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4/6/2019 19:50:21   
Legendary Ash

Blarney War:
The Cai-Man Island

Today's Event or Blarney Portal Painting > Blarney War: The Cai-Man Island

<<Uncle Sham stands behind a podium with a pot of gold icon in front and a map of Lore on a stand behind him, fourteen black silhouettes of leprechauns stand outside the Bank of Leprechaunia>>
Uncle Sham: Attention! Gentlechauns, we've been set back for the entire first quarter. While our duties in the balance of fortune are unperturbed, me- our nation's GOLD reserves were involved in...
Uncle Sham: ...And I shudder ta say this, but ye have all been chosen for bein' made of sterner stuff than most...
Uncle Sham: ..Expenses. I- WE spent non-zero amounts of coin on delivery services last Frostval!
Leprechauns: Unforgivable!
Leprechauns: ...Good thing me wife ain't here to hear this.
Leprechauns: How did something like this happen?!
Uncle Sham: I know, I know. But despite this travesty-
O'Billy: ...Is it so bad? The bank has earned some actual WILLING customers since you helped Frostvale. Maybe we can make it a regular-
Uncle Sham: O'Billy, one more word outtae yer trap and ye'll have a meetin' with me cane for treason.
O'Billy: ....
Uncle Sham: Right then. Despite rumors about my allegiances and health, which I'll note ta be punishable by poverty. I am no longer indisposed. Nay, I am more resolute than ever!
Uncle Sham: I have identified the two most prominent competitors to the monopoly of the Bank of Leprechaunia. We shall mobilize the the Leprechaun Armed Forces this very day and reestablish our hegemony!
Uncle Sham: Our primary forces will lay siege to the fledging travesty that is the Leprechaun Private Bank.
Uncle Sham: The Armada has been militarily unsuccessful these years, but ye should be able to handle this operation... I am sending ye to take back from our undercutters at the Cai-Man Island!
Uncle Sham: Set sail to this location and dig up all the buried GOLD ye can find! This is not an invasion. We have no idea of how well defended the area is, and we'll need ye here when yer done.
Uncle Sham: So sneak in, get the treasure, and get back out. Don't get bogged down in combat.
Uncle Sham: Am I clear?
Leprechauns: AYE!
Uncle Sham: Ye have yer orders gentlechauns! Move out!

<<Liborg wearing eyeglasses writes in a red cover book with a feather pen on a rectangular table inside a building with gold walls, doorway and green rectangular carpet>>
Liborg: Not the best of quarters... That many accounts closed? The nation really isn't doing well. Even more war spending just when it seemed we'd bet on peace for once.
Liborg: I can't believe I used to be part of this problem.

<<A cyberchaun and two leprechauns, one medium and one tiny walk in through the doorway>>
Liborg: It's an hour early for the meeting. What's up?
Leprechaun: Bad news, boss.
Liborg: Yes, I'm just reading the quarterly reports. I know everyone's trying their best, don't worry. We'll figure out how to improve our situation during the meeting.
Leprechaun: A bit more urgent than that.
Liborg: ...Oh no, did Old Moira make camp at the stalls again?
Liborg: Nobody panic, just evacuate the customers. Get the janitors some jars so they can catch her frogs and some cheese to lure her out with. I'll get the hose.
Liborg: As long as she didn't bring a gogg this time, we'll be done before my 5 O'Clock appointment.
Leprechaun: I'm afraid it's Uncle Sham. Again.
Liborg: Really? He's been incredibly nice since Frostval.
Leprechaun: He got better. Or worse again. He's looking to catch up to lost profits by going after all of his competitors at once. The entire Leprechaun army is marching.
Leprechaun: They'll be at our door eventually, and I don't think they'll be up for negotiating.
Liborg: Not when we have secessionist as clients, no. This is terrible! I don't have an army anymore, and our security can't hold against the brunt of the Leprechaun forces.
Leprechaun: We have some time to plan an evacuation.
Liborg: ... No. I don't like our odds, but bullies have to be stood up to. I need all three of you to send some messages for me.
Liborg: First, go find Lallace on the double. His people beat Uncle before. That'll help our odds.

<<The tiny leprechaun walks off to the left>>
Liborg: Secondly, send word to Battleon. We can't make this without their help. Let's just hope they're ready to be forgiving.

<<The second leprechaun walks off to the left>>
Leprechaun: What about me?
Liborg: Call the O'Clock family and send them my apologies. As happy as I am that the Timekeepers have started employing leprechauns, I won't have time to meet with all five of them.

<<The cyberchaun walks off to the left>>
Liborg: I'm counting on you, <<You>>...

The Cai-Man Islands

<<Black silhouettes with yellow eyes of a flock of birds flying and an alligator swimming in the waters move towards the right as Uncle Sham leads his army of cyberchauns and leprechauns, a leprechuan in power suit beats on two drums>>
Sham: Alright lads, they say these Cai-Man are dangerous... fierce. We'll show them they pale in comparison to the fierness of me greed! Let's go!!

<<Uncle Sham turns to the around from left to the right and walks in that direction>>

War Camp


The Cai-Man Island

Uncle Sham is back to his old ways, and
going all out! Sending his Leprechaun
Armada to the Cai-Man Island to destroy
competitors to the Bank of Leprechaunia!
Now Liborg, who appears to have reformed
herself, has asked for your help!


<<Liborg stands on the left and Uncle Sham stands with his leprechaun and cyberchaun army on the right, a black silhouette of the leprechaun ships in the distance sail towards the center of the island in Screen 3 without the tiki huts and monsters>>
Liborg: Stop your forces, Uncle, there's still time to negotiate.
Uncle Sham: And here I thought you said I taught ye well... Though gettin' <<You>> on your side is a good con, I'll grant ye that.
Liborg: No more cons, Uncle, only hard working chauns. Even if they're synonymous to you.
<<You>>: Uncle Sham! What is wrong with you?! I thought you'd finally learned your lesson over Frostval.
Uncle Sham: YOU are what's wrong with me! Ever since that Nightmare Queen turned me bank upside down on her way ta yer village, I've had these... these... these fits!
<<You>>: Is that your word for growing a conscience and helping people out instead of nation-scale banditry?
Uncle Sham: YES! Because of ye, I... I actually SPENT GOLD during Frostval!
Liborg: Uncle, you more than made a return on that gold by attracting clients to your bank. I thought you'd changed too.
Uncle Sham: It's the principle of the thing!
<<You>>: I have to say I'm disappointed, Sham. I thought you'd actually developed a festive spirit. I'd have liked to see you during SnuggleFest...
<<You>>: Maybe learning to be someone's hero could've turned you around for good.
Uncle Sham: I'm sure ye would have enjoyed such a travesty, but fortunately I recovered well before then.

<<Uncle Sham turns around to face the leprechauns on the right>>
Uncle Sham: Yes, I completely recovered before SnuggleFest… And nothing disgraceful happened on that day.

<<Uncle Sham with hair dyed amber, wears a pink sash, kilt adorned with hearts, feather wings and two green, two blue balloons to lift himself into the air is chained on the left ankle to a stone sphere in his bedroom, there is a map of Gold locations, a book shelf, two potions one green and one pink, scattered piles of gold coins and gold bars, a bed frame composed of gold, there is a large crack in the vault door on the left>>
Leprechaun: No way. If we let you go out like that, you'll kill us when you get back.

<<Returns to You standing beside Liborg on the beach facing Uncle Sham and his army>>
<<You>>: Then I'll have to keep treating you as an enemy. Let's cut this war short right here and now.
Uncle Sham: Couldn't agree more! Now that ye kindly made yer way to me staging grounds at the each, I will happily oblige. The Leprechaun Armada returns victorious. Now our combined might is aimed squarely at ye!
Uncle Sham: I hope ye like cannons.

Uncle Sham: Any time now.

<<A Cai-Man walks in from the right, Uncle Sham evades him by walking towards the waters, the Cai-Man attacks the leprechauns, throwing them into the air and waters, and holds Uncle Sham captive in his right hand>>
Uncle Sham: ...These aren't me Leprechaun Sailors.
???: You command the invaders, then? Good.
???: Your pitiful armada attempted to loot our home. The few that knew better than to loot the secrets we guard ran aground on our reefs. The rest could not fight us in our home turf.
???: But in gratitude for the ships you gave us, I will grant your wish. If you so crave the treasure that our trusted allies buried in our islands...
???: ...then I will gladly bury you with it.

<<The Cai-Man turns around to the right and leaves walking off>>
<<You>>: ...He really has this coming, you know.
Liborg: *Sigh* Yes...
<<You>>: It's tempting to just let this happen..
Liborg: I know.
<<You>>: REALLY tempting.
Liborg: Trust me, I know.
<<You>>: ...But we can't leave him like that.
Liborg: I got my second chance, so I'm not about to deny him his... fifteenth?
<<You>>: We better hurry before those Cai-Men find a cozy hole to bury your uncle in...

  • Guest List

  • War Rewards
  • Top Character War Wins!
    Top 25
    Cai-Man Elite Pet
    Top 50
    Cai-Man Hunter Elite Male and Female Faces
    1000 Individual Kills
    Cai-Man Glaive Elite
  • Go Back

    Top Hat
    You are now wearing a Leprechuan's top hat!

    4-leaf clover
    This magical 4-leaf clover just healed you!

    Click the chest to open, reveals eighteen stacks of gold coins, gold bar, blue gem, red gem while a purple gem and two coins fall to the ground
    You have equipped a special Leprechaun Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.

    Potions By Lucretia
    Lucretia: Get your potions here! Free samples for Guardians! Full heals from the punch bowl! Talk to me for specialty potions!
  • Deal!
    <<You>>: Wait... Lucretia? What are you doing here?
  • ???
    Lucretia: Running a shop! I wouldn't be much of a businesswoman if I didn't go where the customers were, no?
  • I guess?
    Lucretia: If you want, I have a shop set up out back for specialty potions!

    Potion bag
    You must be a Guardian to refill your Health potions from this bag.

    Bubbling Purple liquid Cauldron
    You down a glass and are fully healed! Tastes like almond/anise/apple/banana/blackberry/blood/blueberry/burning/butter rum/butterscotch/caramel/cherry/chocolate/cinammon/clove/coconut/coffee/cola/cotton candy/cream soda/dandelion and burdock/dragonfruit/failure/fruit punch/ginger ale/grape/honey/lemon/lemonade/lemon-lime/licorice/lime/maple/marshmallow/mint/moglinberry/moglnberry wine/Nutella/orange/passionfruit/peach/peanut butter/peppermint/piña colada/pineapple/prunes/purple/raspberry/root beer/sarsaparilla/sour apple/sour cherry/sour grape/strawberry/success/watermelon/wildberry!

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      You will now fight # wave(s) before returning to camp!
      Four Battles from Monster Pool full heal after each two
      [X] Click this button to return to camp at the next save point.

