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RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread

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2/11/2019 7:48:25   

Previous knowledge was that it was .01 from every Chaos Lord, and .03 from Tibs, however, the most recent information comes from Memet's twitter claiming it is a plain .05 chance, and that's the most recent information we have on the subject, with it being unknown if it was changed further.
AQW  Post #: 376
2/11/2019 14:43:26   
Edme MacHeath

I'm hoping they increase Thanatos Armor and Helm to 10% again on dage's birthday. If they do that, I'm gonna try to obtain them.

I also wonder how many legion tokens I need for everything on his B-day. I could get a max stack relatively easily but that's abit unnecessary.
AQ  Post #: 377
2/11/2019 17:58:53   

On the news side, non-mem Voucher is now 3% from all sources, and mem Voucher is 10% from all sources that weren't 10% already.

I mean, not gonna help me since I already finished all Nulgath items, but it's nice for people who are still doing the stuff.

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AQW  Post #: 378
2/14/2019 12:18:45   

I was looking at some items one can obtain via quests, and according to the description of the Mysterious Egg, having it in your inventory was supposed to unlock a new zone. Did AE ever confirm this will really happen? I feel pretty lost since I wasn't around that much during th 7 deadly dragons. (Asking because... it seems a little time consuming to get 7 drops only to gain a pet.)

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AQW  Post #: 379
2/14/2019 12:28:05   
Constructive & Helpful!


Deep under the town of Battleon, a Draconic Oracle breathes in the fumes of inspiration and divination. He will also direct you to find the Heptagonal Chest. He believes it holds an object that will help you towards your destiny, but cannot be sure. This Friday, the seventh Deadly Key will be available from Gorgorath. Once you have them all, speak to Galanoth to open the chest, and reveal... the Elemental DragonSlayer set and the Mysterious Mana Egg pet!
All of the items inside are 0 AC for free storage. Keep the Mysterious Mana Egg pet to unlock a new adventure later this year! (If you haven't collected all the keys yet, you've got plenty of time to start farming!)

From the January 12th, 2018 Design Notes

We are already 1 and a half month into 2019 and there has been no further mentions of this exclusive adventure.
AQW  Post #: 380
2/14/2019 17:46:32   

I think it was either scrapped or shuffled to the same place they left the Achievement Tracker classes
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 381
2/23/2019 3:56:54   
Edme MacHeath

I am of the belief that the new map's quest "First Class Entertainment" is a decent quest for non paragon pet owners.

Potentially even one of the fastest with a group of dedicated farmers who can kill the boss fast, he dies to like one chrono nuke, pretty much guaranteed death with a support class.

I don't the drop rate specifics but I can see him possibly dying every 15 seconds or so with the right combo. If you get lucky with the brooch, you could potentially see the fastest non paragon pet quest.

I believe the legion tokens from the quest arent guaranteed but it seems still really good. I don't know how much it compares to Undead Champion Recruitment as the new quest hasn't been calculated.

But undead champion recruitment is supposed to be 7 legion tokens every 45 seconds and with a fast enough pace, and some rng, I can see this new one being better potential, but only with a group.

I do want to say this could be a great way to make it to shogun pet, as it only takes a minimum of 17 turn ins to reach 2040 LTs, although the LTs arent guaranteed, so I'm guessing it could take 20-25 on average, and again I stress with a decent group, this could be done quite quickly. I do think this could be the quest for those who dont like to constantly get low amounts of legion tokens and have to move around in multiple areas. It's a very simple 1 boss, 1 drop quest, it's abit on the side of RNG but it definitely seems like a decent quest for non paragon pet owners.

The map is also a decent farming place for exp/class points but it's not the best, I don't think it compares to some already existing options but it will help to spread out the farmers.

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AQ  Post #: 382
2/23/2019 7:23:35   
you stop


although the LTs arent guaranteed
Have you ever encountered a case where it didn't drop? Pretty sure when it says "Will receive one of the following" and that there's only ONE option, you will receive that one option. In this case, it's 120 LTs.

