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RE: =AQW= Farming Discussion Thread

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4/8/2018 1:47:18   

I just realised that Uni 19 is technically a 0.006% drop rate item. Really, people?
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 101
4/8/2018 11:41:15   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

How did you come to that conclusion?
AQ AQW  Post #: 102
4/8/2018 21:55:54   

It's a 3% drop item from a quest requiring a 20% drop item. 3%*20%=0.06%. That pretty much sums up everything wrong with AE's quests.
To put that into perspective, the final Blade of Awe quest is a 0.3% Tibicenas drop rate.
Edit: Thx Lofty for the correction.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 103
4/9/2018 5:13:50   


So each attempt at the 20% drop (killing Escherion?) is giving you a 0.6% chance of an unidentified 19. It feels weird to frame it this way, without involving time as a variable. It's a low tentative drop rate, but its very doable.

If you're legend, you can do Tenduurs Assisting Crag quest. If you have both vouchers and a full stack of Totems/Blood gems/Elders Blood, then you're guaranteed to get a 19.

/Honorhall doesn't place any lvl restrictions on Members. So Members should go there for like lvl 20-85.

< Message edited by Loftyz -- 4/9/2018 5:21:54 >
DF AQW  Post #: 104
4/13/2018 17:44:07   

Currently I have 3400 spirit orbs, 1 roentgenium of nulgath, and 0 void crystals. I also have burning blade, chaoruppter unlocked, blaze binder, and legion doom knight.

Should I finish farming for BLoD before resuming my VHL farm? Would I benefit from its damage boost against undead appreciably?
Post #: 105
4/13/2018 18:14:01   
Constructive & Helpful!

If you were to farm VHL before BLoD, you would be done with VHL faster than if you went with BLoD first, that's for sure.

I still think it's worth it, because in the end, you still save "some" time with the damage boost on BLoD, even if it only really helps in 2 places, those places being BattleunderB and Evilwarnul. These are the only 2 major spots in your VHL grind that needs undeads to be killed. There is a single enemy in ShadowBlast (for when you are farming Emblems) which is undead, but that's 1 out of 4-8, depending on if you farm on 1 or 2 screens. It also only gives any real benefit in BattleunderB if you use that method to farm Tainted Gems instead of Cubes, but Bone Dust will never be a faster method than Cubes, assuming you farm both at your fastest. In Evilwarnul, it will help out a good amount with Diamonds, Favors and Approvals. Diamonds not so much if you are using any of the birthday pets for Diamond farming anyways.

Case and point, if you are already going for BLoD anyways, finish that up first, then do VHL, it will save you a little bit of time overall + just having BLoD can help you out in so many different spots in general. Only in the case that you are waiting for a certain Metal to drop from Mine Crafting would I suggest doing VHL before finishing up BLoD.
AQW  Post #: 106
4/14/2018 7:20:06   

I'm on the later part of NSoD farming. Getting the auras were not as painful as SDKA DSO farming, but boy it does come close to it especially with me getting x3 almost every time. 7 500 aura farming was no joke.

Currently gathering the Cavern Celestite, Undead Energy and Bone dust needed. Is any of the items needed after Void Auras very hard to grab?
AQW  Post #: 107
4/14/2018 7:50:37   
Constructive & Helpful!

Well, you have 1600 Cavern Celestite needed, which takes ~290 turn ins of Soul Searching, assuming Celestite is a 50% drop from the Jellyfish. You will pick up most a lot of Undead Energy just by doing this quest and the rest should be quite easy to get. With Soul Searching + Bone Dust farming, your Undead Energies should be maxed out at that point, so that's of little to no concern.

Primarch's Hilt is easy, it's a very high drop and Primarch is not that much of an issue anymore, you can just solo him with VHL.

2 x Blade Essence is just some annoying drop from a 1-shottable enemy. It's just a matter of RNG in the end, same goes for the rest of the items not mentioned so far.

4 x (Necro) Scroll of Dark Arts I have heard a lot of people struggle with. Personally, I got all mine in less than 50 kills, but I hear a lot of people saying they spend multiple days on it. I guess I should consider myself lucky. The Undead tag on Ultra Vordred helps out a lot.

31 x Chaorrupted Hourglasses can take a couple hours. They are an approximate 20-30% drop from personal experience, at least it's less RNG intensive than the other ones.

Doom Heart is just your average 1% (or lower) drop from a 200k hp boss. At least Ultra Sepulchure is Undead tagged too, so that makes it a little bit quicker. It might take a couple kills, might take hours.

And then you have 4 Bariums to top it off.

It's reasonable to be able to fully farm any one of these items in a day.

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AQW  Post #: 108
4/18/2018 14:22:49   

I opened my activity monitor and found out safari is using up a lot of memory, but I still seem to have a lot of free CPU. Am I right in assuming my low available memory is what's causing my frequent disconnects? Would switching to a canned chat or test server result in fewer disconnects?

