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10/7/2017 8:00:26   


Location: Swordhaven (Book 3) -> Up -> Right, The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction -> Left

Quests given
North Sneevil
A Second Look
Creepy Crawlies
The Bizarre Bazaar

Shops owned
Rose Helms Shop

Swordhaven (Book 3)

Grandiflora: Hail, <Character>...

  • Hmm?

    Grandiflora: ...Could I have a moment with you?

  • Talk
    • Who...?
      Grandiflora: I am. Commander Grandiflora at your service. I need your help.

      Grandiflora: It's my men... Some of them have gone missing.
      Grandiflora: They and I were tasked with quelling the riots that recently started popping up in the Branden Quarter...
      Grandiflora: ...but things turned sour after we chased and confronted the main group responsible.
      Grandiflora: I am not sure how, but despite the fact that my men are well-trained and well-equipped...
      Grandiflora: ...the rioters managed to give them a rough time. Enough to wound several of them.
      Grandiflora: We had to fall back to recoup our position. As we made it out though, I realized that several members of my troops... had disappeared.
      Grandiflora: I am afraid that they got themselves lost somewhere along the way in the labyrinthine alleyways the area is notorious for.
      Grandiflora: I need to go back and find my men.... They've put their faith in me as their commander and I have no intention of letting them down.
      Grandiflora: I can't do it alone however. Will you help me find them?

    • Poverty
      Grandiflora: It's no secret to anyone. The Branden Quarter has almost always been the most impoverished section of Swordhaven.
      Grandiflora: Historically, it's been like that.
      Grandiflora: But the conflicts in recent years have aggravated the situation to a point as the least well-to-do refugees...
      Grandiflora: ...naturally gravitate towards Branden.
      Grandiflora: King Alteon has been kind enough to direct the excess bounty of the harvest each year towards them...
      Grandiflora: However, even that is beginning to stretch thin.
      Grandiflora: They have had to start rationing the surplus in order to supply every single impoverished citizen something...
      Grandiflora: ... and it is breeding some discontent.
      Grandiflora: Still... I find it strange that it would escalate like this.

      Grandiflora: Maybe...

    • Lost
      Grandiflora: Branden is infamous for... is its poor housing situation.
      Grandiflora: As the downtrodden have long lived and resided there, improvised dwellings, one on top of the other...
      Grandiflora: ...have engineered over time the organized chaos of the Branden Quarter.
      Grandiflora: You can imagine what that means. The last civil engineer of the Court that tried to map Branden was jailed for arson.
      Grandiflora: I hear he spends his days muttering about bear heads and killer rabbits...
      Grandiflora: ...and constantly harasses the jail guards demanding holey grenades to protect himself.
      Grandiflora: Went far off the deep end that one...
      Grandiflora: But even the citizens of Branden have a hard time finding their way around sometimes.
      Grandiflora: And of course, all that makes it even more difficult to deal with and root out the rioters.

    • Citizens - complete North Sneevil to unlock this option.
      Grandiflora: No, those are normal citizens.... The rioters themselves are armed and these people weren't.

      Grandiflora: The rioters aren't the only ones unhappy about the situation in Branden. They are just the ones who have decided to take to... more violent actions.

      Grandiflora: I'm not sure if the King has been briefed on the full scale of the situation...
      Grandiflora: As I've mentioned before, the King already does do something for the impoverished citizens of Branden.
      Grandiflora: The riots themselves have still only recently started happening and...
      Grandiflora: ... this is still the responsibility of the military branch of The Rose at the moment.

      Grandiflora: I am not sure... It seems strange the citizens of fair Swordhaven would come to this so easily.

      Grandiflora: I don't disagree.... I just find it a bit strange in this case.

    • Old Friend - complete Creepy Crawlies to unlock this option.
      Grandiflora: Hmm? Oh, that?
      Grandiflora: It's really nothing much. Years ago when I joined the Rose I fell into a camaraderie with another greenhorn...
      Grandiflora: Both of us were rascals in our own ways so we got along like two desert bandits in a crowded Sandsea market.

