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RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread

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2/5/2019 1:48:02   

Using the forum guide for SDKA farm, any idea how long it takes to farm AFTER the 10,500 Dark Spirit Orbs?

I remember BLOD only took like 8 hours after getting all 3 weps.
AQW Epic  Post #: 351
2/5/2019 5:25:33   
you stop

To be quite frank with you, it actually gets REALLY easy after getting the Daggers. You can fight anything that drops Dark Energy and I just went straight to /tercessuinotlim and farmed Gem of Nulgath and Totem of Nulgath, hitting 2 birds with one stone (or 3??). Really, the only issue would be the first 10500 dark spirit orbs. I would suppose it would be as easy as BLoD's time, which is 8 hours as you said.
AQW  Post #: 352
2/7/2019 19:25:59   

At level 75 would it be better to stay in /nightmare and farm the NOTHING enemies to level 90? Or would /honorhall be faster at this point?

I have membership and plenty of XP boosts I saved up for level farming.
AQ AQW  Post #: 353
2/8/2019 7:55:24   

At that level it's best to /join icestormarena and try to get a party to kill the last boss.
Post #: 354
2/8/2019 8:56:24   
you stop

wouldn't the new part of that map be better? i can't check since i'm already lvl 90
AQW  Post #: 355
2/8/2019 9:33:06   
Constructive & Helpful!

Assuming a good enough group of 4+ people, the boss is quite a lot faster. The quest gives 75k or non members (100k for members) so you would need to kill ~75-100 Frost Spirits in the time of killing the boss once to break even, not even counting the XP from the boss itself.

Even if we just add up the total amount of waiting time for respawns, and give it a generous estimate of 5 seconds in a full instance, that's 5 x 12.5 = 62.5 seconds for non members and 5 x ~16.6 = 83 seconds for members to be able to get the same amount of XP as the boss quest alone. You are not going to be able to kill all 6 enemies every 5 seconds though, right as they respawn, so at the very best, we would be adding 3-4 seconds on to every respawn timer, Giving us well over 2 minutes worth of optimal farming to match a single turn in of the Warlord Icewing quest(s). If you can optimize kills on Warlord Icewing, it will take less than 30 seconds per kill, and even without having a Chrono class to 1-2 shot him, it's likely not gonna take much more than 1-1:30 minutes with a solid group.

So basically, perfect Frost Spirit farming is barely breaking even with unoptimized Warlord Icewing grinding. It is of course a lot easier to find people grinding the Frost Spirits than finding a group with enough defensive and offensive capabilities to take down Warlord Icewing at a good pace, consistently.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 2/8/2019 9:35:28 >
AQW  Post #: 356
2/8/2019 9:35:43   

For XP, Warlord Icewing is still the best option bar none, specially since the quests for killing him have been buffed(non-mem quest went from 25k to 75k, and mem quest went from 35k to 100k), and Warlord Icewing himself has been nerfed(from 1.7 million HP to 900k hp, and hitting for less than half that he hit before), you still need a good party to get him, but it doesn't need to be nearly as specialized now, I often hear people killing him with parties formed by an ArchPaladin+StoneCrusher core.

Granted, if you can't get a party going to kill Warlord with, Frost Spirits are still a very viable option, it just won't be as blindingly fast to level up.
AQW  Post #: 357
2/8/2019 17:49:18   

From level 55 (and also level 70, till 75 for the boss in icestormarena), what'd be the better way to grind exp? I've been thinking Battlegroundd with the 2 usable quests for now, but no clue.
AQW  Post #: 358
2/8/2019 20:30:59   

I had no idea he was nerfed and the quests were buffed so that's really good to know. I used to farm before the nerf and buff, but stopped shortly after due to pc problems. Thanks for the update, definitely thinking of heading back to him.
AQ AQW  Post #: 359
2/8/2019 20:32:15   
you stop

I heard /firewar was a really good alternative for levels but could cause disconnections
AQW  Post #: 360
2/8/2019 21:01:51   
Constructive & Helpful!

Does anyone even know why Firewar XP farming is a thing? I'm looking at the quests but they only give 100-200 gold each. The low amount of XP and need to pace out your turn ins would slow you down tremendously. The enemies aren't even that low health either, ranging from 3.6-6.9k.

It seems you would be way better off in just farming the mobs in your level appropriate Icestormarena or Eaglesreach area, even the lower leveled ones of those. Maybe there's some weird detail I am missing, but I really have no idea how or why people would ever recommend Firewar, of all places, as an area to farm XP.
AQW  Post #: 361
2/8/2019 21:21:27   

You don't need to pace your turn ins that much, as long as you literally don't spam the quick turn in button, and give about half a second between clicks, you should be good.

Although if I had to guess, it might be simply because it is so... effortless, you kill a few monsters, and you have enough for dozens of turn ins, it also means it is absurdly low entry requirements, as you don't even need a farming class to do it, killing a few drakels with Oracle should be enough.
AQW  Post #: 362
2/8/2019 21:32:46   
The ErosionSeeker
*insert cheesy pun here*

It's pretty dumb, but you get like 10 scales, a heart, and several pyritium shards and gems per Inferno Dragon fight.
They may have twice as much HP as Icestormarena 95 monsters, but you can get upwards of 4000 XP per fight.

