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1/17/2017 8:43:37   

The Legend of Big Jack Sprat

Jack wasn’t always an undead commander, at one point he was a minotaur who was feared throughout the lands and often segregated himself in his chambers. Jack had a spear, armour, and helmet that was easily identified in combat and made his enemies tremble at the mere sight of him.

A necromancer by the name of Sargoth approached Jack one day and requested he fight for his undead army but Jack declined the request. Sargoth tried to persuade Jack with riches, power, fame, and glory, he tried going the whole nine yards but failed. Jack refused no matter what was offered and then entered his chambers.

When Sargoth had departed he swore that Jack would fight for his army one day. When Sargoth got back to ShatterSkull Tower he demanded that his two well-trusted soldiers protect his tower as he departed on a task. They both agreed, then Sargoth went to his chambers to make a foul and fatal poison that would plague anyone or anything at the touch of it and die within minutes. His General, General Gathmore, stood outside the gates to his tower with 2 waves of skeleton squadrons to protect his master’s tower. A very powerful skeleton spirit called the “GaitWraith” roamed his master’s tower to ensure no trespassers were present and all was in order.

Sargoth travelled back to Jack’s chambers and quietly entered to pour poison into his helmet, then carefully wiped the poison with a swab onto his spear and then departed.

The next morning Jack put his helmet on and instantly he knew he had been poisoned as his fur fell off like dead flies dropping, his blood curdled, and his flesh rotted rapidly as if Death himself had personally touched his flesh to ensure his death. Now all that is left is the grey bones of his skeleton and his big teeth now grey as his bone, and his once bright and clean steel plated armour, now turned to grey as everything else had.

Sargoth checked for a pulse and once he was sure that Jack was dead he used necromancy to revive Jack. As Sargoth did this a green glow from the poison used was present around his eyes, a third eye then appeared, a skull now on his forearm plate, a skull on his spear, and a green glow of poison then surrounded the blade. Sargoth diminished any memories that Jack may have had but in return granted him intelligence and wisdom of 10 scholars and 10 Wiseman. Jack raised slowly with his bones clicking against each other and towered over Sargoth and in a deep muffled voice murmured something in a language only the skeletons, and Sargoth can fluently speak.

Sargoth turned to depart and let his new deadly warrior roam when he realised that his new lieutenant needed a small platoon and was granted so. Sargoth was most impressed with his new creation and he made sure people knew of it by sending messages everywhere. Jack became one of the most feared and deadly lieutenants of Sargoth’s army, with over tens of thousands individuals plagued, which resulted in more undead being added to his platoon, that he eventually became known as, “Big Jack Sprat”.


Sincerely your friendly paladin,
AQW  Post #: 1
1/17/2017 8:46:12   

How Quibble Came to Be

Moglins are the heroes favourite creatures to encounter when adventuring across the lands. Moglins are either good and help the heroes, or they are evil as they trick the heroes and cause mischief in the lands.

A peculiar moglin by the name of Quibble was not overly driven to help the heroes that he came across, nor did he want to cause havoc and join the Ebil moglin, Zorback in conquering the world. Quibble was driven by the passion that he had to explore, like the hero, and find what the unknown lands had to offer. Quibble loved to travel, and sometimes he ventured into lands not moglin-friendly and this resulted in Quibble gaining the knowledge of all the chaos lords.

Quibble found a brownish-gray hat on the ground outside of a small dark cave where the entrance was small enough so he could enter. Quibble was sceptical of entering as he had no idea what was in there waiting for him, but he was reassured as he heard a soft, high-pitched voice urge him to enter. Immediately Quibble’s interest peaked and he entered the dark cave, only to be met by a small dim light which he followed until it grew brighter, and brighter, as he met a bright white fairy who was immobilised by chains.

The fairy told Quibble that there was a far more powerful fairy who told her that there would soon be a moglin whom would find the hat. This hat, when worn by the moglin who entered the cave, will unleash the fairy, but the split second that it is removed the fairy will be chained once again.

The fairy made a deal with Quibble, as long as long as he wore the hat and let her roam free, she would use her time travel abilities to bring him never-before-seen gear that he may sell. Apprehensive, Quibble thought about the pros and cons of doing this. The pros heavily outweigh the cons and thus Quibble complies with this in hopes he gains a vast amount of riches and that he hasn’t made a fatal mistake.