  • Secret Mission!

    Once the war meter reaches 100%

    <<Liborg and You walk in from the left on the edge of the sand beach with waters surrounding the island>>
    Liborg: Their lines are finally broken.
    <<You>>: I can't believe it...
    Liborg: They did put up a serious fight, and Uncle Sham's forces sure didn't help...
    <<You>>: No, I mean I can't believe Rhubarb was serious about these islands. I'm a veritable cartographer by now and even I thought he was pulling the old miser's leg.
    Cai-Man: New invaders are flanking! Attack!
    Leprechauns: ...HEY! They stole our ships too! Get them!
    <<You>>: Oh, NOW you see eye to eye. Glad to be of help there... Now come and get some.

  • Battle with Liborg's help
    Liborg will now battle by your side!
  • Battle by yourself

    Two Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after

    Battle: Cai-Man (2)
    Full Heal

    ???: ENOUGH!

    <<A Cai-Man with grey plated armor emerges from the jungle on the right>>
    ???: You gave a remarkable chase, but your invasion ends now. You had ample chance to turn back.
    ???: If you wish to be buried with your leader, then so be it.
    <<You>>: Wait, please! Can we at least try to talk this out?
    ???: Certainly.
    Liborg: ...Really?
    ???: You fought bravely, pursued us fiercely and show at least SOME restraint in the face of mortal danger. That commands respect.
    <<You>>: Well, that's refreshing. Let's start with introductions, then. I am <<You>>, from Battleon.
    Liborg: Call me Liborg. I'm from Leprechaunia.
    Archos: I am Archos, Chief Warden of the Cai-Man Islands. I will hear what you have to say, outlanders, but you have better give me a good reason to let you remain here.
    Archos: Your leader has gravely offended us and exposed our secrets.
    <<You>>: Actually, Uncle Sham is not our leader. He's attacked our lands over and over again. Failed every time, I might add.
    Liborg: I'm from the same nation, but definitely no friend of his.
    Archos: You sail in this greedy runt's vessels and chase his abductors across the sea, but expect me to believe that you are enemies?
    <<You>>: Seriously. I'm friends with Rhubarb, he can back me up on this.
    Archos: ...You are suspiciously well-spoken for a pirate, or a close ally of one.
    <<You>>: Says the giant armored alligator.
    Archos: Touché. Regardless, what purpose could you possibly have in saving your enemy?
    <<You>>: Pint-sized, warmongering pile of greed or not, he's got something of an important role back in our continent.
    Liborg: And I shudder to say it, but I'm pretty sure that the entire chain of command he'd leave behind would be even worse. I'm not okay with leaving him to die either.
    Archos: You have my sympathy. But these matters are irrelevant to a Cai-Man. We guard our secrets and those of our allies at all costs. I find no reason to release one who would so wantonly and literally dig them up.
    <<You>>: ...Then I take it there's no way to get him back other than right through you.
    Archos: Correct.
    <<You>>: No hard feelings?
    Archos: Assuming you can win...
    <<You>>: Oh, it's not an assumption.

    Battle: Archos
    Full Heal

    <<Archos lies on the edge where the sand on the beach meets water>>
    Archos: Argh. Well fought, outlander. You may have it your way.
    <<You>>: Let's just say I have more experience than most people who have been around as long as I have. Look, I know Rhubarb has some... questionable contacts, but you seem to be pretty honorable.
    <<You>>: Let us take Sham back. He'll call off his forces, and we'll let Rhubarb know that he can sink any ship from Sham's navy that sets sail for your home.
    <<You>>: Besides, being around him that much must have been punishment enough.
    Archos: Indeed. You make a compelling enough point.

    <<Uncle Sham walks from the right and looks right and left two times and turns a tint of red>>
    Uncle Sham: Oi! What makes ye think I'll stop me armies?! There's still enough Uncle Sham to give all SIX of ye whatfor!

    <<Uncle Sham walks to the left and falls to the sand>>
    Uncle Sham: Oh you, lovely money, the Rose of Goldcoin… *snore*
    Archos: Perhaps you truly should take him before he shares his morning meal.
    <<You>>: Thank you for being reasonable, even if it took a beating to get there. If you ever need an ally to call on, send word for me through Rhubarb. We got off on the wrong foot, but hopefully we can get along from now on.
    Liborg: And I'll see what I can do to keep word of the islands from spreading.
    Archos: If you respect our secrecy as you claim you will, then we may meet again on better terms. We can do without the idle threats should the contrary happen.
    Archos: Now go, <<You>>. I wish you smooth sailing back to your home.

    Shop: Blarney 2019: Reef Financing

    Cai-Man Warden's Glaive (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Cai-Man Reefstalker's Glaive (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Cai-Man Warrior (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Stock Breaker (Lv 5, 10 wins)
    Aggressive Economist (Lv 10, 30 wins)
    Adventure Capitalist (Lv 15, 80 wins)
    Cai-Man Warden (Lv 20, 200 wins)
    Cai-Man Reefstalker (Lv 30, 500 wins)
    Cai-Man Conqueror (Lv 50, 1000 wins)

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    Giant Cyberchaun
    Giant Ninjachaun
    GO-LD Walker
    Leprechaun Power Armor
    Tiny Ninjachaun

    2 Text error are underlined both in transcript above and below:

    We shall mobilize the the Leprechaun Armed Forces this very day and reestablish our hegemony!
    Should remove the second "the".
    We'll show them they pale in comparison to the fierness of me greed!
    Should be "fiercness".

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  • AQ  Post #: 76
    4/30/2019 17:18:08   

    Bad Eggs quest for Grenwog 2015 should update that a shop containing nerfit will open after the quest.
    Info submission here
    Encyclopedia here
    Post #: 77
    5/2/2019 17:05:57   
    Legendary Ash

    Trouble A-Poaches!

    Today's Event or April Fools' Portal Painting > Trouble A-Poaches!

    <<You walk in from the left and stand next to a Salamander strapped with chests, bags and a saddle, Valencia stands a few feet away with a flying light purple moglin on a grass plain with mountains in the distance>>
    Valencia: Welcome back to Battleon, <<You>>! I hope your quest went well.
    <<You>>: If you call chasing months-old leftover undead plants away from Skraeling nomads and being stuck with their stench for the entire trip back, returning ON FOOT because no camel or salamander would go near me...
    <<You>>: ...then discovering that sand leeches are very much not an old nomad's tale, but a real thing that is coarser than sand itself and gets in even more places... "went well", then yes, it went splendidly.
    Valencia: Hahaha, oh wow, that takes me back. I mean- ! That sounds terrible and I'm glad you haven't been eggsanguinated.
    <<You>>: ….
    Valencia: Did you happen get my message?
    <<You>>: All four of them, yes. Seriously, you and your business proposals with hearts everywhere... But I got the important one on my way back to town. What's this about the festival being in shambles?
    Valencia: I'm afraid it's gotten even worse since I sent for you. Now it doesn't look like there's going to be a celebration at all.
    <<You>>: It sure doesn't. Not a werehare in sight, like you said, but where's everyone? Usually they'd be putting up decorations by now.
    Valencia: Some people went missing in the neighboring villages a few days ago, so most people left to mount a search party led by Robina.
    <<You>>: Rats, I wish I'd arrived sooner. I could have caught up with them to lend a hand. But they've got a good tracker at the head, at least.
    Valencia: Well, there's something we could do for them anyways.
    <<You>>: What do you have in mind?
    Valencia: I've been thinking that you and I could make sure they still have a Grenwog Festival to come back to. It should be just the thing to cheer up the missing people, too.
    <<You>>: That strikes me as the less important of two jobs, but since I'm this late to the investigation...
    Valencia: Making people smile can be important too. I'm no slouch at tracking myself, and with your eggspertise we should be able to crack this in time for the celebration.
    <<You>>: *twitch*
    Valencia: C'mon, it'll be fun. We haven't worked together in ages.
    <<You>>: I can tell I'm going to regret this, but we've refused to let armies and dinosaurs ruin this holiday before...
    Valencia: Eggcelent! I knew I could count on you!
    <<You>>: *twitch*
    <<You>>: Let's just go already.
    Valencia: I know just where to start. Oh, Grumbugly? Get the guards. And if anyone gets past them, I want you to blast them sky high with enough fire for me to see it from anywhere, then sit on them until I'm back.
    Grumbugly: Grrrr? Grrr.

    <<Valencia leaps and descends onto the ground crouching on the path between two trees, in the distance is the Guardian tower>>
    Valencia: Over here! I found a trail.
    <<You walk in from the left and Valencia stands up>>
    <<You>>: Looks like two sets of tracks.
    Valencia: Or a quadruped dragging one pair of legs. One set's digitigrade, the other looks like it slipped on the cobbles, but not on the... Oh.
    <<You>>: Yeah. The Grenwog. And it's heading AWAY from Battleon?
    Valencia: It can't have eaten its fill already. I'm eggstremely certain that there no werebunnies showed up at Battleon to beggin with.
    <<You>>: Do you think you could maybe... NOT do-
    Valencia: Hold that thought, it looks like we're not the only ones on the trail!
  • Battle with Valencia's help
    Valencia will now battle by your side!
  • Battle by yourself

    Two Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after

    Battle: Grand Eggobbler Sr.
    Full Heal

    Valencia: ...Aren't those usually ambush predators?
    <<You>>: They must really be smelling blood if they're actively tracking the Grenwog instead of lying in wait... Although without eggs, they don't exactly have much of an ambush to set up.
    Valencia: Plus a starved Grenwog might make for easy enough prey to draw random monsters and eggsasperated adventurers.
    <<You>>: It's going to be seeking refuge, then. Come on, I know just the forest pass to get to the usual lairs quickly. It's not far from where the tracks lead.
    Valencia: If we find the Grenwog, we might be able to follow it to wherever the eggs actually are. Off we go, then! This is getting eggciting.
    <<You>>: Follow me, then.