      Grandiflora: Well, we sort of went our separate ways after we completed our first deployment and rose to the rank of officers.
      Grandiflora: A pretty common sight back then when the Rose was as fresh as a spring blossom.
      Grandiflora: I haven't really seen him since although I hear he's made pretty well for himself.

      Grandiflora: I wouldn't go that far. He's... particular.
      Grandiflora: Like a well-aged barrel of juice: a bold character that some appreciate and turns off others.
      Grandiflora: He's definitely not for everyone to like, but he was a good friend to me.

    • Grateful - complete Creepy Crawlies to unlock this option.
      Grandiflora: Something the matter, Hero?

      Grandiflora: Oh. Of course.
      Grandiflora: Granted I don't exactly know how much use it'll actually be for you...
      Grandiflora: I imagine a Hero of your caliber must have received rewards that these pale in comparison to.

      Grandiflora: Hahaha! Well, that sure sounds like a peculiar story alright...

      Grandiflora: Unfortunately, this isn't really the time or the place.
      Grandiflora: Hmmm...
      Grandiflora: However, I do know an Inn near the Barracks that puts some pretty good juice on the table...
      Grandiflora: How about this: if you're up for it later, I could show you there.
      Grandiflora: If you consider a good mug of juice for a story a fair trade, of course.

    • Mementos - complete The Bizarre Bazaar to unlock this option.
      Grandiflora: Lansezeur is one of the soldiers in my platoon that went missing.
      Grandiflora: This compass in particular is the one he'd take with him wherever he would go.

      Grandiflora: I wouldn't exactly know...
      Grandiflora: Lansezeur's the type that was nice and got along pretty easily with everyone else.
      Grandiflora: Doesn't stand out too much. Never goes out of the way to talk about his own personal things.
      Grandiflora: Or perhaps didn't want
      Grandiflora: What I know is Lansezeur was taught how to make engravings by his grandfather.
      Grandiflora: I've seen him before: when he hadn't too much on his plate, he'd grab pieces of wood with nice, flat surfaces...
      Grandiflora: ...and then, he'd take out several burins of different sizes out of a pouch and start scrapping at the wood leisurely.
      Grandiflora: Said the superb Rose ornaments on his compass are something he made himself.
      Grandiflora: I'd believe him if even not having seen him do it himself... The guy definitely has a knack and talent for it.

      Grandiflora: They are.
      Grandiflora: Still... I don't know why he likes that compass so much.
      Grandiflora: If you ask me, Lansezeur was one of the ones that could do with opening up with the rest of the crew a bit more.
      Grandiflora: I know it's not possible with everyone, but I like to try and get all my men to talk to each other.
      Grandiflora: Get a feel for the rest of the group and feel like they have someone to talk to and maybe a second home in their squad.
      Grandiflora: At the end of the day, our duty is a team effort. Can't get around that...

      Grandiflora: Oh yes. I know Carrel...
      Grandiflora: *exasperated sigh*
      Grandiflora: Carrel is one of the younger soldiers...
      Grandiflora: He has a little sister that lives out in the countryside and this is the ring she gave him when he left home to join the Rose.
      Grandiflora: I know because I'd catch him writing letters to send her all the time right when the patrol was supposed to head out!
      Grandiflora: *grumbles*
      Grandiflora: But he's a very good kid... with a heart to match.
      Grandiflora: The reason he sends letters and little gifts to his sister all the time is because she can't walk.

      Grandiflora: That's right. Her health's too poor for it.
      Grandiflora: Back in the country, she likes to sit on a chair on the porch and that way she'd be just fine...
      Grandiflora: But getting up and walking around for more than a minute takes too much effort out of her.

      Grandiflora: Isn't it?
      Grandiflora: It doesn't sound like it's discouraged her though. Carrel told me she loves to see everything there is to see.
      Grandiflora: Fields, forests, landscapes, towns...
      Grandiflora: *chuckle* Back home, he said he'd take her piggybacking around all the time.
      Grandiflora: And one day, she wants to be able to walk around and see the Capital of the Kingdom of Greenguard herself.

      Grandiflora: So do I, <Character>. So do I.