The fairy, once released, bows and thanks, Quibble, she then reassures him he will gain many riches and will gain the popularity of the heroes. She hands Quibble a backpack which she says holds a chest that will obtain the gear that she will bring for him, that chest will ostensibly be heavy but in reality, weighs nothing for Quibble. She also states that in order for the gear to appear in the chest, Quibble must return back to that very cave. The cave will then shut behind him and open for him to venture back to Battleon once all the gear is put in his chest. The cave is Quibble’s home and it is well lit as it has so much gold and activities for him to do so he is never bored, nor lonely.

This deal between Quibble and the fairy is strong and continues to this day, and it is still unknown whether the gear found in his chest will never return, or whether it will come back in the future. One thing that is known, is that the more you buy from Quibble, the more luxurious his cave becomes. This deal is a win-win-win. Quibble lives in luxury, the hero has access to never-before-seen rare gear from the future, and the fairy gets to roam free as long as she holds up her end of the deal.

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Sincerely your friendly paladin,
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1/18/2017 20:18:29   

The Lore of Princess Tara

The Royal family is more than meets the eye, it isn’t just gold, fame, and power but Alteon’s life is quite extravagant with day-to-day battles. The battles that are undergone are usually with his youngest daughter as she likes to run away and play with creatures she shouldn’t and read books about dragons. Not to mention she loves to attend the dragon slaying class that all the knights must attend as it is mandatory, but she loves to learn about the dragons of Lore.

Two of his three daughters are not like any normal daughters of a king, rather they relish in more physical and dangerous activities that one might see a knight part take in. His middle daughter, Princess Victoria, has a real knack with the bow and can be seen often practising outside the palace wearing a green linen outfit with gold plated shoulders and a green hat. However, his youngest daughter, Princess Tara, is more of an animal person and for years enjoyed the accompaniment of ponies and bunnies, yet her true fascination belongs to dragons.

Princess Tara adored dragons so much that her mother called her, her little Dragon Princess which she loved being called. After the passing of her mother and the loss of a queen, Tara began collecting menacing animals to join her in her tea party adventures in her fabulous room. The guards took notice of this and called her “Tara the Terrible” as it was reported that a maid went into her room to undertake her daily cleaning of her room when she was attacked by one of these dangerous creatures. It was said her room contained a baby dragon that could melt any plate of steel, the baby dragon was never proven to reside in her room so it was just speculation and no one dared to go in to find out the truth. The King ordered that no one call his little princess “Tara the Terrible” or they shall face appalling consequences.

On Tara’s 12th birthday the King had got 3 moglins to each bring her a gift instead of the usual pony. The red moglin, Twilly, brought her 12 healing potions for when she was old enough to venture on her own. The grey moglin, Quibble, brought her 12 vouchers for any weapon, helmet, armour, cape, or companion that she wanted from Quibble and that it cost nothing more than a smile. Lastly, the blue moglin, Zorbak, brought her the best gift that this princess ever could've imagined. It was a ring that gave her the ability to utilise any dragon she wanted during combat.

The day following her 12th birthday she had departed from the castle and stole Bloodtooth the Dragon that guards Swordhaven and flew away using her new, magical green ring. The hero saved the dragon from Princess Tara, and Tara mysteriously vanished and wasn’t seen again for quite some time.

Rumours started floating around that because she despised the royal colour, purple, that she went rogue and went to Etherstorm to learn the ways of the dragons. It was said that when a knight entered the Princess’ chambers there were a vast amount of creatures caged, normally viscous animals, were now petrified and trembled in the presence of anyone from their traumatic experience with Tara.

Tara returned and the king was overjoyed and insisted he throw a huge ball for her, but she declined and returned to her chambers. Tara was older at this point, and she wore elegant silky robes with a sash coming across her chest. The robes would change colours depending on her emotion, and her sash stayed a solid grey colour at all times.

Tara had a dragon tattoo on her left forearm, and lower right calf as well she had runes under each of them. The first set of runes on her left forearm read, “DRAGON”, and the runes on her calf read “QUEEN” which many people got suspicious of. When King Alteon had passed away, she did not wear her dragon robes, rather she wore a silky purple dress with a tiara which her father would’ve wanted her to wear. After the funeral, her sister, Princess Victoria, tried to confront her to stay and help with the kingdom duties, but she refused. Tara went to her father's quarters, found her ring, and departed immediately.