    <<A grey background with nothing in it>>
    <<You>>: Wait, you just did it again. Twice. Gah!
    <<A large tree trunk bent over forms an arch over a path in Screen 7, there is a mountain in the distance>>
    Valencia: ...But the mercs got the black book instead of the golden book we were shooting for, and the entire eggsploration came crashing down on us when they started trying to read it.
    Valencia: With a little help from Warlic's bug potions, though, I still managed to get out of there with my treasure.
    Valencia: Purely eggstemporaneous, I assure you. I didn't know we'd have to deal with those bugs, or I'd have brought enough for them too. Even if they were jerks.
    <<Valencia leaps and descends onto the ground, You walk in from the left to stand next to her>>
    <<You>>: Okay, Valencia, stop. What's going on?
    Valencia: What do you mean?
    <<You>>: I'm not complaining about getting to hang out with you again, or about you being in a good mood. And I know you like the Grenwog Festival, but you're acting strange.
    Valencia: "Strange"?
    <<You>>: Come on, Val. You've seen me drop the clueless hero routine a lot of times by now.
    Valencia: Alright, alright... Yes, I know I usually stick to either the big causes or the big treasure hunts. Stay on the profitable side of things and hire adventurers for everything else. To be fair, I do have a business to run.
    Valencia: But Grenwog is kind of dear to me. It means a little more than just a spring festival. This stays between us, alright? But there's a lot of good memories attached to it that I won't get to eggsperience again.
    <<You>>: So saving the holiday is kind of like preserving those memories.
    Valencia: Eggsactly.
    <<You>>: ...And that. I'm used to taking a fair deal of PUNishment, but not from you.
    Valencia: You don't have to be so neggative about it.
    <<You>>: Did you just...?
    Valencia: Heheh. That's where the fond memories come in. I love egg hunts so much because they used to be a Surehunter family tradition. I know I've given the name something of a different reputation, but we used to be...
    <<You>>: ...More like Zephyros than he'd like to admit?
    Valencia: Psh. We were better. He's better than I'll acknowledge to his face, but we were a family, after all. A team.
    Valencia: ...And then we weren't. But before my mother passed, and my father... went his own way, Grenwog was about the one time of year that we'd slow down and have a little time at home.
    Valencia: There was this years-long eggscavation when I was a little girl, and my parents kept digging up these little golden eggs from the ruins. There were so many of them...
    <<You>>: *twitch*
    Valencia: You know, several ancient civilizations all throughout the Greenguard and western eggspanse areas treated the egg as a symbol of the coming of spring. The infinite potential of life in the simplest shape.
    Valencia: *chuckle* Daddy would hide them all over the house so I'd have to search for them, and make more egg jokes the closer I got to finding one. Mom used to joke that his sense of humor got cursed at the dig site.
    <<You>>: That's rather sweet. ...And explains a lot. Even your play time was all about archeology and hidden treasure.
    Valencia: It was great while it lasted.
    <<You>>: I'm sorry things went so wrong for you then. But alright. You clearly cherish these memories, so you can count on me to keep them alive.
    Valencia: Wonderful!
    <<You>>: ….
    Valencia: ….?
    <<You>>: The puns aren't stopping now that we've bonded, are they.
    Valencia: <<You>>, they're barely starting.
    <<You>>: ...I'm going to take this out on the monsters that think we haven't noticed their ambush.
    Monster: Oh come on, it was just getting good.

    Four Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after each two

    <<You>>: I got my cheap catharsis out of the way, and those monsters won't be going around ruining your ruthless businesswoman image. Can we get back on the trail now? All the fighting kind of scuffed it.
    ???: You can, but you may not.

    <<Branches grow from the trunk of the arching tree to block the path in the forest while a green sphere appears a few steps in front of Valencia and You, a Dryad emerges from it>>
    ???: The forest is in a vulnerable state in this region. It will not permit further incursions until its assailants are expelled.
    <<You>>: Judging by your appearance and the sudden implication that the forest itself has a will, I'm assuming you're some sort of guardian figure.
    ???: Your perception of the evident is noted.
    <<You>>: A snarky one. Aren't we off to a great start already...
    Valencia: ...Huh. I've only read about this, it's been generations since a Surehunter last recorded finding one. So I might be wrong, but I think she's a Dryad.
    Folia: Correct. My name is Folia.
    <<You>>: Alright then, Folia the Dryad. Why exactly can't we enter?
    Folia: Hunters have recently entered the forest. This is typical, and accepted. Life consumes life, and so it endures and evolves. But this group shows none of the restraint that your kind normally practices.
    Folia: They kill beyond their share and far beyond their fill. This is not predation, but destruction. They topple the balance of the forest. While change is a part of balance, there must be a rhythm to it, lest the cycle become a spiral.
    <<You>>: We definitely don't want to do anything like that. In fact, it looks like these hunters may have caused the problem we've been looking into. Werebunnies haven't been doing their usual rounds for the start of spring.
    Valencia: ...And if the local wildlife is getting stirred up by eggcessive hunting, that might have something to do with the disappearances.
    Folia: ...This is known to the forest.
    <<You>>: The werebunnies or missing people?
    Folia: The cycle is disturbed. Werebunnies are frightened by the hunters and displaced predators, and remain in their hutches. Grenwogs find no prey in civilization, and so they overhunt the forest passes.
    Folia: Contained, the prey grows desperate and transforms, laying ambushes. The ambushes deprive other predators of prey, and increase hostility. And so the forest must cope. It calls out.
    Folia: Those of us who answer the call leave our lives behind to become its wardens. But others are stranded just as the creatures of the forest are.
    <<You>>: Then you're one of the people who went missing... Rats, everyone in town is on a wild gobbler chase! Please let us through. We can rescue the others, deal with the hunters and save Grenwog in one trip.
    Folia: ...This may be wise. The forest is not yet willing to take extreme measures to eliminate this threat, for the consequences may reach an opposite but equally undesirable intensity.
    Folia: Comparatively, you resolve this with both precision and speed. So be it.
    Folia: You are not on the best terms with the creatures of the forest, but you do not destroy wantonly. You are free to pass, but... be warned. I remember you, <<You>>, you and your heroism...
    Folia: ...but my brethren may not be so welcoming. They can be zealous to a fault in the defense of their oath.

    <<The branches of the tree remove themselves from the ground of the forest path>>
    <<You>>: Thank you. We'll get the stranded people out and solve the situation as soon as possible.

    Two Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after

    <<Valencia leaps and descends onto the ground as You walk in from the left and stop in front of a pile of pink with yellow zig zags and purple with cyan zig zags eggs in the forest>>
    <<You>>: That's an odd pile of eggs. They're normally laid in lairs, not clustered up like that.
    Valencia: These were definitely left here by someone. Like, say, a poacher. Which would make them-
    <<You>>: Please don't.
    Valencia: Spoilsport.
    <<You>>: Wait. Do you hear anything?

    Forest creatures noticed the eggs and started using them as bait! Can you get the eggs and slip out quickly and quietly?
    Difficulty: 77
    Stat Used: Dexterity
  • Roll!
    If you fail the roll
  • Defy It!
    By an effort of will you can spend <<value>> Sp to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
    • Yes
    • No

  • Next
    If you selected No, Next or lack the Sp to defy it
      Battle: Grenwog
      Some of the eggs
      broke in the fight, but
      you still got a lot!
      +100-600 Eggs!

      Oh no!

    If you succeeded the roll
      Jackpot! And you're
      out in time to avoid
      the ambush!
      +100-999 Eggs!


    Two Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after

    <<A farmer and a person in Rogue outfit kneel next to the pile of eggs>>
    <<You>>: There you are! People have been looking for you everywhere! Don't worry, you're safe now.
    Farmer: Oh thank the gods! I was out in the woods doing my... business when I heard explosions and the wildlife started going crazy! I've been too afraid to go anywhere.
    Villager: ...I was just out trying to find some eggs, then the same thing happened. I've been staying by this huge pile hoping for whoever put it together to stop by and show me the way back.
    Valencia: The fastest way back is the path we came from.. Just follow the trail of unconscious monsters, tracks of battle and chunks of bruised ego.
    <<You>>: It won't be safe for long, though. These poachers are really stirring the forest up.
    Valencia: Seriously, legg it.
    <<You>>: ...I genuinely can't tell with you anymore.
    That's a lot of eggs. You're
    starting to wonder if Valencia
    has a pun for every single one.
    +100-1500 Eggs!


    Two Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after

    <<A poacher in Hunter armor stands at the edge of a cliff on Screen 14>>
    Jurg: Come on, you sock-wearing, accented fuzzball... All the rabbits and gobblers got spooked away, now smell the eggs and get on my sights...
    <<You>>: I should've known it was your sorry behind and pathetic stubble behind all of this trouble.

    <<Jurg turns around to face You on the left>>
    Jurg: Oh great. YOU again.
    Valencia: You now this poacher?
    Jurg: I'll have you know I was a renowned hunter until this so-called "hero" decided to stomp over my career.
    <<You>>: Oh, put the Grenwog's sock in it.
    Valencia: Ew.
    Jurg: Were you expecting me to just change careers because you ruined my reputation and chased off my clientele?
    Jurg: I'm a survivor, <<You>>, and what I used to do for money, now I do it because there's nothing else for me to do. No one will buy from me or give me any hunting work.
    Jurg: But you know what? That's fine. I don't need payment. The way I see it, this is a promotion. From hunter to apex predator. Quite a bit better, wouldn't you agree?
    <<You>>: Right from the start, you put innocent people in danger to create the very problems you then sold yourself as the solution to. And you're not only still justifying it, you're doing it again.
    <<You>>: More of your "survival of the fittest", not doubt.
    Valencia: Are you going to keep egging him on, or are you actually going to stop him?
    <<You>>: ...Draw your weapon, Jurg. You're not getting out with a warning this time.
    Jurg: Oh, I'm sorry, did you think I had my back uncovered? HUNTERS, to arms!

    Two Battles: Poacher
    Full Heal

    Battle: Jurg the Poacher
    Full Heal

    Valencia: Apeggs predator? Please. You're a cornered runt with delusions of grandeour.
    Jurg: Not... Not quite beaten yet. Come at me again, I dare you...
    <<You>>: And step on the trap I've been carefully avoiding this whole fight? But then I wouldn't get to do THIS.

    <<You avoid a brown mace swinging from the tree branch, it hits Jurg knocking him off the cliff and splashing into the waters below>>
    Jurg: Augh! Hot hot hot! This is almost boiling!

    <<The large rock on the path near the cliff shakes>>
    Jurg: ...Oh no.

    <<The large rock rolls off the cliff and falls onto Jurg with a crashing sound>>
    Jurg: … Oww…
    Jurg: Just you wait until I figure out where all my limbs go, and... And I'm stuck.
    Jurg: Grenwog, don't you dare. I swear if I could get my arms free... GET OFF. I AM NOT A CHAIR.
    <<You>>: That should sort him out, I think. The Grenwog AND the Grenwog Festival are saved from his stupidity.
    Valencia: So you cracked him over the head and dropped him in the simmering springs. That was some eggregious hurt you put on him.
    <<You>>: ...You're not about to say that was too cruel, right? The boulder was a coincidence, and he's tough enough to get out of there. Eventually.
    Valencia: No, I was about to say that it looks like the poacher got po-
    <<You>>: ...Valencia, I know you've been siting on that one for a while, but I am bEGGing you not to say it.
    Valencia: ….
    <<You>>: ...I just did it myself, didn't I.
    Valencia: Twice. And it was everything I hoped for.
  • <<A black heart icon>>

    <<The scene of the top of a forest with a mountain in the distance and a large tilted tree trunk shakes as three grey silhouettes of birds fly upwards emerging from the forest below>>
    <<You>>: AUGH!
    Shop: Grenwog: Trouble A-Poaches!
    Survivor's Rough Rifle (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Survivor's Blazing Rifle (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Dryad Aqua Blast (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • Play again!
  • Grenwog
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Monster Pool

    All-Consuming Were-Hare
    Berserk BURP
    Corybantic BURP
    Esurient Were-Hare
    Green Knight
    Insatiable Were-Hare
    Maddened BURP
    Ravenous BURP
    Soul Devouring Were-Hare
    World-Eating Were-Hare
    4 Text errors are underlined both in transcript above and below:

    Did you happen get my message?
    Should be "happen to get".
    Eggcelent! I knew I could count on you!
    Should be "Eggcellent".
    It can't have eaten its fill already. I'm eggstremely certain that there no werebunnies showed up at Battleon to beggin with.
    Should remove "there".
    You're a cornered runt with delusions of grandeour.
    Should be "grandeur".