In any case, my luck is absolutely terrible. I have gotten 1 Brooch every 2 Treasure Chests so far
AQW  Post #: 383
2/23/2019 7:37:18   

You don't even need a Chrono to get the 15-20 seconds kill, I was performing about as well as that with a VHL-SC-Arachno-FB party while farming for Death Badges, I just had to yell at people to switch from stuff like Collector and AP to damage-oriented support classes, and I had a leech lower level guy in my party go from under 100 LTs to over 2k LTs in a couple hours, definitely not as good as a Shogun Paragon, but also a huge upgrade.

And yes, you stop is right, the quest is "You will receive one of the following items:" type, which will always award at least one of the options listed, Edme is mistaking it for "You will receive one of the following, at random:" type, which is not guaranteed, the only finnicky thing is that if you havee 24881 LTs or more, you won't receive a reward from the quest, since the game won't consider 120 LTs a "valid" drop for your character, but at that point, you don't exactly need the LTs you are missing.

As for the drop rate, Asuka has confirmed it is a 4% drop rate, so yeah, it is a bit of a low drop rate on the brooch, but not horribly low, I feel.

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AQW  Post #: 384
2/23/2019 7:43:28   
you stop


As for the drop rate, Asuka has confirmed it is a 4% drop rate,
Ye well aware of this one. I'm really just blaming luck and not the drop rate itself kek. Anyway, im getting more Badges now so I'm starting to think that the Badges are not 1% drop rates.
AQW  Post #: 385
2/25/2019 4:11:37   

Whats the fastest way to get blood gems for non-mem? Kiss the void or CVK farming quest. One is extremely tedious while other depends on luck, dont know which one is more efficient in the long run.
AQW  Post #: 386
2/25/2019 6:09:54   
Constructive & Helpful!

Depending on how much you room hop and your efficiency with CVKS, they should average out to about the same. Kiss the Void Should take 10-15 minutes, with buyback, room hopping in /Lair and Broken Betrayal Blades not taking ages to drop. CVKS should be doable ~10 times in 25-30 minutes, sometimes less, if you can get lucky enough with the drops and it should give you averagely 2 Blood Gems per 10 turn ins.

All in all, it's up to preference and my preference would be doing CVKS and then whenever Tendurrr happens to drop, take the 10-15 minute detour to complete Kiss the Void, that way you skip needing to buyback Tendurrr, which I personally find to be the most annoying part of Kiss The Void. By doing that, not only do you complete CVKS for it's other rewards, but you also every now and then get yourself a guaranteed Blood Gem.
AQW  Post #: 387
3/4/2019 12:21:19   
Edme MacHeath

I didn't hear anything about increasing Thanatos. If they don't increase it regularly, I probably just wont ever get it.
AQ  Post #: 388
3/5/2019 11:59:21   

Hi, farming for afdl, non-mem. Just wondering what is the most efficient way to get doomatter and charoot. I've been doing vordredboss for doomatter, but there has to be a faster way without having to deal with the cutscenes. Farming for charoot in hydra is okay but curious what everyone else has done. Thanks!
Post #: 389
3/5/2019 13:22:39   

The Creature Creation has 15k hp and you never have to watch cutscenes. Usually you can find people killing it.
AQW  Post #: 390
3/6/2019 0:35:51   
you stop

For Hydra what I do is I have an alt that specifically has not finished Escherion storyline. I have that alt finished up to the Hydras. It's really not that worth doing but it helps so that nobody steals my kills. I also somehow use this to help others farm Blade of Awe if they somehow haven't finished Escherion or do not know how to get there by themselves after they finish the said storyline
AQW  Post #: 391
3/6/2019 18:48:51   

So, I'm hopping in and trying to grind for VHL in my secondary, which might as well become my primary. I wanted to know if farming for ENNH first would speed anything up, or even woth considering as all I look for is getting the class.
AQW  Post #: 392
3/6/2019 21:00:03   
How We Roll Winner

To break it down the ENNH now offers:
1) Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance
2) Nulgath Larvae quest
3) Kiss the Void
4) Bone Dust/Cube Reagent
5) Nulgath in your house

In short no, I highly doubt it would speed anything up. Though having easy access to Supplies, Larvae, Kiss, and Nulgath might be nice, it's way too much effort.

