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Rebirth by fire.. Paintings and Poems of DragonFable

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10/18/2017 15:46:15   

The Gamma Cavy's Archive

Welcome!! Welcome! Thrice welcome to my archive of paintings and poetry!
I am a painter and poet who primarily specializes in Dragonfable. If you've interest in seeing my poems that have nothing to do with Artix Entertainment, my Allpoetry Gallery is the place for you.
Now without further ado, embrace the colors and light of Lore, captured here. Feel the world close around you with the poems, see the pictures that reflect back, in their own way, the glory of Artix Entertainment.

You cannot escape from lore.

A pyromancer rises from the flames...
Done in acrylic on 18x20 canvas.

The full sized (if slightly blurry) image is linked below.
rebirth by fire

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DF  Post #: 1
10/18/2017 16:00:32   

Focused Sunlight, encroaching night. Painted in acrylic on 18x20 canvas, my dragon hovers in the pose of the Dragon Amulet, getting creative against his foe.

The full sized image can be found

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DF  Post #: 2
10/25/2017 16:59:27   
Fire alandry

Good art! Especialy the pyro, she's beautiful.
DF  Post #: 3
10/26/2017 3:54:29   

Loving the wings for both of the canvas paintings! Great shading can go a long way for feather effects, so nice job!
DF  Post #: 4
11/2/2017 16:56:54   

I'm glad you like them. Thanks for the feedback!

This Mogloween I got creative with a pumpkin:

DA pumpkin

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DF  Post #: 5
11/20/2017 14:59:44   

A soulweaver and the Dragon who is the other half of her heart watch the sunrise together.
Done in acrylic on 18x20 inch canvas.


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DF  Post #: 6
11/22/2017 13:20:42   

The sunrise looks nice! I also like that the soulweaver is sitting on their dragon's hand/paw(idk what the scalie vers would be called)
DF  Post #: 7
11/23/2017 13:32:29   

I just use hand. Occasionally taloned hand, but if dragons can carry lightbombs and drop them right on target, I figure the two forelimbs are best designed for gripping and releasing. thus, hands. Besides, the way they stand, weight distributed evenly on three, the fourth ready to rend or grip-
sorry, I'm rambling. I've thought about this a lot.
It's always felt, even as I was painting it, as if the dragon said "you should see this" and the weaver pointed out that it wasn't as if she could see properly from his back, so he suggested she climb on his hand. At which point they agreed that it really was stunning.
DF  Post #: 8
11/24/2017 19:41:52   

lol, no keep rambling! I really like the amount of thought you've put into it!
DF  Post #: 9
1/28/2018 17:35:57   


Veritas, my destroying truth, in his younger form. Done in acrylic on 5x8 inch canvas. Hatchling

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DF  Post #: 10
1/29/2018 2:54:20   

lakeside dragon

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DF  Post #: 11
4/22/2018 14:14:37   

Slightly different than my usual fare, I present a poem of Dragonfable.

Destroying Truth

Violet wings swoop overhead
though colored bright, the sight brings dread
as turquoise form banks through the air
with jaws dripping blood from teeth which tear
Through flesh and bone of all his foes
the hidden heart his nature shows—

Destroying Truth, his nature, his name
his violet wings his claim to fame,
for though his flight be far and high
all that meets his eyes shall die
For loss of her, most dear to him
his joyous emerald eyes grow dim.

Dragon and Dragonlord, never apart
partners of mind and soul and heart
Until one fell that fateful day
when a lucky arrow that hero did slay
and the dragon remained, alone and in pain
maddened with rage— her loss and his shame.

Dragon of destruction, dragon of creation
in them was prophesied the world’s salvation
but the dark took the savior, who fell to his brother
and it seemed that the prophesy no one would suffer
As their foes fell swift to talon and steel
Creature of darkness, flew all wounds to heal

But the hero is fallen, the dragon alone
And in fury shall turn all the world to bone
Savage shame where once was glory
Blood and ruin end the story
Truth-which-rends, destroys, lays waste
and never more but blood shall taste
The blood of those who looked to him
for life and shelter, eyes now grim
from darkened gaze upon the sea
that grows into infinity.