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    The Void

  • Battle!
  • Shop
  • Go to Battleon
  • Go to Granemor

    Starslayer: This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of The Boatman, and will soon see the end of all of Lore!
  • I don't think so!

    Battle: StarSlayer
    Full Heal

    Shop: Starslayer's Armoury

    StarSlayer (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    StarSaviour (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Dark Visor (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    House Items:
    Dark Visor F (Lv 15)
    Dark Visor M (Lv 15)
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    Part I: The Umazon Stirs

    Today's Event > Umazen Uprising Part I: The Umazon Stirs

    <<An Umazen leads her horse pulling a wagon of barrels, she is stopped by Robina, a farmer and grey silhouettes of a group of farmers, with Yulgar standing a few steps in front of them>>
    Yulgar: ...No, the coin's good. I didn't have trouble with the order, and I can guarantee you'll have no issue with the quality.
    Umazen: We had no reason to doubt a blacksmith of your renown regardless. But you are clearly dissatisfied, and I'd rather not let unspoken concerns cost my people a good start to a convenient trade arrangement.
    Umazen: Speak frankly.
    Yulgar: Alright. Look, if I'm going to be completely honest? I've heard all the rumors about your people. Sure, I have no reason to believe half of them, but I know enough to be sure that you've got to have plenty of enemies.
    Yulgar: And I don't just mean bandits who get too tempted by big caravans with half-armored women.
    Yulgar: I'm talking about raiders. Slavers. People nasty enough to have bounties on them across every town with a name, even in Krovesport.
    Umazen: Are you worried that our deal might attract their retaliation.
    Yulgar: The farther away those renegades stay, the better, but this is Battleon. They can't get near without having an army of adventurers and Guardians flatten them.
    Yulgar: No, I'm all for you taking the fight to them, freeing their victims and going back home with plenty of reward gold. You do a good deed and I eventually get that gold.
    Umazen: Speak directly then, blacksmith. Our mutual respect demands that much. What is your concern?
    Yulgar: But when a client with enemies that nasty is clearly going to war, I'd appreciate it if people got a heads up about the coming danger.
    Umazen: ...The Umazen forces are not marching to war. Only our Emancipators and deserters carry out such open conflicts. Our only concern is protecting our homeland.
    Yulgar: Look, miss. I've manned the forge through more wars than anyone should have to live through.
    Yulgar: Even my disciple has already seen too much, and I was hoping he wouldn't have needed to see half the things he already has before the day he takes over.
    Yulgar: If I thought this gear was going to go to a bad cause. I wouldn't have made it. So please, just level with me. Is there going to be a war that anyone needs to be warned about?
    Umazen: I give you my word that people are not bringing war on any others.
    Yulgar: ...That's as much as I'm getting out of you, eh? Fine. That'll do.
    Umazen: Farewell then, citizens of Battleon.

    <<The Umazen leads her horse past Robina and the farmers>>
    <<You>>: ...What was that about? I've never seen so many Umazen in one place. Almost thought we had a war on our hands for a moment, with a whole platoon on our door.
    Robina: That's how trade with the Umazen usually goes. They make big bulk deals out of town, where the big armed caravan won't get people riled up.
    <<You>>: That explains why I haven't seen them around. They must trade very infrequently, then, and cover their needs for a long period every time. Must make them a juicy target for bandits.
    Robina: That's right, <<You>>. That's why they send word ahead of time, make their orders via messenger and travel with a platoon for escort.
    <<You>>: Let me guess. They then show up too early or too late, and take a different spot. Or show up with a bunch of bandit loot to sell on top of the agreed goods.
    Robina: Little bit of column A, all of column B. Not a bad guess, I'm impressed.
    <<You>>: Thank you. Good to see nothing bad was happening... Er, Yulgar? Is anything wrong? You're awful quiet. Don't tell me we DO have a fight to worry about.
    Yulgar: Don't worry, <<You>>. We don't have a war coming our way for once.
    <<You>>: You don't seem reassured by that.
    Yulgar: That's because I'm not. I've seen how much lies offend Umazen, but that one was clearly hiding something.
    <<You>>: How bad do you think it is?
    Yulgar: I don't know. The deal was very strange. A few quality arming swords and longswords, huge order of bronzed hopions, and so many suits of riveted mail that Hans and I were working nights for weeks.
    <<You>>: None of that sounds like Umazen gear. You think they might be arming someone else?
    Yulgar: Exactly. Especially considering the suits were too small for them. We used Hans's measures. I seriously don't think it's anyone bad, but I don't appreciate not knowing.
    Yulgar: Maybe you could follow them and find out...? No, they probably wouldn't take kindly to being tailed. Bah, maybe I'm getting paranoid with age.
    <<You>>: Don't say that. Your instinct's as sharp as any of your swords. I can try to investigate for you, but you're right, I don't think they'd be very happy with me following or asking questions they clearly don't want to answer.
    Robina: …<<You>>, are you really up for finding out more about the Umazen?
    <<You>>: If it gives Yulgar some peace of mind, sure. Besides, if there's going to be a war anywhere, it can't hurt to be warned.
    Robina: Then I'll be waiting for you at the edge of Greenguard, right past the farms. Be ready for a long trip on foot.
    <<You>>: Now you're the one that seems troubled.
    Robina: Sorry. I couldn't possibly trust you and Yulgar more, but I really can't talk about this in public.
    <<You>>: ...Alright. I trust you too, Robina. We'll meet there.
    <<Robina walks to the right and downwards past Yulgar>>
    Yulgar: If anyone knows every last passage through the forest, it's her. She might even get you wherever that caravan's going before it arrives.
    <<You>>: I'm more concerned with what could get her that serious, that suddenly.

    You take the first transport to the farms, but have to
    get out and start walking not long before reaching
    the forest. The roads and forest edge are unusually
    thick with wildlife and outlaws after the caravan's
    passage. You'll have to fight your way to where
    Robina's waiting.

  • Continue

    Four Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after each two

    <<Robina walks in from the right and stops a few steps away from You in a forest, Battleon's Guardian tower appears in the distance>>
    Robina: There you are.
    <<You>>: It took a while to find you.
    Robina: Sorry about that. Had to make sure neither of us got followed here.
    <<You>>: Fair enough. Now, what has you so terribly worried that we have to be this secretive?
    Robina: We've known each other since I was practically a kid, but there's some secrets of the woods that you can't be too cautious with, <<You>>.
    <<You>>: Like whatever it is the Umazen are hiding?
    Robina: And wherever, too. I'm not friends with the Umazen. But they make the kind of enemies that wouldn't mind razing through the forest and all its creatures if they knew where they can be found.
    Robina: So I don't speak of their last city lightly.
    <<You>>: Last city... That makes sense. I've never even seen another of them on any recent maps. And if raiders of any kind found that one of their favorite enemies are down to one city...
    Robina: Now you see what I mean.
    Robina: Alright. That caravan still has at least one stop to make, so we can make up for the lost time if we cut through the woods. It won't be safe, and we won't get to rest much...
    Robina: -but we should be able to reach the Umazon in a matter of days. Hopefully before the caravan.
    <<You>>: Bold, but I like it. With you leading the way, I don't think any bandits could keep up anyways. Let's get going.

  • Fight beside Robina!
    Robina Hood will now fight by your side!
  • Proceed as you are

    Six Battles from Monster Pool with below option after each two

    You and Robina faced down fearsome foes,
    and night is falling. You have limited time
    and supplies, will you take a long rest and
    heal up, or only stop for a short break
    before continuing on?
  • Rest for the night
  • Continue
    Rests Remaining:

    <<You and Robina stand a few steps away form each other in front of a campfire and two tents in the forest at night>>
    Robina: Your turn to take first watch, <<You>>. I'm toast.
    <<You>>: Get some sleep, you've earned it.
    Robina: You know the deal by now. If any animals walk into the camp, knock them out and slap a bag of coin on them.
    <<You>>: And if anyone shady walks into the camp, knock them out and give their gold to the animals. After taking a cut for my trouble.
    Robina: You learn fast. We need to do this more often. *yawn*
    <<You>>: Saving the world makes for a tight schedule, but it could be fun. Now go to sleep already

    <<You as a black silhouette sit on a hill with your guardian blade stuck onto the ground, looking upwards at the blue sky illuminated by a blue colored moon with grey and black silhouettes of branches and leaves from the forest partially obscuring the view>>
    <<You>>: Awful quiet compared to the last few nights...

    <<You as a black silhouette with white eyes sit on a hill looking at the front>>
    <<You>>: ...I don't know WHAT that bear is doing, but I hope it stays away...
    <<You as a black silhouette sit on a hill looking upwards at the blue sky>>
    <<You>>: Eight hundred and one bottles of moglinberry juice on the wa-

    <<You as a black silhouette sit on a hill and glance rapidly to the left then right with your white eyes>>
    <<You>>: Sounds like someone outside our camp. Better check this out.

    <<Returns to the campfire with two tents with two humanoid shadows casted on the ground approaching>>
    ???: Another orc camp? Or is it elves this time?
    ???: Elves wouldn't camp like this, are you daft? Not that it matters, just get to looting.
    ???: Aw come on, another fight? We've been in the woods for a week, that caravan's going to leave us in the dust before we find the Umazen city if we keep making stops.
    ???: Whose bright idea was it to cut through a path in the woods we've never been through, anyways? We're already lost, might as well get some money out of it. We won't get anything if we fall too far behind the others anyways.
    ???: If they even made it through those armored maniacs.

