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What is Love?

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2/16/2018 23:32:09   

What is Love?

Location: Hero’s Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 10 -> What is Love?
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Culprit
Release Date: February 16th, 2018

Objective: A member of the Rose and a mage, together? Love is in the air, baby!
Objective completed: Another satisfied customer! Happy Hero's Heart Day!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(10) Heart Elemental
(9) Mana Elemental
(1) Heart Elemental - Boss

Big Daddy

Heartseeker's Ring (I-VIII)

Access to R&J Loot for DCs


*For the first time for what seemed like ages, you enter the Forest of Infinite Terror and meet Big Daddy at the area in the forest where he stocks his barrels of Snuggle-Grams.*

Big Daddy: Greetings, <Character>! I can't believe it's already been a year!
<Character>: What's up, Big Daddy?
Big Daddy: Straight to the point as always, I see. I like that, baby!
Big Daddy: I guess you're familiar with the organization known as "The Rose"?
<Character>: ...You could say that, yes.
Big Daddy: Luckily, thanks to all the protection the lovely people of Lore give us, The Rose won't mess with the magic of love.
Big Daddy: However, one of their members made it here with a request.
<Character>: The Rose is here? In this magic-filled forest?!

*Coincidentally, a female member of the Rose with knotted red velvet hair had spontaneously arrived in the area with a saddened look on her face. You turn around to face her.*

???: Not the reason you're think of right now, <Character>.
<Character>: And what reason would that be, Miss...?
Rosaline: The name's Rosaline, as for my reason, it has to do with my boyfriend.
Rosaline: Julian? The hero is here!

*Julian, her beloved one arrives at the scene just as fast once she had announced your presence to him.*

Julian: <Character>! I've heard so much about you! I'm sure you can help us out of this predicament!
<Character>: Pleasure to meet you. But wait... did you just say "boyfriend"?
Rosaline: I did.
<Character>: But he's a mage.
Rosaline: That would be the reason for my visit. We've heard tales of Big Daddy's miracle work when it comes to love.
Big Daddy: Forbidden love, baby! Two souls connected, but unable to see each other because of their circumstances.
<Character>: I see... but how?
Julian: Funny story, actually... I was traveling to further my studies in magic, when I was suddenly attacked by a Gorillaphant!
Rosaline: Luckily, I was patrolling and helped him fend off the beast.
Julian: If it hadn't been for Rosaline, I don't want to think what would've happened...
Julian: After that, Rosaline decided to escort me to my destination. During which she tried to convince me to join The Rose.
Rosaline: I was so close, too!
Julian: But not close enough, my dear.
Rosaline: Julian made it very clear that while he was neutral toward The Rose, he didn't have any intention to join our cause.
Julian: And Rosaline explained that despite her joining The Rose, she wasn't against magic per se, she just wants to hep people.
Rosaline: During our short trip, we fell for each other... However, we're unable to see each other in public because of the taboos from both our sides...
Julian: I can't get through those blasted magic checks! Please <Character>, we implore you to help us with this!

*You briefly hesitate before answering, bearing your experiences working with both sides in mind.*

<Character>: I see... I would love to help you with this, but I wouldn't know how!
Big Daddy: Don't worry, baby. Big Daddy has a plan for you!
<Character>: Oh? Do tell.
Big Daddy: I can brew Julian a potion that can stop magic for a small amount of time. That way, he can visit Rosalie.

*You gasp out of extreme concern immediately after Big Daddy reveals his plan.*

<Character>: What?! That's dangerous! He can't possibly take the risk!
Julian: Don't worry, <Character>. Big Daddy already informed me about this plan and I'm more than willing to take the risk.
<Character>: But what if the Rose finds out and gets their hands on this potion?! What if they can replicate it? No mage would be safe!
Big Daddy: Don't worry, baby! This potion is special.
<Character>: Special how?
Big Daddy: It will only affect someone who takes it and wishes with all their heart for it to work.
<Character>: So it won't work if someone is forced to drink it?
Big Daddy: It'll be like water to them!

*You start to calm down and you turn around to look at Julian to confirm his sincerity.*

<Character>: If you say so... and you're sure you're ok with this, Julian?
Julian: I've never been more certain of anything.
<Character>: Alright then... What do you want me to do, Big Daddy?
Big Daddy: I knew you would help! I have most ingredients ready for a year's supply of potions, but I need one more thing.
Big Daddy: The Quintessence!
<Character>: Sounds important.
Big Daddy: It very much is, baby!
Big Daddy: It's so rare... that it's literally unobtainable in nature!

*Your eyebrows raise in confusion.*

<Character>: Oh.
<Character>: Okay?

*Your eyebrows lower again.*

<Character>: Then how will I get it?
Big Daddy: Hmm, let me think!

*Big Daddy moves his head down and closes his eyes to try to get the gears turning in his head.*

Big Daddy: *murmuring* Avatars are unreachable...
Big Daddy: *murmuring* The Great Dragons are out of the question...
Big Daddy: *murmuring* Aequilibria are in a slumber...
Big Daddy: *murmuring* Perhaps...

*Without warning, he opens his eyes and smiles enthusiastically when a thought pops into his head.*

Big Daddy: That's it!!!
Big Daddy: I've come up with a way!
Big Daddy: You will have to go... and visit Love!!!
<Character>: Love?
Big Daddy: Love!
<Character>: You're sending me...
<Character>: ... to Love?
Big Daddy: Yeah, baby!
<Character>: Love, as in... an actual person?
Big Daddy: Not quite!
<Character>: Well, that's new.
Big Daddy: You wanna know where Love is?