It's almost certainly slower than doing ISA fights, unless you're too low level to access the good monsters.
DF AQW  Post #: 363
2/9/2019 3:27:25   
Constructive & Helpful!

Well, I found the missing piece of the puzzle, since apparently the Pyrithium and Dragon Scale quests give 500 gold and xp per turn in, which is 4-5 times as much as I expected when looking at the quests on the wiki. I also thought the items would drop one at a time, not in huge bunches like this.

I can see it being a thing at lower levels, but once you reach 55 and can access the Icewing General area, Firewar becomes quite a lot slower, even without a proper "farming" class, although anyone at that level hopefully has at least 1 good AoE class, if not, hopefully any decent DPS class in general. Or be level 61 and do BattlegroundE. It quickly gets outpaced by other usual methods and only gets less and less useful as you get higher levels. The main problem is that while each kill will give you anywhere from 500-4000 XP per kill from quests, you still spend some of your time not killing stuff since you need to turn those in. Even if you stack up items, at some point, you will get to a point where you can spend several minutes just turn in quests, especially the Pyritium ones and if you choose ignore those, the total XP per kill goes down a fair bit.

It is miles better than I expected yesterday and seems to be able to compete with other known methods, but only just barely and falls off pretty quickly. At least I now kind of understand where people are coming from.
AQW  Post #: 364
2/9/2019 12:38:58   

So, the veredict is to mostly stick to the mob rooms in ISA till level 75? Alright! Time to go get around that (after getting Cape of Awe... man, 0.05% really is such a pain...)

On a differnent note, what would be quicker for a level 70 to use for killing (with a Frostval Berzerker's assistance) Geddeon or however you spell it for Sandsea rep? I'm thinking Cryomancer and Shaman are pretty close, but I'd love to hear you guys' opinions. (The rep isn't for me, as I already have Rank 10, but still want to be helpful in that regard)

< Message edited by Elemec -- 2/9/2019 12:42:45 >
AQW  Post #: 365
2/9/2019 15:27:57   
Constructive & Helpful!

You don't need the dreaded Runes Found! drop to be able to get Cape of Awe, you can just farm the previous quests to get to rank 10 Blade of Awe and be able to do the quest for the Cape Fragment. I would recommend doing the Hilt quest and just keep walking around in /Castleundead.

I think Cryomancer will get the fight done faster than Shaman, since Geddoz doesn't have all that much HP to warrant the need of Shaman's scaling.
AQW  Post #: 366
2/10/2019 8:58:17   

Oh... You DON'T?! Man, I'm so relieved! I'll leave runes found for later then, at level 55 the awe enhacements aren't of much use anyway, I think only from 70+ the nonmem ones start poppin'. Thanks for telling me!
AQW  Post #: 367
2/10/2019 9:58:15   

You can just get Awethur's Accouterments if you need a +25% everything(except dmg) boost.
Post #: 368
2/10/2019 10:04:46   

You need to have completed Runes to open the Gear of Awe shop, where the Accountrements are located, while Cape of Awe is still accessible without having completed Runes, so if Runes are being that much of a struggle, Cape of Awe is better.
AQW  Post #: 369
2/10/2019 10:24:12   

Runes is pretty easy if you have Chaorrupter Unlocked and a class that can 1shot Vath or Escherion.
Post #: 370
2/10/2019 10:31:36   
Constructive & Helpful!

You are still dealing with a super low drop, that could potentially take you several hours, whereas farming Blade of Awe rep and killing Binky once can usually be done within an hour. It's mostly just dependent on your ability to find a proper group for Binky.

Cape of Awe also gives the possibility to use a damage boosting weapon.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 2/10/2019 10:32:58 >
AQW  Post #: 371
2/10/2019 10:33:46   

It is still a .05% drop, and that can take hours even in ideal conditions, while Elemec is specifically struggling with them.

Plus, Cape of Awe doesn't take the weapon slot by nature of being, well, a cape, which allows you to actually use a damage boosting weapon like Burning Blade(which are more accessible to a f2p than helms/capes with a 15% boost), which does make Cape immediately superior to Accountrements.
AQW  Post #: 372
2/10/2019 15:50:37   

In roughly 2 hours I've gotten it on my secondary, thanks for telling me about how the Cape didn't require the runes! I always assumed it did for some reason.

Killing Binky wasn't easy at all (specially since people at doomvault don't seem to aim at him, even in Artix), but farming's finally gonna be comparable to how it is on my Main!
AQW  Post #: 373
2/11/2019 5:28:37   

it's 0.05 for all chaos lords now?
I thought that's only for Tibicenas?
Post #: 374
2/11/2019 6:47:01   

I've heard multiple things. It's really hard to know which is true. Wiki says a thing, reddit people say another, and the chances are so absurdly low I don't think anyone would have the patience to test it. And even if they did, nothing would stop them from... getting it on 10 or less tries, depending on how lucky they are.
I did have a setup to kill Tibe (Cryo + FB, timing it right it takes 4-5 skills to kill him if none misses), but it still took very long and yielded no rewards (Other than dropping zhoom's armor, the pickaxes and stuff like that)
AQW  Post #: 375
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