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RE: Rebel One, Bring the Action!

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11/28/2018 8:21:33   

Appearance: A circular earpiece with a golden indentation in the middle. From the earpiece extends wrap-around sunshades of a transparent fruity purple color; indistinct glyphs and symbols move over the surface of the sunshades.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that increases the player's Melee, Ranged, or Magic defense and reduces all damage they take from that type, based on the monster's damage range, but only once per turn, the defense bonuses remaining unless the damage range changes.

Description: A piece of drakel magiscience that scans your opponent's bioelectric functions and elemental integration, allowing you to brace yourself against any attack of theirs.

Eclipse Edge
Appearance: A sort of katar/short sword. Its blade is A-shaped, with the outer edges extending up past the wrist. The handle is a smooth bar of dark wood, and above it is a wavy piece of wood which the fingers would go over. The blade is a deep black that fades into a bright and pale golden yellow at the edges, and waves and peaks like the corona during a solar eclipse.

Stats: A Magic Light Claw with a normal damage lean and no special attack. It has an effect of converting the player's DEX into STR and INT, any stats past the max misc. boost going into a slight increase in both damage and BtH. Any penalty for the effect would be paid for by the player taking increased damage and/or an even drop in their defenses.

Description: A strange weapon that cannot be wielded with a learned deftness, but instead increases the instinctual ferocity and cunning needed to use it properly.

Golden Battlewhale
Appearance: A glittering golden statuette of a Battlewhale, with tiny gems for eyes.

Stats: A Gold cost misc. item that increases the damage the player deals based on how much gold they have, and gives a max misc. boost to LUK. It also has an effect of the player gaining a little bit of gold whenever they score a Lucky Strike.

Description: If you're swimming in oceans of gold, you'll have a whale of a time using this treasure! It puts the weight of your wealth behind your attacks, and increases your fortune by increasing your fortune!

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12/9/2018 16:09:52   

Appearance: A wall of red flames blazes up and separates the player from the monster.

Stats: An SP cost misc. item that gives the player a few turns of resistance to the Defense Loss, Poison, and Frozen statuses, as well as giving the player the Firewall status- if the monster hits the player while they have the status, it is inflicted with a Fire element Burn for two turns, with the Burn power based on the number of hits that connected(Firewall would be in the Backlash family of effects).

Description: All the magical encryption you need to protect against enemies breaching your defenses! Run this skill to gain protection against being poisoned or frozen, and scorch enemies who break their way in.

Bloodwrath Heater
Appearance: A heater shield made of dark wood and scaly red hide, with two horns on the top corners curling back towards the center. The hide is cut in a few places so that there are holes showing the wood in a way that resembles the eyes and nasal cavity of a skull. The bottom half of the shield resembles an open mouth, with the hide parted over the wood, and with a few small horns to resemble fangs.

Stats: An Ice element shield with a focus on its Melee and Magic defenses. It has an effect of the player paying some HP at the start of their turn to gain the Blood Wrath status, which blocks a set amount of damage in a manner similar to the Chi and Mana Shield statuses; both the HP cost and damage blocked scales up with the player's STR. If the effect had a penalty it would be paid from the shield's Ranged defense. It would have a mini set bonus of the HP cost being reduced while wielding it with the Bloodwrath Maw.

Description: This shield fills you with a blood-boiling, fiery rage that saps your vitality but protects you against the cold and lets you shrug off your opponent's blows.

Bloodwrath Maw
Appearance: A sword with a large cleaver/chef knife type of blade. Along the upper edge/spine of the blade is a red scaly hide that extends all the way to the tip; from underneath the hide come a few fang-like blades that extend past the edge of the sword. The hand guard goes from the bottom corner of the blade to the top of the handle like |), with the hide also covering the guard, and on the outside edge of the hand guard are a few large fangs(but smaller than the blade's. The hand is wrapped in dark leather.

Stats: A moderately inaccurate Melee Fire sword that has a slight base damage lean. It has a special attack that heals the player's HP with the rate starting at 10% at full HP and increasing up to 20% as the player's health decreases. The sword has a trigger of gaining a hefty bonus to damage when the player pays an HP cost; any penalty for the effect would come from damage.

Description: When wielding this weapon, your sacrifices for victory send you into a frenzy, enabling you to deal massive wounds to your foes! You can also call on that rage to renew your body and keep fighting.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 77
12/10/2018 2:03:22   
Primate Murder

The Battlewhale is a pretty interesting misc. An unusual and useful effect - especially for those that farm gold. A solid 9/10.

Firewall tries to do too many things at the same time. Caltrops effect, 3 resistances, quickcast... I feel like if it's implemented, the overall effect would have to be pretty weak.

I'm not entirely certain what you're trying to do with Heater. Pay hp to gain an Hp Shield? Eh? (maybe you meant Radiant Aegis type thing, only with hp?).

