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RE: Jinter Poseidon's Stories

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9/4/2018 20:16:55   
Beshin Adin

I was horrified. Chisa was in a fury that could scare Death, and there was another woman straddled on top of me. Shiori looked at Chisa flatly. “Chisa Shiranui, always around when you’re not wanted. Jinter and I are trying to have a romantic moment. Come back in 2 or 3 hours.” Chisa was breathing fire. “Shiori Kanzaki! Get your filthy claws off my boyfriend!” Shiori smirked. “I’m trying to help Jinter. I figure he deserves a woman who can fit into a reasonable clothing size.” This comment threw Chisa off the edge. She tackled Shiori, and the two began the mother of all catfights. I grabbed Suriza’s cage, and ran for the door. “Wait Commander,” Suriza said, “they might start tearing each other’s top off.” I kept going. “No, no. We have to get out of the blast radius NOW!”

As soon as we got back to the ship, Suriza found Maida, and jumped in her cleavage. “Mmmm, big, soft & fragrant,” Suriza cooed, “no boobies like Maida-sama’s boobies.” Maida smiled, looked at me, and blushed. “Thank you for saving him, Commander.” Suriza piped up. “Give him a reward kiss, Maida-sama. You know you want to.” Maida got flustered. “Be quiet, Suriza!.....Commander, I respect you, it’s not……” I sighed. “Maida, I’ve known for a while………..” She blushed, and approached me. “Commander, I know you have Chisa, I know it’s not my place. But I….I……..” She rested herself against my chest, her lips slowly moving towards mine. “Jinter,” Chisa hissed from behind me, turning me and Maida stark white, “why are you getting cozy with Maida?” Shiori also hissed. “Shiranui was bad enough. Now there’s a busty Drow bimbo, too?”

We all sat at a table. The tension between the three women was unnervingly high. Finally, Shiori broke the silence. “Alright, I’ll drop all the seduction, and get to the point. My parents died when I was young. Since then, I take jobs as a waitress, and use the money to pay my rent. Recently, I lost my job, and was evicted from my house. With no job, and no home, I won’t last long. So, Jinter, I beg you, please let me live on your ship.” Chisa stood up. “Your story’s sad, Kanzaki. But there’s no way we’re letting you live on-“ I nodded. “Alright. A crew member recently retired, so we have a free room.” Shiori blushed, and looked at me, eyes sparkling, “M-my hero…….” Maida smiled. “That’s Jinter for you. You need a home to come to, he’ll give you one. Come on, Miss Kanzaki. I’ll show you to the room.” Maida, Shiori, and I all leave the room………….

……….leaving Chisa standing there, frozen in shock.

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9/12/2018 11:55:10   
Beshin Adin

The whole crew was enjoying Akiba this time, so we opted to stay a while longer. The girls were off doing more Akiba things, so I went to eat some curry rice. Walking back after eating, I heard angry mutters coming from an alley. A woman, in a cloak and hood, was cornered by three men. “Back off, citizens,” she said, “I don’t want to fight you.” One pointed a knife at her. “And we don’t want to fight. We just want some money. Maybe a kiss, too.” I stepped forward. “Three big men against one woman? Isn’t that a little…….much?” They turned to me. “Who the hell are you?” One smirked. “I recognize this guy. He’s that sailor from the Tsuki Shiranui school. You know, the one that burned down.” The third smirked. “What’s the matter, guy? Cried to your mama when your school fried?” I clenched my teeth and fists. “You know, this was just about rescuing this young lady…….Now, not anymore!!!!”

The techniques of Tsuki Shiranui rely on the sword. Without the sword, it was just casting magic. But that was fine. These fools were child’s play. “Come on, Miss. Let’s go before the paralysis wears off.” We exited the alley together. “I had the magic. I could’ve taken them myself,” she blushed, “but you were really cool back there…..” I smiled. “Well, many people would come running if they knew the Empress.” She stopped. “What? But how?” I stopped to. Come on. Even with the hood and cloak, the reddish-brown hair and the violet eyes are unmistakable,” I gave a polite bow, “Empress Ai no Miko of Yokai Island……..”

We sat on a bench by the river, Miko had gotten some kani, or sliced crab meat. “Mmmmmm,” she squealed, “I love crabs…………Mr. Poseidon, are you really alright with nothing?” I smiled. “Don’t worry, Empress. I had just eaten before we met.” She picked up a slice of kani with her chopsticks. “Can we drop the ‘Empress’? My late father was a great Emperor, I’m nowhere near his level. Besides, Yokai Island tradition says I’m not a true Empress until I take a husband.” Miko smiled and blushed. “So Mr. Poseidon, Interested in becoming my Emperor?” I got flustered. “But I’m only acting as your bodyguard for the afternoon. This isn’t courtship.” She leaned in. “It’s not your strength, or your good looks I find attractive. There’s just something…….special about you.”

