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Big Trobble in Little Syna

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2/26/2018 10:10:53   

Honour, Hope, Love

Big Trobble in Little Syna

Location: Travel Map » Lolosia » The Red Betty » Captain Rhubarb » Quests » What about Floyd? » Big Trobble in Little Syna!

«Scene: The Red Betty»

Captain Rhubarb: What I'd like to do today is get ye version of what happened.

Floyd's dialogue is translated from Meep-Meep to Battleonian Common.

Floyd: You mean the truth.

«Throughout the ensuing conversation, the perspective of the Scene shifts to face the speaker.»

Captain Rhubarb: Of course. First, just state ye name and occupation for the record.
Floyd: Floyd, deckhand and part-time cannonball.
Captain Rhubarb: Now, before w' get to th' meat of this thing, do ya at the present time 'ave any knowledge o' th' whereabouts o' «You»?
Floyd: Oh please, will you leave him alone?
Captain Rhubarb: Floyd, please, ye could be in a great deal of trouble. Half an island explodes in a ball of green flame. Green flame!
Captain Rhubarb: Chaos be breakin' loose here! And there be people that say ya might be involved, that ya might be responsible, that ya be a very dangerous trobble.
Captain Rhubarb: Now, if you're protecting «You»--
Floyd: You leave «You» alone! We are in his debt! He showed great courage.
Captain Rhubarb: As yer captain, there still be somethings I be needin' to know that still don't make any sense to me. Like... do ya believe in magic?
Floyd: You mean Trobble black magic? Yes, absolutely.
Captain Rhubarb: How can I know that, Floyd?
Floyd: How?
Captain Rhubarb: Arrrr! Yes, how? Help me out here!

«Floyd opens his eyes wide, and great sparks of Energy fly from them.»

Floyd: See? That was nothing.
Floyd: But that's how it always begins... very small.

Somewhere deep in the Greenguard Forest...

«Scene: Greenguard Forest. The ground is littered with dead forest creatures, and you are just finishing off another one.»

«You»: I swear, this Forest gets more infested with monsters every day! A hero's work is never done.
«You»: You can't even trust the bushes around this place.
«You»: Sounds like trouble. I'd better investigate!

«Scene shifts to the right, where a trobble is help captive by two Bigfoots... er, Bigfeet?»

???: Thank goodness! I am in need of assistance! I believe these foul beasts have mistaken me for a toy!
«You»: I see. You there, furry creature! Drop that trobble!

«The Bigfeet turn.»

Bigfoot: OUR WOOBY!

    2 BATTLES: Bigfoot
    Full Heal

«You»: Man, are you glad that I brought my Trobble Amulet so that I can understand you!
???: My thanks to you, hero! What is your name?
«You»: «You». What are you doing way out here? This place is dangerous.
Floyd: They call me Floyd. I am on my way to Lolosia to pick up my bride-to-be, and wanted to pick her the perfect flowers.
Floyd: Well, I "was" on my way until those big fur heaps decided to snatch me up.
«You»: You couldn't have picked a safer place to pick flowers?!
Floyd: Oh, she is no ordinary trobble, «You»! Not only does she hold my heart, but she has green eyes. Very rare.
«You»: Sounds like you could use an escort, Floyd. Lolosia isn't too far from here.
Floyd: Many thanks, «You». I have not seen my love, Ti Mae, in ages and am both excited and nervous about our wedding.
«You»: Well, I love a good happy ending. Let's get going!

«Scene: Lolosia»

Floyd: Ti Mae, my love! So good to finally see you again!
Ti Mae: Floyd darling, oh, how I have missed you!

«Ti Mae starts to walk toward Floyd, but two other Trobbles wearing black and white glasses enter and push her back.»

«You»: What the...
Floyd: Oh no, it's the Trobbles of Death street gang!
«You»: What are they doing here?!
???: I believe I can answer that...

«A very old and shriveled Trobble enters on a card pushed by another member of the Trobbles of Death.»

Floyd: To Pan!
To Pan: Indeed it is I, coming for my new bride!
«You»: What's your problem, pal? You don't just wheel in here and kidnap trobbles!
To Pan: My problem is this body, this body is my tomb.
To Pan: A young man, a king, a warrior, was entombed in this old trobble's crippled body 2000 years ago. And all I need is a woman.
To Pan: A special kind of woman with dragon-green eyes to make me whole and young again. So that I may rule the universe from beyond the grave.
To Pan: A girl with green eyes, a girl brave enough to quench the Blazing Blade.
«You»: I'm supposed to believe this nonsense? 2000 years and he can't find a gal to fit the bil?
«You»: C'mon, To, you must be doing something seriously wrong.
To Pan: Enough! I have waited eons for this day. You will not stop me now.
«You»: Not so, To. You'll be rolling out of here disappointed.
To Pan: No, it is *you* who will taste the bitterness of disappointment.

«To Pan's eyes glow with power as a great blast of power streams toward you from his mouth.»

Floyd: Don't look, «You»!

«The beam dissipates.»

«You»: Ahhhh, I'm blind! I can't see anything!
To Pan: Well that's what you get! Thunder, take her to my island and begin preparation for the ritual.

«A Trobble zaps into the Scene from above and exits the same way, taking Ti Mae.»

«You»: Wait, what's happening? I heard thunder.
Floyd: One of To Pan's goons took Ti Mae!
To Pan: Hahahaaa, that's right! Let's go-- I have a wedding to get ready for... then ETERNAL LIFE!

