulging and shrinking alternatively.»

    Kosefira: NEPENCREEP is evolving!

    «The Nepencreep turns black and starts twitching and transforms into a green salamander.»

    Kosefira: NEPENCREEP evolved into SALADMANDR!
    Doofus von Strudel: Wait, what? How? That doesn't make any sense.
    Kosefira: What do you mean?
    Doofus von Strudel: Like, how horrifyingly unstable does its body have to be for a MINOR source of Fire power like that to--

    «The Saladmandr spits out a pale green goo at Doofus, fling him off the screen.»

    Doofus von Strudel: AHHHH! Flaming-hot Caeser salad dressing! IT BURRRRRRRNS!
    Kosefira: Eep! I'll get the iceberg lettuce!

    «You appear on the scene.»

    «You»: *sigh* Okay, but for the record, I totally called this!
      1 BATTLE: Saldmandr
      Possible 1 BATTLE: Velocigobbler - (Oh no! It must be the dreaded TURKEYSAURUS REX!)
      Full Heal
    Kosefira: Keep looking for the rest of your offering! Don't leave this quest or you will lose all of your fregetables!
  • Search!

    «Once you found an Orange, Sqrapple, Graplant, Bluestar Flower and a Bread Fruit...»

    Kosefira: You have found everything you need to make an offering! Go on out to the fields and present your items to Serenia.
  • Finish

    ???: Not so fast!
  • ?!?!

    «Scene changes to a farmland. Drakonnan II is standing on a couple of barrels of cider with a few fire orbs on the ground.»

    Drakonnan II: Prepare for trouble, «You»!
    «You»: It's Drakonnan II, son of the original insane pyromancer Drakonnan!
    Drakonnan II: Yes, and you've made a terrible mistake in leaving Fire Orbs laying around!
    «You»: (thinking) Wow, that's twice in one quest that I'm right!
    Drakonnan II: I'll be taking these! Soon, I'll have my own army of saladmandrs!
    «You»: Not on my watch!

    «The screen goes black by circulating in a block patter clockwise. Drakonnan II stands on the upper rightwith back of the default head of the player on the lower left as a text box pops up and states "Drakonnan II wants to fight!"»
      1 BATTLE: Drakonnan II
      Full Heal
    «The fire orbs on the ground starts flashing.»

    Drakonnan II: Uh-oh....

    «The fire orbs explodes and sends Drakonnan II flying.»

    Drakonnan II: Looks like Drakonnan's blasting off agaiiiiiiiiiin!

    «Drakonnan's figure is seen in the background falling.»

    «You»: (thinking) I think that went well. Now I better hurry if I'm gonna make that offering in time!

    «The screen fades to black and the same scene is shown.»

    Bystander: Look!
    Bystander: Up in the sky!

    «The screen pans up showing more of the blue sky.»

    Bystander: It's a CloudZard!
    Bystander: It's a Drakel Air Raider!
    Bystander: No, wait--
    Bystander: It's Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!

    «Serenia flies down to the fields and after her passing, flowers starts to bloom and the farms grows greener. You enter the scene.»

    «You»: Thank you Serenia! We will have plenty of food to last us through the winter.

    «Serenia appears in front of you.»

    Serenia: You have shown your gratitude, «You». You have also proven that the good deeds of one person can help the many.
    Serenia: A celebration revolving around a most hated item will be revealed.
    Serenia: Your struggle will be full of perils, with time holding no bounds.
    Serenia: The face of Lore will be forever changed unles you can persevere.
  • Thank you!

    «Serenia flies away and the Harvest Festival shop opens.»

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Harvest Festival

  • Corn-Missile Launcher [L. 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 131 | 61 G, 141 G | 134 Z]

  • Apple Launcher [L. 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 131 | 61 G, 141 G | 134 Z]

  • Pumpkin Chucker [L. 1, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 131 | 61 G, 141 G | 134 Z]

  • Guardian Apple Blunderbuss [L. 5 G]
  • Granny Smith Blunderbuss [L. 15]
  • Fuji Blunderbuss Z [L. 30 Z]
  • Honey Crisp Blunderbuss [L. 35]
  • Red Delicious Blunderbuss [L. 50]
  • McIntosh Blunderbuss Z [L. 50 Z]
  • Guardian Gala Blunderbuss [L. 70 G]
  • Jonagold Blunderbuss [L. 90]
  • Crispin Blunderbuss [L. 108]
  • Pink Lady Blunderbuss [L. 126]
  • SPARTAAAAAAN Blunderbuss [L. 144 G]

  • Smoked Drumchuks [L. 8]
  • Teryaki Marinated Drumchuks [L. 22]
  • Cajun Spiced Drumchuks [L. 48 G]
  • Orange Glazed Drumchuks [L. 64]
  • Boiled Drumchuks [L. 78]
  • Overdone Drumchuks [L. 101]
  • Diet Drumchuks [L. 124]
  • Ghost Chili Drumchuks [L. 147 G]

  • Weedsprayer ZX [L. 10 Z]
  • Weedsprayer XXX [L. 30]
  • Guardian Weedsprayer L [L. 50 G]
  • Guardian Weedsprayer LXX [L. 70 G]
  • Weedsprayer XC [L. 90]
  • Weedsprayer CX [L. 110]
  • Weedsprayer CXXX [L. 130]

  • Staff of Plenty [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Staff of Plenty G [L. 23 G, 150 G]
  • Staff of Plenty Z [L. 80 Z, 120 Z]

  • Harvest Staff Z [L. 11 Z, 49 Z]
  • Harvest Staff [L. 25, 45, 66, 105, 125]
  • Guardian Harvest Staff [L. 40 G, 85 G, 145 G]

  • Harvest Festival '15 Commemorative Spoon [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

  • Violent Violet [L. 20, 60, 100, 117]
  • Guardian Violent Violet [L. 40 G, 80 G, 136 G]

  • Horn of PwnZy [L. 45 Z]
  • Greater Horn of PwnZy [L. 77 Z]
  • 2 1337 Horn of PwnZy [L. 103 Z]
  • 31337 Horn of PwnZy [L. 126 Z]
  • 41337 Horn of PwnZy [L. 139 Z]

  • Summon Plant Dragon II [L. 1 Z]
  • Summon Plant Dragon I [L. 20]
  • Summon Plant Dragon III [L. 50 G]
  • Summon Plant Dragon IV [L. 80]
  • Summon Plant Dragon V [L. 85 Z]
  • Summon Plant Dragon VI [L. 110]
  • Summon Plant Dragon VII [L. 130]
  • Summon Plant Dragon VIII [L. 150 G]

  • Rupture [L. 20]
  • Guardian Earthshatter [L. 50]
  • Sundering Z [L. 68 Z]
  • Sundering [L. 80]
  • Earthrend [L. 110]
  • Demolish [L. 130]
  • Earthsplosion [L. 145 G]

  • Velocigobbler [L. 2, 14, 28, 54, 74, 95, 116, 132 | 148 G]

  • Nepencreep [L. 3, 43, 63, 123]
  • Guardian Nepencreep [L. 23 G, 103 G]
  • Nepencreep Z [L. 83 Z]

  • Saladmandr Seed Pack [L. 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150 G]

    House Items
  • Harvest Portal Painting [L. 0 Z]

    Write up thanks to Tep Itaki.

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