Before I could react, Miko pressed her lips on mine………
AQ AQW  Post #: 27
9/18/2018 16:08:38   
Beshin Adin

I was in bed, thinking about what happened earlier today. Any man would kill to have the Princess come onto them, but I was happy where I was. Chisa stroked my chest. “What’s the matter, Jinter? Not feeling it tonight?” I got up, and put pants on. ”Sorry Chisa. My mind’s too distracted. I need some alone time.” I left the room. Chisa contemplated the signs, then sighed.

I sat against the ship’s railing, looking at Akiba in the distance. My eyes caught the Royal Palace, I nervously turned away. Chisa came out of our room. She had on a bathrobe, and bare feet, the picture of seductive beauty. She walked over, and sat in the crook of my arm. “…..So, who is she?........The tension is the same as when Maida or Kanzaki joined us. Did you get her name, and will she be living aboard the Narwhal, too?” I looked at Chisa. “Chisa, it’s……….Princess Miko.” Her face got pale, and her eyes shrank. “Wh-what?”

The next day, the guards at the Palace didn’t stop me, I guess Miko was hoping I’d come. When I entered the throne room, Miko happily ran over to me. “Mr. Poseidon! I’m so happy that you came to visit-Oh……….” I had brought Chisa with me. “Jinter, please leave the room while I talk to the Princess. Don’t worry, I won’t make a scene……….”

I waited outside, hoping this would all be over soon. Finally, Chisa came out, and she had an exasperated look on her face. “Jinter. Miko has…….agreed to join the competition for you.” My eyes went blank, and my mouth hung open.

My own harem? Oh gods………
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10/4/2018 12:08:41   
Beshin Adin

Well, we were finally being recalled to the mainland. Our first stop was Swordhaven, because King Brentan wanted a direct status report. The girls were excited to tour Swordhavem Castle, and I haven’t seen the inside in years. There were two ways to get to Swordhaven: Dock at Oaklore Harbor and take a carriage there, or take the Paragon River and dock directly at Swordhaven. We chose the river.

We saw some sights, then got to Swordhaven Castle, the biggest building in eastern Lore (next to Sky Tower Aegis). The knights all seemed nervous about something. “Jinter,” came a beautiful, female voice from behind us, “it’s been ages since you visited the castle.” I turned, to see Queen?/Princess?/Lady? Victoria standing there. I admit, I had a crush on Victoria, as a boy, before leaving for Yokai Island. A star-struck pipe dream, maybe? “I’m really happy to see you, Jinter. You’ve….grown pretty handsome.” I blushed. “And you’ve grown quite beautiful, my la-,” she smiles, and shakes her head, “I mean Victoria.” Victoria blushed, sparkly-eyed. “You’re staying for dinner, right? I’ll see you there.” Victoria then went off, in a happy little skip. Once she was gone, Chisa grabbed my collar. “NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!”

It was just me, the girls, Brentan, and Victoria at the table tonight. Victoria looked depressed. “Um, Jinter. There are a lot of women with you. Is one of them…….your lover?” Chisa hugged my arm tightly. “Sorry, Your Highness, but I’M his lover.” Victoria looked at Maida and Shiori. "So, these two are not……..” Shiori sighed. “Yes. We’re just competition,” she slides up to Brentan seductively, “but if I get any gentleman callers tonight, I might just give up on Jinter.” Chisa looked at Shiori in disgust. “Trollop………” I looked at Brentan. “Why do the knights seem on edge?” He sighed. “We think a monster is loose in the castle. Witnesses describe it as having a black, slimy body, and a skull-like face.”

I was lying in a castle bed that night. My eyes were closed, but I was thinking. It must’ve been awkward for Chisa, to be in competition with ANOTHER princess. When peace finally returns,, we’ll go somewhere secluded. She can be the only woman, I can be the only man, we can be the only couple. In the darkness, I felt a body sit on top of me. I smiled. “Chisa, I’m sorry for the awkward exchange with the Princess earlier, but to ‘do it’ right here in the Castle is a pretty big ri-“

I opened my eyes, and looked into two hollow, black eye sockets.

