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RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist

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10/22/2019 7:39:58   
I Overlord I

My, oh my.
AQ  Post #: 951
10/23/2019 18:33:37   

A few items got released so my list updated a bit.

Must PM me to set up a trade

Looking For
Pixel Ether

Willing To trade
Rainbow Cometfall (the cometfall weapon which can be any of the 8 elements and be Melee, Magic or Ranged by changing it in the item upgrader only 25 players have it)
Z Finity Mind Gauntlet
Ice Cometfall
Pyromancer Bloodmage
Hydromancer Bloodblade
Cryomancer Bloodblade
Discount Mogloween candy bag misc
16th Anniversary Cupcake
Taxing Cutlass
Human Fisher
Steampunk Lovebow
Windter Warrior
Long/Mystic/Glaive long talon
Dire Wolf
Windter Crown
Samukematsuri Samurai
Samukematsuri Katana/Wakizashi/Warbow
Samekematsuri Buckler
Samukematsuri Oni Mask
Samukematsuri Caltrops
Samukematsuri Kirin
Armour of frostval past
Mighty/Mystic-blade/Merry-lance of frostval past
Defender of frostval past
Helm of frostval past
Spectral chains
Ice guardian dragon Jr.
Bitfrost brilliance
Festive Blunderbuss
Miregale Shield
Gemini Shield
Tranquility Fountain
Mirrored Specs

( All confirmed trades are written down on a separate sheet of paper, to not make these posts too large )

Confirmed Gift:
Pixel-Ether Gift From Zeruphantom :)

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Post #: 952
10/23/2019 21:13:30   

Well, if I ever wanted to trade anything....
If some of these aren't rare, my apologies. As I look through my character page, im not even sure if I have rare items that dont need.

Mystic Blade of Frostval Past
Samukematsuri Katana
Pixel Blade
Curse of the Legion
Twig's Swordfish

Pyromancer Bloodmage
Windter Warrior
Predatory Vampire Form
Moonchaser Ride
Pixel Hero
Frostval Mercenary Garb

Defender of Frostval Past
Pixel Guard
Samukematsuri Buckler

Samukematsuri Caltrops
Frostbite G
Pixel Storm

Pixel Stalker
Samukematsuri Kirin
Legendary Soluna

Samukematsuri Oni Mask
Frostval Merc's Smoke Grenade
Pixel Ether

* Warlord Mogboar
* Original Golden Plate, Axe, and Shield
* Baby Void Dragon/ Juvenile Void Dragon
AQ  Post #: 953
10/28/2019 10:01:23   


This is a really interesting thread - the tiering system posted in the OP is so useful! It can be hard to appreciate the value of items in a single player RPG over the years... I have like a standard "loadout" on my character if you will, even though there's plenty of jewels in my vault that deserve to be rotated in more often.

Making my own list, it honestly felt just like Neopet's NC trading lists. I don't play anymore, but more on that - I wanted to obtain certain clothing and backgrounds for my Neopets. Most were event rares and costed real money at the time, playing minigames and participating and such (starting to see the similarities here to AQ here). There were trusted player created guides, that assigned capsule values or more colloquially "cap values" to many items, to give some sort of idea to players how desirable something was in the market... Capsules were paid items (150 NCs each IIRC, so about $1-1.50 USD) that could be used to gift paid items to other players (in addition to obtaining 1-2 of the current event's items). Most items being 1-2 caps, some 3-4, 6-10... Some items went upwards to a few dozen caps or even hundreds. It was all player-facilitated, reliable, and mutually beneficial for everyone involved (with Neopets getting a large cut if outright when players opted to outright buy from others using capsules). That said though, there were definitely blackmarkets selling for real money, but I feel that this was eclipsed by the participation and generosity of the player-base at large. It was probably good for the game not only for the company, but for the players because it helped a very strong trading community that could recycle/repurpose a lot of unused items for others who just couldn't obtain an item or wanted specific items to create a look for their Neopet. There was an extremely popular flash-based fansite created for the purpose of trading too. You could preview how certain items would look, and players would make accounts there and posts their trading lists with "HTPW" or "Up for Trade" tags.

That's my little spiel anyways... onto my wishlist, it'd probably be these two items at the time?

School Uniform: I would love this because it's so cute on the character page...
Altea Dream Rod | Midnight Wish Dagger: I think this has a rare effect on a Magic Weapon?
EbilCorp Logo: I remember wanting this item at on point.

If either of these items return, I'll definitely pick them up or try my hand again. Going my list of items (based on OP's tier list):

Rainbow Cometfall (HTPW)
Ice Cometfall
Giant Killer
Star Sabre of Balance
Big Dictionary
Witch Waster
Chaos Axe

Savage Werewolf Form
Bard of War
Zombie Axe Master
Witch Hunter
Pyromancer BloodMage

FMS onward, I think I have most/all of the frostval sets?