*Feeling slightly annoyed, you lower your eyebrows.*

<Character>: Umm... I want you to show me, yes.
Big Daddy: It's all around, baby, ahahaha!
<Character>: ...
Big Daddy: Love's Shack!
Big Daddy: You'll have to go to Love's Shack! It's fifteen miles that way, baby!

*Your annoyance shifts to appreciation for finally getting clarification about where to go and you smile at Big Daddy.*

<Character>: Understood! Thanks, Big Daddy!
Big Daddy: Just... a word of advice, before you go. Love has an open door policy, but it'd be better if you bang bang bang on the door, just in case... baby!
<Character>: ... Noted.

*You travel through the forest in a linear path to search for Love's Shack. You enter a cave and after navigating through it, you find yourself in a whole new section of the forest that completely contrasts to its environment when you first entered. You enter a small house at the end of the path and come across a serene room.*

<Character>: Excuse me, I'm looking for Lov-
<Character>: WOW!

*Floating in the air but laid down in a posture as if sitting, a red winged individual with bright pink hair looks down upon you. After exchanging glances, the individual's appearance changes.*

Love: Welcome.
<Character>: You are-
Love: I know, my child.
<Character>: -beautiful.

*His face shifts to a differentiating appearance just as fast as when you first walked in.*

Love: Please, come closer. My eyes are not what they used to be.

*His appearance shifts yet again and throughout the conversation, his form constantly continues to do so randomly.*

<Character>: It's... a pleasure to meet you.
Love: It is indeed, my child.
<Character>: I'm not a child!
Love: You are a human.
Love: All of you are my children.
Love: Why have you come here, human?
<Character>: I have come here on behalf of Big Daddy.
Love: Valentidus! How is he?
<Character>: Umm... good? I suppose?
Love: That's good.

*While his appearance shifts once more, you then begin to speak up after a moment of hesitation.*

<Character>: I seek the Quintessence.
Love: Why?
<Character>: Big Da-Valentidus wants to help two lovers, who are-
Love: Forbidden love.
<Character>: Yes.
<Character>: Caaaan youuuu... lend me some Quintessence?
<Character>: Please?
<Character>: Or... do I have to fight you? I don't know how this works around here.
Love: You can't fight love.
Love: What is your name?
<Character>: <Character>.
Love: I will give you the Quintessence... if you tell me who or what do you love?
<Character>: Umm...

*On a purple scroll Love presents to you, you write down who or what are you passionate about and you hand it back to him once you have written your veiled response.*

Love: I see.
Love: Very well. Here you go.

*A floating shiny mineral made up of multi-colored spiky crystals materializes in front of you. As expected, it is the Quintessence.*

<Character>: Well... that was easy.
Love: It wasn't. You have opened up to me. I will remember you.
<Character>: Thanks...?
Love: Good luck on your journey, <Character>. May love be on your side.

*Fades to black. Fades back in when you arrive back at the area in the Forest of Infinite Terror where the barrels of Snuggle-Grams are stocked where you find Big Daddy, Rosaline, and Julian waiting for you.*

Big Daddy: You're back, baby! Have you found Love? Did you get the Quintessence?
<Character>: I... did.
Big Daddy: Is something wrong?
<Character>: No, it's...
<Character>: No, everything is fine!
Big Daddy: Let's get cooking then!

*Some Cooking Later!*

Big Daddy: It's done! Julian, get over here, baby!
Julian: I trust you know what you're doing, Big Daddy.
Big Daddy: Good, otherwise it wouldn't work!
Julian: Well, here goes nothing.
Julian: *gulp!* *gulp!* *gulp!*
Rosaline: D-Did it work?
Julian: I don't know... I don't feel any differ-

*Suddenly, Julian becomes sickly and his face spontaneously flashes rainbow colors.*

Julian: UGH!
Rosaline: JULIAN!
Big Daddy: Relax, baby. This is all part of the process.
Rosaline: He's in pain! I KNEW this was a trap!
Julian: Rosaline... don't... See? I'm ok!
Rosaline: And your magic?
Julian: It's gone! Or at least... I can't sense it anymore. And if I can't sense it...
Rosaline: Then neither can the checkpoints.
Rosaline: Thank you, Big Daddy... I'm sorry if I yelled at you.
Big Daddy: It's ok, baby. Love makes us do strange things.
Big Daddy: Now keep in mind the potion works for about half a day until it wears off. That should be enough time for you to see each other for a bit, right?
Julian: You have my sincerest gratitude, Big Daddy.
Big Daddy: It's not a problem! Now go and have fun, you two!
Rosaline: We will. Let's go, Julian!

*You watch the young lovebirds walk away from the area feeling blissful about the rest of the day.*

Big Daddy: Another happy customer!
<Character>: And this year I didn't even have to wear that silly bear costume!
Big Daddy: Ah! Good thing you said that, Baby! I still have a ton of snugglegrams that need to be delivered!
<Character>: Me and my big mouth...
Big Daddy: Happy Hero's Heart Day, <Character>!

*Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop - opens R&J Loot for DCs.

    Thanks to
  • Gingkage for corrections.
  • Jorath for a correction in the dialogue.

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