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10/17/2018 14:03:22   
Beshin Adin

I opened my mouth to scream, but the creature put a slimy tendril around my mouth. “Now, now,” it said, in a broken, distorted voice, “don’t give me away. Just think of what you wanna say, and I’ll read you I’ll read your thoughts.” I thought up some questions. “My name’s Arekuga,” it said, “my body’s made from a special ichor infused with Kurokage Akuma magic. So, three guesses who created me. I could’ve killed everyone by now, but my orders were to wait for you. So, now that you’re here, who should die first? The Princess looks like a nice target. Or maybe, since it’s just us, we’ll do a little mutilation. How about that?”

Arekuga could read the voice in my head, but it apparently couldn’t predict my actions. Its ichor had an earthy smell to it, so energy magic was probably out, and water magic doesn’t really hurt slimy monsters. But, if he was made from Kurokage Akuma magic, his darkness was strong, so I hit it with a light spell. Arekuga screeched. “AARGHH!!!!!!!!!! LIGHT!!!! I HATE LIGHT!!!!!!!.........Fine! Your impertinence has cost you her life!!!!!!” It disappeared into an air vent. A knight, and my three girls burst into the room. Chisa hugged me. “Jinter, they say that monster’s on the loose again. Are you alright?” I looked at everyone present, considered what Arekuga said, then shook the knight’s shoulders. “Sir knight, where is Princess Victoria!? “ He looked at me. “She never left her room. Why?” I grabbed my sword, and rushed to her room.

Victoria was awakened by the rush outside, and went to get some water from her bathroom sink. What was happening out there? Was it the monster again? Was everyone alright? She looked in the mirror, and screamed as she saw Arekuga behind her, reaching its tentacles for her throat………..
AQ AQW  Post #: 30
10/29/2018 14:49:56   
Beshin Adin

Arekuga’s tentacle tightened around Victoria’s neck, lifting the struggling princess off the ground. “Someone’s gonna die tonight, Princess,” it snarled, “might as well be you.” Victoria gasped, her face turning white. “Help….me…….Jinter……..” Just then, I burst in the room, and shot a light spell at Arekuga. It shrieked, dropped Victoria, and I caught her before she hit the ground. “AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! LIGHT AGAIN????? I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS, JJINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”It then escaped into the air vent. I clenched my teeth. “Victoria, are you all ri-.” Victoria grabbed my face, and pressed her lips on mine. “My hero! I knew you’d come rescue me!” I put her feet gently on the ground. “Arekuga’s still on the loose. We need to track it, and get rid of it.” Victoria went over to her wardrobe, and opened it. It was full of ranger gear. “Need to track a monster? I’m your girl.”

Later, Victoria and I met up with Brentan and the girls. “Jinter, Victoria,” Brentan said, “what happened to you two?” I looked at him. “We’ve been tracking Arekuga, it’s gone into the sewers. Seal the castle with wards of light, the two of us will go down and exterminate it.” Chisa approached me. “Jinter, the sewers…….Cold, dark and dirty, it sounds like Arekuga has the edge. Please………be careful.” I smiled, and hugged her. Victoria watched us, now starting to understand just who Chisa was.

We had a light fairy shining on us as we descended into the sewer. When we stopped to rest, Victoria turned to me. “Jinter, Miss Shiranui………..Who is she to you?” I looked at her apologetically. “……..Chisa’s my lover.” Her eyes widened, and her face turned red. “Y-your lover!? And I kissed you!?!?” I sighed. “You moved too fast. I couldn’t stop you.” Victoria cuddled against my chest. “It changes nothing. I love you. I’ve always loved you. Ever since you visited the castle long ago with your father, it was love at first sight for me. One day, when I finalize my position as Queen, I want you as my King, and I want Swordhaven’s future heirs to be our children.” I smiled. “So I’m on the list of men you have feelings for?” Victoria’s eyes went blank. “Wh-who told you about them!?” Her eyes darkened when she realized the culprit. “Brentan, you…..you…………” I shushed her. “Ssssh, something’s coming……..”

Victoria and I huddled in the fairy’s protective light as we heard Arekuga slithering in the darkness. “Heheheh, you’re in MY world now. Like two mice in the burrow of a hungry snake. That fairy won’t save you. So then, the infuriating naval commander, or the busybody princess…”

“Who dies first?”
AQ AQW  Post #: 31
11/9/2018 12:13:03   
Beshin Adin

Victoria shivered, and buried her face in my chest. Arekuga’s eyes shone red. “Awwww, what’s the matter, Princess? Don’t want to stare death in the face again?” She suddenly grinned. “Well then, let me get a better look at your face.” Victoria grabbed her bow, and shot certain arrows into the darkness. While the arrows missed Arekuga, they gave off bright light upon sticking to the wall, illuminating the pained monster. “They’re called ‘torchlight arrows’,” Victoria smirked, “used for marking trails, or illuminating darkness. Add this to its list of uses. Jinter, baby, end this.”

