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Past Unraveled V: Rutan's Reckoned Rule of Semi-Classical Organics

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Honour, Hope, Love

Past Unraveled V:
Rutan's Reckoned Rule of Semi-Classical Organics

Location: Travel Map » Darkovia Forest » Dracopyre Legacy! » 6: The Hall of Memories » Open Doors! » Click on the arrow » 5: Rutan's Reckoned Rule of Semi-Classical Organics!

«Scene: The Hall of Memories.»

Abode: I am glad you came, «You». It is fortuitous we even know what I have learned.
Abode: We owe Erebus a favor for that discovery, although I doubt very much he would appreciate such.
Abode: Drakath has revealed to me that someone is mucking in my mechanisms. Someone unknown.
Abode: They go by the name Rutan, or Entropy, but neither appears to be a true title.
Abode: Erebus learned of it himself but sought to hide it, and so Drakath came to me instead.
«You»: Drakath seems to be very keen on annoying Erebus. This is the second time he's revealed some plot of that annoying shadow's.
«You»: How were they mucking about in your mechanisms? Why call me?
Abode: Falerin is still off-world. Entropy was brazen enough to access Falerin's own memories, but the events concern most closely the memories of a Brilhado named Grimveil.
Abode: You need to know this. It is critical.
Abode: I am going to actually create a loop. I am opening a new door on an already open one. You will be viewing someone else previously using my mechanisms.
«You»: That sounds somehow dangerous.
Abode: It is. So while within, just play the part as Grimveil originally did as much as possible. Do not in any way interact or change things. We will talk afterward.

«The Scene changes, and you are now equipped in [link=]Grimveil Form[/link]. Grimveil stands on a plain near the water; it is nighttime.»

Grimveil: The Brilhado may not have won the war to preserve our arts, but we will rise again.

«Grimveil raises his hand: a nimbus of magic surrounds it. Toward the right, a strange shadow, ???, encroaches upon the Scene.»

???: What a predictably unimaginative response! Why are people such uncreative fools?
???: Also, you are about to blow yourself out of creation. That method of attempting necromancy has no stabi...

«From the shadow, a Shadow Zard and a Shadow Gogg emerge.»

???: ... oh for pity's sake.

    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

«A tendril of shadow reaches out and slaps Grimveil, who lowers his hand as the magic dissipates.»

???: Do try to exterminate us on your own time, Grimveil? We have more pressing matters.
Grimveil: Matters? Like what? Who are you?
???: Had you any sense, while the Chosen and their hangers-on were fighting you would have lain waiting to set... other plans... in motion.
Grimveil: I DID. I was in Darkovia during the war!
???: While I can barely believe that, my research tells me that your words are true.
Grimveil: Who are you? Why do I--
???: You are a friend, so you can call me Rutan. To the rest of the world, I am ENTROPY.
ENTROPY: What is equally obvious and true however is that you have made no progress in your studies. Nor have you learned anything from the experience.
ENTROPY: But! I have used my connections and have access to something that can assist.

«The outline of a doorway is carved into the Scene.»

Grimveil: The Loremaster's hall? He will detect us!
ENTROPY: Will he, then? You are SO unimaginative. No, he won't, and the Abode itself will not.
ENTROPY: Long have I been preparing. His ignorance has been assured by those even more contemptible than you.
Grimveil: I do not see what you hope to gain by prodding at those events, Ru... no, not Rutan. I do not know you to be a friend, and I reckon I will stick with your public title.
Grimveil: *ahem* I do not see what you hope to gain by prodding at those events, ENTROPY.
ENTROPY: I seek to help you learn what you will, Grimveil. Not that it will change your fate. Or mine.
Grimveil: What fate?
ENTROPY: Entropy is the fate that awaits us all. Now go. Relive that which you have forgotten.

«The Scene spirals and is enclosed by the outline of a doorway, which then disappears.»

Construction site of the new Temple of Hope - Deren

«Scene: Construction site of the new Temple of Hope. Diviara speaks to Myr.»

