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RE: Rebel One, Bring the Action!

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11/17/2020 17:25:58   

Helm of Majestic Rainbows
Appearance: Much like the updated paladin helms, but the wings are rainbowy, like the Bifrost Bridge spell, and other parts of the helm are a lustrous rich gold.

Stats: A Light element misc. item that gives a max misc. boost to Charisma and reduces the Light damage the player takes by a flat amount. It also triggers on undead and demons to automatically deal Light damage to their SP every turn.

Description: Forged by the legendary mechanic Hollow, this helm's resplendent radiance not only boosts your Charisma and shields you from rainbow-y damage, but is majestic enough to cause the spirits of undead and demons to falter!

LOL ~Hollow

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12/26/2020 21:17:45   

Light Razor
Appearance: Here's an actual drawn out idea for the first time in a while. The Light Razor is very similar to the IceRazor weapon, but incorporates feathery winged elements and golden light instead of blue light. The special attacks are (1)a few quick shots of needle-like golden light energy, and (2)a special much like the Ice Razor's, but of golden light.

Stats: An accurate Ranged Light spear with a moderate random damage lean. It has two modes: one is the standard spear, which has a 30% rate special attack(special 1) that is quick-cast, and deals reduced damage because of that; the second mode is a wand/bow/gun thing that is 100% proc, whose normal "special" is special 2 and it has also the 30% quick-cast special as its special special. The item compression would be paid for in gold.

Description: Crafted for Drakel clerics and priests, this weapon fires quick blasts of light and can be wielded safely from a distance, or from closer in.
AQ Epic  Post #: 102
1/14/2021 18:31:42   

Appearance: A jolly deep blue moglin with a sailor hat and scarf, holding a spyglass in one hand. Her animation is lifting her spyglass and bubbles rise around her and she glows for a moment.

Stats: A Water element pet that trades all of her damage to boost the player's Magic Water damage. If the pet had a mastercraft effect it would be an increase in the BtH on the player's Water element Magic damage.

Description: Ahoy there! I'm Tethy, an old salt that will help you chart your way across the briny deep, and boost the Water element Magic damage you deal!

Appearance: A grizzled green moglin wearing a spiky pauldron and carrying a very large hammer. His animation is slamming the ground with his hammer, a bit of debris flying up as a brief corona of light shines around him.

Stats: An Earth element pet that trades all of his damage to increase the player's Melee Earth damage. If he had a mastercraft effect it would be a small chance for the player's Melee Earth damage to deal a percent of the monster's base HP in extra damage.

Description: Don'tcha worry there kid, with me backing you up and boosting the Earth element Melee damage you do, you'll be able to rock your enemies, no problem.

Appearance: A crafty silvery-gray moglin carrying a coil of rope on their shoulder and a utility belt, as well as a boomerang. Their animation is throwing their boomerang, a short ways, which circles around them before they catch it.

Stats: A Wind element pet that trades all of their damage to boost the player's Wind element Ranged damage. If they had a mastercraft effect, it would be the player's Ranged Wind damage dealing a flat amount more.

Description: G'day! If your lookin' for a favorable wind, I'll help you out by boostin' your Wind element Ranged damage, and keep things nice an' breezy.
AQ Epic  Post #: 103
1/20/2021 2:31:59   

Appearance: A polished wooden staff with a brass pommel cap, and a dark cord grip that has two burnished brass rings on its end; the head of the staff widens out like a club into a bulb, and has three claw-like blades on the end, and one underneath in the middle. Appearance idea sketch!

Stats: A Melee Earth Staff(?) that has slight Base and Inaccurate leans. It has an effect of Lucky Strikes with the weapon causing the next hit with the weapon to automatically hit and deal slightly increased damage; any penalty for this effect would come from the weapon's damage. The weapon has no special attack and deals increased damage to compensate for that.

Description: Built to batter aside shields and rip through foes, this weapon deals solid Earth damage and can leave painful wounds that make landing follow-up attacks a sure thing!