The Maw's supposed to be a Bloodblade with a healing special, I take it? The idea's not bad, but I feel as though it's a little counterintuitive.
AQ DF  Post #: 78
12/17/2018 14:06:38   

^Thanks again for the comment! I do agree that Firewall was doing a lot of things, so I decided to change it into a misc. instead of a skill. Now...

Real-Life Luck
Appearance: A four-leafed clover with rainbow sparkles.

Stats: An "Earth" element misc. item that gives the player a max misc. boost to LUK, and also weights the player's damage and save rolls towards the higher end of the range. The misc.'s cost in paid for in HP and an increase in incoming damage.

Description: You've made a dangerous bargain with powers beyond the world of Lore- and in return, you've been gifted with a relic that bestows bafflingly good fortune...

Appearance: A large and bulky suit of plate armor with large pauldrons, and gauntlets and greaves. The plates are made of slick and shiny ice, and the visible chain mail beneath it are snowflakes of a more muted color. The shield is a large heater formed of ice, with jagged ice crystals visible over the edges.

The first skill is the player crouching into a defensive stance as a transparent/ephemeral shield materializes in front of them, the fifth skill is the player raising their shield up high as they glow and sparkle for a moment, the seventh skill is the player lifting up their weapon high and howling as their fighting spirit burns hot, the ninth skill is the player getting steaming angry and glowing red, the tenth skill is a fierce white aura rising off of the player.

Stats: A Fully Defensive Ice armor with a heavy focus on its resistances. If the player is a Defender, then the passive Class Title skill while in the armor(Unflinching) is the monster's attacks are given an accurate damage lean and deal an additional small percent less damage. The first skill(Hunker Down) ends the player's turn, and gives the player a hefty (armor element)Elemental Shield and Defense Boost for a turn or two. The second skill(Glacial Endurance) is a passive skill that gives a large reduction to the monster's damage that slowly decreases every turn, possibly causing the player to take increased damage if the battle goes on long enough. The third skill(Steely Resolve) is a toggle skill that gives the player a turn of regeneration and a boost to END . The fourth skill(Vanguard's Maneuver) is a passive skill that increases the damage of the player's pets and guests on the next turn whenever they block an incoming attack. The fifth skill(Second Wind) is an END-based healing skill that increases in power with each turn and also winds back Glacial Endurance's damage reduction a few turns.

The sixth skill(Stone Cold) is a toggle skill that increases the player's Defenses, based on their END. The seventh skill(Defiance) charges when the player takes incoming damage or fails a save against a status inflicted by the monster; the player can spend the charges on a skill that lets them ignore any penalty to inflicting or resisting statuses for a few turns. The eighth skill(Resilience) is a passive ability that heals the player's SP when they take damage over a certain amount(after modifications from the armor but before others). The ninth skill(Relentless) is a quick-cast skill that deals a flat amount of additional armor element damage for a few turns when the player makes a weapon attack(or weapon special) while in the armor; any EleComp would first go into the extra damage automatically hitting. The tenth skill(Final Stand) is a toggle skill that refreshes Glacial Endurance's damage reduction each turn and gives the player a moderate chance for the reduction to be increased, and also restores some of the player's HP each turn.

Description: The armor for those that are the first into battle and the last out! Training as a Defender allows you to lead the way for your friends with Vanguard's Maneuver, become Relentless and Unflinchingly shrug off your opponent's attacks!

Defender Class
Location: A little West of Battleon.

Requirements: Level 5 Knight training

Trainer: Kaiser. He is a stern and gruff individual, clad in the armor of the class(though, the plate of his armor is even heavier) and wearing an eye patch. As the player trains with him it is slowly revealed he was not always so brusque, and that there is still some of his idealistic youth deep within him.

Class Description: The brave rush forwards into the fray, guided by the noble and mighty. Despite their heroism, they perished. Throughout the ages, the last hope of those on the brink of annihilation has been... The Defenders, standing immovable and unbreakable as they ward off destruction. This is not an easy path, friend: sacrifice and desperation are no meat for the common warrior. But, should you be willing to throw your life away for justice... I will show you how to do so- and remain standing.

Class Quests: The class quests typically involve holding off a long string of enemies, with less frequent healing between battles. Defenders deal with undead, demons, vampires and werewolves, dragons, the mutants of No Man's Land- vast hordes intent on conquering. Before the player heads off to hols back the swarms of enemies, there would usually be some sort of skill challenge against Kaiser related to the ability from the next level up: blocking X amount of hits, winning below Y HP threshold, and so on. There would also occasionally be decisions about who to protect that would affect the player's Moral Compass and possibly decide which boss they face.

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AQ Epic  Post #: 79
1/14/2019 20:42:56   

Appearance: A large black cast iron cauldron appears in front of the player, along with two option bubbles. After one is picked they disappear, and rays of light shine from inside the cauldron for a moment before it fades away.

Stats: An SP cost skill that costs a turn, and creates either a mana potion or a health potion once a battle.

