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RE: =ED= January 6th, 2017 - EpicDuel 2017

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1/22/2017 17:07:34   
One Winged Angel1357

But on the plus side of you guys watch Korin's animation streams you can get an idea what NW and Rabble are up to because both of their works interact with his.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 76
1/23/2017 3:00:47   


Tbh i knew this would happen since the day rabble joined dev-team, the game was pretty perfect and awesome without him and growing more and more, until rabble decided to remove "wins system" , "Tokens System" from the game, few weeks later the game started to die slowly and slowly.

@VIX!!! hahaha long time no see man, how are you?

Unfortunately I have to agree, not trying to sound bashful, but from my understanding rabble pushed for changes that eventually ruined the game. Removing passives was one of them.

As for the game possibly shutting down this year, this was bound to happen. The Omega phase nosedived this game.
AQW Epic  Post #: 77
1/23/2017 10:02:30   

@goldslayer1 I'm good bro chilling like usualy, what about you? where ya been hiding! why you dont get on skype noob :P

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Epic  Post #: 78
1/23/2017 11:36:08   

Skype's dead, get on Discord!
AQ DF Epic  Post #: 79
1/23/2017 20:20:06   


@goldslayer1 I'm good bro chilling like usualy, what about you?

Im doing good, just playing a few games here and there. Came back to AQW for the Nulgath BDay event.


where ya been hiding!

Not in ED lol


why you dont get on skype noob :P

I still have it and get on it like maybe once a month but most people seem to be using other stuff like Discord and LINE.
AQW Epic  Post #: 80
1/23/2017 21:26:37   
Greed Redemption

R.I.P Epicduel - You use to be something, now you're a waste of space. Goodbye.
Epic  Post #: 81
1/24/2017 17:27:29   

ppl are saying rip ed since the start of the omega phase and even the end of gamma..
Post #: 82
1/24/2017 19:58:45   
Greed Redemption

Don't really care to be honest.
Epic  Post #: 83
1/25/2017 0:06:46   
Gold Shock

When I first started playing EpicDuel, I was level 1, of course. EpicDuel was a "new experience". I decided to choose a Mercenary and bought the Beta pack before I was even at the level 30 cap. The phase where I grew up as a player was actually worth missing because that was the time everyone has a choice of going into builds. Also, the old Hybrid Armor was fun and strategical for Mercs back then yet not OPed at the same time . I bought into EpicDuel for a few reasons:

-It had and still does have potential.

-A firmer grasp of realism. The closer-to-physics atmosphere of EpicDuel improved my attitude towards learning than did other games like magic games (no offence to WoW players). As I grew up I dismissed absolute ways of thinking, like thinking that praying was going to improve my life. No offense to anyone, but I wished to be more open minded and considerate of common sense.

When I first started, I was utterly confused with skills like Hybrid (since you could flip-flop between Def/Res). But in a good way, because I was ignorant, but wished to understand this game better. When I was new to EpicDuel, everything was exciting. I played for 6+ hours at a time on weekdays AFTER SCHOOL. 24 hours on Friday/Saturday was the norm. I loved Gamma because of the class changes and bots, oh sweet Gamma Bot. During this phase, 5 focus ruled everything, specifically Mercenary. The one repeating principle was that everything was slowly being unveiled, discovering EpicDuel. Those were the most exciting moments of my playtime. Over my total time, I have changed names more than 10 times, changed looks probably over 100 times, met some great friends and some that have passed on, been in many factions, enjoyed my time with those who spoke with me, bought nearly every promo that I saw while playing... but now it feels like I am a senior... I have become a critic of this game, but not a derogatory critic at all. Not to sound arrogant, but before Omega phase, I felt I had learned just about everything there is to learn. I was happily sitting at a 83%-95% win ratio. With Omega, the drastic mechanics and game changes have put me in a comprising position where I have went backwards in terms of "learning" the game. Sorry, but when i'm losing 3 of 5 battles , there is a problem.

If there was a chart it would go Cores > Skill, Luck > Skill, 5 focus > Creativity. To make matters worse for Mercenary, it can be very difficult (I will go out on a limb and say it is the most difficult class) to distinguish between using one move or another. The strategic play of mercenary also shifts to something drastically different when you fight against different opponents, let alone different classes.

Omega. Sweet, Sweet Omega. Why so many nerfs? Why no more passives? Why no more losses shown, it's a competitive game!? What happened to Mercenary, I have 46k wins as one? What happened to the faction system, where are the members Wins/War kills/Tokens?! I come back from a nice, long 3-year break to this? I am so disappointed ED had to come to this, I understand they are making substantial amounts of money, but really? This is what EpicDuel has turned into? Omega is about nothing but nerfs and losing because of luck. The luck in this game is so imbalanced, in Alpha/Beta/Gamma you actually needed strategy or skill to win. Now it's based off %'s and cores, just terrible, yet I succumbed to gullibility & fell into the ED trap and have already spent like 800$ since I have been back. I am at fault for this as I was stuck in ED's amazing past.