    <<You walk in from the left and stand next to the campfire and tents>>
    ???: Shush! I think that one heard us!
    <<You>>: Looks like we're getting some action... Hey, Robina, are you awake?
    Robina: Zzz… Don't eat the last roll. <<You>>…

  • Wake Robina up! (-500 Survival Instinct)
    Robina will now fight by your side!
  • Battle by yourself

    Two Battles: Raiders

    <<Robina stands next to the campfire and two tents>>
    Robina: Bandits, this far into woods? We're not near any of their forts.
    <<You>>: It gets worse. I heard them say they're looking for the Umazon too. And there's others.
    Robina: Oh zardspit. The Umazen aren't the only ones living in this area. The more peaceful Greenguard Orc tribes have villages all over this region, and there's elven settlements too.
    Robina: They can handle bandits, but if common thugs suddenly know the way to the Umazon…
    <<You>>: Then nastier raiders have got to know it too. No matter what the Umazen are gearing up for, trouble's coming here either way.
    Robina: Add it up to whatever conflict's brewing, and there's no doubt it'll spill out into the forest. Orcs, elves, the wildlife, everything's going to get dragged into it.
    <<You>>: We've got two potential disasters to stop, then. Let's get a little rest, we better head out at dawn.

    Full Heal

    <<A man in bronze riveted mail with a shield on his back stands to face an Umazen outside a red trim large tent in a forest>>
    ???: ...Then the men are almost ready. I'd prefer to stick to impact weapons, we can pass out the hammers from the mine as soon as the Guard gives the order.
    Umazen Warrior: We can't rely on a best case scenario. My women and the Guard will train them accordingly, but if llias fights...
    ???: He'll go for the kill. I know. We're prepared for that.
    Umazen Warrior: And still you want him crowned. I understand the symbolism of it, but it's not tactically sound.
    ???: I've already gone over this with Sophie, it's not about gender. I won't always lead our group, and if someone more resentful takes over, he'll be a counterb-
    Umazen Warrior: Silence. Footsteps to the east.

    <<The man turns around to face the left and walks backward>>
    ???: ...More bandits? At this rate we'll have to wait to know what's up with them before we make our move.
    Umazen Warrior: I said silence.
    Umazen Warrior: Show yourselves! Hands out and in sight, if you want to keep them!

    <<You and Robina walk in from the left and stop in front of the man and Umazen>>
    ???: This isn't terribly safe territory, friends. You don't look like bandits, but you might want to identify yourselves before we decide we can't take our chances.
    <<You>>: No need for threats. We're not looking for a fight.
    Robina: He's (male)/ She's (female) with me, guys. You know I mean no harm.
    ???: Do we?
    Umazen Warrior: This is Robina the Hood. Quirky, but honorable. Never betrayed our location to anyone. The only thing you'll see between her and bandits is arrows.
    ???: The growing count of unwanted visitors might beg to differ, but you're the expert - And I trust you on this. Now then, who's her friend?
    <<You>>: <<You>> of Battleon.
    ???: Nice to meet you, Robina and <<You>>. You'll have to excuse me keeping you at a disadvantage, but times are troubling for us Umazen. It's not very friendly around here right now.
    <<You>>: I gathered. We fought a suspicious amount of outlaws all along the way here.
    Robina: We're on an investigation. It looks like trouble is brewing in the region that could threaten the whole forest.
    Umazen Warrior: What do you know, exactly?
    <<You>>: You'll have to excuse us for keeping you at a disadvantage. We don't know that you're not suspects yet, and a hidden camp is very suspicious.
    ???: Haha, I suppose that's only fair. We're both suspicious to each other, but there's no need to be unfriendly to one of your renown. We'd gladly help with your investigation, but I'm afraid we have to be going soon.
    <<You>>: If you're returning to the Umazon, could you show us the way?
    ???: I'm afraid there's no way you'd be allowed in if I came with you. See, Umazon men aren't supposed to be out here. And I imagine I'm in a lot of trouble by now.
    Robina: Why aren't men allowed to be here specifically? I know you're not seen out much, but that's new to me.
    ???: ...It's complicated. And more than a little rigid. I don't think either of us has time for me to break down our entire society for you right here and now, but the short of it is that men can't usually leave the walls of the Umazon.
    <<You>>: Does that have anything to do with rumors that your people enslave their men?
    ???: Whoa, slow down a little. Slaves? We get a strict lot in life, but it's not THAT bad...
    Robina: Maybe the rumors are exaggerated, but it doesn't sound like you're very free if you can't leave the city.
    ???: None of us are, as far as work goes. Each must keep to the professions we have natural advantages with. I'm told other peoples have roughly the same size, or usually bigger men.
    ???: Our women are naturally taller and have an easier time bulking up, so only they train to fight... And only combat-ready Umazen get to leave our land.
    <<You>>: And you're out here to escape that?
    ???: Not exactly. I'm watching. Hoping for change. Waiting for an opportunity. And making sure nobody gets carried away chasing it.
    ???: You should see exactly what I mean during your investigation. Visit the Umazon. Take the northeastern gate, the guards there should be friendlier. Don't be intimidated if they get a little rowdy.
    ???: Newcomers aren't exactly barred, but we ARE hidden... So this is as much a new experience for you as it is for them.
    Umazen Warrior: Speaking of hiding, this spot is clearly no good for that anymore. We're leaving. Now.

    <<The Umazen man and women walk off to the right leaving>>
    Robina: They don't seem like bad people, but I'm getting a bad feeling from this, <<You>>…
    <<You>>: So am I. Secretive people in places they're not supposed to be and mysterious weapon shipments don't add up to anything nice.
    Robina: And he said Umazon don't train their men to fight, but he was clearly geared up for it.
    <<You>>: They might not give off a bad impression, but they've got to relevant to our investigation.
    Robina: We'll find out soon enough. The Umazon awaits.

    <<A grey background is in view>>
    Umazen Warrior: Why did you encourage them? We don't know how long we can wait. They might get caught up in this. Or worse, they might join the loyalists.
    ???: I don't doubt the Prime will reach out to them. But we'll look and BE dishonest if we try to sell our side without letting them see what she has to say. If they're who you say they are, they're heroes.
    ???: Their presence might inspire our people, or keep things from getting too far out of hand
    Umazen Warrior: Now I know why Sophia says you're a huge idealist. But since that's exactly what we need right now... I really hope you're right this time.
    To be continued...

    Shop: The Umazon Stirs

    Thunderpoint Spear (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Umazen Aspis (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Monster Pool

    Beastly Bush Baby
    Drakel Water Mage
    Superlative Owl
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    Part II: Last Umazon City

    Today's Event > Umazen Uprising Part II: Last Umazon City

    <<Pans downwards at the Umazon City, the horse pulled caravan advances past the open gates, an Umazen woman, Robina and You walk in from the left and stand at the closed gates, stopped by an Umazen woman>>
    Umazen: Halt, outsiders! What brings you to our walls, and how did you find us?
    Robina: I know every corner of Greengaurd, ma'am. I've known about the Umazen for years. And this here is <<You>>. I imagine his (male)/ her (female) legend reaches even this far.
    Umazen: You have been seen around the Umazon several times for years. We know enough not to associate you with the bandit sightings.
    Umazen: As to <<You>>, our Emancipators have brought back word of her deeds.
    Umazen: If you truly are <<You>>, then we have no reason to assume ill intent. You have clashed with a number of us before...
    <<You>>: About that, you haven't exactly been the friendliest-
    Umazen: The reasons don't matter. We are many, and we have our rogues as well. What matters is that we have come to know and respect your way of fighting.
    Umazen: Prove your mettle and identity to us and you may enter - Our Prime has been looking for one such as you for some time.
    <<You>>: That's an odd way of recognizing me, but it makes enough sense. Alright.
  • Fight beside Robina!
    Robina Hood will now battle by your side!
  • Proceed as you are

    Two Battles: Umazen Warrior
    Full Heal

    Umazen: Impressive. You fight exactly as our Emancipators describe. You'd make a fine Umazen, if you were a little taller. You may pass.

    <<Robina and you walk in from the left and stop in front of an Umazon building's entrance>>
    <<You>>: Rats. That duel took so long that I lost sight of the caravan. The one time I saw it, it had one less wagon than I counted at Battleon.
    Robina: I'm kind of wondering if that was intentional... Let's start looking around.

    You spend the next hour exploring the Umazon with
    Robina, but find no trace of the caravan - Only the
    individual wagons, but still no sign of the shipment
    of weapons and armor from Yulgar.

  • Continue

    <<Robina and you walk in from the left and stop in front of an Umazon building's entrance>>
    <<You>>: Still nothing.
    Robina: There's too much movement to keep up with traders who know the place up and down.
    <<You>>: Especially somewhere this odd. It's like the people even walk differently around here. That guy in the armor wasn't kidding... I still haven't seen a woman that isn't wearing armor or giving orders.
    <<You>>: Even the ones that aren't soldiers move as if they were.
    Robina: And all the men are moving non-stop. You don't see people that energetic so often, but every single man in a city, all working together without looking down?
    <<You>>: Not a whole lot of people just... talking.
    ???: We Umazen take pride in our focus, outsiders.

    <<An Umazen man walks in from the right and stops a few steps away from Robina and You>>
    ???: Each task is entrusted to the most suited. Every one of us strives to achieve excellence in their natural talents. And every citizen is taught to make that excellence a habit, not an action.
    ???: We meet the needs of the one and the many, and the one and the many allow us the ability to do so through their finest work.
    ???: Those of us afforded the privilege of a more difficult path thank them with our lifelong service.
    ???: By the Light of our women and the Energy of our men, we endure. I trust you have seen this with your own eyes, in your time spent snooping around our streets?
    Robina: That's... one way to put it.
    <<You>>: Quite the glowing praise of your society.
    ???: You're skeptical. But not coy about it, I can respect that at least.
    <<You>>: Don't take me for a critic. All of this looks and sounds strange to me, but I just haven't been around long enough to form a solid opinion. And I doubt you're here for it, anyways, mister...
    llias: I am llias, Captain of the Excelsior Guard.
    Robina: So there ARE men soldiers?
    llias: Once. By the grace of Kandra the Wise, Prime of the Umazen and preserver of our history, I lead those who maintain the historical techniques of our bygone hoplites and knights.
    llias: And by that grace, I am here to confer our ruler's will.
    <<You>>: We're already drawing the attention of your queen? Have we done something wrong?
    llias: On the contrary. The Prime has taken notice of your movement in the city and deduces that you are in search of something suspicious.
    llias: She commands that you be informed of the unrest hidden within the order of our people.
    Robina: I wonder how a place this strict could possibly have unrest...
    llias: Your sarcasm is unnecessary. We once had numerous homes, but unified in the Umazon when the many crises of Lore claimed too many of our cities.
    llias: Not all have taken to that transition kindly. And upstarts have taken to spurring the dormant tensions in a time of need.
    llias: You are investigating. The Prime grants you her blessing in searching as you may, and requires only that you report back to her if you discover any threat to our way of life.
    Robina: Look, llias, if you're asking that we sniff out your political opposition and sell them out to you, you've got another thing coming.
    <<You>>: Yeah, I'm not comfortable with that either.
    llias: Nothing so extreme. I trust nobody of your renown would take to siding with insidious renegades.
    llias: The Prime warned me to respect your independence and specifically request your impression on whether armed violence is truly imminent within our streets.
    llias: Against all odds, she still hopes to be wrong, but would prefer to be forewarned. You may depart in peace once your report is given, or should you refuse. This is no banishment.
    llias: You would be welcome again as soon as such a conflict is settled... But if I may be informal for a moment, we could use your help now.
    llias: Is such an arrangement favorable to you?
    Robina: ...It's up to you, <<You>>. I'll be okay with whatever you choose.
    <<You>>: We've come too far to just walk back empty-headed. Let's take the chance to find out exactly what's going on.
    llias: Excellent. Take as much time as you feel is prudent, and call on me at the palace gate when your investigation is concluded.

