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RE: =AQ= Direct-to-Dev Questions

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5/31/2019 11:36:56   

I don't know if this is the correct thread for this, for starters.

The patch yesterday that nerfed all the Z-finity Gauntlet items seems a bit too punitive. For example, the Space Gauntlet's Harden Space ability now costs 6x what it did before, and the Time Gauntlet's 1-use ability costs about 2.5x the SP it did. The Soul Gauntlet's 1-use ability give about 1/2 as much SP as before.

Maybe their abilities were too powerful originally, but having released them as such (and having had players like myself waste so many Z-tokens on them) it seems a bit unfair to nerf them so heavily! Is it possible to re-balance them to somewhere in between?

For example, the Space Gauntlet's power, instead of costing 6x the SP it did before, could cost 2x or 3x. The Time Gauntlet's power, instead of costing 2.5x, could cost 1.5x or 1.75x. The Soul Gauntlet's power could replenish 2/3 its original SP, instead of 1/2.

To get a few of these just costs SO many tokens which translates into a good deal of money. Maybe people who buy them in these last 3 days (before they're taken down) won't care, but I really do. I had been thinking about buying the last one with that June Z-token promo. I definitely won't now, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else, either.

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DF  Post #: 326
6/1/2019 13:02:47   
child of satan

This might be the wrong place but not sure where else to post.

I am currently struggling to open the game page. I have tried in Google chrome, Firefox and internet explorer with no success and I have also cleared my cookies to see if that would work. I don't know if anyone else having this issue.
AQ  Post #: 327
6/1/2019 13:59:30   
Galactic Assassin X


Sometimes the game launcher site goes out. I don't know why, but the Battleon site might also be affected, though I haven't checked.

If you continue to have the issue, try to switch between http and https in the url and see if that works.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 328
6/1/2019 14:21:27   

@child of satan @Galactic Assassin X Site is currently down, just wait until it gets back up.
AQ  Post #: 329
6/5/2019 16:27:37   

Have you (the Staff) ever thought of increasing the MC bonus to something like 10%? How did you come up with 5% as the basis for the bonus? (just curious)
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 330
6/9/2019 17:20:23   
Galactic Assassin X

AQ (Paid) Staff:

Can you please put old quests and wars that are main story relevant (Carnax saga, etc) back in-game? It would greatly help new and returning players.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 331
6/9/2019 23:46:44   

A couple related questions:

1: Is the !!! upgrade to the Armor of Awe still moving along, or has it been shelved indefinitely?

2: Are custom armors(a la the custom pets & weapons) still being considered, and if yes, how would they differ from the Armor of Awe/other element swap armors in the Guardian Tower?
AQ Epic  Post #: 332
6/21/2019 7:21:40   


In light of the recent releases, would it be possible to update War's weapon as well as his and Panic's armors? It would be nice if so.
AQ  Post #: 333
6/30/2019 8:54:39   

Will the expansion warpquest be available on the game launcher?
MQ  Post #: 334
7/1/2019 0:20:29   

Hi, would it be possible to update the Patriot Katana to be able to scale to plv153 instead of just plv150 like what you did with the no- drops, as well as many of the other scaling equipments?
AQ  Post #: 335
7/4/2019 7:29:05   

Hi, is it possible for the Sparklers be updated too?
AQ  Post #: 336
7/8/2019 10:17:08   

Is the Warlord Set one of the sets on track for an update? I had enough spare tokens on my alt for it thanks to the sale, and a lot of it seems really good in concept but the execution is lacking. (I.e. the armor's main weapon-based skill is overcosted by current standards, and the FSB taking a turn to activate kills any chance of it being used now that quick-cast skills are common.)

With just a few small touches I could imagine it being a decent alternative to Blazing Bloodzerker.

It's not currently on the schedule, and right now our plates are pretty full, so it's not getting anything anytime soon :( Sorry! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 337
7/14/2019 5:47:32   

If a Neko were to use the Human Scepter form of the Shadowscourge Pyracepter, would it be considered as being of the wrong race?