Description: With a little bit of toil, something healthy will be coming your way! Mastering this skill will allow you to brew a health or mana potion once a battle.
AQ Epic  Post #: 80
2/8/2019 23:40:13   

Appearance: A dagger formed of obsidian. The blade is heavy and has toothy, shadowy serrations, and the serrations are somewhat transparent; the last serration curves down, becoming a knuckle guard. The handle is wrapped with very dark cord, and the pommel is also obsidian.

Stats: An accurate Melee Darkness Dagger with a moderate base damage lean and no special attack. Instead of receiving a compensation to damage for its lack of a special attack, it instead has increased accuracy. It also has an effect of the player taking increased damage while wielding it, and to compensate for that it has increased accuracy.

Description: Crafted from obsidian and the shadows in a lich's heart, this dagger gives you an obsession for victory, causing you to take increased damage, but persevere and strike true.
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7/19/2019 22:02:02   

Mastodon War-Plow
Appearace: The player rides a Steppe Mastodon, who has armored forelegs and a helmet, and an eye patch. The player's armor is similar to the typical rider armor, but their pauldrons are thick and made of ice, instead of steel; the rest of armor is a dark and dull steel blue, with bits of fur peeking out from it.

Stats: An Ice/Earth offensive armor with three hits(tusk swing/trample/weapon slice). It has a focus on its resistances, and has a toggle skill where the player pays a significant amount of SP to deal increased damage and deal Ice element Melee "splash" damage to pack enemies, with the damage split evenly between them- so, if there was a single monster left, it would take the full bonus damage; if there were three, the splash damage would be split among the enemies not targeted by the player's attack. The effect could be paid for with gold and/or a drop in the armor's Ranged and Magic defenses.

Description: Tamed by the Jotun, this mastodon offers protection in the coldest mountain environments, and will have your foes screaming blood and thunder as you charge through them and batter aside multiple enemies at once!

Appearance: It has a wide blade formed of ice, tapering to a point starting in the last third of the blade; the edges have a sharp but narrow bevel that gets closer to the center just before the blade tapers, then meet shortly after the taper begins. It has a lance-like hilt of a metal bowl open towards the player, with a bit of fur sticking out from under the edges and simple golden trim. The handle is long and bound with dark woven leather. The pommel is conical, pointing back towards the player, and covered with a quilted blue fabric, and fits into another, smaller metal bowl at its base. Quick sketch of it: boop!

Stats: A Melee Ice Sword/Lance with a heavy base damage lean and no special attack. It has an effect of a small bonus to damage that stacks up based on how many times the player was hit by the monster the previous turn(with a pop-up displaying the total bonus). Instead of dealing increased damage for having no special attack it has increased accuracy.

Description: Best served cold.
AQ Epic  Post #: 82
7/24/2019 16:33:29   

Command Center
Appearance: A circular stone tower with battlements. It starts out plain and a little low, then it increases in height, gets a red pennant on top, then gets a wooden stable added on.

Stats: An estate building that takes a good amount of gold, stone and wood, and also some food and energy to upgrade; it's one of the buildings that takes the longest to get to max level, as well. At its later levels, it's a slight drain on resources. Its function is to increase the effectiveness of the player's guards and armies sent to warzones, and to reduce their cost slightly.

Description: A sturdy tower where you can safely plan with and direct your house guards and other fighters during wars, the coordination increasing the effectiveness of their efforts and cutting down on the costs to send them out.
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7/25/2019 21:26:03   

Tectonic Plate Armor
Appearance: Bulky but well-cut full plate armor. The plate is a dusty brown, the breastplate and fauld segmented in somewhat chevron-shaped bands, and studded with small rocky gray spikes; the pauldrons are mostly rock, resembling mini mountains, and the bracers have a similar look to the breastplate, with a bit of moss green cloth visible towards the elbow; the greaves and boots are the bulkiest, being moderately cone-shaped, and studded with more rocky spikes around the edge of the boots. The armor has a wide segmented belt which is again studded with small, rocky spikes, from which hangs a moss green tabard with dusty brown embroidery on the end. Because most of the armor is studded, the spikes aren't too concentrated to keep it from looking cluttered.

Stats: A fully defensive Earth armor with a maximum focus on its Earth resistance and defenses. It would have an effect of the player taking a flat number less damage, the number accumulating the more hits the player takes during the monster's turn; the effect could be payed for from the armor's Magic defense.

Description: This armor rocks pretty hard! It keeps you from hitting rock bottom with incredible Earth resistance and mountainous defenses, and its plates can shift to help dissipate your opponent's attacks!

Tectonic Titan Crag
Appearance: A tall hammer with a large rectangular head. The head is stone, gray and weathered, with a rocky spike on top of it; the handle is a dark, dusty brown wood segmented in three parts, the segments and head separated by mossy green disks(looking like thin bands from the side), and there is another gray, rocky spike on the pommel.

Stats: An very inaccurate Melee Earth hammer with a 100% base damage lean. It has a 15% rate special attack that gives a large boost to the player's END and gives them resistance to defense lowering statuses for a few turns. The hammer has an effect of a chance to Daze the monster(w/high chance of it not acting for a turn, modified by its Earth resistance) if the player's total/average MRM is above a certain point. The effect could be payed for from damage.

