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The World of Lore!

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5/10/2017 0:10:34   

The World of Lore!
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Previously owned by Jake Harrison

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead! Only proceed if you've completed both Chapter I and Chapter II of the storyline.

Lore, the wonderful world where magic and science coexist peacefully (most of the time); where humans, nonhumans, and monsters roamed and lived in harmony (or not?). Just like the real-world, sitting on Lore are lands and waters; tall mountains and deep abyss; forests and deserts. The main land of Lore is a continent called Dragonia, named after its shape which resembles that of a dragon’s head. Not much has been discovered about other lands outside the main continent (we’re too busy battling monsters). Even in Dragonia, there are areas not yet unveiled.

If you dig deep enough, you’ll find that Lore has a core, which is the largest nexus (reservoir of magic) of the planet. It contains the most pure magic available, and is centered where the Verix (longitude ley lines) overlaps the Horix (latitude ley lines). To perform feats of magic on Lore, a mage must draw on the magic contained in one of Lore's ley lines or nexuses.

Those who dedicate their time to gather and record as much information about Lore are called Loremasters. These information will then be kept inside Book of Lore, which all adventurers like you carry a copy around everywhere to record personal findings, and get stored inside the Librarium.

So, are you interested in learning more about Lore?

Table of Contents
  1. History of Lore
    a. Merge of 3 Timelines
    b. Chapter One: 13 Lords of Chaos
    c. Chapter Two: Ancient Evils

  2. Main Characters
    a. The Hero
    b. Good
    c. Evil
    d. Chaos
    e. Neutral

  3. Factions and Organizations
    a. Good
    b. Evil
    c. Chaos
    d. Neutral

  4. Important Places and Landmarks
  5. Lore Deities
  6. Critters and Creatures
  7. Races
  8. Seasons and Holidays

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1. History of Lore
a. Merge of 3 Timelines

Before this Lore, long long ago existed the exact same world except that you, the Hero, did not exist in this version. When Doomknight Sepulchure started his quest to rule Lore, you were not there to battle alongside Artix, Robina, Galanoth, and Warlic. Evil then reigned and Lore was only flames and ruins. Galanoth the Dragonslayer was the only one who survived. Desperate as he was in trying to undo the catastrophe Sepulchure caused, he followed what he had known of the ancient lore and journeyed to search for the Eternal Dragon of Time; seeking to reverse time, world, and everything by slaying it.

At last, he did find the dragon, and managed to slay the ancient one by stabbing it in the chest. Where Dragon of Time’s heart should have rested were three hourglasses, each represented a timeline where heroes like you lived: AQ, DF, and MQ. These hourglasses were destroyed, and what was inside them mixed together and formed a new separate timeline, a new reality that is similar in its components to those that made it up but a different one altogether. And when Lore was reset, you were born, and the role of Hero fell to you.

b. Chapter One: 13 Lords of Chaos

That day Lore saw one of the most brutal battles in history. That day the Shadowscythe Empire breached the supposedly impenetrable walls of Swordhaven Castle. The war between Good and Evil peaked with the battle between King Alteon the Balanced and Doomknight Sepulchure. You were told to pick side. Then something unexpected happened. Drakath, priorly a servant to Sepulchure, flew into the castle, blasting both Alteon and Sepulchure mid-battle, and declared war to both Good and Evil. He crushed the very essence of Lore's most powerful Doomknight to death and corrupted Alteon with the power of Chaos permanently. But this was just a start. From that moment, it became clear that Drakath was now a threat to this world.

c. Chapter Two: Ancient Evils

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2. Main Characters
a. The Hero

The Hero of Lore—the somewhat-clumsy, humorous, and not-so-intelligent most of the time hero everyone is counting on. Yes, this is you. After you witness the start of Chaos at the Swordhaven Castle Invasion, you have sworn to defeat Drakath and his 13 Lords of Chaos! You go through many battles and quests to accomplish this task (and other side-story quests along the way), getting stronger and stronger! You start your journey at Breakstone Tower after suddenly being struck by lightning down a mountain.

It is completely up to you to decide your alignment, be it with Good, Evil, Neutral, or even Chaos. Whichever you choose, the role of the Hero will always rest on your tiny shoulders. As the story unfolds, you gain knowledge that you are not just regular hero. At the peak of the Chaos Saga, you learn that you're the 13th Lord of Chaos, you gain the power of Death himself, and ultimately, you find that you ARE the incarnation of Eternal Dragon of Time! Wooh, so many hats you have there! Just remember what they say: with great power comes great responsibility. In your case, the responsibility includes endless work labor and sometimes mass genocide of monsters. Sounds like fun, eh?

b. Good

Below are important Good-aligned people you will meet as you progress the story. Some of them are knights in shining armor, some are celestial beings, and some are those whose light is hidden by their seemingly dark appearance.

King Alteon
First King of Swordhaven Kingdom, leader of the Good side, and a powerful Battlemage. Young Alteon (known as Aldon), young Sepulchure (known as Valen), and healer Lynaria were friends. Together, these heroes overthrew the ruthless tyrant king Slugwrath, previous ruler of the land (known as Dreadhaven), and Alteon was the one to take the throne.

