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RE: =DF= Battle Strategy Thread

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9/19/2018 0:21:52   

Monster/Quest Name: Leorilla
Character Link: https://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=46482790
Dragon Amulet (yes/no): Yes
Level: 90
Build: Mage, Ascendant, SW, MSW, Necro Paragon, among others
Weapons Equipped: Dimensionly Shifted Blade
Accessories Equipped: Necro Paragon Cape IV, Unhallowed DeathKnight Circlet, Amulet, & Belt, Baltael's Aventail, Uaanta's Blaster IV (Uncharged), Legion Bracer
Stats: INT: 200 END: 175 WIS: 70
Pets Equipped: Avalon (Kid Dragon)
Previously Used Strategies: BSW
Notes: N/A (for now)

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DF  Post #: 126
9/19/2018 6:02:01   
elite dark slayer


Following the patience Dragonlord strategy in this link helped me beat Leorilla. You shouldn't need hardtack and seaweed, but if you bring them you're almost guaranteed a win.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 127
9/19/2018 7:29:37   
Shadow X Ascendant


Class Paladin

Equips (Same for Sir Bearginion and Weird Duo) Spystaff / Spybrand / Spyblade of Static III and Shown Blade of Awe . Chessemonger Gratitude Lv 85. Grimey Ring. Man's best Friend Trinket. Aika Backguard Lv 75. Warding Girgle Lv 85. Rose Researcher Mask Lv 85. Legion Bracer.

Leorilla is watching you : You can Debuff Leorilla
Leorilla is watching his fur for impurities : You can buff yourself.

Once he is under 50% HP we will watch randomly so use no Buff/ Debuff skills. You can still Stun her.

Use Stun. Crusader Strike. Holy wrath. Phoenix. Cor Lucern. If you need healing use Greater Heal or Healing Strike.

You won't will need Pet Dragon (DON'T bring Pet Dragon Since he can buff you. Neither for Sir Bearginion or Weird Duo) or +Potions or Hero's Diet (Seaweed or Rotten Hardtack) . And you don't even need to change your stats. Pretty simple.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 128
9/19/2018 7:48:57   

@elite dark slayer, aww, thanks! I've got Bearingion and Weird Duo up there and every challenge up to Uthuluc's Simulacrum (it included) on there.
DF  Post #: 129
9/19/2018 12:20:07   

is showing champain skullcracker a better idea than showing blade of awe? Both have the same chance of activating their respective specials but champain skullcracker heals you for 10% of your max health, while BoA which heals you for 4% max HP and MP
Post #: 130
9/19/2018 12:51:20   

The issue is champain skullcracker is rare/seasonal while blade of awe is not.

Can someone refresh me on the strategy for Primordial Duo. The guide has not reached that point yet.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 131
9/19/2018 12:56:13   
Shadow X Ascendant

The Primordials (Re-Post /updated from Page 2)
Class - Baltael's Soulweaver. Stats - 200 STR for stun Chance and 200 LUK for Crit and Defenses
200 Protect Dragon, 5 Potions From Scrap Cloak, Hero's Diet (R. Hardtack + Seaweed)
Weapons - Fragmented Blade, not 100% needed but helps, Ultimate weapon of Destiny Or Sea Chicken Conquest III show blade of awe, 1 weapon of each type, Staff, Sword and Dagger.
Acessories - Baltael's Aventail (+20 End/Wis), Slimy Necklace (level 75, for 25 Stun Resist), Unhallowed DK Ring Lv 80, Warding Girgle Lv 85, Uaanta Blaster IV or Not-So-Tiny Bubbles. Unraveler Wings III
First Stun Sciudaerothep, Then Shield, and hit uthuluc with Frag. Blade, on third turn attack him with soul pierce, equip U. Weapon of Destiny and use Valour Impact, Then (check if he doesn't have any defense actived) Baltael's Sync, Soul Burst to Stun, Soul Slash, keep repeating, He will use Void Stun/Focus after his 3rd Life Leech, use vacuum to reduce his damage in 50%.
Witness - Doesn't need to be killed, and don't attack you so just ignore it.
Sciudaerothep - He gets 1 Defense Each Round, Rotating From Magic - Pierce - Melee, Kill it 3 Times, and witness will flee.
Sciuridaehotep 3rd Life / Timeless Watcher's Nuke - use Soul Slash and Soul Vacuum before he nukes. On his next nuke these two will be on cooldown. Use Bubbles Trinket. Then on 3rd nuke . Slash and Vacuum......... Until you kill him