Ah, hear him thunder through the sky!
For loss of her the earth shall die!

The seas of blood and crystal hate
yet burn beneath the turquoise plate
Of armor that no blade can pierce
for love is slain, so free and fierce—

The dragon kills to end his pain
to drown out yet that well-loved name
as if each life beneath his claws,
that falls to fang and crystal jaws
might be his own, release at last
From chains of life that hold him fast

He lives enduring, doubly damned
in this torture we call life.
Damned to madness never ending
With a solace found in strife.
For his nature, long forgotten
Damned to linger and abide
Till, in mourning beyond measure
Called the shadows to his side.

So the Darkness swiftly gathered
To his weakness and despair
Gave him eyes of bloody mourning
As fell triumph wracked the air.
Crooning songs of honeyed hatred
At a puppet sweetly stringed
Made a monster of its mocking –
And it named him Chaos-Winged

What price, salvation for the earth?
what price, the loss of joy and mirth?
For well they know the shadow’s dread
and none are safe until he’s dead
but what is dead can never die
and ever more he soars the sky
The rage can never be denied
the hate will not be satisfied
And by that blast of fiery breath
all the world will meet its death

Hear his wingbeats overhead!
See him leave a trail of dead

War waged for a hundred years,
Uncaring of unnumbered tears.
Lands are burned and seas were boiled
And all the while his conscience roiled,
In filling this burning, hellish lake,
Of blood and slaughter, “For her sake.”

His shadow falls across the land—
and they shall meet him sword in hand
as yet a thousand times before,
and yet again a thousand more
But though it open time again,
never shall he pass the door
of death’s dark gate, find peace at last
For long his fate, the die is cast.

The shadow of his wings draws near
and now they know nothing but fear.

What worth was there he swift forgot
What worth the wonders that he hid?
The brilliance of an untried soul
A brief, bright spark. The crusted lid
Of avarice and long neglect
Bore down upon him. Fickle, wan
The shadow's echo of a dream
to wake to ruin, rage unchecked.

Onward he sweeps, on wings of dread-
And all that lives now lies long dead

But were it better yet this way?
For still in dreams he hears her say
“Veritas, beloved one, dragon who is like my son
I blame you not for what you’ve done
I doubt I’m capable of that
hush now, my little acrobat.”
And to reach Death, and grief assuage
By seeing her among the shades
of all who died in his great rage
Then Dragon Dread could not be free
of those whose blood now forms the sea
And fragile dream would fade at last,
and dragon into ruin cast—

Veritas, destroying truth!
Ah, the longed for days of youth.

Emerald stained with blood and hate
Dragon drowned in grasp of fate
Blood on jaws and talons vast
As ever on time rushes past
Singing songs of her demise
dragon weeping in the skies
flames that burn the secret way,
grief that echoes night and day—
Still the spirit voice does speak
words of silence, faded, weak:

Though your life may never end
even still, you are my friend.

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DF  Post #: 12
4/22/2018 19:40:09   

Firstly, and most importantly, this is really quite good in a poetic sense. It conveys imagery well, and there's that metaphorical sense of darkness; within the setting of the poem, the darkness seems like something that's grown out from the dragon's heart, while also having bled into his heart from without.

I like how the iambic flows in and out— it adds a lot to the way it scans, and it's pleasant on the ears.

The poem's like a miniature epic; it has the subject matter of an epic, but it's quite concise. It's also quite chilling, pretty much from the start. I get a strong impression that the unnamed dragonlord (That would be Haelon...) was a calming influence; Veritas always rent flesh asunder, but with his partner around he was, perhaps, more inclined to listen to his conscience.