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AQ Epic  Post #: 104
2/24/2021 15:54:25   

Solar Storm Gigablade Razor Zero
Appearance: A gigantic khyber knife-type sword with the blade going over the knuckles and connecting to the hilt. It has intricate engravings on the blade and golden fittings.

Stats: An Inaccurate Melee(or Magic or Melee/Magic) Light Sword with a moderate base damage lean. It has an effect of the player taking losing some HP each turn also dealing increased damage, and it has no special attack. Instead of dealing extra damage for no special, the player's maximum SP is increased while wielding the sword.

Description: When you wield the Solar Storm Gig- look, I don't come up with these names, okay? Anyhoo this is a powerful blade that enlarges your spirit past your body's normal limits, causing you to lose a little health but deal increased damage!

Ultra Blaze Infinite Edge Alpha
Appearance: A huge double-edged cleaver sword with a cord grip and brass pommel, a dark fuller with golden runes in it and a fiery aura.

Stats: An Inaccurate Melee(or Magic or Melee/Magic) Fire Sword that has no special attack. It causes the player to lose some HP each turn and also deal increased damage, and instead of doing extra damage for no special it causes the player to heal their SP for a percentage of Melee based on the number of hits they landed.

Description: A sword with a big name that deals big damage, this gives you a burning rush of energy that restores your spirit as you battle.

Void Slicer Excalibur Delta
Appearance: A large zweihander with a ricasso and parrying hooks and wide blade, but that has been twisted by the Void to have a sort or hide and bone look similar to other Void equipment, and it has a faint red glow about the blade.

Stats: A slightly Inaccurate Melee Harm Sword with no special attack. It has a penalty to damage for being Harm element, and instead of dealign increased damage for having no special it instead raises the player's Stength by a good amount while wielding it.

Description: A serious sword with a silly name, this blade will slice right past your foe's elemental resistances, and fill you with the strength to take on any opponent!
AQ Epic  Post #: 105
5/13/2021 18:28:17   

Time Crystal Blade
Appearance: An electric semi-transparent crystalline turquoise blade, wider at the base and tapering to the tip that has sharp bevels. It connects to a copper gear, which has three clock hands: one is the handle, which has a dark cord grip; the second is the cross guard, which rotates clockwise; the third is over the bottom part of the blade. While preparing, the cross guard hand would rotate more rapidly. The skill would be the sword flying forwards(leaving a few afterimages of itself) to stab the monster, then return to the player.

Stats: A Melee(or Magic, or Melee/Magic) Ice Sword with Neutral accuracy and damage leans, an no special attack. To compensate for having no special attack it gains extra BtH instead of damage. The sword would have an effect where you could click on it to prepare to store up an attack: your next attack with the sword would then become its "crystal state", with the damage being stored; then once per battle you could on the sword to activate its crystal state and use it as a skill, dealing the same damage as was stored in the blade in one hit.

Description: This durable and accurate sword uses Drakel magiscience to crystallize time into a blade! Its crystal structure can remember and repeat an attack at a later point during a battle!
AQ Epic  Post #: 106
8/9/2021 18:19:05   

Nezzy and Grim
Appearance: Nezzy is a dark red moglin, wearing dark robes with a hood and a skull patterened breastplate. Grim is an ethereal black moglinster with glowing golden eyes; his shadow stretches back to Nezzy and stays connected to her. Nezzy's attack is casting a skull-shaped blast of dark energy at the monster, Grim's attack are normal moglinster attacks.

Stats: Nezzy is an Accurate Magic Dark pet that does one hit of damage, and has a once per battle effect of clicking on her to summon her shadow, Grim, who is an Efficient(reduced upkeep and damage) Inaccurate Dark guest; Grim's moglinster electric attack would have a low/medium chance of happening, and deal more damage. Nezzy deals decreased damage while Grim is not present, and can click on Grim to dismiss him; if Nezzy is not present, Grim idles for one turn and then vanishes the next if she is still not present. Any penalties for the compression would come from gold and then from Nezzy's damage.

Description: A young moglin attempting to master shadowy magic, she can call out her own shadow, Grim, to fight once per battle. She's less confident in her dark arts without him around, but is still accurate.