«The Trobbles of Death leave.»

To Pan: Bah! Wait, you fools! I lack the appropriate limbs to operate this chair!

«One returns to wheel To Pan away.»

«You»: Don't worry, «You», the blindness is temporary.
Floyd: To Pan must be going back to his palace on the island of Syna. We have to stop him!
«You»: Yes... and once I can see again I'll get right on that.
Floyd: Some water splashed in the eyes should bring your vision back. We can chase after him in this ship.

Near the coast of Syna island...

Floyd: There it is, To Pan's palace! That's where that wretched trobble has taken my love.
«You»: Yeah, this guy is a model for evil. He has his own island and everything. Well, those rice paper doors won't hold us back!
Floyd: No, «You», it won't be that easy. To Pan will no doubt have his palace heavily guarded, and we don't have a second to spare.
Floyd: Once the ritual is complete, he will have no need for Ti Mae. We must find another way in and be quick about it.

«Scene fades. You and Floyd have arrived on a beach on Syna.»

Floyd: We must be very careful, «You». This place is swarm--

    2 BATTLES: Sand Golem
    Full Heal

«You»: Good grief, we just got here! This will be tougher than I expected.

«Floyd runs ahead.»

«You»: C'mon! We must hurry!

    2 BATTLES: Sand Golem
    Full Heal

«Scene pans from a view of To Pan's palace down to you and Floyd in the forest below.»

Floyd: We're getting close! This may be the entrance to the catacombs. Check it out, «You»!

Check the bushes!!

1 BATTLE: Am-Boss
Full Heal

«The bushes part to reveal a cave.»

«You»: Seriously? Even the bushes are evil!
Floyd: Excellent work, «You»!

«Floyd runs into the catacombs.»

    2 BATTLES: Undead
    Full Heal

«Scene: The catacombs. Skeletons hang from the ceiling.»

«You»: Wow, I love what he's done with the place. The skeletons add a welcoming "come on in and die" sorta feel.
Floyd: This is not joke, «You»! To Pan lines the corridors with the remains of his defeated foes!
«You»: Huh? Are we talking about the same trobble? The nasty looking prune-skinned fella we met back at the docks?
Floyd: You don't understand. To Pan is a powerful sorcerer.
«You»: C'mon... he couldn't even move-- *Sigh* All right, if you say so. I do remember being blinded.
Floyd: Right, now let's go!

    2 BATTLES: Undead
    Full Heal

«Further in along in the passageway, you encounter two Four-Eyed Menaces.»

«You»: What are THOSE? Wait, don't tell me.
Floyd: Four-Eyed Menaces! What they see, To Pan sees. We must be very close.

    2 BATTLES: Four-Eyed Menace
    Full Heal

«You»: Well, To Pan definitely knows we're here.
«You»: You hear something?

Dexterity Check!
The fighting must have loosened some rocks and began a cave-in!
Difficulty: 90
Stat Used: Dexterity

«If you fail the roll, your HP is damaged by an amount equal to five turns of damage.»

If you pass:
«You»: RUN!

    2 BATTLES: Undead
    Full Heal

«You»: There's light pouring in from that crack. It could be our way in.
Floyd: Maybe if we ran at it together we can break through!

«Scene: Inside the palace proper.»

Floyd: Good call, «You»! This looks like the corridor leading to To Pan's chamber.

    2 BATTLES: Trobble
    Full Heal

Floyd: Mi Tae!
Ti Mae: .......
«You»: What have you done to her, To Pan?
To Pan: How did you get past my palace guard!? It matters not-- there is nothing you can do to stop me! Heheheee!
«You»: Think again! I'm going to whip the wrinkles off you!
To Pan: You will not stop me. Thunder, Lightning, Rain-- take care of these meddlers!

«Three Storm Trobbles zap in.»

    1 BATTLE: Storm Trobble (3)
    Full Heal

To Pan: You are too late! The ritual has begun!

«Ti Mae rises and the flames of the Blazing Blade are quenched. She falls back to the floor.»

To Pan: Yeeees! My curse... lifting! Now you will feel my wrath!

«To Pan returns to a youthful black Trobble form. His size breaks the chair in which he was sitting, and he falls to the ground.»

To Pan: Well this is embarrassing...

    1 BATTLE: To Pan
    Full Heal

Ti Mae: Floyd? Where are we?
Floyd: This is To Pan's palace. He stole you to make you his--

«Green flames start to stream out of To Pan's body.»

«You»: Explain it later, Floyd! We gotta get out of here!

«From the safety of your ship, you, Floyd, and Ti Mae watch Syna explode in green flame.»

«You»: *whistles* That little trobble went supernova.
Ti Mae: Oh, Floyd! I knew you would save me!
«You»: *ahem* *cough*
Floyd: Thank you, «You». I could not have done it without you!
Floyd: ... and now we can be married, my love.

«They cuddle.»

«You»: Two precious little trobbles... in love. *sniffle* So beautiful *sniffle*
Floyd: You okay, «You»? You sound funny.
«You»: Yeah, I, uh... just... go something in my eye. I better go check it out.

«Scene fades.»
Big Trobble

Shop Weapons:
  • Storm Dagger (20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140G, 150G)
  • Quenched Blade (20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140G, 150G)
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Write up thanks to Archmagus Orodalf

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