Diviara: How goes the progress on the statue of The'Galin?
Myr: More slowly than I would like. I'm still not certain of this placement for the main statue. I think we may need to move them together in a larger alcove.
Myr: Worse, the Sun and Shadowstone deliveries from Stone Deep are delayed...
Myr: ... and the Shadow Knights tell me the Vandarian Council is charging a massive excise tax.
Diviara: Against Deren? But we are their ally now!
Myr: No, against me. I used to date the assessor's sister. Long story...
Diviara: (thinking) And here I thought that with so many Vandarian imports, having a Vandarian in the construction would smooth the process! What am I doing here?
Diviara: What am I doing here?
Myr: You are far too distracted to work, Brilhado; you should join your son in Darkovia.
Diviara: (thinking) He seems irritated. I must have been more distant than I thought.
Grimveil: What is ENTROPY on about?! This is NOT my history. Is this some game?
Myr: Your moping about here actually is hindering rather than aiding my progress. I can hold the fort here until you return.
Diviara: Why bother? I can see the war from here.
Myr: Because, von Krieger and Obsidia are there.
Diviara: What's the point? I would just be blowing hot air. They seem quite determined in their course.
Diviara: Obsidia will not be happy that we refused her summons to begin with, and von Krieger wouldn't even see me, no less listen to me.
???: He is right, you know.

«Drakath enters.»

Drakath: I know Artix all too well. He can be quite single-minded.
Myr: Hello, Prince Drakath. Do you really think so?
Drakath: I know so.
Diviara: Unfortunately, so do I.
Drakath: Of course, Brilhado, were I you, I would heed the architect's advice anyway.
Diviara: Really? And why, pray tell?
Drakath: Your son is there. He is bound to be caught in the crossfire.
Diviara: Point taken. But I have duties to the crown... and to you.
Drakath: Neither will have gone anywhere in your absence. I, like Myr, am eager to get out from under your thumb, and the king understands family.

«Tralin enters.»

Tralin: I certainly do.
Myr and Diviara: Your Highness!
Tralin: I seriously regretted not being at Stone Deep when my father died. I would not have you risk the same fate. Go, Diviara.
Diviara: (thinking) He nearly killed himself with that metanoia potion. Regret is an understatement.
Diviara: Were you a lesser man, you might say it would be my just desserts.
Tralin: Do not be ridiculous!! You are my friend. What happened there was lifetimes away.
Drakath: And you are NOT a lesser man.
Diviara: No. He is not.
Diviara: Indeed he is not. Why do I have the feeling the three of you planned this all along?
Myr: ♪*whistles*♫
Drakath: I am sure I have no clue what you are on about.
Tralin: Whatever gave you that idea?
Diviara: Call it a hunch.
Tralin: Well, you HAVE been uselessly moping around the castle for three days...
Tralin: That might make one think something had to be done. Go and witness history, even if this once you are not to be a part of it, my friend.
Tralin: Now, Myr... about your friend in the Vandarian Trade Guilde...
Myr: *gulp*

«Scene fades to grey.»

ENTROPY: Of course, he was wrong. All are part of history, and all are pulled by ENTROPY toward their fate.

«Scene: Battleon during the Necromancer vs. Paladin war. Grimveil is still in the role of Diviara.»

    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

Diviara: I am sorry. What was it you were saying?
Amilara: I said, I expect Cagliari back with a report at any moment.

«Cagliari runs in, pursued by Paladins.»

    Full Heal

Amilara: How goes the war, soldier?
Diviara: Ouch. You might have chosen a more fortunate analogy, Amilara.
Amilara: Maybe. But the results of these actions are quite plain.
Cagliari: Quite so.
Cagliari: Losses are close on all sides, but at the moment the Paladin Order seems to be being karmically rewarded for their instigation of this affront.
Diviara: The Commander-- watch out!