Description: A large and unwieldy hammer that connects with brutal consistency, its heft capable of strengthening your resolve and delivering punishing strikes that feed off your defensive bulk to Daze your foes.
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7/26/2019 22:38:35   

Magecraft/custom spell)
Location: Warlic's Shop

Quest: It's a bit of exposition by Warlic on the meta-magics knowledge needed to create a spell- for instance, investing some of the power into accuracy or one of the pre/post-spell effects- that's mostly what this is. He will task the player with fighting several monsters to familiarize themselves with the elements, and then once that and the other specifics of the spell are done, the player will have a test battle against him where they have a temporary(for this battle only) version of their spell to use. Once the player has tested out the spell and beaten Warlic, they're then able to buy it and rename it.

The mechanics of the spell available to modify are: accuracy lean(accurate/neutral/inaccurate), mana efficiency(efficient/normal/inefficient), element(standard 8/random), base damage lean(base lean/neutral/random lean); there are also some pre and post-spell effects: pre-spell ones are a chance of HP or MP heal, a chance for increased BtH or power, post-spell effects are HP or MP vamp, and a chance of giving the monster Burn, Daze, Fear, or Paralyze status effects(or perhaps some others), and the spell can have one pre and post-spell effect each.
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8/2/2019 22:39:45   

Stat Training
Instead of only training five points at a time, the player could train up to fifty, with the power of the trainers increasing the more of the stat the player wants to train- e.g. they would be pretty weak when only training 5 at a time, and be challenging when training 50.
AQ Epic  Post #: 86
8/6/2019 22:03:08   

Appearance: A sparkly blue-white orb is ripped from the monster and floats over to the player, coating them in a sparkly blue aura for a moment.

Stats: An energy element SP spell that trades all of its damage to inflict the Fragile status on the monster(affected by its Energy modifier) for a few turns, and also increases the player's END by the same amount the monster loses for the same duration.

Description: This spell will shock your opponent to the core by snatching away a small fragment of their soul, which will fortify your own vitality!
AQ Epic  Post #: 87
8/16/2019 23:38:25   

Siege Bastion
Appearance: The bottom is like the base of a tower, and the sides are two spiral-cut columns of stone, with the top being a short section of battlements. The middle portion of the shield is a wrought iron gate with crossbars. The shield is very large, roughly the player's height or a little shorter. Rough sketch!

Stats: A Melee/Ranged Earth shield with a focus on its defenses. It would have an effect of automatically increasing the player's END by a small amount that increases every turn. The effect could be payed for from the shield's Magic defense and/or damage taken.

Description: Part tower, part shield, this tower shield helps you dig in for the long haul by offering excellent Melee and Ranged defense and by increasing your resilience and Earth resistance!

Quad-Star Shield
Appearance: The general shape is an upside-down triangle. At each of the three corners and in the center is a gleaming golden disk. The corner disks are connected by electric blue borders(a little like these {}), and the middle of the shield is a soft but brightly polished gray. There's a faint circular glow around the whole shield.

Stats: An Energy shield with a max focus on its defenses. It has an effect of dealing damage to the monster's SP when the player blocks an attack; the effect could be payed for with an even drop in the shield's defenses. Rough sketch!

Description: This illustrious shield is very protective of its owners, offering unparalleled defenses and Energy resistance, and zapping the energy of those who strike it!

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9/19/2019 18:00:45   

Woodland Legends
Appearance: Like the Woodland Pack monster, but with some additional cool tree bark armor, and slightly more grizzled and fierce looking.

Stats: A very strong boss monster based on the Woodland Pack with a number of different effects. First, the Bomber Turtle gains movement speed and increased power whenever the WL take a hit, and its attack does a percentage of the player's HP in damage. Second, the Owl ambushes the player with an attack before the battle starts, and it has a chance for its attacks to automatically hit. Third, the Gunner Rabbit's acorns also blast away the player's pet and guests. Next, the Chainsaw Beaver has a chance to cut down an additional tree, inflicting Timber(Earth element Spiritual Seed) on the player. Finally, there is a chance for the WL to do two attacks(same or different) a turn like a pack monster(though it isn't one technically), with the Bomber Turtle speeding up and gaining increased damage for its attack.

Description: The woodlands have sent the best of the best to face you! This experienced band of brothers is ready to do whatever it takes to keep their home safe.
AQ Epic  Post #: 89
10/9/2019 13:56:15   

Edge of the End
Appearance: The same as the Edge of the End from the Burning Question finale.

Stats: A Melee Fire Sword with a moderate base damage lean and no special attack. The sword automatically hits, and does reduced damage to compensate for this. The sword would also have a master craft effect of seeking the enemy's greatest elemental weakness(standard 8 only), which the monster can resist with a save; any extra to pay for the effect would come from the player taking increased damage and the bonus damage for no special attack.

