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RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions

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10/21/2018 5:18:50   

Oh oh, another question! (dear God, why don't all questions come to me at once?)

Are there any plans to make more armors within miscs or spells like Snide and Shapeshifter? I really like the option those items provide and would love to see more of those!!!
Not currently, but we can keep it in mind! ~IMR

Ah, and I remember some talk who knows how many years back about raising the stat cap, is this still a possibility or was the idea totally scrapped? Considering it didn't become a thing until now I'm assuming it was scrapped, but it would be nice to know if I can still have some faint hope about it...
It's on the backburner. We really need someone to sit down and crunch the numbers, but we don't have much free time right now. ~IMR

Thanks in advance! ^^)/

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AQ  Post #: 226
10/21/2018 5:25:23   
Primate Murder

Are there any plans to increase the number of characters you can use per account? I think I'm not alone in thinking that 5 is a little low.

I know there was talk of account merging...
I'm pretty sure no; account merging would be the way around this. ~IMR

Also, Warlic's Shop only holds low levels of the Zardwards Wands. Is that a bug or intended?
Should be fixed by now. ~IMR

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AQ DF  Post #: 227
10/23/2018 22:09:20   

Could we get the Going Kukoo war out of limbo?

Done! ~IMR

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 228
10/23/2018 22:55:29   

What is the current progress on the account merge and item gifting features?
In relation to account merging, what about accounts that each have their own vaults? Seems unfair if we could not merge these kinds of accounts, as no warning was made about that when vaults are created, yet I seem to recall it was mentioned as a potential issue somewhere.
Post #: 229
10/24/2018 11:53:00   

Oh, and more of a curiosity question than anything, but... Do you have any ideas of what a revamped Lohkaista Shard would look like?

I was recently theorizing what gear I'd use when fighting Wicked King once I reached lv 150 (still 143! >.<), and it felt like it would be really nice if Lohkaista was something that did like... Multiplies all damage you take against Demons by *0.7 or something.

I don't really expect the misc to be revamped any time soon, but it would be nice if you could give me a general idea of what it would like if revamped!

I'm asking mainly because some of my friends were theorizing it would work similarly to Cyclops' Eye or Mana Trap instead, which would be pretty useless against Wicked King's burn... Others theorized it would only reduce the Demon's damage, and not the status damage, so it wouldn't help either...

Well, it doesn't change much if the misc doesn't actually get revamped, but I got like, super duper curious after a bunch of theorycrafting, so it would be nice if you could at least give me a rough idea of how it would actually work! >.< (I wouldn't expect exact numbers or anything though)

Thanks in advance! ^^)/

I could see it giving a boost to all resists. Maybe *0.65, or *0.75 if Kam is thinks it's too powerful. The other stuff looks about right. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 230
10/26/2018 3:42:05   

If were're going to suggest older armours that could use higher level variants, where would we put them?
Just put them in this thread. ~IMR

Another question: Is the upcoming Paladin class intended to be Hybrid or Warrior? Because as it being one of the two end-game classes, it just makes me wonder about balance...
I'm currently planning on warrior/mage/hybrid variants. ~IMR

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DF AQW  Post #: 231
10/26/2018 7:20:41   

@Above The best place would be the suggestions subforum, but... You're actually not supposed to post those there either... >.>

From the FSI:

Update this quest/item/monster/etc: The team is well aware of what needs to be updated. Items will be updated when the staff update them. Suggesting to update anything in particular will not increase the speed with which the team chooses to update. If the team desires input on something, they will ask.
AQ  Post #: 232
10/30/2018 4:18:11   

Is it possible to implement face vaulting?
AQ  Post #: 233
10/30/2018 8:41:39   

Any items coming to the LTS to replace Ethereal Soul Drinker, the Scarecrow faces and the 16th Anniversary Cake? Since it's already coming to the end of the month.
AQ  Post #: 234
11/1/2018 16:50:12   

What is this Soup story that made a kid cry that was mentioned in the quest?
AQ AQW  Post #: 235
11/4/2018 6:05:22   

There have been reports on Discord, some saying that Werepyre's healing is bugged, healing much lesser than that of Vampire's or Werewolves', please look into it.

There's also a bug in the lean of the beast form, reverting back to neutral instead of FO whenever you finish a battle with it on and then on to another battle with the Beast mode still on, also the case when you switch into another armor without turning off Beast mode and then back again with Beast mode still on, requiring one to off Beast mode and then on it again to get back the correct FO lean.

Should be fixed. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 236
11/5/2018 19:54:33   
Dreiko Shadrack

Regarding the werepyre weapons, could they be given a magic toggle? not sure why they're locked to just melee, if there's ever a line of weapon the merits that kind of toggle it's these.
Also, could they do something uh more while being used with werepyre? because their hybrid stats mc doesn't really stack with werepyre's hybrid stats they don't actually do anything at all for the subrace they're made for.

Sure. Magic toggle added, and it now does +10% damage in the class armour. ~Imry

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 237
11/6/2018 4:01:02   

The lean of Werepyre Beast Form is still bugged, changing to Neutral from FO when you proceed to another battle with it on, or when you switch to another armor and back again without turning off Beast Mode, forcing you to off Beast Mode and then on again to get back the FO lean.