All you'd really need is 8th Betrayal Blade for farming Tainted Gems and Shards. I'm not sure how you'd access the Nulgath Larvae quest, it's been a while since I've even touched that quest. Nulgath in your house might be useful for getting to him to turn in Kiss the Void, but you'd have to farm an absurd amount of Blood Gems which you'd probably rather use for Void Crystal B.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 393
3/8/2019 2:32:05   

Hello again! Thanks for help on doomatter and chaoroot. I've turned in the "Nulgath Demands Work" quest so many times now and still no 35 :( Is there anything that helps drop rates? Thanks!

Post #: 394
3/8/2019 9:26:34   
How We Roll Winner

Nope, unfortunately RNG will be RNG and you've just been cursed with bad luck. The best you can do psychologically I guess is to take a break, and come back later when you've calmed down.

Or you can do what I do to psychologically "influence" drop rates, which is to scroll down the quest super fast and turn it in as the quest text itself is still scrolling
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 395
3/8/2019 19:39:37   

In VHL's farming, I feel a little lost. Spaces are really tight, and it seems some items (Dark Shards?) are pretty lengthy to get. So I wanted to ask if my current idea is alright:
-Collect in total 15 Totems, 150 Gems and try my luck getting my first Uni 13 for Diamonds
-Hopefully get one of the Void Crystals so I can bank them and hold off farming Totems and the likes
-Gathering daily some Nulgath Larvae turn ins and some Emblems

The guides I've found on Reddit mostly just said how to grind certain reagents (ex: Totems with Voucher Item quest) and how much of them I need- but not very directly an order on what to gather (I know Larvae has rng and so does the wheel, but my spaces are running tight and I can't buy bank spaces.)
AQW  Post #: 396
3/8/2019 20:05:36   
How We Roll Winner

The first post here might help

EDIT: Oh whoops, an order of what to gather? As far as I can tell yeah you'd probably want to concentrate on one of the crystals or the roents.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 397
3/12/2019 2:00:56   


I'm farming for BLoD currently and can't seem to get Barium from Mine Crafting. All I need are the Spirt Orbs and Loyal Spirt Orbs from the blade quests and I'll be finished.

On the other hand, I could also get the daggers and broadsword and finish with those quests, but that would mean giving up Aluminum for the daggers. I eventually want to farm for ENNH which requires Aluminum.

So my question is, is Aluminum harder to obtain than Barium? I'm not sure if I should be patient for Barium or just eventually get Aluminum again...



So I had the scythe, ended up farming for loyal orbs through that, which was a little painful but got the job done! I had gold as well so I obtained spirit orbs through the broadsword quest, so in the end I got to keep my Aluminum :p

< Message edited by humanoidtyphoon -- 3/13/2019 2:58:01 >
Post #: 398
3/12/2019 4:28:09   
you stop

They have the same drop rate. If youre just missing Barium, you can just keep doing minecrafting daily until it drops or another Aluminum drops. By then you can craft daggers then get by from there
AQW  Post #: 399
3/13/2019 16:46:12   

Nearing my second Roent! I'm a little curious. Should I just leave the Void Crystals for later? I have all 15 totems for VC B, but 78 Diamonds of Nulgath (which I'll grind more after I use my nulgath approvals for Roents) and exactly 0 Blood Gems. For VC A I really just have ~10 Shards. I'm definetly going to hold back on VC A, but should I attempt to snag VC B after I get 200 Diamonds, by starting the Blood Gem farming, or just focus on Roents?
AQW  Post #: 400
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