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RE: =AQ3D= Feedback Thread

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6/9/2017 6:30:10   

I would rather have multiple 0.001% drops that could drop from every monster in the game. Maybe a bit higher % for stronger monsters, since they take more time to farm.
These would be basically "World drops". And you don't really farm them directly, you just find then by playing the game normally.

Sure you could be defeating monsters with the purpose of finding one of them, but you would not be forced to farm the same place repeatedly, doing the same boring, mindless thing for hours.
You could just find them while already doing something else.

I believe this could make the game a bit more exciting, as you could get something special, even if you were just repeating an old dungeon.
They should probably change the loot system though. Checking every single bag is tiring.

EDIT: I meant 0.001%, not 0.0001%. Got it confused because people are adding a zero by mistake. As if it wasn't already insane enough! :P

< Message edited by Vypie -- 6/9/2017 13:45:05 >
Epic  Post #: 101
6/9/2017 7:23:26   

1 in a million is still too low a chance. The noise level is extremely high; at such a ridiculous level, it's easily possible that players could perform the trial (whether it's killing monsters, or farming a particular spot) 2 million times- twice the 'probability' and acquire nothing. Especially given how many players there are.

It's been some time since I studied probability theory, so I can't demonstrate the maths off the top of my head, but many of these things are quite obvious.
In general, I'd avoid chances of more than 1 in 100; 1%. That way, it's relatively replicable.

Essentially, in my view, if the noise level is at the point where the players couldn't determine the drop rate accurately, it's too high. 1 in 100 is already barely achievable for most players, and we're talking about a drop rate that is 10,000 times lower.
If you want any guarantee that the players will get some item from random drops, well, you'd need to do a fair bit of maths, taking all the items into consideration.
But a greater number of small chances is less likely to align fairly than a smaller number of bigger chances (assuming these chances are proportional to each other; x number of y chances is more random than y number of x chances, if y<x).
Essentially, 100 1-in-100 chances is more random than 2 1-in-2 chances.

There's also no way of determining whether an item is a hoax or not; imagine being convinced to farm one particular area a million times for an item that doesn't exist.

For good reasons, it's against the rules of all AE games to redistribute or sell accounts; but manufacturing rarity enables people to create accounts to farm the item, which they may then sell. That sort of thing is completely illegal now (at least in Australia), but it still happens.
Once monetary value is associated with these products, gambling laws come in at full force. If this became a problem (I suspect AQ3D will be too small for this, though), the game would be banned and/or fined.

What value is associated with an account that has 2 1 in a million drops? Is that really a question we want answered within AQ3D?

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Post #: 102
6/9/2017 8:29:38   

Yeah. A trading feature by itself is VERY risky. You could make even those items bound to your account, but there are still problems.

About chances to get super rare World drops, I think it would be pretty balanced to at least find two items across the current leveling progression.

You could reach max level and have some rare stuff to show for it (and so would others, except they would probably find different items than yours).

There should be a big pool of different items. While individual item drop% would be slim, as a group you would have a more sane chance of getting at least one or two without wasting your time away.

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Epic  Post #: 103
6/9/2017 10:39:08   
One Winged Angel1357

Or you know forgo rngesus for the much more reliable and just as grindy super long and or difficult quests.

If you want to make an item a one in a million chance super ultra rare* thing you still open the door for someone to get it instantly and bypass your stall in development. If you put that same item behind collect a million bear hides your intentions are just as clear but they are more fair because you are not relying on RNG to drop the item on or before the millionth kill

*If you have ever heard Korin use his nerd voice please read in that voice
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 104
6/9/2017 11:48:38   
Level 1 Laughing Tog

.0001% thread merged with Feedback Thread.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 105
6/15/2017 18:27:52   

After the 1.4.7 update damage is way down, I'm not a big fan of this (as are other players) as it is harder to defeat monsters than it was before. Another thing I don't like his how the crit, evasion, and haste stats are displayed as they are very confusing to read when not in percent form (776 crit, what does that even mean?).

< Message edited by Ryuyasha -- 6/15/2017 18:29:53 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 106
6/15/2017 21:19:11   


I got 778 casting speed! Okay, but I still attack abysmally slow... cool.

< Message edited by *Nova* -- 6/16/2017 13:02:18 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 107
6/16/2017 12:48:40   

The auto-attack speed is still unaffected by haste. I hope they include it at some point.