Also, any general tips on reducing lag and disconnections?
Post #: 109
4/18/2018 20:34:35   
Edme MacHeath

Use a task manager to close out as many unnecessary tasks that are consuming too much memory.
Close all unnecessary tabs in your browser.
Use an adblock to block advertisments if AQW has advertisements below the game.
Put graphical settings on low, show capes and pets off, turn tooltips off.

Make sure your internet connection is stable, a extremely high ping can cause lag.

< Message edited by Edme MacHeath -- 4/18/2018 20:36:12 >
AQ  Post #: 110
4/19/2018 19:36:03   
Ted Zlammy

Well, the stars aligned and I finally got around to my 4th Nulgath Demands Work quest turn in and got a Uni 35. Praise be to the RNG Goddess for her blessing! But anyway, still farming (Short 4 Uni 34's so the fish will taunt me yet) to do so gonna ask a few questions:

For getting 5,000 Archfiend Favors, is there a preferred Screen at evilwarnul for just staying put in and using AOE attacks every now and than? I plan on getting a few Diamonds with one of the farming quests while getting the favors, but I'm thinking I might just put AQW on my laptop and attack every now and than with my ol' BLOD while watching shows on my TV as I got for 5,000 favors, haha.

For ranking up Alchemy without spending gold, what with being recently poor from gambling for a fish in a ball, is the general rule of thumb still to just beat up Water Draconians for their reagents than play the Mini Game and choosing the better rune as you rank up? Than at rank 8 I get the reagents for the Essence Potion and just hope for the best? Haven't actually done any alchemy yet, but that's what I generally hear.

Edit: For some bizarre reason I thought that I needed rank 8 Alchemy for the potion. Maybe I mixed up the ol' Rank 8 Spellcrafting needed for ArchPally with AFDLs alchemy for some bizarre reason a long time ago. Do disregard my potion bit of my post.

< Message edited by Ted Zlammy -- 4/19/2018 21:08:33 >
MQ AQW  Post #: 111
4/19/2018 22:12:25   
Lightning Sekkara

The screen which I use to get Archfiend's Favors and Nulgath Approvals is the screen right after the portal, the one with 2 legion fenrirs and 2 undead bruisers.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 112
4/21/2018 15:54:42   

While farming essence of nulgath, I don't feel like wasting any Defeated Makai. Should I use the defeated makai for the "Essence of Defeat" or "Nation Loyalty Rewarded" quest? I can solo each of the monsters listed from both quests

Essence of defeat looks easier but needs more inventory space, and only drops dark crystal shards

Nation loyalty rewarded can drop diamonds, though I don't care about diamond badges. Maybe keep doing it and let the badges hit max stack?

Please help me decide which quest to choose.
Post #: 113
4/21/2018 16:20:46   
Constructive & Helpful!

I would suggest Essence of Defeat over Nation Loyalty Rewarded for a couple good reasons.

1. The inventory requirement is actually the same on both quests.
EoD needs 9 (the 6 items needed to turn in + Bone Dust + Betrayal Blade + Dark Crystal Shards from turning in).
NLR needs 9 items (Bone Dust, Escherion's Chain, Strand of Vath's Hair, Defeated Makais, Nation Round 4 Medal, Unidentified 13, Diamonds, Diamond Badges, Dark Crystal Shards).

2. If Essence of Nulgath are your main farming goal, Essence of Defeat's bosses are quicker to kill and requires less walking through screens to get to their bosses, for the most part.

3. Nation Loyalty Rewarded is worse than Essence of Defeat IMO, because you need to both max out on Diamond Badges + Diamonds to even make it comparable to Essence of Defeat. If you get the Diamond or the Diamond Badge drop from the quest, you have basically wasted your time, because 1 Diamond for that amount of work is very bad in comparison to Evilwarnul. Even just the amount of time you would spend on killing the bosses alone (ignoring the Essence requirement for the time being) is not really worth it for a single Diamond.

< Message edited by Metakirby -- 4/22/2018 4:48:18 >
AQW  Post #: 114
4/22/2018 17:41:40   
Pinkie Pie

If I farm an item on a test server, I still get to keep the item, correct? I'm planning on farming the Hardcore Paragon Pet drops on the test server because it's pretty hard to find a group of people willing to farm HPP and Binky will be easier to solo since damage boosts stack. It would suck to get Living Blademaster only for it to disappear once you go to regular servers.

< Message edited by Pinkie Pie -- 4/22/2018 17:42:03 >
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 115
4/22/2018 17:46:09   

Yes, the items you get on the testing servers will carry over to the regular servers.
AQW  Post #: 116
4/22/2018 20:32:22   

Another nulgath question

Which option is better?

