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RE: Gifting/Trading Wishlist

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6/2/2017 21:14:02   

@Aura, I'll take the My Way :D


@below You are a wonderful! :)

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AQ  Post #: 151
6/2/2017 21:20:40   
Aura Knight

Sure thing. Gonna make note of it. Might as well have it go to someone since it's useless on a low level alt that I haven't touched in near 2000 days.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 152
6/2/2017 21:32:25   

Wow, a lot happened in two weeks haha.
So PVF, SWF and Star Sabre of Balance are pretty much what I want for my character.
I can offer hydromancer bloodblade, cozy spear, giant wrath, giant butlerer, human fisher, sweater dragon mount, the windter shield and weapon and Keyote

Feel free to look up my page and we can discuss! :)

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AQ  Post #: 153
6/2/2017 21:47:40   

Still seeking some things. Here is My list of wants and trade-ables http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22263630
AQ  Post #: 154
6/2/2017 22:03:01   

Updated my list on the first page
Post #: 155
6/2/2017 22:09:33   
Aura Knight

@pihilliplopoph: What would you trade for a keyote? It's a pet I don't use. Only pet I do use is poelala and maybe sometimes moglord warboar.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 156
6/2/2017 22:11:08   

Still looking for these:


Looking for Caladbolg, Nulgath's Wrath, Titan's Triumph, Cleaving Dragonbuster and Paragon Plate.

For trade : Heatwave Spadroon, Pixel Ether, Your Bologna, Purifying Crescent Blade, Clockwork Scythe, Moglord Crown, Wraithzard, NinjElf
AQ MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 157
6/2/2017 22:41:34   

This is only temporary (And may be permanent if trade/True Gifting does come). You may back out of the trade if you wish. It does not matter to me. I'd just like to see what I can get with what I have. o -o

What I Have:

Void Splinter Sunderer
Akriloth's Hatred
Aluminum Foil
Long Talon Glaive
Frozen Dragon Buster
Horn of PWNage
Reaver of Nulgath
Onyxx Wartexx
Curse of the Legion
Star Sabre of Hatred
Frostval Merc's Blade
Blood Storm
Liryd Summoner
Monolith Mace
Knuckle Duster
Pixel Blade

Demon's Armour
Fruitcake Berserker
Frozen Dragon Slayer
Frostval Mercenary Garb
Zombie-Tested Axe master Armor
Guardian Block Armor VI - UDSoE @Andlu
Tribal Shaman
Pixel Hero

Warlic's Oblivion Sphere
Pixel Ether
Red Server Cap
Blue Server Cap
Moglord Crown

Juvenile Void Dragon
Pygmy Zombies Groupies
Mini Nulgath
Crag and Bamboozle
Pixel Stalker

What I want:
Predatory Vampire Form
Headless Horseman
ShadowStalker of Time
Ultimate Dragon Scythe of the Elements
Savage Werewolf Form
Nulgath's Wrath

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AQ  Post #: 158
6/2/2017 22:45:51   

^ultimate dragon scythe of elements for guardian block armor?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 159
6/2/2017 22:48:39   

I'll take that. o -o
AQ  Post #: 160
6/2/2017 22:48:56   

@soulamaze Headless Horseman for your Juvenile Void?
AQ  Post #: 161
6/3/2017 0:03:12   
Metal Health


Anyone interested in doing a straight up trade for Pyromancer Bloodmage Armour for Kickstarter Hero Armour.

Send me a PM and let me know.

Cheers and Thanks.
AQ  Post #: 162
6/3/2017 0:25:25   

just updated my list, refer to Page 4 to take a look at it
AQ  Post #: 163
6/3/2017 0:39:53   

These are what I have left, but if you have an offer in mind, maybe we could make a deal. Just PM me if you want anything.

Demon's Armor
Golden Paragon Armor
Savage Werewolf Form
Nulgath's Wrath

Giving away:
Monolith Mace
Pyromancer Bloodmage
Fruitcake Berserker
Legendary Soluna
Cozy Goblin
Cozy Farzhard Mogloo
OmniKnight Blade
Pixel Stalker (2)
Wraith Zard
Botanical Staff
Onyxx Wartexx (Akon - Demon's Armour)
Moglord Warboar (RMC - Monkakazi BOOM)
Frostval Mercenary Garb (evildead2 - Call Fruitcake Zard)
Caladbolg (Sphinx Jevoha - Golden Paragon)
NinjElf (Taeyang - Mini Nulgath)
Ultra Krieger Blade (Atomos? - Savage Werewolf Form)
Big Dictionary (*FAINTS*.... - Frozen Dragonslayer)
Angelic Robes (Rayimika - Call Thernda)
Enchanted Pixel Blade (I Overlord I - Warlord of Nulgath)
TimeSlayer Axe (Atomos? - Savage Werewolf Form)
Crimson Crusader (Kay Oh - Titan Slayer)
My Way Helm (Andlu - Nulgath's Wrath)
Frostval Merc's Kris (I Overlord I - Warlord of Nulgath)

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 164
6/3/2017 1:52:06   
Aura Knight

Since Windter Warrior covers wind, ice and earth defense really well, I may consider offering frostval mercenary garb for a trade. But I won't say anything with certainty. I prefer the look of merc more than windter warrior. Or I could offer windter warrior and revert my wind armor back to fat and tacky santa which wouldn't be too horrible. But both armors are nice to have and were really well made.