After the 1.4.7 update damage is way down, I'm not a big fan of this (as are other players) as it is harder to defeat monsters than it was before. Another thing I don't like his how the crit, evasion, and haste stats are displayed as they are very confusing to read when not in percent form (776 crit, what does that even mean?).

This is their very first step. I'm pretty sure they will display percentages too as they continue the stat/class overhaul.
Epic  Post #: 108
6/16/2017 22:13:07   
orc orc orc

I agree that the new stat system is confusing to look at, and the UI does little to explain them. What do they exactly do, and what is the magic behind those numbers? I still don't understand how haste and crit work, if not every stat.
Post #: 109
6/17/2017 8:19:56   

As of Patch 1.4.7

Cheers for Rogue for being in class right now...(Rogue got better in dealing DPS to the enemy)
I still don't get the values in the new stat system.
EXP grinding got easier but PvE raised al level in difficulty (from Quite Easy then suddenly becomes Average Joe)
The /Shatter Skull Bridge area got desolated! (Cheers again!)

I still find Warrior and Mage out of shape in terms of functionality. I think Warrior should have a better defensive skills and be able to taunt enemies.
As for Mage, I think it should be more adaptive in solo/group fights like having a skill which makes a single target spell go AoE, the downside for making the skill go AoE is that it costs quite a certain amount of Mana. (Fireball dealing weak splash damage; Lightning Strike becoming a Chain Lightning that deals weak damage and short duration slow; Weak Mana Shield for the party/nearest player)

< Message edited by LoliFebri -- 6/17/2017 8:25:32 >
Post #: 110
6/23/2017 1:06:42   

Sorry if this has been brought up somewhere before, I wasn't able to find anything about it.

I recently started playing but I play exclusively on mobile. I've found a few issues here and there but by and large the most annoying one I've found thus far is the chat interface. The new update allows you to resize the chat panel, but that's not really where the issue is. Rather, it's the fact that the landscape text entry box covers the entire screen, so you can't see anything except what you're typing.

Landscape chat box (sorry for the huge image!) is a bad interface because you can't see what is going on in-game while typing out a message. It makes it easy to miss other messages if you're talking with a few people, plus you have absolutely no interaction with the game.

However, if you play the game in portrait, the chat box is much better. It still covers some stuff up, as you can see, but it doesn't cover the entire screen so you can still see messages or interact with the game while composing the message. This would be a much, much better default chat box interface, in regards to it not covering up the entire screen. The single bar is plenty, you don't need the entire screen to be your text entry box. Playing in portrait mode brings with it its own host of issues, of course (like the status bar being persistent), but it does solve the chat box issue.
AQ AQW  Post #: 111
6/23/2017 8:14:27   


I'm no expert on chatboxes in mobile mmos but mine looks like this. Though, I highly doubt I would ever use this to communicate while in the midst of combat unless I really wanted to get myself killed. Unfortunately, using it when I'm already dead may be the only time I would resolve to it. Honestly, I wish there was a better way for them to implement chatting but I don't really have any suggestions. They could consider making the playing screen smaller and have a bottom portion of the screen designated for the typewriter only which would only appear if you are chatting. However, this would mean the screen would have to be even smaller and since the iPhone I currently play on (when I'm on mobile) is just a normal size iPhone, I doubt this would be a good idea.

I think the most efficient and simple thing they could do is make the typewriter transparent so you can still see what you're doing while typing. I think the AE team has talked about making menus transparent in the future so hopefully they get around to actually doing it soon. Of course that would only solve one issue... One of the biggest problems I have while chatting is having to stand perfectly still...

< Message edited by *Nova* -- 4/4/2018 8:47:12 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 112
6/23/2017 9:21:10   

Majestic Feline of AQ3D & ED


I'm pretty sure the landscape chat box being like that is an Android OS thing with the way unity handles EditTexts. Not sure if AE can do anything about it.
AQW Epic  Post #: 113
6/25/2017 15:52:15   

Feedback regarding [Pumpkin Lord Vines]:

I love this item, I use it as a cosmetic all the time. But one think keeps bothering me. It is not affected by light, ambient color, or even darkness, like other items.
The makes its color look off all the time, and it just looks bad. :(

Because it looks so visually out of place like this, I thought it would be fixed at some point, similar to how they fixed Nightlocke scythe and made it only partially luminescent in the dark (before, it too wasn't affected by changes in light).
But Maybe.... because the vines are an animated object, there could be some limitations? Is this the issue? (hopefully it was just overlooked so far)

If we can't have both, I would really rather have it being static but be affected by changes in light/color. The LOVE the waving movements, but I hate the weird light/color even more!