To this day, no one has seen Tara, people that have said they have seen Tara refuse to tell where they have seen her. Victoria still waits for a letter to say that her little sister is okay but still has yet to receive that letter, but she plans her vengeance and rebuilds Swordhaven as she waits. It is believed that Tara still trains in Etherstorms with the Dragon masters so that she can avenge her father and become the Dragon Queen that she has always wanted to be, and to make her mother, whom she never met, proud.


Sincerely your friendly paladin,
AQW  Post #: 3
2/8/2017 14:48:10   

The Four Deadly Creatures of Greenguard

After the passing of the Black Knight, the four combatants were deemed by the King himself to be Guardians of Greenguard and were to be honoured nobly for their work. A problem arose when 5 of the King’s advisers brought the pressing matter that the armour was corrupted so much that it had a brain of itself and could find its way back to the master and revive the Black Knight. Puzzled, the king summoned the four guardians to discuss the matter.

The guardians joined the King in his royal hall where they discussed the pressing matter over some exquisite food made by the King’s personal chef. The King got straight to the point, all of the guardians were puzzled as well. For hours they discussed what they could do to ensure that this deadly warrior never arises from its slumber.

The King, with help from his royal advisor, came up with the idea that the guardians could find an animal that is noble enough to guard their piece of armour. All the guardians seemed to be ecstatic about the idea and all departed in quickly and quietly to find animals they deemed worthy. The guardians were excited to find their creature, and some of the guardians knew exactly what creature they were going to use to protect their piece of armour.

The Dragonlord, Dack, immediately knew what he was going to use from the very moment the king had mentioned it. Dack went to the Dragon lair to find a dragon, instead of finding one, in particular, he decided to breed the Red Dragon and a Green Draconian. Impatient, he sped up the process by using a special potion given to him so his new green dragon could roam and get things going. Dack, was in love with his new dragon and had so much affection towards it, the dragon loved what it was and showed his affection to his master through cuddles.

The Starlord, Sehl, also knew immediately what creature he wanted to use to protect his armour piece. A creature abandoned at birth by his parents, Sehl adopted this creature and gave him a home aboard his starship. Despite the menacing name that he has, DeathGazer, he is very loyal to Sehl and obeys any command no matter how outrageous it may be. The bond that the two share is unbreakable and nothing can leave a crack in their friendship.

BeastMaster, Benger, tamed all sorts of creatures that he came across. When faced with the task he had too many potential candidates that he would love to give the armour piece to. Once he returned to his residence, he was greeted by all of his wonderful pets that were once vicious animals, except one animal who laid in a corner watching the others. Benger, approached the creature slowly, apprehensive as he had never seen this creature before. He stuck his hand out, and the creature humbly walked towards him, head down and his head was pressed against Benger’s hand. An instantaneous bond rushed through them both, an unknown creature never-seen-before that Benger called, Basilistic.
Finally, the necromancer, Norel, was so lost and had no idea what creature she was going to use to guard her piece of armour. Hours, and hours, of pondering this question in the streets of Swordhaven, outside the pizzeria, she sat to think and watch the kids slay these harmless slimes found nearly everywhere in Lore. After staring at the green goop left behind after being slain, Norel finally came up with an idea. She gathered all the remains of the green goop, bones, skull and all, found two old smoothie barrels and filled those to the top with the goo. Norel took them back to her house, a smaller scaled version of the necromancer tower. She took the remains and put them in a large square tub, moulded them all together by finding the melting point and then fused them together. The essences of the fused goos jiggled around lifelessly, using her necromancy powers she revived all of them, making it into one giant slime cube. Impressed, Norel squealed with joy and had affection towards her slime and hugged it, or hugged what she could. The slime cube hopped up and down from what appeared to be a joyful glee.

