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RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread

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6/12/2020 12:52:56   

I'm not sure what to say as there are no mechanics to the fight or gimmicks. They both just do damage. So I would say get a good water weapon. There are not a lot of fights in the quest to move some WIS to END or INT. Invite a few guest with you if you want (Sir Leon and Artix).
Maybe try a different class. Ascendant if you have it can do a lot of damage quickly. Or Deathknight (use the shield, then reap/weaken/crit/final to do max damage on one guy, then stun the guy you were not attacking. By the time the stun expires one wastes sentinel should be dead).

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 501
6/12/2020 15:04:25   


Most of the gear swapping I did in the video was unnecessary - the big ones are swapping away from all res when Dolaas is about to drain your all, swapping to slimy necklace when Hatir is going to stun you, and swapping to -health when life carving/void barriering.

I'll make a better video that's not sped up in a few days.
DF  Post #: 502
6/15/2020 15:37:34   

I beat Dolaas with Doomknight without much trouble, but I'm still struggling with Hatir's Radiant/Shining Scales before it gets the big heal.

I can whittle it down bit by bit at the start no problem, and the first time it gets reapplied I can just use Corrupted Seven. but after that, what can I do to ensure that it doesn't heal itself?
DF  Post #: 503
6/15/2020 16:16:18   

I had trouble with the 15 hits as well using DmK V2.

The first time, use Corrupted Sevens

The second time use Lingering doom, dragon rampage, and primal.

Th third/fourth times may rely on luck. If you can get HP below half then he might use radiant scales which would be good. If not and you can;t do 15 hits use Drain Essence to limit healing.

One suggestion is on the first turn of the battle use dark ritual (as he won't attack the first turn) then use Corrupted Seven so he doesn't attack the second turn either (healing or applying a shield). This gives you a big nuke to take Drahr'Hatir down below half.

You could also switch to a high hit count pet like palachilly (who has an 8 hit attack)

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 504
6/15/2020 16:46:56   

In the Duo with v2, save Inner Darkness for Hatir, so you can burst him to <50%. If he uses shining scales and C7/Unity isn't off cooldown (and you don't have the high hit count skills on v2/dragon off cooldown either), use Palachilly + Corrupt to break the scales.

Hatir is definitely harder with v2 than Dolaas, but the duo is definitely doable with a little RnG and preparation: I made a video of it here.

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DF  Post #: 505
6/16/2020 11:27:00   

I will try that, thank you for the suggestions.

And believe me, I did come prepared for such a fight as this. I have dedicated I have no idea how many hours (a few 12 hour days) to this fight and approximately 1 million gold and over 500 defender's medals to food and potions. The RGN has not been in my favor, lmao. But I am still trying. I've gotten the evil dragon down six times with doom knight and three times with chaosweaver but can barely even scratch the good dragon before I get killed. I have tried other classes too, but haven't gotten as far as I have with those two classes. I am enjoying this challenge, and so far, think that the evil dragon is perfect (the good dragon could use a bit of a nerf in my opinion its attacks AFTER THE evil dragon is killed but NOT BEFORE it's killed as it seems to be quintupled at least in strength after it's killed, at least for me, but that could just be because the RGN has not been in my favor and the good dragon's attacks are getting past my defensive gear and Pallachilly is missing 75% of the time). Maybe I just need to keep trying. Eventually I'll get it. I WILL OBTAIN THIS NEW HELM. I've watched the video and have tried to copy the strategy, but as I stated, the RGN has not been in my favor, and I've used Pallachilly, but he misses 75% of the time. I wish they'd fix Mischief so it would be viable so that their attacks would be weakened and / or their resistance to stun would be by-passed and they could be stunned.

What would make this fight better:

Make Pallachilly more accurate (currently he misses 75% of his attacks)

Make the good dragon's attacks equal in strength to what they are after the evil dragon is killed to what they are before he's killed, not quintuple the strength (you should be able to see half the damage against you per round when the evil dragon is killed, not twice as much)

Make mischief more viable as a dragon skill again (at least make it weaken attacks even if the stun does not work)

Other than that, nothing needs to be changed
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 506
6/16/2020 12:38:17   

There's no need to change this fight (or Palachilly), it is as hard as it should be, since it is an Anniversary board and gives the BiS -helm.

No need to change Noxious Fumes to lower enemy's damage, as Dragon Tickles does that.

I would advise checking Endgame wiki where you can learn all there is to know about these dragons. One effect they have is that one's damage is increased by 100 % when the other one is defeated.

