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RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread

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1/21/2019 6:16:06   
you stop

Voucher Item definitely unless you don't have a Voucher of Nulgath Non Mem then I'd suggest other methods
AQW  Post #: 326
1/21/2019 13:52:30   
Hardcastle McCormick

So I finished VHL, got some membership, and started going after SDKA for the first time since 2013. I left off at 24 corrupt spirit orbs, and I got 5 more yesterday doing the wretched doomcoin quest. I donít recall any other quests being consistently faster than doomcoin, but Iím curious what the respective drop rates are for the ďDark Spirit OrbsĒ quest?

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AQW  Post #: 327
1/21/2019 14:48:47   

Generally speaking, if it is not listed in the wiki, it means it was never stated by the staff and thus it's unknown, but Creeper Enchant and Serpent Scythe always felt like about 5% chance each to me, as someone who did SDKA entirely by farming them, which is still only a wild guess.

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AQW  Post #: 328
1/21/2019 15:29:09   
Hardcastle McCormick

^So far I've gotten the Serpent Scythe much much quicker than the Creeper Enchant, but that could just be RNG. It probably evens out to around the same average speed as doomcoin if they're both that low, but at the moment it seems potentially faster.

Edit: Ok so one of the much older wikis says shadow reaper enchant is 1%, Iím just curious if it seems that low in anyoneís experience? If itís really 1% then doomcoin is a superior quest...

Edit 2: From doing the quest a few times, I have no trouble believing that the Scythe is around a 5% drop rate, but the Creeper drop feels almost as elusive as doomcoin...

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AQW  Post #: 329
1/22/2019 7:31:52   
you stop

I feel like the Dark Spirit Orbs quest is much faster simply due to the existence of Dark Energy. That may make a difference if anything. This, and Im not sure but I dont htink the drop rates are that low but I might not completely remember. Ive had SDKA for about a year now
AQW  Post #: 330
1/22/2019 12:55:08   
Hardcastle McCormick

^Hmm, the exchange rate for those is so low Iím not entirely sure it would make up for the longer quest time (assuming Creeper Enchant drop rate is the same as doomcoin) but it is definitely a point. Iím just reluctant to give up my whole stack of Dark Energy for 2 corrupt spirit orbs because I hate spam drops... but I probably should just get every possible orb.
AQW  Post #: 331
1/22/2019 20:35:58   
you stop

I'm pretty sure we'd never fully know unless we just count the number of times the enchant drops for every amount of kills we do. But regardless, if you feel like Doomcoin is the faster way, I will not argue since I really just cannot be bothered to even think about it. I'm just stating what I feel like is faster, and is the quest I did. Emphasis on what I *feel* hue
AQW  Post #: 332
1/23/2019 12:39:46   
The ErosionSeeker
*insert cheesy pun here*

Since this is one of the first times that a lot of people have Oblivion Blade, a warning for people using Tendurrr to get a lot of Blood Gems for Void Warlock: if you have max stacks of all but one resource, that's the only one that the game can choose to give you. However, if you have 96-99 Blood a Gems, you will instead get nothing from the quest.
Hopefully nobody else got burned by this!

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DF AQW  Post #: 333
1/23/2019 14:01:25   
How We Roll Winner

^ Really??? Because I've done Voucher Item for Gems while having 140+ gems and I still get Gems but less than 10.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 334
1/23/2019 15:49:04   

It has happened to me before, it seem to happen uniquely with this quest and not any other that drops x<amount> of items, I actually thought the quest was bugged and didn't drop anything as a result of this, I had to brainstorm trying to sell some of my reagents to see if it would work.

As a side note, I am currently only last item, 4/5 on Tools For the Job and 5/5 on Corrupted Touch, I just started Assisting Oblivion Blade(only old school Nulgath item I own, I am glad this is the one) after I finished all 5 Corrupted Touch items and stacked backup on Gems of Nulgath since it absurdly faster if I want only Blood Gems, current goal is to finish this before Friday... because that's when KH3 comes out, and about how I will just tune out from everything else and give my full attention to that until I finish it...
AQW  Post #: 335
1/23/2019 16:14:14   
Constructive & Helpful!

What other quests even drop items like Assisting Oblivion Blade? A "You will receive one of" quest, with different rewards, given in multiple amounts. The only one I can think of at the top of my head is Nation Loyalty Rewarded in ShadowBlast. I would love to test this one out myself to see if it is a problem with the Receive one of quest format and not only the Tendurrr quest, but I have 0 Diamond Badges, so I would need to stack up those to near cap first and that is not a possibility while I am currently farming Void Warlock.

1000 Approvals (and a couple TGs) away from my 4th Corrupted Touch turn in and many Blood Gems and TGs for my 3rd Tools for the job. I will probably be stuck doing this until next Friday at this rate.