Description: This is only a spark of a remembered power, but it is enough to guarantee that all who face you will know your name.

Blade of the Immortal
Appearance: A long two-handed double-edged sword; the blade slightly tapers before the tip sharply comes to a point, and has a fuller. The middle of the hilt is a gold eagle/bird head that has gems for eyes, with a few feathers forming the rain guard; the cross guards are simple golden feathery wings, more like a O==(====> than a O==C====>. The handle is blue woven leather, and the pommel is golden and shaped like a few tail feathers, with natural feathers extending the shaped a little ways.

Stats: A Melee Wind Sword that uses a Virtual Stat for damage calculation; any penalty for this would come from damage and/or the player taking increased damage. It has a 20% rate special attack that trades all of its damage to increase all of the player's stats for a few turns.

Description: A sword that endows all who wield it with great skill, regardless of their ability beforehand. You can even call upon it to strengthen all of your attributes!
AQ Epic  Post #: 90
10/17/2019 23:15:10   

Shadowgale Shamrock Shield
Appearance: A four-leaf clover made of dark and misty shadows, the edges of which are translucent. At the heart of it is a small, golden four-leaf clover.

Stats: A Magic Darkness shield that gives the monster an inaccurate damage lean, and has a secondary resistance to Wind. The shield also has an effect where the player gains a large bonus to luck based on the number of hits the monster attempted/connected with; any penalty for the effect could come from the shield's Melee and Ranged defenses.

Description: Carried by the stealthiest of Leprechauns, this shield provides enchantments that increase your Magic defense and Darkness and Wind resistances. It also makes you more nimble, and can enhance your Luck when you dodge an attack!
AQ Epic  Post #: 91
12/11/2019 15:23:07   

Artix's Game Launcher
Appearance: A shiny hi-tech rocket launcher whose barrel widens away from the player. The magazine is clear and extends upwards from the back third of the launcher. The ammunition are a toy versions of: a dragon, Artix, a mech, Titan, a stuffed pony, a superhero figurine, Aberrant the Exiled, and Dage the Evil.

Stats: A slightly Accurate Ranged random element "gun" with a moderate base damage lean; it changes elements every turn: fire is the dragon, Light is Artix, Earth is Titan, Dage is Ice, Aberrant is Darkness, the mech is Energy, the Pony is Water, and the superhero is Wind. Instead of a bonus to damage for the random elements, it has a chance to Daze the monster for a turn or two("Your foe is distracted by playing Pony vs Pony!" or something like that). It also has a trigger to Confuse(renamed Control, undead don't understand "fun") Undead monsters instead of Daze them, and to Weakness Seek among the standard 8 elements. If the player's character was created before XYZ date, then it has no downtrigger.

Description: Using Drakel magiscience and perhaps some of his own possessions, a certain pun-loving Paladin crafted this weapon to distract his foes with joy- and it is especially confusing to undead!

Appearance: A massive, rippling pulse of golden light with subtle rainbowy sparkles from the player that washes over the monster.

Stats: A Very Accurate Light Spell. If the monster's Light resistance is high enough it will attempt to inflict it with an incredibly strong Dazzle with a penalty to the save; if there is enough power based on the enemy's Light resistance left, then it also does a hit of Light damage to the monster; if the monster's Light resistance is too low, it will instead deal full damage. If the player's character was created before XYZ date, then it deals bonus damage.

Description: Once thought lost to the ages, this is an ancient spell that you can use to Dazzle and damage your foes. Heroes from its era will know how to squeeze more power out of it.
AQ Epic  Post #: 92
3/28/2020 19:26:51   

Appearance: A car windshield with a red frame. It has two rear-view mirrors on the bottom corners.

Stats: A Wind shield with a heavy focus on its Melee and Ranged defenses. Its Magic defense is low, and it trades some of it for a trigger that grants increased blocking against bug/insect enemies and rider/mounted enemies.

Description: The wreckage of an odd and alien vehicle, this shield is still able to protect you from the rush of the Wind and oncoming traffic from bugs and mounted foes.

Steering Wheel
Appearance: A car steering wheel with leather trim.

Stats: A Finesse Earth "bow"/club. While mounted it has a heavy random damage lean and is very accurate; it has no "special" special while mounted and acts as a Ranged bow, the wheel being thrown and circling the monster a couple times; it has a trigger to give itself a small chance of automatically hitting while mounted. While NOT mounted, the wheel becomes a very inaccurate Melee "club" with a heavy base damage lean and no special; any penalty for the mounted mode's trigger would come from this mode's damage.

Description: Salvaged from the wreckage of some bizarre vehicle, this wheel makes an inaccurate melee weapon on foot, but while mounted you're able to to aim and throw it with much greater accuracy!

Temporal Trigger
Appearance: A spectral neon green ghost of the player streaks back towards them, leaving afterimages before being absorbed with a small flash.

Stats: A healing skill that grows in strength over time. It heals MP and SP, and the healing power is reduced early on in the battle, and increased later on. It is NOT auto-hit, and its range is Magic. The player pays HP to gain increased MP and SP healing.