I think these would be my "S" tier items...? For "A" tier items and below, it seems like I have a lot of them... I'll have to doublecheck and update this list when trading actually comes out! =P
Post #: 954
10/28/2019 15:46:13   
I Overlord I

This being released seems to be nothing more than a pipe dream at this point, but I guess I'll add a "want" category to my previous list on the off chance that this actually gets implemented.

-Moglord Sceptre
-Frostval Merc's Kris
-Enchanted Pixel Blade
-Zombie Master Axe

-Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
-Knight of the Fire Orb

-Cutting Edge Guard
-Moglord Shield
-Zombie Axe Master Shield
-Frostval Merc's Reflexes
-Chaser Bracer

-Moglord War Party

-'Olive'-Class Drone

-Moglord Crown
-Zombie Heart

Basically the entire 2013 & 2014 Delivery sets + a few assorted GB items I've sold over the years since the cap was upped.

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AQ  Post #: 955
10/30/2019 0:41:54   

^Above, isn't Chaser Bracer a painting item so untradeable?
AQ  Post #: 956
11/7/2019 8:31:32   

Hello everyone, I am pretty noob at this game but I do enjoy playing it. If we do end up being able to trade some rares that be awesome. I don't have much rare items as I missed most of the events. Thanks!

Pixel Ether

Willing to trade:
Bloodzerker's Terra Sword
Bloodzerker's Blazing Sword
AQ  Post #: 957
11/9/2019 19:40:09   
Bu Kek Siansu

  • You can find the Confirmed Trades at the bottom.

    I have to update my wishlist.

    I wanted the Hydromancer's Bloodblade, but I do NOT need it anymore.

    Instead, I already bought the Bloodzerker's Quenching Sword from the GGB Rare shop.


    I want



  • Accordion Shield (30x) - (7x) = (23x)

  • quote:


  • Pixel Ether (30x) - (4x) = (26x)

  • In exchange for my Cryomancer's Bloodblade and Lumenomancer's Bloodblade.
  • Cryomancer's Bloodblade (10x)
  • Lumenomancer's Bloodblade (10x)

    And many of the Frostval Past items (Weapon, Armor, Shield, Spell, Pet, Misc Item).
  • Mighty Blade of Frostval Past (20x)
  • Merry Lance of Frostval Past (20x)
  • Mystic Blade of Frostval (20x)
  • Armour of Frostval Past (20x)
  • Defender of Frostval Past (20x)
  • Spectral Chains (20x)
  • Ice Giardian Jr. (20x)
  • Helm of Frostval Past (20x)


  • 2019 New Year's Surprise ( Quick-cast Spell. Uses INT for stat bonuses. MPCost ) Level 10 (40x)

  • 2019 New Year's Surprise ( Quick-cast Skill. Uses STR for stat bonuses. SPCost ) Level 10 (40x)

  • AQ's 16th Birthday Cupcake (40x)

    And other items as listed below.
    I might have another items as well that are tradeable but not listed.


  • Bee Arthur Katana (Z-Tokens) Level 3 (1x) - (1x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • Blazing Dragon Blade (Z-Tokens) Level 3 (1x)

  • Celtic Cleaver (1x)

  • Cometfall (3x) - (3x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • Cryomancer's Bloodblade (15x) - (1x) = (10x)

  • Dragonfire Sword (3x) - (2x) = (1x)

  • Electric Yoyo (2x)

  • Golden Dragon Spear (1x)

  • Inferno Scepter (3x) - (1x) = (2x)

  • Juicy Fruit (1x)

  • Legendary Purifying Crescent Blade (1x)

  • Lumenomancer's Bloodblade (10x)

  • Merry Lance of Frostval Past (20x)

  • Mighty Blade of Frostval Past (20x)

  • Mystic Blade of Frostval (20x)

  • Moglin Sword (2x) - (1x) = (1x)

  • Moglord Axe (1x)

  • Moglord Bow (1x) - (1x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • Moglord Sceptre (3x)

  • Samukematsuri Katana (2x)
  • Samukematsuri Wakizashi (2x)
  • Samukematsuri Warbow (2x)

  • Status Ward of Energy (2x) - (1x) = (1x)

  • Tamer (2x) - (1x) = (1x)

  • Thunderstone Axe (4x) - (4x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore


  • Armour of Frostval Past (20x)

  • Ethereal Predatory Vampire Form (4x)

  • Ethereal Savage Werewolf Form (4x)

  • Farmer Armour (1x)
  • Fat & Tacky Santa (1x)

  • Fruitcake Berserker (4x)

  • Midnight Predatory Vampire Form (1x)