And the thing I find most appealing about this is that it's something written for its own sake, because it interests the author; I feel that this is quite important, and it shows.
Good work!
Post #: 13
5/16/2018 20:33:23   

Thank you for your kind words. This was originally meant to be about Fluffy, but somewhere between the original idea and me sitting down at a computer, it became this. Honestly, it was the easiest thing I've written since a concussion two years ago wrecked my concentration, and I'm glad it's good enough to convey everything you called out of it.
DF  Post #: 14
5/20/2018 16:10:18   

The Obsidian Tomb:

You know of Vesuvius, and Pompeii
Thera, Krakatoa, and Mount Pelé
Of Mount Saint Helens and Tambora too
Nevado del Ruz and Mount Pintabo
But there is a tale you have yet to hear
that brings chills to the heart and an echo of fear
where blackened statues stand still and clear
upthrust peaks of dull red, black cliffs seen afar
the Obsidian Tomb, the isle of Maar.

Far at out sea the Five Sisters stand tall
and their crimson glow lights the obsidian wall
of the dreaded isle of Maar. The beaches
are scattered with black glass and the breezes
blow fire and smoke over all, on the blackened isle of Maar.
There dragons roost in the craters and peaks
where the sulfurous fumes of the Sisters yet reeks
on the dreaded isle of Maar. There safe and warm
in the scorching heat, roosting above the world they sleep
as yet on the western peninsula weeps
Peloka, lost city of Maar.

Ah lovely Peloka, city by the bay
jewel of the islands till that fateful day
on the isle of Maar, far away came a sound
As there arose from deep underground
Akriloth, bane of life, raging fire unbound
to lay waste to the isle of Maar.

Then all bright trees, of lost Peloka, bent,
And shook with sudden whispering lament:
As ash and ruin filled the darkened air,
brought ruin to that city so blinding fair
the Great Fire Dragon in ruin sped
and only two stand having fled
Tephra and Limu, people of lost Peloka
O consequence, for a fool provoked the
terror of the dragon. Fire guardians fell
their tower in ruin, though two lived to tell
of Fire War’s beginning. Too late was their warning.

Where now are your jewels, O lost Peloka fair?
The bright feathers of color, once worn in hair
the laughter and life of your people so free
who soared in the sky and sailed on the sea?
For now alone the dragons linger here
remembering their neighbors of yesteryear
the Guardians in the Fire tower bright
and the Dragon lords who bonded them in the light
of the Sisters ruthless Lava-glow. Do they remember?
Who may know. For now lies the ruin, Obsidian tomb
Testament to that terrible Doom, and the War of Fire.
All wrack and ruin for a dragon’s desire!

Those long lost hearts beneath stone still beat
and distant echoes the sound of running feet
on the ruined isle of Maar as cinders swirl
dancing lonely and silent through the air they whirl
dragonfire and ruin long won the day
and if this will change now who can say?
But on the blackened beach there lies a spell
and it creeps and it crawls on any who’d dwell
there more than a night, beneath that strange sky
where sun and satellite eclipse each other, twirling by.
Do not meet the night here, or stay more than a day
for the whispers will take you, so flee the black bay!
Seek not the darkened isle of Maar, nor the five sisters
smoking far where deceptive obsidian gleams like a star.

Fly to the desert or the sea or the lands
of Fables, and Dragons, and living hands
where yet life and light mingle in the day
and moon and sun in proper places stay
Or even to Doomwood, where vampires thrall
and creeping darkness covers all.
Come not to the isle of Maar.
Flee this section of the Pale Sea
come not here where the obsidian lies
thick as glass under darkened skies
seek out the wind and the snow and rain
flee this land where ghosts remain
and find anew the lands of trees,
lands of pleasure and of ease,
from the shore of the pale seas.

You know of Vesuvius, and Pompeii
Thera, Krakatoa, and Mount Pelé
Of Mount Saint Helens and Tambora too
Nevado del Ruz and Mount Pintabo
But there is one tale few yet have heard
that brings chills to the heart with every word
of the silent black bay and obsidian shore
Scattered statues of people and insects and more
of upthrust peaks of dull red, black cliffs seen afar
the Obsidion Tomb, the isle of Maar.