Appearance: A very fancy zweihander sword. An idea for that would be: the pommel is a sphere of platinum, to which a small golden crown is attached; the handle is wrapped with woven leather. The hilt are slim golden wings outstretched, the tips curling upwards slightly; the place of the ricasso is wrapped with another small crown design, and the blade forms small feathers just above it to become the parrying hooks. The blade is straight and double-edged, wide enough to contain a dark fuller.

Stats: A Melee(or maybe Melee Magic) slightly inaccurate Light sword, with no special attack. It would cause the player to receive reduced gold from battles while it is equipped, and would also have an effect of being able to deal increased damage by the player losing some of their gold each attack.

Description: Forged long ago, this is a noble sword that can deal incredible Light damage, empowered by your generosity. It lets you focus solely on honorable combat without rewards.
AQ Epic  Post #: 107
12/2/2021 1:05:58   

Short Circuit Shield
Appearance: A big heater shield with the overall theme of a circuit board: the base is a green material, and instead of wires it has glowing electric blue lines ending in silvery points snaking out from a small silvery pattern of runes/block of text.

Stats: An Energy shield with a focus on blocking. It would have an effect of giving the player an HP Barrier after blocking a hit, modified by hits block/attempted. It would pay for the effect by the player dealing slightly reduced damage for a turn after being damaged by an incoming attack.

Description: An Energy shield that enhances your defenses and can short circuit attacks that contact it, forming an energy barrier to protect you! But, the experimental magiscience can short out your own attacks if a foe's connects.

Prismatic Point
Appearance: A spear with a golden shaft and woven leather grip. It has a spherical pommel and a sky blue cloth waving from it near the head. The blade of the spear is a "rainbow" of light in a triangular shape, coming to a point.

Stats: A Ranged Light Spear(or maybe an M/R/M weapon if that's possible) with no special attack. It would have an effect of the monster making a saving throw at the start of the player's turn, the player's attacks with the spear gaining increased accuracy on the turn if the monster failed the save("Your foe is distracted by the colors of your weapon!"). Any penalties for the effect would first come from damage. The effect would be a Blind effect.

Description: A Light weapon whose colors are so dazzling, they can distract your foe into dropping its defenses, allowing you to strike with pinpoint accuracy.
AQ Epic  Post #: 108
1/26/2022 23:05:59   

Shadow Mirror
Appearance: A mirror loosely in the shape of a big heater shield. The frame is dark and shadowy, having ornamentation like void equipment might, but less aggressive and more baroque. The mirror is like cut and polished jet or obsidian, with a shiny spot on it.

Stats: A Magic Darkness shield that gives a good amount of Backlash resistance to the player. Any penalty for this might come from the shield's Melee defenses.

Description: No, this shield doesn't reflect Shadows- but it does offer excellent protection against Darkness damage, and helps prevent your own attacks from being reflected against you!
AQ Epic  Post #: 109
7/25/2022 15:30:39   

Pre-emptive Strike
Appearance: A circular radar pendant with a dark cord, with a red sweeper and an occasional blip on the screen. The attack is a small missile streaking towards the monster and exploding.

Stats: A Neutral SP cost Misc. item. Once per battle while in the active inventory, at the beginning of the player's turn if the monster has not acted, it attempts a weapon element attack on the monster. Also while in the active inventory it boosts the potency of the Initiative status on the player(i.e., from 105 to 115, etc.). When equipped, it gives a boost to LUK and Ranged blocking. Any penalty for the effects would come from the player taking increased damage.

Description: This radar trinket will help you get the jump on your opponent and land the first blow! Equip it to increase your Luck and ability to dodge projectiles.
AQ Epic  Post #: 110
11/21/2022 21:19:04   

Elder Scion
Appearance: A shiny lorica segmata with a red cape(can be clicked to remove) over a golden-brown gambeson and golden bracers. The armor has a dark leather armor skirt over gray-brown trousers and golden greaves. For the skill, the lorica is gone and the gambeson is shredded, and only hangs around the chest and shoulders; the armor gains ethereal butterfly-like wings, with the player hovering off the ground slightly.