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DF  Post #: 507
6/16/2020 13:30:03   

Perhaps the RNG just is unlucky for some players, however:

Dragon Tickles (mischief) has not been working properly AT ALL for me and the shield (protection?) RARELY

Pallachilly only attacks successfully for me 25% - 33% of the time

Recently, the good dragon went from hitting me for 40 - 100 damage to hitting me for 200 - 500 damage as soon as the evil dragon died, same gear (exalted apotheosis with dragon knight blade shown, fierce dragonlord helm, defender's dragon necklace XXXV, wings of 1,000 infernos, unhallowed dk circlet, elemental unity defender XV, defender's dragon belt XXIII, legion bracer

Before recently when the good dragon started hitting me for more than it should have and I was lasting longer against it, even with the evil element, I only get two or three (maybe four) good hits in before the good dragon puts its shield up and ends up healing to full again, cycling back and forth

What could be the problem?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 508
6/16/2020 14:13:16   

Go to the wiki. There are written rules, attack info, rotation and guide to Dragons.

Neither of them cannot be stunned, as their Immobility is 300.

Pallachilly mostly misses because pets usually +5 bonus or 0 and both Dragons have 67 avoidance at the beginning, so it only makes sense that Palachilly hits 1/3rd of it's attacks.

And as I said, both dragons have a buff: "If Drahr'Dolaas has been defeated, Drahr'Hatir's damage is permanently increased by 100%" and "If Drahr'Hatir has been defeated, Drahr'Dolaas's damage is permanently increased by 100%."
DF  Post #: 509
6/16/2020 14:32:00   

Alright, I'll read the wiki, and try the dragons again after I read it. Thanks for the suggestion!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 510
6/16/2020 14:43:00   

Here's a video of the duo done with Techno. 4 HP/MP pots, Hero's Diet + Instant Pierogi used.

AQ DF  Post #: 511
6/16/2020 21:54:16   

I got the closest I ever had by using vanilla ice katana to freeze the dragons first, got the good dragon down to 15k before he full healed and then I almost ran out of heals and so I used favor and inner darkness to see how much I needed to kill the good dragon off from 19k (what I had him at) with relics equipped, got him down to 13k.

Going to try again. I'm psyched I got that close.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 512
6/17/2020 16:36:49   

Re: Palachilly. There's a reason it's only a real strategy with Doomknight v2, as v2's Corrupt gives Hatir -150 MPM and thus allows Palachilly to hit. :)

Thus, "use Palachilly + Corrupt to break the scales."
DF  Post #: 513
6/22/2020 9:47:35   

Killed the black dragon easly with technomancer.

Any tips for the white dragon? ( Hes the problem, the due will be easy with gim figured out).
I have all the BIS gears ( except defender necklace and trinket) , also thought about baby chimera , since it has many hits, it can break his scales, etc. ( Any other pet idea will be welcomed ).

Would like to kill them using technomancer.
Post #: 514
6/23/2020 11:07:13   

You could search on YT for help. There are two techno videos of the duo.
AQ DF  Post #: 515
6/23/2020 13:16:41   

@FMan In addition to the Youtube Guides for Techno that Arcanum pointed at, white dragon is easily done by MSW or another high hit-count class. MSW can also do the duo in less time than Technomancer: here's a video of MSW doing the duo.

The key part is to break his scales as soon as possible, before he gets his 100 MPM. MSW can break his scales in three ways: retribution + dragon attack, repentance + dragon outrage, and the unity/c7 trinket. It's not *quite* enough to loop, but it can break a solid 5 scales in a row, which makes the fight easier than for Technomancer :)

Chimera has fewer hits than Palachilly/Necsnowmancer, and also has less bonus, so I wouldn't recommend using Chimera.

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DF  Post #: 516
6/27/2020 17:56:02   

Does anyone think it's possible to beat Inevitable Equilibrium at level 72? I'd like to think it can be, since the rewards start at level 70, but I'll admit that I'm not the best at the challenges by a landslide. The Unraveler (not even extreme, just base) annihilated me without fail a whole lotta times until I gave up, and I want to give the IE challenge the best go I can. I haven't tried it yet because I have things to do in a bit, but I hope to later today!
If it helps, I can give a run down of my set:

Monster/Quest Name: Inevitable Equilibrium at the Inn at the Edge of Time
Character Link: https://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=34363523
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 72
Build: uhhhhh, I have a lot of the DC armors, like Kathool Adept, DoomKnight, Epoch (Eternal Locket), Chaosweaver. Mage base, but I tend to main Ascendant or DragonLord.
Weapons Equipped: I have so many I'd rather not list them all and I've got more in my bank/hoard, but notably I've got the Doomed Elemental Scythe, a Metal weapon, a Nature one, and some Good, Evil, and ??? ones.
Accessories Equipped: Unhallowed DeathKnight Circlet, Belt, and Amulet + Baltael's Aventail + Dragon's Patience (I just got Rage also this week) + Eternal Locket + Unael protectorate VII
Stats: I'm winging it, if recommended, I'll happily shift them around!
Pets Equipped: Nio (Pet Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: None but I'd very much like advice before I shove my head into a dragon's mouth, just looking at the attack patterns on the Encyclopedia makes my head spin.
I don't know if the accessories I've got are suited for this because honestly I don't know anything about how to prep for fights D: I only have my current accessories because people recommended them for other challenges.
Notes: I've had trouble where, even with strategies from this forum (recommended equipment, armor, and attack patterns), I've been unable to defeat the challenges (even solo ones, not just duo pairs) without serious RNG luck. It seems to be because of my level, where my accessories weren't good enough at my level as they were for people at level 90, but I might also suck haha.
I did hit 70 and upgrade my stuff from 60 recently, so maybe the Unraveler (my nemesis!!) would go better now...?

I recently realized I could finally put some money into DragonFable, and after nearly 7 years of sitting on my DA I was able to buy some DCs + the DoomKnight set, and I got a bunch of the EXP Boosts. So if people recommend that I just level my way up to 90 I think I'm a lot more willing to do so now than a few weeks ago! :D
(The grind, it hurts, I don't know how so many of you did it!)
DF  Post #: 517
6/27/2020 18:44:29   

Both the solos can be done, no doubt, with a 600 dragon at level 72. Of the classes you mentioned, Eternal Epoch is the best class for both dragons, though v2 can do Dolaas easily too. Use 200 Prot 200 Assistance 200 Fighting Dragon. Use a 200 END 100 Mainstat 55 WIS Human. With Scout + Epoch's Ultra Boost, you have enough bonus to ignore Dolaas's anti hit count mechanic, and you can easily pull out the hits needed to break Hatir's scales.

For gear, get the Thousand Flame Wings and the level 60 Uaanta's Blaster (charging). Unraveler wings should be easy to get with v2 and assistance dragon (or Eternal Epoch), but I'm pretty sure Thousand Flame wings are better. Ideally you want C7 and Elpis as well (quite straightforward with v2 imo), but if you're struggling with Inn fights, Uaanta's Blaster (Charging) is ok too. The best weapon at level 72 is the level 70 Destiny weapon, so get that too. Otherwise, your best bet is the Ultimate Brand of Glory weapon for Dolaas (dunno for Hatir).

If you're willing to spend DCs, get Fierce Dragon Lord Helm; without DCs, get the level 70 Joker's Helm. Also with DCs, show Dragonknight Staff, without, show Dragonblade.

That being said, the Inn is much harder at <90, especially if you're not super familiar with Dragonfable mechanics and gear. Grinding to 90, then following my Intro to Inn series, might be easier than struggling with the inn now :)

I'm happy to answer more questions, either here or on Discord.

EDIT: We also occasionally do "over the shoulder" guidance on Discord, where you stream your run and we just tell you what to do. Kind of a last resort, though. :)

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DF  Post #: 518
6/27/2020 19:09:29   

I'll definitely be following your advice for equipment! Thanks so much!

If I still can't crack the Unraveler with DoomKnight, I might need that last resort... Fingers crossed! :D
Thank you for the advice on discord as well!

Time to farm and grind!
DF  Post #: 519
6/29/2020 16:17:07   

Well, killed the white dragon with SWOT ( wanted with techonomancer to practice the due , but nvm ).
Also found my problem after checking techno's abillities ( not my most used classed, did challanged with ascendant, Kathol, Swot, CW , ranger, didnt play too much of it ) and found out it has many skills of 3 hits ( 1 with short cd ) while I was trying to break the shield of the white dragon with 1 hit ( regular attack ) .

In my opinion, against the white dragon it should be - first scale break regulary ( fast now with skills with more hits ), 2nd break will use vent to prevant healing, 3rd break trinket's skill , 4th vent ( if its about to heal ) so 4 scales which I prevent healing.

Few questions though :
1. is there a spesific turn its more reccomanded to break the scales during the routine? ( which skill at the end game viki, its numbered from 1 to 19 there, tell me before which if there is, or just as fast as possible )
2. The main problem is that the white dragon always use scales, so even if I can get rid of the black one easly, when it comes to fighting him, he heals more than my DPS ( or just bad luck , also didnt try with the faster way to break scales yet ).
3. So this challange is basicly about getting good luck in the coin flipping and not getting the healing routine I guess, right ?