    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

Diviara: *ahem* The Commander must be thrilled.
Cagliari: He is... less than enthusiastic.
Cagliari: How ironic it would be for our own Order to succeed where Father Dhows failed.
Cagliari: But he sees the fighting as an inevitable result of--
Diviara: What in the world was that?!
Cagliari: I beg your pardon?
Amilara: I felt it, too.
Amilara: Cagliari, direct your friends and those who remain loyal to fall back to Darkovia and taken no further part in this senseless folly.
Cagliari: My friends, perhaps, but I will stay at your side.
Diviara: No, my son is right. Cagliari, you NEED to fall back!
Cagliari: Why? Amilara would never turn from me in an hour of need; I shall not do so now.
Amilara: We need to go to the front, Cagliari, and that would not be a safe place for you.
Cagliari: And do you think the paladins fighting there will slow long enough to recognize that the two of you are not enemy Brilhado, either
Diviara: A fair enough point, Cagliari, except that you are talking about Amilara and I. We can keep them at bay with the Cold alone if it came to that, and I do not intend for it to get that far.
Diviara: On the other hand, if you were there, my son would just be worried for your well-being.
Diviara: In other words-- and I say this not to be inconsiderate but ratehr with genuine affection--
Diviara: -- your being there puts Amilara at greater risk than any aid you can offer. You are a liability.
Cagliari: Put like that, I suppose you are right.
Amilara: He is very right, friend. You know me very well. I could not rest for a moment. I would not be on my toes.
Amilara: More fighting. Hold on...

    Full Heal

Cagliari: If you are both sure...
Diviara: We are very sure, Cagliari. Sound the retreat, and good luck.
Cagliari: And good luck to you as well.

«He leaves.»

Amilara: You were thinking that we may need it, weren't you?
Diviara: Something very definitely is wrong.
ENTROPY: Of course, had Amilara known what was actually coming, and just how wrong things were getting, he might have kept Father Lux much closer to home.
ENTROPY: Not that such would have spared any of them. It is an unstoppable force.
Grimveil: What?
ENTROPY: ENTROPY cannot be denied.

«ENTROPY's shadow covers the corner of the Scene, and then the entire Scene goes dark.»

ENTROPY: Now let us see what it was you were doing at the time.

«Scene: Brilhado Gate Necromancer's Fortress, Eastern Deren.»