Option A: Farm Escherion's helm quest and do Voucher item: totem of nulgath


Option B: Just do Nulgath larva quest

Aside from the long list of unidentified items, it looks like Escherion's helm rewards every Nulgath reagent that larva does except Totem. It's also quicker to farm.
Post #: 117
4/22/2018 21:11:36   
Foolish Username

I used to farm Escherion's helm over using nulgath larvae but a lot of times I would get ~150 Uni 10s before a Uni 13 dropped. You're correct in that escherion's helm spins the wheel more often than using nulgath larvae but larvae always seem to drop Uni 13s far faster, at least in my experience.

In addition to Uni 13s, Larvae drop Gems of Nulgath and Diamonds of Nulgath more often than escherion's helm(Tainted Gems and Dark Crystal Shards are less clear). Mem Vouchers drop pretty often which really bolsters your progress towards 2mil gold during farming. Correction: Escherion's Helm does not drop Gems of Nulgath at all

Using Nulgath Larvae also gives the chance to drop the 8th Betrayal Blade, which is super useful since you can click on it(even in your inventory) and it opens Nulgath's quests, so you don't have to stuff your inventory with various chaos boss items and go through the tercessuinotlim to access the cube and bone dust reagent quests.

I'm 6 roentgeniums in so far and I have not seen a totem of nulgath drop yet, fwiw.

So in the end I think Nulgath Larvae is the better option, but I would reccomend you try both and see which one you personally think is better.

< Message edited by Foolish Username -- 4/23/2018 9:24:45 >
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 118
4/23/2018 3:30:06   
Constructive & Helpful!


Aside from the long list of unidentified items, it looks like Escherion's helm rewards every Nulgath reagent that larva does except Totem.

Spin the Wheel and Assistant does not drop Gems, whereas Larvae actually does, and at a quite good rate at that. This could save you a good chunk of Essences in the end, both in terms of Gems and in terms of Totems, if you can somehow get lucky enough to get a couple of them.

I would generally recommend Larvae, but without any hard data on the drop rates, it will always be up in the air on which one is superior.
AQW  Post #: 119
4/23/2018 6:45:31   

Regarding farming for Dark Crystal Shards, would getting the 50 gems for "A Tainted Deal" be better than "Essence Of Defeat"?
AQW  Post #: 120
4/23/2018 7:14:48   

It takes too slow to get 50 Tainted Gems instead of just farming Essence of Defeat.
I usually get 10 EoDs done in the same time frame that I finish 50 Cube Reagent quests so Essence of Defeat is definitely faster.
Post #: 121
4/23/2018 22:21:30   
Edme MacHeath

If a quest gives me 100k gold and I use cape of awe and a gold boost how much is that turned into?
Also the quickest way to farm diamonds is at evilwarnul right?
Also what's the fastest way to earn gold?

< Message edited by Edme MacHeath -- 4/23/2018 22:29:34 >
AQ  Post #: 122
4/24/2018 1:12:41   

Depends on what server.
On Normal Servers: (100k x 1.25 from Awe Cape) x 2 from Gold Boost = 250k gold
On Testing Servers: (100k x 1.25 from Awe Cape) + 100% from Gold Boost = 225k gold

I believe Diligas quests at /evilwarnul are the fastest diamonds. You get a decent amount of Nulgaths Approval, Dages Favor, and Archfiends Favor too.
Spin the Wheel (with Crag), or Void Knight Sword/Bounty Hunter Drone pets are also an option. Slower diamonds, but better if you want a variety of other Nulgath resources.

Not sure what the fastest way of getting gold is now. Haven't had to farm gold in a while.

< Message edited by Loftyz -- 4/24/2018 1:14:45 >
DF AQW  Post #: 123
4/24/2018 5:37:45   
Constructive & Helpful!

There's also currently a 25% gold boost running on all servers, although it could go away at any moment, because it was said in the DNs to be only during the weekend, but AE always seems to either prolong it, or forget it and removes it later on in the week. This means that you would get (while it still lasts):
100k x 1.25 x 1.25 x 2 = 312.5k gold on normal servers
(100k x 1.25 + 100k) x 1.25 = 281.25k gold on testing servers. While all boosts stack additively with eachother on testing servers, server boosts stack multiplicative with all the others.

The AQW Farming Guide (Gold Section) is pretty spot on with listing the best methods, although I would put Eagelsreach (specifically Battlerounde dual questing) above both Vorpal Bunny and Endurance Test, because of being able to use gold boosts with it. Even without gold boosts, or just your standard 25% boost from Cape of Awe/Awethurs Accoutrements, Eaglesreach is still equal, or slightly better, IMO. Endurance Test also has a high prerequisite of maxing out LTs + getting the 3 Dage Surprise items to be able to guarantee the 125k gold one.
AQW  Post #: 124
4/28/2018 4:27:30   

What is the fastest exp farming method for nonmembers? I'm level 66 atm


Moved and merged, moved question to post. ~Shadowhunt

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DF AQW  Post #: 125
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