Epic  Post #: 114
6/26/2017 2:05:06   

As for Patch 1.4.7 EXP grind update:
I think having exp distribution of 65%/60% EXP from the Main Quest, 20%/25% EXP from Monsters and 15%/10% EXP from Dungeon Quests is better than 70%-30% EXP distribution from Main Quests and Monster Grinding only. It's really sad to see low-level dungeons being abandoned/ignored by newbies.
Post #: 115
6/26/2017 12:32:52   

You are still free to do the Dungeon / Side quests for extra XP! Currently the issue is that new players are not being pointed towards the dungeons so most don't even know that they are there. This will be addressed once Greenguard and such are rewritten to point people towards those areas :)
Post #: 116
6/29/2017 10:33:22   

Is there a reason why my Crimson Staff of the Abyss lost 42 attack?
It's attack is lower than Scale Slayer now.

Even though it's lvl 17 compared to Scale Slayer's lvl 16.
Post #: 117
6/29/2017 11:16:42   
Constructive & Helpful!

Just because something is higher level, doesn't mean that it has more of certain stats than other items, the Necrohen hat and Braintick helm has more attack then the Scale Slayer helm, even though they are both lvl 15 compared to the Scale Slayer Helm's lvl 16. The Scale Slayer helm does have more total stats though, which does make it an overall better item (in theory). It's the same with Scale Slayer vs the Crimson Staff, sure you can get slightly more attack from the Scale Slayer, but you will lose more total stats than you will gain Attack from it.

If I were to guess, this is just another part of the long term balancing, you need to remember that no item has finalized stats yet, every new update can bring some stat changes to the table.
I'm pretty sure either the Staff, or some other item, has gotten a health boost though, because I have more hp than I used to.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 6/29/2017 11:48:38 >
AQW  Post #: 118
6/30/2017 14:18:53   

Honestly Im reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally unhappy about the Crimson Staff of the Abyss nerfing. I spent a ton of time and money on that thing and we are arguing about whether or not it is the best item. It should BE the best weapon in the game period and there should BE NO DOUBT it is the best weapon in the game period. NOTHING in game comes even close to the grind fest it was to get this thing. The other weapons required *literally* less than a TENTH of the resources and time to get. On top of that, its the ONLY level 17 epic weapon in the game. It should be the best. by far.


Please do not self-censor words. Removed //D.U.M

< Message edited by DragonUltraMaster -- 6/30/2017 15:13:33 >
Post #: 119
6/30/2017 15:08:05   

It still is. Not so much attack, but more of the other stats. The extra Haste and Crit actually give it more offensive power overall! :)
Epic  Post #: 120
7/1/2017 8:23:28   

The Crimson Staff is fine where its at. It still is the best weapon but not as unbalanced as it was back then. I really don't get why people have to grind for the new best items when the level 16 gear aren't too far behind, the level 17 items will be outclassed by the next new powerful set of items eventually.

If you grind for the challenge and not only because said item has the 'best' stats then that's fine. What are you even gonna use the extra stats for? The next few updates will still be playable with slightly weaker gear and you don't really have much to do in the game at this stage anyways. You don't need the most powerful late game gear for a PvP or PvE competition thing anyways since we don't have those yet.

@ the latest update

I really like how they integrated the 'Battle' function from the original AQ with random adventures. It'd be nice if they also included there the components of the Blade of Awe as a random chance as well just like back then. Ahh.. nostalgia is soo good.. I added a new edit on my post on the suggestion thread for this.

< Message edited by Sypherix -- 7/1/2017 8:38:18 >
AQW  Post #: 121
7/1/2017 11:43:41   

I just got the alpha pirate set and Im sadden that it doesnt have a weapon and cape to go with it. Hope we can get them because I really like sets with matching items with it.
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 122
7/4/2017 5:37:42   


I just got the alpha pirate set and Im sadden that it doesnt have a weapon and cape to go with it. Hope we can get them because I really like sets with matching items with it.

what? How??
Post #: 123
7/4/2017 6:04:16   


It also lack a glove also, or am I missing something

It lacks a cape, weapon and glove which really saddens me because non of the current items release matches the set and its really hard to look at alpha pirate without a complete kit :(
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 124
7/4/2017 8:31:35   

How are you "just getting it" is what Raoros meant, I think.
Post #: 125
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