Grimveil (Past Self): There are those who will tell you that now is the time to fall back, to rest upon our laurels.
Grimveil (Past Self): Those who will state that the Order of Mysterious Necromancers’ guidance is suspect. Their purpose, manipulation.
Grimveil (Past Self): They are, of course, correct: the Order of Mysterious Necromancers offers us nothing in the long run but deception.
Grimveil (Past Self): They were founded on a lie, and their goals are their own advancement. In the end, the time will come for us to cast off the yoke of these would-be leaders…
Grimveil (Present Self): (thinking) I remember this clearly, ENTROPY. What is the point of this?
ENTROPY: If you would learn what I have to teach you, Brilhado, then observe.
Grimveil (Past Self): But I tell you, these individuals who cling to the tatters of diplomacy as if somehow they could will peace into existence...
Grimveil (Past Self): ... are no better leaders for the Brilhado than those cloaked magi who hide their acts behind the image of another!
ENTROPY: You were inspiring! Shortsighted and driven by your arrogance, but inspiring.
Grimveil (Past Self): These pacifists act not out of vision, but out of fear. The world of Lore is changing.
Grimveil (Past Self): Faced with such a change and the uncertainty that comes along with it, these diplomats would run and hide like the Drakel of old...
Grimveil (Past Self): ... who in the hope that they could hide from the Uncreator’s passing, took to the mountains for 1000 years.
Grimveil (Past Self): My father led the Brilhado in the wake of such a ruler. I’ve seen directly the results of such cowardly guidance…
Grimveil (Past Self): ... and it is the very same deposed leader whose counsel now suggests that we should turn aside from this conflict.
Grimveil (Past Self): Were the wishes of the Celegra family realized, the Brilhado would be reduced to an afterthought, a footnote, on the pages of history.
Grimveil (Past Self): Worse, the very creature that slew my father offers the Drakel king guidance at the hand of that same family!
Grimveil (Past Self): Diviara Celegra may be loyal to the Uncreator, but he is a traitor to the Brilhado, to our people, to our culture, and to our history!
Grimveil (Past Self): And his son Amilara is an apostate who would lead us in a different war entirely...
Grimveil (Past Self): ... a civil war from within, seeking to liberate the very creatures who owe their continued existence to our intervention, but who ungratefully shove us away!
Grimveil (Past Self): The rightful place of our kind is as the rulers of this weak and failing world!
Grimveil (Past Self): Not as afterimages barely able to hold on to their own light, no less lead their new creation and bring life and light to that darkness!
Grimveil (Past Self): Remember, we did not create this war, and those who say that we are equally culpable in rising to the bait of our aggressors are engaged in a subterfuge.
Grimveil (Past Self): We respond to threats on our very way of living; not responding to such aggression is the same as acquiescence to the aggressor...
Grimveil (Past Self): ... and I tell you that such action will never stand!
Grimveil (Past Self): It is the Paladins who brought this new calamity upon our heads, and it is the Paladin Order who must pay the levy and tariff that is due for such actions.
Grimveil (Past Self): There are those who are calling now for an election among our people.
Grimveil (Past Self): Who would defy the record and wishes of our late great ruler, Shroudbrood, my father, in selecting his own replacement?
Grimveil (Past Self): Who would add to this conflict, a battle of succession?
Grimveil (Past Self): Have we not faced enough in this unprovoked war, on our very livelihoods without adding internal drama to the conflict?
ENTROPY: And yet you were unable to hold all of this together... why?
Grimveil (Present Self): (thinking) The ley lines were disrupted. Nothing I said here ultimately could stand against changes to the fabric of magic itself.
ENTROPY: Is that so? I think another cause at play.
Grimveil (Past Self): Mark me well! Down that pathway lie the bones and ashes of our enemies!
Grimveil (Past Self): The people of Vandar ruled via acclamation, and their rulership created the very foundations that the Brilhado used to reclaim our foothold in this world.
Grimveil (Past Self): Ask yourself: what is being sought in such a call?
Grimveil (Past Self): Why might the Celegras and those like them wish to interfere with the orderly and proper succession of the Brilhado people?
Grimveil (Past Self): I say unto you, it is no wonder that Diviara Celegra would support such a course!
Grimveil (Past Self): It is no wonder because he, as a Wearer of the Mantle, used just such a tyranny of the majority, to control Vandar, Neld, and ultimately Deren!
Grimveil (Past Self): Celegra is no better than a hypocrite, and he will use just such an illusion of choice to guide our people, not into glory...
Grimveil (Past Self): ... but into the faded memories of the past that he offers as a false hope of the world to come!
Grimveil (Past Self): We know that that which has fallen does not simply rise again, but that which has fallen can be made to rise via the very arts we have mastered for so long.
Grimveil (Past Self): We must stand strong! The Brilhado must respond to any threat to our sovereignty and authority with unflinching determination and single-minded perseverance!
Grimveil (Past Self): We must see through false promises and hopes and build a future based upon the glory of our past station rather than on the memories of a world long since lost to us.
Grimveil (Past Self): Grimveil, the rightful leader of the Brilhado people and general of her necromancers, has spoken.

«Scene fades to grey.»

Grimveil: I know all of that. I know what happened. You are wasting my time.
ENTROPY: You know NOTHING. You know but a single view on a larger picture. Blinded by ignorance, you are a fool, son of Shroudbrood. NOW LISTEN TO ME OR PERISH.
Grimveil: Do you threaten me?
ENTROPY: On the contrary, foolish child, you threaten yourself with your untamed games. I see you question my power, though.
ENTROPY: I will now use the hall to show you what the powers themselves know. I shall reveal to you things you could never have known.

«Scene: Cagliari Lux stood at the edge of Darkovia looking out into the world beyond. For the moment, the war situation seemed to have abated near this front.»

Cagliari: (thinking) It is not merely undead that come. Whether the living Darkovians come in support of the undead or fleeing for their own reasons, I cannot say.
Cagliari: (thinking) But the refugee camp is rapidly spilling past its borders, and will need to be expanded again in another day or so at this rate.

«Kid Fal enters.»

