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RE: Rebirth by fire.. and other paintings of dragonfabe

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10/29/2018 14:34:51   

Dragon Amulet: Veritas edition.
A retouch of the one thing all dragonlords have, in the colors of my dear destroyer Veritas. Done in Microsoft Paint.


Edit- embedded image should now be the proper size for this post. If it's til to big, let me know and i'll fix it.

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DF  Post #: 51
10/29/2018 16:35:55   

Are dragon amulets customisable? It'd be pretty cool if they were. Nonetheless Veritas' amulet looks pretty rad.
Post #: 52
10/29/2018 21:11:48   
Shadow X Ascendant

Though the only customization DA ever had was to Doom Amulet. Veritas would have an Forest-Purple DA. Kazeshini would have an Obsidian-Purple DA. And the Dragon of Alen. Which woulf be it's DA colors? Hehehe
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 53
10/31/2018 11:56:00   

Not forest purple. Purple and turquoise.
Sorry Meralos, the amulets aren't really open for customization in-game. I'm glad you liked Veritas' colors on it though.
DF  Post #: 54
10/31/2018 11:59:10   

Alizarin, White, Carmine

Alizarin, white, carmine
turquoise, green jade, tourmaline
Copper-gold smooth and fine
flowing from my brush.

Crouched the outline now begins
penciled on canvas white
be sure the lights are placed out right.
Aching knees and stiffened neck
but I’ve a goal in sight.

The outline done, I mix the paints
ivory and copper and blue
grey into black for a velvety darkness
and sun-gold to rise anew.

Turquoise and violet a dragon make
with the sun behind his head
and emerald eyes that secrets take
or jet black scales and grey black wings
with eyes like rippling water
the king of dragons sings
three silver horns his crown.

Dark brown and black they mingle now
Mix the silver glitter well, rough in earth
and lay above it wheaten gold, waves of grass that bow
phantom of summer beneath a sunset sky
of white and yellow, Cad. red light hue,
And white with purest ptholo blue.

Deep blue sky, cloud-veined and fair
and mountain peaks that rise in white
all take backstage to the coiling line
of an Asian dragon in sinuous flight.

Brown fur, brown horns, and emerald skin
like leaves in spring, or grass in wind
a sky shading from midnight to dawn
achieved with azure paint I thinned
slow drying blend, pale clouds above
of titan white, streaking sky and drake alike
as distant mountains glimmer green
though foreground peaks are cold white spikes
untouched by spring. Yet spring is here!

She flies above, bright viridian skin
worked in pthalo, light green, and emerald.
Beauty without reflected within
my paint and my canvas, the sun on the grasses,
inspired this serpent, Queen of life
spring shines where she passes
bringer of joy and the end of strife.

Medium yellow and faintest red
A glow of fire’s light,
now add some water, thin the paint
And share my vision of delight.
Wings of flame, vermilion silk,
cad yellow thin, and alizarin
adorn pale skin white as milk.
And molten lava tresses flow
gleaming, glowing, burning bright,
stark contrast earth like charcoal
dark, eyes like cinders blaze with light.

An outstretched hand and tome of power
with creamy pages in crimson covers
as other hand draws dragon scythe
while choking ash clouds sky and smothers
its faded blue. Water boils, reflects carmine
white foam shining inferno's despite.
Amid the blaze, she stands a'shine
awaiting her foe who has no name
Her wings outstretched, her blade at guard
Angel born of Fire in a sea of blazing flame.

Then black and red a dragon too
red first, fill the outline with crimson shine
then thick black on top, a method new.
Lava, Obsidian, anthracite he,
bringer of rain and stormy fury.
Storm's light, grey clouds surround him
each golden eye bright amidst the leaden sky.

Lightning flashes as his tail cracks
all in reds and greys and blacks
lord of thunder soaring high
Storm-bringer, lighting slinger,
all who face him fade and die.

His lady's people tell the tale
of judgement, fire, storm, and scale
Wheviros! Whirlwind! His ancient name
Lord of storms and rain his fame.

Outline and erase, outline and erase,
then paint and scrape it clean once more
til at last the image begins to take shape
sunset and snow sparkle and a dragon of lore.
Next a deep and vivid green, purest phthalocyanine
adorns her scales, as sunrise overhead
and distant storm cast her shadows in ultramarine.

The snow isn’t white, but very light blue,
pale turquoise, and white tinted violet,
for otherwise it simply doesn’t look true
and the dragon gleams like polished gems
thus says the book, and here it ends
Earthquake complete, dark violet horns
body bright against snow. The promise of dawn
between horns now aglow.