Really??? Because I've done Voucher Item for Gems while having 140+ gems and I still get Gems but less than 10.

The difference here is that Choose one of works like a quest with a simple "reward" for completion, where you force the drop no matter what, which always ends in exact cap, if you get more than you can hold. In the case of a "You may receive one of", the game checks for valid drops, and if the only valid drop cannot be fully dropped, it appears to just discount the drop entirely.

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AQW  Post #: 336
1/24/2019 3:06:49   
Edme MacHeath


^Hmm, the exchange rate for those is so low Iím not entirely sure it would make up for the longer quest time (assuming Creeper Enchant drop rate is the same as doomcoin) but it is definitely a point. Iím just reluctant to give up my whole stack of Dark Energy for 2 corrupt spirit orbs because I hate spam drops... but I probably should just get every possible orb.

In my personal experience Dark Spirit Orbs takes around 15 minutes, sometimes longer around 20-30 minutes while Doomcoin took 30 up to an hour or even multiple hours if unlucky. Although these numbers are not absolutes given the biggest factor is RNG but i'll explain why I do think DoomCoin is a worse quest.
(This is from someone who has done both extensively, I have actually timed my results because I simply didn't wanna do the slower quest back then)

All of the drops in Dark Spirit Orbs have significantly higher drop rates than DoomCoin has. Aswell as the mobs being easier to oneshot due to lower HP, as well as the maps being designed as a maze which makes it advantageous for you to hop between rooms, in maul you kinda have to run straight across and on the hopping back you will experience having to wait for a brief period on the way back during the first room backwards.
I found myself traversing rooms in Dark Spirit Orbs slightly faster due to both of these factors. As well as getting dark energy which while has a pretty poor conversion rate did actually get me an extra corrupt rarely.

I personally do not recommend DoomCoin as it's both harder, slower and less advantageous for many reasons. Although the mobs don't have significantly higher HP but that does add a few percentage points to DSOs over DoomCoin IMO.

Going for a 5-15% drop rate and a 5% drop rate is way more effective than going for a 1% drop rate. Although none of them are confirmed except doomcoin, I believe, but that seems to explain why I would always do DSO faster than DoomCoin.
I think the problem is the assumption that creeper is 1%, in which it certainly is not and that the other is 5% in which it certaintly also is not. Unfortunately I cannot ever fully confirm these both to be false but from experience I actually think scythe is somewhere between 5 and 15% and that creeper is 5% but ofcourse it's not technically confirmed.

You do have to visit 3 different maps but it just doesn't really matter when you save more time than you would typing /join command three times.

I think the likelyhood of Dark Spirit Orbs being better is just there mathematically due to both the droprates and all the factors which seem to give some extra percentage points towards it. (Even if those percentage points might not be that much, I'm going to take it regardless and declare DSOs to be better than DoomCoin)
At the end it is technically up to you which you prefer as it is primarily RNG but I do think there are far more reasons to believe Dark Spirit Orbs is a better quest.

< Message edited by Edme MacHeath -- 1/24/2019 3:35:04 >
AQ  Post #: 337
1/24/2019 8:33:39   

Well, that's it, I am completely done with Void Warlock, and now all those 10 items are immediately going to the bank to be hopefully forgotten!

Now to refill all my reagents... and bank them all until next time...

< Message edited by Veya -- 1/24/2019 8:48:18 >
AQW  Post #: 338
1/24/2019 17:17:03   

I would like to suggest to any AQW moderator/tester to increase the drop rate chance of "Runes Found" item for the BoA merge.

Currently, the drop rate for "Runes Found" item is at 0.05%
It is extremely low but the reasoning for its justification is that the BoA gives superior enhancements.

I am suggesting increasing the drop rate from 0.05 to 0.10
a 0.05 increase or even a 0.03 increase. It won't do much but it will only do is decrease the farming time from 10 consecutive hours to less than that.

Because most players have other things to do in their day than farm a chaos lord over and over again. The majority of Players decide to abandon the quest for it and pursue it last in their bucket list after accomplishing most of their in-game accomplishments.

I'm suggesting just a small % chance that could help out a lot of people by not having to farm it for more hours or minutes. It's a painful quest item to obtain and accomplish.

All I can say now is I hope you take my suggestion into consideration and thank you for your time.

< Message edited by ahmed -- 1/24/2019 17:20:21 >
Post #: 339
1/24/2019 19:24:06   

Wow the Tendurr quest is that good?
What's the rate on it compared to CVK?
AQW Epic  Post #: 340
1/24/2019 19:34:41   
you stop

Veya's using Assisting Oblivion Blade, which imo is significantly faster than CVKS since drops are guaranteed. While you may just get one specific item, the Void Warlock quests only need Tainted Gem, Gem of Nul, Diamond, and Bloodgems. So once the other drops are fully stacked (mind u uni19, voucher, vnm all just stack to 1) then the items you need will drop fast. This method is by far the fastest for Bloodgems too by a huge margin. The other advantage being this quest is not daily unlike Assisting Crag or Assisting Drudgen
AQW  Post #: 341
1/25/2019 21:07:10   

Can someone kindly tell Asuka that this is not funny? I thought I was done with Nulgath farming until next year, but then two more items get added to those quests... it's fine, I had the reagents for them already, it is just annoying to be swindled like this when I thought I was done with this...