Cagliari: Good evening, Loremaster.
Kid Fal: Good evening, Brother Lux.
Cagliari: With respect, Loremaster, why are you here? I was under the distinct impression that the Pantheon was maintaining a policy of strict neutrality in these affairs.
Kid Fal: I have never been one to sit around idly. My fellows can make all of the proclamations they want, and the official position does indeed remain one of non-interference...
Kid Fal: but I have taken the position, supported by those same individuals, that the non-interference paradigm is restricted to the actual conflict.
Kid Fal: This camp, therefore, is outside of the matter, and I have received calls seeking aid.
Cagliari: It must take a particular individual to contact you.
Kid Fal: Once, maybe. I have been a bit less than secretive about my home number and address of late, though. Oddly enough, my requests for aid come from two very disparate sources.
Cagliari: Lady Cenara and her half-brother?
Kid Fal: No. That may have been unusual, but it hardly would have been odd, given the fact that Lady Cenara and Lord Donovan both have a standing agreement with me.
Kid Fal: Interestingly, neither party has asked me for aid in these events. I think they both know that my taking a direct hand would be problematic.
ENTROPY: Note, Grimveil, the impugnity with which I access these memories? He has no awareness of this.

«Erebus appears.»

Erebus: Who are you, Brilhado, and how are you mucking about with my own backdoors?
ENTROPY: Blasted, the Shade would notice, wouldn't he? Well, you are no part of this business, Shade. You were not even on Lore. These events do NOT concern you.
Erebus: You?! I... see. Up to your OWN games, are you, then? And just what is your cause?
ENTROPY: My cause is ENTROPY. And you will not interfere, or I will unveil the mechanism of your access to the Loremaster myself.
Erebus: Oh, such nastiness. No need. I am interested in observing what you seek to create.
Erebus: But more transmorphers are coming. They are not in my control, so you will need to make it through.

«He disappears.»

ENTROPY: Blast! Deal with the creatures, Grimveil.

    Full Heal after battles #2 and #4

Falerin: My requests come from one of the higher members of the Paladin Order, the Paladin Coueraservi, and a very particular necromancer, Amilara Celegra.
Falerin: You know both parties, I think?
Cagliari: Coueraservi sought your aid in this conflict? And what did he seek?
Falerin: The same thing that Amilara Celegra did, actually, which is actually why I have responded.
Cagliari: The same thing?
Falerin: The protection of the people who have been seeking shelter here from being caught in the crossfire.
Falerin: Those who have gathered under the banner of one of the various lords and ladies who rule this region have their own protection...
Falerin: ... but those who have taken up shelter here can turn to neither Donovan nor Cenara, neither Constantin nor Safiria.
Falerin: Your comrades here, Cagliari, are the only true innocents in this conflict, and neither Commander Coueraservi nor Amilara wishes to see you caught in the inevitable crossfire.
Cagliari: Amilara, I can understand, but why would Coueraservi involve himself in this way
Cagliari: Especially knowing that it might be considered an act of treason by some within his order?
Falerin: I cannot begin to speculate on the motives of the man. I can only say that those motives are genuine.
Falerin: Perhaps Coueraservi shares more with Commander Paladin than their station or strikingly familiar appearance.
Cagliari: They do look quite similar...
ENTROPY: More interlopers, Grimveil. That Shade may not be stopping us, but his presence has stirred the infestation.

    Full Heal

Falerin: Commander Paladin himself is bound by the same non-intervention that the others are.
Falerin: It is a risk that the Lady even allows you to be involved, but she knows that this is your direct home, that these are your people.
Falerin: What happened in Luminovia is long ago, but what has happened to you here is very fresh indeed.
Cagliari: Yes, I suppose so. I guess I can understand Coueraservi’s motivation, but it seems he takes a grave risk in making such a proclamation publicly.
Falerin: Unquestionably, there are those in the order who would disagree with his choice.
Falerin: Very few in the order would dare impugn his motives. After what Coueraservi suffered for the order, he is viewed as ‘entitled’ to his eccentricities.

«Lady Morimas enters.»

Cagliari: (thinking) I see my Lady of Light, like the Caelestian, was fully prepared to skirt the boundaries of the non-intervention order.

Brilhado Lich: “The Barrier is weak at Quadrant 3, Sector 7, and at Quadrant 4, Sector 9. Are you certain we cannot simply do estate transference as before?
Falerin: I am certain.

«Kid Fal transforms briefly to Loremaster Falerin, and then to Muscles Falerin.»

