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RE: =CT= Step One: Bios

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9/19/2018 12:12:35   

Good to see another fun character from you, Roseleaf! Frelia is fairly straightforward, while still giving her a fair bit to defend herself. Note that she will be at a disadvantage against significantly magical opponents, since she doesn't have much in the way to deflect those attacks.


Source Setting: Dragonfable

Name: Frelia Bordenaro
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Race: Human

Appearance: Frelia hails from Dragesvard, used to a harsh and wintery environment. While the climate where she lives now is much more forgiving, she still dresses herself in thick, treated leather from her homeland, exposing only her face, neck, and the tips of her fingers. A hood of the same material can be pulled up over her head, although this results in her short, light brown hair becoming extremely matted. Light metal plates are tied around her knees, ankles, forearms, and across the left side of her chest. She stands about six feet tall. Her facial features are soft and small, almost making her look like a bunny or ferret, and her eyes are an incredibly light shade of blue.

Personality: Frelia is incredibly intelligent and curious about the world around her. Specifically, the things that live in it. There are so many different species out in this world, and she’s determined to find and catalogue all of them. What makes them all tick? What’s a “soul”? Someday, she’ll find out. Her devotion to this goal often gets her in sticky situations, and causes her to take unnecessary risks. A gigantic monstrosity that no one’s ever seen before? Somehow she’ll find a way to grab a scale or two off of it. For science!

History: Dragesvard was nice and all, but nothing ever changes there! Well, there was that one time… my point still stands. As soon as she turned 21, Frel packed her bags and took the first ship South. She traveled from town to town, doing odd jobs here and there to fund her next great expedition. Most of these jobs involved hunting, with various animals, monsters, and sometimes humanoids annoying local townsmen who wanted them disposed of. Frel developed a fascination for these various hunts, and began to collect samples of hair, teeth, and other features from the monsters she killed. So far, she has classified and defined over 75 different species.

Physical Ability: While Frel is not incredibly strong or unnaturally fast, and has no inherent magical abilities, she has an exceptional intellect and can think and react rather quickly. Her running speed is average, and her strength is a bit lower than that. But she is quick to notice when something is amiss and quick to understand what she must do about it.

The Bow of Guiding Light: Frel’s most-used weapon. It is relatively plain, a wooden bow with small engravings on either end, carved in Dragesvard specifically for boar-hunting. It is enchanted to sense its wielder’s target and aim itself accordingly. This, of course, has a limit- the wielder can’t just point off into the sky and expect the bow to adjust itself. For the bow to sense the intended target, Frel will still have to aim relatively accurately. The bow will only make slight changes to allow Frel to better guarantee a hit. It can take into account distance and wind speed when adjusting.

Sheath of 20 Arrows: Frel keeps a leather sheath behind her back, which currently holds twenty wooden arrows. With owlbear feathers, specifically, gathered from her last kill. While Frel made them herself, they are not enchanted in any way. If Frel shoots and her target moves, the guiding powers of the bow will not matter as the arrow has already been released.

Skinning Daggers: Frel keeps two small daggers with her at all times, one in each boot. While she much prefers her bow, and is much more accurate with it, these can be thrown with decent accuracy if she’s in a pinch. It takes her slightly less time to pull a dagger out of her boot and throw it than it does to reload and accurately aim her bow. Magic takes time, man.

Dual-swords: Inevitably, there have been a few hunts where Frel has been attacked by the organism she is hunting. For this situation, she has two one-handed swords, one sheathed on either side of her waist. She keeps these incredibly sharp. They are meant to cut through thick animal hides with ease, and thus do the same with bare skin or light armor. Medium armor would be able to be cut with one or two strikes depending on density and thickness, and heavy armor would be very hard to puncture without repeated strikes.

The Ticks: Frel has, strewn in various pockets in her equipment, about five to eight metal contraptions that can easily fit in the palm of her hand. She engineered them herself over about a five year span. She must place them onto an organism herself, holding the metal in order for it to make physical contact with the area she intends it to latch onto. Once it is there, it will connect to the body with small metal hooks. After attaching, it will begin to sap the energy of its prey. This can result in increased fatigue, loss of strength and conviction, inability to react or think as quickly, or other such symptoms. These effects will start off very small at first, but will increase exponentially over time. Basically, the sooner it is noticed and removed, the better off Frel’s opponent will be. After the fight, Frel will pick up the discarded ticks, and can bring them back to analyze what they have collected.
In addition to these effects, the area around the Tick will become increasingly itchy and uncomfortable over time. Although it is ideally applied onto bare skin, it was designed to be able to penetrate thick animal hides, and thus still attaches effectively through most nonmetal armors, though its grip will decrease as armor thickness increases. To get Ticks off, you COULD scratch, but it’s not ideal. Forcefully and abruptly pulling at the Tick WILL discard it, but its metal hooks have a strong possibility of still being embedded into the skin. This will halt the energy drain and relieve most itchiness, but the metal will still cause at least a little bit of discomfort until carefully removed. Not enough to inflict pain or lasting damage, but enough that the opponent will have to adjust to the feeling and ensure it does not distract them.