Description: A highly advanced Drakel meta-magi-science, this lets you exploit the "magnetism" of Lore's mana core to move a short ways through time- though the journey is hard on your body, and the passage uncertain.
AQ Epic  Post #: 93
4/7/2020 16:50:50   

April Fool's
Location: A new April Fool's quest.

Quest: It starts off with a normal day near Battleon: the player battles a few forest monsters, and then plays a tree-climbing minigame(like the running and jumping one but vertical) to rescue an old lady's cat from a tall tree. The simple job done, the player heads in to town to get a meal and rest up at Yulgar's Inn- and Warlic meets them on the way there. He says there's been a breakthrough with the maze and magic of Dragonclaw Isle, and that Beleqwaya is ready to take on a disciple to help him maintain the island's magic.

Once there, the player meets Beleqwaya, who talks to them about the ancient order of ArchMages, and how resurrecting the order will start with training you to assist in the care and maintenance of Dragonclaw Isle's magical climate. This brings up the class hub, where you can talk to Beleqwaya about what an ArchMage is, reset your class level, go on a quest, or leave.

The first quest is almost prohibitively complex, in that it requires the player to mix and match(like a puzzle) glyphs to create the proper diagram that will simulate a natural power circle like the one beyond the maze. The second part is like the target practice mini game: the player is in a magical landscape, and is trying to capture the correct symbols to power the circle. Next, the player is shown a long sequence of the glyphs, and has to have them memorized and pick them in the right order to begin the circle's activation. With that done, the player is now an ArchMage, and Beleqwaya loans them the order's robes for the next quest so everyone will see that the player is on official order business. ((The robes would look like Beleqwaya's and are color custom, be Neutral lean, and the class title bonus is a max boost to INT. The rest of the skills are blank with ???))

The second quest would involve going to the Isle d'Oriens to acquire a Dream Shard, an artifact that is the raw essence of the realm infused with pure mana, in a way similar to Mana Ice- these things are invisible, and are also thought to be what Wizard kenns were based off of. The player asks Lady Tomo about where to find one, and she is alarmed- Dream Shards are what keep the Isle d'Oriens up and running. The player explains about their ArchMage training, and Lady Tomo reluctantly tells the player where they can find one of the reserve shards. On the storehouse are difficult magical locks, except, there is something very familiar about them, and with only an INT check and a LUK check, they are opened. When the player comes into contact with the Dream Shard it triggers a battle with it.

The battle with the Dream Shard is abstract and unconventional. When the shard attacks, it sends out a few very slow moving glyphs the player can click on: one will damage the player, one will do nothing, and one will stop the attack; if the shard is damaged or immobilized by the player, the speed of the glyphs increases. The shard has a skill that sends out a long sequence of glyphs which can be clicked like its normal attack, however, the glyphs must be clicked in a specific order to fully negate the skill, which will otherwise put the player to Sleep for several rounds and deal a percentage of their health in Harm damage. If the player is put to sleep by the skill, instead of glyphs the shard sends out mirages of Loco(will damage the player), Warlic(does nothing), and Beleqwaya(stops the attack); when clicked, a pop-up message from the mirage will appear. If the player is sleeping when the shard uses its skill or successfully negates the skill twice, it then morphs into Lady Tomo, who has a conversation with the player about the Dream Shard. The player will have a couple response choices, one of which lowers the difficulty of the following CHA check, and the other increases it; at the end of the conversation there is a CHA check; passing it ends the battle, and failing it reloads it/starts it over.

The player is weirded out by the encounter, but nonetheless makes their way back to Dragonclaw Isle with the Dream Shard in tow. Beleqwa is oddly pleased and ecstatic with their success, and makes the player a level one ArchMage(the level one skill is Power Word Whoops, which is an HP cost spell that inflicts the monster with a 9999 turn count tremendously powerful Death element Spiritual Seed). Beleqwaya announces he'll take care of the ritual with the Dream Shard, and at that moment, the player is accosted by waves of Angry Protesters and Rogue Mages. After defeating them the player asks Beleqwaya what's going on, but the mage is interrupted by a massive bolt of lightning streaking in and striking the Dream Shard, breaking off a few fragments. Warlic, Lady Tomo, and the real Beleqwaya walk in. Warlic says he's impressed they got this far, and that maybe someday the player really will be ready to be an ArchMage. The real Beleqwaya explains that the player didn't help construct an actual power circle simulation, but a dimensional sealing gate- one that would have permanently shut off the Ethereal Realm from Lore. The player sighs, now knowing that they were tricked by Loco, who was the "Beleqwaya" they had been training with. They have a few choice words for Loco, and make to battle him- but Lady Tomo cuts in and points out that with the power of the Dream Shard, the battle should be much easier. So, the player has a choice of an ultra-hard/unbeatable boss battle against Loco without the shard, or a much easier one where most of his attacks phase through the player and the shard attempts to put him to sleep each turn.