Stats: An offensive Light armor with a secondary Energy resistance. Magic is its strongest defense, and Ranged is it's next strongest defense. Normally the armor attacks with two hits. The armor would sacrifice some of its defenses for the player to heal some HP at the end of their turn if they attacked with the armor. The armor would also have a toggle skill, where the player would pay some SP to lock their attack element to Light and deal increased damage; the skill also inflicts the player with a Dark element Poison at the beginning of their turn, and to compensate for that when the armor deals a Lucky Strike the next armor attack is guaranteed to hit(and might also deal a little increased damage, if possible). While the skill is toggled, the armor attacks with four hits.

Description: Formerly worn by a goddess of rot, this armor protects well from Light and Energy attacks, and allows for an invigorating offense. You can also dare to take on the previous wearer's crimson rot, dealing heavy Light damage and landing unavoidable attacks after hitting with Lucky Strikes!
AQ Epic  Post #: 111
7/11/2023 17:27:57   

Cinder Robe
Appearance: An ashy gray robe with wizard sleeves that has glowing ember motifs along the bottom hem and cuffs; when casting a spell/weapon special, these embers animate and move upwards. It also has a dusky orange sash and a removable hood. Its skill is a burst of embers that swirl around the monster and sparkle.

Stats: A Fire Spellcaster lean armor with a focus on its Fire resistance and Magic defense. It has an effect of the player being automatically inflicted with a Fire element Poison for a couple turns after casting a spell, and to compensate for this the player's spells deal increased damage. It also would have a spell skill that is four hits of Magic Fire damage and is an efficient MP lean, and the skill receives EleComp to reduce its MP cost.

Ultimate Battle Spoon of Destiny
Appearance: A large and rugged spoon with a dragon hide grip, pommel with a metal spike, and razor sharp edges. Its special attack is a hail of several large shooting stars slamming into the enemy.

Stats: A mastercraft random element Melee weapon with Neutral BtH and damage leans. It switches elements randomly each hit, but instead of receiving compensation to weapon attack damage for this, its special attack deals increased damage. Its special attack is a 2% rate and deals Ranged Fire or Light element damage(random between the two each hit, getting extra BtH to compensate) but can only activate once per battle, receiving a bonus to its damage for this. The special attack is fully Random lean, the MC is the special attack dealing increased damage. After the special attack activates weapon attacks would gets the normal bonuses to damage from no special attack and having random elements.

Ultimate Dragon Shield of Elements
Appearance: A large wooden heater shield with a twisting border that looks like scaly folded dragon wings, with a metallic shape like a dragon's head with glowing eyes in the middle. When clicked, the dragon's eyes change color to match its element.

Stats: A mastercraft Neutral shield with even MRM. The player can click on it during their turn to change the element(standard 8) it resists. To pay for this, the shield pays its MC and has a deduction from its MRM and a greatly increased gold cost, causes the player to take increased damage, and draws the remaining percent of Melee in SP at the beginning of each turn. If the player can't pay the SP cost or is unable to switch their shield's element it just defaults to resisting Fire("You lack the spirit to focus your shield's defenses!").

Description: Drawing on the spirit of the Great Dragons, this heavy and cumbersome shield is difficult to use and defend yourself with, but can resist any element!
AQ Epic  Post #: 112
7/11/2023 17:39:59   

As a connoisseur of exotic weapon/kitchen utensil hybrids, I fully approve of the Ultimate Battle Spoon of Destiny. Gave me a solid laugh
AQ  Post #: 113
7/19/2023 22:07:29   

^Thanks. I love the cool weapons we get but I'd like to see more silly ones, too.

Coral Piercer
Appearance: A lance/spear with a coral shaft and a mermazon kelp grip. It has a sea shell pommel and the head is a longer spiral shell that is a light coral color and has a few darker brown dots. The proportions would be kinda like this: C========={=====>

Stats: A Ranged Water Spear with no special attack. Instead of dealing bonus damage for no special attack, it would have a small chance to inflict the Fragile status on the monster for a few turns.