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DF  Post #: 15
5/20/2018 17:10:28   

@ Gammacavy for The Obsidian Tomb

Great job there Gmmacavy, that poem was beautifully well done. I really felt the emotion in that and I could clearly tell how immersed you were in writing this. It flowed very nicely and the word choice was excellent. I can't exactly tell why, but the way this poem flowed and sounded vaguely reminded me of Annabel Lee.* It must have been the repetition of "the X isle of maar" in the second paragraph and the imagery of the sea. Regardless this is certainly a piece of art which rivals even that of some of the most renowned poets.

*if you aren't familiar with Annabel Lee, that is a famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe which you can find a link too here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44885/annabel-lee

Post #: 16
5/20/2018 18:17:45   

I do know Anabel Lee a little, but it's been a while since I last read it. Now that you mention it, i think that was in the back of my head when I wrote this. That and Professor Tolkien's Kortirion among the trees.
I wanted to repeat the X isle of Maar every verse, but it didn't really work out in the end.
Thanks for the feedback!
DF  Post #: 17
5/25/2018 0:16:17   

Kid Veritas

Full size, such as it is, can be found here.

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DF  Post #: 18
5/30/2018 15:52:14   

Fire's Song

Oh fire dwells beneath all things, this bright and blazing brand
and truly fire is hated for destruction on command
but when you huddle in the dark, beneath the cold night sky,
its fire you seek to save a life, a blazing banner fly
against the dark, but who could know, the secrets of the flame?

And call it forth with but a word, the flame's own secret name
I gave to you, though over time, it's come to be hated
but still some come to pick me up, in truth, I think it's fated
and from me then they learn the ways of fire and ancient flame
and magic that the smiths all know, and how with fire, to maim.

Seek me, find me if you dare, I'll teach you all I know
and swift you'll learn the ways of flame and light and ember-glow
So come to me, and learn from me, good or evil the same
and I will give you all the secrets of fire's truest name

< Message edited by GammaCavy -- 8/2/2018 1:37:38 >
DF  Post #: 19
5/30/2018 19:51:46   
Shadow X Ascendant

@Gammacavy, That was a pretty impressive song, i will for sure get work on one "Darkness' Song" Too, If you let me, hehe.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 20
5/31/2018 13:25:20   

I'd love to read a Darkness Song! Feel free to work on one.
DF  Post #: 21
6/1/2018 15:27:10   
Shadow X Ascendant

I made it done, It's on my gallery if you want to read. XD
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
6/1/2018 23:42:45   

Fire's Temptation

A companion to Fire's Song, written one year after that one.

Seek me, find me if you dare, I’ll teach you all I know
and swift you’ll learn the ways of flame and light and ember-glow
Red and amber, bursts of fire, is it not your hearts desire?
Showers of fragments, rain of ash, coals crashing from the pyre
of elder days and years long gone, for all ice melts away
before the face of flame and light, to vanish in the day.

You know your power, know it well, despite what you’d deny
for if you didn’t you’d not see me, but embers light your eye.
So come to me, and learn from me, good or evil the same
and I will give you all the secrets of fire’s truest name.

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DF  Post #: 23
6/24/2018 17:12:36   

Nightside- A poem of Sho'Nuff island

The shadows are our eldest friend,
theirs is the sweetest song,
of stealth and knives and windswept coast,
the nightwind blowing strong.
There we sheltered as ages passed, guarded by one forgotten
with iron fists and poison breath
while slowly the land grew rotten.
The monstrous thief did move unseen,
and stole our secrets well.
But out of night-time came a one who'd take back all he'd sell
and draw us out, into the sun to ally where we'd hate
yet even so the greater threat made old hatred abate.
So now we fight as allies with the ones we'd most despise
and hate ourselves when we echo the excitement in their eyes.

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DF  Post #: 24
8/1/2018 13:14:44   

Fire and madness A pencil drawing by the talented Shadow X Ascendant.

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