Hang them on adjacent walls,
a matchless pair placed side by side
Paintings taking over my halls
once the final strokes have dried

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DF  Post #: 55
11/8/2018 19:05:49   

My latest is a gift to Shadow X Ascendant. Go to his darkness gallery to see it.


Or just the picture is here
DF  Post #: 56
11/16/2018 0:13:33   

Ok, my latest is a stupidly large file, so here's the link to my deviant art and the full size image. Embedded here is a sample of part of the piece.

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DF  Post #: 57
11/18/2018 20:29:10   

Curse on the Stranger

Farewell my foe! Far get you gone!
And better fate to vanish in waste
than wrath of hero's blade to taste
for all the gold you won from me
I curse you to the sky and sea
O mealy mouthed and empty shell
O creeping darkness cold and fell
that shrinks like moth in fading light
and laughs so cruelly under night
You never shall return again,
to hill or vale or marshy fen
all whom you tricked swear watch to hold
from youngest to the wise and old
so come, you crawling, craven thing
who once was fear on stolen wing
who once spread dread over this place
If still you live, then show your face!
DF  Post #: 58
11/25/2018 19:14:06   

Completed after several months, I present Veritas on a 5 x 6 foot canvas. This was actually completed the day before Halloween, but I was unable to take decent photo until environmental conditions provided better light. Yeah, that's a yardstick on the edge.
Full size with no yardstick here .

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DF  Post #: 59
12/26/2018 22:35:38   

Veritas, with no yardstick to get in the way, and at a somewhat different angle.

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DF  Post #: 60
1/3/2019 21:53:38   

People who've read my poem on the previous pages, "The Obsidian Tomb" will recognize this as the first verse. The complete manusript is here

A dragonfable illuminated manuscript. A mythic poem about the Ruin of Peloka and blackening of Maar, written atop a scroll on which an artistic adventurer outlined the image of the volcano as seen from the overlook. As he worked, he found his hand unthinkingly adding in flashes of crimson here and there, until the volcano appeared not as it had to his eyes, but as if the long dead fire dragon were even now rising from the lava to bring ruin there.

Shaken, he gave the scroll to the loremasters, and there they set this poem of old.

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DF  Post #: 61
1/19/2019 0:21:58   

I miss you so, my rider, my fire.
What do dragons dream of? Alone while his rider sleeps in ice, Veritas mourns.

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DF  Post #: 62
1/19/2019 6:23:44   
Shadow X Ascendant

Splendid Work As Always. My Kazeshini in Learning how To use Inner Destroyer's Power at It's Full Potential !!.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 63
2/25/2019 15:32:54   


You've never stopped a passerby
When walking in a senseless haze
To share the wonder of the sky
Or even ask them of their days.

You rush and scramble through the days
In search – for what? You do not know.
There's something farther in this maze
of work and dreams through which you go.

You've thrown yourself into your work
To snatch the stars from out the night.
The hardest task you do not shirk
If in the end your goal 's in sight.

You're one of a kind. You stand alone
free in this wierdness you have made
You work your hands nearly to bone
for the sake of science that's still in the shade.

In tribute to Lim, Voltabolt, and the Gnomes of Popsprocket.

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DF  Post #: 64
3/2/2019 1:02:14   

On allies

I waited, beyond time and death, for one to come for me.
I was murdered, and fell out of history.
I served my friends and Ally well and faithfully.
The one who killed me- was it out of Envy?

Fighter and protector, so I was in life
and in the Elemental Plane I found great strife
from which I could not turn away, my power served as knife
to cut the thread, and form the chains, bind trouble that was rife
upon the plain, and at Her hands, the trouble still would rise
to warp the world, and taint the life, and shadow all the skies.

Over the ages, many sought me, coming with hope in their eyes
and yet none were my proper match, although each I'd advise.
But then at last a new one came, with Uthlac on the loose
So small and frail, a tiny spark, untrained, -but not a goose
On hearing danger, offered help, though twas of little use
for Weavers coming to this plane find power most diffuse.

But no one else had ever simply offered automatic help
on hearing of danger or pain, they'd simply shriek and yelp
and leave the plain, for me to protect, their backbones made of kelp
For I've found over half of them a most ungrateful whelp.

But not this one, who so swiftly offered instant aid
a thought well meant, from one alone in this plane's twilit shade
and as I moved to protect all, this spark's measure I weighed
seeking a match to make I realized, this one was unafraid.

And finally I met those eyes, and in them found my match
hero, protector, guardian, a perfect, fitting catch
and so this new SoulWeaver I was quick to snatch
And left at last the Plane for Lore. Behind me closed a latch.