Appearance: A tall and bulky suit of plate armor whose metal is a stormy gray color. It would have a mail shirt of electric yellow rings with a breastplate over that, and large pauldrons and bracers and greaves with lightning-shaped spike, with fluffy clouds peeking out from beneath them. It would have a tabard and a billowing gray cape, and a belt with a large fancy metal buckle.

Stats: A Fully Defensive Energy armor with a focus on its Energy resistance and Melee defense. It would have an effect of trading some of its defenses to increase the player's Endurance over time, starting below a max misc. boost and increasing to over the usual boost after defeating several monsters. Any extra cost would come from damage dealt. The armor would also have a rare attack that where its animations would be charged with lightning and deal significantly more damage, and a slightly less damaging than normal regular attack.

Blade of Whoa
Appearance: A large zweihander sword with a slightly wider than normal blade that forks at the tip. The edges have a sharp bevel, and in the middle of the blade is a wide and dark fuller that has golden runes engraved in it. The ricasso below the parrying hooks is wrapped in dark cord, and the guard is an S shape, with the tips ending in fleur de lis. The grip is woven leather, and the handle flares out a little at the base and ends in a sort of flattened raindrop-shaped pommel. The pommel and the hilt are both golden. In Magic form, the runes on the blade glow like embers, and in Ranged form, the handle lengthens into a spear shaft and the blade shortens.

Stats: A Mastercraft Melee/Ranged/Magic Fire Sword/Glaive. It has no special attack, and instead has a ~10% total chance of one of several different effects happening: A) player attacks automatically hitting that turn and deal some extra damage, B) attacks that hit are guaranteed to be lucky strikes and deal a little extra damage, C) player attacks gain elemental seeking between standard 8 and Harm that turn, D) the player gains a couple turns of regeneration, E) the player gains a few turns of Status Resistance, F) the player's pets and guests have increased damage and accuracy for a few turns, G) the player gains a Barrier, H) the player resists death and heals little bonus HP while they have the blade equipped, each charge of this effect increasing the bonus HP regain up to a certain point until the effect takes place, consuming all charges. Each effect has an equal chance of happening.

Description: The runes on this weapon instill its wielder with the fiery spirit of a hero, allowing them to attack unstoppably, inspire others, or even resist death! Whoa!

Shield of Whoa
Appearance: A gleaming metal kite shield that has a glowing golden emblem in the middle, and with fancy scrolling trim that glows like embers.

Stats: A Fire shield with a focus on its resistance that has a master craft effect of lowering the player's heal resistance(i.e. from -100% to -105%) based on the number of hits they landed/attempted the last turn. Its Melee and Ranged defenses are highest.

Description: This shield imbues you with a fiery spirit of heroism, making your healing stronger the more attacks you land! Whoa!

Armor of Whoa
Appearance: A suit of plate armor whose ornate trim matches that of the shield(just above). It has dark grey mail visible beneath the breastplate and pauldrons; one pauldron is larger than the other and flanged, and that arm also has a heavy gauntlet. The other arm has a bracer. The faulds would be wing-like, and the belt would have feather motifs and a large bird-shaped golden buckle. The armor has a cape made of long feather-like segments that glow like embers.

Stats: A Fully Offensive Fire armor with a focus on its defenses(Melee and Ranged are highest), and has a three hit attack. It has a master craft effect of a toggle skill that pays some SP to attempt to inflict a minor Defense Loss(all elements) for a few turns. It would take reduced damage from enemies with the defense loss effect, and to pay for this it would trade some of its defenses; in the full set, the damage reduction would be increased even further.

Description: This armor offers protection from Fire and great defense, and can strike with enough might to make your enemies say "Whoa!" and drop their defenses. Whoa!

Helm of Whoa
Appearance: A winged helmet with a beak-like visor; the beak is golden, and the wings have a flame-like glow to them.

Stats: A Fire element helm misc. item that gives the player Fire resistance, a boost to Endurance and BtH, and has an effect of taking slightly reduced Melee damage from any element.

Description: Donning this helm ignites your warrior spirit, allowing you to resist fiery attacks and endure any melee threat! Whoa!