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 132
9/19/2018 13:08:54   

Iíll be adding this exact strat in the guide, too, as Shadow is working with me. So, when it does reach there, if anyone wants to check it out, you can go from there too.
DF  Post #: 133
9/19/2018 13:31:42   

What does everyone think about ranger for the primordial duo since crits are so required?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 134
9/19/2018 13:39:19   

I think it's worth noting that the primordials is pretty much a guaranteed win with BSW once uthuluc's down as long as you don't do anything stupid after that. Just keep stalling scuridaehotep until your blade or your dragon heals you and soulsync's cooldown ends

@kurtz I actually tried using ranger a couple of times because someone on reddit said they beat the duo with it, but imo it's a lot harder to pull off than with BSW and fragmented blade

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Post #: 135
9/22/2018 5:12:09   

But DmK is still better. As with Dominion, I have no idea how to get past te Duo, let alone the trio. Iíve beaten the Kathool Simulacrum, thatís not the problem. The problem lies with that stinking Duo. Killing Argus makes the seasons go in chaos and killing the Archdryad makes the Skywatcher go insane. Which oneís better? (Iím thinking killing the Srchdryad first, sheís annoying)
DF  Post #: 136
9/24/2018 1:50:19   
Shadow X Ascendant

Dominion of Nightmares - Baltael's Soulweaver (I still don't believe i create this strategy by myself while on Puffin Web Browser)

(At Individual ArchDryad Duo. You won't even need temp itens)

Stats - 200 STR/ 200 INT , 45 END
or 200 INT/ 200 END , 45 WIS (You decide which one)

Weapon Equipped - SoulForged Weapon Lv 85 - Ice (To make SF weapon be at your element you have to click on Preview to it become from ??? To ice). Lv 85 SF weapons have +10 All.

Weapon Shown - Ice scythe replica
Blade of Awe for need

Acessories - Unhallowed DK Amulet, Ring , Belt. Flying Saurce Belt IX (For When Kathool is Alone) , Legion Bracer And Unraveler Wings III

Trinket - (Extremaly Necessary) = Not-So-Tiny bubbles Trinket

5 Potions + Hero's Diet + 200 Protection Dragon
( I just beated them 3 times with an 137 Protect dragon on my secondary account )

Archdryad Phase - Shield, Stun Kathool, Soul Pierce + Valour Impact on Archdryad, Trinket on Skywatcher , Retribution on Archdryad (To activate special) , Full Sync on Archdryad, keep damaging her until her hp is under 1095. Use shield before using Soul Pierce.

Skywatcher Phase - Use Trinket (That's it's primordial use here) and shield whenever possible. Also use Enslave / Soul Burst on Kathool whenever possible. Use Soul Pierce + Valour Impact + Retribution to activate special. Full Sync. Keep damaging him with all you have , when his hp is under 1095 HP. Soul Slice.

Kathool Phase - . His stun is very very rare. (I never seen it myself) . You Can only Hurt Him only while you're under 50% HP so Use Shield whenever possible, if he just used come.join don't use trinket unless your shield is out of cooldown. Soon after Come.Join he will do Cleanse.Heal, The More debuffs he have more he will Heal. If your hp gets too High equip Default weapon to minimum damage. if your hp gets too low, show blade of awe to heal you a little. Keep damaging him , when his hp is at around 3500 use Enslave. Full Sync. If his HP gets under 2318 Finish with your Soul Slice. If not use Shield, Soul+Pierce and Valour Impact , this should be enough to make his hp go under 2318 for Soul Slice K.O him.

Take your Reward , Tranquility of The Self. "You are in Control".

Q&A : "Why not killing Skywatcher first?"

1 - His attacks are already not very accutare normally, when enraged too So NST Bubbles is an Super Life Saver.