It'll depend on what potential offers I could get for either before I consider making a trade. One covers 3 elements well and has a 2 hit attack with 2 skills. The other covers ice and darkness, has a 3 hit attack and a skill.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 165
6/3/2017 2:17:32   
Sphinx Jevoha

Hello :)

I've updated my list:

What I am looking for:

Icefall (armor) (Trading with weatherseed)
Everslumber (weapon) (Trading with vander)

What I offer in return:

Golden Paragon Plate (armor/Rare)
Angelic Robes (armor/Rare)
Reaver of Nulgath (weapon/Rare)
Mythical Blade (weapon)
Honorable Light Katana (weapon)
Frozen Dragonslayer (armor)
Frozen Dragon Buster (weapon)
Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi (armor)
Windter Warrior (armor/Rare)
Stormbringer (weapon/Rare)
No Lemons, No Melon (spell/Rare)
Vampoglin Lord (pet/Rare)
Monkakazi BOOM (spell/Rare)
Golden Dragon Spear (weapon)
Hunter's Darklaw (weapon)
Toxic Gladius (weapon)
Headless Horseman (armor/Rare)
Knight of the Fire Orb (armor/Rare)
Summon Ravishing Amoria (spell/Rare)
Golden Paragon Protector (shield/Rare)
Pyromancer Bloodmage (armor) (Trading with vander)
Dogzilla (pet)
Golden Gween (pet)
Li'l Guardian Drac (pet)


< Message edited by Sphinx Jevoha -- 6/3/2017 7:02:42 >
AQ  Post #: 166
6/3/2017 2:19:44   

@Bu Kek

We had a deal: My Nulgath for your Moglord Tortress.

Would you mind changing it to Nulgath for Caladbolg?
AQ  Post #: 167
6/3/2017 2:23:26   

all i can think of atm are

Moglord Tortress
Windter Warrior (preferrably along with Windter crown and Sword)
Predatory Vampire
Savage Werewolf Form
Pixel Ether
Ebilcorp Logo
FruitCake Brick
Giant Killer
Hydromancer BloodBlade
Dragonfire Sword
(Thrales Scorn if possible)

My Offers? i don't know what kinda stuff people would be interested in, so just have a look at my Character Page, everything's all there. http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=37141435

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AQ  Post #: 168
6/3/2017 3:01:58   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

Does anyone wish to trade the Bitterfrost Sword (2015 raffle) or Frigid Reaper? Let me know, i'll make it worth your while :)
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 169
6/3/2017 3:06:50   
Kay Oh

@Kajimaru sent you a PM
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 170
6/3/2017 4:11:58   

if anyone is interested in trading a moglord tortress let me know.

Tortress is a high priority for me.

< Message edited by Kajimaru -- 6/3/2017 5:08:42 >
AQ  Post #: 171
6/3/2017 4:15:12   

Hello all!

I'm looking for:

Omni Knight Blade
Crimson Crusader Magic Version (or any nice fire magic weapon)
Fruitcake Brick
Savage Werewolf Form (willing to give multiple items)
Predatory Vampire Form (to replace the one I just traded away) (willing to give multiple items)
Frostvale Merc Armor
ANY other items which you believe would make for a good trade, mostly strong weapons and strong armors. I don't have much interest in shields/spells/pets/misc, but I can certainly be convinced based on the trade offer.

I'm giving away:

Any currently available Rare/UR GGB

Voidsplinter Tether
Ken Boseki
Pumpkin Fang
Monolith Mace
Fruitcake Staff
Beachmancer Blade (to liquiscale for Cozy Warhammer)
Eternity Key
Carnafex Sceptre
Tempest Scimitar
Magic French Vanilla Ice Katana
Toxic Gladius
Sentari Weapons

Predatory Vampire Form (to Butterfly for Crimson Crusader and Fruitcake Brick as a nice gift)
W.H.E.E.L. (to Lysergic for Omni Knight Blade)
Demonmancer Plate (to alchim for UDSoE)
Tyrannochicken Rex Rider
Fat & Tacky Santa
Tinkerer (probably not since package items most likely won't be tradeable, but who knows?)
Pixel Hero
4-Leaf Clover Power Armor

Father Time
Pixel Guard
Stout Talon
Darkovian Bulwark

Ninja Lawyer Assassin Contract
Summon Guano Loco
Monstercide Squad
Pixel Storm
Call Fruitcake Zard
No Lemons No Melon
Summon Poelala

Baby Salamancer G
Psychedelic Dinosaur

The above is just what I can think of at the moment. ANY item on my character is up for trade if the trade is right.

Here is my char page: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=7042129

Sending me a PM would be the best way to initiate trades.

< Message edited by evildead2 -- 6/16/2017 17:56:50 >
AQ  Post #: 172
6/3/2017 4:31:47   

@Bu Kek Do you still have a Cometfall left ? I'd like to trade it with Nulgath if possible.

Also BS15 since harp likely won't be tradeable and I won't be needing UKB wanna edit our trade to just Headless Horseman for Keyote ?

< Message edited by RMC -- 6/3/2017 5:02:50 >
AQ  Post #: 173
6/3/2017 4:52:15   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

As promised, a tier based list on rares and other seasonal items. It's still under development and we're updating it as we speak (Thank CH40T1C and the denizens of the Chin)


IF you have any suggestions, drop by on discord.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 174
6/3/2017 5:59:26   
Seth Hydra
How We Roll Winner

@Bu kek: I'm interested in Star Sabre Slashes and Mindlock Orb V. What would you want for those?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 175
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