Blast of Whoa
Appearance: A column of fire bursts up from the monster, shaping up into wings before flapping and soaring upwards.

Stats: An SP or MP cost Fire spell with a slightly accurate BtH lean and a moderate random damage lean that deals damage and has a chance of a few different effects occurring, trading some damage to pay for those effects: A) the player gaining a few turns of Fire elemental empowerment, B) the player gains a few turns of Status Resistance, C) the player's HP is healed equal to the damage dealt, D) the spell deals full damage, and deals an additional % of the monster's base HP in damage. Effects A B and C have a 30% chance of occurring, and D has a 10% chance.

Description: This spell draws upon your fiery warrior spirit to blast your foe with a column of fire, potentially healing or empowering you, or dealing massive damage! Whoa!

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AQ Epic  Post #: 114
7/26/2023 0:45:39   

Mace of Huh
Appearance: It has a pole handle similar to the Blade of Whoa(in the above post), and the head is a sort of flanged mace that is again similar to the blade. It only has one edge of the blade, and and each face is attached at the spine, forming a * shape.

Stats: A slightly inaccurate Ranged Fire Polearm with a moderate base damage lean. It would use Strength instead of Dexterity for damage and accuracy. It would have no special attack, but instead of having a bonus to damage to compensate for that, it would attempt to inflict Confused(renamed Control) on the monster for a couple turns on a Lucky Strike.

Description: This mighty weapon attacks from a distance, but still requires Strength to wield. Its powerful blows can leave your opponent confused and saying huh?

Bow of Umm
Appearance: A large recurve bow whose outer edge is a blade similar to the Blade of Whoa. The string glows like embers, and it shoots glimmering arrows of fire straight at the monster.

Stats: A Magic Fire Longbow with a slight random damage lean. Its bow attack is two hits. It would use Dexterity for its damage and accuracy instead of Intellect. It would have the normal Ranged weapon damage range, and its "special" special attack has a 20% rate and trades some damage to raise the monster's Heal resistance for a couple turns(i.e., from -100% to -75%).

Description: This powerful bow has a simple enchantment that allows its arrows to be shot as dexterously as any other, and can leave your foes saying "Umm..." as they find their healing weakened!

Blade of What
Appearance: A shortsword with a grip and blade like the Blade of Whoa, though the blade is shorter and has no ricasso or parrying hooks, and the hilt is not as wide and doesn't curve into an S shape.

Stats: A slightly accurate Melee Fire Sword. It uses Intellect instead of Strength for damage and accuracy and has no special attack, instead trading the bonus for no special and 25% weapon damage to attempt to inflict a Bleed on the monster that damages its SP(can stack with itself but not other Bleeds).

Description: This potent blade allows you to use your Intellect to strike at the speed of thought, and can even wound your enemy's spirit, leaving them saying what?

Shield of Cool
Appearance: It would have the shape and outline of the Shield of Whoa(in the post above), but the shield would be molded/chiseled from a dark gray ashy substance and the emblem would glow like burning embers, and the trim would be golden.

Stats: A mastercraft Fire shield with a focus on its defenses(Magic is highest) that has a once per battle effect of giving the player a Barrier that protects from Fire element damage.

Description: This relic was dusty and forgotten, but it still defends well against Magic and flares to life when equipped, summoning a wall of fire to protect you! Cool!

Cavy of Cuteness
Appearance: A slightly larger than average Patagonian mara. Its tail is a bit longer and fluffier, and it has big eyes and front teeth. It wears a collar similar to the trim of the Shield of Whoa. For its attack it just hops forwards and bites the monster.

Stats: A Magic Fire pet that trades most of its damage to inflict the Berserk and Fire Elemental Vulnerability statuses on the monster for a couple turns.

Description: This friendly creature can make your enemies go crazy at how adorable it is, leaving them vulnerable to Fire attacks. How cute!

Appearance: A tall warrior wielding the full set of the Whoa equipment that has a Cavy of Cuteness with them. When his helm is removed after the Cavy is defeated, he can be seen to have a gnarly flow of red hair and a braided beard, and he is wearing an eye patch. His skill is a rainbow-colored version of Blast of Whoa(in the post above) that leaves some sparkles behind.