Right, it'd be the wrong race. The Pyracepter specifically checks that your subrace is None, and Neko is not None. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 338
7/17/2019 19:34:54   

it's shark week this week, will you guys bring zarnado back?
AQ  Post #: 339
7/23/2019 16:13:53   

This is no way a priority but could Mjollnir get an updated MC? Not sure if a toggle between a no proc melee weapon and 100 proc ranged weapon warrants a MC since one form will likely be superior to the other unless in like a MD armor. Plus we have items these days that can toggle between different MRM modes at no cost.

Also for the pet, the EleVuln numbers seem somewhat low. A 25% rate attack that requires 4 hits to connect along with a save only gives *1.191% Energy damage whereas the newer Model 294 has a TOGGLE for +31.43*(hits/4) 100% of the time.

Idk if this was the right place to put this. Thanks!
AQ AQW  Post #: 340
7/23/2019 17:37:16   

^It's possible that the Asgardian Set as a whole is planned for a revamp, though I don't know of they can confirm or deny at this point in time.
AQ  Post #: 341
8/1/2019 13:37:11   

How are attack animations applied to armors?


1: Is the !!! upgrade to the Armor of Awe still moving along, or has it been shelved indefinitely?

2: Are custom armors(a la the custom pets & weapons) still being considered, and if yes, how would they differ from the Armor of Awe/other element swap armors in the Guardian Tower?

Not exactly a bug, but I'm wondering, is the Pumpkin Golem intentionally not tagged as a plant?

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AQ Epic  Post #: 342
8/9/2019 2:10:16   

Hi, was the King's Hockey Glaive supposed to change color every year based on the color of the team that won the NHL title? It has purple after the Los Angeles Kings since 2014, but from what I've heard the St. Louis Blues are the winners this year.
AQ  Post #: 343
8/24/2019 4:11:53   


(9/28/2018 9:17:33)

Me: With Fire Dragon Blade being at 150G(PLvl 153), will the other elemental dragon blades be updated to be at lv150G as well?

IMR: Sure, but not right now. Poke us the next time there's a dragon war on! ~IMR

I'm not sure if this is the Dragon War of the year or not but is it possible for this to be done now?
AQ  Post #: 344
9/3/2019 9:26:53   

I'd said something about this in my personal suggestions thread, but would it be possible to update the Bloodzerker armors' appearance to have some visual indicator that the toggle is active? Maybe have them glow with a red/green/whatever armor when the elelock skill is in effect? It'd help a lot to prevent me from forgetting when the toggle is in effect.
AQ  Post #: 345
9/4/2019 9:18:52   

Can we have an indicator that tells us if we activated purple rain? I tend to forget and that usually leads to me activating it again and wasting it or I'm inflicting status effects only to find out that I haven't even activated it so there is no point to it anymore.
Post #: 346
9/7/2019 5:43:18   

Custom Weapon names don't seem to be permanent now, they keep reverting back even after fighting a battle and winning it to save.



From the login raffle event: Ruler Buster Blade. Kam says:

Melee Light Sword, 0.1 base lean and neutral BtH lean, no special. Base lean is because units of measurement should always be consistent :V MC effect is that if attacking a Dazed or Sleeping foe, it does +10% damage, could possibly add other stunned statii like Paralyse?. It scales as though it's a Guardian item of the player's level, so the numbers below are for examples.

Level 5 15 35 55 75 95 115 135 150
Type G G G G G G G G G
PowLvl 15 23 41 59 78 98 118 138 153

Base 9 11 14 17 19 22 25 27 29
Rand 2 2 3 3 5 5 5 6 6
BtH 2 3 5 7 10 12 15 17 19

Do you guys plan on adding more stun-like statuses for Ruler Buster Blade to exploit?

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AQ  Post #: 347
9/17/2019 6:22:10   

Not sure if this is the right place or if it's too early to ask, but could we get a reskinned return of Mogloween Candy Bag(or any item with a similar no turn cost MP to HP recovery conversion function) for this October or later?

Maybe even a Frostval Candy Bag in Nov or Dec GGBs?

AQ  Post #: 348
9/20/2019 18:33:11   

*poke* Are there any updates you can give on the state of the Dracopyre subrace?
AQ Epic  Post #: 349
9/20/2019 18:50:59   

Dracopyre will probably come in Mogloween, like the other Darkovia subraces.
AQ  Post #: 350
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