If anyone needs me, I will be in some random /nulgath room re-getting my Vouchers so I can restock my other reagents... also, it would be real cool if they could just AC tag The Secret 2 so I can just tuck it away and not need to re-obtain it every time...
AQW  Post #: 342
1/27/2019 17:33:04   
AQW Designer of All Things

I mean

That wasn't entirely me. I think some pieces were sent in late. Quest design was me tho
DF AQW Epic  Post #: 343
1/27/2019 18:17:04   

I was mostly frustrated because it was so close to KH3 release that it made me panicky, it's just that this is *huge* to me, I've been waiting for this game for 14 years, and I wouldn't want anything in the back of my head bugging me about while I try to focus on the game, but it's cool, I finished restocking my reagents yesterday, and we are still T-minus 30 hours away from KH3...

I am sorry if I came across as entitled, it's just I cannot stress enough how big this is for me.

< Message edited by Veya -- 1/27/2019 18:19:52 >
AQW  Post #: 344
1/27/2019 22:12:29   
you stop

Still cant understand why diamonds max stack is at 1000 but aite. It blocks a certain quest for Dark Crystal Shards, which I heard was faster than Essence of the Defeated Reagent assuming you have max stack Diamonds and some other reagent
AQW  Post #: 345
1/29/2019 3:21:06   

I'm a returning player, not so familiar with the changes in aqw one year since, but recently manage to collect VHL and more nulgath reagents for some items. But I'm wondering which is easier to earn ,in comparison, among AFDL and ENNH?

1. AFDL: still not so sure whether the boost is stackable if the whole complete set is equipped. Also , is uni 19 and uni 26 hard to earn ,from 'supplies to win...' or 'the assistant'?
2. ENNH: currently stuck at the step of acquiring aluminum from 'Mine-crafting' quest? Still no sign of it after plenty turn in.
Post #: 346
1/29/2019 4:54:47   
you stop

I'm most definitely certain AFDL will be more frustrating. You have to turn in so much Dark Crystal Shards and Voucher NonMem for a single drop which is RNG in itself. As for lenght, 100 Bloodgems is no easy task if you do not have Oblivion Blade of Nulgath so if that's a detriment to your farming pace, I would say ENNH is also a hassle. Overall, I would prefer doing ENNH. At least, there's minor RNG involved as I personally do not think RNG makes anything hard, just annoying
AQW  Post #: 347
1/29/2019 9:24:00   

same type boosts don't stack.
also the dmg boost on AFDL pieces are Global so they will replace your NSoD/BBoA boost if you equip any of the pieces last.

Racial dmg boost like the undead boost of BLoD does get boosted by global dmg though.
Post #: 348
1/30/2019 4:09:08   
Hardcastle McCormick

Well in an effort to get an idea of the drop rate for Shadow Creeper Enchant, I'm keeping count with dark energy:

1st drop took 182 kills
2nd drop took 81 kills
3rd drop took 35 kills
4th drop took 33 kills
5th drop took 65 kills
6th drop took 78 kills
7th drop took 50 kills
8th drop took 1 kill
9th drop took 24 kills
10th drop took 53 kills

This isn't enough trials to be conclusive or anything, but in my past experiences it always seemed lower than 5%.

< Message edited by Hardcastle McCormick -- 1/30/2019 5:02:24 >
AQW  Post #: 349
1/31/2019 8:50:58   
Edme MacHeath

The sample size is too small but those are probably not 1% numbers. The only one that seems to line up with being a potential 1% is the first.
Although given it's RNG anything is technically possible.

over half of them were under 53 and a good portion of those were around 30 or below. I don't think that's really likely to happen in 1% drops.

The ones that went above were 65,78,81, and 182. 182 just sounds unlucky and doesn't line up well with any of the other 9 numbers.
65,78,81 seem possible in a 1% situation but they would be on the luckier side of 1%(Assuming hopefully 1 in 100 gets a shadow creeper), which doesn't really make sense given all the lower numbers.

Overall too small of a sample size and the technical problem of trying to determine an RNG which can always just be random.
I technically have seen doomcoin drop on the first try. But i've also wasted a few hours at maul before trying to get.

I honestly think it kinda looks like 5% and not really lower. It's enough within the RNG range of uncertainty that I somehow doubt it's really 1%.
Have you timed your averages with both quests? I usually found Dark Spirit Orbs to be faster.

AQ  Post #: 350
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