Stats: A Fire element monster with an offensive lean. It would have the resistances and defenses and effects of the Whoa set, and have stats in Strength, Dexterity, and Intellect. It would also have a soft damage cap. The form of the Blade of Whoa would shift based on which of the player's defenses was lowest, targeting that one. If Whoa-din has enough MP he spends it to cast Blast of Whoa; if he has enough SP, he spends it on an overcharged skill that deals Fire damage and attempts to inflict the player with a Prismatic Burn that damages their SP and gives Whoa-din a boost to his Endurance for a few turns based on the damage dealt. The Cavy of Cuteness is also present in the battle, and if it is defeated, Whoa-din gains the Berserk status and the soft damage cap is removed, and Whoa-din gains a maximum offensive lean.

Description: This mythical king famed for his fiery fighting spirit has returned to Lore! Whoa!

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AQ Epic  Post #: 115
7/28/2023 11:47:55   

Gleaming Wrathguard
Appearance: A full golden kite shield that has two semi-circular cutouts, one on each edge, towards the top of the shield. Between the cutouts is a sun emblem, with rays going up to the top of the shield. Below the sun is a pattern of knotwork engraving forming a diamond shape around the edges. The shield also has a raised edge. Appearance idea. ((whoops, forgot about the Solaris shield. Maybe instead this one would have no ray from the sun emblem and just have the trim going all the way around the shield, and the edge have a sort of corona-like flare))

Stats: A mastercraft Light shield with a focus on its defenses. It would have an effect of giving the player a Heal element Spiritual Seed whose power is based on the number of hits the player blocked/attempted during the monster's turn. The shield would trade some of its Ranged defense to increase the seed's power.

Description: This lustrous shield defends against Light and can absorb your opponent's wrath when they strike it, releasing it later to heal you!

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AQ Epic  Post #: 116
8/1/2023 10:13:24   

Appearance: A moglin with fresh Spring green fur and a mischievous twinkle in her eye. She has a flower crown and a wand that is has a daisy at the tip. Her animation is raising her wand and a burst of flower petals coming from it.

Stats: A Magic Earth element pet/guest that trades all its damage to give the player the Hypercritical status for a turn or two. Destina uses Luck instead of Charisma for this, and has outleveling formulas and penalties for not attacking similar to other boosting moglins.

Description: This moglin's charms are filled with the magic of new growth, making you burst with good fortune and increasing your chance for Lucky Strikes!
AQ Epic  Post #: 117
8/3/2023 12:53:38   

Godscourge Blade
Appearance: The sword of a Pria Knight affected by the godscourge plague/curse.

Stats: A Wind Melee(or Magic) Sword that has no special attack. It gives the player the Berserk status. It also has an effect of automatically inflicting them with a Dark element poison for a couple turns that damages their mana, or gives them a Dark EleVuln if they're out of mana, and attempts to inflict the same Poison on the monster to compensate for that. Instead of dealing increased damage for having no special attack, the sword attempts to consume Dark element Poisons on the monster to deal increased damage.

Description: Warlic has managed to weaken the Godscourge affecting it, but this blade can still send you into an infected frenzy and absorb toxins to fuel its power!

Axe of Overkill
Appearance: A large double-headed battle axe whose heads are carved from obsidian. They are set on a long wooden handle wrapped with cord, and on both ends of the shaft is a spike of obsidian. On the heads are engraved a few runes that softly glow a dark purple.

Stats: An inaccurate Melee Darkness Axe that has no special attack and a moderate base damage lean. It has an effect of dealing increased damage the lower the monster's health is, going from no extra damage when the enemy is at full health to a larger than normal boost to damage when the monster is low on HP. Instead of dealing fixed increased damage for no special attack the axe would give a boost to damage similar to the other effect.

Description: This obsidian axe seems pedestrian at first, but it reveals its true power and deals incredible Darkness damage to enemies low on health!
AQ Epic  Post #: 118
6/9/2024 18:37:35   

Appearance: A skeletal warrior is drawn together and then jumps towards the monster, bursting apart on contact.