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1/19/2020 15:59:33   
How We Roll Winner

I really need to get some combat practice.

Source Setting: Dragonfable/AQW

Name: Valentina Jarishnikov
Age Range: early 30s
Race (Pure or halfbreed only): Human

Appearance (Build, hair, skin, clothes...):
Valentina is a tall and beautiful woman. Her trademark features are glacial blue eyes and long, silver hair. She has somewhat pale skin from constant hunting at night, but has a healthy flush suited with physically fit beast hunters.
Much of her height is in her long, graceful legs.
She dons a form-fitting leather (?) outfit well suited for slaying beasts and keeping the slick blood from staining. The waist cape helps deter beasts from biting her legs somewhat.
Much to the bemusement of fellow hunters, she wears thigh-high, heeled boots. It turns out these boots actually let her balance on thin surfaces, such as stair handrails.

Belongings and Equipment:

Beasthunter Scythe:
The Beasthunter Scythe is Valentina's favored weapon. The Scythe's long reach, taller than Valentina, coupled with the punishing blade makes it ideal for dismembering beasts from a distance. The Scythe is covered in a strange growth that resembles bone.

Iaijutsu Backblade:
On Valentina's back is a sheathed odachi. It is aligned to be drawn by her left hand. This particular odachi is the finest that Japan Akiba has to offer.

Hidden Shotgun:
An incredible innovation of steampunk technology, this weapon combines the stopping power of a deer slug-loaded shotgun with the concealability of wrist pistols.
The shotgun can puncture thick beast hide, but barely dent armor.
The shotgun takes considerable time to reload after a blast (about 5 seconds if Valentina isn't distracted). Coupled with its relative non-lethality, this restricts its usefulness to blasting an opponent back to get some more breathing room.

Healing Blood of the Argent Wolf:
Valentina is equipped with five syringes, each of which contains enough for two doses of Healing Blood of the Argent Wolf. These syringes can be used to recover from most types of injuries or other status effects. However, they are in limited supply, so should be used only in the direst of emergencies. The Healing Blood heals less and less with each subsequent usage, with the first use restoring one to full health while the fifth begins leaving visible scars, and lastly the tenth only rapidly scabs over wounds.

"The Healing Blood flows through your veins, knitting together broken flesh, restoring equilibrium. But even then, the blood has limits."

Skills, spells and abilities:

Deathmatch Circle:
This describes the typical movement stance of strafing, taught to all beast hunters. The "target" is the center of a circle, along which the hunter moves. Different circles determine different attacks.
To dodge, hunters perform flips, rolls, or quick-steps, while maintaining the Deathmatch Circle.
In accordance to this technique, she has incredible endurance and agility, allowing her to keep up with the much faster and stronger beasts that she hunts.

"The way of the hunter is attrition."

Beasthunter Scythe Moveset:
The Beasthunter Scythe is focused on punishing slashes designed to puncture a beast's thick hide, inflicting bleeding wounds. At closer range, it is capable of slicing off limbs.
She can perform a power strike or strike multiple (weaker) times.
At long range, she will use a one handed style for huge, sweeping attacks. As the range closes, she switches to a two-handed style for more precise strikes.

Iaijutsu Backdraw:
This is the one technique used with her odachi. When the distance is right, she can draw her odachi and slash in one fluid movement before sheathing it again. She has to resheath the blade in order to strike again using this technique.

Beastkin Regeneration:
After a time of hunting beasts, hunters will find that drawing blood causes his own injuries to heal, his own exhaustion to fade. However, this effect only comes into play if the hunter is extremely aggressive and retaliates upon being struck.

Sexy and confident, cool and calculating, Valentina's composed demeanor is the epitome of a true hunter of beasts.
In regards to beast hunting, she believes the monstrosities are to be put out of their misery, not slain in anger. Additionally, she believes in pragmatism over "useless displays of bravery."

"Live and you can kill the beast another day. Die and who will clean up the rest?"

History (optional): Valentina is the wife of Vasily Jarishnikov. Together, they are the legendary "Beast Hunting Couple of the Snowy Mountain."
Valentina and Vasily are both rarely seen though, since they are usually off in grand adventures.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 27
1/19/2020 16:02:35   
How We Roll Winner

Oof! I didn't know Discord links expire over time. Here is a working link to Valentina's appearance.

AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 28
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