Should be fixed. ~Imry

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AQ  Post #: 238
11/7/2018 5:03:36   

With the Ultra Rare Golden Gift Box item "The Light Lord's Cleric", is the... default looking face covering ours an odd design choice or a bug? Because if it's a bug, I'd like to see it fixed, since it's an armour that otherwise interests me.

I would also confirm the reported Werepyre transformation lean bug. In addition I would ask: The un-transformed states of the Werewolf and Vampire forms are now fully offensive. I don't recall it being like this, since I thought an offensive lean was part of the appeal of the transformation. Was it always like this but I've forgotten, was it changed, or is there a bug of some kind?

Light Lord Cleric should be fixed now.

I'm updating and de-spaghettifying the code on Werewolf and Vampire. They won't be fixed for a while, but they're still planning on being fixed. ~Imry

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DF AQW  Post #: 239
11/7/2018 8:07:29   

Any thing new coming to the LTS to replace Ethereal Soul Drinker and the Scarecrow faces?
AQ  Post #: 240
11/7/2018 10:08:42   

@Biokirkby Light's Lord Cleric equipping default face is intended.

Vamp/Were are FO right now because of a bug.
AQ  Post #: 241
11/8/2018 7:38:31   

Ah, thanks for the info!
DF AQW  Post #: 242
11/8/2018 14:53:21   
Dreiko Shadrack

Why is the werepyre's stat booster only 35/35? the other subraces have two boosters of 50 and seeing as they're activateable at the same time I don't much understand why the werepyre one isn't 50/50 as well. Is it because it's boosting 2 mainstats?

Werepyre only gets one stat boost, but it gets Bloodlust instead. We figure it'd be more useful. ~Imry

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 243
11/10/2018 10:41:17   

imry kun r u going to make and end game dragon slayer eventually as well?
Post #: 244
11/10/2018 16:22:14   

@Dreiko Shadrack I believe it's because it compresses two boosts into one toggle, giving you a total of 70. However, I agree that it should be 50/50, to put the total stat bonus to damage you receive (with hybrid stats) on par with what the other subraces provide. It should also have a higher cost to compensate.

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AQ  Post #: 245
11/11/2018 1:02:07   

For the Werepyre stat toggle, I almost don't want to suggest making it stronger. I like it the way it is, a one time payment of SP for 35+ in two stats. But alas, it's not fair, is it? ...Is it even supposed to be a one time payment? Is this a fixed bug and I haven't cleared my cache? Because it only costs me the SP once so it's basically free after that battle. That said, I would be happy to see a 50/50 boost with upkeep, particularly if it was an SP+MP upkeep. (Y'know... half and half, not 100% of the cost twice.)

Also, since I do have some questions (maybe not for dev?) I saw someone asked about the custom faces and titles before, but they were answered in PMs so I didn't learn anything. Do the titles have to be lore friendly? For example, could I have "God of Lore" or (something I'd be more likely to use) "Forgotten Deity?" Additionally, I assume slurs aren't allowed, or at least I hope not. That said, what wiggle room would I have for... well, I don't want to quite say it because I don't know if it's allowed. But let's put it this way: "Coming out of the coffin" is what I'm using, since there's nothing more explicit. (And I myself am... uh, not straight, so it's out of a desire to be true to myself.)
Titles don't have to be lore-friendly. We accept pretty much all titles as long as there's no swearing or anything explicit. And we accept all kinds of people here <3

And, with the faces, I have pretty much the same questions as Zephyr3337 (they asked about it on page 9.) I have pretty much the same questions. And, more specifically... is it possible to have a face that changes colours when I click on it? Like, specifically between two or three colour palettes, no difference to the actual design? I'd probably like to buy the face package on day, and I know I'd regret it if I didn't check what was possible.
Sorry, but this isn't possible. We feel like it's a bit of a slippery slope to letting people make their faces with a dozen variations (colours, hats, monocles) that they can click through, resulting in a lot more work for our animators. ~Imry

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DF AQW  Post #: 246
11/11/2018 2:58:21   

@Biokirkby Werepyre's stat boost is not supposed to be a one-time payment... *tests it a bit* Yeah, definitely bugged, staff will probably roll a fix for it soonish, it's supposed to cost SP every turn.

The Custom Titles don't need to be lore-friendly at all btw, I think you can't include slurs and things like it though.

As for the faces... I think things start bugging if you add clicky things in it, so those are probably not allowed. Not sure on that though.
AQ  Post #: 247
11/11/2018 3:27:21   
Primate Murder

So, what's the current list of werepyre bugs?

+33% damage with magic Beast Form

/2 Panic

Stat boost costs

Is there anything else?

These should all be fixed. ~Imry

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AQ DF  Post #: 248
11/11/2018 3:37:58   

The guest attacks with darkness and inflicts earth/darkness elevuln, regardless of the elements of the armor used to summon it.

Should be fixed. ~Imry

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AQ  Post #: 249
11/13/2018 9:32:29   
Dreiko Shadrack

The new panic is great but summoning the guests breaks the game, you're perpetually stuck in the summoning pose.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 250
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