Hero and Shield, our legend entwined,
so strange, another fate bound up with mine
(which has not been the case for such an immense time)
and for this chance I thank all that is divine.
DF  Post #: 65
3/17/2019 19:58:04   

Veritas, full glory portrait. It is both done and framed. IF you look to the rightmost edge of the image, you can see me. Now imagine how much reaching it took to paint the upper parts of that.

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DF  Post #: 66
4/14/2019 1:17:50   

This is a rough draft, and suggested improvements are welcome. If you don't recognize a word, it is most likely a synonym for sandstorm.

The Hero, roaming in the Sandsea, is made witness to a mirage of the past called forth by magic, and learns, to her dismay, that the vision is not a false one.

O in the Land of sunlight where the gold sand forms a sea—
I was roaming on a mesa, and the wind was on the lea
And was moaning in the desert, while the voices of the dunes
Were whispering darkened secrets and murmuring silent tunes
As the sunlight bathed the world in a liquid golden flame
It was there in the seas of sand, that I heard them call my name.

Then I stood at the end of a battle, my foes fading to dust
When the voices echoed again, far-off and choked in rust
And I turned and tried to face it, but not a soul was there
Yet the voices called once more, ringing clear now through the air.

Then the desert whirled around me and the sands began to rise
Borne upwards on the wind, rising into darkened skies.
Though the sun was still above me the day had turned to night
And there in the burning Sandsea the desert turned to light.

I heard it howling round me, as the world went wheeling by
Endless churning days and nights reeling headlong through the sky
In that ever changing region, amid vast and rolling dunes
Whose fearful ancient power offered mortal life no boons.
Till I stood on an ancient tower, a lost citadel of the world
Rising tall and proud from the sands that through the air now swirled.
There I gazed out on a gleaming vista of burning golden hue
Boundless beneath the skies of fathomless incandescent blue
And the citadel spread before me, the heart of a burning plain
As the splendor of scintillating starlight fell in a gentle rain.

Then I felt the raging turmoil of a gale come storming high
As the wail of the sandstorm sounded, all the desert sang and cried
When the sirocco’s fury rose, blinding, and the plain was scoured by war
As the fearsome winds rolled onward, hid the sheen of aurum ore.
There the proud and windswept fortress of the sand-elf citadel
Rang out the desert’s fury like the toiling of a bell;
Threw back the khamsin’s outskirts, that like fire’s uttermost edge
Infringed upon the city to encompass every ledge.
Then a roar arose and a whispering in that red-enshrouding mist
While the rising sand-grains gathered and the churning particles hissed,
Till the gleaming armored forces of the desert monarch came—
A mad surge trampling inward— with a light that burned like flame.

Their spears were tossed in anger and their swords the scouring wind
And the war that the desert was raging was a doom of fury’s sin,
As through that curtained daylight, alien voices echoed true
While the monstrous storm ever wilder and ever fiercer blew;
And the citadel’s outskirts crumbled as the samiel blasted in;
Each crack and creaking tumble ringing deeply through the din.
Gales blew the scourging tails of the sand in my eyes and face
And wild airs thick and dust-choked danced through the ruined place
As a battle raged at the boundaries, then the power of all the storms
Gathered like a mountain about a distant, looming form:
Then the uttermost force of the tempest smote the citadel to its knees
And the triumphant laugh of the tyrant came on like a dread disease.

Then the wailing keen of the khamsin I heard as it rose and fell
And the voice of the Sand-Elf ghosts mourned a lamenting knell;
As I knew at last what had brought me, who had caused this calamity
Whose tragic remnants were swallowed, hid beneath the old Sandsea
There at last I saw him clearly, the dreaded form of the foe—
‘Twas the king of this desert realm who had wrought such sorrow and woe.
Sek-Duat, neither tenth nor first, but a deadened, immortal thing
Now hid ‘neath a gilded mask, and I his latest plaything.
Then the howling sandstorm faded and the visions loosed their hold
And I stood once more in the desert; the night now empty and cold
But the sand at my feet hid a secret, there I found the citadel tower
And knew that my vision was true and the king held a terrible power.

Only the breeze whistled faintly— yet I hear it in my dreams;
The Sand-Elf ghosts’ lament, and I see what they lost to his schemes.
It was there in the Sea of Sand I learned of a dreadful foe
And resolved to meet him in battle, to an end I do not know.
For beneath the gleam of the Sandsea lies the ruins of ages past
And the ghosts of the elves who lived there remember the spell that was cast.
Only one of their children has survived until this day
And I who call him a friend pledge he’ll see this; come what may.
But the memory of gilded sands, of fathomless shining hues
Of the bell that called so proudly and the sky so lambent blue
And the citadel of the elves that was spread before my eyes
I shall carry ever with me, till my ultimate demise.
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