I approached Arekuga. “You tried to kill people dear to me. In fact, you plan to kill everyone anyway. You’re a soul-less killing machine.” It huffed. “I should’ve killed you first………” I smirked. “Hindsight’s a witch, huh?” I then stabbed Arekuga between its eyes, and flooded its body with light magic. It screamed, its ichor boiled, and it started vaporizing until only its skull-plate was left……..

Victoria and I started making our way out of the sewer. At one point, Victoria whirled around, pressed up against me, and kissed me passionately. “Jinter, marry me,” she said, “we could really change the world together. You’d make a legendary King. And,” she stroked my cheek, “a legendary husband……” I struggled with my next words. It was as if Victoria already knew my answer, and her eyes watered up. “………Its Miss Shiranui, isn’t it?” I hugged her. “Victoria, I’m sorry.” She nuzzled my chest. “For what? Loyalty? You did the right thing, Jinter……”

Shortly afterwards, we were getting ready to go out to sea. “There’s a reward for stopping Arekuga,” Brentan said, “some goes into your personal account, some will go into Lolosia’s defense.” At one point, Victoria called Chisa aside. “Miss Shiranui, please………take care of Jinter.” Chisa bowed her head. “I will, Princess. Thank you.” The princess smirked. “I expect you to return him to me in good condition…..Do I look like a woman who’d just give up?” Chisa smiled, and turned away. “Oh? I’ll consider those words while Jinter and I are making love tonight."

A vein appeared on Victoria’s head. “Why you little……….”
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12/6/2018 17:52:18   
Beshin Adin

We were out at sea, on standby again. Chisa was looking at the horizon, enjoying the sea breeze. Gods, she was beautiful with wind-whipped hair. She came over, and hugged me. “Look at that sunset, Jinter. It’s so….romantic……” Her grip tightened, she closed her eyes, and puckered her lips. My eyes closed, and I began to lean in. Our lips were millimeters apart, when a purple light shone, and Kitsune appeared. Chisa looked annoyed. “You REALLY know how to kill the mood……..”

We sat down at our table. “If you’re here, Kitsune,” I said, “that means we’re near Yokai Island. Is something happening?” Kitsune nodded. “Yes, Jinter-kaichou. But I’m not here for you, I’m here for Chisa-dono. You see, recent imbalances in elemental energies have caused me to lose control of the Odokuro, the giant, undead yokai in my personal guard. The Odokuro must be subdued or banished, with as little collateral damage as possible. For that, I need an onmyoji.” Chisa looked down. “…..I’ll do it.” Kitsune looked at her. “Does Jinter know the risks?” I looked up, so Kitsune answered. “Onmyoji use life force to summon yokai. Doing combat with those yokai means risking death.”

At night, we were in our room. I wasn’t looking at Chisa. “Jinter,” she said, “how many times have you risked your life for me?” I sat on the bed. “What difference does that make? Is it supposed to tell me not to be sad? To not love you? Maybe I can’t stop you from fighting, but you can’t stop me from crying…” Chisa looks down. “……perhaps……….I need another reason to live.” One by one, her clothes fell off, she seductively walked over to me, pushed me down on the bed, and climbed on top of me. “Jinter, make love to me. But this time, give me everything, hold nothing inside……..”

“I want your all…………..”
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12/21/2018 14:18:27   
Beshin Adin

I started waking up the next morning. But, before even opening my eyes, I didn’t feel Chisa next to me. I knew it. She had gone to fight the Odokuro, which meant I would likely lose her. I thought for a minute, then grabbed my clothes and sword. I didn’t care if this was her fight, I was going to save her. And it was time to use the techniques I’ve been working on in secret.

Chisa, Kitsune, and a giant, white tiger yokai were staring down the huge, skeletal Odokuro. Kitsune looked at the giant tiger. “Your yokai of choice is a byakkou? Powerful, but costly. So, you plan on dying here?” Chisa kept her eyes forward. “I chose such a powerful yokai because I DON’T plan on dying.” She smirked. “After all, I’m going to be a mother in 9 months, so I’m living for two now. Kitsune, you take the front, the byskkou and I will attack from above.”

This method of assault continued for a while, wearing down the Odokuro. However, an angry swipe knocked Chisa off the byakkou, and sent her crashing to the ground. Upon impact, a bone in her leg snapped, and she screamed in pain. The Odokuro moved to finish her. “No, I failed,” Chisa said, “I’m sorry, Jinter. I’m sorry, Yokai Island……….I’m sorry, my child……..” A giant palm moved to crush her.