After a week, the armour pieces were separated and kept in a safe location that no one would be able to find.The guardians all came back with their creatures they said would be the deadliest creatures to fight to obtain those armour pieces. The King was fascinated with what he saw and was convinced that the armours would be safe with them. As his final request, the King said that they should say their goodbyes as this may very well be the last time that they see their creatures. Upset, they all demanded they have a way to connect with their creatures through the spirit. The King agreed, his Sorceress, Sarel, made eight serums that she put in all the creatures, and gave the corresponding one to the guardian so that they may connect.

After all this, the creatures were brought to a location best fitting for them by their guardian parent to say their last goodbyes. This deeply saddened all the guardians, however, they knew it was for the best. Before departing, they gave their creatures the armour pieces to protect, and then they left and never returned. Once given the armour, they instantly become corrupted and wanted power, fame, glory, and had evil thoughts because of the armour.

The ghost of the Black Knight often gets heroes to pry the armour from the creatures. When it is pried from them they turn to their original state of being humble, noble, kind, or whatever they were before corruption. Upon returning to their noble selves, they have a short visit with their ghostly guardian parent for a short time until they need to retrieve the armour piece. The creatures go to where the hero slew the Black Knight, again. They take their armour pieces, return to their location, become corrupted again. This an ongoing cycle which is driven by their guardian spirit telling them to retrieve the armour piece.


Sincerely your friendly paladin,
AQW  Post #: 4
3/18/2017 17:07:51   

Zee the Blood Paladin

Zee was a regular paladin, he wore the standard paladin armour while he wore the paladin’s benediction, a red cape, and what most paladins had, the Blade of Destiny.

After a few years, people began to realise that Zee had exceptional talent, he started to notice as well and wanted answers as to why he was such an outstanding warrior. For months, he went and looked for an answer, yet he found nothing and always turned up at a dead end. Finally, a hooded elder whom he never met, approached him as he sat and moped since he felt he would never get an answer to his question. The elder walked towards him, sat beside him and spoke in such a poetic way that it stuck to Zee like tar, and for the first time in what felt like an eternity, he felt as if he was full, and not hungry for answers.

Zee went to a mystical library, and when entered he could see that each book glowed with a blue aura and the pages were white as snow. Overwhelmed, Zee walked to a person sitting at the front desk and asked for assistance. The hooded person agreed, then pulled out a book with a red glow, making it almost identical to the ones on the shelf. The book now sat on the old rugged steel desk. The person told Zee, in a low, raspy old voice to place his hand on the book and swear he would trust the essences existing within the library to guide him to where he goes. Should he break the trust, the consequences would be devastating and all good fortune would be nonexistent, and his life would be turned upside down. With that in mind, Zee trusted the essences wholeheartedly and let them guide him to where he needed to go. Finally, they stopped and he could open his eyes. A book was floating right in front of him, a book identical to the rest, as if it were just one copy of millions.

Zee took the book and opened it slowly and apprehensively not knowing what to expect. He opened the book and was left astonished as the results were not what he expected. As he read further, he found that he was from a bloodline of titans which explained his extraordinary power. Why he is human is because one titan went and married a human hero which resulted in the creation of Zee. He found out that he was abandoned because for titans it was blasphemous to marry anyone and they would be forsaken, and thus Zee could not be known as a descendant of a Blood Titan bloodline. He furthered his reading and learned so much more about his bloodline and his ancestors, his possible power, and learned about his legacy.

Zee brought the book back with him to his quarters in a small castle where he stayed for most of his life. Luckily, he was surrounded by thousands of acres of land that was exclusive to him, and him only. Here, he used trees as targets and channelled his power from within and followed the book's directions exactly. One step forward, slice downward from left to right, slice up, lunge, and stab. Zee practiced. And practiced. Zee started with the basics, then gradually worked his way up to more challenging techniques. Finally, he mastered his newfound energy and felt like he was on top of the world. Still following the paladin morals, he decided a new armour was to be fitted for him as he embarked on a new journey.