It is suspected by Priests of the Dragon that he has the blood of the Dragons running in his veins, even if just a thin stream. Alteon had three daughters from his marriage with Lynaria: Brittany, Victoria, and Tara. After being attacked by Drakath, he had fallen corrupt to Chaos. This chaorruption slowly took control of his mind and body, leading to his rise as the 12th Lord of Chaos, and eventually his fall. He will always be remembered by his people as King Alteon the Balanced.

Artix von Krieger
Artix is the last paladin on Lore according to Arryd. His parents were killed by undeads raiding his village and he was rescued by Lady Celestia. He grew up to become the leader of the Undeadslayers, slaying undead is more of a hobby to him. Daimyo is his pet, who shares the same hobby. As you progress through the Doomwood Saga I, you learnt more about him, his encounter with Vordred the Paladinslayer, and his true identity as Champion of Darkness (yeah, you read that right). He broke his axe, the famous Blinding Light of Destiny, and you helped him reforge it before Doomwood Saga II, and in that saga he helped you stop Chaos Vordred. In AQWZombies Saga, you battled alongside him and Gravelyn to save the world from zombies. You can find him in the inn in Swordhaven.

Robina (Princess Victoria)
Robina the Hood, Princess Victoria in disguise, is a strong ranger and second daughter to Alteon. She is now a disputed ruler of Swordhaven's throne along with Prince Brentan and Princess Tara. As a princess of Swordhaven, Victoria is known among the guards as the ill and sicky princess, spending most of her time in her room, which is just her excuse for having double identity.

Lord Brentan
Being former to-be husband of Princess Brittany, it's still argued whether he is the rightful heir to the throne of Swordhaven. He was Guardian of the Neverglades and the Champion of Tournament of Heroes held by King Alteon, which made him War-General of Swordhaven Kingdom.

Also known as the Blue Mage, Warlic is a very powerful archmage who specializes in Elemental Mastery. He and Cysero are said to be the only magi capable of drawing magic directly from the Core. Unlike other magi whose amount of mana will be reduced by each cast of spell, Warlic's mana works the other way around, but he can't use it sparingly. For every spell he casts, his mana increases, up to a certain point only Warlic himself knows. If he exceeds his limit, not only will he die, but Lore itself will also be destroyed.

Nythera was once Warlic's apprentice and Jimmy the Eye is his assistant. You can find him in his Magic Shoppe in Battleon Town and you can even learn Elemental Mastery from him in Dragonrune University of Magic.

The most famous Dragonslayer on Lore. Slaying dragons is his job (no worries, he only slays the bad ones) and his way of solving problems (to bring back his friends he killed you in your previous form, remember?). During his fight with Desoloth, Galanoth lost his right arm permanently.

Laken is a cyborg and the current Grand Master of Seraphic Paladins, an ancient order charged with keeping Lore safe from powerful Evils. He was also Dage the Evil's Second in Command, from a future alternate-reality Legion. During the Dage vs Nulgath war, he traveled back in time to help Dage. Sadly his actions forever changed the future making it impossible for him to return to the time he came from, because it doesn't exist anymore. Later, Laken betrayed Dage and joined the Seraphic Paladins. Laken doesn't have family, but has an adopted daughter, Ada, and some close friends who traveled back in time with him.

b. Evil

Below is a list of important people who fight under the name of Evil. They are dark and deceitful in their nature and actions, but not necessarily so in their appearance. Do not be fooled!

He was former leader of Shadowscythe Empire and the greatest, most powerful Doomknight ever existed. In his young days, Sepulchure was a swordsman known as Valen the Pure-Hearted. After the overthrowing of tyrant king Slugwrath, Valen became King Alteon's Knight. When Queen Lynaria was kidnapped by Dethrix, Valen was sent to save her. But in the process, he became corrupted by darkness, forever bound to the DoomKnight armor he himself accepted and donned. He was no longer Valen. His new name was Sepulchure, and his one mission was to wipe all the living from Lore. However, he had a daughter named Gravelyn. During his final fight with King Alteon, his essence was crushed and shattered by Drakath. But being a powerful entity that he was, fragments of his essence were not fully destroyed. They kept lingering in the void, recollecting themselves and reforming very slowly. Years later, he managed to recover himself and communicate with his daughter, telling her a possible plan to bring him back to Lore. With the helps of the Dragonbone Necromancers, Sepulchure's spirit was put into Akriloth's body, side by side with The Great Fire Dragon's own. This resulted in the two great powers battling to take control of the body. The Queen of Monsters, sensing the presence of Sepulchure's spirit in Akriloth, decided to interfere. She took his spirit out of the dragon and binded it to her biding.

You can learn more about the tale and legends of horrific Sepulchure from the tomb in Necropolis Dungeon.

Gravelyn is the Empress of Shadowscythe, daughter of Sepulchure, and the current Champion of Light. She took over the throne of Shadowscythe Empire after his father was physically destroyed by Drakath. Being the Champion of Light, Gravelyn isn't able to use dark magic. However, she somehow managed to create Chuckles, the only undead she has ever made. Gravelyn played a major role in both Chapters of the story.