  • Midnight Savage Werewolf Form (1x)

  • Moglord Tortress (3x) - (3x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • Nulgath (2x) - (1x) = (1x)

  • Pixel Hero (2x)

  • Pyromancer Bloodmage (10x) - (2x) = (8x)

  • Reflecting Plate (4x)

  • Samukematsuri Samurai (2x)

  • Savage Werewolf Form (1x) - (1x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • White Knight Level 150 (1x)

  • Windter Warrior (10x)


  • Defender of Frostval Past (20x)

  • Fruitcake Wreath (2x)

  • Gemini (5x) - (1x) = (4x)

  • Miregale -26% Earth/Wind (12x)

  • Samukematsuri Buckler (2x)

  • V.I.X.E.N. (2x)


  • 2019 New Year's Surprise ( Quick-cast Spell. Uses INT for stat bonuses. MPCost ) Level 10 (40x)

  • 2019 New Year's Surprise ( Quick-cast Skill. Uses STR for stat bonuses. SPCost ) Level 10 (40x)

  • Dracarys (2x)

  • Frostval Merc's Regen (2x)

  • Monkakazi BOOM G (2x) - (1x) = (1x)

  • No Lemons, No Melon (1x)

  • Pixel Storm (2x)

  • Samukematsuri Caltrops (2x)

  • Spectral Chains (20x)

  • Star Sabre Slashes (2x)


  • Aberrant the Exiled (4x)

  • FruitcakeZard (1x)

  • Ice Giardian Jr. (20x)

  • Infernal Android (6x)

  • Infernal Djinn (2x) - (2x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • Juvenile Void Dragon (2x) - (2x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • Keyote (6x) - (1x) = (5x)

  • Legendary Pygmy Zombie Groupies (2x)
  • Legendary Soluna (2x)

  • Lilliputian Sorcerer Army (4x)

  • Mini Nulgath (1x)

  • Moglord Warboar (2x)

  • NinjElf (4x)

  • Pixel Stalker (4x)

  • Psychedelic Dinosaur (2x)
  • Randor (2x)

  • Samukematsuri Kirin (2x)

    Misc Items:

  • AQ's 16th Birthday Cupcake (40x)

  • Crucible of Fire V (1x)

  • Discount Mogloween Candy Bag (10x) - (5x) = (5x)

  • Frostval Merc's Smoke Grenade (2x) - (1x) = (1x)

  • Helm of Frostval Past (20x)

  • Mindlock Orb V (2x) - (1x) = (1x)

  • Moglord Crown (2x) - (2x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • Samukematsuri Oni Mask (2x)

  • Shield Generator (2x) - (1x) = (1x)

  • Signs
  • Fire Sign (1x) - (1x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore
  • Iron Sign (1x) - (1x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore
  • Water Sign (1x) - (1x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore
  • Wood Sign (1x) - (1x) = (0x) <= It's is not tradeable anymore

  • Windter Crown (4x)

    Confirmed Trades

    Your Pixel Ether in exchange for my Cometfall

    My Moglord Bow as a gift
    My Fire Sign, Iron Sign, both as gifts
    My Water Sign, Wood Sign, both as gifts

    Your Conjure Shadow Z-Tokens version in exchange for
    my Dragonfire Sword, Moglord Tortress, Savage Werewolf Form, Shield Generator

    My Infernal Djinn as a gift

    My Cryomancer's Bloodblade as a gift

    Your Pixel Ether in exchange for My Discount Mogloween Candy Bag (1x)
    My Discount Mogloween Candy Bag (1x) as a gift

    My Discount Mogloween Candy Bag, Gemini, both as gifts
    My Pyromancer Bloodmage (2x), both as gifts
    Your Accordion Shield (5x) in exchange for my Bee Arthur Katana,
    Inferno Scepter, Mindlock Orb V, Moglin Sword, Thunderstone Axe

    Klyde Beowulf
    My Nulgath as a gift

    Mr. Uber
    Your Accordion Shield in exchange for my Frostval Merc's Smoke Grenade
    My Bar of Soap as a gift

    My Keyote as a gift

    My Discount Mogloween Candy Bag, Status Ward of Energy, both as gifts

    Primate Murder
    My Discount Mogloween Candy Bag as a gift
    My Moglord Tortress as a gift

    My Cometfall, Moglord Crown, both as gifts
    Your Big Dictionary as a gift

    Your Pixel Ether, Hydromancer's Bloodblade (2x) in exchange for
    my Juvenile Void Dragon, Moglord Tortress

    Your Pixel Ether (2x) in exchange for my Infernal Djinn, Dragonfire Sword

    Your Hydromancer Bloodblade + Accordion Shield in exchange for my Moglord Tortress

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