2 - Enraged Dryad gets an nasty 160 Hit Boost , So your NST Bubbles will do nothing against her Boost

Soul Slice at level 90

Archdryad Duo 7304 HP each. 7304/100 x 15 = 1095.6 , At 1095 HP to Soul Slice K.O

Kathool S. = 15459 HP . 15459/100 x15 = 2318.5 HP , At 2318 HP to Soul Slice K.O

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 137
9/24/2018 7:45:46   

So, practically I can also use the Ultradefensive Items, too, right? Along with Not SO Tiny Bubbles they'd be OP.
DF  Post #: 138
9/24/2018 8:06:04   
Shadow X Ascendant

They will offer less Light/Darkness Damage so if Skywatcher Hits you , You will take an even higher number of damage. Because you will get -180 Defense and -200 Crit even if you dodge the attack.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 139
9/24/2018 8:30:11   

-180 Defense is -180 B/P/D. My M/P/M is at 85. Plus it didnít apply the defense debuff. But in that case what would -32 BtH do against -135 B/P/D in any case? (32 from NSTB -50 and Skywatcher having 18 BtH, and 135 from me having ~65 B/P/D?
DF  Post #: 140
9/24/2018 9:37:19   
Shadow X Ascendant

When he is enraged , his Attacks become an little "Blinded". It hit very harder, but with less accuracy. So if you have NTS Bubbles and Defense from Unhallowed Gear , And sometimes Soul Aegis to be sure of Defending. you can outcome the -180 BPD and also reduce damage taken if you didn't dodge the hit since the gear from Unhallowed DK is the gear with most Light AND Darkness resistance

On Necklace and Belt gives +11 Darkness/ Light +9 Stun resistance Each. Circlet offers +4 Light / Darkness. On Ring you can use Unhallowed Dk Circlet or Void Chitin Ring Band for +5 All but less Health and Mana.

Hidebehind Cape will remove your All Resistance. So against Kathool it's an pain. Because you have to be under 50% HP. Also want an -40 All Forever? I think is an bad idea even with +Defenses.

I finished Dominion with 3 potions left. On ArchDryad Duo Alone i Finished with Full HP and used 1 health potion only

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 141
9/25/2018 7:44:40   

Well, I finished ArchDryad Duo with the Hidebehind and NO Potions and Sky hit me, like, once, after Archdryad Malydrys passed. Though itís worth noting that Glancing Blows do 100 damage or more, but considering Yllmar, really, thatís nothing.
DF  Post #: 142
9/28/2018 9:20:24   
Shadow X Ascendant

Whe Kathool is Alone you can switch the Unhallowed Belt for Flying Saurce Belt IX For +8 ??? Resistance

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 143
9/28/2018 9:30:58   

...i think ur on da wrong thread...
DF  Post #: 144
9/29/2018 20:46:43   
Shadow X Ascendant

I Fixed it already. Thanks man hehehe. But and the Trio, Finished Already?

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 145
10/1/2018 2:16:08   

I individually beat both with Epoch... which proves that Epochís a really good class, too. I find it hard to defeat Kathool with SoulWeaver normally, though...
DF  Post #: 146
10/1/2018 5:36:11   

Monster/Quest Name: Dominion Challenge
Character Link:https://www.dragonfable.com/df-chardetail.asp?id=27216550
Dragon Amulet (yes/no):Yes
Build:Wizard I guess?
Weapons Equipped:Necrotic Sword of Doom
Accessories Equipped:DeathKnight Belt, ring, and circlet
Stats:200 INT/END 45 WIS
Pets Equipped:Pet Dragon 200 Resistance
Previously Used Strategies:
Notes:I'm trying to beat the challenge with either ascendant or doomknight but I can't so far =( Any advice as to how I can approach the challenge using either?
AQW  Post #: 147
10/1/2018 6:11:34   

Btw you donít have to get the items from Ruby the Chef: you can get them from the Drowned Fortress free of charge.
DF  Post #: 148
10/1/2018 8:31:36   
Shadow X Ascendant

Using Ascendant You will need The Temp Frozen Claymore or Hamstergeddon that costs DCs and Very Very Luck To Trigger it's special on Both ArchDryad and Skywatcher. But if you use my strategy just above you won't will need Neither FC or Hamstergeddon. At my gallery i just published an Victory Screenshot over Dominion.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 149
10/1/2018 11:30:21   

Yh but your strategy involves using soul weaver (don't have the artifact as I'm too lazy to farm for it) so can I get a strategy suggestion for ascendant and doomknight?
AQW  Post #: 150
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