Previously known as Miltonius, Nulgath the Archfiend is a powerful necromancer who dwelt in the Abyss called Tercessuinotlim. He is the Abyss General, who commands under the rule of Shadowscythe Empire, and previous ruler of the Underworld. Along with other Abyss' residents, he might also offer you some of the most powerful items Lore has ever known, with the cost of soul and great deal of work.

In a battle to claim ownership of the Underworld, Nulgath was confronted by his own ex-apprentice, Dage the Evil, who had grown undead army of his own. With foul deception and espionage, Dage the Evil won the battle and banished Nulgath to the world of Oversoul. To Nulgath's satisfaction, he used this opportunity to reshape this new world to his liking.

Dage the Evil
The story of Dage the Evil's origin started way back 5,000 years to the past. Dage had always wanted to rule the Underworld, but at the time there was a competitor, Vilkas Blightbringer and an undead army of his own. Vilkas had access to some doors in the Underworld, as well as the power to lock them. Dage saw him as an obstacle to fully rule the Underworld. He then came to Ravenscar, a village Vilkas' army attacked in search of a 'treasure', and manipulated Rand, one of the village's warrior, to take revenge on the attacker. With rage and determination, Rand succeeded and defeated Vilkas, obtaining his essence in the process. Seeing the danger in Rand's power combined with the remain of Vilkas', Dage sensed threat and decided to backstab the warrior and turned him undead. Rand became Dage the Evil's first ever soldier and General, and Dage got more access to the Underworld. But this was still not enough for him.

His desire of power was so immense. He came to meet ArchFiend Nulgath in the Shifting Plane, a proving ground for all apprentices attempting to earn the Mark of Mastery. After defeating his friend, Dage earned it and proceeded to gain more power under his apprenticeship with Nulgath.

Later, Dage secretly grew his own army of undead, dealing power in exchange of their souls, and grew confident enough to confront his own master. Near Oblivion Gate in Underworld, war was inevitable. Dage's Undead Legion faced his master's Archfiend Nation. This was known as the great Evil War, in which Dage the Evil came out as the victor and banished Nulgath to the realm of Oversoul.

c. Chaos

Drakath was the son of King Slugwrath, supposedly heir to the throne of Dreadhaven before it got overthrown by Alden/Alteon. Drakath's mother was rumored to be the Queen of Monsters herself, although the details of said rumor remain unclear. But it's true that Queen of Monsters was the one who gave him Chaos powers, through an amulet which was activated during the overthrowing of Dreadhaven Kingdom. Earlier in his life, Drakath had secret affair with Robina, Alteon's second daughter. After his father's kingdom ended, Drakath's whereabouts were unknown, until he suddenly appeared amidst the peak battle of Good vs Evil War.

What became of Drakath was firstly known only by Alteon, Sepulchure, and the Hero. He reintroduced himself as the Champion of Chaos, whose agenda was to open the Chaos Gate with the rise and fall of his 13 Lords of Chaos and their Beasts. From then on, Drakath seeked and gave rise to his Chaos Lords one by one, each accompanied with the spreading of Chaorruption. Later he managed to chaorrupt the Hero himself as the 13th Lord of Chaos in Mount Doomskull where he resided, and completed his tasks. The Chaos Gate was opened, and what that had been locked in it was freed. It was the Queen of Monsters herself.

Drakath was so naive; he wasn't able to notice that he was used as a tool for the Queen to flee from her prison. His Chaos powers were taken back by her. Drained of his powers, he swore to take revenge of what the Queen of Monsters had done to him.


d. Neutral


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3. Factions and Organizations
a. Good

Swordhaven Kingdom
Through the perimeters of Oaklore forest is the domain of Swordhaven, a kingdom led by the people of Good. It's a monarchy government ruled by a King and has an army to support its military needs. The Golden Onslaught and Skyguard Airforce are among its branches.

Golden Onslaught
The Golden Onslaught is a branch of the Good Army which was led by Maximilian Lionfang most notable for their striking gold colors embellished with lion decorations and the conflicts they caused. Golden Onslaught carried a rather extreme and radical view of how the Good faction should work. They despised the Truce between Good and Evil during the fight against Chaos and even its leader turned his back on the King whom he supposedly obey. Golden Onslaught was the one responsible among some notable events and conflicts in Lore. It was the one who ordered the kidnapping some of Swordhaven's and Battleon's Good townspeople, including King Alteon himself, Artix, Warlic, and Cysero.

Skyguard Airforce
As the name suggests, Skyguard is the air-force of Swordhaven Kingdom. It patrols and guards the sky from Skypirates and many other enemies of Good or the Truce. However, it didn't succeed to prevent being infiltrated by Chaos. A group of Dreamweavers managed to manipulate the insides of Skyguard. Later, Skyguard Airforce played a big role at the final showdown of the Truce vs Chaos at Mount Doomskull.

Order of Seraphic Paladins

Paladins Order

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