Unless a release bringing never-before-seen content emerges, there is nothing more left to be said. There is no sentiment of growing as a character. Whenever I "grind" in EpicDuel I do it to try to improve my worsening win ratio. But I intuitively know, that at the core, over time EpicDuel can be purged and recreated as something new. A new experience for any and everyone.

I am privileged to had played EpicDuel in it's glory days and grow with it and everyone involved, and how oh-so exciting my first moments were. To the Developers of Epicduel, words cannot explain how grateful I am for this great game being made. Thank you for that "just-conceived" feel I initially received.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 84
1/29/2017 12:41:54   

@Gold Shock

Yeah, it was a really exciting game, it's a shame it turned into a dress-up game now. Everyone has the same weapons, only the looks change, rare exceptions on weapons with skill cores locked into them, but now even most of the cores can be bought and put on other gears. Not that it was bad, it make good combinations of cores possible (Blood hawk armor had a good passive core, but a bad active core. Now I could use the passive core with another active).

Gold Shock, Omega was not a good phase, indeed. I also think the game has potential to rise from the ashes, but it would be such a hard job to revert unsuccessful updates that I doubt Developers would use that much time and work to do it since they are so focused on other projects. But I have to say EpicDuel can bring back old players and even attract new players if we get to see what we want. There's twitter and other places, and I bet the few still active players would spread the word that EpicDuel is good again and player base would increase again. I say that because I see how it increases on events like gifting and even war attract some players. All players wanted now is a reason to play.

Ranks were first created with that intention. Ranks make us level up endlessly. Unfortunately it wasn't a good choice. No one feels stronger as they go up in level.

Currently, all we can fight for is rating, and all it brings to us: Blue stars, red stars. Leaderboards' reward is only an anchievement, which is also rating, which only give you more stars. What's the point?

I liked it when weapons had unique stats, every weapon I bought was a new range of build possibilities. The balance complaints probably killed all diversity and turned EpicDuel into this. Sadly.


I still hope that some revolutionary update comes up with great battle improvements and all those stuff, not just for ED but many other interesting AE games. I always hope those games can revive and attract players again, because they have potential to it. That's why I have an account for each of those games and I never give them away or retire them completely. I log in occasionally to see if something changes, and I bet I'm not the only one.

I personally am not so attracted by AQ3D, I play AE games exactly because the games looked more simple and fun, with unique gameplays. If I were to play those kind of games, I'd just buy the best PC, search for MMORPG on google and look for the most played and advanced game.

Well, I'll just keep living my life and log in when I have some free time to spend. Maybe Developers decide it's time to give some update on any of those games to bring them back to life and then I can think of giving some more attention to them! :)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 85
1/4/2018 0:28:25   

So I randomly decide to check in ED and AE Forums and ya'll are telling me that half of you who I easily remember still come here. 8x, OneWingedAngel, WhiteTiger, etc. Is Battle Elf "Elf Priest Jzaanu?"(or whatever her name was?)

Edit: and Xendran too? wtffffffffff

Edit 2: oh no, I'm retarded. These posts are from 2017....

< Message edited by SoliqeIsBack -- 1/4/2018 0:30:59 >
Post #: 86
1/4/2018 11:12:06   
One Winged Angel1357

Since I know the mods aren't looking at the moment and this will only get locked so you can read it later.

8x, myself, and WhiteTiger are still here. Battle Elf is not JZ. Xen lurks but hasn't posted in months last I heard he was working on some super top secret project
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 87
1/4/2018 14:36:04   

2017, it feels like we were living there just a few days ago
Epic  Post #: 88
1/4/2018 16:34:25   

Didn't Titan not ask on twitter what ED players liked most about the game, hinting at the possibility of an update? Or was it just a ploy for gifting? hmm... I wonder.
Post #: 89
1/4/2018 22:59:03   
One Winged Angel1357

I haven't heard anything about any form of updates so I would wager it is just a marketing thing to get people back online for winter
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 90
1/5/2018 10:18:45   

It does feel like just a few days ago when 2017 started. A few of us still play and funny enough I was on gifting quite a bit before Christmas and saw quite a few old familiar faces.
Some of us still log in ever now and then, so chuck us a PM if you ever wanted to catch up!

Whatever the developers have in store for 2018 I'm sure they will let us know through another Design Note Update, however any posts regarding that topic are not exactly relevant to this release thread. As said above, I will have to lock this thread to prevent any confusion to players reading this topic who may have thought it was a Post for 2018.
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 91
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