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Mimes vs Clowns

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5/18/2017 8:55:03   
Legendary Scribe of Lore

Mimes vs. Clowns
April Fools!

Location: April Fools Portal Painting

«You can skip the cutscene at any time.»

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

«You»: So you're trying to write Aria an... aria?
Hans: Um... more of a poem, really.
«You»: I know, I know - I just did it for the pun.
«You»: But seriously, I can't think of much that rhymes with "Aria". Have you tried putting her name in the middle of the line?
Hans: That... might work? I'd have to rewrite the main part. Hmm....
???: How about "marry ya"? She's old enough.

«A clown enters the scene.»

Hans: *blushes* Nonono, I'm not-- we're--

«Hans mouth is agape as he sees the clown.»


«Hans quickly ducks underneath the counter!»

«You»: Stop right there, demon!
???: Hold, «You»! I've come for you, this afternoon, to seek your help!
Nickelwise: My name is Nickelwise. I am the rockstar leader of my men - Loco's Clowns.
«You»: I know who you represent! You Clowns have been terrorizing Battleon ever since I can remember!
Nickelwise: Yes... our kind hasn't gotten along very well--
«You»: Your kind feed off our fear and confusion! You're horrible demons who do nothing but cause terror for your own purposes! Name me ONE reason why I should help you out!
Nickelwise: Because of the Truphma.
«You»: ?!?!

«Nickelwise begins to narrate his story as the scene changes to a look of The Big Top, the Clowns' tent.»

Nickelwise: We worship Loco, the demigod of trickery. The Truphma have taken note of our hijinks, and have launched an attack on our temple, The Big Top.

«The ground near The Big Top turns from a vibrant red to a dull grey, clear evidence of the Truphma's influence.»

Nickelwise: They aim to burn it to the ground, and worse - the Clowns they kidnap are being transformed into MIMES!

«The scene returns back to Yulgar's Inn.»

Nickelwise: We're desperate, «You»! They've got us runnin' round like today was our last day!
«You»: So you've been haunting us and ruining our lives, and now you want help? Why should I come for you? Why should everyone care?
Nickelwise: Because the Truphma are a much worse threat to your lives than we are! Surely you agree?
«You»: Well....

«You're taken to the most important decision you'll ever make.»

Twilly: Twilly is scared of Clownses! And of the Truphma! Twilly doesn't know what to do?!

Which side will you battle for?



«Depending on the side you select, you proceed to a different war camp.»

    «War scroll if you choose to help the Truphma:»
    The Truphma may be horrible creatures terrorizing your world, but the Clowns are even more horrible demons that have been silently terrorizing Lore for centuries and show no signs of stopping. As much as you hate it, the Truphma are doing the right thing for once, and you're here to help them.
  • To Battle!
  • Re-Select
  • Back to Town

  • Potion Bag - Refills your health potions if you have less than four on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Truphma General - The Truphma General and his band of lifeless, dull men!
    «War scroll if you choose to help the Clowns:»
    The Clowns are on the edge of a revolution, and you've come from far away to save them! Things aren't going to be too bad when you stand together against the Truphma and save the Clowns! What are you waiting for? This means war!
  • To Battle!
  • Re-Select
  • Back to Town

  • Potion Bag - Refills your health potions if you have less than four on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Nickelwise and his clown forces!
«Twilly says the same thing for both camps, which is:»

Twilly: I don't know if this is right... but I'll help you either way!
Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
  • Heal me please - Full Heal, continue with dialogue below
  • Let me handle this! - Closes dialogue
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    To Battle!
    How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Five

    «Non-ENDLESS options: You will now fight «X» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
    «ENDLESS option: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»

    «Each wave comprises 2 BATTLES followed by a Full Heal, regardless of the camp you fight for. When the war meter for the clowns hit 100%, the following battles take place instead.»
      4 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal after battles #2, #4

      1 BATTLE: Truphma Mastermime
      Full Heal
    «Color returns to the Clowns' land once again.»

    Nickelwise: You did it! The Truphma are pulling back, all because of you!
    «You»: You know that I'd come through for you. As much as you haunt Lore, you're not a real threat to our existence like the Truphma.
    «You»: Speaking of which... now that I've saved you, how about we talk about that whole "terrorizing Lore" thing?
    Nickelwise: Of course! I'm glad that we can end this with shakin' hands. Now how about some rewards for your heroic effort!

    «Click on the treasure chest and you get to choose between "Get War Reward!" and "Skip Reward / Already Have It". Choosing the former opens the Clowns vs Mimes shop. Once you exit the shop:»
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave
    Clowns vs Mimes

  • Balloon Blade [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Balloon Blade G [L. 30 G, 150 G]
  • Balloon Blade Z [L. 30 Z, 143 Z]

  • Balloon Bardiche [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Balloon Bardiche G [L. 30 G, 150 G]
  • Balloon Bardiche Z [L. 30 Z, 143 Z]

  • Balloon Baton [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • Balloon Baton G [L. 30 G, 150 G]
  • Balloon Baton Z [L. 30 Z, 143 Z]

  • BalloonZard [L. 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130]
  • BallonZard G [L. 30 G, 150 G]
  • BalloonZard Z [L. 30 Z, 143 Z]

    Write up thanks to Whackybeanz.

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