    • Mori - complete The Bizarre Bazaar to unlock this option.
      Grandiflora: I am and they really are.
      Grandiflora: ...

      Grandiflora: I...I'm worried...
      Grandiflora: Because we found each of their mementos, but not Lansezeur or Carrel themselves...
      Grandiflora: From what I've told you, you can hazard to guess neither of them would never be caught without carrying them around.
      Grandiflora: ...
      Grandiflora: It's like you say: these are my men I am responsible for as their Commander.
      Grandiflora: It keeps me up a night and I am horribly afraid.
      Grandiflora: ...
      Grandiflora: I can't imagine if I had to go pay visit their families and tell them that...

      Grandiflora: ...Grandi?

      Grandiflora: *soft chuckling*
      Grandiflora: ...Well, how about that? I haven't been called Grandi since before I was promoted!

      Grandiflora: *smiles* Well, that sure cheered me up a bit. Thanks for that, <Character>.

      Grandiflora: Yes. I think I'm starting to see that...

      Grandiflora: That you're not appreciated as a Hero just because you go around saving the world all the time.

      Grandiflora: No.

      Grandiflora: Hmm...
      Grandiflora: Well, there isn't always a world ending threat looming over Lore's head to take care of last I checked...

      Grandiflora: Well, people aren't exactly expecting the sky to fall on their heads every day, are they?
      Grandiflora: Typically, most of them are just going about their daily lives and struggles whether here in the Capital or elsewhere.
      Grandiflora: Helping kids get back their ball, an old woman trying to get something done...
      Grandiflora: ...around the house that's made difficult by her old age or a senior soldier just taking a hit to his morale.
      Grandiflora: You've helped scores of citizens with rather trivial tasks... but they still see you as a Hero for it!
      Grandiflora: And I'd guess it because being a Hero is just as much about taking care of a world destroying abomination...
      Grandiflora: ...than taking care of deranged chickens! Ha Ha Ha!

      Grandiflora: Save those red cheeks. You aren't swimming in all the antioxidants from the juice at the Inn yet!

      Grandiflora: I don't have to be pushy to have some good stories to listen to along with that juice, do I?
  • Quests
    • North Sneevil
      Grandiflora: My troops were cornered into the small and tortuous alleys off one of the main roads.
      Grandiflora: I guess that was my first mistake and just the chance the rioters were looking for to level the playing field.
      Grandiflora: Although they still shouldn't have caused as much trouble for my soldiers... but that's another matter.
      Grandiflora: The best plan would be to go as an elite, small, fast moving unit able to get in and out quickly.
      Grandiflora: In other words, just the two of us.
      Grandiflora: Branden isn't exactly the safest place, especially at the moment.
      Grandiflora: It's unfortunate to say that of any places in Swordhaven, even Branden, but it's the truth.
      Grandiflora: The quicker we can get in and out with the ones that were left behind, the better.

      Grandiflora: The eastern side of Dragon Alley is where we came in, but the rioters are likely to be keeping an eye on that now.
      Grandiflora: Dragon Alley runs east by west though and it isn't the only big road through Branden.
      Grandiflora: There's also The Running Sneevil Boulevard which goes north by south.
      Grandiflora: So that gives us two points of entry: from the north and from the south.
      Grandiflora: I suggest we try north first and investigate the alleys immediately to the east from there.
      Grandiflora: Any questions?

      Grandiflora: Good. Then let's head in.

    • A Second Look
      Grandiflora: Dead end and not one soldier in sight.
      Grandiflora: Kyanos' icy breath.... Well, at the very least we didn't run into any rioters.

      Grandiflora: I'm still not convinced there's nothing to find by the northeastern side...
      Grandiflora: We didn't catch the attention of the rioters so the North entrance is clear still.
      Grandiflora: I suggest we go back and try pushing deeper.
      Grandiflora: Let's head back to the Northern entry point and run down farther into Branden before checking out the alleyways to the East.
      Grandiflora: Let's hope we come up with something solid this time.

    • Creepy Crawlies
      Grandiflora: Blast! Still nothing...
      Grandiflora: Well, I guess we should try the southern entrance then...
      Grandiflora: *sigh* This would be going quite differently if he were here I imagine.