Muscles Falerin: Very certain, Lady Morimas. Given my own direct involvement in the Lorian pantheon...
Muscles Falerin:... transport of large numbers of Darkovian undead and random Darkovian creatures into Caelestia for an unknown duration...

«Muscles Falerin transforms into Falerin's human form.»

Falerin: It would raise questions I would be unable to answer. Many would consider it a direct violation of the Farpoint.
Falerin: And learning that I did so with the sufferance of Lorithia, but not with her authorization, would only increase those tensions.
Cagliari: Why?
Falerin: I assume that the answer is because he fought beside many of you in Donovan’s action.
Falerin: He even fought against many of you, which is bound to have a lasting impact on someone as introspective as Coueraservi.
Cagliari: No, I do not mean that. I mean, why are you doing this? Why are any of you involved?
Lady Morimas: You have aided us before.
Falerin: And Cagliari, you know very well that war makes for strange friends.
Cagliari: That is not an answer. You know something about this that you are not sharing.

«Falerin shifts into his Lanfiré form in a manner somehow quite distinct from the lazy shifting that had come before it.»

Falerin: If that were so, Cagliari, how would your asking aid the situation in any manner, shape, or form?
Falerin: In fact, how would your asking do anything, other than to draw unnecessary attention to the fact that…

«Giliara Celegra enters.»

Falerin: Hello, Gil...

«Falerin returns to his Loremaster form.»

Giliara: Hello, Fal. And why, if it isn’t Cagliari Lux! Hello, my old friend!
Cagliari: (thinking) Just what is this?
Cagliari: (thinking) That Giliara is present can only mean that the Lady of Light is taking a firm and direct hand in these matters.
Cagliari: (thinking) Commander Paladin was excluded and so instead, she sends one of her most direct servitors?
Cagliari: (thinking) And given Giliara's status, he is one even more likely to be perceived as being her direct meddling in the affairs occurring here. Why would she do that?
Giliara: I had to be sure neither of my relations was present before landing here. I have been forbidden from direct contact with my brother or nephew in this event.
Giliara: Nor can I aid directly aid or proffer assistance to either side of the warring parties. My attention is instead focused on the plight of my people, and those of the undead.
Cagliari: The plight of your people?
Lady Morimas: The Brilhado-- all Brilhado, and not merely the necromancers-- have been affected by this war, and in its aftermath, they stand to be affected even more surely.
Lady Morimas: My purpose in regard to them is simple. I was the first Brilhado Communicant of the Lady since the Fall.
Lady Morimas: With the changing face of Lore, we expect others may soon follow my lead; I am to aid the passage of those of our kind who would seek service under the Lady in Aloria.
Cagliari: The changing face of Lore? [NOTE: This line was accidentally dropped. Dialogue fix to be uploaded for next week. The above "error" is intended. ~IMR]
Giliara: !!!
Falerin: *Shakes head* Be silent, Giliara. We cannot. He is too involved. Besides, your brother is on the front this very moment. They will learn.
Giliara: ... I see. Tell my brother and nephew that I miss them; it has been too long since either of them has visited Aloria.
Cagliari: You really intend to keep what it is you know secret.
Falerin: We have said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too-- ave said too--
ENTROPY: Bah, the transmorphers are interfering with the replay. Deal with them.

    Full Heal

Falerin: We have said too much. Cagliari understands that they will be depending on him. That is the best we can do.
Lady Morimas: Yes, I suppose so. Giliara, we must depart.
Giliara: Time to leave, Cagliari. Send my regards to everyone!

«All but Cagliari disappear.»

Cagliari: Just what in the worlds is going on here?!

«Scene fades to darkness. We return to Grimveil in the "present."»