    <<llias walks off to the right>>
    Robina: In for a silver, in for a gold, I guess. What did you think of that guy?
    <<You>>: First impressions are mixed. He's not just loyal, he's DEVOTED. He seems very personally upset by this uprising.
    Robina: So you're taking his word for it?
    <<You>>: Not just his word. Remember what Yulgar said he shipped? Mail armor, a few arming swords, big but light shields... It's just a hunch, but you know how we said it wasn't Umazen warrior gear?
    Robina: Oh, I think I see your point...
    <<You>>: I think it might be gear for FIGHTING Umazen warriors.
    Robina: If you're right, we need to work faster.
    <<You>>: Let's split up then.
    Robina: ...Not usually the best idea, but we're pressed for time. I'll look at the taverns and academies, anywhere people might want to recruit for a cause. The crowd will be thickest there, but I've got good ears.
    <<You>>: I'll ask for directions again and look at the businesses, then. Anywhere the wagons might be unloading. The soldiers might be able to tell me about recent trouble.
    Robina: Sounds good. Meet me at the palace gates before sunset?
    <<You>>: Yeah. Let's go.

    <<A skyview of the Umazon city with red arrows pointing to Thundercarve Mines, Foundry District, Mystic Avenue and Battle Local Wildlife>>
    Thundercarve Mines
      <<You>>: ...Okay, the foreman's nowhere to be found. That's going to make getting answers a pain.
      Foreman: Clear the tracks! Ore incoming Aaaand… charge!
      <<You>>: Uh oh...

      Dexterity Check!
      Something's coming, and fast! Get out of the way or brace for impact!
      Difficulty: 65
      Stat Used: Dexterity
    • Roll!
      If you fail the roll
    • Defy It!
      By an effort of will you can spend <<value>> Sp to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
      • Yes
      • No

    • Next
      If you selected No, Next or lack the Sp to defy it
        <<A mine cart hits You with a CRASH!>>
        <<You>>: ...Did anyone write down the name of the Earth Dragon that ran me over? No? I'm just... I'll just take a nap over here. Wake me up when the mountain's pointy side up again.
      • Try again?
      • Back to the streets

      If you succeeded the roll
        <<You evade the mine cart and a Foreman walks in from the right while two black silhouettes of miners wearing yellow headlights appear from the depths of the cave>>
        Foreman: Stranger, you have no idea of how lucky you are to still have your legs after that.
        Miner: That's not luck, chief. The outlander's got moves.
        Foreman: Hmph. We don't have time for fawning over you like everyone else, outsider. You got something to say, or are you just looking for trouble?
        <<You>>: Looking around to see if there's trouble, actually. It's kind of what I do.
        Foreman: Pah. Where do you think you are? There's always trouble in these parts. The crown gives us grief, the land gives us more, but we push right through either way. That's the Umazen way.
        Miner 2: Save the anger for the rocks, mate. The outsider isn't causing trouble.
        <<You>>: I don't mean to disrupt your work, gentlemen. Like I said, I'm-
        Foreman: Looking for trouble, just not to start it yourself. Look, we don't mean to be unfriendly either. We don't appreciate interruptions, and things get rough around here.
        Foreman: If you really want to help, these mountains are rich with magic. We mostly dig for ore, but still find the odd crystal and crazy golem making it hard to work.
        Foreman: Tell you what: Lend us a hand with some stoneheads and we can chat over lunch break.

        Two Battles: Stone Golem
        Full Heal

        Foreman: Not bad. That saved us a bunch of time.
        Foreman: Alright, outsider... <<You>>, was it? What are you looking around for?
        <<You>>: Well, that's two or three times now that people have made it look like the whole Umazon is unhappy and a fight could break out any moment.
        <<You>>: Considering I came here to see if there's serious trouble in the first place, that's why I'm going everywhere and asking questions.
        Foreman: Can't fault a stranger in a new land for asking questions, but that's not a fast road to earning anyone's trust.
        Miner: It's no big secret that the kettle's about to boil, boss.
        Foreman: Maybe, son, but if you put it like that, any outsider's going to think we're a bunch of undisciplined louts who turn to violence when they get unhappy.
        Foreman: Listen here, <<You>>. Tensions are high for our people. We've run out of city after city until our ancestors had to make one home and build it to last.
        Foreman: Everywhere else we could go, there's war after war draining the resources we need to settle and survive.
        Foreman: And we already don't have everything we need here as is. We're Umazen. Our women are keen and strong, we men are tough as nails and never tire.
        Foreman: But with everything ELSE we're dealing with, it gets just hard to solve all our differences with words. Especially when it comes to the bigger, older issues.
        Foreman: So don't go telling your people we're one step from turning to barbarism, eh? If you have to speak of us at all, you tell 'em that we ENDURE.
        <<You>>: I heard something like that before. I'd known Umazen to wield Light powers, but you men are aligned to Energy? Does that have something to do with how you work?
        <<You>>: I haven't seen a single workplace with both men and women, only one or the other.
        Foreman: That's the start of it, aye. Light makes our women stronger and keener, so they're our soldiers and explorers.
        Foreman:Energy gives us lots of stamina to go 'round, and that gets even better with teamwork. So all the building and breaking goes to us.
        Foreman: Wasn't always quite like that, though. Not too long ago, it was all about personal talents, not natural. Then we fell on hard times and started becoming what you see today.
        Foreman: When men have an easier time taking up a job, then only we can do it. If women are usually better at a job? Only they can do it.
        Miner: No surprise some are getting tired of it.
        Miner: People get what they need for the most part, but if times get any rougher or any fighting comes to our borders and they'll start wanting back the freedoms we gave up to keep things from getting this bad to begin with.
        <<You>>: You think there'll actually be fighting?
        Miner 2: You see any of them talking? Now, nobody wants to be the one to START a fight. But if that's what it takes to get things done, that's as good a way as any.
        Foreman: Son, you better get to shutting your overdeveloped breadhole before I start using it to cart the ore around.
        Foreman: Lunch is over. I clearly haven't worked you hard enough if you've got breath to waste on calling violence a first measure.
        Foreman: <<You>>. Excuse this lout. We'll see you around.

        <<The foreman holds a pickaxe in his right around outwards at one of the miners>>
        Foreman: You bring shame to your entire family. We don't do this because we like it. We do this because it has to be done. If we go for blood, we'll just be even worse off.

    Foundry District
      <<You walk in from the left and stand on the path that leads to the foundry entrance>>
      <<You>>: Closed... closed... There's a lot of blacksmiths around here, but most of the weaponsmiths look like they didn't open at all today.
      <<You>>: Let's see... "Closed while filling out an order from the Guard." Not getting anything out of them. Wait, is that...? The wagon!

      Endurance Check!
      A smoldering smoke cloud blew down the alley! Can you tough it out and stay quiet?
      Difficulty: 65
      Stat Used: Endurance
    • Roll!
      If you fail the roll
    • Defy It!
      By an effort of will you can spend <<value>> Sp to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
      • Yes
      • No

    • Next
      If you selected No, Next or lack the Sp to defy it
        <<You>>: *COUGH* Gah, that burns!
        Umazen Soldier: Who goes there?

        Two Battles: Umazen Warrior
        Full Heal

      • Try again?
      • Back to the streets

      If you succeeded the roll
        <<You>>: This is where they're unloading it! But it's the first place anyone would look if the district got shaken down for supplying insurgents.
        <<You>>: Blacksmiths should only have it if there's something else going on... Or they're copying designs. That's why they only bought a few swords!
        <<You>>: I better get out of here before that happens again.

    Mystic Avenue
      <<You walk in from the left and stop a few steps away from a building's entrance>>
      <<You>>: Maybe I didn't have a good enough look right here. But now I have a hunch, and if I'm right, they'll want to enchant at least some of that gear... But where would they do that?
      <<You>>: There's so much magic used in this street that I can't tell just at a distance. And asking around at every individual place would take all day and get me no useful answer anyways.
      <<You>>: ...But I've been around Warlic while he enchanted Yulgar's gear plenty of times. Maybe I can pretend to browse around and sense for similarities.

      Mysticality Check!
      Can you manage to recognize any familiar enchantment magic amidst the bustle, rustle and magical hustle of the Mystic Avenue?
      Difficulty: 65
      Stat Used: Intelligence
    • Roll!
      If you fail the roll
    • Defy It!
      By an effort of will you can spend <<value>> Sp to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
      • Yes
      • No

    • Next
      If you selected No, Next or lack the Sp to defy it
        <<An Umazen woman holds a sword with its blade pointing downwards at a bald shopkeeper with a green book in hand in front of a bookshelf, chest and at the edge of a yellow and red rug, a mirror rests on a table with two drawers>>
        Shopkeeper: I'm not sure of why you're coming to me for such simple anti-chafe charms, Lieutenant. Your clan's innate magic has always made you more than sufficient enchanters. And you don't need to be so close for it to work.
        Umazen Soldier: Why do you men have to be so dense?
        Shopkeeper: Uh, Lieutenant...? … Wait, is someone coming in?

        <<You walk into the shop from the left as the Umazen woman turns around to face You>>
        <<You>>: I was just...
        Umazen Soldier: GET OUT.

        Battle: Umazen Warrior
        Full Heal

      • Try again?
      • Back to the streets

      If you succeeded the roll
        <<You>>: This feels like the right place. Lots of energy magic, and I'm completely sure it's being imbued into objects. It's not as refined or powerful as Warlic's casting, but... There's a lot of it going on at once.
        <<You>>: Very well coordinated, too. Is it synchronized?