The battle over and Loco weakened, Warlic and Beleqwaya and Lady Tomo force him back into his seal a little early. Warlic explains a little more about Dream Shards, and Lady Tomo compliments the player on being able handle the shard properly. The quest now over, Lady Tomo departs for the Isle d'Oriens, and the player briefly reflects on their greed and thirst for power before the shop opens: the player can buy a Dream Shard Fragment(misc that boosts INT and Magic defense, reduces all incoming Magic damage, built-in spell to put monster to sleep), Power Word Whoops(less silly version of the temp. armor's skill), or "ArchMage" robes(an armor with an INT drive and trades some Melee/Ranged defenses to gain some mana each turn).
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4/15/2020 20:25:15   

Deren Army Shortsword
Appearance: A shortsword with a relatively long handle wrapped with red leather, and a simple iron crossguard. The Normal blade is a simple double-edged blade that tapers to a point over its length. The Wild blade is serrated on the bottom edge, and the Stable blade is slightly wider, and tapers to a point over its last third. The Precise pommel is a short corkscrew, the Powerful pommel is a pair of shears, and the normal pommel is a simple iron cap.

Stats: A Melee Earth Sword. It has no special attack, and deals extra damage for this. Clicking on the blade switches it between its Normal, Wild, and Stable blades: The Normal blade has a standard damage lean, the Wild blade has a heavy random damage lean, and the Stable blade has a heavy base damage lean. Clicking on the pommel switches between the Normal, Precise, and Powerful options: the Normal pommel has a neutral accuracy lean, the Precise Pommel has a very accurate accuracy lean, and the Powerful pommel has a very inaccurate accuracy lean. If the sword has any penalty for these different modes it would come from damage dealt, and then damage the player takes.

Description: Soldiers of the Deren army always seem to have the right tool for the job, thanks to this versatile weapon. It has several options to give you just the combination of power and accuracy you need.

Appearance: A shaft of golden light strikes the monster, causing it to glow green for a moment.

Stats: An Earth skill with a random damage lean that trades most of its damage to change the monster's category to Plant, giving the monster a penalty to the save. If the monster is already a plant, it instead deals full damage.

Description: You've learned how to weaponize your knack for killing plants- by turning your enemies into one! A work of drakel magiscience that alters the cellular structure of your foe, changing their form and making them botanical.

Crusader's Garb
Appearance: A dusky scale mail shirt, with greaves, bracers, and pauldrons. The left pauldron is larger than the right, with larger flanges on it. The bracers and greaves are just a little bulky, and have simple knotwork embellishments on the borders in a darker metal. Over the scale shirt is a white tabard with a symbol on the chest and knotwork embroidery on the edges. It has a removable helm, a sallet(with knotwork border) with camail.

Stats: An offensive Earth/Ice/Darkness armor. It's primary resistances are mostly equal and low, with its others being higher than normal. Its Melee and Ranged defenses are its highest. It has two attacks with an equal chance: one that is two hits and deals 2/3 damage, and another that's three hits and deals 4/3 damage. It trades some of its defenses(or only Magic defense) to increase the chance of the three hit attack after every battle eg +X% after one, +X.X% after two, and so on.

Description: As it has been willed, so this armor allows you to do: bring your fervor into the darkest and coldest and rockiest reaches, and increase in zeal with each victory.
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5/10/2020 2:20:37   

Void Dragon Periapt
Appearance: Several Void Dragon fangs and talons with the largest in the middle, outlined in a red glow, on a dark cord.

Stats: An HP cost misc. item that gives max stat boosts to DEX, END, and INT. It would also have a mastercraft effect that would change on a cycle depending on the day: converting blocked hits into SP(based on hits blocked/attempted), increased outgoing damage for the player and pets and guests, the player taking a flat number decreased incoming damage, the player and their pets and guests having increased BtH, giving the player the Immobility Resistance status, and an SP cost Ranged energy beam attack that does Harm damage and has a random damage lean that the player can activate by clicking on the item.

Description: This necklace crafted from Void Dragon fang and claws will draw on your life force toimpart some of their agility, intuition, and fortitude, and it can draw power from the void to grant you a shifting array of enhancements!
AQ Epic  Post #: 96
5/15/2020 13:04:31   

Appearance: A cropped golden yellow vest with fur along the collar and (removable)hood. There are golden-cream pants with a wide blue sash, tucked into fur-lined dark brown boots. There are also hide bracers that have a little fur peeking out from under the ends, and have a electric blue lightning bolt on them. The player carries a wand, which is metallic and spirals around into a small ball over the last fourth near the top.

Stats: A Defensive Energy armor with an Ice secondary resistance. Magic and Ranged are its highest defenses. It has an effect of changing the player's (non-heal element)spells to be Energy element, and they deal increased damage to compensate for that. It zaps with the wand to attack, so it converts Melee attacks to Magic(or Ranged, depending on stats). Any penalty for the effect would come from damage taken being increased.

