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=CT= Arenas

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8/2/2017 1:22:25   
Wolf Rider

Here are all the arenas available for your groups to fight in. If you've thought of an incredible arena that you'd like your characters to fight in, you are encouraged to post it here! Only arenas listed in this post may be selected for a duel. By submitting an arena, you are giving permission that others can utilize it, if it is approved. You are limited to creating one arena until it is approved.

If you have an idea for another person's submitted arenas, either to make it grander in scope, or correct potential problems that you've seen, you may suggest those changes here. If the creator of those arenas decides to take those suggestions, or make changes that they have thought of, we ask that they submit them in a new post, rather than edit their original one so that we can easily see what changes have been made.

All training arenas need to be constructed with similar dimensions. From the geometric center, it is 40 feet (12.2 meters) until reaching either a barrier wall or an impassable hazard. Unless otherwise stated, ceilings and upper boundaries are 20 feet (6.1 meters) high. Entrances themselves may vary depending on arena design, but should consist of 2-4 equidistant points, starting from cardinal North. Entrance numbers depend on the number of people in the arena. Unless otherwise stated, entrances remain open, but leaving through one results in a forfeit.

When submitting arenas, please keep the arena arena description and any further clarifications under a maximum word count of 500.

If you have questions/clarifications about any of the approved arenas, feel free to ask those here as well!

Approved Arenas:
Dawn Arena
Soft, brightly lit clouds surrounded the floating platforms of this arena, coyly hiding just how high the competitors now stood. The air was pleasantly cool, a soft breeze causing gentle movement among the surrounding atmosphere. A faint, golden glow from the floor cast a dreamy haze over the scene, but harsh reality still remained.

Despite its beauty, the rising sun brought with it a red Dawn, foretelling the bloodshed to come.

This arena is comprised of three separate floating platforms: an outer ring split evenly in two, and a central island. The outer ring hovers 3 feet (.9 meters) higher than the inner platform, and the two are separated by a 5 feet (1.5 meter) gap. The inner island is 35 feet (10.7 meters) in diameter, and the width of the outer platform is 17.5 feet (5.4 meters). Dawn-colored clouds surround the entire arena, but a fall here would be a death/DQ.

The Tomb
Silence. Darkness. Complete and Unnatural. Then, with nary a whisper, white flames sprang to life, illuminating the arena.

The brazier of uncanny fire stood on a raised, narrow alter in the center of the room, silently pouring forth light without warmth. It caught at the smooth, black marble that formed the walls and ceiling, its smokeless fire reaching nearly to the ceiling to touch the white veins running through the dark stone. Torches sprang to life all along the walls, filled with the same white flames, and revealing an eerie yet otherwise empty room.

With an oncoming chill and a sense of growing dread, it became obvious that it was not an altar upon which the brazier sat. It was a sarcophagus, awaiting the next occupant of the Tomb.

The casket in the center of this arena is raised 5 feet high (1.5 meters), 10 feet long (3.0 meters), and 3 feet wide (.91 meters). The brazier is placed in its center. While the flames emit no warmth, they will burn skin/objects like normal fire if touched.

Crown of Thorns
Dark tunnels led those who dared enter their maws to the arena: a voracious pit, its depths illuminated by a pool of bright sunlight. Emerald-green grass within gave way underfoot, cool and delicate, in stark contrast to the hunger permeating the air. This hunger manifested itself in thick, black vines that strangled the walls and scattered pillars of the place, crisscrossing the floor like a swarm of snakes.

Thorns covered every inch of these woven vines; hooked, barbed, and wickedly sharp as they seemed to reach out for the blood of the unwary. They gleamed menacingly, like the teeth of some great beast catching the sunlight. Even the edges of the pit offered no respite, as a ring of thorns surrounded the rim of the pit, dominating the arena with their inward-bent tips and ensuring that none would seek an easy escape from the battle to come.

Anticipation hummed in the air for the imminent bloodshed.

The thorns on the vines vary in length from a few inches (.05 meters) on the vines along the ground to over a foot long (.3 meters) on the vines covering the walls and pillars. The thorns that make up the crown along the rim are about 3 feet (.9 meters) long. There are four pillars, each 4 feet (1.2m) in diameter, spaced evenly in a circle at the main cardinal points, halfway between the arena center and the boundary wall.

Oasis Isle
The crash of waves. The coolness of spray on bare skin. The scent of brine brought by a fresh breeze. All served as constant reminders of the surrounding water. In its depths lurked greatness. In its azure abyss, hid danger and death.

Like an oasis in the desert, the lone sandbar offered brief respite from the churning tides. A sanctuary of white-gold dunes, warm and slippery underfoot. The island showed no signs of life save for a single palm, its branches heavy with fruit, waving in the wind in the center of the island. Clouds, gray and foreboding, blocked the sunlight, washing out the brightness of colors and serving as yet another reminder.

The ocean never remained calm for long.

The sand dunes vary in height of about 3 feet (.9 meters), giving the arena floor a wavy aspect not unlike the sea itself. Contestants are magically teleported to their starting points at the outer edge of the island, though the arena boundaries themselves extended up to 5 feet (1.5m) into the ocean itself, at which point the water is about 2 feet (.61m) deep. After that, the ocean floor drops off to insane depths.

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