Zee’s first mission on his agenda was to go to the blacksmith and have his paladin armour changed a little, changing the silver base colour to red, and the gold base to silver. Zee looked at the armour, thinking that it didn’t fit quite right, so he said to add a loincloth. Usually, the blacksmith must go to the tailor and request that a loincloth is specially made, but luckily the blacksmith had one already in stock and fitted perfectly, almost as if it were fate. Still not feeling right about the armour, Zee said to the blacksmith to add more detail to the shoulder plates, arm guards, leg guards, and finally the breastplate. On the end of his boots was a little spike which he thought he could use to kick his enemies with to weaken them. He also needed a weapon with the same colours as his armour, a fallen angel head on the end of the axe, in between the blades of the axe. After he was content with his armour, he went to the tailor to get his loincloth and his cape fitted and coloured correctly. Unfortunately, the loincloth ended up being a little big so Zee needed a belt. Consequently, he found that there was one already attached to his armour and just needed to be unclipped.

Finally, Zee had his armour that he adored, which he didn’t realise would become so well renowned that he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without someone identifying him as a person. However, his beautiful red and silver armour was not the reason for him being so notorious. Rather, it’s the fact that he has so much power that he could be claimed as a “saviour” of Lore from all the evil and get rid of it all, yet he doesn’t choose to do so.

However, his fame was more of a curse than a blessing, he became so well renowned he was number one on everyone’s annihilation list. Bounty hunters were tracking him down and trying to slay Zee while he slept so peacefully in the comfort of his bed, in what he thought was an isolated location. Somehow, people started to find out where he lived, fans started to exasperate Zee, whereas the bounty hunters were not so irritating. This quickly went from bad to worse. The amount of followers that Zee had pushed his sanity to a breaking point, everything in his life was chaotic. He had nothing. No peace, no silence, no sanity, no friends, no privacy. Everything he longed for was nonexistent. Pushed to the limits, Zee used a titan stomp so powerful it would immobilise everyone up to a one-mile radius for a few minutes which gave him time to escape.

Rage built up inside of Zee, he wanted to terminate everyone that got near him regardless of affiliation with him. This rage was caused by the unending pestering of fans, him being alone, but above all else, people did not appreciate his new found ability. What people did, was they took Zee for granted and everything that he was, this got on Zee’s last nerve. He was a ticking time bomb, waiting for one last thing to set him off before he went on a destructive rampage. That night, he decided he needed to be isolated and have some time to himself.

Zee decided he would go to the place where it all began. The paladin headquarters. He went there at night knowing very well that it should be as empty as a ghost town. He found an angel sitting on some steps leading to the training area. The angel wore white and blue robes with a white hood, gripping a staff so tightly, and from what he could see the angel’s skin was appeared to be blue. The staff was unique, it was grey in colour with the head of a lifeless seraph at the end, yet the wings on either side of the head were so lively, it almost seemed like they moved. Zee approached the angel slowly, analysing to see if the angel would attack or just sit there. The angel spoke to Zee in such a poetic way, it seemed familiar, yet so foreign to him. But the way he spoke didn’t disturb Zee, it was what the angel knew that freaked him out. The angel knew of everything that occurred, the fans, the followers, the hunters, the invasive privacy, he knew it all.

The angel told Zee that he was his guardian angel. However, that wasn’t the point of the visiting, rather it was to offer Zee a position as a high paladin in the angel realm and become known as an “Ascended Paladin.” Zee was confused and asked why he was chosen as there were other paladins with more loyalty to good. The angel told him that he was under surveillance for quite some time, being lead to understanding his past was no accident. Holes in his past were left there for a reason. Still not understanding, Zee asked why they chose him. The angel told him that although his power was a factor, his mother that was claimed to be a hero was actually, in fact, an angel which is why Zee was far more powerful than Blood Titans.

After some time Zee finally agreed, the angel rose from his spot and started to levitate with his arms in a bent “v” shape and had a beam surrounding him. The angel then pointed his staff to Zee and the beam transferred and was now around him, he too began to levitate and noticed his red and silver gear turn white and gold. His axe now had a living angel head on it, wings then sprouted from his back, and had some armour around the top of his wings. Zee’s pupils seemed to be nonexistent and only the sclera of the eye was present. Zee’s past, whether he remembered it or not flooded his brain. He could identify his parents by face. He was taken to a paladin named Arryd to train as a paladin. He then became a paladin. Growing up, kids made fun of him for being different. Then, everything else he remembered, finally the memory of his life was complete.

Zee, flew through the ceiling, leaving a massive hole in the ceiling, the angel followed.