Grimveil: A fair question: just what is going on? Why show me this?
ENTROPY: It formed the backdrop. It showed the willingness of the powers to flaunt the rules. And it was here that Cagliari was attacked.
ENTROPY: He sought to aid some young undead and the Paladin Xander captured him and beat him to near death, disassembling him and crushing his skull.
ENTROPY: Yet it was YOU, Grimveil, who ultimately saved him! Though you tried to profit from that, didn't you?
Grimveil: I did. I tried to demand his cooperation in return for healing him. When he refused... I left him to his fate.
Grimveil: Though I did toss his skull into the underbrush so that it would not be further harmed.
ENTROPY: What changed your mind? Why did you ultimately choose to save Cagliari Lux rather than leaving him to harm, Grimveil?
Grimveil: You would like it to be some greater profit motive, no doubt? The debt Amilara Celegra might owe me, perhaps? It was nothing of that sort, Rutan.
Grimveil: I saved Lux because I realized what letting him die would make me become...
ENTROPY: Would your father have acted in that fashion, Grimveil?
Grimveil: No. He would have killed Lux himself or enslaved him using his necromancy when he refused cooperation.
ENTROPY: So you acted in a manner quite different than your father did?
ENTROPY: Could it be that your father is the very thing you feared becoming?
ENTROPY: Yet here you are now, experimenting with very dangerous magics in order to restore your father's legacy.
ENTROPY: Do you suppose such inconsistency in your actions makes you "deep", Grimveil? It does not. It merely makes you erratic.
ENTROPY: Make no mistake. I know something about the subject. The very war that tears apart your people now, I am encouraging from the sidelines. I am no friend of the Brilhado.
Grimveil: If you seek the destruction of my people, then why in the world are you trying to aid me?
Grimveil: What is your goal in this, ENTROPY? Why are you seeking to alter my course?
ENTROPY: It is very simple, really. I desire to survive long enough to bring my plans to fruition, and your efforts are so dangerous that they could destroy us all.
Grimveil: You openly admit to wishing my people harm, and that your efforts to stop me here are not for my benefit but for your own...
Grimveil: ... and yet you expect me to trust a word you say?
ENTROPY: Not at all. I expect you to completely mistrust everything I say. And if you knew half of what I will bring, you would mistrust me even more.
ENTROPY: But I speak the truth, and the truth is shown by the mechanism the Loremaster has in place.
ENTROPY: Your trust is not required. I merely require enough common sense on your part to realize that your own well-being is served by listening to me in this instance.
ENTROPY: Of course, if you prove to have little, I will resort to more potent methods to enforce my will here.
Grimveil: NOW you are threatening me.
ENTROPY: See... I knew you were a smart boy.
ENTROPY: Another is coming. I trust you can handle yourself, Grimveil?

«Drakath enters.»

Drakath: You are Grimveil? The son of Shroudbrood the Undying?
Grimveil: Yes.
Drakath: I am--
Grimveil: I know you are. Why have you come to me? You must know what I think of you.
Drakath: I come because...
Drakath: In truth, I do not really know why. Erebus intends this as a manipulation almost assuredly. He sent me and he told me to kill you if you would not hear me.
Grimveil: That seems apt enough for the Shade. He was recently here.
Drakath: Erebus was here? Then why still send me?
Grimveil: To manipulate you, too, no doubt. What is it that you want to say?
Drakath: I've come because what you are attempting is very dangerous.
Drakath: And because I do not want you to be any more manipulated than I myself have been.
Grimveil: Go on.
Drakath: You are willing to listen to me?
Grimveil: This is turning out to be a very strange day.
Grimveil: And I realize in retrospect I have no great love for my father anyway. Rather, only a desire to preserve what I cannot hold onto.
Grimveil: Nonetheless, I will regain my necromancy. I assure you of that.
Drakath: Perhaps, but the means you wish to employ now are the height of folly. There are other who may aid you in a far less destructive course.
Drakath: So you will hear me out?
Grimveil: Just now, I think perhaps I am willing to listen to anything. I won't promise I won't try to kill you the second you are done.
Grimveil: But I will hear you out, Prince of the Slugwrath family. Speak, then. Also tell me all you know of the shade Erebus, and of a man who calls himself Rutan.

«You return as yourself to the Hall of Memories.»

Abode: So what do you make of it, «You»?
«You»: Manipulations on top of manipulations. My head is spinning. I can hardly tell who is manipulating whom.
«You»: I can't help but feel that I'm being manipulated in all of this as well.
Abode: A real possibility. So how do we proceed?
«You»: Very cautiously. Have you informed Falerin of this?
Abode: Not yet. As I said, he is still off-world.
«You»: Well, let him know. Something very wrong is going on.

«Scene fades.»
Past Unraveled V

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