Description: No, this doesn't enhance your musical prowess- but it does make you great at converting elemental magic into energy! It also provides excellent resistance to Magic and Energy damage.

Sea Change
Appearance: A khopesh with a whale bone handle wrapped with dark cord, and a deep watery sea blue blade that has symbols etched into it. The special attack is a soothig burst of sea green and blue sparkles over the player.

Stats: A Melee(or Magic) Water Sword with a slight base damage lean. Its special attack has a 20% rate and is quick cast, and it trades its damage to increase the player's luck for a couple turns. The sword has an effect of healing the player a set percentage of Melee modified by the monster's Water resistance whenever they score a Lucky Strike with it. Any penalty for the effect would come from damage.

Description: The tide is about to turn in your favor! This weapon deals steady Water damage, and can increase your fortune and heal you in the blink of an eye!

Deep End
Appearance: Deep, dark ocean water, in the form of a tower shield. The edges are a bit lighter, and there's a line of foam at the top; in the middle is a dark emblem/seal thing, and small bubbles rise from the bottom to the top occasionally.

Stats: A Melee/Magic focused Water shield that has an effect of attempting to inflict Panic on the monster after blocking an attack., the strength being modified by hits attempted/blocked. Any penalty for this would come from its defenses.

Description: Your foes are far from the shallows- this shield offers great protection against melee attacks and water damage, and coming too close to it can make your foe Panic with the fear of the deep.
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7/2/2020 18:45:26   

Secondhand Shop
Appearance: The base level starts with an open blue tent. As it levels there would be other tents appearing and growing alongside it, though the blue tent would always be the biggest. Then at the highest level there would be a cylindrical stone tower behind the blue tent. The worker would be the old merchant from the custom weapon quest.

Stats: An estate building that provides a random resource each hour. It would provide a "specialist"/estate specific amount of the resource, given that it's random- perhaps even a bit more. It would have ten levels.

Description: A place where used goods are brought in, which you can then trade away or use as you please- not a clock repair shop.

Surplus Store
Appearance: At base level it is a small lemonade stand type of thing, gaining more and bigger stalls, a wooden building and more stalls, and at max level a large building with a covered market area. The shop worker would be Zadd the Golem Builder.

Stats: An estate building that converts excess resources generated into gold, up to a cap at a certain amount. The levels increase the cap on how much converted gold is stored and/or the gold gained from conversion. The store has 15 levels. Once per day the player can withdraw the converted gold(with an "Are you sure?" follow up).

Description: You're opening up your storage buildings, and making a place to share your bounty: this humble shop will bring in a little gold as you sell off your excess wares and resources.

Shipping Hub
Appearance: At base level it's a tent and a cart next to a leash(?) bar for horses, as it levels it gains more carts and tents, then a building, and at max level it is a wooden and stone building with an awning and a cart out front. The shop worker would be Kibbles.

Stats: An estate building that would allow the player to donate gold or estate resources(only to players that had an estate) to a random player("You sent a shipment of XYZ to ABC!" or something like that). The amount of gold/resources and the number of different kinds of resources would increase with levels. The hub would have ten levels.

Description: If you're feeling generous, this building will help you ship unwanted gold or resources off to another random hero somewhere on Lore- though all you receive in return is knowing you're helping out a fellow Lorian.
AQ Epic  Post #: 98
7/31/2020 20:06:36   

Appearance: A windy tornado, that gradually grows in size. The worker is the Wind elemental from the Fujin quest.

Stats: A Wind element estate item that produces no resources, but consumes some Energy. In battle on the owner's estate it attempts to give the player and the enemy the Offbalanced/Buffeted status every turn and automatically gives a global Very Inaccurate accuracy lean.

Description: You're not in Darkovia anymore(or maybe you are; I just read these things)! This cyclone will take up residence on your estate grounds, whipping up fierce winds that reduce dexterity and accuracy in battle.

Bramble Patch
Appearance: A clump of thorny vines that grows into multiple bushes and has some vines running along the ground and eventually has some small flowers. The worker is a farmer Bunbit.

Stats: An Earth element estate item that produces no resources but consumes some Stone, andattempts to inflict Entangled on the player and enemy each turn during battle on the owner's estate. It also automatically damages the player or monster a little at the end of their turn if they're still Entangled.

Description: This may end up being a thorn in your side, but it'll be one in your enemy's too, entangling and squeezing tight in battle.

Guest Lodge
Appearance: Begins as a small hut with a campfire outside it, then becomes a small wooden house, and then a house with a stone chimney. The workers are the Moglin Friends.

Stats: a neutral element estate item that gives no resources but gives a random guest monster/character as a guest to the player in battle on the owner's estate. The guests would be drawn from the local monster pool and class/guardian type monsters, with guest strength and variety increasing with the lodge level. The guests would leave after each battle and if the player left the owner's estate.

Description: Turns out not every creature on your estate wants to violently attack you! This building will serve as a place for them to stay, and out of gratitude they might join you in battle to defend your estate!
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