Zee was not seen again for some time. When people see him nowadays, it is for a short time before ascending back into the angel realm where he often dwells in his own chambers, undisturbed. Zee is now the general of the angel army and uses his powers for good and protects the weak, as a paladin he still protects his fellow comrades in times of danger, it’s just paladin instincts, though. Zee’s legend still lives on to this day, some people still see him from time to time, but for nothing more than a few moments. However, he usually shows himself to fellow paladins, new and old. Who knows, maybe you will see Zee, or maybe he will be your guardian angel one day.


Sincerely your friendly paladin,
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8/8/2018 22:33:26   

The Time Where The Player Met The Mod
The player stood in the Yulgar among nine others around him who seemed to be in the notorious trance many players often fell to. He entered the trance more often than not, which was referred to as, ‘away from keyboard,’ but was fighting for his sanity. After several minutes of desperation to avoid the frequent nodding off, something crazy happened. A cool and collected moderator entered the Yulgar.

A million thoughts rushed through the player’s mind, stay cool, dude. Don’t be stupid. Don’t break the rules. Don’t ask too many questions. Don’t ask typical questions. Don’t get banned.

The moderator expected to be bombarded with messages but was instead greeted by silence.
The player did what the moderator anticipated and bombarded him with questions, “Wow a mod! That’s so cool! Have you banned anyone? Do you get free stuff? Do you like being a mod? Do you play a lot? So, you’re over 18 right?”

The moderator briefly and simply responded, “yes.”

Without a moment's notice the moderator left. The player went into thought again, wow. What a swell guy. He’s so cool. I wanna be a mod now. I think I’ll apply on the next call even though I’m only thirteen and three quarters.

The mod came back and the player was ecstatic. Before the player could continue his bombardment, everything froze. Just his luck, his wifi cut out due to the usage of the microwave, which temporarily knocked out the wifi. Not being too bummed, he carried on with his chores that he had been putting off for the past three and a half hours.
AQW  Post #: 6
10/15/2019 13:22:08   

The Moglins

The 12 most notorious moglins to ever breathe in the world of Lore were about to have their lives changed forever. Eleven of the twelve were sitting under a tree in an orchard near their village. Soon, Twilly came running as fast as he could with some very good news.

“Guys!” He exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath. “I have some exciting news!”

“Ugh, not this again, give it a rest, Twilly,” grunted Zorback.

“I swear this time it’s true!” Twilly hollered back.

“If no one else will listen, I’ll listen to ya, buddy,” said Cupcake.

“You know,” started Mort, “I never did understand why you just soak in a cupcake all day.”

“Why are you dressed in skull and bones!?” Barked back Zilla.

“Bite me,” responded Cupcake to Mort.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys but I love me a good story!” Shouted Quibble.

“Aye, she will be a good tale,” agreeingly said Rez.

“Aheha, let’s get this show on the road, eh,” said Nugget.

“Well, you know how we are stuck in this game?” Asked Twilly.

“This blasphemous game,” murmured Scourge.

“The players reached enough money to use some crazy machine to bring us into the real world!” shouted Twilly.

“Great! Now I can take over the game world, and real world” mumbled Zorback.

“So, I’m hearing that I can appear in dreams from people in the real world?” Asked Memet.

“He didn't stutter,” said Scourge.

“Arr, that not be very nice, matey,” said Scurvy.

“So, when did you hear about this gweat news, Twilly?!” Shouted Twig.

“I heard Artix talking to some of his friends about it! It’s gonna be great!”

“You’re just saying that because you’re his favourite,” snarled Mort.

“Not true!” Shouted Twilly.

“For me, this will be a great opportunity to get some new gear for the adventurers,” said Quibble.

“And more souls for the legion,” replied Scourge.

“More dead people for Death,” said Mort.

“And more paladins for the Paladin Order!” Shouted Rez.

“Shut up with your Paladin pride garbage, Rez,” said Scourge.

“Light will always triumph darkness,” responded Rez.

“Arr, so what be the E-T-A in the real world, matey?” Asked Scurvy.

“Soon! I’ll keep you guys updated,” said Twilly enthusiastically.

After a month of all twelve Moglins packing and getting ready to go, it was time to go to the real world. Twig heard from Twilly that it was time to go and spread the word. They all met up and waited around for Twilly at the tree they first heard the news.