Stats: A 2-hit Accurate Mana-efficient Darkness spell. The player pays some HP to increase the damage, and the spell would have an effect of healing the player's MP based on hits missed/attempted(so no healing if both hits connect).

Description: Nobody likes a Necrobump, but this efficient Darkness spell draws on your life force for power, and lets you regain some expended mana if things don't go as planned.

Sword of Triumph
Appearance: The sword from the top of the Victory scroll.

Stats: A Melee/Magic Earth sword that has no special attack. It has an effect of increasing the player's Lucky Strike chance as the monster's HP decreases, with no bonus to LS chance at max monster HP and a larger than normal boost when the mob is low on HP. Instead of a normal bonus to damage for no special, the sword would give a bonus to the player's healing that increases as they defeat monsters, being a larger bonus to healing at max stacks and a smaller than normal one without any.

Description: This Earth blade has a knack for landing Lucky Strikes to finish off weakened opponents, and draws strength from your triumphs to increase your healing!

Wisdom of the Kings
Appearance: A large two-handed sword with a crossguard like a golden crown, whose outside edges extend up to form a sort of trident- )_( - with the blade in the middle. The blade would have a few runes on it that would glow a couple different colors: gold for most points being in the Might tree, an icy blue for the Cunning tree, and red for the Audacity tree. The blade would be surrounded with a slight glow and sparkle in Magic form. It would have a Ranged form where it would be more like a trident, with the blade being shorter and the handle lengthening.

Stats: A Melee/Ranged/Magic Fire Sword/Spear(slightly Accurate in Ranged form) with no special attack. It would have an effect of gaining points from defeating monsters. During their turn the player could click on the blade to spend points on a boost that lasts until the player logs off, starting with a few different kinds and gaining access to more boosts depending on how they spend their points. In the Might tree of boosts would be: 1st: Bonus damage, Mid: Extra Lucky Strike damage, Final: A chance to give the monster a couple turns of Fire EleVuln, the amount increasing with rank. In Cunning: 1st: Bonus accuracy, Mid: Bonus Lucky Strike chance, Final: A chance to give the monster a couple turns of Fire DefLoss, the amount increasing with rank. In Audacity: 1st: The weapon gains an inaccurate damage lean, Mid: The player takes and deals increased damage, Final: A small chance for the player to gain Celerity(just them, not their pets and guests). At full points the player would be able to maximize the boosts in one tree and have a point or two in another tree; a boost from spending points in a tree once would be small, but stack up to be a little bit below average at max points. You would have to put points in one skill before accessing ones higher up in the tree.

Description: This Fire weapon is sentient, and able to switch between forms and draw on your victories to mold itself into just the right tool for the job!

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Luxificent Swagfinity
Appearance: A large, ornate golden club with a hexagonal head engraved with a symbol that glows with different colors depending on the weapon's current element. The shaft has a rich leather wrap and the pommel is a large diamond.

Stats: A Random Element Base damage lean Melee mace that has no special attack. It deals extra damage to compensate for switching elements each hit, and has an effect of automatically hitting but dealing reduced damage. Instead of a bonus to damage for no special attack, at the start of the player's turn it forces the monster to make a saving throw, and if it fails, the monster has omni-EleVuln for a couple turns.

Description: Forged of ore mined from the depths of all eight elemental realms, this weapon's element shifts frequently but strikes with an undeniable might.
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7/6/2024 14:46:00   

Marauder Mail
Appearance: A suit of armor with a bone-like chain mail, skull pauldrons, and bone-shaped bracers and greaves. It has a tattered black cape and a silver belt, and the breastplate has ribs.

Stats: A Fully Defensive Darkness Armor that trades some of its defenses(Melee being highest) to compress a toggle skill that pays SP for the player's weapon attacks and specials to auto-hit(plus a bit more SP to account for this being weapon element/always useful) and deal ~15% increased damage.

Description: Worn fearsome pillagers, this armor enchances your resistance to Darkness and allows you to strike with unstoppable might!
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