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All you need to know about your Dragon - The Pet, The Guest, The Dragonrider and Primals

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Guide Navigation

This is the way you can find what you need to know:

1. Click and hold the 'Ctrl' key and then click 'F'
2. Type the according code to what you want to look up. Codes given below. Typing a code will place orange and yellow markers on the scroll bar to your left. Levitate your cursor over them and click it.

First, type an open Flower Bracket (This Thingy -> { ).

Second, type the dragon code: 'pd' for pet dragon, 'gd' for guest dragon, 'rd' for dragonrider, 'tad' for temporary armor dragon or 'ps' for primal dragon skills.

Third.1, if you chose 'pd', 'gd', 'rd', or 'tad', then type: 'get' for how to get it, 'use' for skills and how to use them, and 'str' for strategy, and 'sts' for stats.

Third.2, if you chose ps, then type 'get' for how to get them, 'fget' for how to get fire primal, 'wget' for how to get water primal, 'stget' for hoe to get nature primal, or one of the the following for the effects of the elements: Fire(fir), Water(wat), Ice(isa), energy(ele), nature(sto), darkness(dar), light(lyt), wind(win), bacon(egg).

Fourth, type an 'e'.

Fifth, type a closed flower bracket (This Thingy -> } ).

For example, I wanna find out how to get the guest dragon, I click and hold Ctrl and then click F and then type {gdgete}
O R , I wanna find out how to use the temporary armor, i click and hold Ctrl and then click F and then type {tadusee}

The guide is still pending. I will add stuff when I get time.


The Pet Dragon


The Pet Dragon is one of the best features added to the game, and is probably the reason the game is called DragonFable! The Pet Dragon can be obtained through the Dragon Egg Saga, which is the first saga you can do in the game!

To get the Dragon in Book 1:-
Create an account, then login, choose the big bright red button with a yellow border saying "Book 1 and Book 2" besides which is written in fancy text "The Orb Saga" and "Elemental Dissonance" and you will see a plaque saying: Artix Entertainment Presents, and then the DragonFable logo. Then, comes the title: "Chapter 1: The Orb Saga / A Hero is Born Bored". You will see the Red Dragon flying overhead. Your Character gets startled and wonders why a level 1 <playerclass> has to fight such a powerful dragon. Then the dragon lands in front of you. You prepare to fight. But, instead of attacking, the dragon bows down, and allows its riders - a priestess and a moglin to land. The priestess carries a black box with a dragon head on it. They then begin to walk away as the dragon regrets promising not to eat you. You can then proceed onward. Upon walking for some time you hear a loud RAWR! The moglin seems to try to defend the priestess but gets thrown back. You can either offer to help the moglin or punt it back. It wouldn't make a difference either way besides the fact that the moglin Twilly wouldn't join you if you punt him back. You then fight the gorillaphant boss monster and are thanked by the priestess for it. She then leaves using the path by the stump with the moglin telling you to let knight captain Rolith in Oaklore know that she is going this way. You then head on through the other path to Oaklore Keep.

In Oaklore, Rolith wouldn't listen to what you have to say unless you are of the level 3. Getting to level 3 is very easy as the knights in the keep will have many quests for you. Just keep doing them until you have at least 200 gold. You can see how much you have in your backpack (the bag icon next to the dragon amulet and your health and mana). By then you should be higher than level 3. Go to the armory beside where Rolith is standing and get yourself a legendary magma weapon (sword for warrior, daggers for rogue and staff for mage). Equip that if you are level 5 by clicking on it in your backpack and pressing equip. Then go to Rolith and click The Priestess' message. Invite Rolith to your party if you own a Dragon Amulet. If not, it doesn't really matter. I added Rolith to make the batttle faster. It will take you to a quest to save the Priestess from Drakath Slugwrath, a bandit. You will now fight him and two of his renegade bandits. While you smack-talk after the victory, a sneevil grabs the Black Dragon Box and makes a run for it! Drakath escapes in a puff of smoke and the Priestess informs you about the theft. The quest then ends and you are taken back to Captain Rolith.

After this, you are allowed to head to the right which was earlier blocked by a Pactoginal Knight. Upon going this way you will see a sign that says Sunbreeze Grove. You needn't go here unless you want to explore the VurrMan Ruins, which gives you some sparlking sand. The boatman that takes you to The Priestess at Sunbreeze Grove is currently asleep (and I mean knocked out Cold).
So just head to the Right. You will eventually have to go up into a forest and then right. This is where you get ambushed by some more Renegade Bandits. They should be a walk in the park to take down. Just defeat them. Then head right. Now you have to head down and then right. Here you will find an ugly, blue and very evil *ahem* ebil moglin, who warns you about a bear lying on the way and to be quiet so as to not wake it. About halfway of walking, he himself wakes up the bear, let's just say, by politely inviting it to a tea party, you being the cookies, but, who am I kidding? He yells his lungs out - WAKE UP BEAR! TASTY ADVENTURER ON THE ROAD! or something along those lines. You then fight the bear. This fight is not too hard if you healed up after the bandit encounter, but if not, use the tasty red vial to the extreme left of your attack bar to get a burst heal of 100 HP. This Bear should be easy if you listened to the advice I gave you about the Legendary Magma Sword/Dagger/Staff. Once this bear is defeated, the evil (ugh, no! It's EBIL! EBIL!) moglin also escapes in a puff of smoke. Man, what is it with these villains and their smoke-ninja-ultra-darkness-vanishing-poof-poof-I'm-gone-skills-or-whatever-the-heck-you-wanna-call-it! Anyway, just keep gong right until you find a bridge with a very attentive knight standing guard over it. Just go to the right, because this guard only shows you an epic hydra lair. Just walk to the right. Now... you shall face the fight you have been training for since your childhood... oh wait... not really... what evs... a hydra named Hydrahok pops up from the water and breaks the bridge. You have to fight it (duh) because you are the Hero. It may be hard if you try attacking the big head only. First attack the head on the right. Then the one on the left. Then the one in the middle. You can simply just tap the head of the monster you want to fight, to fight it. This fight would take less than two minutesOnce you beat this hydra up black and blue... oh wait you just have to beat it black cuz it was always blue, the head falls right into the part of the bridge it broke. You can now proceed to Falconreach... YAAAAY!

According to the story, Falconreach is under attack from an undead skelly army, and the hero has to try protecting Falconreach. But, none a' that in the story now! Just go into the gates of Falconreach and do what you feel like. However, to continue with the Dragon Egg Saga, go on to talk to Twilly. Twilly will now tell you to meet Robina who is to the right of town. Just go up when you get outside the other gates of the town. Continue right until you find the pretty obvious girl by the waterfall. Talk to her about the Black Dragon Box by clicking the button on her interface. She will have two tasks for you to do. The Quests are: "A Golden Opportunity" and "Give Until it Hurts". Once you do these, talk to her about the Black Dragon Box. She will agree to give you the box and when she does, you get interrupted by the one and only...Drakath! This time, Drakath will prove a much more challenging fight than last time and will be accompanied by a Powerful Krakhim. These two would be very hard to defeat easily, so using your Shield, Stun, Blind, Damage Reduction and Damage over Time moves (if you have any) is very advisable. Once you defeat them, You all find out what is contained in the Black Dragon Box... Absolutely Nothing! Yes, you heard that right. BUT, the sneevil in Robina's custody says he dumped it in the sneevil DumpSite. Robina hopes that Twilly knows where that is.

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