“I can’t wait to appear in people’s dreams,” said Memet.

“Anyone else worried about how we are gonna get back?” Asked Zilla.

“Nope! I just wanna be loved by people who love food!” Said Cupcake.

“I, uh, heard Twig and Twilly talking about how Artix said, uh, we can come back and forth as we wish or, uh, something like that, eh,” said Nugget.

They were all packed and ready to go. They were all outside the machine and waiting to enter. The excitement was killing them all as they wanted to get into the real world as fast as possible. It was time. One by one, each of the Moglins walked through the machine, which brought them to the real world. Standing in front of them, Artix stood proud and tall with his hands on his hips with a smile from ear to ear.

As they walked through the machine and entered the real world they were transformed into something new and completely different.

The first moglin, Twig, stepped into the machine and the transformation had begun. His fur began to turn into a synthetic fiber called polyester. His flesh became cotton stuffing. His once normal eyes turned into hard plastic eyes. He was no longer his old self. He was now a plush toy in the real world. All of the moglins went through the same transformation.

After each moglin walked through the machine, a loud hissing sound would flood the hair as steam would exit the machine before the next moglin stepped out.

The moglins came out in a very uniform way. They came out one by one. First, it was Twilly, then Twig. Mort, followed by Memet. Scurvy, then Scourge. Zilla, and then Zorback. Nugget, then Cupcake. Then the last two were Quibble and Rez.

Immediately the moglins formed small groups like cliques in a school playground. They huddled around and talked.

Zorback, Mort, Scourge and Memet stood in a circle. They murmured but some of their chat could be heard.

Memet said, “I’m so excited to see what these real-like people dream of.”

Zorback replied, “well, once I take over the world you can see what these pesky people have nightmares of. Probably me.”

Scourge chimed in, “well, leave some of them to become legionaires.”

Mort stood there. He said in a calm and monotone voice, “I get the dead ones.”

Meanwhile, Rez and Twilly talked about their noble acts while being as humble as possible.

“I help adventurers all the time, but you do a lot more I’m sure,” said Twilly.

“I help where I can. I help the paladin army with any deed they need. I am sure you do more than me because you help and heal players,” replied Rez.

Standing to the side, Quibble and Scurvy talked about some of their wildest adventures.

“Arr, I’ve seen the biggest sea beast ye ever laid yer eyes on. She be named the Kraken, matey,” said Scurvy.

“That’s nothing. I’ve seen a monster bigger, badder, beastier. He killed a thousand men. Gathered their armoury. Now, that armoury is mine. How the monster was slain is a secret, but let me tell ya. He wasn’t from this time,” boasted Quibble.

“Aye, that be a good story. I’ll give that to ya, matey.”

Twig and Cupcake were sitting down. They were leaning in as Twig ate a banana split and Cupcake ate another cupcake.

“How is your cupcake, fwiend ?” asked Twig.

“Delicious! Birthday cake cupcakes are my favourite! How’s your ice cream by the way?” replied Cupcake.

“It’s wery good! You know, I wike that flavouw too. Maybe we can be the bestest of fwiends!”

“Definitely! We can be B-F-F’s!”

Nugget and Zilla stood and stared at each other awkwardly. They didn’t know what to say or do.

“Do you wanna watch Anime?” Asked Zilla.

“I’m, uh, not a fan, eh…” replied Nugget.

“You what?! You don’t like anime?!”

“Okay, uh, settle down, eh! Let me explain…”

And that started a huge discussion between Zilla and Nugget about whether anime was good or not.

Just then, Artix walked and stood over the moglins very contently. He was happy to see that they had come from the game world to the real world, and in a friendly, plushy form. He looked down and could not stop smiling. His smile was from ear to ear. Watching them come out of the machine, Artix felt his heart be filled to the brim with joy. His dream to have his moglins come to life to spread moglin cheer for all to hear was the best moment of his life. He knelt down and he hugged them all tightly. Mort, Zorback, and Scourge did not like the hug that much. However, everyone else loved it and even hugged back.

Artix let go and went from a kneeling position to sitting cross-legged. His face grew with excitement while keeping his smile. He opened his arms in a grand welcoming gesture and exclaimed “welcome to the real world, Moglins! Start roaming around because our home is your home now. Battle on!”

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