        <<A bald shopkeeper holding a green book in hand walks in from the right in front of a bookshelf, two chests and at the edge of a yellow and red rug, a mirror rests on a table with two drawer>>
        Shopkeeper: Well met, stranger. You must be one of the outsiders everyone is talking about. Can I interest you in anything?
        <<You>>: Oh, er… I haven't made up my mind yet. I was just curious about all of the energy magic all around this street.
        Shopkeeper: Ah yes, our Emancipators often say you outsiders are very fond of lightning spells. We haven't had the occasion to trade in the arcane with outsiders for generations, though, so you'll have to excuse us for being unprepared.
        Shopkeeper: If you give us a few hours to better organize our inventory, though, you won't be disappointed.
        Shopkeeper: We're not allowed to join the Umazon's forces, so you doubtless haven't heard of it, but men here have an innate affinity with Energy.
        Shopkeeper: We don't tire easily, and are exceptionally good team workers. Our casting and enchantment benefits greatly from this, you won't find better structured magicks anywhere else.
        <<You>>: That's very interesting. Do all Umazen men have such an alignment?
        Shopkeeper: All our people are elementally blessed, although you might already know women to be aligned to Light. This blessing has shaped our bodies and minds over the generations.
        Shopkeeper: That's part of why the Crown has gradually split us between careers and society has become more strictly ordered each generation, though unrest can -
        Shopkeeper: Ah, don't get me wrong! The Prime is loved by ALL her people, it's just historically... Sorry, I'm rambling.
        Shopkeeper: I'll get the tomes and materiel enchanting equipment back do -I'll move them down and dust them off. It'll take me a while to move everything.
        <<You>>: That's alright. I'll come back when you're ready.

    Battle Local Wildlife
      One Battle from Monster Pool
      Full Heal

    <<A red arrow points to the Emancipator Barracks after having success in Thundercarve Mines, Foundry District and Mystic Avenue>>
    Emancipator Barracks
      <<You walk in from the left into a room with two bunk beds with green covers and a chest at the pillow end of the beds, five Umazen women stand on the right side of the room>>
      <<You>>: Hello?
      Umazen Emancipator: Aren't you completely out of uniform? And a little short to be here? The academy's all the way to the other side of the city. Start walking back before you get in trouble.

      Charisma Check!
      Can you quickly come up with a convincing ice breaker?
      Difficulty: 90
      Stat Used: Charisma
    • Roll!
      If you fail the roll
    • Defy It!
      By an effort of will you can spend <<value>> Sp to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
      • Yes
      • No

    • Next
      If you selected No, Next or lack the Sp to defy it
        <<You>>: Well, I already talked with the Northeast Guard... Okay, more sparred than talked, really, and wanted to talk to more soldiers to ah... learn more about-
        Umazen Emancipator: Looking to 'talk' more, is that it? But you're dealing with more than simple soldiers now, outsider. But far be it from me to deny a newcomer's bravery.
        Umazen Emancipator: See, as you so happened to get in the way of our afternoon training, we'll have you BE our afternoon training.
        Umazen Emancipator: Warriors! Form up!

        Two Battles: Umazen Emancipator
        Full Heal

      • Try again?
      • Back to the streets

      If you succeeded the roll
        <<You>>: I don't mean to intrude. You're clearly exceptional among Umazen warriors, and I could use an expert perspective on my investigation of recent troubles. That's not just flattery, I could seriously use your help.
        Umazen Emancipator: That's still MOSTLY flattery, but you have a serious purpose and speak directly. I respect that. How about you start with who exactly you might be?

        <<A grey colored armored Umazen woman walks in from the right and stops in front of the five bronze colored armored Umazen women>>
        Umazen Emancipator: lleana! Do you know this outsider?
        lleana: This is <<You>> of Battleon, ladies. Surely you know her by now.
        Umazen Emancipator: NOPE. Totally never met. Nice to meet you, <<You>>.
        Umazen Emancipator: That does ring a bell... Is that the one who keeps beating the Leprechauns?
        Umazen Emancipator: Doesn't ring a bell, ma'am.
        Umazen Emancipator: I've heard the rumors when out in the field.
        Umazen Emancipator: All I can see with all of you in the way is feet.
        Umazen Emancipator: Aw, I thought <<You>> was at least nine feet tall.
        lleana: Now then. The Chosen in the flesh. Let's not waste any more time, shall we? I want to know why you're here, and you want answers. You can drop the subtlety with me.
        <<You>>: Alright, let's be frank, then. I'm concerned about three things. The possibility of civil conflict, the fact the gear forged by a friend might be used to wage it, and what that could mean for the entire region.
        lleana: I appreciate your honesty. But aren't you worried I might tell on you, if there really is a civil war coming?
        <<You>>: If there's an armed rebellion brewing and either side thinks I'm snooping around for the other, it's their call to make.
        <<You>>: At this point, I'm clearly running against the hourglass and there might be bloodshed if I don't finish my investigation soon.
        <<You>>: So if anybody, of ANY allegiance, decides to start a war and drag me in on account of asking questions, I'll find whoever gave the order and bring them to justice myself.
        <<You>>: War may be common where I come from, but I won't take kindly to anyone who carelessly spills blood on the streets when bandits are already circling like vultures.
        lleana: Bold. But for the right reasons. Your honesty was clearly strong, not careless. And as you've kindly answered my question, I'll try to cover yours.
        lleana: There's absolutely preparations for conflict. Both from the Prime's forces and those who feel ignored by their ruler.
        lleana: Our society has been far too oppressive for the tastes of many since Cadmia the Unifier founded the Umazon and gathered all our people here.
        lleana: Her granddaughter carries the Umazen values of old, that each of us should strive for excellence in their talents.
        lleana: To toil and sacrifice for that excellence in the name of the crown, whose bearer has a duty to the one and many.
        lleana: To every citizen and all of them. But she was born in a society that has distorted these values, like a clouded mirror.
        <<You>>: Is the Prime a tyrant, then?
        lleana: I... I'd very much like to know the answer, myself.
        lleana: Kandra the Wise has always been a strong and dedicated queen. A sun to her people. She has been far stricter of late, but it's hard to tell if it's outright tyranny or crisis management gone wrong.
        lleana: But the fact stands that the last straw is very much upon the camel's back. And all of the built up tension threatens to spill through the cracks of our society.
        lleana: We've turned the differences between men and women into a breach when they were once complementary.
        lleana: And with just one more failure to communicate, our society will inevitably split along that fault line.
        <<You>>: ...That's not good. Where will you stand?
        lleana: It's up to what actions the Prime and her detractors take. The reasons behind each will surely appeal differently to men and women, after being forced to live in different worlds for so long.
        lleana: We Emancipators protect the crown AND its subjects, not just women or men. Most of us would refuse to take sides in such a conflict.
        <<You>>: ...I need to find Robina now. Thank you, lleana. I think I know everything I need to know now - You just gave me the only complete answers I got all day.

    <<A red arrow points to Palace Gates after success in Emancipator Barracks>>
    Palace Gates
    <<You walk in from the left and Robina from the right to meet in front of the wooden doors of the Palace Gates>>
    Robina: <<You>>! I've learned a lot, and it's all bad news.
    <<You>>: Me too. I'm afraid there really is a fight brewing. And not just here.
    Robina: You go first.
    <<You>>: I found the wagon, figured out what the gear is for, and how bad things might be
    <<You>>: The local weaponsmiths have the swords, but I didn't see the armor. Maybe they've already moved it elsewhere. The stores say they're closed while they fill out a large order from the guard...
    <<You>>: And that suspicious man in the woods is apparently friends with some of them. Might be how he got out. Chances are that they're copying the weapons and have the armor stashed where they can easily distribute it.
    Robina: And the armor?
    <<You>>: I've been thinking about it. None of it is gear the Umazen soldiers wear... It's gear meant for fighting them. Mail against cutting weapons, big shields for the heavy arrows.
    Robina: That fits what I've been learning, but why the sudden change of gear?
    <<You>>: ...Because this gear is for the men. It suits how they almost innately move in formation. It's even being enchanted to suit their natural affinity to Energy.
    Robina: If they're already gearing up, then this string is about to snap.
    <<You>>: Just about. The people clearly respect their queen, but there's old tensions that they think she's making worse.
    <<You>>: The Umazon is struggling, and the heightened tensions make every other thing that makes people upset turn them angry instead.
    Robina: I've learned much the same. Especially at the academies.
    Robina: Women are trained for combat from age three, and only the royals or heads of their families seem to get to take any other kind of career when they're out of the academy.
    Robina: Men have completely different educations. Huge classrooms, they're all taught different trades and expected to pick one and start apprenticeships in their teens.
    Robina: They live in completely different worlds. And the worst part: Both of them have recruiters waiting for them right outside the academies.
    Robina: I've spied on people rallying the men to reclaim their right to fight, and the women their career freedom.
    Robina: Others are telling anyone who'll listen to defend the Prime and seek out traitors.
    Robina: Since women are the only warriors, the loyalists will go to them first. And the rebels will go to the men first. Second pickings will be slim, so they have to focus... They'll split the city right in half.
    <<You>>: This is getting worse by the moment. No leader may want to make the first strike, but any random outraged citizen might do it. Then there'll be no stopping this.
    Robina: It's even worse than that. It turns out that the caravan ran into some trouble near home.
    <<You>>: What kind of trouble?
    Robina: They spotted strange Vartai, armored warriors and marked creatures, all milling about and looking to pick fights.
    <<You>>: There's something much worse than simple bandits approaching, then. But as much as I hate to say it, we can't just up and leave the Umazon yet.
    <<You>>: We need to talk to the Prime right now. Hopefully there will still be time to deal with the other reports when we're done.
    Robina: I don't think we can afford to ignore either threat, but you're right, this one is on the very brink.
    <<You>>: We don't have the luxury of easy choices. Let's save the people within our reach first.
    Robina: Well said. Let's go.
    Next Time: The Umazen Civil
    War begins...

    Shop: The Last Umazen City

    Umazen Warbow (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Emancipator's Radiance (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

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    Small typo in the Index of Quests by Release Date.

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      Murderator Gauntlet (Lv 135, 150G)

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  • AQ  Post #: 85
    6/17/2019 22:18:48   
    Legendary Ash

    Part 1: War Approaches

    Today's Events > Burning Solstice

    Following the Umazen war, you retrace your shortcut
    through the forest to confirm the reports of strange,
    barbaric raiders stalking the roads near Greenguard.
    Rushing to make up for lost time, you finally manage to find
    where the reported fighting diverges from the road and
    plunges into the forest. A peculiar thumping takes hold of
    your chest as you approach. Both the reports and the signs
    of battle are all too familiar. Now that you're finally on the
    trail, it's time to figure out what exactly is going on so you
    can stop this rampage before it gets out of control!

  • Continue

    <<You walk in from the left into a grass field with two trees surrounded by wooden fencing, a Dragonslayer and red Vartai lay defeated on the ground>>
    <<You>>: I knew I might be too late to stop them before they did ANY damage, but this is not a good start. This wasn't plunder. This was murder.
    <<You>>: And to assault a Vartai-Dragonslayer alliance camp, this far into the forest... Those are some bold raiders.
    <<You>>: Were these warriors just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or are they being targeted specifically?
    <<You>>: And it's not like Cyrus or Galanoth's people to leave their fallen behind like this....
    <<You>>: I better make haste. The trail's winding, but I can still catch up.