      Grandiflora: Ah, sorry. I probably shouldn't be rambling on about my junior years at a time like this.
      Grandiflora: Let's keep the pace going and head to the southern part of the Quarter.
      Grandiflora: Alley Creepers infests the place so we'll have to be wary of those this time.

      Grandiflora: The spiders that make their nest in narrow and dark alleys.

      Grandiflora: If you come across the big ones, it sure can be. One of my men on a previous patrol got jumped by one.
      Grandiflora: They say some years ago a Darkness Giant refugee brought its pet with them to the Quarter...
      Grandiflora: ...and it stuck around after they were chased out which is why they get so big.
      Grandiflora: But I've never seen or heard tell of Darkness Giants before.. It sounds like just a wild story to me.
      Grandiflora: The point remains that they can become pretty big so we should be careful of any dark alleys we come by.

      Grandiflora: All right. Let's get this one done and over with before the sun sets.

    • Bizarre Bazaar
      Grandiflora: Lansezeur...
      Grandiflora: Finally... A physical trace of them.

      Grandiflora: That's true, but I think I know where to look next...

      Grandiflora: We actually came through that area when we were falling back and running from the rioters...
      Grandiflora: I remember now. Lansezeur brought to my attention the presence of a run down open market and we decided to run through it.

      Grandiflora: We thought we'd cross Dragon Alley that way...

      Grandiflora: What?
      Grandiflora: No, no! I mean Dragon Alley as in one of the two arteries through Branden!

      Grandiflora: That sounds like a sure fire way to end up in a dark alley...
      Grandiflora: Either way, as you can figure, it was never the right path we hoped to find...
      Grandiflora: However, all things said, that strange bazaar was one of the places we ran through before my men disappeared...
      Grandiflora: I remember feeling something was off about it when we passed through all those stalls.
      Grandiflora: Rancid or stale food sitting on the stalls unattended, almost no merchant around selling their wares...
      Grandiflora: It isn't much to go on, but my instinct tells me we might find something there.

      Grandiflora: Indeed. I...
      Grandiflora: ...

      Grandiflora: ...It's nothing. Just a bit fatigued.
      Grandiflora: A bit of running will fix me right up!

      Grandiflora: Let's keep going. I... think we're starting to get closer if only just.
      Grandiflora: Let's see what the bizarre bazaar has in store.

  • Rose Armoury - complete Creepy Crawlies to unlock this option.
    Grandiflora: Listen, <Character>. I've already heard...

    Grandiflora: The terms you've been on with some of the other members of The Rose...

    Grandiflora: I had a talk with my Quartermaster and she's agreed to let you have some equipment supplies.
    Grandiflora: This is equipment that would be kept in reserve for Rose personnel normally.
    Grandiflora: I'm hoping that by giving you this, you might take it as proof...
    Grandiflora: ... that I do really appreciate your voluntary effort and that my intentions are genuine.

    Grandiflora: Glad too. I promise I won't treat the help you're giving as some sort of right I have because you're a Hero.
    Grandiflora: I'll make sure you're compensated talk to the Quartermaster again the next time you help me as well.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction

    Grandiflora: Oh, hello <Character>! Sorry, I hadn't seen you there...

    Grandiflora: Frenetic... It's an organized chaos progressively setting itself up.
    Grandiflora: It's both very stressful and very exhilarating all at once...
    Grandiflora: But now that I see that you'll be here while we take everything that gets past the Vind...
    Grandiflora: ...I am reassured. Thanks for coming to our aid, <Character>.

    Grandiflora: I have the same feeling.
    Grandiflora: Sorry... I'd chat more, but I should really be getting back to focusing on leading the troops for now.
    Grandiflora: I hope you won't hold it against me if I cut things short?

    Grandiflora: Then take care of yourself, <Character>.
    Grandiflora: When this is all over... I'd like to think we'll all be raising a cup or a mug with the troops to a successful campaign.
    Grandiflora: It'll be hard to do that if both your arms are in splinters. Stay safe!

    Greenguard Alliance Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and Greenguard Alliance appearance image.
  • fxmybrute13 for correction.

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