Thx in advance.
Post #: 520
6/29/2020 16:43:50   

@FMan: The goal of defeating the white Dragon, Drahr'Hatir is to learn it's patterns and switch equipment.

So when it is dealing higher damage, use defensive gear that gives bonuses to evasion or Good/All -resistances.

1. Just read the whole article.
2. When it is dealing lower damage and is defensive/heals, use offensive equipment to deal high damage (Soulwoven Clothes from The Forum, Distorted Doom Visage, show weapons with specials that deal bonus damage to Dragons, etc)
3. Well, not really. It certainly helps that Drahr'Hatir doesn't do healing routine, but if you switch your equipment to deal more damage than what it heals, that is not an issue.

The Duo is the hardest and longest fight in the inn, so it is better to have endgame wiki articles on the one side of your monitor and the fight on the other. And be prepared, while there are some videos on youtube where some players have defeated the duo without using 5 potions, Seaweed and Rotten Hardtack, bring them still to fight, as there are some variations to those Dragon's rotations.
DF  Post #: 521
6/29/2020 17:46:14   

@Dratomos, FMan is using Technomancer and so cannot gear swap easily :(

Techno takes a long time to kill the white dragon. Above 50%, you'll always get the healing rotation, but you should be able to get it sub 50% easily within 3-4 rotations. Then, there's some randomness if it goes healing or nuke rotation. If you get multiple heals in a row, Hatir will heal 33% at the best and will just outgrind you in the worst case.

I actually have been telling people to use MSW over Techno, due to the ease of dealing with Hatir - there's more Direct hit RNG with Dolaas, but it's much preferable to have the RNG come in the earlier part of the fight.

As for your questions:
1. As soon as possible, but it depends on how your cooldowns lineup. You don't want to eat the nuke or the full heal once, if you can help it.
2. Not a question.
3. No, it's about grinding Hatir down below 50%, and then not getting very unlucky with multiple Shining Scales in a row.
DF  Post #: 522
6/29/2020 20:01:39   

Alright, will try the MSW , if its more favorable against the white one.
Since MSW got 6 CD shield, and a -100 bonus, I guess I should use the trinket skill first on the white dragon to force him into healing mode, and then face the black one - MSW shield, -100 bonus+ debuffs, MSW shield and so on, and use the baby dragon shield when Im about to get a double nuke ( mini nuke from the white one I guess) , till its dead and then breaking the scales of the white dragon hoping to get it under 50% hp and getting the luck . Overall idea is right?

And ty guys for the tips :)

< Message edited by FMan -- 6/29/2020 20:03:25 >
Post #: 523
6/29/2020 20:27:24   

Basically, yeah. Here's video showing that strategy in action:
DF  Post #: 524
7/10/2020 13:29:31   

Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Build: Chaosweaver, Master Soulweaver, Necroparagon, Dragonlord
Weapons Equipped: Veraad I, Doomed dragon amulet scythe, Ice scythe (shown), Blade of awe(shown)
Accessories Equipped: Distorted doom visage II, Akhriloth's Bane III, Dragon's Rage, Mage's Challenger Belt, Ring of Otherworld I, wings of unraveler II
Stats: 200 INT 50 END 45 WIS
Pets Equipped: Dragon 200 Mischief 200 Magic 80 Fighting
Previously Used Strategies: Trust me, im so frustated to get this ego vaals trinket, tried with sir leon and rolith for the 2 stuns. artix nythera for pure damage, even tried raven and rolith. ITS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME, managed to kill vaal easily, and when it comes to Xan... damn. I have tried stacking fire resist, but still i cant finish Xan the DoT will eventually kill me
Notes: Yes, i have not managed to get legion bracer cause i cant do it since its now solo and cant bring guest help me with this one too if you would. Please give me any ideas regarding rotations of chaosweaver skills, cause so far im enjoying the class and with only chaosweaver i get to beat other bosses, or am i missing something? i trid BSW, its nerfed so its kinda trashy now MSW better but still for me chaosweaver better.

Skill rotation i have used so far: Unempowered vengence on Vaal, Tickles, Stun (guest), Guest skill, Gambit, Untangle, Supernova, Guest Skill, Stun (guest), Soul Shred (stun), Fury, Guest attack, guest attack, Slice to kill vaal / soul rip if he's low health and to chance stun Xan. At this point one of my guest will be dead, and one is dying, so i start to deal damage to xan by going with Obliterate / Aggression / Soul Siphon if im in low health. And then I go hit him hard again with maybe slice or something. by the time he's halfway dead i use my dragon stun on him. but then my Rebuke damage doesnt kill him, and then im dead due to the DoT.

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