    Two Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal

    <<You walk in from the left into a wooden fortm, a red Vartai lay defeated and a blue Vartai sits holding his sword stuck in the ground>>
    <<You>>: This fort looks like it got hit by a much bigger force than whatever took out those camps along the way.
    <<You>>: And way bigger than the reports of forces led by a creature like Carnage. Maybe the raiders got reinforcements?
    <<You>>: Maybe they're hitting small targets separately and banding together for the big ones. Either way, I must be getting closer, this fight looks a lot more recent.
    <<You>>: Is anyone out there? If there are any survivors, I'm here to help!

    <<The blue Vartai looks up at You>>
    Vartai Warrior: Not... quite, Chosen. I'm the only one left. All the others are dead, gone to find help, or just... gone.
    <<You>>: Hang in there. Those wounds look dire, and if you've been here for a while, I better-
    Vartai Warrior: No, <<You>>, I'm afraid I'm - Argh. Beyond field medicine and healing magic.
    <<You>>: Let me try, warrior. I couldn't face Cyrus if I just let you die.
    Vartai Warrior: It's... more complicated than that. I've saved my breath for this - Please, just listen to me.
    <<You>>: ...Speak, then.
    Vartai Warrior: I've been lying here since they left, just... resisting. Hoping someone strong enough would come help, so I could tell them what happened before the Reaper takes me.
    Vartai Warrior: War's underlings have returned. It started a few days ago. But the minions are... different.
    Vartai Warrior: Rampaging through our camps, but then just going back into hiding... Taking people by force.
    Vartai Warrior: And today, their movement changed. They started... moving north... hitting bigger targets.
    Vartai Warrior: We should have... While there were fewer... Thought it was just bandits.
    <<You>>: Stay with me, soldier. What happened here, then?
    Vartai Warrior: It was... Carnage.
    <<You>>: ...I didn't want to believe that it really was War behind this.
    Vartai Warrior: We tried to warn the humans at this fort. Made it in time... That beast showed up with a bigger force. Still looked... Thought we could defend it together.
    Vartai Warrior: Then some of their scouts... opened the door. Let them all in. It was a slaughter.
    <<You>>: One of the humans let Carnage in?! Mayhem must be back too, then, but these tactics don't match their last visit.
    Vartai Warrior: And they weren't just... killing. They dragged some of us away. Others... Carnage beat them close to death, then just left them.
    Vartai Warrior: And anyone he attacked wouldn't die right. It's how they got stronger. How they walked... right over us, marched north afterwards.
    <<You>>: ...He was raising them as undead?
    Vartai Warrior: No... He'd beat them within an inch of their life, and they'd... they'd stay there. Then they'd get up and fight like never before... wilder, faster... and on his side.
    <<You>>: That's what you're resisting, isn't it?
    Vartai Warrior: What I WAS resisting, Chosen. I've... given my report. It's time now.
    Vartai Warrior: There is no shame in being struck down by you. You are a hero to my people.
    <<You>>: ...And so are you. I will tell your High Khan of your bravery.

    Battle: High Vartai Reaver
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: Rest in peace, brave warrior. You will be avenged as soon as I get to Carnage.
    <<You>>: But even with the trail getting bigger, I need to do better than just chase after that fiend. I have to think two steps ahead, because they'll be there by the time I anticipate them.
    <<You>>: If they're building up a force exponentially and steadily taking on bigger targets while heading North, they've got to be gearing up to take on Granemor and the western expanse.
    <<You>>: The 'Emoran knights can hold the line formidably, buf it they fall... No, I can't let that happen.

    <<A faraway view of Granemor illuminated by the moonlight at night attacked by black silhouettes of two catapults launching objects into the city under the orders of Carnage>>
    Carnage: FIRE! Get behind those walls and destroy them!
    Carnage: Heh... Close enough. Back on the march! A little closer... Hehehehe. Get a little closer and we'll shoot them over.
    <<You>>: Rats, I barely caught up in time. It looks like they've riled up the mutants and have already started... launching people. At the walls.
    <<You>>: I don't know if that's stupid of genius, but I'm not about to sit here and find out. This is a perfect opportunity.

    Four Battles from Monster Pool 2 with Full Heal after each two

    <<Carnage stands on the right facing You on the left>>
    Carnage: Heheheh… Trying to attack me from behind? Not very heroic of you.
    <<You>>: You'd have expected me to waste a perfect opening, go back and rally an army while letting the one you're already attacking get slammed? THAT wouldn't be heroic.
    <<You>>: The jig is up, Carnage. What are you up to, and where's your master?
    Carnage: Master? Heh. Wouldn't you like to know... And I'm just having a stroll... heheh. With some friends. Making MORE friends.
    Carnage: Or I was, until someone decided to offer her ugly mug.
    <<You>>: Says the only one so ugly his momma would make a birth certificate for a hairy Gogg to pretend she had a more handsome baby.
    Carnage: Is that your idea of an insult?
    <<You>>: No, this is my idea of keeping your attention away from your army and trouncing your face in so that your little siege falls apart.

    Battle: Carnage
    Full Heal

    <<A catapult from inside Granemor launches a large flat rock that destroys the two catapults of Carnage's army>>

    <<You walk in from the left and face General Herous with two soldiers of Granemor in front of the city's wooden gate>>
    General Herous: I can't believe it. We destroyed their siege machines, but... the entire invading force, down in moments. Who could be responsible for this?
    <<You>>: That would be me, General.
    General Herous: Few but the Chosen of Lore could back such a bold claim. Granemor thanks you for your exceptional service, <<You>>.
    General Herous: Still, I must ask. What manner of arcane feat did you work to fell an entire army at once?
    <<You>>: No such thing. I merely took advantage of their singleminded focus and rushed their leader from behind-- But there's no time for details.
    <<You>>: All of those soldiers were good people that were fatally wounded so that Carnage could control them.
    <<You>>: Please, send as much help as you can. There may be time to save some of them - And their allies will want to collect the fallen.
    General Herous: Hrm. Knights. Make it happen. Get the magi out there as well, those people will likely be too badly injured to bring inside before healing them.
    Knights: Yes, sir!

    <<The two soldliers turn around to the right and walk out leaving You and General Herous>>
    General Herous: Now then, you said CARNAGE was behind this?
    <<You>>: That's right.
    General Herous: The very same lieutenant reported to have helped War manifest, years ago?
    <<You>>: I'm afraid so. I suspect he has been active for at least a few weeks, conducting increasingly large raid to prepare for this attack.
    General Herous: And now he has been most humiliatingly rebuffed. But that is a cold comfort for Granemor if we now have to hold out against War.
    <<You>>: War can't be back. Not yet.
    General Herous: I would certainly appreciate the preparation time, but how are you so certain?
    <<You>>: Carnage is working alone. That's not his strong suit in the least. No sign of Mayhem, who would be a LOT better at stirring up this kind of trouble. Even Panic would've fared better.
    <<You>>: ...Unless he was being a distraction. I thought that might have been the U...nique issues in Greenguard instead, but maybe it's this rampage...
    General Herous: That's an awful lot of preparation for just a distraction, but the possibility is disturbing. I'll defer to your experience, <<You>>. What's the next move?
    <<You>>: They wouldn't be hiding War if he was back before we knew it. As you said, we have time to prepare. I don't know how much, but let's use it well.
    <<You>>: Battleon should be warned by now. If you would, please spread the word as well. We can't afford to speed his coming with any conflicts.
    General Herous: I see. Couriers and other messengers shall be assembled at once.
    <<You>>: And I do mean ANY conflict, General Herous.
    General Herous: … You border on insolence, but I know. I am not quite so foolish, hero.
    <<You>>: I know the feeli- Er, yes. Very well.
    General Herous: What about you? What will you do?
    <<You>>: Breathing room or not, we're still against the clock. While you send word southeast, I'll go to Dragonspine.
    <<You>>: We'll need Cyrus and his people. I ah... I hope Xerxes hasn't missed me.
    b]General Herous: Lords speed your charge, Chosen. We're all counting on you.

    <<Panic holds a Knight by the throat, releases the hold and the Knight falls to the ground in front of War's altar, on the left an Orc is bound in red rope with seven black silhouettes of Orcs with yellow eyes behind on the left, on the right a male farmer and a woman in rogue outfit are bound in red rope, towering over them all are black silhouettes of two dragons in red outline and yellow eyes that may be Gravis and Limkragg>>
    ???: Another failure. Useless.

    <<Carnage has a red shade disappear from his body as he walks in from the right, turns around and faces Panic>>
    ???: Speaking of useless... Your resurrection spent even more of his power. Delayed the altar.
    Carnage: Ow... heheh… The Chosen is still fun...
    ???: You alerted the Chosen?! Imbecile Useless sack of-!
    Carnage: Aren't you getting full of yourself for a new guy, Panic? The old Panic knew his place.
    Panic: I was ASSIGNED me "place". Like it or not, I am in charge.
    Carnage: MAYHEM is in charge until the master awakens. Even if we have to... heh. Make a new one.
    Panic: I have gone through every single one of your... healthier captures. Even the ones that should be strong enough don't work.
    Carnage: This is taking too long... Why won't it work?
    Panic: It can't be the hosts. The power isn't there. I call and I call, but Mayhem is gone, and it's as if his power was already manifest. I can't summon him into a new host.
    Carnage: We need him to make a big enough army. It's no fun without him. Heh-
    Panic: Enough with the laughing. We need his control if we are to corrupt and summon troops QUICKLY. You were meant to amass a backup slowly while we waited for that.
    Panic: I told you about every gathering, every place where bloodthirsty warriors could be found and brought into our fold, and where honorable ones might be lured out and crushed.
    Panic: Every hidden corner and pathway where the trees could hide a legion.
    Panic: And STILL you failed.
    Carnage: They defended each other... That slowed me down... Not for long, though, heh. Then the Chosen came from behind to protect Granemor.
    Panic: You didn't count on Unity. The thing that saved them from us before. And all that saves this world from the Devourer.
    Panic: You were doing a great job until this point, but now you have spent too much of the Master's power. Now it's time to INVEST it instead. We do things my way from now on.
    Carnage: This should be rich... What are you going to try, Panic?
    Panic: What always threatened Unity.
    Panic: Fear...

    <<Panic levitates a small rock into his hand and sends it at Carnage's head>>
    Panic: ...and temptation.
    Shop: Burning Solstice: War Approaches

    Savage Infernal Carnage Maul (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Savage Abyssal Carnage Maul (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Arcane Infernal Carnage Maul (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Arcane Abyssal Carnage Maul (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Vartai Avenger's Blade (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

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