Chisa opened her eyes. She was in my arms. My eyes were glowing white, and my body crackled with electricity. “Am I dead? Are you an angel?” I gently put Chisa down. “You can’t die yet.” I whispered into her ear. “Not before you marry me.” I then looked at the Odokuro. “I’ll bring it down, you do whatever you need to do to banish it.” Kitsune looked at my new form. “I haven’t seen this technique in years. The ultimate technique of Tsuki Shiranui.”

Tsuki Shiranui style – Raijin no Abata…………”
AQ AQW  Post #: 34
1/23/2019 10:43:41   
Beshin Adin

I carried Chisa to a spot out of the Odokuro’s range, but still close enough to exorcise it. “We’ll treat your leg afterwards. Right now, let’s take this thing down. I’ll use the Raijin no Abata to cripple it. You do what you need to do to exorcise it.” I walked up to the Odokuro’s feet, and, with one horizontal cut, sliced cleanly through its ankles. Chisa stared, awe-struck, as the monster fell. “Chisa,” I shouted, “exorcise it!

Chisa drew up the magic onmyojis use: the elemental magic of yokai, combined with purifying light magic. She focused on the Odokuro, and made the nine hand symbols of exorcism:

Rin! Pyo! To! Sha! Kai! Jin! Retsu! Zai! Zen!

The Odokuro’s body was engulfed in white flames, and it burned until only a lifeless skeleton remained.

Kitsune walked up. “It’s over, well done.” I went over, and picked Chisa up. “You tried to act on your own. As a result, your leg is broken, and your life was almost lost. Was it worth it?” Chisa made a pouty face. I turned to Kitsune. “There’s an island near here called Takei Island. On it grows bamboo that heals broken bones. We’re going to get some to heal Chisa’s leg.” Kitsune nodded. “Alright. Farewell, and congratulations on your engagement. And, Chisa-dono, good luck on your eventual delivery.” My eyes went blank, and I looked at Chisa. “D=delivery?” She giggled, kissed my cheek, and whispered in my ear.

“Jinter, I’m pregnant………”
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2/9/2019 15:50:20   
Beshin Adin

Chisa was laying in our bed, aboard our ship. Her broken leg was raised. I was applying the bamboo salve, careful not to rub against the fractures. Chisa was loving this, getting a sensual leg rubdown from her new fiancée, but my unhappy face troubled her. “Jinter, is something wrong?” I sighed. “You were seconds away from being crushed, that’s bad enough. Now you tell me you’re carrying my child. So I would’ve lost you both.” Chisa can’t say anything. She stroked her belly, and tears came to her eyes. “Oh gods, I already suck as a mother…..” I hugged her. “Live and learn, Chisa.” She gently hugged back. “I love you……….”

The Narwhal docked at Lolosia. The first person to tell of our engagement was Mom, so we headed for my house. On the way, who should stop us, but Bubba. “He-ey! I heard what happened!” Chisa smiled. “Thank you, I’m proud to call myself Jinter’s fian-“ The fat moglin cut her off. “Yeah yeah. The engagement? Whatever, I don’t care.” But then, he started making extremely lewd comments on what she and I did to get her pregnant, so I swiftly gave Bubba a punt into the distance. Chisa looked at the sky. “Does he do this every time?” I had a flat look. “Every freaking time……..”

When we got to my house, Mom met us outside, and hugged both me and Chisa. “My baby’s getting married, and to the most beautiful woman ever.” Chisa smiled at the compliment. Mom smiled, too. “I’m so happy to at least have you, as opposed to Rakham’s new girlfriend……..” I looked at her. “Rakham got a girlfriend?” We went inside. Shiori came downstairs. Her long hair was free, and her T-shirt was long enough to hide her groin region, since she wasn’t wearing any bottoms. “Hi, you two. Ssh, Rakham’s still sleeping.” Chisa’s eyes went blank. “K-Kanzaki? You trollop! This is how you spent your shore leave!?” Shiori smiled cutely. “Yep. I’m joining the pirates soon……..so I can be Rakham’s little mermaid.” Mom seethed. “Show some decorum, woman!” Shiori pouted, “Lighten up, Ms. Poseidon. After all, I’ll be your daughter-in-law one day.” Mom goes over to the wall, and starts bashing her own face. Shiori looked at Chisa. “And Shiranui, if you marry Jinter, we’ll be sisters-in-law one day.”

Chisa joined Mom in the face-bashing………

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